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A cor lapis ring, perhaps?

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Zhongli woke up feeling something hard and hot in his mouth. He woke up to an aching jaw, built up liquid trickling on the back of his throat. He felt weight on his shoulders. As he slowly opened his eyes, his thought was correct.

Childe was kneeling on top of him, his dick stuffed in Zhongli's mouth. This was the first thing in the morning Childe would usually do. Zhongli understood that he was a young man with very active hormones.

"Ah, xiansheng, you're awake—hahh… just stay like this. Warm my cock for breakfast, hm?"

Zhongli closed his eyes again, letting Childe do what he wanted. The god was forced to drink all the precum as it directly shoots in his throat. Every 10 seconds or so, Zhongli gulps down thick hot liquid in order to make more room for the orange head's semen.

It tasted salty, much like eating slimy seafood. Zhongli hated it. But waking up to the scent of sex got him excited and prioritized pleasuring Childe first.

Their mornings are usually like this. Even when Zhongli's sleeping, Childe gets on top of him and makes him warm his member. Sometimes when Childe wants more, he would fuck into Zhongli as early as six in the morning. He'd fuck the senseless Zhongi over and over until he wakes up moaning his name.

Zhongli's mouth always feels hot. To Childe, it's just another hole for his cum dumpster.

Childe likes it too much, playing inside Zhongli's sticky mouth with his fingers, brushing his abused lips, cumming on Zhongli's mouth, cumming on Zhongli's face. He likes it a lot. Seeing a god with a face full of his thick liquid turns him on so much. It gave him satisfaction. It gave him accomplishment.

Sometimes Childe likes to place his dick on other parts of Zhongli's body. If Childe wanted a boob job, Zhongli would kneel in front of him and take his dick between his warm pecs. Childe couldn't resist it. Everytime he gets a boob job, Zhongli's breasts will always end up abused, his nipples swollen. The harbinger likes to press on the god's nipples, pull them, slap them, maybe even bite them.

Childe achieved milking Zhongli with his chest. He didn't even know that it was possible, but from all the sucking and biting that he did, Zhongli successfully lactated. Childe, of course, drank Zhongli's milk with full delight.

Aside from his breasts, Childe also liked the feeling of the back of Zhongli's knees. It was, as he said, the warmest place to slide his dick in, aside from the older man's mouth and his ass. Childe would fuck himself between Zhongli's knees, bringing them together and folding it tight, getting on the side of the bed to ram his dick between his knees.

He likes to tease Zhongli a lot. If not the knees, Childe would make the deity get on all fours and rail himself between Zhongli's thighs. This position always made Zhongli beg for his cock. As he slides in between, his dick would also meet Zhongli's balls, the slapping of their bodies together would tease the god's hungry hole. When he goes fast, Zhongli's body would rock by his rhythm, making the former archon dizzy and unable to think.

Childe has unusual tastes. He already tried tying Zhongli's hands together, making his armpits so tight that he can also fuck himself in the warmth between Zhongli's arms and his side chest. It feels a bit ticklish for Zhongli, but it is one of the most sensitive spots for him. Childe likes to tie Zhongli up, make him kneel for him, and fuck himself between his underarms. Zhongli had no choice but to meet Childe's abs every time he thrusts, licking his muscles like a desperate whore.

Childe likes surprises. Without a warning he'd immediately rail Zhongli while he's washing the dishes. He'd fit in easily in his gaping hole. Zhongli would continue with his chores around the house, but this time with a dick ramming his insides, holding back his voice, letting himself get fucked like a bitch in heat, stuck with his mate.

Yes, Childe likes to fuck Zhongli anywhere. He'd fuck him over the table, in his personal office, in the shower, while watching a movie, while working, while doing the laundry, and even by their balcony, where passerbys in Liyue can see their animalistic fucking.

Childe likes watching Zhongli as he gets flustered. Childe does share. He treats Zhongli as his trophy wife. Although he doesn't share with just anyone. Osial and Retuo have already earned Childe's respect for their strength. In which Childe has offered them both to fuck Zhongli into oblivion while he watches. And they did. Both of them at the same time.

Childe would sit in the corner and jack himself off as his beloved gets pounded in the ass and in the mouth at the same time. They never broke eye contact when he was in a threesome with other people. The disgusted look on Childe's face made Zhongli shiver. He was frightened, at the same time he was anticipating the events that will happen when he's finally covered with the mix of Retuo and Osial's semen. He anticipated Childe's anger. Retuo and Osial's sex wasn't enough to satisfy him. He needed Childe and his weird kinks. He needs it rougher.

With Zhongli's shiny body, now covered with semen from two persons, Childe would violate him until morning comes. He'd spit everywhere on him, his mouth, his ass, his face— he'd treat him like a common whore. Slap his pretty face, fuck his mouth like it's his ass, make Zhongli ride him and forbid him to cum, blindfold him, tie him up, chain him with a vibrating dildo stuck between his hole—

Childe was too extreme. Zhongli would always wake up with a bruised body. Almost every inch of his body reddened. Childe treats his body like a toy just for his dick. But Zhongli loves it— he loves getting violated. For thousands of years, people always looked up to him, and now he likes it that someone is willing to view him as just a plaything. It made him excited. All the pressure has been removed. Now, he just needs to sit pretty and let Childe use him as he sees fit.

Under Zhongli's many layers of clothing, Childe was mesmerized by how fragile he looked. He worshipped him so much that he's now keeping him for himself. So fragile, that he wanted to see him break.

And Childe did break him many times. But Zhongli was happy. They were both happy.

Childe liked the view of Zhongli tearing up, begging him to stop, or begging him to fuck him up. He likes it when Zhongli passes out from too much sex, from feeling great waves of pleasure. He likes it when Zhongli starts to sweat a lot, making his hair stick to his forehead, or when taking it from the back, Childe worships how Zhongli's rattail sticks to his neck and to his shoulders. He likes how slim Zhongli was, how easy it was to grip on his waist, how vulnerable it was that he always left marks that it became a permanent feature of Zhongli's body.

Childe liked yanking Zhongli's rattail, asserting dominance to his lover. He liked how Zhongli's peachy ass bounces every time he meets his thrusts. He liked the friction inside Zhongli's ass, his walls kissing his dick, sucking him dry.

Sometimes they sleep with Childe's throbbing cock is still inside him. Zhongli would wake up a dozen times before. But now, he's gotten used to it. He's gotten used as Childe's cockwarmer.

Childe likes it when he grips on Zhongli's waist, trailing to his hips— his birthing hips, as Childe described. Childe didn't know it was possible for a man to have an hourglass figure. Or maybe…

"Xiansheng, did you make yourself so sexy so you can whore yourself out?"

Of course, Zhongli wouldn't reply. Because he's busy trying to regain his composure as Childe pounded into him.

Alas, there are also times when Childe doesn't feel like moving too much. When this happens, Childe would let Zhongli take the lead and let him ride his dick, pleasure himself however he wanted.

Zhongli would sometimes take Childe without preparing himself. He'd slam his ass down the younger's dick in one go. He'd shamelessly eat Childe out. But he's not used to not being touched. He'd play with his own breasts and suck on his own fingers. Maybe grab Childe's hands and suck his calloused fingers. He liked how he controls Childe's hand in and out of his mouth, licking every corner of his skin, and he liked whenever Childe suddenly decides to finger Zhongli's mouth like he would his ass.

Sometimes, Zhongli would awkwardly start flirting with Childe while he's just sitting in the living room. He'd start by resting his head on the harbinger's shoulder, testing if he was in a good mood. And most of the time, he was. They'd start kissing hungrily until one of them can't breathe. But Childe liked to see Zhongli in control. He'd let the god bend over him, and… as his friend, the traveler told— Zhongli would tease Childe by stroking his dick in between his ass— it was called "twerking," Childe remembered.

Childe would grab Zhongli's asscheeks and spread them to see his lonely entrance. He'd spank his ass, bouncing from the impact.

There are four different parts of Zhongli's body where Childe likes to grip on while his fucks him:

His peach.

His arms.

His waist or hips.

His neck.

In Childe's experience, he liked gripping on his waist the most so he could fully control the rhythm of Zhongli's body.

Other times, Zhongli would just use his feet to pleasure Childe's cock. Childe has never been a fan of footjobs— but Zhongli's feet were too sexy. He never knew it could be so sexy. Everything about Zhongli is lewd.

But what Childe loved the most—

His hands.

From all the hardcore play they did, Childe treasured Zhongli's hands the most. He'd kiss his knuckles everyday, give pecks to the back of his hand and intertwine their fingers together.

He'd lovingly look at Zhongli's eyes while they held hands, not wanting to ever let go. All the lust pent up—gone. It's the moment when they suddenly come back to reality— that they found each other.

Childe was lucky enough to meet the most beautiful person in Teyvat— a god, even. He was lucky that Zhongli kept agreeing to his crazy requests. He was lucky that Zhongli is a god and can't easily get hurt from his extreme ways.

But after this, Childe wouldn't share. He wouldn't share his beloved anymore. He's grown fond of Zhongli. He matured… a bit. Otherwise, he wouldn't think about keeping Zhongli for himself.

Afterall, there's still nothing on Zhongli's finger. Childe has yet to ask for his hand in marriage.

The kinky fuckery goes on, however.