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do you wanna die together?

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Kazuha’s back was pressed against the bark of the aralia tree, legs around Tomo’s waist and mouth parted slightly as Tomo attacked his neck with kisses and bites. Kazuha’s fingers dug into the fabric of Tomo’s scarf as he hissed under his breath. 

“You’re lucky I have a scarf as well,” Kazuha murmured as one hand reached up to grab at Tomo’s hair. “If you have intentions on leaving marks, leave them where I can cover them.”

Tomo pressed one last kiss to Kazuha’s neck before lifting his gaze. “Are you not ready to let all of Inazuma know that you’re madly in love with me?” he joked.

The samurai let out an indignant noise. “I liked it better when you were kissing me,” he complained, reaching for Tomo’s face and bringing him into a kiss. Tomo gladly obliged and moved them both to the ground, trying not to scrape up Kazuha’s back in the process. 

Tomo drew back from the kiss after a moment and looked down to admire Kazuha. His hair was splayed around his head, already released from the band that held it together. His lips were plump and red from all of the kisses they had shared. Archons, Tomo wanted to just stare at him forever.

The shorter man narrowed his eyes only slightly, but it was enough to break Tomo out of his trance. “Maybe we could have made it back after all. You seem to be spending much time staring. Could there perhaps be something on your mind?” Kazuha asked innocently, knowing very well what he was doing.

Tomo snorted and shook his head. “Of course not,” he disagreed as he worked on undressing Kazuha. “How could I not want to stare at someone as gorgeous as you?”

A blush fell over Kazuha’s cheeks. Only Tomo could get him to blush like this, he swore internally.

In a matter of moments, both Kazuha’s and Tomo’s clothes were discarded to the side. Tomo moved Kazuha’s legs apart when Kazuha stopped him.

“We have nothing to prepare,” Kazuha mentioned. This didn’t seem to deter Tomo, though. Instead, he smirked confidently and reached over towards the pile of clothes. In between his fingers was a small vial containing a clear liquid. 

To say that Kazuha was surprised was an understatement. He wasn’t sure what kind of person carried lubricant around like that, but he couldn’t find it in himself to dwell on it too long at the moment. His cock was hard, and he couldn’t care less for where Tomo had got it.

“Alright, then, be quick. I’m sure you’re just as eager for it as I am,” Kazuha told the other. 

Tomo gave Kazuha a winning smile. “Of course, master,” he agreed, getting between Kazuha’s legs eagerly. He dipped his fingers into the vial and warmed the lubricant up between his hands, then pressed a finger against Kazuha’s hole. He gently pushed it inside, then looked up.

“Did you prepare yourself earlier, Kazuha?” he questioned. Instead of a reply, Kazuha merely held Tomo’s gaze. With a quiet laugh, Tomo eased two more fingers in. “How improper.”

With no hesitation, Tomo began pushing his fingers in and out of Kazuha to open him up. Kazuha let out a soft gasp and let his eyes fall shut. He rolled his hips back onto Tomo’s fingers. His hand trailed down to wrap around his aching cock, but Tomo nudged his hand away.

“I think that you should save yourself for the real thing. I want to see you come undone on my cock,” Tomo whispered, his free hand trailing up Kazuha’s chest instead.

Kazuha’s breath hitched slightly at the words. Tomo’s fingers then found Kazuha’s nipple, rolling it between his fingers while still fingering Kazuha open. A breathy moan spilled from Kazuha’s lips as the build-up in his stomach grew closer.

“Shh, you wouldn’t want anyone to hear us, would you, master?”

Kazuha’s needy whimpers echoed across the clearing, the wind not even able to mask his voice. Tomo’s fingers expertly moved in and out of his partner, and Kazuha could only bask in the pleasure that followed. Despite being almost entirely untouched, Kazuha’s cock was still hard and dripping against his stomach. It was apparent that holding himself back would prove to be a challenge. 

Kazuha tried to quiet himself by biting down on his hand, but that only drew a low laugh from Tomo. 

“I know that can’t silence you, Kazuha,” Tomo teased lightly. Kazuha huffed, turning his head away. “Come on, don’t be like that now. You know I was just teasing,” Tomo pouted. In an attempt to get Kazuha’s attention back on him, Tomo angled his fingers just enough to brush against Kazuha’s prostate. A particularly loud moan was enough to let Tomo know that he had found what he was searching for. 

“Ngh- hah, you are terrible,” Kazuha managed out, his mind too fuzzy to come up with a clever remark. 

Tomo only smiled back at the man. “If I was so terrible, would you really be letting me fuck you right here in the open?” he replied. The only response that Tomo received was Kazuha arching forward and whining just a little louder. 

The tension was returning to Kazuha’s stomach, and he could feel the pressure building up at the base of his cock. More moans were punched out of Kazuha each time Tomo’s fingers pressed against his prostate. He bucked his hips needily, trying to chase the hazy pleasure that came with an orgasm. He could feel himself just on the edge, only needing the slightest push over

Kazuha growled in frustration as Tomo withdrew his fingers. He looked back at Kazuha with that same smile as before on his face. 

“I couldn’t let you have all the fun now, could I?” Tomo hummed as he retrieved the vial once again. He poured a generous amount into his hand before coating his own cock with the lubricant. Kazuha swore he felt drool pool in his mouth just at the sight of Tomo. His frustration from the ruined orgasm seemed to ebb away. He quickly decided that he needed Tomo in him. 

As Tomo took his time, Kazuha got up and pushed a startled Tomo back against the ground. He kneeled over his lap, then reached for Tomo’s cock and pressed it against himself.

“So needy, master,” Tomo purred out. Kazuha only scoffed and gently eased himself down. 

Kazuha hissed softly. No matter how much preparation, there was always a slight stretch with Tomo. But Kazuha loved the sting of it. He knew just how well Tomo would fill him up, and he never ceased to disappoint. Except for when he was taking too long, and Kazuha had to take initiative instead.

Tomo placed his hands on Kazuha’s hips, watching Kazuha seat himself on his cock. He groaned out softly as Kazuha finally bottomed out and let himself adjust.

A few moments passed before Kazuha gave a small nod and began to move. He grabbed onto Tomo’s shoulders to steady himself as he fucked himself on Tomo’s cock.

“Hah, fuck, Kazuha, you’re good at this,” Tomo mentioned, hand sliding up towards Kazuha’s chest again. “Such a pretty sight to see, too.” 

Kazuha moaned out with a helpless nod. He grinded down on Tomo desperately, his senses filled with only the man beneath him. It was easy to forget that they were still out in the open. A sense of thrill ran up Kazuha’s spine at the thought, causing a needy whimper to escape his mouth. 

Tomo rutted upwards into Kazuha, meeting Kazuha’s hips just in time as he dropped down.

A second or so of the motion passed before Tomo stopped Kazuha. He lifted the smaller samurai before pinning him down instead, reversing the position.

“As much as I love seeing you fuck yourself open on my cock, I think I’d like to fuck you until you can’t think,” Tomo explained. Kazuha felt his face flush, still startled by such explicit language (even though he had just rode Tomo without a care in the world.) 

With little to no warning, Tomo rapidly rocked into Kazuha, the sound of skin-on-skin easily filling the air. If anyone walked by, they would definitely know what was happening. But neither Tomo nor Kazuha seemed to care. Instead, they were focused on each other. 

“Fuck, master, you’re so tight around me,” Tomo breathed as he hooked Kazuha’s legs up over his shoulders. Kazuha whimpered lightly, feeling his body already starting to tense slightly. A burst of pleasure hit him as Tomo found his prostate once again, dragging a loud moan from the heir. 

“Hng, fuck, Tomo!” Kazuha cried out, tears of pleasure beginning to form. “Right there, oh Archons!”

Tomo only took his words as encouragement. His pace picked up, and he leaned down to kiss Kazuha. The kiss was far from chaste—instead, it was rough and passionate. Tomo sucked on Kazuha’s bottom lip as Kazuha continued to let out whines and moans.

“Gonna fuck you nice and full, Kazuha,” Tomo promised. “I’ll make sure you have cum dripping down your pretty thighs. Maybe I’ll fuck you when we’re back home, too. I bet you’d like that, huh?”

Kazuha spluttered, struggling to form words when he was so close. Pleasure was building right behind his eyes, and he could tell he was going to cum soon. “Yes, please, Tomo. I want you all the time,” he begged, drool running down his chin.

“That’s my good boy,” Tomo praised, roughly thrusting into Kazuha. “Since you’ve been so good, I guess I could give you what you want, hm?” He gave Kazuha no time to reply; his hand was wrapped around Kazuha’s cock in a matter of moments, stroking him to completion. 

It took less than a minute for Kazuha to cry out Tomo’s name as he came, spilling all over his stomach and Tomo’s hand. Tomo groaned as Kazuha squeezed around his cock, thrusting in just a few more times before he came deep inside of Kazuha. He pressed his hand to Kazuha’s navel and dipped down to kiss him once again. This time, the kiss was shorter and sweeter, filled with more love. 

Kazuha panted out breathlessly, unable to form a sentence for once. Tomo pressed another kiss to his cheek before pulling out and easing Kazuha’s legs down gently.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tomo murmured as he ran his fingers through Kazuha’s hair. 

Kazuha shook his head and hooked his arms around Tomo. “I suggest we rest and catch our breath before returning,” he proposed quietly, dragging Tomo back down. He could feel Tomo’s cum leaking out of him, and he knew his own was going to dry up on his skin, but he couldn’t bring himself to try and clean up at the moment.

“And if someone happens to come by and see us?”

“I’ll sense it. Now lay with me, Tomo. You promised me more when we get back, so regain your stamina now.”

Soft laughter filled the air, followed by shuffling in the grass. Tomo slipped his arms around Kazuha with a content nod. If it meant holding Kazuha for a little longer, he would gladly agree.