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Gliding Night

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(There is so much in the very first episode of Gargoyles that I can assure you will be more than two parts) 

994 AD

It had been four years since Alba had come to Castle Wyvern and joined the gargoyle clan that resided there. Much had happened in that time; Malcolm had died from sickness and three years ago Prince Alexander had taken his subjects on a voyage to the Land of the Young. Princess Katharine had taken up the seat Malcolm left, though it was not necessarily a good thing since she despised Alba's kind.

Alba, meanwhile, worked hard to find her place within the clan, doing as best she could each night. While she was not a warrior like they were, she was far more of a thinker and a strategist, outthinking her sparring opponents rather than facing them head-on. However, she was also swayed by kindness and very easily trusted others. Despite these differences, Alba had settled into her new clan nicely.

Alba looked out towards the ocean, her close friend and his subjects now in Tir Na Nog. Her heart would ache when she would think about him. Alexander had done so much for her. He taught her how to read and write, along with treating her as an equal. There was so much she had to thank her closest friend for, words certainly were not enough. Unfortunately, it would be some time before they'd see each other again, if at all even. She sighed sadly at the thought, knowing that it was wishful thinking.

A large, clawed hand clapped onto the marble gargoyle's shoulder, startling her. Turning her head, her widened eyes met the kind ones of Goliath. Warmth filled her chest at the sight of him. She cared deeply for the imposing male, his kindness and noble nature made it all the harder for her. She turned her eyes to the female gargoyle behind him, he already had a mate. She gave him and his second a soft smile, pushing the warm feelings down.

“Good evening my friends, what brings you to my humble outlook?”

When she desired solitude, the woman would get on the top of the towers overlooking the water. It was either that or she would settle into the rookery with a book that the captain of the guard would acquire for her.

“Our friend, the guard captain, has something for you. Be sure to get it before sunrise, there will be much to do tomorrow.”

She nodded to the two of them, Goliath gliding off to see if the others of their clan were behaving themselves. His second stayed behind, giving her a long look before giving a smile. She had become used to Alba's random bouts of melancholy, assuming it was something she would continue to grow out of it as more time passed.

“We are sisters, remember you can come to me if you need to confide in someone.”

Alba could hear the truth in her words, however, she couldn't shake the feeling of manipulation behind them. There was something about her clan's second that reminded her of her old clan's leader. She held a growing hatred behind her eyes that Alba believed would fester till it consumed her. Alba's instincts were normally never wrong, yet she believed or rather hoped, the woman before her would never do anything that would endanger their clan.

“I shall. Thank you, my friend.”

She nodded taking wing and gliding off in the direction Goliath had earlier. Alba turned back to the ocean, giving it another glance over before making her way to find the captain of the guard.


She didn't have to search long, finding the portly man stood overlooking the path to the castle gates. His eyes combed over the tree line critically, trying to see if there were any enemies stupid enough to attack at night.

“Hail! Robbie, I heard you have a new book for me.”

The man laughed jovially and clapped her shoulder before holding out the tome.

“Aye! I thought you'd like it! Can't have you getting too bored now.”

She laughed along with him, her wings wrapping themselves around her shoulders loosely. Her claws gently held the leather-bound tome, a feeling of happy anticipation thrummed inside her. Her moment of happiness was quickly forgotten

as she followed his gaze, she looked out to the tree line.

“Are we expecting some trouble?”

He shook his head, moving his gaze back to the forest.

“I don't know, but I feel something brewing.”

His voice was apprehensive as his gaze hardened on the woods. Alba could only nod, taking a moment to look with him. She saw nothing dancing in the shadows of the wood, but she made a mental note to be ready just in case. Placing her clawed hand on his shoulder, she gave him a supportive squeeze.

“I trust your instincts and I'll go and inform Goliath to be ready just in case.”

The guard captain nodded, never taking his eyes off the treeline. Alba made her way to her usual perch before sunrise, meeting with a few of the others in the clan. Most that were not busy would happily smile and greet her, a change from a few years ago where they would give her a wide birth. She smiled back happily while making her way to Goliath.

The large and imposing male stood further up, talking with the older, tan gargoyle and his second.

“Goliath,” Alba called to him and smiled to the other two before continuing when she had Goliath's full attention.

“Robbie feels something amiss, doesn't know what though. I feel we should be prepared come sunset.”

Goliath nodded, taking in her words and looking at the others in the clan. His voice boomed out, every gargoyle turning to listen.

“Prepare yourself for anything come next sunset.”


True to Robbie's instincts, when the gargoyle clan awoke, they came face to face with Viking marauders.

Alba's eyes flashed red as she awoke, letting out a loud screech as she broke the rest of the stone off her. Turning her tired and mildly irritating attention to the unfamiliar man next to her, she released a threatening snarl. That paired with her glowing red eyes, nearly caused the Viking to soil himself and drop the spiked mace he held. She was quick to wrap her tail around his leg as he turned to run. With a soft, confident smile, she dangled him over the ledge, waiting as another Viking on the lower level was just underneath, going after one of her clansmen.

She dropped one shrieking man on top of another and hopped over the ledge. She glided above the skirmishing humans, picking up one Viking with her tail and tossing them against his own group. She repeated this as much she could before her talons hit the ground. Her gaze quickly landed on the villagers as they tried to run from the marauding thugs. She leaped onto the Viking closest to them, using one wing to shield them while knocking back their enemies with another.

“Quickly now, get into the lower castle entrance!”

She ushered those she could towards a heavy wooden door, forcing it open just enough to let the unarmed people in.

“Keep that door latched in case one slips by me!”

Alba turned to face against the crowding group of Vikings around her as the door tightly shut. A few of them seemed to step back as her eyes grew brighter. Her long tail quickly lashed out, wrapping itself around one man's neck and squeezing until a sickening crack was heard.

All the while, she used her large wings to her advantage, flapping them harshly to kick up dust and sand beneath their feet. Aiming a heavy punch into one distracted Viking's chest, she closed in on another. Her arm looped around another's neck and used her superior strength to cut off his airflow.

She tore through Viking after Viking, smacking some against the stone brick walls with her tail, and tossing others over the wall to their deaths below. Their leader was thrown out by Goliath as they called for a retreat. Alba watched as the remaining men around her were quick to follow, tail tucked between their legs. With a smile, she walked back to the door and called out.

“It's safe now, the marauders are gone.”

One by one each of the villagers came out, very few nodding their thanks to her.