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There wasn’t a day, I haven’t thought of you.

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The sight of Rhode Island’s docking bay is in a way a sight for sore eyes. The last time that Mudrock and her squadron had seen it was one month ago, or, four weeks, five days, and two hours ago. It was a rather long and difficult mission, many hard-fought battles and many close calls, but here they are, all here. Some injured, all tired. And the last to leave the transport was their leader, Mudrock as it is custom.

And as always whenever operators come back, they are given a medical evaluation, which usually doesn’t take long. Soon after seeing Dr. Myrrh, she leaves for debriefing with Dr. Kal’tsit, but as she’s leading herself to the briefing room she comes across one particular person.


“I am back, Dr. Folinic.” Is all the Sarkaz says.
“Welcome back, Operator Mudrock.” That is all that the Feline says and they part their ways.

Hours later, however, after debriefing with Dr. Kal’tsit and Amiya, the mercenary hears a knock on her door, she knows who it is.
She gives Folinic enough space to enter her room and with a twist and turn, her partner smiles at her.
“Welcome home.” Folinic says with a smile that is only for Mudrock, as selfish as it is, the mercenary is glad she can have this one thing.
She removes her mask, her face. And behind it, she reveals a smile as well. “I’m home, Luiza.” Folinic throws herself at Mudrock.

The doctor embraces her lover as best as she can, never was she able to envelop the mercenary in her arms, but that’s good enough for the both of them. “I’ve missed you.”

Mudrock kisses the top of her partner’s head. “There wasn’t a day, I haven’t thought of you. Thank you.” And that is true. As soon — Too soon if you ask Mudrock. — as Folinic releases the mercenary from her embrace, Mudrock uses the opportunity to sit on a nearby chair. And despite her best efforts she sighs, her body tired and wanting for rest.

“Tired?” Folinic asks, she can see how spent her partner is.

To that, Mudrock nods. “Yes. My body, my mind… I want a shower, I need one. Food as well, rest. I’ve pushed my body far these last weeks and now I’m feeling it.” Folinic gets closer, sits on her partner’s lap, and starts to caress the mercenary’s cheek.

“Then, why don’t you get out of this armor and have a shower? We can get some dinner afterward and catch up while at it.” This… This sounds amazing actually. Some normality, a cold shower, a hot meal, companionship that she has missing, maybe even her weight on top of her as they sleep? Would be asking for that be too much? She’s not sure, she wants to.

“I like that idea.” Is all that she says. She knows Folinic is busy, she knows that. The Feline’s work ethic is harsh but if anyone asks you who is the most dedicated doctor at Rhodes Island the answer will be Dr. Folinic at least almost as much as Dr. Kal’tsit. Like mother, like daughter indeed. And that just makes Mudrock even less willing to just… ask her on a date, on a brief respite, maybe even a surprise visit at her office, because she knows that her job is just as important to Folinic as her squad is to herself. This is not a complaint, the Sarkaz loves this unending dedication and passion. Although she wishes that the doctor would take a day off without being forced to do so. “I’ll take a shower, you… can come if you want.” To that Folinic smiles as she leaves Mudrock’s lap.

She makes a short affair of her armor, but as she was ready to take off her pants… She felt Folinic’s hand on her own. “Yes?” Mudrock asks as she turns to look at her partner.

“I want to try something if you aren’t too tired for it.”
Well, she is tired, but not too tired for her partner. “What would that be?”
Folinic pulls her closer and then kisses Mudrock. Oh… Something like that… Well, she isn’t that tired and it’s been a month, she does miss being close to her, so why not? “Sit down on the bed.” Which she does, nothing weird to that. And then Folinic gets on her knees.

“Hmmm… Luiza..?” This is not usual. “What are you doing?” And Mudrock is confused. Tired and confused.
Folinc on her turn, smiles. “Something you’ll like, I’m sure of it.” Okay..? “It’s alright. I just want you to relax.” She says as she pulls down Mudrock’s boy shorts. “Whenever you want to stop, just say so.” Mudrock nods and she’s freed of her underwear.

Sit down and relax.
You are so big, have I told you that? And you are a grower, aren’t you?
Are you liking this? Do you like when I touch you?
So, what about I touch your head?
Oh, it seems someone liked that.
Now, now. No need to cover your mouth, I want to hear your moans.
That’s it! Good girl, I love you so much.
Let me give you a… kiss.
You like my tongue this much? I’ll keep at it then.
My cute little girlfriend deserves only the best, after all, she’s such a good girl.
Let’s see how much I can take…
Now, now. No need to hold back, just let it out.
Can you do that for me? Be a good girl and let it out.
And that’s enough for Mudrock to climax in Folinic’s mouth.

“Good girl.” The doctor says after kissing her partner. She sits beside Mudrock on the bed as the Sarkaz gets her breath back and holds her hands. “Relaxed?”

Mudrock is trying to breathe… “Very much so, thank you for this. But why?” She raises an eyebrow.

Folinic shrugs. “Why? I just wanted to do something for you.” Then she lays her head on her partner’s thigh and that’s enough for Mudrock to start passing her fingers through the doctor’s hair and she’s almost sure, that Folinic’s purring… “You’ve been away for a month, I wanted to give you something, and… Well…”

“Yes?” Mudrock asks.

Folinc holds the Sarkaz’s hand on her own. “I may have heard that you would be given three weeks of time off, so I… Used some of the days off’s that I had accumulated.” They smile at each other. “And I may have rented a little cabin in Columbia that we could have for two weeks.”

That’s… That’s amazing. That’s all Mudrock wanted, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. Folinic just for her for more than a night every once in a while. “You did this for me?” Please say so…

“For us, for you mostly.” She gets up from the ground and sits near the mercenary on the bed. “You’ve given me a lot, Mudrock. Stability, someone to rely on, someone to talk to, a place to allow me to be fragile, companionship.” She lets her head rest on her lover’s arm, and she’s gently embraced. “So, I wanted to give you something. But I honestly don’t know what you would want, so I gave you…” This is embarrassing to say. “Me.”

But to Mudrock this is kind and thoughtful. “Thank you, Luiza. This means a lot.” She kisses her partner’s forehead. “And there’s nothing I would love more than just being with you.” Yet… “But why the…”

“Fellatio?” Also known as a blow job but come on. Folinic ain’t using that type of language. “I always wanted to try that with you. Besides, you deserve nice things.” Which is something that we all can agree to. “Didn’t know you would like it so much though.” That makes the Sarkaz cheeks go from pure white to red in a second and she looks away. Folinic gets a nice giggle out of it.

“Well… it was… very good. Being close to you like this was very good.” It was hot, really hot. But she’s embarrassed. “Yet, I would like to make you feel good now, I even know what I want to try.”

That earns Mudrock a kiss from her partner. “Why don’t we do that after you have a shower and we have some dinner?”

“I would love that.” Mudrock smiles.