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Trading Favors

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"Oh yes," Thoma said, eyeing him up and down. "I've heard all about you, Traveler. From your heroic exploits to some of your more… interesting ones." he grinned. 

"You can just say what you want, you know." Aether squinted at him. 

"Very well then," he laughed, "Listen. The way it works here, I can get you what you want. But I need people to owe me favors in order to do so. And if you want me to help you, you need to do me a favor in return."

Suddenly Aether felt on much more familiar footing. "Where and for how long?" 

Thoma blinked at him. "I'm sorry? I've got a job for you but…" he looked Aether up and down again. "So. Those are rumors I hadn't heard. Interesting."

Aether’s face turned pink. "Oh, that's not. What you meant. Oh I'm sorry." 

"Are you telling me you've been… trading favors with people?" Thoma cocked his head to the side. 

"Favors with other men . But yes. If you want to call it that." Aether's blush was creeping up his ears. "There are some powerful people in Mondstadt and Liyue that helped me out. So I repaid them."

“Does your companion know?” Thoma’s eyes flicked to Paimon for a second and then back.

“She knows.  Sort of.  Obviously not any of the details, but she makes herself scarce when the situation calls for it.”  Aether steadied himself. “So?  Which will it be?” He asked, determined, “Favor or Job?”

Thoma’s eyes darkened. “Favor.”

That was how Aether ended up here, in an empty warehouse. Thoma leaned against a stack of boxes, both of his hands buried in Aether’s hair. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth and he watched Aether with half lidded eyes.  “Archons,” he grunted, “You’re better at this than I expected.”

Aether hummed, and cast his golden gaze upwards. Thoma met his gaze for a moment before he looked away. Aether shrugged, guess this one didn’t like him looking him in the eyes.  He reached out to steady his hands on Thoma’s thighs as he slipped backwards off the cock in his mouth.  “I’m usually better than most expectations.”  He had a right to be a little smug.

When Thoma groaned, Aether sat back on his haunches. “You said blowjob, what else do you want in return for helping us out of Ritou?” 

“There’s far too many things I could ask from you, Traveler.” Thoma breathed out a sigh, “However, if this is something you’re used to doing…”  He hummed, “You spent time with Kazuha on that ship didn’t you.”

Aether nodded.

“Well then,” He pulled Aether up on his feet and leaned down for a quick, searing kiss. “Face away from me, up against the crates.” After Aether did as Thoma requested, the other man pulled his pants to his ankles and grunted. “It's not even been two hours since you got off that ship,” he said, pressing one slick finger against Aether’s entrance. 

“I’d still appreciate the prep,” Aether said dryly, and then grunted as Thoma’s long fingers slipped in and probed inside of him. 

“Archons, look at you,” Thoma whispered, a reverent tone to his words. “We’re going to have a lot of fun while you’re here in Inazuma.”

“This- Ah!” He cried out and started trembling as Thoma slipped inside of him.  It hadn’t been that long since he and Kazuha had fucked in the cargo hold of the ship, and he had been feeling a little… empty.  He leaned his forehead against the rough wood of the crate and groaned as Thoma began to move.  

“You were saying, Traveler?” Thoma chuckled wickedly in his ear.

“This… doesn’t happen all the time.” He grunted,  “I am going to do actual jobs for you, Thoma.  Don’t get used to it.”

“Then I’ll treasure the gift of your ass for what it is.” Thoma growled, a sound Aether had not expected to hear from this jovial man.

Thoma’s hands went to his hips, a gentler grip than Diluc and Childe, but not as gentle as Kaeya or Zhongli… or Kazuha either for that matter. Aether groaned, a particularly sharp thrust chasing the thoughts of other men from his mind. 

This was not the time or place.

The sound of their bare skin meeting filled the small space they were in combined with their huffs and grones.  Aether keened, an almost broken sound, as Thoma reached around and grabbed his cock with a sharp twist of his hand.  

Their liaison didn’t last long.  Thoma’s hips stuttered and jerked while his cock pulsed and filled Aether just a little bit more.  Aether, for his part, spilled all over Thoma’s hand and the floor, legs going shaky.  Thoma held him, nuzzling underneath his ear, holding him upright.

“No no, don’t fall on me now, Aether.  I’ve got you.”

Aether took a few deep breaths and steadied himself on the crates.  “W-was that enough?  To get me out of this place?  To get me my papers?” 

Thoma laughed, a bubbly sound. “No, that was just repayment for getting you in to begin with.  You’ll have to find your own way to me again, Traveler.  There’s a letter in your bag and a place and time for us to meet again.  Don’t keep me waiting too long.”  Then he slipped out of Aether with a groan.

Aether stood there, forehead to the wood, trying to catch his breath. “If that wasn’t so Archons damned good,” he mumbled to himself as he heard Thoma leave, whistling, “I’d have taken the job instead.” He huffed, pulling his things back up over his hips.  “Well, that’s definitely not going to happen again.”

Famous last words.

Thoma once again had him pressed up against a wall, this time in the teahouse. “You kept me waiting too long, Aether. You owe me.” 

“Are you kidding?” Aether huffed as Thoma rutted against his ass.

“Not in the slightest,” Thoma nipped at his ear.  “I told you that I wasn’t talking about M-” He jerked back and off of Aether straightening them both up hurriedly at the sound of the door. “Play it cool, we’ll talk about this later.” 

They did not talk later.  

They did fuck later.

So much for Aether’s proclamation that it would never happen again.