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Dinner or Me? —It's Always You, Baby

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Childe should have thought something like this would happen when he decided that borrowing Zhongli’s shirt was a good idea.

After two weeks of not being able to properly spend time with each other due to work, Childe had finally, finally wrapped up the mountains of paperwork Ekaterina had nagged him to finish, and got rewarded with a day off tomorrow. So he decided to visit Zhongli in his apartment and surprise his boyfriend, only to find the place devoid of the man himself when he arrived.

No problem for Childe. It was common for Zhongli to come home late due to his work in the funeral parlour, so Childe could just lounge and order some food as he waited. But first he wanted to take a shower; after all, he immediately went from the bank to Zhongli’s apartment, so he didn’t have the opportunity to freshen himself and grab a change of clothes.

(Or, more accurately, perhaps he didn’t really think things through, but could anyone blame him? He had missed Zhongli greatly.)

Childe had just finished his shower when he heard the front door unlocking, and hastily toweled himself dry before putting on the shirt and a pair of fresh underwear he had borrowed from Zhongli’s wardrobe earlier. The shirt was a little loose and the underwear hung low on his hips, but Childe paid it no mind as he rushed out to the living room, where Zhongli was looking around the apartment with a confused look. Zhongli looked up to him when he heard the door swing open, and immediately his expression changed to a dumbfounded one.

“Zhongli!” Childe greeted happily as he approached Zhongli, who was still petrified on the spot. His gaze had never left Childe even as he wrapped his arms lovingly around Zhongli’s shoulders and gave the man a peck on the lips. “Welcome home, babe. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Childe,” Zhongli finally managed to find his voice back. “Such a... pleasant surprise, to see you here. Did you finally finish your work as your assistant has requested?”

“We haven’t met for two weeks, and that’s the first thing you asked me?” Childe gave him a pout. “But yes, I finished it all, and I have a day off tomorrow. Isn’t that great?”

Dumbly, Zhongli nodded. Childe could feel the older man’s hands on his waist, touching him hesitantly. “You smell good,” Zhongli commented, nuzzling on Childe’s still damp hair and inhaling the scent.

“It’s your shampoo, you know,” Childe chuckled. His eyes flashed mischievously as he whispered. “Why? Does it turn you on?”

The reluctant hands on his waist turned into a firm grip. Strong enough not to let Childe escape easily, but not so much that it'd bruise his pale skin. "Not only do you smell like me, but you are also wearing my clothes," Zhongli growled. "I do not think that you have made a very wise choice here, Childe.”

“On the contrary, I actually think that for once, I’ve made a very good choice,” Childe licked his lips and purposely ground their hips together, feeling Zhongli’s growing hard-on behind his trousers and enjoying the small, almost unnoticeable hitch in the older man’s breath. “Just once, then dinner afterwards? I’ll be staying for the night. We can have some food delivered later. How about it?”

Childe got his answer as Zhongli pushed him down on the sofa. “Once,” Zhongli breathed out.



But of course it was never only ‘once’ with Zhongli.

Childe helplessly clawed at broad shoulders, nails digging hard against the cloth of Zhongli's coat as he came for what felt like the tenth time that night, clear liquid staining the shirt he had been wearing. Zhongli hadn't even bothered to strip both of them as they fucked all over the apartment. The sofa had been the first victim, and then Zhongli manhandled him onto the dining table next, smearing cum all over the surface. Afterwards he had brought Childe to the bedroom when he complained about the hard surface hurting his back and proceeded to rail him again on the bed.

There was no salvaging the shirt he had been wearing. Some of the buttons popped off when Zhongli accidentally tugged on it too hard, and dried cum had caked the fabric that Childe was sure no washing agent could rub the stains out. The only thing left to do with the shirt was to burn it.

He moaned as the tip of Zhongli’s engorged cock pierced his swollen hole, the coolness of metal buckle pressing against his ass. “Zho—Zhongli,” he rasped out. “No—no more, please—”

“Just a little bit more, love...” And just like before, Zhongli accentuated his reply with a thrust, mercilessly drilling against Childe’s abused prostate.

“You said that—a-ah!—before, too!” Childe hit his shoulder with a fist. He was sore and sticky, and the shirt, drenched in sweat and cum, clung to his skin uncomfortably. His cock lay limply against his stomach, already wrung dry. “Aren’t you hungry? Y-You haven’t eaten dinner, right?”

“What are you babbling about, Childe...?” Zhongli smiled, his long hair framing his handsome face like a curtain as he loomed over Childe. “You are my dinner, are you not? I was certain that you were offering yourself earlier...”

“That’s not what I—” His protest was cut off with another hard thrust, hips slapping against the back of his thighs. Childe shuddered as he felt Zhongli’s hot seeds filling him again to the brim, some overflowing and spilled onto the sheets. “—I did not offer myself as your dinner!”

“But I want you as my dinner, love,” Zhongli sighed and kissed him. “We have not seen each other for two weeks, and today you showed up at my place, engulfed in my possessions. Tell me, how can I resist the sight of you wearing my clothes and smelling so good, hmm?” He ran his fingers on Childe’s trembling thighs. “I had warned you, but you chose to ignore it. Please be a good boy and hold on a little bit more for me, all right?”

Never again, Childe thought to himself as the cock within him stirred back to life. Never!