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The Sprain

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He laughed when he entered the room. He new he shouldn't have. But it was instinctual. Big mistake. If looks could kill, Elliot Stabler would have already been buried six feet under. "I'm sorry babe, I shouldn't laugh, this is terrible" he said, in a weak attempt to make amends with his girlfriend. But the smirk on his face betrayed him and made Olivia roll her eyes. Elliot approached the hospital bed slowly, cautiously, wondering whether she would attack him or accept his apology. He held the small bouquet of pink peonies he had purchased at the gift shop in front of him, protecting him, just in case the former occurred. "Are you okay?" He asked, although he already knew the answer. After all, she had sent him 12 messages and left 3 voicemails telling him she was fine and there was no need for him to come to the hospital. As if he would listen.

"Asshole," she responds, but there was no trace of anger in her eyes. He handed her the bouquet as he sat on the bed next to her and gently kissed her forehead. "They were bigger last time" Olivia states. "Well, lucky for you" he says as he gives her a quick peck in the lips, "I know that as much as you love your flowers, there is something you love even more, especially on a bad day" Elliot replies. Olivia's pretty brown eyes widen, a big smile appearing instantly up on her lips. Elliot notices the slight bounce in her, notices her excitement, and he can't help but smile because as strong, and as tough as this woman is, she still possesses this juvenile wonder and excitement that he has vowed to never let dim. They both know what's coming. "Oreos" they both exclaim at the same time, smiles plastered across both of their faces. Always so in sync.

Elliot hands Olivia the family size bag of Oreos as he leans back against the hospital bed, lifting his left leg so that he's practically laying on the bed with her. "So…what happened this time?" he asked gently. She looked into his expectant eyes, a sly smile creeping on her face. "I'm not telling you" she replied. "But I brought the Oreos this time" Elliot offered, as he pulled her into his arms. Olivia took her time, opening the Oreo, licking the cream from the inside before taking a bite out of one of the chocolate cookies. "I need milk" she stated. Elliot pressed on. "How'd you get the sprain?" Olivia ignored the question, she was not going to let him win. "So you're just going to let me dehydrated and die?" she asked. But, as is always her downfall, she looked into his eyes. His damn, stupid, beautiful blue eyes, and noting the concern, mixed with curiosity, and slight amusement in his eyes, she relented.

"The Cupid shuffle" she states, dropping her gaze to re-focus on her Oreos. She ignores the erupting laughter coming from her boyfriend. "The Cupid shuffle? Like the dance?" He says between bouts of laughter. Olivia shakes her head and offers him a "shut up". He takes it. "Why were you doing the Cupid shuffle?" he questions. She blushes slightly as she responds, "it was part of the deal. Noah teaches me one his dances, I would teach him one of mine." She expected a response, a sly retort of some kind, but got none. Instead, Elliot smiled as he rested his chin on her head, stroking he hair, taking her in, reveling in the fact that she was his. After a moment of silence, Olivia felt the need to defend herself. "I'm a cool mom. At least the TikTok dance wasn't my downfall." Elliot pulled her closer.

Only Olivia would have sprained the same ankle twice while trying to be cool. The first time, she sprained it attempting a rendition of singing in the rain. This time, it was the Cupid shuffle. "You are definitely a cool mom" he said. "You just can't dance." She couldn't help but laugh. "I'll show you a thing or two about dancing. Once I'm mobile again I'll make sure you regret those words." She kisses him, slowly, tentatively, and then not so tentatively. As she slips her tongue into his mouth Elliot become quite sure he will regret the dancing comment later. And just as quickly she is off of him, her focus re-directed back towards her Oreos.

"Let's go home" she says between bites. "Yeah, let's" he says as he brings her in for a hug. "I'm going to have to wrap you up in bubble wrap" he adds, allowing himself to loosen his grip ever so slightly. He knows he can't protect her from the world. He also knows that Olivia bad ass Benson does not need protection, except maybe from the dance floor. Just the same, Elliot will do anything in his power to keep her safe and happy. "Will you make me pasta?" Olivia asks, interrupting his thoughts. He let's himself disentangle from her, keeping a grasp on her thigh, replying "only if you share the Oreos." Olivia leans in to kiss him, breaking away only to whisper in his ear. "Not a chance." She nibbles on his ear, earning a grown from him. Taking a deep breath, Elliot gets up and begins walking to the door. "I'll go get the discharge papers" he says. Olivia takes another Oreo into her mouth, smiling, knowing very will she will be getting both pasta and dessert tonight.