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I've Looked Around Long Enough to Know

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Deckard takes in the scene. The football field that's one of many. The girls running around on it chasing after the ball. The stands full of overly made up-women. The coach at the sideline.

"Whatever you want will have to wait," Hobbs says when Deckard steps up next to him.

"Who says I'm here for you, twinkle toes?"

Deckard watches the game, picking out the future stars, the ones who are just there to have fun, the ones who've been made to play by their mums. Deckard expects those particular mums make up a good portion of the ones in the stands.

At the whistle for halftime, the girls break into two color-coded groups heading for the sidelines.

One comes over to them, beaming. "Deckard! You came!"

Deckard ignores the Hobbs beside him and hugs the one in front of him. "I did." He keeps an arm around Samantha's shoulders. "You look good out there."

"You probably know all about soccer," Sam says.

"Ridiculous name for it," Deckard says. "Footie."

Sam laughs, and pulls him over to where her teammates are sucking down juice boxes and devouring orange slices.

"What," Hobbs says when the second half begins and Deckard joins him on the sidelines, "are you doing here?"

"Don't get your knickers in a twist," Deckard says. "I was invited."

He takes his own car to the victory celebration that's held in a pizza place overrun by teams of children. Sam makes him sit next to her and he gets hit by a barrage of questions from prepubescent girls who believe that his accent and Sam's approval means he knows more about footie than anyone else around. It's likely true.

He beats the Hobbses back to their own house, leaning on his McLaren parked on the street, duffle by his feet, when Hobbs pulls his battering ram of a pickup into the drive. Deckard picks up his bag and joins Samantha, who pulls him into the house with a cheerful burst of chatter that includes the fact that the guest room is all made up for him.

"You were invited," Hobbs says after Deckard's left his bag in the guest room and Hobbs has sent Sam to have a shower.

"It's what she said she wanted for her birthday," Deckard says. "You wouldn't want me to disappoint her, would you?"

Hobbs looms over him, which would be intimidating to a lesser man. Deckard raises an eyebrow coolly.

"Watch yourself, princess."

Deckard gives the warning as much consideration as it deserves, which is to say he ignores it.

Sam shows him her room, half a dozen YouTube videos of her favorite band, and the back garden that she loudly says is big enough for a dog.

Late in the afternoon, a dozen other girls arrive. They bring with them sleeping bags, brightly wrapped gifts, and loud voices.

Hobbs feeds them more pizza, and then cake and ice cream. Samantha opens her gifts, leaving behind a mountain of brightly colored paper. Samantha's Aunt Lisa provides makeovers and nail varnish.

Eventually Deckard and Hobbs are waved off so the girls can watch movies and whisper to each other. Hobbs leaves them with bowls of candy and bags of microwave popcorn. Deckard hasn't done anything, and he's more exhausted than it seems he should be.



The floor is littered with sleeping girls. Deckard picks his way around them and pushes through the door to the kitchen, thankful the Hobbses' house is of a sensible design rather than the open concept that seems to be all the rage.

"You're still here," Hobbs says flatly.

"You're making breakfast," Deckard says, and calmly takes the plate of scrambled eggs Hobbs clearly intended to eat himself.

Hobbs looks at the door, back at him, at the door again before he turns away and makes more eggs in place of committing violence.

They eat standing across from each other in Hobbs's kitchen, not speaking.

Hobbs eats an astounding amount. Only make sense for a man of a size like his.

Deckard puts his plate in the sink and walks out of the kitchen without a word. He leaves, and comes back thirty minutes later with three boxes of assorted, freshly baked donuts and three gallons of milk, two of them chocolate. He smirks at Hobbs when the girls wake and fall on the donuts like starving wolves, pausing between bites to thank Deckard.

The flurry of mums coming to pick up their daughters provides Deckard with an opportunity to watch Hobbs be completely oblivious to increasingly desperate attempts to get his attention. It is highly amusing, and it occurs to Deckard to wonder how he ever managed to have a child in the first place.

Samantha goes to bed after the girls have left, catching up on the sleep she didn't get staying up most of the night with her friends.

Deckard follows Hobbs out to the gym in his shed where they do their workouts across from each other with a strict exchange of glares.

In the afternoon, Hobbs says, "Homework," to Samantha. She makes a face, but obediently retrieves her books from her room and spreads out over the coffee table.

"I don't see why I have to learn this," she tells Deckard as she puzzles through her maths.

"All kinds of applications for this," Deckard says. "Calculating value."

"Don't teach her that shit," Hobbs says before he can go on.

"Swear jar," Samantha says.

Hobbs ostentatiously pulls out a dollar and drops it into the jar on the mantle with a sign written by a much younger Samantha labeling it the swear jar. Deckard holds in his laugh.



Hobbs does the school run. He stands in front of Deckard when he gets back, arms crossed over his chest in a way that shows just how large they are. "You're still here," he says.

"Brilliant observation, twinkle toes."

A muscle twitches in Hobbs's jaw. "What do you want, princess?"

"I want," Deckard says, "to bend you over your obscenely large bed and fuck you until you scream."

Hobbs's expression doesn't change. "Liking to get fucked doesn't make me any less of a man."

Deckard raises and eyebrow at him. "That mean you're going to let me do it?"

"That depends," Hobbs says. "Is your dick as big as you think it is?"

Deckard smirks at him. "Bigger."

Hobbs turns and walks up the stairs. Deckard follows him. The obscenely large bed looks less so when Hobbs is naked and bent over it. It shows off his arse. It's practically a crime that Deckard has never had occasion to contemplate it before.

Deckard opens Hobbs up slow. He doesn't hurt his partners, not unless they ask for it, and he wants Hobbs to want it, to be desperate with wanting it. He doesn't get that. He gets Hobbs looking over his shoulder and saying, blandly, "If you're not going to put your dick in me, I have better things to do."

Deckard smacks one tightly muscled arse cheek. "I got tested after the last time I fucked anyone, all negative. Do I need a condom?"

Hobbs says, "Our test results are the only thing about us that's the same," and shoves his arse back onto Deckard's fingers.

Deckard takes out his fingers and puts in his prick. He goes slow, careful and dragging it out.

"That all you got?" Hobbs asks him, following it up with an ostentatiously faked yawn.

"Not even close to it," Deckard says, and then they're fucking like they fight, rough and hard, spitting goads and insults at each other. Hobbs shouts when he comes, which Deckard considers as good as a scream in the few thrusts before he's coming as well and stops thinking entirely.

"Acceptable effort," is Hobbs's' verdict when they're lying side by side covered in sweat and staring at the ceiling.

Deckard snorts. "Best you've ever had, I'll bet. Not as if you did anything to help."

The second time, Hobbs rides him, screwing himself slowly and forcefully down on Deckard's cock. Deckard exerts himself, uses his abs to sit up. Hobbs is taller and on top of him; it puts Deckard at the level of Hobbs's nipples. He bites one of them, making Hobbs slam hard down onto him.

"Next time," Deckard says, "I'm going to fuck your tits. Squeeze them around my cock and come on your face."

It stops being slow. Deckard goads Hobbs on with teeth on his pecs, and when he's close, his hand on Hobbs's cock.

When it's over, Deckard lies in Hobbs's obscenely large bed that feels smaller with both of them in it and thinks he might be too tired to move. He doesn't tell Hobbs that.



Deckard cooks breakfast for the Hobbses. For Sam, really, but feeding Hobbs's unfillable stomach keeps him from bitching about it.

"You have beans for breakfast?" Sam asks with a scrunched up nose.

"It's good," Deckard says. "Better for you than cereal that's mostly sugar."

Sam continues to look skeptical.

"You don't eat it," Deckard says, "I'm sure your dad'll be happy to finish it."

Hobbs shovels beans on toast into his mouth with a beatific smile.

Sam eats most of it, refusing only the tomatoes. "That's not how you eat tomatoes," is her protest.

Hobbs does the school run.

Deckard fucks his tits, in the weight room after their workouts. Hobbs's skin is nice and sweaty, perfect for Deckard's prick to slide against. Deckard has weightlifting gloves on, pinches Hobbs's nipples and then pushes his tits together to make a groove for his dick, the gloves keeping his hands from sliding off, and fucks and fucks and fucks until he comes across Hobbs's neck and the underside of his chin. He slides down Hobbs's body without pause and barely gets his mouth around Hobbs's cock, his hand on Hobbs's dangling bollocks, before Hobbs comes and he swallows it down.



Deckard does the school run, delighting Samantha by taking her in his car. The McLaren is small and fast, and he weaves through traffic like the professional he is. The crowd of children in front of her school greet her arrival with awe and envy, and Sam leans over to give him a hug before she gets out.

Deckard does his best approximation of a weekly shop, dozens of eggs, pounds of bacon, vegetables and pasta, a cake to delight Sam and frustrate Hobbs. "Where's her mum?" he asks, as he puts it all away in the Hobbses' kitchen.

"She was a surrogate," Hobbs answers. "Sam knows her, sees her sometimes. She was eight months pregnant when Jimmy decided he didn't want to be a father."

Deckard puts the cake away last, turning to smirk at Hobbs's disapproving frown. "Suck me off," he says.

Hobbs stares at him, a silent challenge, for a long, charged moment before he gets to his knees and does it. Deckard lets him, then fucks his mouth, then pulls out and comes all over his face.

Hobbs licks his lips, takes out his dick, and wanks himself off onto Deckard's trousers.



Deckard does the school run. There are more kids around than the day before.

"You made me a lot cooler," Samantha says as he pulls up in front of them.

"Nah," Deckard says. "You were already cool, in spite of your dad."

Sam laughs and hugs him before getting out of the car and striding past the crowd of staring teenagers to her friends.

Deckard joins Hobbs in the gym, where they do their workouts staring at each other, challenge and foreplay all in one.

They grapple on the mats, clothes off, skin sliding against skin, dicks rubbing together until they come on each other.

They shower separately, and Deckard comes out of his to find Hobbs bent over the guest room bed fingering himself.

"That's a sight," Deckard says coolly.

"You going to do anything about it?" Hobbs challenges.

Deckard fucks him, as hard as he can, hand stripping Hobbs's cock harshly. It's as close as he's gotten to making Hobbs scream, and the bed is too small for the two of them, leaving them touching as they lie side by side to recover.



Hobbs does the school run.

Deckard's waiting for him, in his obscenely large bed, shoulders down and ass up. He's used enough lube that Hobbs has to be able to see his arsehole shining with it from the doorway.

Hobbs makes him wait while he takes off his clothes and puts them away piece by piece. Then he's on the bed behind him, body covering him, cock in him. There's a single moment of stillness where they breathe together before Hobbs fucks him good and hard.

Deckard stretches straight down flat onto the bed after, careless of the wet spot beneath him.

"Wasn't sure you did that," Hobbs says. One of his giant hands covers Deckard's arse cheek as if he could mistake his meaning.

"Generally prefer the other," Deckard says with a single-shouldered shrug. "But liking to get fucked doesn't make me less of a man."

Hobbs's hand stays on his arse, and then he fingers him, big fingers thrusting in and filling him up while Deckard rubs himself off on the sheets. Hobbs turns him over after he comes and wanks himself over him, coming all over his cock and belly.

"Marking your territory?" Deckard asks with a raised eyebrow.

"If you want me to piss on you," Hobbs says, "you just have to ask."



"You do this every week," Deckard says, next to Hobbs on the sidelines. There are more mums than there were last week, the stands nearly full.

"For the whole season," Hobbs answers. He hasn't once looked at the mums, keeps his attention on the girls and how they play.

It's a repeat of the week before, juice boxes and orange slices at halftime, crowded pizza parlor after the game.

Samantha does half her homework after lunch, shows Deckard one of her favorite movies, tells him all the gossip from her school.

Deckard makes dinner, showing Samantha how to use a knife to do what he needs her to, letting her be his sous chef.

When she's asleep in bed, Deckard goes to Hobbs's room. They fuck quietly, slowly, Hobbs on his back, Deckard between his legs. They kiss, hard and fast, slow and deep. He comes in Hobbs, makes Hobbs come with his hand. They lie together after, closer than they need to be in Hobbs's obscenely large bed.

"You're leaving," Hobbs says.

"Tomorrow," Deckard confirms. "Got some things to take care of."

"I don't let men I date be around my daughter," Hobbs says, "not if they don't want to be her dad as well as my partner."



Samantha hugs Deckard tightly for a long time when he tells her he's leaving. "You came for the whole week," she says.

"Wanted to give you a birthday present worth turning eleven for," Deckard says.

"You were the best present," Sam says. She lets go of him eventually.

Deckard faces Hobbs. Their eyes meet, and Deckard nods at him after an endless moment. Father and daughter stand together in the doorway as Deckard gets into his car and drives away.


Three Weeks Later

"Your mother came to visit," Hobbs says when Deckard steps up next to him along the sidelines.

"Did she," Deckard says, not making it a question.

"She told Sam to call her 'Granny'."

"Sounds like my mum," Deckard says.

Hobbs calls to one of the girls to pass the ball before he says to Deckard, "If you break my daughter's heart, I will break your legs."

"Not planning on breaking any hearts," Deckard says. Then, after a pause, "When she's asleep tonight, I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to let you come."

Hobbs turns his head to meet Deckard's eyes. "Your dick isn't as big as you think it is."

"No," Deckard says with a smirk. "It's bigger." He turns to the field, calls to Sam to pass to Chloe. Chloe puts it in, perfect shot right past the goalie into the back of the net.