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Love Me Like You Hate Me

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Hazy by Chloe x Halle

I know you like, just what you see when I walk by
You take your time
And you trouble my world with the look in your eyes
Your smile is like the first rain out of the summertime

. . .

You know that I love our long nights
You starin' at my pretty brown eyes
And I can see you bein' polite
But come on baby take a long bite, bite

You fallin' for me, baby
I know I make you crazy
Like when the clouds are hazy. .
Be tough now don't be lazy (Oh, oh)
Come love me like you hate mе

Love me like you, lovе me like you
Hate me
Love me like you, love me like you
Hate me
Touch me like you, touch me like you
Hate me
Love me like you, love me like you
Hate me

Little aggression
It always sets my heart on fire
I pay attention
Yeah, don't be shy, know it's in you like knives
You have permission
To shake my world 'til it falls down
Then pick me back up. . .

Hate me
It's okay, baby
If you love a little too hard for me
For me
Kiss me little harder, little harder now
Touch me little harder like woo
Kiss me little harder, little harder now


Casey thought she’d be used to this by now. Living with Derek for the past 3 years should have desensitized her. Except here she was.

She didn't mean to stare. . .But it was totally Derek's fault.

She couldn't help but rationalize that he knew what he was doing.

And what was that saying: if you got it, flaunt it? Because that was totally what he was doing. Flaunting his body in front of her. Again. She must have been at her threshold. Her limit for putting her head down and ignoring just how sexy Derek was had been reached and now. . . Now who knew?

She swallowed hard, then bit her bottom lip, her head tilting just a little to the side.

What were they supposed to be doing again?

Right, getting ready to go to the grocery store and buy last minute stuff for the cookout at Sam's.

But. . . all thoughts of grocery lists had flown out her mind the longer Derek paced the living room and talked. About what she honestly didn’t know.

Derek was still wearing those low slung gray sweatpant joggers, and a tight knit undershirt "covering" she scoffed, his torso.

Nothing was actually covered. More like highlighted.

His shoulders, damn, his shoulders, she noted, were nicely defined. (And wouldn't her teeth make the nicest set of impressions right on that rounded bit?)

His pecs and abs (another thick swallow, but god she wanted to run her lips . . .her tongue. . . down the ridges sculpted under his frankly obscene tank) were barely concealed.

And that waistbandㅡit was just a tease.

A promise.

She could clearly see the vee of his hips between the strip bared between the hem of his top & the elastic of his gray joggers.

Perfect for her thumbs to fit right there.

Her fingers could grip the top of his ass and just drag him closer to her.

She bit back a whimper.

And to top it all off, that outline. His thick. . . thick, she almost couldn't think it.

Hisㅡcock, bulged against the fabric. Her pussy fluttered just thinking the word, clenching hard on nothing at just the thought of Derek's cock.

Was he even hard? Or, goodness, was that just his natural state? She wondered just how much bigger would he get?

How would that thick, hard length feel filling her up? Plunging into her over and over?

She paid no mind as she bit her thumb, blatantly checking Derek out.

And he just moved back and forth, between rooms, seeming oblivious (and what was he even doing?). She couldn’t pay attention to what he was talking about, and she wouldn't be able to tell anyone a word of what Derek said.

Until he said, "Take a picture, it'll last longer," his tone smug, his tongue poking into his bottom lip.

She startled and flushed a deep crimson, embarrassed to have been caught.

"Take more off and maybe I will," she quipped back out of nowhere. And oh god, she was doing it. She was blatantly flirting with Derek.

But god, she couldn't stop herself.

His eyebrows rose, a quick look of disbelief coloring his face before he nodded and grabbed the back of the neck of his tank, pulling it off.

The breath whooshed out of her lungs.

Her phone was suddenly in her right hand. A still image appeared on her screen.

Derek bare chested, his white shirt gripped in one hand limply by his side. The look on his face made her panties wet.

"Well," she said, raising one eyebrow. She gestured towards his bottoms.

"What about Sam's thing?" He asked, thumbs hooked into the waistband.

"Derek. Take off your pants," she told him, her phone ready to capture everything.

The thing she knew about herself was she could only be pushed so far. Derek knew exactly how to push her buttons. How far to go before it was too far. But he hadn't counted on just how looking sexy as all heck, gray sweatpants a deliberate tease, would push her past her restraints.

Well, that was her breaking point.

He slowly pushed his joggers down.

Down over defined hip bones. More of his happy trail slowly uncovered, till even more was lazily revealed to her.

His cock came into full view and at her deep breath he grinned boldly.

“Oh Derek,” she said, a bit condescending. “Just freeballing it there huh.” Her words shocked them both. She honestly could not say where such crass words came from. Maybe it was Derek’s influence?

Yes, of course that had to be it.

And well, it seemed now was the chance just how far that influence extended, she gestured with the hand not holding her phone. “Finish,” she told him.

“Are you really taking pictures?” he asked.

“I mean that is what you told me to do, isn’t it,” she said with feigned confusion.

He stepped out of his joggers and towards her, completely unconcerned with his nudity. And she was grateful for the view. “C’mere,” he said roughly, pulling her towards him by her arm. He plucked the phone from her hand and tossed it towards the couch, and kissed her firmly, one hand cupping her jaw, the other wrapped around her ribs. Oh well, she thought, there’d be time for recording Derek stripping, and maybe other things, later.

She opened her mouth against his, and his tongue swept in, sensuously moving along her own . Her arms wrapped around his shoulders and she hauled him nearer to her. She wanted no space between their bodies, just his skin gliding against her own. She moaned into his mouth. Their kiss turned rough, her hands roaming against the silky skin of his back and shoulders for untold minutes, before she pushed him back from her. “Couch,” she said breathlessly, giving him another gentle push so he would move faster.

She pulled her shirt over her head, and couldn’t contain her own smirk as he stumbled walking backwards to the couch, eyes firmly locked on her as she stripped and she stalked him across the living room.

“Goddamn Casey,” he huffed, settling clumsily on the cushion. She straddled him, staying up on her knees giving her an unfamiliar height advantage over him as he leaned further back into the cushions. His hands ran up and down her sides, from her hips up her ribs and the side of chest, his fingers lightly caressed over and over, as they stared at each other. She leaned down and kissed him, her dark hair fell forward, a curtain he rifled his fingers through.

Finally he pulled away and his eyes flicked down to her breasts. He licked his lips and hers parted in anticipation. She carded the fingers in the short hair at the back of his head and brought his mouth to her right breast, “Suck me Derek,” she said huskily.

His lips quickly wrapped around her tight nipple, covering her whole areola, sucking firmly. She felt the tug down low in her abdomen, and the center of her pussy. Her breath rasped out. Her hand tightened into a fist in his hair when he brought his hand up and plumped her breast up. He began licking at her nipple as he sucked, and she whined his name, not noticing her hips twitching.

“Harder,” she pleaded, pushing his head into her breast. He groaned, bit down and sucked, pulling her nipple with his teeth. She sobbed. She could feel each pull, and lick, and bite deep in her pussy. God she was so wet, she could feel it all just welling at her entrance, ready at any moment to overflow and run down the inside of her thighs.

Derek pulled off and quickly moved to her other breast. He plucked and pulled at her abandoned wet nipple, and Casey felt herself becoming insensate at the overwhelming pleasure. Derek got rougher, squeezing her left breast as he bit and sucked, while his other hand pinched her nipple. She was totally unaware of the sounds she made, how loud she was as she spurred him on, unaware that she had started grinding her pussy against his pubes, soaking him.

Suddenly her body locked up, back arched, one hand scrambling against his shoulder before her nails raked over his clavicle and down his shoulder towards his chest, the other gripped too tight in his hair.

“Oh fuck, Derek,” she said, absolutely wrecked. She slumped down onto him, body still slightly trembling. He ran his hands soothingly up and down her back, and she vaguely registered his hard cock was practically burning against her ass.

“Shit Casey, that was so fucking hot.”

“Please tell me you have condoms,” she said. At his affirmative, she rolled her face into his shoulder and began kissing along his warm skin. Then she lightly nipped the same path, before opening her mouth just a little wider and began to suck. She pulled his skin into her mouth and worried it with her teeth. He hissed, and she gave him one gentle lick then stopped. One mark down, one to go. She dragged her lips down to his shoulder, right to the spot she had admired earlier and bit down hard. Derek gasped and jerked beneath her, his fingers dug into her skin. Maybe she’d end up with a few bruises of her own.

Check that, she knew her nipples would be tender later. Maybe even sore enough that each brush of her shirt (because no way would she be able to wear a bra) would transport her back to this moment. She shuddered pleasantly.

“Go get them,” she told him as she toppled off him onto the couch. “And text Sam to let him know we won't be making it.” She eyed his straining his cock, “Something’s come up,” she said saucily.

He rolled his eyes at her bad pun and scoffed, “Really Case?”

“I mean I really can’t wait to ride you, so hurry up,” she shooed him on.

“Yes princess,” he said sarcastically, but she saw him gulp and hurry when she lightly rubbed her fingertips in circles over her nipples. Her back arched, her breath softly caught, and his dick twitched.

Yeah, she really couldn’t wait to get his cock inside her.