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You Are Good

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The husbands' front door slammed hard.

Which wasn't irregular, honestly. It took Mobius a bit the get used to the god's habit of slamming things like cabinets, drawers, and, well, doors, but it's normal to his ears now. Loki doesn't even have to be upset to slam something. He just does.

What does make it obvious Loki is upset, is when he slumps onto the couch, next to Mobius, with no kiss or greeting, just a small sigh.

"Hi, babe," Mobius said, not looking up from his jet skis magazine. (he has a weekly subscription) 

Loki gave a tired hum as a response, instead of something lovingly witty. 

Expecting the said witty fire, Mobius was thrown a bit off, turning to look at his husband. 

"Loki?" He rested his hand on his thigh, squeezing a bit with concern. "Are you okay?" Loki closed his eyes and leaned into Mobius' shoulder.

Loki was never really quiet like this. Even when he's upset. Loki always has something to express, an opinion to voice. Mobius has grown so used to the noise, the silence is eerie. 

"Some people were being pricks at the office," Loki whispered. "It was just a little too much."

"Ah. Pushed you over the edge a bit?"


Mobius grabbed Loki, pulling him into his lap. He kissed his forehead. "You're okay now. You're alright," he told him, knowing Loki appreciated reassurance. The god sighed again cuddling into Mobius, laying his head on his shoulder.

Mobius brought it upon himself to further try to soothe his fragile husband; running his hands through Loki's hair, and braiding some pieces.

They sat like that for a while, Loki assumedly asleep, and Mobius caring for the hair he knew his husband loved. After minutes of this, Mobius realized Loki's breaths weren't shaky because he was asleep, they were shaky because he was crying. Of course. He should've known sooner. The small sniffles and trembling were unmistakably crying.

He stroked Loki's hair. "Woah, woah, hey. Why are you crying? What's wrong?" Concern and love laced and threaded through his words.

Loki pulled back and wiped the tears from his face. "My- uh, Frigga," he started. "She, um. Whenever I was upset, she'd do this, this same thing." 

Mobius pulled his hands back, surprised Loki was crying, and furthermore, talking about his mom. He had witnessed Loki cry only once, but he assumed that was a one-time thing. 

Loki's eyes widened when Mobius pulled away, and Mobius immediately regretted it. "No, no." Loki took Mobius' hands and cupped them to his face. "Please, keep going." Mobius nodded and stroked his cheek. "Sorry," he whispered. "It's okay.

"She, uh," Loki kept going. "She would tell me I was good and she'd whisper tiny things to me and it made me feel, uh, okay. It made me feel small, but in a way where I was allowed to be without, um, having to be afraid of being hurt. She let me sit lower than her, but feel like I was equal. Which I was, in her eyes, at least." Loki took a deep inhale, trying to clear out the stuttering. 

"Is this your way of telling me you feel safe with me? With a bittersweet story of your mom?" Mobius chuckled a bit. Loki leaned back into Mobius, slightly embarrassed. 

Mobius brushed his husband's hair again. "You are good, Loki. You are good."