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You belong with me

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Mary watched as Lana struggled on the phone with Wendy.  Lana was clearly growing more and more frustrated, rolling her eyes and throwing her hands in the air. Lana and Mary had lived across from each other since they were little, they were best friends. Mary, like every Tuesday night, sat pretending to read, soft jazz playing through her speaker. Mary listened to it out of spite, it was Lana’s favorite genre, Wendy hated it. Truth be told, Mary was jealous of Wendy, not for her looks or her talent, but because of Lana. Mary had fallen in love with Lana throughout the years. Now, Mary sat and watched Lana out of the corner of her eye as she yelled into the phone, but couldn’t make out any words, she could see Lana’s brown eyes glaze over with tears as she hung up the phone and threw it on her bed. 


Mary grabbed her phone and quickly sent Lana a text, 


You okay? 


Mary watched as Lana quickly grabbed her phone ready to read a text from Wendy, but her features visibly softened when she saw the text was from Mary, looking up and smiling out her window at the blond Lana typed, 


Yea Wendy is upset about some joke I made, tired of all the drama with her


Mary grabbed her phone and read the text and looked up and Lana and rolled her eyes and shook her head,


“She doesn’t understand your sense of humor like I do” Mary mumbled to herself before typing out,


Sorry :( I’m sure it was funny though!!


Mary once again watched Lana smile softly down at her phone, 


It was, I’ll tell you tomorrow I’m exhausted from yelling and crying. Goodnight Mary <3 


Mary looked and smiled at Lana before she shut her blinds. Mary grabbed her phone and typed out


I love you Lana and deleted it right away. Mary sat and looked longingly at Lana’s closed window. Wendy was so much prettier than her and talented than her. Wendy was on the sideline cheering Lana on at her soccer games with the other cheerleaders, Mary was sitting in the bleachers. It was their senior year they both had just turned 18 and were heading off to college. Mary, Lana, and Wendy were all heading to Briarcliffe College. Mary dreamed longingly at what could be before shutting her own window and falling asleep, unaware of Lana peeking out of her window unseen looking over at Mary just as lovingly. 


Mary and Lana walked towards their bench, the one they unofficially claimed freshman year of highschool. Mary sat and laughed at one of Lana’s jokes, Mary hadn’t seen Lana smile that brightly in a while, 


“See that’s the joke I told Wendy and she got upset, It was funny right?” 


Mary wiped the tear from her eye and bit her lip, “Yea it was funny, no idea why she got mad.” Lana leaned over and brushed a lock of Misty’s hair behind her ear. 


Mary and Lana looked at eachother, Mary swore she saw Lana lean in before a loud honk broke them from their trance. 


“Are you coming to the game tonight?” Lana asked quickly as Wendy pulled up, 


“Finals tonight, you know I wouldn’t miss it for the world Lana, good luck you’ll kill it.” 


Lana smiled at her friend and patted her knee as Wendy had pulled up in her fancy sports car her parents had bought her,


“Hey Lana banana jump in!” Wendy called out, Mary saw Lana cringe, Lana hated that nickname. Mary thought back to one night 

A year ago


Lana and Mary were huddled into Mary’s small bed, Lana had snuck over after a fight with her parents about college.  Lana had snuck to Mary’s backdoor sending her a quick text waking Mary up, 


I’m at your backdoor 


Mary quickly got up and ran downstairs to her back door, letting a red eyed Lana into her kitchen. 


Lana rested her head on Mary’s shoulder and let out a sniffle,


“They want me to play soccer, and I just,” Lana breathed in deeply, “I do want to play, I know I'm good at it, I just, I want to be an author and a reporter so bad.” 


Mary wrapped her arm around Lana and brushed the hair out of her face, 


“You are also a damn good writer, Lana Winters.” Mary said, making Lana chuckle, “Go to a college that has both of what you want.” Mary said, running her hands through Lana’s hair. 


“Briarcliffe has both…..” Lana said, almost sleepily. “Imagine us, going to the same college, we’d never get anything done.” 

“I say apply,” Mary said quickly, “You'll get in and I won’t have to find a random roommate.” 


Lana thought about it for a moment, “I will apply.” Lana sat up and smiled at Mary, “I’m gonna do it, thank you Mary,” Lana kissed her cheek, “You always know what to say.”


Lana excitedly called Wendy and told her the news.  Mary sat reclined on her bed and watched Lana happily on the phone. 

Present Day 

Mary gave Wendy a dry smile and a small wave of her hand. Wendy rolled her eyes and scoffed. Lana got in the car and greeted her girlfriend. Wendy forcefully grabbed Lana’s face and kissed her sloppily, eyes open the whole time looking at Mary.  Mary held eye contact for a minute, but once she saw Wendy slip her tongue into Lana’s mouth she looked away grimacing. She tossed Lana back into the seat, Lana turned to Mary and gave a sly wave goodbye and they were off, speeding down the street.  

Mary walked home, typing and deleting the same text over and over again


I love you 

Lana, I love you 

I love you Lana 

Mary put her phone away and started her homework before the game. 


Hours later, Mary tossed on the soccer hoodie Lana had given her and a pair of jeans. She sent Lana a quick text,


I’m on my way, good luck tonight you’ll kill it <3 


Mary quickly drove to the school and sat in her usual spot on the bleachers, Lana ran out onto the field and immediately looked for her number one supporter. Mary wasn’t sure who smiled more, her or Lana when they locked eyes. Mary gave her a thumbs up and mouthed ‘go kick ass’ Lana laughed and nodded that she would.  Mary sat alone in the stands and watched the love of her life play her final game. 

 In the end, Lana had scored the winning goal, and they were crowned state champions. Mary couldn’t be more happy for Lana. Mary watched as she ran around the field with her teammates crying and yelling. Lana looked up and Mary and mouthed, ‘I did it’ Mary smiled so wide her eyes closed, she mouthed back ‘I told you you would’ Lana turned her back and Mary mouthed ‘I love you’ 

Mary watched as Lana looked over at Wendy, who was talking to Lana’s teammate. Wendy laughed at something she said and rubbed her hand down the girl's arm. Lana walked over and confronted Wendy, Mary could see from afar Wendy brushed it off and Lana walked away angry. 

Mary’s eyes filled with tears and she quickly got up and left. Mary stormed into her house and rushed up the stairs, immediately shutting her blinds. She didn’t understand Lana, she didn’t understand how she could be with someone who treated her like that.  Lana deserved so much more than what anyone could give her.  Mary was waiting for Lana to realize that she was the one who understood Lana, she was standing right there, across the yard from her. 


Mary crawled into bed wearing Lana’s hoodie, drying  her tears with the sleeves as she rocked herself to sleep. Mary’s phone rang at three am, Lana’s name shining brightly in her room. Mary looked down at her phone, a photo of them at the park years ago. Mary ignored the call and stared up at the ceiling, 


I need you 


Lana texted her minutes later, Mary looked down and sighed, she got up and walked to her backdoor where Lana was in true fashion. Lana still had her uniform on, grass stains covering her white jersey, 


“I-” Lana started then stopped, “I’m sorry for barging in.” Lana said standing in the doorway. 


Mary chuckled, “No you’re not , cmon.” Lana smiled and followed Mary slowly up the stairs. Mary let Lana crawl into her bed, gross grass stained jersey and all.


Mary stayed silent, and she crawled in next to Lana. Lana quietly cried into her shoulder until she passed out from exhaustion. 

Mary woke up the next morning to Lana running around her room,


“Morning sleepyhead!” Lana said, “I’m sorry I gotta go and get ready for prom.” 

Mary sat up confused, “Wait, you’re still going to prom?”


“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Lana asked confused, slipping on her shoes from the night before, “I’m taking Wendy remember?” 


Mary’s expression went stout, “Oh yea, have fun.” 

“What do you mean have fun? Aren’t you coming?” Lana asked.


“Who would I possibly go with? I have studying to do anyway, it’s not a big deal Lana.”  Mary shrugged her off and laid back under her blanket, “Have fun.”


Lana looked over at her, “I will.”


Mary looked out her window that night, she watched Lana get into her classic black suit, white tie and white pocket square to match Wendy’s dress.

Lana walked out of her room, but turned back quickly and pulled out her phone,


Wish you were going

Mary looked up at Lana and gave her a sad smile and went back to her textbook. 

Mary sat in her room that night and thought about her life. Mary’s whole life she was so used to giving and giving but never taking anything for herself. She decided that night to take for herself. She quickly shrugged on her favorite white dress, grabbing small black heels and running out of the door.


Mary walked into the ballroom slowly, everyone around her watched as she took each step. Mary looked on as Lana walked towards her, quickly being stopped by Wendy grabbing at her. Lana shrugged her off and met Mary in the middle of the floor.


Lana pulled out her phone and sent a text 


I love you 


Mary read the text and sent one back 


I love you Lana 


Mary smiled down at Lana and moved closer, “You belong with me,” Mary whispered as her classmates looked on, “Not with her.” 

Lana nodded and met her eyes, “I know.” Lana cupped Mary’s cheek and kissed her softly. Fireworks lit up behind Mary’s eyes as she wrapped her arms around Lana’s waist. 

“Do you wanna get out of here?” Lana asked as they parted. Mary looked down at her blue eyes wide with amazement,


“Yeah, let’s go” 

Lana opened the door for Mary before quickly walking to the driver side and starting the car. Lana reached out her hand for Mary to grab as she pulled out of the parking lot, Mary intertwined their fingers and they were off.

The short drive was filled with normal conversation, they knew they’d have to talk about their relationship shifting at some point, but they wanted to enjoy their time now.

“Where are you taking me?” Mary asked. 


Lana had pulled up into a small park near their houses, “Our park, we’re going to have our own prom. Just me and you.” 

Lana helped Mary out of the car and quickly grabbed the blanket in her back seat. 


“Let me give you a piggyback ride so you don’t dirty your dress up.” 

Lana quickly picked Mary up and walked to the closest tree. Lana put her down and laid the blanket out for them to lay on. The pair lay under the stars as they discussed their newfound love. 

Mary kissed Lana again softly, “I love you and it has always been you.”