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Pillow's of Silk & Cum

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He didn’t know how much more of this he could take.

Long white ears lay limp across his mattress as Lan Wangji’s cock dragged lazily against the skin warmed silk of his blanket draped pillow. Whimpering as the soft fabric slid teasingly over his sensitive skin. Eyelids fluttering as shivers riddled from the base of his perked tail to the middle of his shoulder blades. Lan Wangji groaned into his sheets, pulling his hips back sharply and shoving them back down into the pillow. Gasping as it so deliciously hugged him and slid across that perfect spot under the head.

He shouldn’t be so surprised, yet he couldn’t help the fluttering of amazement each time his hips drove down how good it felt. Fucking himself into his blanket, against his pillow. 

‘fucking himself’ gods.  

Shame tickled his spine yet that only heightened the bliss. He shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t have let curiosity blind his judgement, shouldn’t have let Wei Ying’s mindless words affect him so much. 



‘I swear to the gods Nie Huaisang! It feels so good’ Wei Ying seemed to almost drool at the very thought. 

‘What made you even think to try it Wei-Xiong?’

‘I just woke up hard and started moving my hips against something! I didn’t even realize it was my pillow that got between my legs before I was already so close. Ughhh.. It's not fair! If there's one thing I’ll miss about the Cloud Recesses, it’ll be the pillows, mine aren’t as soft at home.. Oh, well okay maybe I’ll miss Lan Zhan too... But that's it!’



Stupid shameless boy! Lan Wangji sank his cock into his silk covered pillow again and shuddered. He shouldn’t have even heard that conversation, eavesdropping is forbidden and yet.. Yet he! Humiliation drenched him. His hips worked harder. 

He broke the rules and now he’s getting off on it. Wei Ying is destroying him. H as! Already!  

Lan Wangji growled into his sheets and forced his chest off the bed, shivering. He glared down at himself, decidedly not pouting at his drooling cock. Fingers flexed, resisting the urge to wrap them around himself and give into his baser desires. He had to stop. This wasn’t something Lans did. Something he did !

Yet he pulsed painfully over top of his stained sheets, twitching, begging for just the smallest touch. Lan Wangji’s eyes watered as his ears burned with embarrassment, hips jerking as he couldn’t resist at least palming the heel of his hand against the head for any semblance of relief. Massaging the pooling slick into his tip till he was shuddering again from the tease. Just a thrust.. Just one. 

One more. 

Lan Wangji’s eyes fluttered and closed as he gasped and fell forward, only barely catching himself as he widened his knees further, arching over top of the pillow. Thrusting between the tight slick space he created with his hand. He couldn’t stop, oh gods he couldn’t stop.

He wanted to cum.

“Wei Ying…”

The name slipped from his lips, hips stuttering from the sound of it, how it felt on his tongue. His ears burned darker, clenching his teeth in shame yet the name continued to spill from him. Slick leaked between his thighs from his entrance, desire that came with that name obvious in his body, undeniable.

“W-Wei Ying. Wei Ying.

Mindlessly, he pulled his pre-cum covered hand away and folded the pillow over, wrapping his cock in silk in the middle of it, and rolled his hips. Humming in pleased bliss he fell forward again, ass presented to no one as he bucked shamefully into his pleasure. Fingers finding one of his ears and tugging on it out of need to hold something, pulling an unexpected moan from his throat. 

“Wei Ying!” he gasped into his sheets.

Gods, he wanted to fuck him, wanted to be fucked by him . Anything.. Everything! Just Wei Ying.

Prying his hand from his sheets he swiped the thick black hair up and away from his neck and let it fan across the bed as he sunk his fingers into it. Fluttering eyes opened to glance over his shoulder at his bare raised hips. Eyeing the twitching bunny tail nestled just above his cheeks, watching as it flickered and bounced with his slowed rocking.

Wei Ying would pull on his tail, he just knew he would. Wei Ying talks about it so often.. How cute it was when he got a glance of it in the cold spring. Then wouldn’t shut up about it from then on. How soft it looked. 

Lan Wangji’s eyes dulled with lust, and there was Wei Ying, leaning over him from behind, holding him down just like this. Pulling his hips back by his tail as he shoved forward. Forcing Lan Wangji to drive into the pillow. He groaned and did as he imagined, rolling his hips to milk the thrust then pulling back again. His hand leaves his hair to tangle into the white fur and yank. 

Oh my gods. 

He whined into the bent arm that held fast to his ears and tugged again, bucking back into the grip as he moaned. Cock bursting with wetness as his hips shuddered. Yes. Again. More, Wei Ying!

Lan Wangji bit through a groan and fucked his hips harder down as he palmed his tail roughly. Pulling on it like Wei Ying might, not delicate in the slightest like you should be with bunny tails. 

He’d tease him for humping his silk like this, make fun of him for it! Mock him for being just as needy as everyone else is yet acting like it's beneath him. Make him admit how much he loves it. Loves fucking himself against his pillow, loves his tail being played with so roughly. 

Ask him if he’d fuck him so passionately or is it only his pillow. 

Lan Wangji sank his teeth into his bicep and trembled as he worked harder. Cum, he needed to cum. Would lose his mind if he didn’t. 

The weight of his chest down on the pillow made him tremble, the silky teasing squeeze of it in the hole he made ripping a moan from his throat. Yes, just like this! 

All over his sheets, he’ll make a mess of them, as if they weren’t already. He didn’t care! Not as the pleasure prickled so deliciously, taunting, so close yet having to work so hard to get there. 

His finger slipped, catching on the delicate wrinkle of his own hole just beneath his tail, then past it to the space between it and his cock. He shivered and opened his mouth to whine wetly into his covers. 

It’s soaked! 

He wrenched his hand back again, pulling on his tail as he cried. Finger catching on the ruffle again with his harsh tug, he wanted.. He wanted!-

He wanted Wei Ying to fuck him.

Heat shot from his cock, surprising a blissful sob from Lan Wangji his hips shuddered. The hand tangled in his hair and ears ripping away to hold the pillow underneath his chest closer to his pelvis as he trembled and continued to work his cock through the warm mess he made. Milking every last drop of pleasure out of himself. 

Strength leaving him he rolled onto his back and shivered as his cock was exposed to the cool air, smeared with white release. His hand found him, and rolled the head in his palm, pulling whimpers from his lips. But he would get the most out of this. 

A weak sound spilled from him as he torturously palmed his sweet spots. Trembling till it was over. 

Some amount of time passes as the blissful emptiness in his head fades to the real world. Welcomed only by himself and Wei Ying empty silence. Lan Wangji rolled onto his other side, too scandalized to look at his ruined sheets. Tail too sore to stay on his back.