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One Last Try

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“Edge, you’re being--”


Red groaned at the shrill sound of his kid bro fighting with his parents at butt-o-clock in the morning. What--

Oh. First day of school. 

Getting ready didn’t take Red long, so Edge was still screaming his ribcage off when he shortcut downstairs. “Red! How many times I gotta tell ya to walk?” Dad asked, flames flickering in irritation. 

“that’s what happens when you’re born with teleportation, daddy-o,” Red said. Dad's flames tinged redder, a sure-fire sign he didn’t like the nickname. “what’s for breakfast?”

“You, if you ever call me that again.” Despite the warning, he slipped some fluffy pancakes and eggs onto his plate. “Ya excited for sixth-grade?”

Red snorted. “excited for school? me? ya got the wrong kid.”

“Alright, we’ve reached an agreement!” Pops declared as he swept into the kitchen with a tiny Edge in his arms. “Edge has agreed that Red can walk him to school today.”

“no way!” Red growled. “i’ve got school!”

“It’s in the same building,” Wings pointed out.

“make wings do it!”

“He’s in high school now.”


“That’s enough!” Pops bellowed. “Red, you will walk your brother to and from school. No arguing! It’s his first day so you will be nice.”

“fine! ugh!”

Red held Edge’s hand until they were out of sight of the house, then dropped it. “i’m not gonna walk ya every day, ya little butt.”


“yeah? then why’d ya say it?”