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To celebrate a non-existent birthday

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Izuku woke up with a good feeling. Today was his 16th birthday! He doesn’t advertise things like this, a decade of being quirkless, and everyone who knows this giving quirk infused licks to him every birthday had ensured he keeps his cards close to his chest. Even now with his quirk, he still keeps most things to himself, never know when people will turn on you.



Enough negativity, today is going to be a good day’. With that thought, Izuku gets up to get ready. He settles for some light cardio, rather than the heavy duty workout he follows on the daily. Jumping jacks, lunges, some light stretching, and a short jog around the dorm. He then decides to take a nice long shower, indulging himself as today is his birthday. His tense muscles relax ever so slightly, his scarred body relaxing under the hot torrent of water. He runs his hair under the water for a moment, letting it get soaked. Running his fingers through his hair, he works the knots out of his curls. He then spreads some quirk treated shampoo and conditioner into his hands and runs it through his curls. This brand of hair product straightened hair, while also increasing the softness of hair. 


Izuku eventually finishes his shower, having washed all the soap, sweat, and dirt from his body, and the shampoo conditioner from his hair. Standing in the mirror, he comes to see himself. Soft, straight green tinted black hair that rests just below his clavicles, round eyes that glisten in hope and joy, freckles shaped like diamonds adorning his cheeks, a round face, and a lean yet muscular body. He doesn’t do this often, but he takes a moment to appreciate his hard work. He towels off, and dresses in his uniform, forgoing the tie and leaving the top two buttons undone. He grabs his school bag and goes to the communal area. There he makes himself some breakfast. It must be pretty early, no one’s there, except for Iida. Iida is studying for English it looks like.




“Iida-san, would you like help with your English? It looks like you’re struggling a little.” Izuku says to Iida, focusing intently with the hope Iida will suddenly get the impulse to agree and allow Izuku to help him.


“No thanks Midoriya-kun. I can’t always rely on you.” Iida says to Izuku, without so much as turning in his direction.


Aren’t friends supposed to rely on each other, Tenya?’


Izuku turns back to his breakfast, allowing Iida to focus on his English studies. Once Izuku finishes his breakfast, he leaves early for class. As he walks through the halls of the school, he doesn’t notice the many students and one pro hero that gawk after him, faces flushed red as tomatoes. He reaches 1-A and has himself a seat. He’s the only one in the classroom because of how early it is. He decides to take yet another liberty since he’s no longer being punished for existing, and pulls out his newest notebook, “My Own Hero, Book One”. As becoming a hero is no longer terribly against the odds and his foot is in the door, The Hero Analysis for the Future has been replaced with  M.O.H.B.O. In this book, he identifies all existing and later discovered problems of himself and his classmates. He finds solutions, whether it be support items, techniques, additional training, or even ideas to bypass mental blocks. He also considers other applications of quirks. 


Izuku isn’t sure how long has passed, but it definitely feels like long enough. He looks up to see his classmates looking anywhere but him, most of his classmates looking flushed. Maybe he could ask Aizawa-sensei to speak with Nedzu, the other students seem to be struggling with the heat, even though it feels like about 74 degrees in the classroom. As the entire class waits in silence, Izuku decides to return to his notebook. It’s odd that it’s so quiet, but Aizawa-sensei will definitely appreciate the silence. 


“Problem child, why are you dressed like that?” Aizawa asked Izuku.


“AAAAHHAAAA! Oh, um, today was feeling like a great day, so I decided not to use a tie.” Izuku said, giving what he thought was his usual sunshine smile, which was actually genuine, and a couple hundred notches brighter than usual. 


I don’t know how, but seeing problem child smile like that, it feels like I’m doing something right.’ Aizawa thought, before humming, struggling not to smile with the boy. Aizawa turns towards the board to start lessons-


“Midoriya, that manner of dress is inappropriate! Where’s your tie?! Why is your shirt not fully buttoned?! It is important to follow the dress code! Deviation from the dress code could be a distraction to others and a disservice to both the makers of the uniform and the school itself!” Iida said, hands chopping imaginary onions. Izuku brushes off how much being called out makes him uncomfortable, memories of being called out and then assaulted quickly coming to mind.


“Iida-san, the student conduct guide makes no mention of removing certain articles from your outfits. Also, Kacchan’s been dressing like this since first year, and you never said anything to him.” Izuku counter-argued.


“Midoriya, I learned that you can’t reason with delinquents like him-”


“The fuck did you just say?!” Bakugou interrupted Iida.


“I expected more from you Midoriya.” Iida finished before sitting down.


Izuku tried not to let that get him down as he focused on the lesson. He still hasn’t noticed that he quickly has become the center of attention, some teachers struggling with the amount of gawking that Izuku to this point has not noticed. It’s lunch period, and Izuku has gone to go enjoy lunch with his closest friends. He’s so happy to have actual friends. When he gets there, he’s met with silence from Iida and what Izuku remembers to be criticism, Ochaco-chan seeming to nitpick his looks.


“Hey Iida-”


“Not now Midoriya. Can’t you see I’m trying to work.” Iida said before Izuku could so much as finish his sentence. Izuku looks to Ochaco.


“Hey Ochaco.” Izuku says.


“Oh, hEy DeKU.” She says with blatant sarcasm. It flies way over Izuku’s head.


“Are you okay Ochaco?” He says in genuine concern.


“Peachy, just peachy. You have every single student ogling you with their eyes, and you just flaunting your looks. Well guess what?! You’re not pretty, your ugly, even uglier with your fugly curls, and your oversized eyes, and your gross scars. No one would want someone so short, it’s disappointing, probably just as small down there too. You’re just so fake, your smile is plastic, and you pretend to all this stuff out of the goodness of your heart but are probably just as selfish as everyone else. Your muscles are gross, and no one loves you. No one except me, I don’t care that you’re ugly, and smelly, or that no one wants you. I will always want you.” Uraraka finishes her roasts to open her eyes and see that there appears to be a trail of water from where Izuku was standing towards away from her, and that everyone in the cafeteria was staring daggers at her. General Education, Support, Management. Classes 1-A and 1-B. Lunch Rush. The rest of the staff in the lunch room.

Izuku sat on the room of the building, crying quietly to himself. He worked so hard to curb his annoying habits, to be positive, likeable. But Uraraka-san could see just how fake he is. How ugly he is. What was he thinking, it doesn’t matter what he does with his hair, or if he takes care of his face and body. He is destined to be disgusting, something that hurts the eye to look at. His voice is probably just as annoying, always muttering about stupid stuff, wasting people’s time and being so high pitched it would cause pain to the dogs in the neighborhood. Everything she said was right. And so he sat there, crying to himself. Then he felt something wrap around him, followed by a pair of arms, another pair of arms, then a few pairs of arms wrapping around him. He opens his eyes to see Tokoyami-san, Shouji-san, Dark Shadow-san, and Aoyama-san. All of them hugging him, a mouth forms next to his ear, whispering sweet nothings, that it doesn’t matter if anything she said was true, that Izuku mattered and that those four did care about him. He broke down in their arms.


They later had gone to Tokoyami’s room, having fun with attempting a seance and failing, impressions, which with how Izuku’s hair was currently done, he managed nearly identical impressions of Aizawa-sensei, Yamada-sensei, All Might, and even some of the members of class 1-A. They also played cards against humanity, and Uno, it was a crazy night, but Izuku is sure he found his real friends. He left back for his room with a platter of cheese and a light heart.

Iida flipped his English test over.


F-, better luck next time little listener :(


Iida cursed himself for not studying harder.

Ochaco DM to Deku


Hey Deku, would you like to go with me to watch the new All Might documentary? I heard it’s going to be fun!! (Cat emoji) Sent: 11:42 AM


Hey Deku, would you like to go with me to watch the new All Might documentary? I heard it’s going to be fun!! (Cat emoji) Read


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