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It's You, Only You

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They still remember the first time they met. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, that young harbinger came to Aether’s rescue, not that he needed any. The harbinger introduced himself as Childe of the Fatui. Even though Aether knows that he is from the Fatui, he still accepts his offer for help. It is through this agreement that they came to know more about each other.

“You’re an alpha?”

Aether asked as they have their meal in Liuli Pavilion. Ajax simply nods. It’s not like he’s hiding it or anything so he thought sharing stuff like this is fine. Aether was surprised. He had never noticed any pheromones on him. But he does think that Ajax looks the part. He thinks that Ajax’s features were much more attractive than a beta, which was initially what Aether thought of him due to the lack of pheromones. Meanwhile, Ajax is wondering why Aether is so calm under this condition. He thought that Aether is an Omega… but could he possibly be mistaken? It is just natural for an Omega to be alert around an Alpha but he’s just the same as before. Usually when an Omega finds out, he has to explain his special condition first before they calm down. 

“Aren’t you an Omega?”

“Yeah, but my pheromones don’t work so no need to worry about your pheromones around me.”

“Huh, I was just about to say the same thing.”

They both look at each other in shock. Apparently, both of them could smell pheromones from everyone else but they don’t seem to exude any at all. They both verify their statements with stories from their past. They could feel themselves grow closer in that conversation. They even found out that both of them are virgins, not just due to their condition but also because they haven’t found anyone yet.

“Then should we just be each other’s firsts?”

Ajax jokingly asks Aether but his words were not necessarily false. Beneath that question lies a latent desire. Lately, he would just find his eyes following the traveler, watching his every step. Well, he argues that it’s a part of his job but then goes out of his way to make life easier for the traveler. He knows that even though he did become interested in him, there’s still no way that he would-

“Oh? Your pheromones don't work but you joke about doing it with me, hmm. If that means that you like me, then it should be fine.”

Ajax did not expect this answer from Aether. He thought, no, he was sure that he’d refuse. But could it be? Could he possibly have a chance? Does Aether actually like him back? These thoughts flood Ajax while Aether chuckles as he stands up from his seat to go to the bathroom. The truth is he had imagined doing it with Ajax and he became slightly hard. Now, he's trying his best not to think of the situation and tries to go to the bathroom to calm down.

"Then, you better prepare yourself, Aether."

Ajax said, standing from his seat. He approached Aether, who no longer moved towards the bathroom. He grabs Aether by the waist and crouches down to Aether's ear as he whispers.

"I like you so much that I became hard just imagining it."

Aether looked down there and flinched as he saw Ajax’s growing bulge. What's more is that a musky scent arose within the pavilion. As it is now, he can't even avoid thinking of sex with Ajax. Shit, now he’s getting hard as well.


Aether says as turns away to hide. Ajax laughs as he sees Aether being embarrassed. Right after, a sweet scent starts to linger in the pavilion. Since both of their pheromones don't work, they should be fine inside. But they're already finished eating so there's no use to staying there. Although, it’s a bit troubling that no one else was reacting to the scent. He and Aether go out of the pavilion and into the streets. Aether said that he had matters to attend to in his mansion. Ajax said that he'd help so they came together.

Upon entering the mansion, Ajax could still smell the pheromones from earlier but the only people he could see was himself, Aether, and someone near the mansion’s entrance. Actually, it’s even stronger now, but due to their shared condition, he didn't look into it much further. Aether heads straight towards Tubby and talks to her. He's still thinking about that thing with Ajax. The hint of musky scent that still lingers until now is clearly not helping. Ajax followed Aether as he's being introduced to Tubby. Ajax wondered if she secreted the scent. Although, it is very unlikely since Tubby wasn't with them before. 

"Hey, do you have pheromones?"

"I am a spirit, Master Ajax. I cannot produce nor smell pheromones. "

Aether and Ajax looked at each other at the same time, as if they had just solved a mystery case. Aether told Ajax to follow him to his room. Upon hearing it, Ajax thought about what the invitation was implying. Is he inviting Ajax to have sex? The same pungent smell that Aether noticed earlier suddenly became more powerful. Aether just became more sure of his conclusion. As they went inside the room, they both said the same words at the same time.

“You lied!”

“What? No, I didn’t.”

They look at each other’s flustered face. Ajax invites Aether to talk it out as they sit facing each other on the bed. They talk about the scents that they experienced earlier. Soon, it became clear to them that this day was the day where their pheromones awakened. It was also revealed from their discussion that no one else can pick up on their scent, which is why no one else reacted when they were in the pavilion. Only Aether noticed Ajax’s, and only Ajax noticed Aether’s. 

“Are you in heat?”

“N-No, I don’t think so.”

“Oh~ Did you want to have sex with me that bad and you won’t turn off your pheromones?”

Aether was pissed. Even though he’s guilty of his desires, it’s not like he can control something that only happened now, right?

“I told you, it’s my first time! I can’t control it! And you’re the one to talk! I can even see your b-bulge! Getting a hard-on just from smelling pheromones and having no self-restraint, y-you pervert!”

By what Aether said, Ajax knows that Aether seems to be misunderstanding something. Ajax got frustrated. He even showed it to him before but it was no use. He has no choice but to prove it once more. He suddenly grabbed Aether, pinning him down on the bed. His arms are stretched out above each of Aether’s shoulders, blocking any path to escape. Aether sees the irritated look on Ajax’s face but wonders why he’s like that. As he looked closely, Ajax’s scent dominated him more and more to the point where he had to look away. 

“Yeah, you can say that I have no self-restraint. But that’s only to you, because I like you… I like you, Aether! I already told you that, didn't I?! Damn it! Why do you keep making a fool out of me…”

“Ajax… I’m sorry, I-”

Ajax bends his elbows as he relaxes his arms. He leans in towards the bed, his head just beside Aether’s face. Aether could feel Ajax’s heartbeat along with his. He could feel both beating faster and faster. 

“... Do you really not want to do it with me?” 

Aether felt tingles as Ajax whispers in his ears. Mixed with Ajax’s scent, signals of pleasure filled Aether’s body. He could feel everything, from Ajax’s breath to the warmth of his body. Right now just like earlier, he could only think of Ajax holding him. His arousal starts to show down there as well. But unlike earlier, he didn’t bother trying or even thinking of hiding it. He has to assure Ajax of his feelings as well. He shouldn’t just keep him waiting. Meanwhile in their current position, Ajax could smell Aether more intensely. Just one more whiff and he would’ve been rock hard and Aether would not believe him again. So he resists it and stretches out his arms again, enough to prevent his crotch from touching Aether, who looked disappointed. Aether’s plan failed since Ajax pulled away, just when Aether was about to get hard as well. Seeing Aether’s face only made Ajax feel worse. To him, that look felt like rejection. But he doesn’t want to give up until Aether says it himself.

“Do I really have no chance, Aether?”

Ajax said in a pained voice. His heart was shattering, clinging to the last sliver of hope he had left. But Aether’s silence was already throwing that hope away.

“Will you please say someth-”

Aether begins to touch Ajax’s face with his hands on the other’s cheeks. Ajax was surprised and wondered what’s going on inside Aether’s head. He couldn’t really figure it out. Aether looks directly into Ajax’s eyes, only to see Ajax already staring at him in the same way. He grabs on to Ajax’s neck and slides up to his hair as he pulls Ajax towards him. Ajax goes with the flow and follows Aether’s signals. Aether’s face is now directly below Ajax’s. He fixes his arms to an embrace, sliding through Ajax’s broad shoulders. They can feel each other’s breath and see each other heat up as tints of red rush to their faces. Aether moves his head towards Ajax, placing his lips on top of Ajax’s for a light dab.

“I-I like you too, Ajax.”

Ajax only stares at Aether in confusion. Is he kidding with him? Making a fool out of him again? He must assure it before he gets ahead of himself.

"You're not lying, are you?"

"What? No, I'm not ly-"

Ajax comes in for another kiss. Aether was interrupted but he didn't really mind. He ruffles Ajax's hair as both of them close their eyes in pleasure. Ajax pulls away and looks at Aether, panting for air. But he still wants to do more.

"Open your mouth."

Aether followed, even though he wasn't sure what Ajax would do. He unknowingly puts a lot of trust in his man. Ajax comes in for another kiss, but now he uses his tongue to explore Aether's mouth, pleasuring both of them. Soon after, Ajax moves on to different parts of Aether's face. He starts from the ears and goes down to the neck. Their bodies are basically stitched together. As they move, they can feel the other's hard-ons grinding on parts of their body.

Ajax looks again at his partner, whose face is red up to his ears with eyes looking back at him. He gently reached for the blond flocks in front of him, undoing the braid, and then brushing his fingers through it. He sighs as he pushes himself towards Aether, snuggling themselves into a warm embrace. Aether places his hand on the other’s right cheek. Ajax holds the hand on his cheek with his right hand, interlocking them from the back of Aether’s hand. He brings his partner’s palm toward his mouth and kisses it slightly. He lets go of that hand, only to touch it again after hastily removing his gloves with his teeth. He brings his fingers together and places it on Aether’s palm. Then, he spreads his fingers, comparing its sizes and finally, interlocking them again. He places their interlocked hands on the bed, just above Aether’s head. He looks at Aether again with passionate eyes brimming with desire for the other.

“Can I be your first?”


Aether kept his mouth open as he breathed, inviting Ajax to kiss him again. Ajax fulfilled that wish and more as he slid his left hand inside Aether’s clothes, directly touching his left nipple. He can feel Aether loosening his grasp at his right hand. He fears that it might be uncomfortable for him.

“Did you hate it?”

“N-No, no. It felt good.”

Ajax loosens his grasp as well and slides his right hand inside the crop top, touching Aether’s other nipple. He removes his left hand from Aether’s right nipple, as he goes down on it and licks it. He sucks on that nipple as he teasingly pinches the other. Aether holds Ajax’s head in place as he moans in pleasure. Ajax stops and goes back to kissing Aether. He lifts Aether up, placing him on his lap as he removes the crop top. He went back to Aether’s nipple again, gently dabing it with his teeth then licking it. From Aether’s back, he slides his right hand down towards Aether’s ass. His touches make Aether flinch as he lightly presses on the entrance with his middle and ring finger. When Ajax touched it, Aether’s hole felt soft and wet. Aether moves his hand down to his belt and unbuckles it. Afterwards, he touches Ajax’s face with both of his hands and kisses him.

“Undress me.”

Ajax follows the command as he places both his hands inside Aether’s trousers. The only thing keeping him from touching Aether’s asscheeks is the underwear. He tries pushing the trousers down but stops after he hears a ripping sound.


“Hahaha, sorry. I’ll help fix it later.”

Ajax stares at the damage and sighs in relief when he sees but a small rip, easily fixable by a few stitches. Aether grabs Ajax’s hands and guides them to the side of the trousers.

“The side… It comes off from the side.”

Ajax tries to push it down slowly from the side and it easily comes off. He continued to push it until the trousers and underwear were totally removed. All of Aether’s beauty is now laid bare for Ajax to see as he sits on top of his lap. Even though the harbinger is still clothed, he can feel his length rub against his bare body. He starts removing the scarf and jacket in quick succession, all while kissing the harbinger who wore them. He proceeds to go down to Ajax’s neck, licking it, kissing it, sucking on it, as he unbuttons Ajax’s red shirt. Ajax could only smile and enjoy the view before him. Aether kisses him as he finishes unbuttoning his shirt. He slides his hands from Ajax’s shoulders and inwards the shirt, slowly nudging it away from the harbinger’s body.

Ajax helps him remove the shirt. Afterwards, he holds Aether’s head and leans in for a kiss. His tongue caresses every corner of Aether’s mouth, making the other tightly hold on to his back. He placed his hand to support Aether’s back as he laid their bodies towards the bed. He pulls back for a moment and removes his pants, leaving his underwear on. Aether stares at Ajax’s fit body, especially those abs. He even drools unconsciously at the sight of it. Ajax chuckled and moved towards Aether as he licked the drool from his face and up to his mouth. He starts to kiss Aether, who is now embarrassed by what just happened. He stops and goes downwards to suck at Aether’s nipples while his hand goes even further down and reaches Aether’s hole. 

“I’ll put one in.”


Ajax slowly puts his middle finger inside and it goes in easily. Aether grabbed on to ajax as he flinched when he felt the sensation inside his ass.

“I noticed it earlier, but your ass is already this wet and soft, did you prepare yourself?”

“N-No… It just kinda happened when I thought of having sex with you...”

Aether didn’t know that his body can self-lubricate outside of heat. He suspects it’s the sudden intake of pheromones that made him like this. That and… his thoughts and desire for Ajax. And now, that same desire is being accepted by the same man it is directed to. Ajax asks if he can add another inside and Aether nods in response.

“You’re so cute…” 

Ajax inserts his index finger. Aether grunts as he feels Ajax’s fingers stretching his hole.

“... self-lubricating outside of heat…”

Ajax stretches Aether’s insides by moving his fingers away from each other. Aether moans in pleasure from the sensation.

“... because you thought of doing this with me?”

Ajax pushes his fingers deep and finds Aether’s sweet spot, pressing on to it gently. Aether moved suddenly and clawed at Ajax’s back as he felt that weird feeling for the first time.

“I’m glad you feel the same way, Aether.”

Ajax pulls his fingers out of Aether’s ass as he gives him a light kiss. He smiles as he lets Aether breathe for a while.

“M-Me too.”

Aether kisses Ajax back, letting him into his mouth again. Ajax pulls away from the kiss, which made Aether worry for a bit. He gets out of bed and picks up his jacket.

“W-Why? What’s wrong?”

Aether sat up on the bed and asked Ajax out of fear that he had done something wrong to upset him. Ajax responds by showing him a condom, as he goes back to Aether. 

“Oh- Yeah, a condom.”

“Oh~ Did you want to do it bare? I could impregnate you, you know? Let’s make a child, Aether~”

“N-No, I just forgot. I don’t want to have kids… ” 

Aether can clearly see the disappointment on Ajax’s face as he listens carefully to his response. But he didn't do anything, and continued his sentence. He just hoped that Ajax would be able to understand his reason.

“... yet. Let me practice first… I don’t want to be a bad parent. I’m sorry.”

Ajax smiles at the thought that Aether put into this. He did try not to look so disappointed since he already knew that Aether wouldn’t want to have kids yet. Actually, that’s the exact reason why he always had a condom hidden in his jacket. But his emotions were still reflected on his face. In the end, he’s just happy that he got to see this side of Aether who is thinking about their future together.

“No, it’s fine. I’m just really happy that you’re giving it some thought.” 

Aether smiles as what he had hoped for came true. He felt really lucky that Ajax was understanding. He grabbed onto Ajax as he leaned in for a kiss. Ajax cuts the kiss close as he goes to hold Aether’s cheeks, caressing it with his fingers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Aether places his arms on Ajax’s back as he goes in closer for an embrace. Ajax combs through the blond hair that flowed beautifully on Aether’s back. He hugs him close as if preserving the warmth and heat from a newly lit fire. But soon after, Aether realized that he had strayed them from having intercourse. He loosens his grip as he prepares to apologize.

“Ah- I’m sorry. I ruined the mood.”

“No! Not at all.”

Ajax grabs Aether’s arm and guides it inside his underwear. Aether felt Ajax’s fully erect dick throb when he touched it. 

“See? I’m still raring to go. Do you want to continue?”


Ajax hands the condom to Aether asking him to put it on his dick for him. Aether agrees and immediately gets rid of Ajax’s underwear. He gulps at the sight of Ajax’s dick. He felt its length and girth earlier but seeing it is the real deal. He removed the condom’s packaging and gently placed it on the tip of Ajax’s hard dick, which twitched at the slightest touch from Aether. Ajax became embarrassed and laughed anxiously, while Aether was amazed by how much it throbs in his hand. Aether slowly worked his hands down that dick until the condom fully covered it. Then, Ajax lays Aether flat down on the bed, with his ass sticking out. 

“I’ll put it in.”


Aether grabbed a pillow preparing to muffle his sound. Ajax can feel Aether’s slight fear of the pain that would come from his penetration. But he is determined to make this feel good and comfortable for Aether. He starts by placing his tip near Aether’s hole. He gently stretches the asscheeks apart with his hands as he inserts the shaft inside Aether, who surprisingly didn’t make that much of a sound. He continues to insert his length slowly until all of it is inside. Aether did grunt a bit but he seemed to have managed it well.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah, I can manage… You can move.”

Aether starts to moan as Ajax begins to go in and out of his ass at a slow pace. But he still uses the pillow he grabbed earlier to hide his voice. When Ajax could feel Aether’s hole adjust to the size of his dick, he fastens the pace a bit. The faster he went, the louder Aether’s muffled moans became. Ajax leans in and kisses Aether’s back as he continues to thrust inside him.

“Does it feel good?”

“Y-Yeah, it feels good.”

Ajax grabs the back of Aether’s hand and interlocks with it. He places their hands away from the pillow. He licks Aether’s ear as his hips continue moving, keeping his pace from earlier. Aether tried to muffle his moans again using the pillow but was disrupted as Ajax spoke.

“I want to hear your voice.”


Ajax let go of Aether’s hand for a while but interlocked with it again, once he had removed the pillow. 

“Y-You can go faster… I can handle it.”

Ajax immediately pulled out of Aether, leaving him confused. Aether’s hole twitched as if it was begging for Ajax’s cock to go back inside of it. Ajax laid himself sideways on the bed and slid his arm under Aether’s head. He touched Aether’s asscheek and slid down to his thighs, which he raised up as he leaned Aether’s body towards him. Aether could feel Ajax’s still hard dick rub against his entrance. He turned around to look at Ajax only to be caught by a kiss. 

“Sorry. I can go faster this way.”

Aether just closes his eyes and kisses Ajax once more, who closed his eyes with him. After they kissed, Ajax let go of Aether’s thigh and positioned his dick for insertion. He still went in slow in this position but comparatively faster than earlier. 

"I'll go fast now, okay?"


Ajax could feel Aether's soft insides, easily allowing his dick to rapidly thrust in and out of Aether's hole. Now that the pillow is out of the way, Aether's moans can be heard across the room. Ajax goes even faster as he hears those enticing moans. He sucks on Aether's neck and licks on his ear. Aether could slightly hear Ajax breathing and moaning just behind his ear.

"A-Are you feeling good?"

"Yes, Aether. Y-Your insides they're clinging on to my dick. It feels so good."

Ajax raises his hand towards Aether’s cheek as he turns Aether to face him. He could see his flushed face and feel his breath up close. He kisses him as his hand fixes their heads in place. His other hand goes down to Aether’s nipples and teases it with a light brush, followed by a pinch. He could feel Aether’s ass clench down inside of him as he continues to caress his nipples.

“S-So tight!”

They moan as Ajax continues to thrust inside Aether’s clenching insides. 

“H-Hey, grab onto me.”

Aether puts his arm over Ajax's head like instructed. Ajax moves his hand downwards to Aether’s thigh, lifting it up slightly. He fastens his pace as his tongue finds its way to Aether’s nipples. He licks them and dabs his teeth on it, as if he’d bite it at any moment except he never did. Aether claws on to Ajax’s hair, as his ass clenches harder, feeling these intense sensations all over his body. He continues to moan as he feels Ajax rubbing his insides. His moans grew loud especially when Ajax reached his prostate, even for just less than a second as Ajax continued to thrust inside of him. He touched Ajax’s face as if trying to pull it up despite not placing enough force on it.

Ajax stops working on Aether’s nipples and follows Aether’s hand upwards to his face. Aether goes in for a kiss. Ajax moves his arms towards Aether’s body and clings on to him, locking him in with his embrace. He pulls out of the kiss only to continue kissing Aether on other parts of his body. He slows his thrusting pace to focus on exploring Aether, as he goes downwards, just below the underarm. He continues to traverse Aether’s body as he goes to his back, prompting Aether to move his arm out to allow Ajax to see his back properly. He slowly kisses the back, finding his way towards the nape. He uses a hand to move Aether’s hair that covered his nape, as his other hand continued to hold Aether. He goes on to kiss the nape and licks it. 

"Can I bite you?"

"W-What for? T-They can't even smell our pheromones."

"Just so they'll know you're mine."

Aether didn’t answer. Ajax knew this could also happen so he brushed it off and just continued thrusting. He didn’t give up on biting though, as he does so near the shoulder, making Aether grunt suddenly. Aether trembled in shock as his ass clenched down on Ajax’s dick. 

“Hey, your ass clenched. Did you like that?” 

Ajax says as he places small kisses on Aether’s neck. 

“I-I was just surprised… but I didn't hate it.”

“I see.” 

Ajax continues to kiss Aether on his neck. Aether turns his head back to face Ajax. He moves his hand over to Ajax’s cheeks as he leans in to kiss him.

“Bite me…”

“Hmm? I just did.”

Ajax licks and kisses the area where he plunged his teeth in. Aether paused for a while before speaking again.

“N-No… at my nape.”

“Oh? You didn’t answer earlier but now… Hmm, did you like it that much? How kinky of you, Aether.”

Ajax smirks as he teases Aether. But actually, he was confused by the sudden change in attitude. There is also the possibility that Aether was pressured, but that wasn’t his intention. He didn’t want to put Aether on the spot.

“But you should really think about it properly, hmm? Something like this… You could only do it once and-”

Before Ajax could continue explaining, Aether spoke again.


“N-No… “

“I want your mark.” 

“I want you to mark me.”

Aether leans towards Ajax for a gentle kiss. He could feel Ajax’s dick grow bigger inside of his ass, twitching as Ajax kissed him back. Ajax’s hands moved towards Aether’s cheek as he fastened his pace, rapidly thrusting his dick in and out of Aether’s hole. They both moan in pleasure as they continue to feel their connected bodies grinding towards each other.

“You really know how to rile me up huh?”

Ajax embraces Aether, touching his body and keeping it close as he thrusts inside of him. He teases Aether’s nape with licks and kisses. Aether held on to the arms that enveloped his body, holding it in place as he prepared for what’s about to come. Ajax delves his teeth deep into the skin of Aether’s nape, placing his mark that signified their bond. Aether grunts in pain as his nape bleeds from the fresh wound given by his mate. They both let out a loud moan as Aether’s ass clenched so tightly as if trying to feel the entirety of the dick inside of it. Ajax turns Aether to face him as he caresses his cheeks.

“I love you, Aether.”

“I love you too, Ajax.”

Their lips connect. Their tongues pressed, slid, and whirled over each other as they continued their deep kiss. 

“H-Hey, are you close?”


“Me too. Wait.”

Ajax pulls out, leaving Aether lying upright on the bed. He caresses Aether’s legs and slowly spreads them apart as he moves further towards Aether. Soon, he reached Aether, who is red-hot all over his face, just as much as Ajax is. He held Aether’s cheek with his right hand and gently fondled it, gliding his fingers across Aether’s face. In this position, his dick is just sitting on top of Aether’s twitching hole. They can feel their bodies being honest as they rub it against each other ready to connect once more. They moan softly as they feel each other. They breathed heavily at each other and then placed their lips together for a light kiss. Ajax places his dick in front of Aether’s hole as he enters Aether very easily. Aether lets out a moan as Ajax plunges his whole length inside. Ajax went up to Aether’s face, staring at it directly and intensely, as he moved his hips to thrust his dick inside Aether.

“I want to see your face.”

Aether imagined the face that he’s making. He thinks it might be more embarrassing to look at than Ajax’s face, since he was told those words. Instinctively, he covered his face with both his hands, even though it was just the same as his mate. Ajax gently placed his hand over the hands that covered Aether’s face, as he went in and placed his face very close to Aether. He breathes at it and licks to the place where Aether’s mouth would’ve been if not for the hands that blocked it. He could feel Aether’s hands weaken at protecting his face from being seen. He takes those hands away from Aether’s face. He lays his hand over Aether’s palm and interlocks with it, placing it upwards above their heads as Ajax goes in for a kiss while thrusting his dick inside of Aether’s ass.

Ajax goes on to kiss Aether’s neck. He sucks on it, leaving marks on the surface as he grabs Aether’s nape and lower back. Aether moves his head up as if inviting Ajax for more while his back arches from pleasure as Ajax stirs him up inside. Ajax fastens his pace making Aether claw his hands over Ajax’s broad back. Their moans become more and more intense as they call each other’s names. They kiss passionately as they feel themselves nearing climax.

Ajax’s hot cum spreads inside the condom as he deepens their kiss. Aether can feel Ajax’s dick pulsating inside of his ass as he arches his back while his dick twitches and spreads his load all over their bodies. Ajax continued to kiss Aether as he moved his hips, removing his dick from Aether’s ass. Aether holds on to Ajax, caressing his hair. They close their eyes as they keep kissing. They stopped only when they felt the need to breathe.

Ajax laid himself on top of Aether, holding him in a warm embrace. Aether hugs him back and then realizes that he came on top of their bodies. He tries to push Ajax away but the man wouldn’t even budge. Ajax holds Aether as he turns their bodies, leaving Aether on top of him. At this position, it was easier for Aether to get away but stopped as soon as Ajax touched his blond flocks. Ajax fixed it as he placed it on the side while he whispered in Aether’s ear.

“If I didn’t have a condom, you’d be pregnant by now.”

Aether looked down to the dick that entered him. He sees the cum flowing out of the half-hard dick that is still inside the condom. He turns back and relaxes his body to lay on top of Ajax. Even though he was embarrassed earlier, he didn’t seem to care now. 

“H-Hey, aren’t you going to remove it? The condom?”

“Oh shi- I forgot. Hold on.”

Ajax held Aether as he lifted his body up to a sitting position with Aether still on lap. Aether got caught by surprise and reflexively grabbed onto Ajax. His ass is slightly touching Ajax’s dick. He can feel Ajax reach down for his ass but gets shocked and a bit disappointed as Ajax misses his ass and goes for the condom attached to his dick. Ajax removes the condom and takes it into one of his hands. His other hand holds on to Aether’s cheek as he leans in for a kiss. Afterwards, he showed the used condom to Aether. 

“W-Why are holding that?”

“Why, you say. These could’ve been our kids you know?!”

Aether rolls his eyes at Ajax, who is laughing at his own statement. But after a while, he could see Ajax look at the condom with a slight smile and intent in his eyes. Ajax smiles even more and his eyes liven up when he turns to face Aether.

“What will you name them, Aether?”

Ajax asks as he chuckles. Aether toppled him over to fall back to the bed. He lays on top of Ajax, snuggling him in silence. Ajax gently places his hands on Aether for a warm embrace. Ajax starts to ask Aether about his travels. Aether shared his adventures with Ajax, who listened to all of the stories. They even made a promise that they’d travel together more often and that Ajax would move in at Aether’s mansion. 

After a long conversation, a long silence followed. They just stay there in each other’s arms throughout the silence. 


“Hmm? I’m Ajax though. Hey Aether, did you sleep with me thinking I was someone else?!”

“No! I was just… thinking of a name for our son.”

Ajax was shocked but very happy. To Ajax, Aether is so adorable. He kept thinking about it silently. Ajax thought that Aether wouldn’t bother with such questions but at times like this, seeing his serious side is too cute to handle. He smiles at Aether, while appreciating his being. 

“What if it’s a girl?”


Aether looked at Ajax as he answered the question. Ajax placed his hands on Aether’s cheeks and pinched them for a while. Then, he slides his hand down to Aether’s neck, pulling him towards his face for a kiss. 

“Nice names, I like them. I wonder when we’ll make children.”

“Soon. J-Just wait a bit longer.”

“I will. For as long as you want.”