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the blackest magic (pussy magic)

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Even for an ethereal forest, Elderwood was beautiful—Evelynn had to admit as she trekked through the dense flora. The trees and bushes glowed with an unearthly aura, pulsing with an old magic, reminiscent of the Fey creatures that inhabited the very land. 


Leaves and twigs crunched underneath her footsteps. Normally, she would have put more effort into masking her steps but that would be redundant of the mission the Coven sent them out on: which was to wreak havoc and cause as much corruption as possible. And so, she walked with purpose; arms stretched outward, claws raking against tree bark; her two lashers were raised and coiled, poised in the air and ready to strike upon her enemies at a moment’s notice. 


The sound of the local inhabitants of the forest was absent. Instead, the clink of metal armored plates and chain mail reverberated through the woods, along with grunts and shouts of fighting. Evelynn increased her pace, a wicked grin set upon her face as the scent of blood tinged the air. 


Footfalls led to a small clearing, where a group of Knights could be found battling with her shadow summons. Red eyes watched with amusement, smirking at the way the Knights swung their blades through dancing shadowy wisps—a fruitless fight. 

Evelynn crept along the tree line, waiting for an opportunity to strike. It was present in the form of a Knight with his back facing her—she leapt forth from the darkness, and sank her claws into the chinks of his armor. The Knight screamed as his flesh was sliced open; Evelynn merely laughed and dug her claws in deeper. 


“Thy blood, it burns. It sings.” Evelynn forced him onto his knees, head tilted back so that his terrified eyes met her glowing reds. “And it burns.” She retracted her bloody hands—his blood still warm on her skin—and let his limp body fall onto the forest floor with a dull thump. 


As he wheezed his dying breaths, Evelynn glanced over her shoulder. Her lips curled into a smirk, “The birds are circling. Pray they eat thine eyes first.” 


The Knight trembled as a cold sensation slowly covered him, from his boot-clad feet up to his armored chest. His armor pressed down on him, the sensation like a metal coffin at this point. His pupils shook with fear, they trailed up to the sky where several birds were circling, waiting to feast on the carcasses of his comrades. Fear struck the very chords of his soul when he realized that he would be a number among those carcasses. A choked gurgle bubbled in his throat, wet and warm, until he found himself hacking up blood. 


“Hail the old ones. Hail our return!” 


The demon’s voice echoed in the clearing for all to hear, amplified by the dull thud of his comrades falling, one by one. A wicked, cackling laugh soon followed, and the Knight had a full-body flinch at the sound. Tears brimmed in his eyes, fat dollops falling onto dirt as he sobbed at the sound of his comrades’ terrified screams. Their fading wails were the last thing he heard before the forest grew eerily silent. 

Footsteps approached him, but the Knight could not move, immobilized from the death blow delivered to him by the demon witch. Evelynn returned, her appearance stained by ruby red blood, caked in gore and the hot, viscous blood of the Knights of the Order of the Emerald Chapel. The Knight was merely a worm beneath her heels, shivering in the cold grip of death; in his eyes, she truly looked like her title—a bloody demon, a powerful Witch that served the Old Gods. 


Evelynn straddled his body, clawed hands wretched the helmet off his head. He trembled, crying out as bloody fingers cupped his face. Lashers appeared on either side of the Witch, the tips were bone white, with rubies embedded in the centers. They swayed in the air, and it was then that the Knight realized that they were sentient. ‘Birds of death’ , he thought as their hungry red eyes bore into him. 


“Soak my body in thy blood and grant me power!” Evelynn chanted above him, aiming a cruel smile that made his heart leap out of his chest. Energy thrummed in the air, circling around them much like the birds above. The Knight quivered, realizing that the witch was casting a spell. He sobbed harder, a pathetic gurgling falling from his lips as tears blurred his vision until the red and white glow of the Witch was all that remained—and then black. 

Evelynn sat there, still straddling the Knight as she relished in the energy of the spell she just casted. Electricity thrummed underneath her skin, power flooded her veins as she absorbed the souls of the fallen Knights. Her lashers coiled in the air, the glow of their red eyes brighter after their meal. Cooing, she stroked their beaks, smoothing her fingers along the sharp edge of her lashers. 


One lasher turned towards the forest, it twisted in the air as something in the distance held its attention. A rustle in the foliage had Evelynn turning her head. Red eyes met gold, pools of shimmering sunshine amidst the sea of glowing, green trees. She was intrigued, and more importantly—‘When did she get there? How long has she been there? How interesting…’  


Slow and cautious, her spectator rose to their full height. Evelynn mirrored the movement, red eyes sweeping over the newly revealed figure. 


The first thing that came to her attention, other than those beautiful golden eyes, was how skimpy this woman was dressed. The corner of her mouth quirked, lips tugged into a semi-confused smile at the new development. The woman only wore a purple brassiere that covered her chest, a short skirt, and bracers for her arms and legs. Her hair was also purple, matching her attire; it fell to her shoulders, the rest lay on her back in a neat braid. 


Red eyes roamed over the figure, honing in on the material of her ‘clothes ’. They were of the same material of the vibrant flora of the forest Evelynn had passed by on her trek. And those green markings on the woman’s skin had Evelynn’s eyebrows raised in surprise. 


‘A Fey.’  Evelynn mused; yes, of course—a magical Fey creature—they were one of the few capable of sneaking past her heightened senses. The Fey was fair-skinned and youthful. Evelynn had a sudden urge to run her claws along the woman’s cheek, wondering if her skin was as smooth and soft and supple as it appeared to be. 

Silence settled in the forest as the two were locked in a staring contest. Evelynn’s lashers were focused on the Fey and on their master; curiosity had them weaving beside her, undulating in anticipation. 


The woman fled in the next second, her movement so fast that it threw the lashers for a loop. Evelynn merely grinned, excitement stretching her smile. She gave chase—how could she not with the way her prey sped through the glimmering forest with ease? There was a thrill in chasing someone that was above the average; it had her blood pumping, adrenaline kicking in to give her a magnificent rush that many failed to do so. 


Red eyes tracked glittering purple, despite the fast speed the two of them were running at. “I see you~” Evelynn giggled, erupting with giddiness from the situation. She didn’t think her mission would be this eventful, other than the slaughtering of that group of Knights. 

Leaves and tree branches were brushed aside as Evelynn chased the woman through the Elderwood forest. She could see shimmering blue, a translucent energy that was apparent along the woman’s backside. 


‘What were they? Tails?’ Evelynn hummed curiously, ‘A fox?’  


Glinting fangs emerged, Evelynn’s smile was so wide that it threatened to split her cheeks. She was having so much fun; excitement these days was hard to come by, not since the battle with Morgana’s sister and her betrayal of the Coven. 


“I’m going to find thee, little dove~” Evelynn taunted as she chased after the woman.  “Oh. And when I do…” Her heightened senses picked up the woman’s harsh breaths, the sound of laborious panting. She smirked, her prey was beginning to feel fatigued. 


“Canst thou feel it? The darkness closing in?” Evelynn’s voice reverberated through the forest, bouncing off the ground and ricocheting everywhere. The sound of a heart pumping loudly echoed in her ears. She could taste the spike of adrenaline and fear that coiled in the air. She couldn’t help the cackling laugh that slipped past her lips. 

Evelynn was close to the woman now, close enough to touch the tips of her hair if she really wanted to. Instead, she reached out with her lasher, commanding the limb to wrap around the woman’s ankle and yank. A startled yelp spilled into the air as the woman fell down, landing on her stomach and crushing the small bundle of flowers that laid underneath her. 


A few paces away, red eyes observed the prone body with intrigue. After a moment, Evelynn walked closer, her lasher still holding the woman in her clutches by the ankle. She crouched, her hand reaching out just as a flurry of movement had erupted; the woman had whirled onto her back, her fist striking at Evelynn’s head. Claws caught the woman’s wrist in an iron grip. Evelynn was able to evade the physical blow, but was unable to dodge the sharp aura of magic that followed after. A thin line of red cut across Evelynn’s cheek, a drop of blood trailed down her immaculate skin. 


Red eyes shifted into crescents. A smile appeared on Evelynn’s lips, widening at the fact that this Fey was able to land an attack on her. Her free hand rose to wipe the blood off. She maintained eye contact with the woman as she slowly licked the pad of her thumb. 


“Mmm, rough. I’ll have to reciprocate.” Sharp claws popped out, gleaming in the ambient light of the enchanted forest. Evelynn chuckled slowly, finding mirth in the way the woman’s golden eyes widened, pupils shaking with fear. Her clawed hand rose high in the air, and then she swung it down. 

A sharp cry pierced the air, carried by the birds circling above the pair. 


Evelynn’s claws stopped short, hovering inches away from decimating the woman’s face. The smile on her lips only grew at the interruption. The Coven was summoning her return, and the call could not be denied without dire consequences. 


“Either you have incredible luck,” Evelynn laughed gleefully, her shoulders shaking lightly from the gesture. “Or Fate appears to be on your side, little dove.” 


Those claws retracted slowly, making a show of her mercy. When her claws were gone, her hand did not move. Both she and the woman were frozen, stuck in a stand-still as Evelynn hovered past personal space. 


‘A single touch…’ Evelynn thought as she peered down at the woman’s face. The fact that Feyfolk were beautiful did not escape her mind… yet something about this woman stood out. She gave in to the urge, reaching out to cup a smooth cheek. The woman flinched at her touch; Evelynn didn’t know why, but this reaction caused a twinge in her chest. 


She didn’t like the feeling. 

Golden eyes widened as Evelynn did nothing but hold her face tenderly, a thumb stroking across the green markings on her cheek. The woman was wild-eyed, confused at the gentle touch. 


“Tarry not, little dove. I’ll be back to catch thee soon.” Evelynn whispered softly, as soft as the wind beneath her wings. 


Red and white flashed in the forest, gone was the witch with the wind. The woman sat there, stunned and confused, her heart pounding erratically as she held a pristine hawk feather between her fingers. 


Stale air wafted through the ancient castle corridors, mixing with the fresh air brought in by the half-collapsed roof. Evelynn tsked as she strutted down the long staircase, someone really ought to fix that. ‘You think with the amount of powerful witches present, one of them would know a repairing spell.’  


Red and black velvet lined the castle interior, enlightened by glowing chandeliers and candelabrum fastened to the stone walls. 


Evelynn wandered past the big council room where the Coven meetings were held. Unfortunately, her presence did not go unnoticed. 


“Where are you going?” Morgana’s question stopped her in her tracks. Evelynn shot a glance over her shoulder, where her Coven leader loomed over the ornate table situated in the middle of the council room. She was no doubt coordinating strategies and planning on how to further the corruption of the Elderwood next. 


The clack of heels on the floor did not raise Morgana’s head, nor did the way Evelynn approached the other side of the table. A clawed finger lightly scraped against the ancient wood, leaving a small mark in the grain. Evelynn’s voice was refined as she spoke, “Some rituals require a more… intimate connection.” 


Silence greeted her words. Morgana’s attention to the maps and documents laid in front of her did not waver. 


Evelynn’s eyebrow twitched, and she raised her voice dramatically instead. “I will build our new thrones from the gore and bone of a thousand wild-eyed lovers!” Her words were accompanied by grand sweeping gestures, the power in her voice enough to sway even the most steadfast of enemies. 


“Yes, yes. As long as you’re corrupting the land. Carry on.” Morgana’s attention was adamantly fixed to the ancient wooden table. She grabbed one of the old scriptures scattered on the surface, waving Evelynn off with her other hand. 


With an exasperated huff and a roll of her eyes, Evelynn marched out of the room, grumbling all the while. She did not notice Morgana’s fond chuckle as she left the castle. 

Crows squawked from their perch on the roof, where the full moon shone its rays down on the decrepit castle that served as the Coven’s lair. Morgana placed a small stone on the map, staring at it with intrigue. 


“Hmm.” A wave of her hand, blessed with magic, zapped the statue. Slowly, it morphed—the stone carved itself with an unnatural rumbling—until its features resembled that of a jackal. Morgana stroked her chin before reaching for her goblet of wine, pulling a long sip while ruminating on the result. “Interesting, indeed.” 


Grumbling, Evelynn made her way out of the withered woods that surrounded the castle. The echoing cries of crows, the crunch of dead grass, the rattling clink of animal skulls; they all contributed to the Coven’s magic barrier, intended to ward away trespassers and curious beasts alike. 


Slowly, the terrain changed from gloomy black and orange to promising greens and blues, until she found herself on the border of the Elderwood forest once more. Vibrant color greeted her eyes, the cool night breeze carded through the strands of her blonde hair. The magic harbored within the Elderwood forest was palpable; flowers dotted the forest floor, small animals hopped around, ignorant of the chaos of the land, of the clash between Feyfolk and Man. Time stood still as Evelynn did, peering into the deep of the forest for a moment. 


Purrs rumbled at her side, her lashers nudged and headbutted her, vying for her attention. She hummed, a hand reaching up to pet them equally. “What is it?” 


One lasher pointed in a direction, tugging her along. Evelynn’s gaze shifted to the trail of luminous blue butterflies, her lips parted at the sight of the pretty little things. Another tugging, this time in her gut, pulled her along. The glowing butterflies flew off as she made her way deeper into the forest. 

Some time had passed, the forest looked the same the further she ventured in. Green trees and green foliage surrounded her on all sides. Evelynn sighed, garnering the attention of her lashers in the process. When they tilted and swayed from side to side questioningly, she let loose another sigh. 


“What am I even doing here?” Evelynn kept her eyes on the bright butterflies fluttering overhead. The blue glow reminded her of the Fey woman she encountered earlier; supple cheeks, green markings, and golden eyes immediately came to mind. 


A lasher prodded at her, pushing against her back in an effort to increase her speed. “What? It’s not like I’ll find her here.” The other lasher growled in disagreement. “Don’t growl at me! Even if I do end up meeting her, what am I suppose to do? Ask her to join me?” 


The ends of her lashers bobbed up and down, nodding at her suggestion. Evelynn closed her eyes and huffed a breath out her nose, exasperated with the two’s behavior. 

Another nudge at her side, this time more insistent, made her look up. The trail of butterflies came to an end, leaving her at a small clearing; a small pond was set in the center, surrounded by a cropping of rocks big enough to sit down on. In fact, there was someone sitting there now, soaking their feet in the shallow water. 


It was the same woman from earlier. 


Evelynn leaned against the trunk of an Elderwood tree, quiet as she observed the Fey. The moonlight shone down on the clearing, lighting up the forest in a way that had her breath catching. Translucent blue swayed and swirled upon the woman’s back as her ‘tails’ appeared once more. Red eyes watched as the woman played with a wild fox, her ears picked up the sound of giggling, sweet and airy, like music to her ears. 


She didn’t know how long she lingered in the shadows, but it must have been long enough for her lashers to start pushing her forward, into the light. Evelynn’s face was set in panic as she fought against her own sentient limbs, struggling against their combined strength. 


A misstep during the struggle caused a crunch of twigs underneath her foot, consequently turning the Fey woman’s head. Golden eyes widened at the sight of her and Evelynn froze, lashers and hands held up. The woman began to move, poised to flee once more. Evelynn blurted out in panic, “W-Wait!” 


The clearing grew silent, save for the babbling brook that fed into the pond. The woman froze as the fox scurried away, a small flame of hope flickered in Evelynn’s chest. She lowered her lashers and hands slowly, making an effort to appear harmless. She took a step forward, repeating when the woman made no move to run; each step took a weight off her shoulders, until she found herself within arm’s length of the woman. 


“Greetings, little dove.” Evelynn’s voice was quiet, almost buried by the howl of the night wind. 


Silence met her greeting. Instead, a golden gaze swept over her, curious and probing in its nature. Evelynn kept still, content to return the gaze. Up close, she was able to take note of the woman’s horns, the gray diadem sat upon the woman’s head, the pulsing green markings, the delicate flowers woven into purple locks. Evelynn’s breath hitched at her beauty. 

“Who are you?” A voice as clear as summer rain, as sweet as honey pulled her out of her thoughts. 


Evelynn blinked before straightening herself up. She stood with a graceful poise, and set to introduce herself with flair—before realizing that stating that she was a witch and part of the Coven set on corrupting the land was probably, most likely not the best impression to leave on one of the Elderwood’s inhabitants. 


A lasher jostled her when she took too long. Evelynn cleared her throat, a light dusting of pink sprinkled on her cheeks, and said, “I am Evelynn.” ‘Short and simple, no evil witch knocking on your doorstep here.’  


Apprehension flashed across the woman’s face, seconds passed before she responded. “I’m Ahri.” 


Evelynn fought the urge to flutter her eyes shut; the sound of Ahri’s voice was simply beautiful. “Ahri.” She couldn’t help but say the name, immediately taking a liking to the way it rolled off of her tongue. Golden eyes remained indifferent, although Evelynn noted the bobbing of a slender throat, the way Ahri gulped at the sound of her name coming out of her mouth. 

“What do you want?” Ahri asked, curiosity tinged every word of the question. 


‘What do I want?’ Evelynn didn’t know the answer to that question herself. What was she doing here, neck deep in the middle of the Elderwood forest, holding a conversation with a Fey? A long sigh was exhaled, she didn’t have a clue of how to proceed. 


But it seemed her lashers did; they pushed her forward, putting her well within Ahri’s space. Her arm was wrapped and lifted, her palm facing up in an invitation. Evelynn knew what to say then, “Dance with me in the light of the eclipse.” 


Curious eyes regarded her, the hesitation in them slowly dissolving the longer Evelynn stood as still as one of Cassiopeia’s statues, patiently waiting for a response. Her heart pounded in her chest, nerves rolling across all of her senses; it was a strange feeling, one she did not feel since her initiation as a witch. 


Eternity seemed to pass before Ahri placed her hand in hers. She marveled at the feeling of their palms together, slim fingers against her own. Without preamble, Evelynn pulled Ahri close, only a sliver of space between their chests. Her pulse fluttered being this close to Ahri, she could count the lashes that fanned those gorgeous golden eyes if she wanted to. 


Around and around they twirled in the moonlight. Evelynn focused on nothing but Ahri’s face, the presence of her body close to her own, the warmth bleeding into her own body. She’s never felt this way before; pulse racing like she was in the heat of battle, stomach rolling with nervous energy. 


Ahri’s free hand rested on her collarbone, fingers curled over her shoulder. Evelynn swallowed thickly, suddenly flushed with the thought of wanting to feel that hand all over her body. This was new territory she found herself wading into; how did this woman manage to make her feel so much in a short amount of time? 

The night deepened, darkening as time dragged on; yet the clearing stayed aglow, shining with moonlight and the light of the ethereal forest. The two danced until it was nearly dawn, neither grew tired as they spent the time in each other’s arms. But Evelynn had to go, the Coven would be calling her soon. With great reluctance, she spun them to a stop. 


“Ahri.” Evelynn stared into golden pools, swimming with a feeling that she could not decipher entirely by herself. 


“Evelynn.” Her name was a breathy exhale on soft, plump lips. Evelynn never thought she’d hear anything more appealing. 


“I—” Evelynn began. 


“No, don’t.” Ahri shushed her, halting her words with a simple touch of a finger to her lips. Ahri’s gaze swept downwards, only to rise a second later, reluctance sitting front and center in her golden eyes. “I know who you are, what you and your Coven plan to do.” 


Evelynn felt her body go into shock. Of course, her status as a witch was always a factor—but to be faced with the reality of the situation was another story. She wanted to say something—but what could she say to placate Ahri? 


“You should go.” Ahri slowly pulled back, away from Evelynn. “Let this night be only a memory between the two of us.” 


And with that, Ahri fled. 


Evelynn watched her go, red eyes tracked the gleam of purple and blue until she was gone. She didn’t know how long she stood there, frozen in that same spot. Only when dawn broke over the treeline did her lashers grow concerned for her sake. They bumped their blunt faces against her arms in an attempt to snap her out of it. She raised a hand, softly petting the jewels at their centers as she heaved a heavy sigh, “...well, fuck.” 


“Stop moping around the castle! Go fix whatever mess you got yourself into.” 


Evelynn grumbled under her breath as she made her way out of the castle. Morgana’s voice echoed in her head, scolding her like a newly initiated witch. A crow squawked at her and was promptly flipped off. Her lashers purred, rumbling a laugh at the crude gesture. 


It was still daylight out as she stood at the border of the Elderwood forest. Red eyes took in the sight of the magic trees, reminiscing about the previous time she was here. It had only been a few days since she saw Ahri on the night of the full moon. 


Ahri told her to go, but her stubbornness was a trait that reared its head when it wanted to—and right now, she wanted to see Ahri again, even if only for a glimpse. 

In a smoky plume of red and black, Evelynn transformed into a harrier. Her long wings were stretched out, the wind ruffled her long tail feathers as she flew above the treeline. Traveling through the forest was much faster in this form. Forest green washed over her vision, until her red eyes honed in on a splotch of purple. She circled above a small waterfall, only descending when she saw Ahri splashing in the basin. 


Evelynn dived into the trees, emerging in her human form, wisps of shadow and feathers trailing off her figure. She took a moment to observe Ahri, who was in the middle of dipping her bare feet in the water. 


“Help. I’m lost and barely clothed at all.” Evelynn’s voice went an octave higher, the tone an imitation of a feeble little girl. Ahri’s head snapped in her direction, wide-eyed with surprise. She couldn’t help but giggle at the reaction. “Tis only I, little dove.” 


“Evelynn! What are you doing here?” Ahri’s expression told her she was not expecting any company.  


Evelynn wanted to coo, to loom over Ahri and wrap her up in her arms and lashers; she wanted to ask her to follow her into the dark, promising her nothing but ecstasy. But that wouldn’t do. Evelynn’s mouth twitched, an indiscernible frown at the thought. She didn’t want a mindless lover—she wanted Ahri, and she wanted her decision to be made of her own volition. 

So instead, she strode towards the edge of the pool of water, disrobing halfway through. Her words carried an air of playfulness. “Can’t you tell? Taking a bath, of course.” 


She could feel the weight of Ahri’s gaze on her bare skin. It was almost a challenge trying to conceal the smirk that threatened to split her face. The water was pleasant; not too cold nor too hot. She waded in until it stopped at her waist, sighing at how the water gently lapped at her skin. A small groan left her lips as she stretched her back, and her lashers by extension. A subtle glance over her shoulder revealed Ahri’s open mouth, and a blush that bloomed across soft cheeks. It was only the two of them, so Evelynn allowed herself to giggle girlishly, “Dost thou like to watch?” 


Words did not come out of Ahri’s mouth, stutters did instead; it was amusing to watch her flounder like a fish. Ahri’s blush crawled down her slender neck, so Evelynn threw her a bone and turned back towards the waterfall. She waded further into the water, letting it reach as tall as her chest. For a moment, Evelynn focused on rinsing herself, allowing the coolness of the water to wash over her bare body. As she slicked her wet hair back, her heightened senses picked up a quickened heartbeat; she smiled to herself, satisfied with Ahri’s reaction. ‘So this isn’t one-sided after all. Little dove, why are you lying to yourself?’  


“Why are you here? Don’t you have more spells to cast or—or s-something?” There was no heat in Ahri’s words, the tone of her questions more of a deflection than anything. 


A suggestive smirk unfurled across her face, she couldn’t help herself; Evelynn turned around fully, the water concealed her breasts yet Ahri’s eyes still swept downwards. “My tongue is skilled at more than incantation.” She giggled, the smirk shifted into a coy smile. “Wont’st thou play with me?” 


Ahri’s face was as red as the material of her lashers. It was an endearing sight to watch her try to come up with a response. Evelynn slowly walked towards the edge of the pool, the water slid down her body in rivulets, her skin shiny with dewy droplets. She stood bare in front of Ahri, waiting as her lashers picked up her discarded clothes. 


“Art thou not tempted?” Evelynn asked as Ahri’s eyes roamed her naked body, yet the Fey did not a thing but gawk at her. This was new—usually, her lovers ran at the chance for a single touch. Red eyes caught the sight of clenched fists, fingers curled into her palms. Her heart fluttered at the implication, impressed by the level of restraint Ahri possessed. 


Once Evelynn was dressed in her clothes, she approached Ahri, whose back went ramrod straight, stiffening from her proximity. She reached out, the back of her hand brushing against Ahri’s cheek with the most gentle caress she could muster. 


“I will return though thou art always welcome to follow.” 


Evelynn departed in another puff of black and red, leaving behind a plume of pristine hawk feathers. Golden eyes watched her soar through the clouds, until she was nothing but a speck in the distance. 


True to her word, Evelynn returned later that day. The afternoon sun was sprawled across the sky, slowly making its journey through the day. Evelynn found Ahri in the same waterfall clearing, sprawled on the grass and radiating sunshine much like the sun above them as she played with a tiny fox. 


The Witch did not know how long she stood under the shade of an Elderwood tree, only that she spent the entire duration of that period simply gazing at Ahri. The Fey surely must have done something to her heart, casted a magic spell on her or something. Evelynn could not go a second without thinking of Ahri; it was frustrating, maddening, and torture in the sweetest form. 


Claws rose as Evelynn inspected them. She traced the sharp curve of them while peering at Ahri. Oh, how she wanted to trail her hands over the Fey’s body, lick her tongue over every magical marking. Arousal burned within her, simmering in her gut as she thought about Ahri’s pretty face. An itch settled in her hands, she wondered how it would feel like to card her hands through purple hair and pull; Would Ahri like that? Would she scream? Beg for more? A shudder ran down Evelynn’s spine at the lustful thoughts, sinking into each notch of her spine as vivid imagery danced in her mind. 

‘Enough dallying.’ Evelynn huffed a sigh out her nose before retracting her claws. She stepped out of the shade, and walked towards Ahri with purpose. 


Both Ahri and the fox turned their heads as Evelynn made herself known. Ahri stood up, brushing stray blades of grass off herself as Evelynn approached. Her breath hitched as Evelynn’s hand reached out, gentle fingers cupped her cheek, the touch as soft as ever. Golden eyes fluttered shut as Ahri involuntarily leaned into Evelynn’s palm. 


“So many would give up everything they have, everything they could have for one touch.” Evelynn stared at Ahri as she spoke, her thumb rubbed across the green marks reverently like she was touching a holy artifact herself. Red eyes softened as Ahri opened her eyes and returned her gaze; Evelynn wanted to drown herself in those golden pools, baptize herself in the waters, and perhaps never come up for air—if it meant she could have a taste, a touch of what it would be like with Ahri, she’d do it in a heartbeat. 


“I think I have an inkling of what that feels like now.” Evelynn continued to look at Ahri, wondering if this was the right course of action when the reminder of Ahri’s words resurfaced. Her heart raced in the cage of her chest, anxiousness roiling under her skin. Her next words were quiet, exhaled through her parted lips with a fragile air. “What dost thou see when thou look upon me? A witch? A god? Or something more?” 


“Evelynn.” Ahri’s hand cupped the back of Evelynn’s. Her eyes softened, a golden wonder that still left Evelynn’s lungs breathless. They shared a moment together, the forest quiet as they remained in a little bubble of their own world. 


“I’ll give thee everything.” Evelynn did not beg or plead in her life—but in this moment, she was willing to offer up anything for the woman before her. Her tone was imploring, her words a desperate prayer before the Goddess in her presence. 


“All I ask thee is to accept thy darkest desires.” If her love was viewed as a dark desire, then so be it. She’d willingly embrace Ahri with these tainted hands, let the blood of her sins dye the innocence of white flowers red. 


Silence echoed between the two of them. Ahri did not answer right away, but the fact that she was hesitant gave Evelynn hope. It was not a rejection, not like before on the night of the full moon. Evelynn bent her head, and laid a chaste kiss on Ahri’s cheek. Her lips lingered on soft, warm skin as she whispered, “Think about it, little dove. I await your answer.” 


Blood tinged the air of the Elderwood forest. The scent was nearly palpable as Evelynn strolled through the woods. Red eyes lingered on the prone bodies of fallen Knights, all the blood came from one of many altercations scattered through the forest. But funny enough, this was not her Coven’s doing. No—this conflict was born between Human and Fey. 


Evelynn licked her lips, chuckling as chaos filled the air. Her lashers twisted beside her, curious at the sight of a battle. The seeds of discord were being sowed as her Coven furthered the corruption of the land. It was satisfying seeing their agenda expanding, the fruits of their labor coming to fruition. 


The smirk on her lips slid off when she reached a clearing, the same clearing with the waterfall. Her sight fell upon Ahri, who was bent over the edge of the pool, scrubbing her hands furiously. The blue water was dyed a bloody red, and Evelynn’s heart pounded—’Whose blood does that belong to?’  


Magic weaved effortlessly between her fingers; in a flash, Evelynn was at Ahri’s side, ignoring the cry of surprise in favor of gathering her hands in hers. “I smell thy sins.” 


Relief hit Evelynn like a sack of stone once she came to the conclusion that the blood on those hands did not belong to Ahri. She held Ahri’s hands gingerly as her gaze scanned Ahri’s body; no injuries were visible, yet she was shaking with fear. 


“Come here, little dove.” Evelynn cooed, taking Ahri into her arms. She rested her chin atop purple hair, minding the Fey’s horns, and tucked Ahri’s face into the crook of her neck. Quickened breaths grazed the skin of her neck; slowly, a ball of anger grew in the pit of her stomach, ‘how dare these humans attempt to harm Ahri, and drag her into this holy war of theirs.’ She stroked Ahri's back, allowing her all the time she needed to calm down. 

Only when the shaking stopped did Evelynn care to ask what transpired in the forest. Ahri’s explanation was as she suspected; conflict and tension rose between the Humans and the Fey, leading to an inevitable fight, one that Ahri was involuntarily dragged into. 


“Well, I guess ‘little dove’ is no longer fitting.” Evelynn brushed a stray lock of hair out of Ahri’s face. Her heart sped up from the way Ahri looked at her, golden eyes filled with an indecipherable emotion. 


“What then?” Ahri asked. Her voice was breathy, mixed with shock and disbelief as she stared at her hands. They were clean now, but Evelynn reckoned the image of them bloodied was seared into Ahri’s mind. 


“Jackal.” Evelynn hummed, her red eyes appraising Ahri in a new light. ‘My precious little Jackal.’ “It suits you.” 


Evelynn slowly retracted herself from Ahri, standing up to her full height. Her lashers swayed in the air, tasting the anger coursing through her veins. More blood would be spilt, retribution from the offenders. She glanced back at Ahri, “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” 


Panic slipped onto Ahri’s face, and Evelynn’s chest twinged at the distressed sight. A lasher reached out, tentatively nuzzling against the side of Ahri’s head, purring loudly when the gesture was accepted. “Do not weep for my absence. I would never leave thee long.” 


And then she whirled around, marching back into the magic woods, towards the sound of fighting. Golden eyes stayed on her back all the while, the weight comforting as she slipped into the shadows of the Elderwood trees and activated her demon shade. 


Rage simmered underneath her demon skin, bubbling to the surface as she transformed into her true nature. Black covered her body, save for the bright red of her claws and lashers. Two fiery blackened coals replaced her eyes, burning with a desire for bloodshed. 


“Time to stretch my wings.” Evelynn groaned as another set of lashers spurted out from the bottom of her shoulder blades. Thinner than the sentient lashers at her side, they hung overhead, the tips flared a hot red, like blades tempered in the hottest of hellfire. 


She flexed her blood red claws in anticipation, the urge for violence was fueled by the memory of Ahri’s shaken form; Evelynn licked her lips, eager to pay back the hurt the Knights of the Order of the Emerald Chapel caused. Her lashers coiled at her side, rumbling with snarls and inhumane growls as they sensed her rage. She cooed as she stroked their beaks, imbuing them with her magic; she watched as a red miasma slowly enveloped their bone white faces, casting them in a demonic light. They twisted in the air as razor-sharp spikes emerged from velveteen skin, their bodies rippled as the bones contorted with her dark magic; once the transformation was complete, they settled down with grotesque blades lining their spines, ready to cut her enemies into ribbons. 

Eager strides stalked through the Elderwood forest, Evelynn could hardly contain her giggles as she prowled the ground. The giggling erupted into wicked cackling once she found her prey—a group of Knights loitering in a clearing. They turned towards her, wide-eyed at the sound of her spine-chilling laughter. 


“Come hither, warriors. I bite.” Evelynn’s voice had changed while in her demon shade form, dropping to a lower register. It was gravelly, a discordant tone that plucked at the very core of their souls. The Knights staggered back, some even dropped to their knees as her voice boomed, her words reverberating throughout the clearing. 


“W-Witch! Demon! Die!” Swords were aimed at her direction, chanted by a few Knights who had recovered their courage. They charged, spittle flying from their lips as their armor-clad feet stomped the forest ground. 


Evelynn merely cackled, her lashers loomed like wings, poised to strike as their bone white faces were enveloped with an eerie red glow. “I am the Daughter of Woman and God. Know thy place!” Red claws swiped the air in front of her, the air crackled as her magic struck the first wave of Knights. Slash marks ripped through armor and bone and flesh, gouging even the land beneath their feet. Their screams of agony were music to her ears. 


Evelynn laughed heartily as the second wave of Knights advanced. Both hands swiped at the air in a crisscross motion, her magic ripped the earth open, summoning curved spikes that shredded the Knights like paper dolls. “Ooo. Resist more. Thou must!” Evelynn sprung forward as blood spilled onto the forest floor. She was not done yet—she would not be done until every Knight present was ripped to shreds. 

Evelynn rushed into the fray, her lashers snarling as they swept in wide arcs. Their bladed spines caught onto metal and flesh, garnering wicked screams of pain as they carved the Knights open. “Prayer will not save thee!” 


Screams pierced the air as Evelynn struck without an ounce of mercy. She was a whirlwind of shadow, blood, and bone. One by one, the Knights fell; their bodies were gutted, the ground stained with bloody entrails, flesh sliced open until none were recognizable. Birds circled above the clearing, waiting to feast on the evening’s massacre. 


A helmet was wretched off, red claws gripped a man’s jaw, lifting the Knight off his feet effortlessly. He screamed as his flesh sizzled from the sheer rage that radiated from Evelynn’s touch. “How wonderful to rip the breath from someone, to watch their eyes grow wide with fear.” She laughed in his face as her lashers lunged, ripping him apart like a sack of meat. She watched the light fade from his eyes as she absorbed his soul before discarding his body; it landed on the ground with a sickeningly wet thud. 


Red eyes honed in on her next target—a fallen Knight, his breathing labored from a large gash across his midsection. Glee rippled across her skin at the way his eyes widened as she approached him; the terror in the whites of his eyes made her blood sing. The Knight struggled, crawling through the dirt like a puny worm. 


“Crawl on thy belly, human. Beg for my mercy!” Evelynn bellowed as she rested her foot on his back like a pedestal. He pleaded for his life, hacking up blood all the while, yet his cries fell on deaf ears. The smile she adorned was sinister, lips curled back to showcase her fangs. Claws slashed the Knight in half, cutting his pathetic begging short. Blood dripped from her hands, sticky and viscous from the amount that poured from his dismembered body. 

The bloodlust sent a rush through her veins, tingling her body with every soul she swallowed. Evelynn dragged her tongue along the edge of her crimson claw, the taste of blood bloomed across her tongue—it was not enough to satisfy. Her gaze fell upon the last of the Knights, it was time to put the show to an end. 


“Suffering makes for a fine reagent.” Evelynn stretched her lashers, the air crackled as she summoned up her magic. Her lashers purred, looming over the space of the clearing, herding the Knights into a dense cluster. Energy spilled forth as she leapt into the air, propelled by her lashers; her arms swept outwards, claws and lashers mirrored the movement; bladed lashers decapitated the Knights while giant shadowy talons emerged to slice at their lower halves, sweeping their bodies out from under them. A shower of blood and gore burst from the release of her final attack; she teleported a few paces away, but was still caught in the red mist. 


Evelynn stood in the middle of the clearing, drenched in the remains of her enemies, her breathing labored from the battle. A survey of her surroundings revealed fallen bodies littered across the blood-soaked field. Not a single soul remained. Lips peeled into a wolfish grin, satisfaction painted her face as she turned around, retracing her steps to where she wanted to be most. 


The scent of blood tinged the air as Evelynn returned to the waterfall, but this time it was coming from her. She did just massacre a group of Knights after all. Ahri caught sight of her, golden eyes wide with the amount of blood that soaked her body. She was sure her appearance was not the most pleasant at the moment. 


“Evelynn!” Ahri’s breath hitched, her nose wrinkled at the stench of iron and gore. “Is this—” 


“It’s not mine, little Jackal.” Evelynn clarified, clearing the concern expression on Ahri’s face. She reached out, wanting to touch Ahri’s face, but paused at the sight of her bloodstained hand. She thought better and dropped her hand—only for Ahri to grab them, holding them tenderly in hers, not minding the red that smeared against her skin. Evelynn’s heart thumped in her chest, her pulse racing at the realization that this time, Ahri reached out first. 


The forest was calm as they stood in silence, the wind whistled gently as it brushed through blonde and purple strands. Evelynn held her breath, sensing tension in the air. Her lashers twisted slowly beside her, watching Ahri curiously. 


Slowly, Ahri looked up, gazing into Evelynn’s eyes. She gulped at the way those golden pools sparkled, illuminated with an emotion she knew was reflected in her own. Ahri’s mouth opened, and she listened with rapture, paying attention to every word that left those lips. 


“Did you mean it,” Ahri peered up at Evelynn through her lashes, “When you said you’d give me everything?” 


Evelynn’s heart skipped a beat when she realized what Ahri was asking. Her response was a firm, “Yes.” And it would always be ‘yes’; she’d go to the ends of the realm to achieve whatever Ahri wished for, whatever she desired. 


“But…” Ahri’s breath hitched, her eyes welling up with emotion. “What if all I want is you?” 


At that moment, Evelynn wondered if she was dreaming. But her lashers nudged her imperceptibly, non-verbally telling her not to keep Ahri waiting. She leaned closer into Ahri’s space as she held their hands tighter, and pressed their foreheads together. A hair’s breadth remained between them. Evelynn’s lips grazed against Ahri’s as she murmured softly, “Then let us walk together.” 


Ahri’s eyes slid shut, and Evelynn could feel the way her eyelashes fluttered along her cheek as she captured soft lips with her own. The kiss was chaste, the firm pressure a pleasant sensation against her mouth. She tilted her head, deepening the kiss; their lips moved together—slowly, sweetly—relishing in the physicality of the intimate act. Evelynn’s chest opened up, blossoming with a warmth she had never felt before. 


They spent some time in the Elderwood forest, simply standing there and kissing like a youthful pair of lovers. Only when the blood on her hands started to flake off did Evelynn think to stop, and take this elsewhere. Ahri clutched at her front as she summoned her magic, whisking them away in a blur of red and black shadows. 


Wisps of shadows materialized, depositing Evelynn and Ahri gently on their feet before fading away. Evelynn relaxed as the familiar scent of old leathers and dark berries pervaded her bedroom, it was a fragrance she was most comfortable around. She observed Ahri as she took in the sight of the master bedroom; a plush queen-sized bed sat against the far wall, adorned with a set of black sheets, black pillow cases, and a black duvet. What could she say—black was her color. Two sleek chairs, also black leather, sat opposite of the bed. Ivory sconces were mounted to the wall, candelabras were set in each corner of the room, and a crystal chandelier hung on the ceiling. 


Ahri’s presence stood out, purple contrasted against the black backdrop of the dark décor of her bedroom. Evelynn was content with watching Ahri, until she caught the red staining her skin. She walked towards the ensuite bathroom, the movement catching Ahri’s attention. A hand beckoned the Fey closer, “As charming as it is, let’s get that blood off you.” 

Entering the ensuite bathroom felt like stepping into an extension of the luxurious bedroom; black porcelain tiles covered the floor while gold accented the rest of the room. A black marble bathtub was the centerpiece, big enough to fit two people. 


With a wave of her hand, Evelynn lit the golden wall sconces, casting the room in a lavish light. Hot water hissed as it poured out the tap, slowly filling up the bathtub. She herself disrobed before stepping into the tub. Evelynn turned her head towards Ahri, an eyebrow raised when she hadn’t moved at all. “Are you coming in?” 


Muted thumps echoed along the tiles as Ahri slipped out of her clothes. The weight of Evelynn’s gaze on her bare body sent goosebumps rippling across her skin. It was a sensation she found herself enjoying the longer she was around her new lover. Slowly, Ahri dipped her legs into the tub, sighing when she sank fully into the bath. She sat opposite of Evelynn, her knees tucked to her chest. A pink flush was sprawled across her cheeks, her skin heated from the hot water and from the sight of Evelynn naked in front of her, barely concealed by the suds bubbling on the water’s surface. 


Steam wafted through the air as the two soaked in the bathtub. The water slowly turned dark as they cleaned themselves. Ahri’s heart hammered in her chest when it was time to step out. She kept quiet as Evelynn dried her body with a fluffy towel, her stomach fluttered at the gentle touch spent on her body. Once she was properly dried, Evelynn wrapped the towel around her. Confusion painted her face when Evelynn took her hand, leading her back into the bedroom while still in the nude (not that Ahri was complaining about the view). 


Evelynn stood before the foot of the bed, her hand still holding Ahri’s as she turned to face her. They were close now, close enough to feel their breaths mingling together. 


“Come closer, Jackal. I wish to know thee.” 


Evelynn’s voice was soft and sultry; the sensuality in her tone caused Ahri’s pulse to race, igniting the embers of arousal within her. Soft hands cupped her face, tilting her head as Evelynn came closer. Ahri leaned into the touch, mouth pressed firmly against her lover’s; their lips slid and locked, tongues grazing each other in such a carnal way that Ahri could feel her arousal pooling to the space between her legs. She dropped the towel in favor of carding her hands in Evelynn’s blonde hair. Ahri moaned into Evelynn’s mouth as their bodies were flushed together, the sensation of skin-on-skin had never felt so good before. 


They walked backwards, stumbling onto the bed in a tangle of limbs. Ahri gasped as she was flipped onto her back. Evelynn loomed above her, blonde hair falling like a curtain around them, encapsulating her vision until her lover was the sole focus. 


“I want to feel thee.” Evelynn’s words felt sacred in the small space between them. 


Ahri swallowed thickly, her body was wound up and her heart warmed by the clear want in her lover’s declaration. She reached a hand up, cupping Evelynn’s cheek tenderly. “I want that too.” 

Red eyes curved into crescents as the corners of Evelynn’s mouth were tugged into a genuine smile. Evelynn’s head bent down, capturing Ahri’s lips once more. Ahri returned the kiss, gasping into Evelynn’s mouth when warm hands roamed her body, the touch slow and firm as her lover explored her flesh. A whimper slipped out of her mouth as those hands circled her chest; sweet moans were pulled from her lungs as her breasts were massaged, her sensitive nipples tugged and pinched. 


Teeth nipped at her neck, Ahri threw her head back, baring her throat to her lover. A shaky breath was expelled through parted lips as hot open-mouthed kisses assaulted the smooth column of her throat. Evelynn’s hands trailed down, skimming the plane of her stomach, past the curls of her happy trail, before delving into the heat between her legs. 


A loud gasp echoed in the bedroom as slender fingers swiped along her slick lips. Evelynn suckled on a soft patch of skin underneath her ear, earning a throaty moan. Ahri’s hands gripped her lover’s arms, nails digging into the subtle muscle there as a finger slowly slipped inside her cunt. 


“Does it feel good? When I touch you like this?” Evelynn’s hand pumped slowly, adding another finger when Ahri was wet enough. She curled her fingers, crooking them with every motion, rubbing against the swollen patches along Ahri’s pussy. 


“Y-Yes!” Ahri arched her back as loud moans left her lips, her hips bucked, rolling in time to Evelynn’s thrusts. Evelynn’s free hand moved down to rub at a swollen clit, circling the bud with unrelenting pressure, faster when Ahri thrashed, “H-Hah...! Evelynn—please! ” She didn’t even know what she was begging for, only that her body was strung high, hovering on the edge of release. 


“E-Evelynn! I’m going to—ahh! ” 


“Just a little more.” Evelynn kissed the space in the hollow of Ahri’s throat, nibbling on her collarbone. 


The noises that came out of Ahri’s mouth were loud and obscene, shameless as pleasure was delivered unto her. Tension coiled throughout her body under Evelynn’s ministrations, tightening further and further with every curling thrust, every circle on her clit. Her orgasm climbed until she was taken unaware, thrown off the cliff and freefalling into a sea of ecstasy. Ahri screamed and clung onto Evelynn, her nails raking red lines down her lover’s back in an effort to ground herself. 


Kisses were peppered along Ahri’s temple as Evelynn continued to stroke along fluttering pussy walls, intent on drawing out her lover’s pleasure as much as she could. She slipped her fingers out when Ahri whined, her body trembling from aftershocks. Evelynn took those fingers into her mouth, moaning loudly at the taste of her lover; she made sure golden eyes met her own as she cleaned every drop of arousal with her tongue. 

Golden eyes dilated, want expanding in the black of her pupils from the erotic display. Evelynn’s lips curled into a devilish smile as she commanded her lashers to curl around Ahri’s wrists, restraining her arms above her head. Evelynn left a trail of kisses down her lover’s body, licking at the green magical markings on her way down. 


Ahri threw her head back, mouth dropped open at the feeling of Evelynn’s lips blazing a trail down her navel. Her hips bucked as a kiss was pressed against her sensitive clit. 


“Your thighs are shaking so much.” A caress crawled up her thigh, Ahri shivered from the feeling of sharp claws skimming her skin. 


Evelynn pressed her lips against the flesh there, sucking a mark on Ahri’s inner thigh. Golden eyes peered down at her, pupils blown with lust. Her fingers parted slick lips, teasingly dipping into her lover’s hot pussy. “Do you get nervous when I stare?” 


A high-pitched whine left Ahri’s mouth, her eyes squeezed shut as embarrassment flushed her cheeks. Evelynn’s words were lewd down to the letter, yet it made her feel hot


A chuckle came from between her legs. Evelynn pressed another open-mouthed kiss against her thigh. “Keep your eyes open. Look at me.” 


Ahri obeyed, opening her eyes to look at Evelynn. She gasped loudly when Evelynn swiped her tongue against her pussy, lapping at the wetness dripping out of her. Her hips bucked from the sensation, her hands pulled at her restraint but the lasher did not budge. Moans spilled out of her mouth as she watched Evelynn lick and suckle at her pussy. Tension coiled in her gut from the sight, her pleasure building with every loud suckle and slurping sound. 


And then it stopped. 

The warmth of Evelynn’s touch retreated as she sat up, yet remained kneeling between Ahri’s spread legs. Red eyes appraised her languidly, Ahri’s pulse raced at the dark predatory gleam in them. She could feel herself dripping in anticipation, sticky wetness trailed down her inner thighs. 


Finally, Evelynn spoke. “Do you want more?” 


Ahri nodded as her mouth went dry. She swallowed thickly, squirming at the question. Her arousal burned like a hot brand, and she was willing to do anything for relief. 


“Say it.” Evelynn smirked at her, and Ahri felt her embarrassment rearing to the surface once more. 


“I—” Ahri whimpered, choking on her words. Evelynn did nothing as she patiently waited for the words she wanted to hear. Ahri squirmed until her arousal overcame her embarrassment, urging her into opening her mouth again. “I want more!” 


A saccharine smile was shot her way, and Ahri shuddered at the sight of it on Evelynn’s face. Her body trembled, craving for more of her lover’s touch. She wanted Evelynn to take all of her, and wanted to come undone in her embrace. 

“The blackest magic.” Magic thrummed in the air, pulsing through the bedroom. The source of it came from Evelynn, power so palpable she could feel it brushing against her skin in phantom waves. Ahri watched, fascinated as the light in Evelynn’s hands grew brighter and brighter, until she had to close her eyes. When she opened them, they were immediately drawn to the space between Evelynn’s thighs; a red glowing phallus protruded from between the previous space there. Ahri’s mouth dropped open in shock and arousal, ‘Is that… magic sparkles?!”  


A chuckle lifted her gaze. “Still want it?” Evelynn asked as she lazily stroked at her new attachment. Her breathing hitched at the touch, moaning softly as her cock hardened. 


Ahri’s mouth went dry at the sight, at the implication that Evelynn could feel with her magic cock. Her arousal flared, she squirmed and tugged at the lasher still holding her wrists above her head. Wetness leaked down her thighs at the thought of Evelynn fucking her with her cock. Breathlessly, Ahri begged, “Yes! ” 

Evelynn crawled forward, a smirk on her lips as she spread Ahri’s legs apart. She rubbed the tip of her cock against Ahri’s slick pussy, chuckling at the way her lover bucked at the feeling. A hand gripped Ahri’s hip, stilling her as she slowly slid her cock in. A loud moan was pulled out of her lungs as she sheathed her cock all the way in; she could feel how hot Ahri’s pussy was, how tight her walls fluttered and squeezed her length. Red eyes peered down and Evelynn giggled at the sight of her magical glowing dick. 


Ahri’s breath was pushed out of her lungs as Evelynn bottomed out, the sensation of being filled by Evelynn’s cock had her dizzy with pleasure. Hands gently rubbed at her navel, waiting for her to adjust to her lover’s size. Golden eyes fluttered open to look at Evelynn, giving her a nod to continue. 


Hands pulled Ahri’s legs up, resting her heels on Evelynn’s shoulders. She pushed forward, rolling her hips. Evelynn worked her cock through the vice grip of Ahri’s pussy, fucking her lover with deep strokes, increasing the speed with each thrust. Slapping sounds echoed in the bedroom, mixing with the obscene wailing that erupted from Ahri. 


Sweat dripped down her neck as Evelynn pushed harder, railing Ahri into the mattress. Her hands gripped the crook of Ahri’s knees, pushing them towards her chest. The angle changed with the new position, evident by the way Ahri started screaming and thrashing underneath her. Evelynn huffed a laugh and worked her hips even harder, her pelvis smacking against the bottom of Ahri’s thighs. 


Bursting stars dotted Ahri’s vision as her pussy was stuffed with Evelynn’s cock. Each thrust rubbed against her innermost depths, hitting sweet spots that had her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Her toes curled, her back arching from how good Evelynn was fucking her. 


“You like that? Like the way my cock feels inside your pussy?” Evelynn panted, sweat dripping down her body from exertion. 


“Mmhm, yes!” Ahri moaned at the dirty talk, squeezing tighter around her lover’s cock from how hot it was. 


“I’m close.” Evelynn dropped her hold on Ahri’s legs, pushing herself closer to her lover. A hand wrapped around Ahri’s slender neck, fingers curling around her throat. The pulse there fluttered quickly as red eyes locked with gold. “You want my cum?” 


Ahri’s breath hitched violently, arousal flared like a raging inferno at the feeling of Evelynn’s hand around her throat, at the question and the implication of it. A lengthy moan was dragged out of her as she wrapped her legs around Evelynn’s hips, bringing their bodies closer together. “Yes, yes, yes! I want your cum!” Ahri whined, not concerned with how desperate of a whore she sounded like. 


Fingers flexed, squeezing the sides of Ahri’s neck. Evelynn moaned at the pleasure coloring Ahri’s face, her own pleasure spiking from the sight of her lover’s satisfaction. Ahri’s pussy squeezed around her cock, signaling that she was close; Evelynn gritted her teeth and moved faster, pounding Ahri’s pussy harsher, wanting to feel her fall apart right then and there. She growled as tension coiled in her gut, pleasure tingling on the edges of her consciousness. 


Evelynn’s voice dropped, her tone reminiscent of her demon shade form. She locked eyes with Ahri and said, “I’ll put the devil in thee.”  


Her mouth collided with Ahri’s in a sloppy kiss, moaning against soft lips as her orgasm erupted; her hips stuttered before Evelynn hilted herself deep inside Ahri, thick ropes of cum spurted from her cock, flooding Ahri’s cunt with liquid heat. 


Ahri moaned at the feeling of Evelynn releasing a heavy load inside her, and then choked as her orgasm slammed into her. She found herself floating among stardust, drifting along constellations before she started descending—and then Evelynn released the grip on her throat, oxygen rushed back to her brain, and Ahri was swept away once more. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as her second orgasm swallowed her whole; her back arched, taut like a bow, as her body shook from the pleasure that coursed through her system. 

Harsh pants left Evelynn’s mouth as she buried her face in the crook of Ahri’s neck and shoulder. She laid there trying to recover from her powerful orgasm. Ahri’s own orgasm was still ongoing, and so Evelynn groaned at the tight seal still squeezing around her cock. 


Evelynn stroked Ahri’s hair, pressing kisses against the green markings on supple cheeks. She stared at Ahri’s face, in awe of the pleasure on display. Slowly, Ahri’s body relaxed, the tension leaving her boneless in Evelynn’s embrace. Evelynn watched as Ahri’s eyes fluttered open, exhaustion and satisfaction swimming in those golden pools. 


“Still with me?” Evelynn asked softly, caressing Ahri’s cheek with the most reverent of touches. 


A tired hum came from Ahri as she slowly registered the question; she felt deliciously sore. The corner of her mouth tugged into a smile as she reflected on what just happened. Her wrists were free, so she brought her arms down to wrap around Evelynn’s shoulders. Ahri brushed their lips together, initiating a series of languid kisses as a response, translating her feelings into the act. 


“Thou could be so much more, Jackal. So much more.” Evelynn’s words were heavy, somber as she stared into golden eyes. Her hand was stretched out, holding a sharp blade in her palm. 


Ahri returned the gaze for a moment, before her eyes shifted downwards, regarding the sacrificial knife in her lover’s hand and its purpose. There would be no turning back after this, yet there was nothing more she wanted. The opportunity to be with Evelynn came at the cost of her horns; the thought of the pain was a fleeting idea when it compared to being at her lover’s side. 


A hand wrapped around the handle of the knife, but before she could lift it—Evelynn clasped her other hand over hers. 


“I will guide thy hand.” Red eyes bore into her gold, and Ahri’s heart fluttered at the tenderness she saw in those depths. 


With a resolute nod, Ahri bent her head, offering her horns to the Old Gods and the Coven—but most importantly, she was offering her heart to Evelynn. 


“Show me thy devotion.” The sacrificial knife was imbued with magic from Evelynn’s own hand. Chanted words poured from her lips, the room was washed with dark magic, palpable as it swirled around the pair. The knife hummed with an unnatural energy, Ahri could feel the vibrations as their joined hands set the blade against her horns. 


Teeth bore down, a jaw clenched tight as the ritual blade sliced Ahri’s sturdy horns off; the cut was clean and met no resistance thanks to the magic spell. Ahri gritted her teeth, muffling a strangled scream from the excruciating pain of severing two limbs. 


Relief settled into her body as a healing spell was cast. Evelynn stopped the bleeding, and cast off the sensation of pain. Ahri sniffled, leaning into Evelynn’s touch as she wiped her tears away. Golden eyes opened as a hand cupped her cheek. 


“Thy heart is mine.” Evelynn murmured before she bent her head, kissing Ahri passionately, mustering all the love, devotion, and affection she felt for the woman who just willingly offered her heart to her. 


Coven meetings were, surprisingly, boring. Ahri slouched in her stiff mahogany chair as the Witches droned on and on about corruption; corrupt this, corrupt that—’Ugh. Let me out of here so I can actually cause some corruption! 


A soft chuckle next to her had Ahri turning her head. Her blue eyes met Evelynn’s reds, and she softened as her lover reached out a hand, patting her knee affectionately. Ahri’s vulpine ears twitched underneath her metal headpiece. Her purple tails swayed behind her, reaching towards Evelynn and playfully tangling with her sentient lashers. 


She blocked out the rest of the meeting, focusing on playing with Evelynn’s lashers instead. They were fun and much more interesting than the same old topic that’s managed to stay on the table. Eventually, the meeting was adjourned, and Ahri heaved a sigh of relief once the room was cleared out. She pushed her chair back, the wooden legs screeched as they scraped against the stone floor. The click-clack of her heeled boots echoed as she made her way out. 


Evelynn waited for her at the entrance of the Coven’s lair, stroking the beaks of her lashers. 


“Well, that was a bore.” Ahri scoffed as she waded into Evelynn’s personal space to pet her lashers. 


Evelynn huffed, a fond expression making its way onto her face as she watched her lashers nuzzle against the side of Ahri’s head. They gently headbutted against her blonde and black hair, jostling the metal guard over Ahri’s fox ears. 


“We still have our Coven duties to attend to.” Evelynn pulled back her lashers in an attempt to get Ahri to focus. She smiled at the pout on Ahri’s lips, and couldn’t help but lean in to kiss it away. “Come, my precious Jackal. What do you say to a little unholy ritual? As a treat.” Her hand cupped Ahri’s cheek, thumb rubbing along the whisker-marks. 


“I thought you’d never ask.” Blue eyes flared as a smirk appeared on Ahri’s face. The corners of her mouth lifted, revealing a set of wicked fangs. 

The Elderwood forest stood tall, despite its size shrinking from the corruption of the land. The Coven’s efforts were succeeding, pushing the magic boundaries of the enchanted forest back with every mission. 


Evelynn and Ahri strode through the woods with ease, accustomed to the thrum of magic in the air. The sound of metal clanked in the distance, a sign of the Knights of the Order of the Emerald Chapel. The pair stood in the shadows of the trees when they reached a cluster of Knights camping in a clearing. 


“A perfect evening for a foul ritual. Let us sink into our… depravities.” Evelynn laughed under her breath, popping out her claws as she prepared for a fight—only to stop dead in her tracks when a blur of purple shot over her shoulder. Evelynn’s look of surprise shifted into a smirk as she watched Ahri leap into the middle of the camp, punching a Knight square in the face with no hesitation. Her lashers nudged at her, wondering if she was going to join the fight too; Evelynn shook her head, content to watch Ahri let loose. 

Ahri’s sacrifice to the Old Gods granted her power—enough power to be recognized by Old God Warwick; he became her patron and granted Ahri his blessings, boosting her physical capabilities, as well as gifting her with the canine attributes of a fabled nine-tailed fox. Coupled with her prior knowledge and capability of magic, Ahri was a decisive boon to the Coven. 


Purple tails whipped wildly as Ahri threw herself into battle with the Knights. She was a devastating whirlwind of claws, fangs, and purple skull orbs. The Knights did not stand a chance against her speed and strength; Ahri dashed forward, dealing powerful punches and kicks that crushed the armored bodies of her enemies. Her claws shattered the Knights’ bladed weapons, leaving them defenseless against the damage dealt by her magic skull orbs. 


Evelynn tracked Ahri as she decimated the forces of the Knights. A tongue swept out, licking along plump lips. Evelynn could feel her arousal stirring, the way her lover showed off her prowess never failed to get her worked up. Tension roiled under her skin, a jolt of arousal shot down to the space between her legs. 


Screams of the agony sang in the air, the clearing was stained with the bloody bodies of fallen Knights. Ahri stood in the epicenter of the battle with not a scratch on her, her chest rose and fell from exertion but she didn’t even break a sweat. The group of Knights were like a warm-up performance; Ahri flexed her claws as she smirked, she still had plenty of energy in her system, raring to go. Casual strides led Ahri back to where Evelynn was waiting. Red eyes swept over her body before settling on her face. Ahri’s smirk grew smug as she regarded Evelynn, she was not unaware of the effect she had on her lover. 

“Thy blood runs hot.” Evelynn didn’t hesitate to call her out on her impulsiveness. When Ahri was close enough, Evelynn raised a hand and pointed to her face. “And you’re a messy eater, as usual.” 


Claws retracted, Ahri lifted a hand to her face and wiped the stray blood off her chin. Blue eyes met red, silently asking if she got it all off. A mere shake of Evelynn’s head was her response, causing Ahri’s ears to tilt in confusion. 


“Give us a taste.” A sultry demand; that was all Evelynn had to say before she grabbed Ahri’s hand and took her fingers in her mouth. 


Ahri’s mouth went dry, her pulse racing as Evelynn’s tongue licked up every drop of blood that stained her fingers. Arousal churned in her gut at the provocative image before her, slowly spreading through her body as Evelynn’s tongue swirled and suckled at her fingertips. Her fingers were pulled out of Evelynn’s with a wet pop, a strand of saliva strung between them. 


Dark desire had settled in Evelynn’s eyes, the sight of it had Ahri’s arousal pooling rapidly to the space between her legs. A step forward had Evelynn’s face inches away from hers, Ahri’s breathing quickened as she wondered what her lover was going to do next. 


Slender hands cupped her face, holding her steady. Evelynn made sure to maintain eye contact as she licked the blood off Ahri’s chin in the slowest way possible. ‘What a fucking tease.’ Ahri’s breath hitched as her lover dragged her wet tongue down her jaw. And if that wasn’t enough to send Ahri’s heart pumping, Evelynn changed direction and licked her plump bottom lip, tugging on it sensually with her teeth before letting it go with an audible pop


Blue eyes peered deeply into red, Ahri regarded Evelynn for a moment, wondering if her lover knew the extent of the effect she had on her heart. She couldn’t deny herself any longer, she tipped her head forward, catching Evelynn in a kiss. Ahri sighed against soft lips, and then moaned as Evelynn licked into her mouth. They kissed for some time, slow and steady, exploring every crevice in each other’s mouth like it was exciting, new territory. 

Only when their lungs burned, begging for oxygen, did they part. Ahri was rendered breathless as she stared at Evelynn lovingly, until her arousal throbbed in her gut, a reminder that her lover was the cause of the sticky mess between her legs. Ahri’s blue eyes flashed before she wrapped her arms around Evelynn and dragged her down to the forest ground in one fluid motion; her tails fanned out below them, cushioning their fall. 


Evelynn yelped in surprise, red eyes wide as Ahri loomed above her. Her expression shifted into a coy smirk, laughing when she realized what just happened. “Eager, are we, Jackal?” Yet she couldn’t deny the way her blood sang, her arousal coursing hot through her body from Ahri’s manhandling. 


Ahri simply growled low in her throat, her ears twitching with impatience. She spread Evelynn’s legs apart, caressing the smooth, supple flesh of thick thighs. “If you don’t take off your clothes right this instant, I’m going to rip them off.” 


Those words sent a shiver down Evelynn’s spine. While the image was attractive and enticing all on its own, Evelynn really didn’t want to deal with shredded clothes again. She stared up at Ahri, biting down on her bottom lip as she waved her hand, magic aura spilling from her fingers; her clothes disappeared in the next instant, leaving Evelynn bare as she laid on the cushion of purple tails. Evelynn could feel herself dripping under the heavy weight of Ahri’s carnal gaze. 

“Well, Jackal?” Evelynn’s expectant voice snapped Ahri out of her gawking. “I’m waiting~” 


A rumble erupted in her chest, Ahri snarled as she shoved Evelynn’s legs further apart. No time was wasted as she went straight for the kill; Ahri pressed a hot open-mouthed kiss against Evelynn’s pussy lips, smirking at the sharp cry that left her lover’s mouth. Yes, she was a messy eater—evident by the way she lapped at the wetness dripping out of the pussy in front of her, not a care in the world as saliva and slick covered her chin. She was solely focused on swiping broad strokes of her tongue against Evelynn’s cunt, and then suckling on a swollen clit. A hand tangled in her blonde and black hair, yanking hard when her fangs grazed the sensitive bud. 


A growl rose between Evelynn’s legs, yet she kept on pulling at Ahri’s hair. How could she not with the way Ahri licked at her sopping pussy, slipped that hot tongue inside, and curled it against her walls. Evelynn arched her back, moaning loudly as she rolled her hips, grinding against Ahri’s face. Her free hand rose to her chest, cupping a breast, tweaking her stiff nipple. Her eyes closed as delicious tension coiled in her gut—only to snap her eyes wide open when hands suddenly grabbed at the back of her thighs, and pushed her knees to her chest. 


Ahri folded Evelynn’s body in half, effortlessly holding her knees against her chest. She thrusted her tongue in as deep as she could get, curling and stroking nonsensical patterns that had Evelynn wriggling, gasping, and moaning with wild abandon. Two fingers replaced her tongue, sinking knuckle deep; Ahri took the swollen bud in her mouth, suckling on it as tight walls clamped down on her fingers. She stroked and rubbed against swollen spots, twisting her fingers with every thrust. 


Evelynn squirmed and thrashed but she could not break free of Ahri’s hold. Cries left her mouth as pleasure continued to course through her body uninterrupted. Her vision blurred as tension climbed higher and higher, threatening to throw her over the edge. Evelynn tugged at the head of blonde and black between her shaking thighs. “Ahri! I—I’m about to cum!” 


Fingers crooked in a ‘come hither’ motion, rubbing against sweet spots she had memorized. Ahri sealed her lips around the swollen bud and suckled hard, blue eyes watched as Evelynn arched her back, a shameless cry leaving her lips as she fell apart under her touch. Tight walls fluttered around her fingers, liquid heat gushed out onto her palm. She gently lowered Evelynn’s legs before she bent her head, lapping at the abundant wetness, moaning at the sweet taste of her lover. 

A hand weakly pushed at her head, her ears swiveled at the sound of a whimper from Evelynn. Ahri lifted her head, sitting back on her knees as her gaze landed on Evelynn’s flushed expression, on the sweat that dotted her bare body. She licked her lips, and brought her wet fingers before Evelynn’s face. Ahri’s breath hitched as Evelynn looked her square in the eye, and took her fingers in that hot mouth, maintaining electrifying eye contact as she dutifully cleaned them, even kissing the pads of her fingers before letting them go. 


“Fuck…” Ahri cursed as her arousal simmered within her, leaving her hot and bothered. She ran her hand down Evelynn’s soft, supple body, squeezing a plump breast briefly on the way down. Her own clothes were stripped until Ahri was bare before her lover. 


Evelynn giggled, biting the tip of a finger as she watched Ahri fiddle with her hands, muttering an incantation under her breath. Energy hummed in the air as magic gathered in her palms. Red eyes watched with interest as an orb materialized in the space between Ahri’s hands, glowing brighter and brighter until Evelynn had to close her eyes. When they opened, Evelynn gasped at the sight of a purple glowing phallus nestled between Ahri’s legs, sparkling as it stood erect. 


Her gaze was torn from Ahri’s stiff cock when hands grabbed her waist, roughly turning her onto her stomach. A gasp left her lips when Ahri pulled her up onto her hands and knees. Evelynn felt herself heating up, her pussy growing wet at yet another display of her lover’s strength. Evelynn got what Ahri was trying to do; she bent her torso, and wiggled her enticing hips in the air as she shot a playful look over her shoulder, “Don’t be gentle now.” 


A low moan tumbled off Ahri’s lips at the sultry tone in Evelynn’s voice. It was so unfair how her lover oozed sex appeal whenever she wanted to. Ahri’s hands palmed Evelynn’s plump ass, massaging the supple cheeks as she growled, “I’m going to fucking ruin you.” 

Ahri stroked at her cock, rubbing the head against Evelynn’s slick entrance, and slowly sank the tip inside. Blue eyes watched as Evelynn’s body went taut as she pushed inch after inch inside, only stopping when her hips tapped against a supple backside. Her hands stroked Evelynn’s back, loosening the tense muscles there until her lover relaxed. 


“Y-You… made it… b-bigger than usual.” Pants slipped out of Evelynn as she looked over her shoulder. Her lips were parted, moaning at the delicious feeling of Ahri‘s thick cock filling her pussy up. 


“Mmhmm.” Ahri hummed as she pushed forward, rocking into Evelynn’s ass. A moan drifted into the air, louder as Ahri grabbed onto Evelynn’s shoulders, using them as leverage as she began pumping into Evelynn’s pussy. Hot velvet pressed down around her cock, making her eyebrows furrow at how good the pressure felt. 


“Did you think I didn't notice the way you look at me whenever I’m in a fight?” 


Evelynn’s eyes widened at Ahri’s question, her pulse fluttering quickly as she gnawed on her lips. ‘Was she that obvious?’  


“If given the chance, I bet you would have started touching yourself.” Ahri chuckled, her tone smug with the way Evelynn grew quiet. Her hands gripped the swell of Evelynn’s hips, holding them steady as her thrusts grew harsher. Sounds of slapping flesh echoed in the clearing, loud and lewd with the amount of wetness gushing out of Evelynn’s pussy. 


A grunt escaped Ahri as Evelynn’s cunt fluttered, clamping down tight for a moment. Ahri laughed, loud and clear, and worked her hips harder, pounding faster into Evelynn now. “Oh? Did I get that right?”


Heat bloomed across Evelynn’s face, dusting her cheeks a pretty pink. Embarrassment and arousal melded into one as Ahri’s words danced on her skin; there was a sliver of truth in them. 

Evelynn’s mouth dropped open from the sensation of Ahri’s cock splitting her pussy open, from that thick cockhead rubbing against the sweet spots of her innermost depths. Pain suddenly seared her scalp, Evelynn let loose a shrill cry as her head was yanked backwards. It hurt but the pain was so good; a jolt traveled between her legs, her clit throbbing with every pull of her hair. 


Ahri gathered Evelynn’s blonde hair in a loose ponytail as she slammed her hips against that plump ass. “Does this get you wet—fucking out in the open, in the middle of the woods, where anyone could catch you like this? Like a whore?” She was answered with wanton moans, each one loud and obscene. Ahri groaned at the sight and sound of her lover, so sinfully beautiful. She draped herself over Evelynn’s back, shifted the angle of her hips, and drove her cock in a way that had Evelynn’s pussy gushing. 


Wails escaped Evelynn’s mouth at the new angle, she braced herself on her forearms as Ahri railed her into oblivion. The smell of ozone permeated the air as lightning crackled in the sky, despite it being clear of any clouds; the ground rumbled, groaning as it shook powerfully. The pair did not pay it any attention, their focus laid on nothing but each other. 


“Evelynn, Evelynn, Eve—I’m going to cum!” Ahri pressed her mouth against the side of Evelynn’s head, kissing the shell of her ear. Her spine tingled with pleasure, she could feel the tension in her gut coiling incredibly tight, ready to blow at any moment now. “W-Where do you want it?” 


“I want it—want you to come inside me.” Mind hazy with pleasure, Evelynn breathily begged. She wanted to feel her lover filling her up, stuffing her to the brim with a hot load; the thought of Ahri’s hot cum in her pussy made her shudder violently. “Please, please! I want it so bad!” 


Ahri snarled at Evelynn’s slutty pleads and doubled-down, repeatedly ramming her cock deep inside. Wet, sopping noises mixed with shrieks of pleasure and grunts of exertion. The coiled tension in her gut snapped, and Ahri sank her fangs into the side of Evelynn’s neck as she came; her hips bucked as her cock spewed out thick ribbons of hot cum, flooding the entirety of Evelynn’s pussy. 


A scream from Evelynn pierced the air, ringing as thunder clapped at the same time. The earth shook and the magic in the flora of the forest glowed momentarily. Evelynn vaguely registered that they accidentally casted spells during their orgasms, but she was too far gone, swept away by the tidal wave of pleasure, to really do anything about the fact. She trembled as she peaked that crest, liquid heat gushed out of her cunt, splattering against Ahri’s pelvis and hips. 

When Evelynn’s consciousness returned, it was to the feeling of Ahri gently pulling out. She mewled softly, her pussy entirely too sensitive for any sort of stimulation. The mutterings of an incantation drifted to her ears, warmth washed over her in the next second as Ahri cleaned the sticky mess between their lower halves. 


Evelynn’s breathing slowed down, settling into a relaxed state. She hummed at the feeling of soft lips along her shoulder, kisses littered across her skin, a tongue lapping at the bite mark on her neck. A hand held hers, fingers intertwining with her own. Another spell was spoken before Ahri cupped her face, brilliant blue eyes stared into ruby red, holding nothing but love and devotion within them. 


“Thy soul and heart is bound to mine.” Ahri whispered those words reverently before capturing her lips in a long, languid kiss. Warmth bled into her body, and she could feel the bite mark on neck being fused with a powerful form of magic. 


Evelynn smiled into the kiss as her heart echoed the same words, ‘And thy soul and heart is also bound to mine.’