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Do Not Separate

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At the shelter, Izuku is a pretty nervous, lonely, withdrawn bunny. 


His skittish nature means he runs away from the workers and potential adopters alike, as well as the other larger bunnies in the Rabbit Room. They aren’t exactly mean to him, but Izuku’s been lunged at and chinned by practically every rabbit there, and edged out of the fresh veggies and treats more times than he can count. 


It's after one such breakfast — hiding from the more dominant rabbits with a measly mouthful of hay — that the door is left open as two workers talk to one another about something unimportant. Izuku never pays much attention to what they talk about, unless it has anything to do with food or ‘vets’. An abundance of new smells waft into the room, inviting and foreign. Izuku, ever curious and evasive, swallows his bite of hay and slips out into his newfound freedom.


Well, freedom in the hall of the shelter. 


Scents bombard him from every angle. Massive bodies move and dodge above him, calling ‘bunny! here boy, please come back!’ in increasingly shrill voices. Izuku ignores them all. He doesn’t know where he’s going, only that he’s going, and a bunny’s momentum is rather hard to stop, especially on slick tiles. His eyes catch on the end of the hall, where one door opens slowly. All the others are closed tight with curious, big, scary animal faces pressed against the glass. Open door it is.


Izuku darts past the worker, ignoring their loud yelp as his claws catch on their shins in passing. He doesn’t like scratching the people, but none of them have ever cuddled or given him a treat from their hand. He’s always left out; It feels a bit good to leave them out now. Izuku hears them say something behind him, loud and frantic. Something about “solo room” and “meanest cat we’ve ever—”, but Izuku’s too focused on finding a place to hide. 


There are shelves and beds, scratchers and strange shapes scattered all around. Food dishes and water fountains, trickling away in the corner. There’s a shelf with a little opening — what looks like a tunnel. Tunnels, burrows — both have his instincts urging him to take shelter in the familiar space. Izuku leaps up onto a shelf and darts through the little flap covering the tunnel, scurrying into the comforting dark beyond.


Izuku's heart pounds fast and his sides heave from his efforts. He sits down to catch his breath, listening to the humans talking outside the den; every so often, they call for him in nervous voices, insisting he come out. He is not coming out. This is fine, right? It’s just a nice, empty, cozy little den! Izuku feels safe here, and it smells nice. He doesn’t want to go back to the big bunny room with the mean nips and scarce food. Here is fine.


A deep, throaty growl fills the den. Oh — not so empty.


Izuku shudders and shoves himself into the corner, squeaking pitifully in fear. He can’t see anything with how dark it is. What was deeply comforting a moment ago is now a nightmare of unseen foes. Izuku kicks his hind feet out once, feels them catch on something, and squeaks at the thunderous snarl that comes after. 


“Sorry, sorry sorry, please don’t eat me, I’m— I’m tiny, I promise I’ll get out!!” 


Another growl sounds, closer and louder. Izuku whimpers and pushes his head deeper into the corner, trying to tuck his tail closer to his hind feet. Hopefully, when he’s bitten, they make it quick. He is bitten, but it’s not the bite he expects. It’s a big, sharp mouth gathering the fluff on his back, dragging him away from the corner. 


Oh no, they’re going to pull him away to get at his belly, tear him open to eat—


“Not eatin’ you, stupid rat.” The growl has become a voice, grouchy and unfriendly and definitely not a rabbit. Another rabbit would know that Izuku is not a rat!! “Most rabbits are braver than you,” the voice continues, steadily pulling Izuku through the dark. 


The smell around him is warm and spicy, rich and a little strange. It wafts from the stranger above him. The ground beneath him grows soft, a plush blanket catching under his paws until he flicks them free. 


“Though most of ‘em woulda run off by now. You always come into strangers’ beds?” 


Izuku squeaks in answer as he's finally released and able to properly voice his complaint at being so roughly handled. A large shape coils around him in the dark, padding quietly over the bedding. Izuku feels fast sniffs coming closer in the air before his head. A rough tongue suddenly flicks out over his nose, making him sneeze as it tickles the short hairs around his muzzle.


“Gross.” A paw bats through the darkness, pushing his head down to the plush blanket.


It’s not exactly chinning, but it feels similar. Part of him wants to lash out, lunge and try to prove his own dominance, but this creature feels much bigger. It probably isn’t smart to try and prove himself not a coward right now. Izuku felt sheathed claws in the paw, though they hadn’t scratched him. A long, sinuous shape strokes over his side as the creature prowls around him again. All at once, the scent, the rough tongue, the picking up, the paws—


“C-c-cat!” Izuku yelps, stiffening into a solid lump on the blanket. 


“Yeah, dumbass. Cat,” the cat grumbles, nudging him with a heavy paw. 


Izuku squeaks in fear, only quieting when another paw rests on his back and presses him back down to the blanket. Despite his frantic sounds and pitiful struggles, the claws don’t appear. No nips come from the darkness. No growls and lunges, either. Gradually, Izuku calms down. He’s still alive. The cat hasn’t done anything to him, even though he most certainly could. Izuku’s ears relax against his back, though his tail still quivers gently. Nothing will make him believe this cat’s calm, grouchy demeanour won’t suddenly shift into violence. 


“Stupid bunny,” the cat mumbles eventually, lifting his paw away.


Izuku can smell it’s a ‘him’ — he’s intact and powerful. The whole den smells of him, the blanket Izuku’s laying on, too. His face wrinkles a little before he sorts through the powerful pheromones. The cat can see his face, he should be careful not to make his aversion clear. It’s not an awful scent, it’s just… a predator’s scent. No matter how nice it might be, it’s powerful and a little scary. 


Izuku hasn’t been fixed, but even when he’s in heat he smells nowhere near this intense. 


“’S cause you’re a bunny.” A huff, almost like a laugh, fills the den. “Small bunny, too. Don’t think you’ve ever had a buck, have ya. Probably no kittens, either.” 


“K-kittens?” Izuku holds still as the cat’s muzzle presses against his shoulders, sniffing his way up Izuku’s neck and down the gentle curve of his face. His mouth twitches as their whiskers brush together. 


“Mm. Cats and rabbits both get kittens. Works good this way.” The cat licks his cheek, then rubs his face against the wet spot. 


Izuku blinks in surprise. The cat-smell fills his nose even more, warm and rich and slowly working its way into his fur from the touches and explorations of his den-mate. “W-what… what works good?” Izuku’s eyes close slowly as the cat licks his jaw, slowly finding his neck and chest to groom his fluffy bib. 


“Good match,” the cat says absently, between licks. “Good timing.”


Izuku can feel his legs splaying out a little so he rolls to one side, glad to find a roll of the blanket bracing his back. The cat comes closer — Izuku can’t see him, but he can feel the shape of him nearby, big and looming. And admittedly, a little less frightening. “Showin’ your belly to me?” The cat’s voice sounds dark and pleased. A shiver runs down Izuku’s back. 


Nnn… no,” he mumbles, stretching as the cat bathes his side.


A heavy paw presses against his back, keeping him still while the cat licks across his belly. “Tastes good,” he mumbles, rubbing his cheeks against Izuku’s belly and further back between his hind legs. 


Izuku makes a soft purr, a little grind of his teeth before a slow, thorough lick between his legs brings a little groan from his throat. No one grooms him there, he always does it himself, awkwardly twisted against a wall to reach — and it never feels this good.


“What’s your name?” The cat eases back, audibly licking his lips. Izuku can feel his tail lashing back and forth over the bedding, whipping across his splayed out hind legs. 


Izuku shakes his head, trying to clear the fog. “Izu… Izuku.” 


“Ha?? Deku?” The cat snorts, an undignified sound for such a dangerous creature.


Izuku growls, his first aggressive sound in this whole encounter. “No, Izu-ku!!” He sounds it out, tapping his paw against the blanket. 


“Hm,” the cat huffs, standing and walking closer. “Deku.”


Izuku grumbles as the cat nips at the back of his neck, wriggling onto his belly at the low, demanding growl he makes. The cat steps over him, straddling Izuku’s body. “I’m Katsuki.” The cat purrs it into his ears, licking the length of each one with that rough, warm tongue. 


Izuku’s tail flutters as Katsuki crouches over him. Somewhere outside, the sound of humans echoes faintly. In the den, all Izuku can hear is Katsuki’s steady purr and the pounding of both their hearts. His rabbit-fast, leaping and racing ahead. Katsuki’s, a little slower, but no less eager.


“Kats— Ka-Kacchan,” Izuku mumbles, digging at the blanket beneath his chest. A soft honk of pleasure escapes him along with another purr of his teeth.


“Tch. Stupid bunny,” Kacchan growls against his neck, gripping the flesh tight between his teeth. 


Izuku whines and lifts his tail, nose quivering, legs twitching as Kacchan presses closer. The scent of him is so powerful, so welcoming, inviting — demanding. Izuku yields to it, a low hum in his throat as he pushes his hips up higher. Kacchan’s hind legs are warm on his backside, shifting and rubbing against his body. A low hiss betrays the cat’s frustration until Izuku arches his back just so…


It’s true, Izuku’s never had a buck. A male of his own to give him as many kittens as he wants. With Kacchan slowly pushing into him, warm and big and inescapable with the teeth at his neck, Izuku can’t find it in himself to want a buck. Not with the big tomcat on top of him, rocking against him, blanketing his body in the dark. 


MmmmDeku,” Kacchan growls, hissing and shaking on top of him. His hips work fast and Izuku pants and digs harder at the bedding, squealing when a warm feeling blossoms deep in his belly. He squeezes and tenses around it, tightening on Kacchan until the cat mrowwss loudly.


The warmth spreads everywhere, all around the place Kacchan’s stuck inside of him, hard and strange but good. And wet. Very wet. Kacchan purrs and pulls slowly free, jumping back as they come apart. Izuku twitches at the sudden scrape as Kacchan yanks away, but he doesn’t react otherwise save for squeaking and looking desperately for his mate in the dark. 


“Kacchan? Where — come back! K-Kacchan?” Izuku’s voice trembles, needy and upset. 


Slowly, Kacchan comes back, licking and nuzzling his face once Izuku’s temper proves sweet. He's never seen cats mating, maybe the going away part is normal for them? He doesn't know — he's just glad to have Kacchan close again, holding off the empty black space around them. The cat eagerly bathes him, head to toe, paying special attention to that swollen wet place between his legs until Izuku flops on his side. 


Mmm… Kacchan,” Izuku sighs, stretching his hind legs out. He feels all squishy and comfortable, aching a little, but very good. 


Kacchan grooms the two of them, passing the time by mixing their scents together in their fur until Izuku digs at the bedding and noses at his side. Kacchan stands, stretching and yawning before gazing at Izuku. He can just make out the gleam of the cat’s eyes as he leans in close. 


“More?” Izuku growls and slaps his front paws on the bedding in answer. He’s not as warm inside now and he doesn’t like it. His tail lifts in the air, wriggling and showing where he wants his cat. 


“Needy bunny,” Kacchan growls, stalking through the dark to mount Izuku again. 



- - - 



By the time the humans manage to get the den box open — to the loud, obvious displeasure of its occupants — Izuku has been thoroughly bred. 


Kacchan lays with Izuku tucked in the circle of his body, bathing his cheek and ears, glaring and hissing at the gawking workers. When one reaches for the little bunny, Izuku growls and lunges at their hand, retreating into Kacchan’s fluffy fur. In the light, he can see its brilliant golden-yellow colour and the deep, gleaming red of his mate’s eyes. 


“Mine,” Kacchan snarls at the humans, spreading his claws in the air and slapping the bedding in front of Izuku. He shows them his long white teeth, letting loose a fearsome spit of a hiss.


The humans look nervously at one another, clearly unsure of what to do. Eventually, after no end to Izuku and Kacchan’s aggressive behaviour, the den box is closed again, leaving them snug and safe in the dark. Izuku sighs and slumps against his mate, wriggling his head into Kacchan’s side. Kacchan growls softly and nips Izuku’s shoulder. His tongue eases the slight sting before shifting down to find the shape of his small front legs. 


Izuku paws gently at Kacchan’s muzzle, squeaking when that rough tongue bathes his foot. Every part of him smells like Kacchan’s now. Izuku likes it. It makes him almost as warm as when Kacchan’s filling him, purring and rutting on his back. The fur on his hindquarters is wet; Kacchan seems to like the sight and smell of him all cum-filled, since he growled when Izuku twisted to try and groom himself. He isn't fond of the sticky fur but Kacchan's warm, pleased purr makes up for the awkward feeling.


Warm whiskers brush over his face and Izuku lifts his head to respond, shivering in delight at the strange sensation of rubbing whiskers and rough, thorough licks. 



- - - 



It’s a bit strange seeing the mean, unfriendly cat that had been surrendered for bad behaviour suddenly so defensive and possessive of his new, unexpected houseguest. 


With how close the two are, it’s evident they see one another as far more than that. Further attempts to take the little bunny from the den box result only in fearful squeaks, furious hisses, and a lot of scratches and bites. The decision is made to keep them together — and to pretend they don’t see the tom cat mounting the little doe whenever he pleases. 


At least the rabbit doesn’t seem to mind, considering the length of their grooming and cuddling sessions afterward. (And how often the rabbit seems to initiate the mounting.)


A little while later, their adoption papers are adjusted accordingly. “Paired cat and rabbit. Must be adopted together. Do not separate.”



- - - 



When they are adopted, Izuku’s given a lovely, insulated rabbit house for the nighttime and free rein over the yard and house during the day. Kacchan’s the same — although he always seems to find his way into the hutch by morning. 


One day, to the immense surprise of their owner, the hutch opens to show Izuku dutifully grooming a beautiful set of red-eyed kits, his big golden tomcat curled protectively around them all. 



- - -