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February, 1989

“It’s just… I don’t think it’s the same.”

El sounded disappointed, and Max didn’t blame her. After all, a banana was not a human penis. No matter how much Max teasingly pretended it was, or the condom they applied to it. Some things had to be experienced to be believed.

When El came up to her that Saturday morning, Max was taken aback at what she said.

“I want sex experience.”

Not words you’d hear often from your best friend.

Maybe Max should have known that this day was inevitable though. El usually came to her for guidance about fashion and homework and school clubs. They talked about boys already. Celebrity crushes. It was only a matter of time really before they talked about this.

Apparently Mike and El had set up a date that very evening. And El wanted to do something special.

But El hadn’t asked her about sex as an idea, or asked for advice. She asked for “sex experience.” Emphasis on the experience part. Some words and assurances weren’t going to cut it.

El knew the basic things. Kissing. Touching. Naughty bits. The basic mechanics. But it was the nuances and the acts she needed help on. “To make it good,” as she put it to her. So Max had to get a little creative.

“I think we’re going to need to take this to the next level,” Max said with a sigh, taking a bite out of the banana they were “practicing” on.

There was always her little friend…

“Wait just a second, I’m just going to get something.”

Ducking her head under the bed while El blinked curiously, Max reached around blindly before finding the box she was searching for. She opened it up and smiled at what was inside.

7 sturdy inches, jet black with a shine, and even fitted with some semi-realistic veins for extra pleasure. It had been Max’s go to stress relief for a while until she and Lucas took things further.

“What is that?” El said, eyes wide and her lips just slightly parted.

“This is Noir. My other best friend,” Max said with a giggle as she wiped down the toy with fondness. “It’s like a guy’s dick, so it’s perfect for practice.”

“Wow, are all guys like that?” El asked, her voice laced with interest.

“Only the lucky ones,” Max said with a wink.

“I don’t know if Mike could fit that down there,” El said in wonder.

He probably couldn’t, and doesn’t, Max thought snidely.

That was the bitter pill to swallow in all of this. She wanted to help El, but the idea that she was helping Mike too by extension annoyed her.

They had the same group of friends, and Max’s best friend was Mike’s girlfriend, and her boyfriend was Mike’s best friend. But even despite that, Max and Mike had never really mended fences after getting off on the wrong foot, and especially after that summer of ‘85.

To Max, Mike had lucked out with El and didn’t really deserve her. She refrained from meddling, but inside she felt resentment over it. Especially when Mike was so smug about it. Taking it all for granted.

It was made worse by the fact that they had been fighting a lot more lately. Once again over El, and who made choices for her. Mike wasn’t as controlling as he was, but he still glared at any guy who got close to her at school and guilt tripped El after. It pissed Max off.

But it wasn’t her choice to make either, Max thought sullenly. El asked for her help, and she would give it.

“Okay, so lesson one, don’t just go right in when you’re giving a guy head,” Max started. “A blowjob,” she elaborated at El’s confused expression. This was going to be harder than she thought.

El was super smart, Max never thought otherwise, but she was incredibly naive and didn’t really know slang all that well. She was more of a visual learner.

“Just watch what I do and follow that,” Max said before turning her attention to Noir. She gave the head of the thick black dildo a sweet kiss, slightly self-conscious over having an audience, but pushing ahead and giving little kisses and licks along the underside of the dildo.

“You don’t want to dive right in, you want to build up to it. Make them want it and anticipate it.”

El nodded along, her eyes laser focused on Max’s action like this was history class at school and El was trying to memorize a specific date.

“And when you suck on it, always mind your teeth. Trust me, it’s easier to slip up than you think,” Max said with a wince. She opened her mouth wider to take the toy into her mouth, taking in the head first and sucking, before slowly proceeding. She made some exaggerated noises for El’s benefit.

Lucas always loved her technique, so El was learning from the best. And if Lucas liked it, it would blow Wheeler’s mind easy.

Max pulled the toy out, El’s eyes on the shine of the spit coating it.

“You can take it even deeper in, all the way down. That’s called deepthroating, but that might be a little advanced. What’s important now is just learning to get it in your mouth and sucking without biting,” Max explained, handing El the dildo.

The sight of her with that heavy black tool in her hands was almost comical, but oddly arousing to Max.

El handled it delicately, as if she was afraid to squeeze too hard.

“Guys are sensitive down there, but they aren’t made of glass. Don’t worry El, just go for it,” Max soothed.

El gave a nod before curiously raising the dildo to her mouth level. She gave the tip of it a tentative lick, before giving it a few extra swipes. She was trying to do what Max told her but also what she thought was right.

She licked a long strip down from the tip to the base of the dildo where her hand held it up. It was so long and delicate and arousing. Max was impressed. El had what Lucas called “unintentional sexiness”. She didn’t know it, but she had a habit of making anything look sexy, so even her awkward attempts at giving head ended up looking really hot.

Wasted on Wheeler, Max despaired. To think, this once in a lifetime girl would be giving away her virginity, a priceless gift, to a guy who lucked into it. And El didn’t even know. All she wanted was for it to be good. It should be the other way around. Wheeler should be here getting lessons on trying to make El feel as good as possible. Instead he was probably at home, getting off on his own self importance.

Max shot back to reality when she heard El gag and her eyes widened when she realized El was trying to fit the entire dildo down her throat. And somehow managing it. She had tears in her eyes, but her throat bulged with the effort of getting that 7 inch python down her and Max froze in amazement and awe before springing into action when El let out another choking sound.

“El stop, that’s enough!”

El pulled it from her mouth, the wet noise accompanying it giving Max a tingle.

“S-sorry, I just wanted to see if I could do it…” El said, looking embarrassed.

“You don’t need to be sorry, I mean that was pretty freaking amazing actually,” Max said, genuinely impressed. “But don’t push yourself, it’s your first time, you don’t need to go that far.”

“I just… I want it to be good for him,” El said. For such a sweet sentiment, she sounded miserable.

“C’mon El, it’s Wheeler. One look at you and his little prick will be creaming,” Max said, shuddering inside.

“He gets so mad sometimes at school, like when Greg McCorkle was talking to me in biology class. I don’t want him to be mad at me…” El said, sounding distraught.

Max’s blood was boiling. That jealous little bitch.

“Mike doesn’t have any right to be angry at you. For anything. It’s not your fault guys at school find you hot,” Max said fiercely. “He should get over his own insecurities instead of taking them out on you.”

El looked miserable and not at all cheered up or as fired up as Max hoped. She didn’t even seem to have the heart to get mad on Mike’s behalf either.

“I want to be good because… I know he has spectations.”

“Expectations,” Max corrected gently. She was getting angrier by the second. “What kind of expectations?”

“I saw in the basement in his house. He had a video. A sex video,” El said, whispering the last bit.

“L-like a porno?” Max said, surprised. Wheeler with a porno? That was a disturbing though. Fitting for him though.

“It had girls in it, girls not like me.” She sounded so worried and full of doubt, it made Max want to head over there and beat Mike over the head with the dildo. “And Dustin said girls in sex movies are ‘the best’ and I’m just a beginner… like I am at everything.”

“El no. Stop. Don’t be… don’t do that,” Max tried to comfort her. Futilely it seemed, because El looked so damn dejected. Fuck Wheeler for doing this and making her feel this way. Like always, he probably didn’t even know it.

She was so pissed in that moment when a sudden thought came to her that made her smile.

“Hey El, how would you feel about doing a little primetime viewing of your own?”

Max smiled in triumph when El nodded. She had just the video for her.

After Billy died, the TV in his room got moved into her room. That was useful for a whole bunch of things. She and El had enjoyed a lot of girly flicks the guys wouldn’t want to watch together on that screen. She could sneak in bloody horror films her mom wouldn’t approve of.

But above all her favorite reason for having it in there was for videos like these.

“Max isn’t this a-”

“Shhh El, just enjoy,” Max shushed her. She knew El might be reluctant but she was hoping she could get her to give it a fair go.

“But isn’t this cheating?”

“It isn’t cheating when Mike watches these movies is it? You’re allowed to enjoy yourself too,” Max retorted. “Besides, maybe a demonstration is what you really need.”

That seemed to work because she nodded seriously, as if this was something she could really learn from. It almost made Max giggle out loud. In a way, she hoped El did learn from this…

“Who’s that?” El asked, perking up a little when a man appeared on the screen in a tight shirt. Tall, dark, broad chest, and muscled.

“That’s Ray Victory,” Max explained, blushing a little when he flexed. “He’s my favorite.”

“He’s so… big,” El whispered, her eyes widening as he flexed in front of a pretty brunette.

“You don’t even know just how big yet,” Max giggled.

El seemed interested now, watching the handsome, dark stud on the screen seduce the pretty brunette he was doing some plumbing for. She let out soft gasps at times, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen when he began slowly shedding his clothes. Starting with his shirt.

“Are guys really like that without shirts? No one at the Hawkins pool is like that,” El said, sounding a little disappointed with her own community as she gazed at the black adonis on the screen.

Max laughed, smirking. She was glad El was liking it. “Well, some guys are, but usually only guys who do sports or go to the gym.”

El looked like she was thinking about something, a bit of disappointment on her face. Max leaned in close to her ear as she got lost in thought.

“Lucas is going to look like that soon enough,” Max whispered. “He’s already more than halfway there.”

Well, his arms could still use a little work, but Max was pretty pleased all that track and basketball was paying off.

“Really?” El sounded so impressed, tearing her eyes away from the screen to look at her friend. “That’s… that’s great. You’re lucky.”

“His cousin Jax is a bodybuilder; he promised he’d show him some tips next time he was in town,” Max explained. She looked over at El slightly condescendingly. “Maybe he can show Mike some things too.”

Mike probably wouldn’t look like that in a million years of working out, Max thought to herself, smirking. Poor El. Seeing a guy like Ray, thinking about how her friend was now enjoying a buffed up Lucas. Must have made her face some hard truths about her own boyfriend. Mike had grown taller but he still stayed a cornstalk of a human being. Thin, lanky, and pale. Instead of giving her virginity away to a hunk who she would fantasize about forever, she was going to give it up to Mike Wheeler. It was too much for Max to accept.

“Oh! Here’s the blowjob scene El, watch and learn.”

And she clearly did. El’s eyes were glued to the screen as the brunette tugged Victory’s pants down, exposing his solid pipe, hefty and thick and long. El’s mouth parted and her fingers twitched and Max just smiled and let her watch.

“Big, isn’t he?”

“Yeah! He’s even bigger than Noir!” El said, still looking straight ahead while a dark pink color settled on her cheeks.

“Truth is, I stopped needing Noir too when Lucas and I started to go all the way. Just wasn’t big enough for me anymore,” Max said nonchalantly, letting the implication sink into El’s head.

Her eyes were wide and round, and she was almost panting slightly, her fingers tightly gripping the bottom of her skirt as she watched the screen intently.

When the hung stud finally penetrated the busty brunette, El’s fingers twitched and she let out a quiet, almost inperceptible moan.

“She’s taking him so… easily. Even though he’s huge,” El said in awe.

“Yeah, no kidding. She’s really experienced,” Max said suggestively, looking at the pornographic display in front of them too. “Guys love girls who know how to handle them and can take them easily.”

“I thought it was supposed to hurt…”

“It can, the first time. But not always. Not if your guy knows what he’s doing. Sometimes having an experienced guy get that first time done for you is better,” Max said softly, turning her head to look at El. “Makes it easier for everyone. The girl, any future guys… or guy.”

She was playing a dangerous game, but she wanted to see how far she could push it. El seemed to be deep in thought, still watching the screen entranced, but with thought behind her eyes. There was a reason she chose this movie after all.

The phone rang, and both girls jerked their heads towards the door.

“Keep watching,” Max said, annoyed by the interruption. “I’ll get it.”

Max quickly closed the door behind her before picking up the phone outside the door.

“Hi, Mayfield residence.”

“Wow, and you call me dorky.”

Ugh, Wheeler.

“What do you want?”

“Wow, where did the manners go? Is your mom there? I should tell her how rude her little Maxine is.”

Wheeler’s cocky voice, probably wearing that dopey grin when he thought he was being cool or funny.

“Don’t call me that,” Max hissed, trying to be quiet so El didn’t come running up to the phone. “Why are you calling?”

“I know El’s over at yours, I wanted to talk to her about something.”

Max rolled her eyes. So clingy.

“She’s… in the shower right now. Try later.”

“I can’t, can you just tell her something for me? I won’t be able to be there tonight. For our date. Dustin got those tickets last minute, but they’re for tonight, and there’s only 3 tickets.”

Max felt her fury rising.

“So what you’re saying is, you’re ditching your girlfriend to go to a stupid comic book convention?”

“I’m not ditching her. Rescheduling. This convention never comes to Hawkins, it’s like a once in a lifetime thing. I’ll take El out tomorrow,” Mike said.

“Whatever, do what you want. I’m not going to make excuses for you though.”

“I don’t need you to, butt out. El isn’t crazy like you, she gets it. Only reason Lucas can’t come is because we know you got him whipped even though he would want to be with us instead of you.”

That little-

“Shut up Wheeler, have fun at your dork night.”

She slammed the phone down onto the receiver and took a deep breath.

Taking El for granted, being a twerp to her, and just being so mediocre in general. Mike Wheeler was not a fitting first time for her best friend. El deserved better. And Max would make sure she got it.

When she tiptoed back to the front door of her room, she carefully and quietly opened the door just a crack. Enough to see El sitting on the edge of her bed, eyes glued to the screen while her hand was reached under her skirt and into her panties. Playing with herself, trying to moan quietly as she watched the handsome, dark star on the screen nail the sexy little brunette underneath him.

Max smiled. If it was experience El wanted, she would get it.

That Night

Max’s mom and Neil were gone for the weekend. She never would have thought to do what she was doing if there was a chance they would be coming around. Thankfully she had privacy from them. And so did her two favorite people.

Lucas was sitting on the bed with her, weaning his black tank shirt and shorts. He and Max were kissing noisily and intensely. Max was going all out tonight, for a special reason. Not that Lucas knew it yet.

“God, you’re so hot for me tonight baby,” Lucas said as Max’s hand fondled his erection through his shorts.

“Much better than a dork convention, huh?” Max teased, sucking on the skin of his neck while her hand rubbed his cock and played with the button of his shorts.

“Way better,” Lucas moaned as Max’s hand slipped into his unbuttoned shorts and now played with him over the thinner material of his boxers.

Max tugged his tank top shirt over his head, her boyfriend raising his arms to help her, tossing it to the side before her hands trailed over his hard chest. She never got tired of feeling his strong, sculpted physique up. He seemed to be getting stronger and more defined every day.

“Well I did promise you a nice surprise tonight, for missing out on your convention…” Max said sensually, kissing his strong shoulders now while he hummed in pleasure.

“Oh yeah? And what’s my surprise?” Lucas said, enjoying her attention. He really had wanted to go, but he was intrigued when Max called him up and said that she had planned something extra special for tonight. And he’d never pass up a chance to have sex with his girlfriend.

“It’s something we’ve talked about for a while,” Max hinted, her fingers tracing circles on his chest while she kissed his neck and jaw. “Promise you won’t freak out and you’ll give it a chance?”

Lucas raised his eyebrows, his cock twitching in interest.

“If we’ve talked about it I know I’m gonna-”

He froze when Max crooked her finger, beckoning someone who through the door as if waiting there.

Lucas’ jaw dropped when he saw who it was.


“H-hi Lucas,” she replied shyly. She was wearing a red wrap dress and her cheeks were pink. Her eyes were on his chest, and then lowering to his crotch area.

Lucas quickly made to cover up, but Max snatched his hands and stopped him mid movement.

“What’s… what’s going on Max?” Lucas sounded confused and stunned at once, looking between El and his girlfriend in genuine bewilderment.

“This is your surprise,” Max explained, sounding confident. “El here wants experience before she does it with Mike. To make it as good as she can for him. But watching porn and talking only gets you so far, so I volunteered your services to help her the rest of the way.”


Her boyfriend’s face remained stunned, but now a shroud of disbelief passed over it too.

“T-this is a prank, isn’t it?” He looked between them, El’s innocent but earnest face, and Max looking at him with a grin. “Haha, you guys got me. Very funny.”

“It’s not a joke Lucas,” Max said patiently. “El wants to have sex with you. And I’m letting you.”

“Okay cut the crap now,” Lucas snapped, sounding less amused. “This is getting dumb now.”

“El wants this. I want this. You want this.” Max’s hand shot down to touch his crotch, where his erection had only gotten bigger and harder. “It’s pretty easy to tell.”

El blushed but didn’t look away, and she met Lucas’ embarrassed eyes and gave him a shy smile.

Lucas met her gaze, and then noticed her eyes scan his body. His cock twitched in his underwear. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking this, but he was positive she liked what she was seeing.

“We’ve even talked about it before, remember?” Max teased him.

“Yeah, but not El!” Lucas exclaimed. He and Max had talked about threesomes and other… activities involving another person before. But they never brought up El being that third person. He didn’t want Max to kill him. And he wouldn’t do that to Mike. But mostly because Max would kill him.

Except she wasn’t. Instead she was offering it up on a silver platter.

“D-do you not like me?” El’s small voice broke through the glaring contest he was having with Max, and Lucas felt his heart sink as he turned back to her and saw the hurt on her face.

“I-I like you a lot El. I mean, you’re so cute and… but you’re with Mike and you can’t actually want this right?” Lucas was looking at her carefully now. It wasn’t like El to join in on a prank of Max’s if it was of this nature. If she was here, did that mean she actually did want to do it with him? It couldn’t be true!

“Why don’t you show him El? Show him what you got ready for him,” Max coaxed, looking at El with a smile.

El nodded, swallowing and taking a breath before her hands went to the tie at the side of her dress. Lucas’ eyes widened and his jaw dropped when her dress came untied, and El let it fall from his shoulders like a jacket, revealing the lacy, red lingerie she had on underneath.

“El chose it out especially for you, you know,” Max whispered in his ear, kneeling on the bed behind him. “She wants this. Wants you. She wants you to be her first, so she can be ready for Mike.”

Lucas shuddered, and his eyes were glued on El. Her light, delicate skin, those long legs, and her wide hips. The lacy hugged her body and curves perfectly. And that shy, bashful expression was just icing on the cake.

“I know you’ve fantasized about it before,” Max whispered, her hands still playing with his erection. “Be honest. You’ve wanted El for a long time… and now you have the chance. To help her.”

Lucas licked his lips. He shouldn’t. He knew if he was exercising his best judgement this would not be something he would consider. But… Max had got him all aroused. And seeing El like this in front of him… it was a lot to handle. Because Max wasn’t wrong. He had thought about this before. And her justifications and reasonings were making his horny mind compliant.

"Max, are you sure about this? I don't wanna cheat on you..." Lucas said quietly, still looking at El.

"It's not cheating if I'm here Lucas,” Max soothed, a hand reaching up to rub his chest comfortingly. “I’m giving you permission here. I want this just as much as El wants it.” She licked the shell of his ear, and her other hand was still playing with his rock hard erection through his boxers.

“Don't you want to help your friends?" she asked him innocently.

Lucas swallowed hard.

"And Mike said he's okay with it?"

"Yeah, he'll be cool with it. He wants El to be happy, you know that's all he wants,” Max said dismissively. “El wants it from you so bad. She really needs your help. She needs you to do what Mike can’t…”

Max knew just how to inflame Lucas’ desires. Seeing El like that in front of him while she rubbed and aroused him was half the battle, but she knew how to pluck at certain strings to push her boyfriend all the way. As close friends he and Mike were, there was a bit of a rivalry between them too.

“And what will make her happy right now, is 8 inches of your big, black cock in her,” Max continued, whispering seductively in his ear.

She looked over Lucas’ shoulder to El, still standing there nervously, and winked.

"I just… I don't believe El wants to do this, it can't be true! El, you need to tell me that you want this."

Max groaned inside. Trust Lucas to look a gift horse in the mouth. But her worries were assuaged when El spoke up in that soft, cute voice of hers.

"I-I want this Lucas. I want your help and I trust you.” El walked up to him, and got on her knees before Lucas’ seated form.

His eyes widened, and he felt Max pull away behind him, as if giving them privacy.

“I was watching you, both of you,” El admitted bashfully. “I feel so... hot, all over right now... seeing you has just made it even hotter. I-I need you. Please."

It was almost too good to be true.

And maybe it was. But Lucas wasn’t going to question it anymore. He knew what he wanted now.

"Make the first move, El.” His voice was calm, authoritative. As if the shocked, uncertain teen from a minute ago had vanished.

Max bit her lip and quietly slid off the bed, sitting down on the small seat in the corner of her room, giving her a full view of the upcoming action.

El nodded, thinking back to her “training” with Max and what she had learned. She leaned forward, and gave a shy, but firm kiss to the tip of Lucas' cock through his boxers.

Lucas groaned. Max moaned. El looked up shyly.

And Lucas felt all restraint in him snap.

Lucas pulled El up onto the bed with him and passionately locked lips with hers. El’s eyes widened but her arms went around his neck and shoulders, wrapping them around him as she instantly gave in and they shared a passionate, mind melting kiss.

El moaned into his mouth and felt Lucas’ tongue pushing for entrance into her own mouth. She parted her lips just enough for their tongues to engage and tangle, turning their kissing sloppy and wet.

For El, she didn’t know kissing could be like this. She hadn’t come into this expecting to kiss, but she was glad she had. Lucas was a very good kisser. El thought Mike was the best at it but now she realized there was a lot to learn.

She closed her eyes and leaned further into the kiss, and their embrace pressed his bare chest against her mostly bare body. The skin on skin contact inflamed the passions between them even more, and El felt something large and hard against her stomach twitch.

Lucas' cock poked at El's thigh and she looked down to see it straining against the fabric of his boxers. Even covered and contained, it looked large and heavy.

"Like what you see?" Lucas asked playfully.

"Yes..." El replied with a heated blush, Lucas smirking before he took her cheeks in his hand and pulled her back into another kiss with him.

For Lucas, it was another level of pleasure and sensation to be holding El like this. Kissing her. Having her skin on his. He always wondered, secretly. About her lips. Her body. How she kissed, how she responded. And now he could finally act on his desires and find out for himself.

Lucas and El continued kissing, smashing their mouths together while Lucas, seeking to fulfill another dream of his, trailed a hand down her back before tightly grabbing one of her ass cheeks. Soft, but toned, and big in just the right way. It was even better than he expected. His other hand trailed down to join the party and squeezed the other cheek, and before long he was making out with her while passionately groping her rear. In her hot lingerie she was all scantily clad and open for him, and he could experience her body in full.

Lucas’ big strong hands on her ass had El blushing intensely. She had never been felt up so passionately before. Mike, her boyfriend who had curiously slipped from her mind for a moment despite doing all this for him, touched her when they made out too. But never so boldly or quite so possessively. It was a new feeling for El. An exciting one.

When he raised a hand off her she felt disappointed and missed the sensation, only to let out a muffled squeal when his hand came back down to spank her. Her squeal of pain and shock was cut off by his lips on hers.

His hand rubbed the area he struck soothingly, and Lucas pulled back long enough to look her in the eyes.

“Sorry, I should have warned you. Guys like that… I like doing that. You’re going to have to get used to it if you want experience,” Lucas said, before going back in to kiss her just a little more gently. “That okay?”

The sensation of pain was fading, and all that remained was a light sting that turned into an oddly pleasurable heat. El had never felt anything like that before and as shocking as it was, she didn’t hate it. Much to her surprise.

She nodded shyly back at him in response.

“I’m okay with it, if you are,” she said.

He kissed her even more passionately at that, looking at her cute face first before diving back in to make out with her more, and he sucked on her lower lip. El was so much cuter and more responsive than he was expecting. He just wanted to bully her in bed and make it as good for her as he could.

El for her part, couldn’t help but think about it again. He was a great kisser. The way he moved his lips on hers and controlled the pace of it was enthralling and so different.

Of course, while kissing, she could feel his hard chest against her, his strong arms, his broad shoulders. She took a page out of his book and ran her hands over his body with the same eagerness he did with hers. She felt him smirk against her mouth, but instead of being embarrassed she just got more shameless and touched his pecs and back muscles even more enthusiastically, much to his pleasure.

Part of her wondered if she should be enjoying this so much, since it was just practice for her own boyfriend. But El was having a hard time thinking about anything other than Lucas right now. And besides, she reasoned internally, if it was this good with Lucas it would be even better with Mike when she had more experience, right?

She felt something else hard against her too though. Something she hadn’t touched directly yet.

His... his p-penis is so big too, she thought.

It twitched against her stomach as they made out. Were they supposed to be that big? Even the magazines she had seen and the toy she and Max practiced with didn't seem as big as what Lucas had. The best comparison was what that handsome Ray Victory’s had been in the dirty film she had watched. But she couldn’t be sure until she saw it.

The size of it was daunting though. If this is what penises were like, she was glad she decided to practice with him beforehand.

She wanted to touch it, but her hand trailed lightly over his sides instead, just shy of touching the waistband of his boxers.

Sensing her hesitation, Lucas reached over and took her hand, and slowly guided it down his body until it touched his erection through the cloth of his boxers.

El froze, and Lucas and her parted lips again for Lucas to look into her eyes reassuringly.

“I know you can do it El. If you want to please a guy you have to get comfortable with his most important tool,” Lucas said calmly, peppering her neck with little kisses and nipples while he kept her hand over his dick. “I know you want to do good for me… and Mike too, right?”

El nodded, the mention of Mike clearing up the fog in her head a bit and she carefully and gently began rubbing his hardness through his boxers. It felt thick and heavy even when it was confined, and El fell into a pattern of repeated rubbing, getting an excited feeling throughout her body as she did this.

Lucas’ hand guided hers in a stroking motion which broke her daze, she looked up at Lucas and bit her bottom lip. His intense gaze on hers made her more eager in motions.

"That's it. Keep stroking it. Good girl," Lucas said. He leaned in to peck her on the lips as she pleasured him.

"You're doing good, baby. Don't be shy, keep going... faster ... that's it..." El followed Lucas' command and stroked his cock at a faster pace. Her heart was racing and the feeling was so thrilling.

Lucas couldn’t wait to have her actual hand on him, bare skin on bare skin. It felt amazing already.

She was caught off guard when Lucas leaned in to kiss her neck and felt her tits through her lacy bra. El moaned and instinctively leaned in for another kiss, her lips meeting his as they fell back into the pattern of making out heatedly.

"This feels so good..." El said mumbled through kisses, Lucas humming his agreement.

In her corner, watching them all the while, Max was aroused and turned on from what she was witnessing. She sat and watched the beautiful sight before her, fascinated with their chemistry, letting the heat between them increase her own arousal.

She knew she was onto something when El exposed herself to Lucas and he gave in. But she hadn’t expected the passion and intensity she was seeing now. Watching them make out, their skin contrasting and pressed together, Lucas guiding El through intensely sexual motions was turning Max on more than ever before. Her breath hitched when Lucas popped the button of boxers and then slipped them down his legs as a blushing El looked on, eyes widening at the size of his cock. This was surpassing her wildest expectations, and she was thrilled she was the one who orchestrated it and got to play live audience to it.

Max’s boyfriend and best friend continued to make out as El's soft hand stroked Lucas' long, thick, hard cock, open and bare to her for the first time that night, feeling it twitch in her hand and marveling at the sheer size of it. Were all guys like this down there? Was Lucas special? When El had gone to the pool with Mike, it hadn’t seemed to bulge through his swim shorts like this. But maybe that was because they weren’t having sex? She still had a lot to learn about penises.

All El knew was that this was a very big one. Max had boasted about it, but El still couldn't believe how big it was. When he pulled his underwear down she couldn’t help but stare at Lucas' cock in awe, stunned by the sheer size of it. It was straight out of the movies Max had shown her all day. And then she was staring for too long and got caught by him, his little smirk making her blush.

And now she was here, stroking him with her bare hand, still looking down in awe as her hand jerked him and settled into a good rhythm. They kissed all the while. El liked having his lips on hers. They were almost always kissing even while doing other things. His groans and the noises he was making in between kisses as she stroked him was making her pant and feel warm in her core. She was driven by the urge to please him, to keep hearing those noises.

"You're so good at this baby," Lucas moaned.

El blushed at the praise while Lucas continued.

"A natural. Your skin is so soft... mmm fuck yeah..." His hands tweaked her nipples through her bra, and El inhaled sharply at the sensation. They were stiff and aching, something that was totally new to her. Was this how it always was with sex? This level of sensory overload? Of anticipation? Of aching need? No wonder people couldn't wait to do it.

The pair were so absorbed by their actions they hadn't even noticed Max slipping a hand carefully and discretely into her pants, biting her lip as she watched her best friend and her boyfriend passionately make out and grope each other in front of her.

The two lovers were lost in lust. When Lucas and El weren't making out and groping each other, they had intense eye contact as El stroked his big cock.

Max wasn’t trying to get any attention, but she couldn’t help but play with herself as she watched them with delight. They were so arousing to watch, she couldn’t help herself. She teased her clit while she played with her pussy, and let out a muffled gasp, alerting the couple of her.

They had been so engrossed in each other they hadn’t noticed Max sitting near them, pleasuring herself to the porno film that she had a front row seat to. El was surprised, she had no idea her best friend would do that in front of her. They were open with each other, but she hadn’t expected this. Max had said she wasn’t going to be angry that El was going to have sex with Lucas, reassuring El throughout the day after she convinced her. El knew Max was okay with it, but she hadn’t realized Max would like watching it this much. It was just practice, right?

Lucas grabbed El's chin and directed her eyes back to him

"You're okay, right?" Lucas asked.

"I'm fine." Despite her surprise, El couldn’t deny the heat in the air and how charged and warm she felt all over.

Her arm was getting slightly sore now though, so El removed her hand from Lucas' cock and felt his big muscles instead. She loved roaming his back with her hands. He felt so much different than Mike.

El felt Lucas' pecs and paused for a moment, letting her hands rest on his chest. El didn't know if she should do it, hesitating as the idea came to her, but something in her head told her to just go for it, so she did. El leaned forward and kissed Lucas' chest, planting a string of soft kisses to his hardened pecs before licking his nipples. Lucas gasped, and emboldened, El reached down and squeezed his ass cheeks with her hands while she continued to lick him.

Lucas' body was so different from Mike's. She had suspected it before just from seeing them, but feeling it was a whole other thing. His body was hard and packed with muscle. Mike had soft and bony bits, but everything about Lucas was hard and strong. That’s why she couldn’t help herself and just had to kiss it and lick it. Appreciate it. Like it was ice cream or something delicious to be savored. Even his ass, which she couldn't help but squeeze with her hands, sinking her nails into the muscular cheeks, felt strong and firm in her hands.

"Oh shit... Damn! You're freaky,” Lucas said with a tight moan.

She blushed at Lucas' words, hoping she hadn't done something wrong.

She couldn't help it. After roaming his broad back, her hands just trailed down there and she couldn't help but touch. It felt so good. And his dark nipples were so alluring to her, so different from Mike's. She licked them enthusiastically. At his words she paused and pulled her head back, her hands about to leave him.

"S-sorry," El said embarrassedly.

"Hey no, don't stop now," Lucas said. "I never said I didn't like it," he added with a smirk, making El blush.

Her hands shyly returned to his body and her tongue to his chest. She was licking his dark nipples, alternating between the two while her hands roamed and massaged and savored the feeling of the strong body she had in her grasp.

For Lucas, having his long time friend, his best friend’s girlfriend, do this for him was almost too much to process. He could tell she was a kinky one deep inside, she just needed someone to draw it out. He couldn’t believe he was in this position, but he was thankful he skipped out on that convention for this.

Her little kitten licks to his nipples were a big turn on. Having El doing this to him, even this simple act, was making him harder than ever. He had done far kinkier things, but somehow even basic acts with El could drive him wild. He had no idea how Mike hadn’t done it with her yet. That just seemed irresponsible.

Sorry Mike, he thought. I really am doing you a favor though. You wouldn’t know what to do with a virgin anyway. I’ll train her up good for you.

Her hands wouldn’t stop feeling him up and touching his body, making his cock throb. He could tell she liked what she was feeling.

"Mmm yeah. You like my body baby?'

"Yeah," she said with a shy nod in between licks. His own hands reached around her to massage her ass, and it was a bit distracting in all the right ways.

"You're so... strong."

"Heh, good to know. I bet you like strong, huh?" Lucas boasted. Mike had always been on the lankier end. Body was one of the things he had over him.

El nodded, blushing hard. Lucas chuckled and tilted her head back up. Their lips met again, kissing with passion and tongue.

A moan from the other side of the room caught El's attention. Max was touching herself, her heated gaze on the couple. El had almost forgotten that she was there...

As El watched Max and heard her moans, she felt Lucas' lips on her cheek, then on her neck, then on her shoulder. She wanted to look away from Max, but she couldn't. Something about her touching herself to all this, like it was the movie she and Max had watched earlier together, was so alluring to El. It made her feel so confident. And El felt the urge to touch herself down there too. She felt wet, wetter than after a particularly fierce makeout session with Mike. Her underwear was soaked, the way it was after Hopper let her stay up to watch Mike Tyson fight and win with him.

"She's always had this fantasy," Lucas whispered in El's ear.

"Huh?" El whispered back.

"She's always wanted to watch me have sex with another girl. I didn't think it would be now... and with you of all people, not that I'm complaining," Lucas said with a smirk.

El chuckled and returned her focus to Lucas. Maybe she shouldn’t be enjoying it quite so much, considering this wasn’t Mike she was doing it with. But she hadn’t thought about Mike much at all since they started, even though this was all for him. Supposedly. When she did, she felt uncomfortable, like she was doing something wrong. But it all felt so good. She didn’t want to feel uncomfortable about it.

Max told her that her first time would just be a burden, and that Lucas could make it good for her. To prepare her for the future. It should have bothered El, but she was thinking less and less about the future and more about how good she was feeling right now and how excited she was to go further.

"I'm not complaining either,” El said simply, pushing the thoughts of Mike out of mind. They were only confusing her right now, and El didn’t want to be confused. She wanted to enjoy herself. And learn.

Lucas smiled and his lips were on El's again.

“You say that now but do you think you can handle all of me?” Lucas asked her, as if making a challenge.

El nodded enthusiastically. She might not know what that all entailed, but El knew she wanted to try.

“Yes! Yes, please. I want to try it all. I can take it.”

Lucas smiled at her, leaning down to kiss her before he spanked her butt again, making El let out a loud “Oh!” sound as she exclaimed in pain and shock.

But unlike last time, Lucas didn’t let up. He landed another spank to her other ass cheek, and then switched back to the other.

El was gasping and squealing, her noises high pitched and pained and increasingly desperate. But she wasn’t asking him to stop.

"Yeah, smack her ass, Lucas! Make that shit red!" Max yelled, thrilled at the sight and reminding the two of her presence. .

Lucas nodded at her quickly, giving her a smile, before resuming smacking each of El’s ass cheeks. He was patient and slow, but insistent, and he was kissing El all the while. El could feel the sting but she was too busy with his lips now to vocalize it.

El never thought that spanking would feel good. It was a threat in the books and movies she had seen. To make people behave. It looked and sounded like it would hurt. And it did. And yet. And yet El loved it. The sharp smacks, the painful heat on her butt cheeks, no doubt turning redder and redder with each strike. The sound of palm striking skin. It all combined and made her feel ridiculously good in a way she never expected. This wasn't like the sex she had read about in books, but it was even more thrilling. Her core was hot and she felt ridiculously wet. Arousal, Max called it. It was a good thing. A really good thing.

"You like it don't you?" Lucas said with a grin. El flushed, looking embarrassed.

"She loves it," Max moaned. "I can see her juices from here. Her ass is all pink now because of you."

"That true baby? You love being spanked? You like my big strong hands smacking your big butt?"

"I-I do. I love it," El said earnestly.

"Shit, you're so honest, that's so hot," Lucas chuckled. He massaged her ass cheeks, soothing the slightly sore skin with his hands, squeezing and pulling her close.

His heavy erection was pressed against El's stomach as he pulled her flush against him, kissing her and roughly massaging her ass now as their kiss turned sloppy and El lost herself to the feeling.

"Tell me what you wanna do now, baby? What can I show you?" Lucas asked. The endearment just slipped out, but neither thought anything of it. It sounded… right.

El hadn't thought about the next thing, she was so into the moment. His hands, his cock, his lips, it was all so intoxicating to her. Like it was consuming her thoughts. All thoughts about anyone other than the two of them, about the future, the past had all faded. It was just her and Lucas.

El was willing to do anything for Lucas right now, but she remembered how it started. A little kiss to the tip of his cock. His BIG BLACK COCK, El instinctively kept reminding herself. Covered by the cloth of his boxers at the time. But now… now it was bare and exposed for her.

"I wanna suck it," El mumbled.

"Don't be shy baby. Say it again."

"I... I want to suck your cock."

"Get on your knees and get to work then. Show me what you can do," he ordered, that authoritative tone making El shiver.

She slid off the bed and her legs felt shaky. Lucas had grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor as a place to rest her knees.

El knelt down, looking at this thick, dark pillar all the while, wondering if she could even take that much of it in her mouth. El turned her head to look at Max, maybe get some encouragement, and saw her with all of her lower clothing removed, methodically fingering her pussy. Max winked and gave a thumbs up to El.

From her position down there, it looked even bigger than it had before, which was saying something. Looking up at it, hovering over her face, there was almost a daunting aspect to it despite Max's encouragement. Noir wasn’t as big as Lucas, and she struggled with the toy. But El couldn't deny that she was as aroused and turned on by it as she was slightly fearful. It was so big and thick and hard. It was beautiful.

"Don't be scared baby," Lucas said calmly, encouraging her on.

El nodded carefully, lulled in by his big black cock. Her hand reached out to stroke it softly, before she kissed the tip, properly this time, lips on his bare tip. Her eyes quickly looked up to look at Lucas and he was looking down at her with such hunger El couldn't help but shiver. No one had looked at her before like that...

Emboldened, she leaned forward and gently licked the head of his cock, just like she did with the toy Max had given her. Lucas' cock twitched, and El took that as him liking it, and so she flicked her tongue over his tip several times before she went in closer and took it into her mouth. She tried to recall all of her training and preparation. With the banana, with Noir, watching Ray Victory. She was pulling out all the stops.

She sucked the head of his cock into her mouth first, tasting his precum, which Max had described to her, and enjoyed the low hum Lucas let out in response. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before taking more of him in. His distinctly male musk was thick the more of him she took in, and El loved it, inhaling deeply through her nose as she sucked him.

"Oh shit... not bad El, not bad. Just like that now... yeah, fuck that's good," Lucas groaned. Her tight, wet little mouth was so soft around his cock.

He couldn’t believe he had El on her knees doing this for him. It was another impossibility in a night where dreams were being fulfilled. She was so goddamn eager for him it compensated for her lack of practiced skill, and it was driving him nuts.

It was her first blowjob too. One of the many firsts he was going to be taking tonight. Sorry Mike, he thought, but I can’t believe you didn’t move on this sooner. Instead of ditching her to go to comic conventions.

For El, she hadn’t fully comprehended that giving a blowjob to someone other than your boyfriend wasn’t smiled upon. To her, Lucas was a friend who was helping her. She was getting valuable practice time in. What was so wrong with that? Though if she thought a little harder, she would have to admit she was thinking less about practice here and more about making it as good as possible for Lucas…

He was so big and manly, it almost had her eyes rolling back as she blearily bobbed her head and sucked and tongued him more and more, desperate to please him while his hands went to her hair.

Lucas' ran his hands through her thick, dark hair. He was glad she grew it out. It suited her. He never told her that before, didn’t want to make it awkward, but he really liked her with longer hair. He made use of it now, gripping it and controlling the movement of her head.

El moaned at the feeling of being controlled like that. She bobbed her head to the movements of his guiding hand, trying to take more and more of his huge cock, and she couldn't stop herself from gagging. El pulled out for a breather, the strings of saliva connecting his cock to her mouth.

"You good?" Lucas asked, his hand still in her hair but letting her pull back for some deep breaths.

"Yeah… just needed to catch my breath." El quickly went back to blowing Lucas' member. She was trying hard to take him in, she didn't want to let him down. More than that, after how much he had turned her on, she wanted to reciprocate and impress him too. She didn’t know exactly why, but it was important to her that he thought she was doing good.

His hand was resting on top of her head, guiding her as she sucked his cock.

"Fuck. Fuck! So good, baby. You're doing so good. Yes!!!"

Max pushed her fingers in deeper, watching breathlessly as she watched her best friend desperately and enthusiastically give her boyfriend a blowjob. El was bobbing her head and making loud sucking and smacking noises, the perfect background music for the scene Max was watching with so much pleasure. Seeing them enjoy themselves so much didn't make Max feel jealous, it just made her feel happy. And satisfied. El might as well know what a real man was like before she slummed it with Wheeler…

Lucas's face was screwed up tight. Even though El was new to this, her enthusiasm and her willingness to go as far as it took was pushing him close to the edge. It also helped that this was El. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't thought about her like this before. as long ago as when they met. Even when he was mad at her for lying about the compass, he would picture her like this, sucking him off as an apology for being a freak who tricked them. He might have even made a move after they cleared things up. But then she disappeared and when she came back, she and Mike were together. That was okay though, he had just met Max and was eager to start something with her.

But he always noticed El. Her relationship with Mike. The ways she had changed. Over the years she had turned into a real beauty. Her hair grew out, she became more girly and feminine, she was tough in a fight but shy and sweet with her friends. He and Max had talked about a threesome before, kicking around names to rope into their fun. Lucas never mentioned it because he didn’t want to get hit, and because he thought it was impossible, but he did imagine El sometimes, being that third girl. Sometimes at night he thought about her, the way she looked that day, while he touched himself. Like when she wore that sweetheart neckline dress to homecoming. Or her first bikini. Or when she got her hair permed for fun.

It was just imagination and fantasy before. But now here she was, on her knees, worshipping his cock, and Lucas never felt better.

For El, she could barely think other than this desire deep in her to keep going, to keep sucking and licking and worshipping this big, beautiful, black cock. She was so new to this, but she already felt so in love with sex. In love with cock. Lucas' cock really, but she was sure it would be this way with Mike too.


Max moaned breathily as she fingered herself from her seat, her eyes lidded as she watched them, breathing hard. She wanted to see more and more, see Lucas totally fuck El and drown her in pleasure.

"Mmm fuck, I'm getting close!" Lucas warned.

"W-wait, stop!" Max said. Lucas froze at his girlfriend's words, but El was so into it she kept going.

"El... El... baby!" Lucas said, finally snapping El out of her trance and saving himself from nutting in her mouth. El paused, looking up, his cock still in her mouth. Damn did she look hot to Lucas like that.

"I want more. I want to see more," Max said breathlessly.

Lucas and El looked at each other, then back to Max, hoping their eyes could communicate for them instead of their voices. El knew what Max wanted.

“El, are you ready?” Lucas asked carefully. He had no intentions of turning back himself; he could hardly describe how badly he wanted to fuck her. But it was her virginity. He wanted to be sure.

El nodded, rubbing her thighs together in anticipation. Her blowjob had only turned her on more. Breathing Lucas in, being able to taste him and touch his cock. She was more than ready for the next step.

El fully undressed, and as each article of clothing came off, Lucas' eyes grew wider and he became more thirsty for her.

The second her bra came off, Lucas rushed to suck on her nipples, alternating between the two. He bit, sucked, and teased them with his tongue, lips, and fingers, making El moan and squirm as her hardened nubs were played with. Mike had played with her breasts before too, but under her shirt, and just with his hands. And never so roughly. Lucas was pinching and nipping them, but it felt so good. And as he had with her ass, Lucas seemed intent on copying with her breasts. He lightly slapped whichever breast was free, not as hard as when he spanked her ass, but slowly turning them red.

The first slap on her tits made her gasp, but much like her ass, the more he did it, the more she liked it. First her ass, now her breasts. El hoped she wouldn't have any noticeable bruises the next day, it's not something she'd want to explain to Hopper and Mike.

He was sucking her nipples raw all the while, switching between the two and teething and nipping at them for good measure. He tugged them up with his thumbs and forefingers from both hands, pinching them as he pulled, and making El let out a pained, but pleased moan. Damn she was so responsive, it was turning him on so much.

"Mmm, yes. That feels good, Lucas. Mmmmm."

Her voice alternated between whining and keening, to pained, to pleased and eager. It was such a sexy cocktail of noises, Lucas’ cock throbbed.

And as Lucas pleasured El's breasts, she took the opportunity to caress his head and hair with her hands, again, the feeling much different than Mike's.

His hair was coarser than Mike's, who had thick, sleek hair instead. The more they did together, the more she realized Lucas was different from Mike in almost every way. Body, skin, hair, even the way they moved. Lucas was more forceful and determined. Mike was gentle and restrained, whereas Lucas had no issue with being a little rough and doing what he wanted. She could sense that he was only barely holding himself back.

He was laying on her on the bed, worshipping her tits while she writhed, moaned, and touched his shoulders, back, and head.

"Your body is incredible El," Lucas said, his eyes raking over her figure again. Her tits were on the smaller side, but still more than a handful, and her hips were full and her stomach and waist were tight.

"You're the one with the incredible body," El replied. Even though Max was there, El didn't feel shy at all about complimenting her boyfriend.

"Not skinny and lanky huh?" Lucas said with a teasing tone. El sensed that Lucas was getting at something, but she was too turned on to care.

"No, you're so big and strong... all over!" Lucas rewarded her by kissing a trail down from her breasts, to her stomach, where he dipped his tongue into her bellybutton, before continuing down.

El covered her face with her hands when Lucas pried her legs apart and brought his hands to her inner thighs to keep them parted. His fingers hooked into the waistband of her red lace panties and slid them down her legs. He tossed the damp pair over to Max in the corner, giving her a sly wink before looking back down at El. He kept her legs spread for him, and he licked his lips at her bare center.

"Looks like you're all wet for me..."

Lucas' finger grazed the lips of El's pussy. El's heart pounded as he slid his finger up and down her outer lips before taking a dive into her juices.

"Lucas!" El moaned, sounding weak and defeated. Lucas slowly spread the evidence of El's desires up and over her clit. His finger slid down to the base of her pussy and started teasing her opening. El had trouble containing herself, she desperately wanted Lucas' cock in her right now, but he had other plans.

"You like this?" Lucas asked.

"Yes. It feels so good...."

“I’m glad. I’m going to show you something special here. Oral sex. Guys can do it on girls too you know,” Lucas explained with a chuckle. “You ever done this before?”

El shyly nodded her head no, and Lucas resisted the urge to scoff out loud and facepalm.

Jesus Mike, what have you been doing? There’s taking it slow, and then there’s this. How inconsiderate of you to leave your girl like this. I'm losing respect for you, Lucas thought with some derision. Good thing I’m here to let her know what she’s been missing out on.

Lucas' finger was coated with her wetness, and looking at her, he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked her juices off. El gasped at the sight, her pussy throbbing with even more intensity now as Lucas licked his finger clean.

"You taste good baby," Lucas said. "Sweet and pure."

Soon she wouldn't be, Max thought with a devilish grin as she inserted two fingers into her snatch now.

Lucas parted the lips of her pussy and as much as he wanted to push his fingers in and tease her that way, he wanted her unexplored for his cock. In the meantime, he would sample that taste of hers as much as he wanted.

The feeling of Lucas' tongue on her pussy sent a pulse through El, making her tense up and then moan loudly as his tongue swiped at her entrance. Her fingers went to his hair again, and Lucas tongued her entrance, swiping enthusiastically, before pushing his tongue into her tight snatch.

"Oh! OH! L-Lucas!" El moaned, her back arching as her fingers tightened their grip in his hair.

Lucas smirked as he continued to tongue fuck her, his fingers getting wet again from her leaking juices which he eagerly licked up. El found herself dizzy with pleasure. The intensity only mounted further when his tongue went to her clit, teasing it with his tongue and swiping over it rapidly as his fingers teased her entrance once again.

Max was breathing hard at the sight. She had already come twice, and the main event hadn't even started. She was glad she suggested it. And going by the throbbing hardness Lucas was sporting from his position, she knew he was glad too.

El was thrashing her head side to side, one hand on Lucas' head as the other reached back to desperately grab at the sheets of the bed. Something was coming. Something big, she could feel it. Her eyes widened as she felt her peak approach.

"Lucas!!" El reached her climax. She saw a bright light for a moment. El had masturbated and came before, but never like this. She always reached her orgasm by thinking about Mike and his cute smile, his bowl cut hair that she had a guilty pleasure for, but now it was his best friend, Lucas, who was responsible for her best orgasm yet.

Lucas didn't stop and let El collect herself, his tongue never quit. His teasing instantly began to build her up again to another tantalizing peak, but El had other plans. She was getting tired of the buildup, and although she could probably let him lick her pussy all day, she wanted to feel his manhood, his cock, his big cock. El got anxious thinking about it.

"Lucas, mmmmmm...... Lucas. Lucas! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" El demanded.

The magic words.

Without hesitation, Lucas moved up from his position between her legs, kneeling between her spread legs and taking in El’s sweating form. There was sweat on her forehead, her hair was mussed up, she was still wet between her legs, and her chest was heaving from the excitement and loss of breath from her orgasm. What a sexy sight. And he made her like this. Lucas didn’t know if he ever felt so proud.

“Max,” Lucas called, looking over at his sweating, panting girlfriend. “Come help me here.”

Without a word Max was on her feet, and digging something out of the bedside table. Then, she was kneeling next to them both. El’s eyes widened when she saw what Max had in her hand.

A condom.

Max expertly applied it to her boyfriend’s cock, giving it a little kiss before she slid it along his length. She looked over at El and gave her a proud smile.

“Having fun?” she asked teasingly.

El nodded shyly in return.

“Good girl,” Max said, making El happy. She jumped off the bed again and returned to her seat, eagerly anticipating the main event.

"You ever cum like that before El?" Lucas asked her, referring to her orgasm when he went down on her.

"N-no, that was the first time!"

"How good was it? Did you like it?"

"I loved it. It-it was my best orgasm. Ever!"

"Heh, well it won't be for long," Lucas vowed. But hearing that made him feel pretty damn good. "Because I'm going to make you feel ten times better than that soon enough."

He leaned down, supporting himself with his arms so that he was on top of her and their noses were touching.

"Do you want this, El?" Lucas asked, knowing she absolutely wanted it, but wanting, needing to hear her say it to him.

"Yes!" El cried out. It had gone beyond just being practice now. Just being for “experience.” In this moment, she wasn’t think of anything else, of anyone else. Just her desire to be fucked, by Lucas, hard and deep. Being satisfied by him and having him inside of her overrode all other thoughts and instincts. There was no other desire in her other than that to be fucked. So she said it again, and would say it as many times as he wanted.

“Please Lucas! F-fuck me! Put your c-cock in me!”

Music to his ears.

Lucas was teasing her now, brushing the tip of his cock against her pussy lips.

"Why should I give it to you?" Lucas asked, continuing with his tease. He so badly wanted to push inside of her, but he couldn’t resist taking it a little further.

"Because! I've been good. I've been a good girl. Please." El begged.

"Mmm. I like the way you beg, El. It has me thinking all kinds of things I want to do with you.” His cock slide over her pussy and nudged her clit along it’s slide, making El gasp out loud. “Do it one more time..."

"P-Please fuck me,” El begged, her body squirming now. “I need your cock so bad!!"

"You're so cute when you beg like that El," Lucas said cockily, looking down at her and feeling pretty damn great about all this. He had such a hot girl begging for him, the girlfriend of his best friend, while his own girlfriend was diddling herself to completion multiple times just watching them go at it. And now he would have it. Her virginity.

It wasn’t so much about helping out a friend anymore. Now he just wanted to fuck her, make her love his cock. To have her first time, for himself, forever. The one gift she could never take back or give again. He had to have it.

“You know this will be your first time right?” Lucas said, his tone a bit teasing and cocky. “You can’t have a second first time. If you want this, I’ll have your virginity.”

He knew he was pushing it, but he wanted to see how far he could take it.

“Is that okay with you El, baby? Do you want my cock to be your first?”

Say it and submit, Lucas thought.

Say it and be honest, El thought.

“Lucas… please. Please fuck me. I want you to be my first,” El begged, her mouth opening and her eyes wide and pleading. “Take my virginity Lucas. Make me a woman!”

With those words, Lucas, who had been sliding his cock along her pussy, the tip of his cock nudging her clit, finally aimed his cock at her virgin entrance. He gently pushed against her and then pushed inside of her. El gasped, and Lucas went slow. As horny and turned on as he was (as they both were), she was his friend and he wanted this to be good. So he was careful, slowly letting her get used to his length before giving her another inch.

For El, the feeling of her insides being stretched around her first ever cock was a mix of strange, painful, and thrilling. Her heart was pounding, and despite the incredible tightness she felt, the strange sensation of being filled, and the pain, El felt so alive, like she could feel everything as Lucas buried inch after inch into her tight, wet heat.

For Lucas, her tightness was incredible, and when he finally broke through her barrier with a swift, determined, and gentle thrust, El bit her lip and wrapped her arms around him.

“That was it baby, that was the hard part. I got your virginity now,” Lucas said in her ear.

His words made her shiver in lust, despite the overwhelming sensations and the sharp bit of pain. Subconsciously, she realized she had given something she could never take back.

She was surprised by how little worry she felt over that.

Everything that had happened just felt right.

It’s your fault Mike. You shouldn’t have left me alone tonight, El thought cattily.

"It's okay baby, I promise it's going to feel real good soon," Lucas soothed. It was hard to contain the triumph he felt. He had the virginity of both Max and El now. Both girls of The Party. He never felt better.

Sorry Mike, maybe you should have stayed with El tonight, Lucas thought viciously.

Max was watching them intently, watching as El's virginity was taken. Not by her boyfriend Mike, but by Max's boyfriend Lucas. The feeling was thrilling.

Sorry Mike. Now you’ve lost something you can never take back, Max thought nastily.

Lucas finally bottomed out in El, and her whole body felt tight and overwhelmed. Lucas paused and allowed her to adjust. Waiting. The sensation was powerful for both of them. For Lucas, it was incredible tightness. Not even Max had felt this tight when he fucked her. For El, it was overwhelming fullness. The idea that Lucas’ huge cock was inside of her was hard to comprehend, and El’s toes twitched and her whole body felt tense.

Finally, after several moments, El's relaxed just slightly, and whispered in a tight voice:

"Keep going."

"Okay. Let me know if it's too much and I'll slow down," Lucas said. El closed her eyes and nodded as Lucas penetrated her hole, going slowly before pulling back, then he went in again, then pulled back, going through the repetitive motions of basic, simple thrusts. El still had her arms wrapped around him, and squeezed a little tighter at every new sensation. Every few thrusts, Lucas went in just a little a harder and faster, testing her body, gradually picking up the pace.

It was hard to control himself, El’s body felt amazing around him. The tightness, the heat. Her soft skin pressed against his. Her sweat mingling with his, her juices running down from her pussy, getting his balls wet whenever he went balls deep.

"Your pussy feels so good, baby. You're so tight, El."

"Lucas," El gasped at the pleasure. Her arms slowly unwound from around his neck and both of El's hands were placed on Lucas' cheeks. She guided his head down down to her lips, initiating another passionate makeout session.

This time felt even more intimate and lustful than the last few. Each kiss felt enhanced now, and kissing enhanced the sensations El and Lucas were experiencing, as if their whole bodies were linked together now.

Lucas thrust at a slightly fast rate now, but still going carefully and slowly. Their heated kissing and the closeness of their bodies had helped El adjust to his size and the fullness inside of her. Lucas was taking care of her so well, even though she knew so little and he could go a lot farther if he wanted. She wanted him to feel good too. She knew it would only make things better for her also.


"What is it?"

"I don't want you to hold back,” El panted, moaning as Lucas’ pace picked up in excitement. “Fuck me like you would Max. Please. I can take it. I want all of you!"

Lucas' eyes widened, but a smirk appeared as he looked over to Max.

Max wore a triumphant grin and shared a smirk with Lucas. This had turned out even better than Max had hoped. She had Noir in her hands now, and was thrusting the dildo into her moist pussy while she watched her best friend and boyfriend get it on.

"You heard the girl, Stalker. Show her no mercy," Max said. She wanted Lucas to go all out, to make El remember this forever.

Lucas nodded at Max before leaning down to kiss El's forehead.

"All right. I won't hold back. You ready?" Lucas asked, kissing her breasts while his hands went to her waist.

"Mmm hmm. I'm ready for you. Give it to me,” El pleased, sounding excited and breathless, eager for everything he could give her.

Despite the boldness of El's words, she wasn't fully aware of what she had just asked for. But she saw something change in Lucas' eyes when she said those words, something exhilarating and dangerous in them that made her feel even wetter. And then in an instant, she felt it. Lucas pulled back and then thrust back in, but totally different from before. With speed and power she had not experienced yet. The energy and power allowed him to reach even further into her, and he was angling his hips in such a way that he was brushing new places inside of her.

El gasped in surprise before letting out a long, loud moan of pleasure. She was usually nervous and embarrassed about being heard, but the pleasure was so overwhelming she had no time for shame. She just let out her raw pleasure.

"I said no mercy, and I meant it," Max said with a grin, enjoying El’s loud moans as Lucas started to pound into her with his full speed and technique. If El was going to have her first time, it was going to be a hell of a good one.

"Go all out Lucas. Make her remember this forever!" Lucas grunted in approval as he continued to thrust in at an even quicker, heavier pace.

He wanted El to remember this forever too. Whenever she felt pleasure in the future, he wanted her to remember his cock.

"L-Lucas!" El cried out, surprised as pleasure overtook her. He was so deep into her, it didn't even feel possible. It was like he was trying to fuck himself into her stomach, pounding away at spots inside of her she didn’t even know she had. His huge cock, curved just slightly, brushed her G-spot and had El seeing stars. Soon she couldn’t even moan properly, instead gasping and panting and keening pathetically, the pleasure keeping her from voicing it completely.

Her legs wrapped around his waist tightly, and her arms went around him too as they started to make out again. She wanted to be as close as possible to him. Lucas kissing her lips, Lucas’ chest against hers, Lucas’ cock in her pussy, her hands on his strong back and hair, her legs around his waist. Lucas everywhere she could feel and feel.

"Make that pussy yours Lucas!" Max yelled, cheering them on. The dildo was buried to the base in her pussy now, and she was maneuvering and angling it wildly to get as much pleasure as possible as she watched the erotic spectacle. "Make her pussy remember your cock. Shape it just for you!"

Lucas moaned, that was a tempting thought. Helping Mike and El out was the furthest thing from his mind now. If he was being honest, if he reflected on it afterwards, it had always been an excuse. Something he told himself to feel better about what he was doing. But now he didn’t need that excuse. The only excuse he needed was that El was hot as sin and he wanted to fuck her, ruin her, and mess her up with his cock.

Lucas had a new goal in mind. He had to teach El just how good he was at fucking. His black cock invaded her fresh white pussy, and now he was reshaping it like Max had said. He was going to give her an education she’d never forget. If it was experience she wanted, Lucas was going to give her the experience of a lifetime.

Lucas pounded El's pussy like she just got caught trying to steal money from him and now this was her punishment. It was all about putting El in her place, tearing up her insides and ruining her pussy for any other males. It was about conquering her body, just as he did to Max. He was going to make this pussy remember him, remember his shape, forever.

El was tangled around him, Lucas’ hips working overtime to pound her good and hard, slamming into her like her pussy had wronged him. Her pussy was leaking wetness, and El was drooling from the side of her mouth as they kissed. The bed was shaking and creaking as Lucas used the springs to aid his powerfucking into her pussy, like he was trying to pry his way into her fresh womb.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!! OAAHHH!" El screamed when Lucas began to fuck her cervix with his cock.

"You like getting fucked by me?!" Lucas roared above her, hammering into her.

"Y-YES!!!! OOOHHHHHH, FUCK. SO GOOD-AHHHHOOOOH!!!!" El could barely speak, the raw pleasure making her voice hoarse and guttural. She felt like she was being pushed past her regular limits.

Lucas' hand grasped her neck, squeezing it. He was so rough with her, now even lightly choking her, and it only turned her on even more. El was so into it, she never realized she liked being dominated this much. Having someone in total control of her, using her, fucking her, pushing her past all her limits and then some. Exhausting her body. The air was cut off, the suffocating sensation only enhancing the pleasure as El choked a little and felt her senses and the feelings heighten while Lucas continued to take her to pound town.

Everything El had ever experienced before was so gentle and so patient. She liked it, because it made her feel safe. But this... El didn't know just how exhilarating it felt to be dominated like this. Lucas was fucking her in a way she had never realized she would love. He was rough, he was controlling, and he set the pace and did what he liked; she was expected to match it. And she loved it.

Their bodies were covered with sweat as Lucas continued his ruthless thrusts, wearing her down to another orgasm. Their lips connected again as he released her throat, letting her breath in harshly. The sudden influx of oxygen after a period of deprivation taking her pleasure to new heights.

"OH! OH! MMMMM! LUCAS!" El screamed, her voice cracking as his cock buried inside of her, plowing her hard and deep. He was smashing a place inside of her, and every thrust against it had her seeing stars. She squeezed her whole body around him more tightly; her arms, her legs, her pussy. She even kissed him harder.

Lucas had some sweat dripping from his forehead as he continued his conquest of El's virgin body. She was so hot like this, so fresh. So pliable. He wanted to do this forever. He was enjoying defiling her and ruining her for any man. That single minded pursuit dominated his thoughts as he fucked her hard and fast and raw.

"I'm going to make you remember this forever El. Your pussy is going to remember the shape of my cock forever!" he promised, his voice ragged from the effort, wanting to make it true.

Cock, Lucas' cock was all El could think about, such was the pleasure coursing through her. Every other thought was irrelevant, including how loud she was. Her moans were heated and she was clearly as screamer, Max and Lucas both noted with amusement.

"I want it Lucas, I want you too!" El babbled, eagerly rutting against him.

Lucas grabbed her legs and bent them back further. It was a stretch for El, but one she could manage as he shifted into the mating press position, planting his feet onto the bed.

Lucas pushed down on El's legs with his shoulders, bending her almost in half and giving him more room for his powerful thrusts.

Max cheered on and clapped loudly.

"That's it baby, FUCK her pussy. Ruin it for Wheeler, give her your hot cum. She's been a good snowbunny, don’t you think?" Max asked.

"Oh yeah. A good. Fucking. Snowbunny.” Lucas punctuated each word with a thrust. “She might even be taking more than you did during our first time together. You gotta admit, she takes cock like a champ," Lucas boasted.

"I knew she could take it. I saw her potential. You’re making me so proud El," Max said with a pleased grin.

El came again, and Lucas could see her girl cum spread all over his dark cock. It was a hot sight.

At the new angle of penetration, Lucas could reach even deeper inside of her. El felt like he was fucking right into her stomach at the pace he was going at. Her eyes were rolling back, and all she could hear was the slap of skin against skin. She vaguely heard Mike's name from Max, but the sound of it faded and passed through her without another thought the second Lucas' cock drove back into her soaking pussy. She felt like all her vision faded as another explosive orgasm ran through her, even more intense than when Lucas had licked her. She almost thought she would pass out, and she felt impossibly wet, like she was releasing a slickness that she hadn't before.

Lucas moaned in surprise when El squirted on his cock. His surprise turned to arousal and triumph, and he wore a devilish grin. He looked over at Max who was looking proud too.

"Look at that babe, you made her squirt. For the first time ever. Another first you get," Max said with a smirk.

"I don't think I'll get tired of taking these firsts," Lucas responded with a cocky grin.

El was breathing hard, her chest heaving and her cute tits rising and falling with her pants as Lucas gazed down at her. She was flushed pink and sweating all over. She was so hot like this.

"Finish her off Lucas, pour that cum in her and make her feel you everywhere inside her!" Max ordered, fucking herself on her dildo again, preparing for one last orgasm from her sour pussy.

Lucas grinned.

That was exactly what he had planned. Something about El just possessed him. He let her legs fall down to his waist again and leaned over her, planting his feet into the bed, his cock still in her. El's legs instinctively went wrapped around his waist. The perfect mating press position. One of his specialties. With a mighty thrust, he fucked El back to consciousness, her eyes widening as she let out a pleasured scream at the new position and angle Lucas reached inside of her.

“I’m going to cum soon baby,” Lucas vowed. “I want you to cum with me one more time. Can you do that babe? Can you come for me? All over my cock?”

“Y-yes!” El moaned, a gasp of pleasure being pulled from her cracked lips. The sheets beneath them were soaked through, and they both felt hot, wet, and sticky all over from all of their intense mating.

“Say it! Say you’re gonna cum on my cock!”

El wailed, Lucas fucking down into her like a man possessed. She loved it.

“I-I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum - mmph! - all over your cock! AH!”

“Fucking take it El, take my cock, just like how I took your virginity, fuck! Aren’t you happy I was the one to have it?” Lucas growled, his voice tight from the effort he was exerting.

“Yes! YES! I’m so glad it was you Lucas! Thank you!” El screamed. “Thank you for f-fucking meee!”

Max came undone at that, squirting on her dildo as she listened to the dirty talk and watched as Lucas powerfucked El into obedience.

“Fuck, fuck I’m coming!” Lucas roared, his legs giving out, slamming down on El one more time.

“LUCAS!” El screamed, her pussy spasming before it gushed her girl cum all around his pulsing cock, as he too came, filling the condom with his spunk.

Lucas collapsed on top of her, their sweaty bodies once again pressed against each other. Both were breathing hard, chests against each other and heaving. They felt so hot but they didn’t have the strength to move.

Max was spent and slumped in her seat too, her face flushed beet red, her pussy sore and her fingers aching from overuse. Noir fell to the floor off the seat while all three collected their breath.

El’s mind was a haze in the aftermath of the best orgasm she ever had.

The blood was coming down from Lucas’ head as he slowly calmed back down.

And Max felt strength returning to her as she got onto shaky legs and stumbled on to the bed with them.

For Max, it was a sexual fantasy come true. And revenge executed to perfection. She would remember this forever.

For Lucas, it was a years long dream finally realized, and the best sex he had ever had. It was also something he’d remember forever, whenever Mike annoyed him or dissed him. A private victory he’d always have, along with El’s virginity, her first blowjob, and her first orgasms with another person.

And for El, it was the dawn of something new inside of her. Sort of cheating on Mike was the furthest thing from her mind right now. What she was thinking about instead was this brand new world that had opened up. Sex. She couldn’t wait to do it again. With Mike ideally. But Lucas had been so amazing. She couldn’t lie and say she didn’t want to do it again with him.

And again. And again. And again.

But worry set in too. About Mike, about what Lucas would say now in the aftermath of this pleasure.

But it was Max who cut through her worries right away.

“Did you have fun El?” she asked simply.

El gave her a shy look, and then a firm, confident smile and nod.

Max smiled back.

“Good… but I hope you know, there’s a lot further to go.”

El’s eyes widened.

Lucas, whose arm went around El’s waist and tucked her against him on one side, and Max on the other, looked at her and smiled too.

“You didn’t think we were done, right?” Lucas said with faux innocence.

Max smirked.

“Oh El, we have so much more to teach you. Don’t you want to experience more?”

The smile broke out over El’s face, and her relief was apparent. As was her excitement.

Oh yes. She had much, much more to learn.

And she planned on being the best, most eager student.

3 Months Later

“Oh my god Max, where are they?”

“They said they’d be late, just give them a minute Wheeler, stop being a bitch.”

“It’s been 15 minutes! That’s more than just late,” Mike’s whining voice came.

“Relax Mike, we can keep snacking,” Dustin said with a chuckle. “Movie isn’t going anywhere.”

“I should go get them, maybe something’s wrong.”

“Leave it Wheeler, seriously.”

“Why are you getting on my case about this Max?”

The arguing voices and the sound of footsteps were muted to the ears of the two missing Party members.

El gasped and braced herself against the sink while from behind Lucas squeezed her ass and resumed thrusting into her.

A quick excuse that El had left something back home and Lucas offering to drive her there had given them time for some private fun. Hard to get when they say their friends so often.

“Fuck, that’s so good Lucas,” El said. “Fuck me harder!”

“So needy and horny,” Lucas chuckled. “Risky sex like this, that’s a bit reckless for you.”

“It’s your fault,” El whined. “You didn’t come over last night.”

“I thought you and Mike were hanging out?” Lucas grunted as his hips slapped against her ass and his heavy balls swung between their legs.

“We did,” El moaned, gripping the sink tight, before quickly turning on the facet to drown out any noises they might make. The water tap drowned out some of their noises, but they would be caught soon if they didn’t hurry. “But I still wanted you to come over.”

“I thought you would have gotten your fill from Mike,” Lucas teased.

“Jerk. You know that doesn’t happen,” El said dismissively, huffing now as she felt her orgasm approach.

“Oh really? Why’s that?” Lucas asked innocently. He leaned over her, his chest to her back and whispered in her ear. “Doesn’t he satisfy you like I can?”

El bit her lip, feeling Lucas slow down. Jerk, she thought. She would have to give him what he wanted if she wanted to cum. It was the truth anyway.

“You know he can’t Lucas… Mike doesn’t fuck me like you can,” she said breathily, reaching a hand back to cup the back of his head and bring him cheek to cheek with her. “He can’t satisfy me like you can. Like you do.” She turned her head to whisper back to him. “Not even close.”

Lucas groaned, and resumed fucking her, his hips slapping against her butt and thighs more aggressively. From this angle, and in Mike’s own house, both felt their peaks approaching.

“Oh! OH! Lucas!” El moaned, cumming around his cock, her legs shivering and her knees getting weak as the orgasm washed over her.

Lucas grunted with strain, holding back his own orgasm.

“W-where do you want it El?”

“My mouth, do it in my mouth!” El begged, quickly pushing him out of her.

Lucas kept stroking his cock while El squatted down in front of him and opened her mouth.

“Mmmm fuck! Take it all!” Lucas whispered harshly, as his cock spurted his thick, creamy load into her mouth.

El took it all, openly and enthusiastically, her mouth an eager receptacle for his hot jizz. She held it all in her mouth for a bit, Lucas looking down at her, panting and still stroking his cock to get the last of his load out. When he was spent, El lewdly swirled it around her mouth for him.

Just one of the many things she had learned in the three months since her virginity had been taken.

“Mm, now swallow for me, princess.” At first she hadn’t loved the pet name he gave her, but after repeated use and some, ahem, constant reinforcement, she loved it now and had an almost pavlovian response to hearing it. Heating up and getting wet.

At his word, El closed her lips and gave a big, sultry, exaggerated swallow and smiled at him. Swallowing his thick, creamy loads was one of her favorite treats.

“That’s my girl,” Lucas chuckled. He could hardly believe how things had changed between them, but damn did he love it. He played a big part in how much things changed after all.

He crooked his finger and gestured for her to stand up, which she did without a word. Snaking an arm around her hip, Lucas pulled her to his muscular chest. They had done it many times over the last three months but she never got tired of feeling his strong body. No other boy in Hawkins had one like his.

Lucas leaned in to suck on her neck, and El whined, squirming in his arms.

“Lucas, no! If you leave a mark p-people are going to-ah!” El was cut off by Lucas’ hand smacking her ass while his other arm held her firm around her waist. El moaned from the surprise spank and the resulting sting.

“You know better than to tell me what to do baby,” Lucas growled, spanking her ass again for good measure.

El squealed again, biting her lip to prevent herself from making too much noise. And to be honest, while it might hurt for a normal girl, El had long accepted that maybe she wasn’t normal. Because when Lucas spanked her on the butt, she got wet again between her legs, and her knees got weak as a haze of pleasure fogged up her thoughts. She couldn’t help it, couldn’t resist it. She loved being spanked. Especially by Lucas.

She couldn’t ask Mike to do that to her, he wouldn’t understand. Nor would he be able to do it.

But Lucas? Lucas could do it. He did it. Introduced her to it. Made her love it.

He introduced her to a lot of things. And made her love a lot of things too.

She moaned as he nipped and sucked at a spot on her neck, pulling away wetly and giving her round booty a final spank, making her bury her face in his shoulder to muffle her moan.

Lucas leaned back to examine his handiwork.

“Mm, nice. That one should last a few days,” he snickered.

El bumped his shoulder with her head, frowning into his bulk.

“Jerk, what if someone notices?”

“Saying that shit after you’re the one who pulled me in here when our friends are around doesn’t hold a lot of water,” Lucas retorted, taunting her. “You’re so addicted to me you’re pulling risky shit like this.”

El blushed, it was true. She had instigated this. And many other times. In other less than safe and secure locations.

“Can’t even deny it huh?” Lucas grinned. “If you’re going to play games then I’m going to mark my girl up as much as I want.”

“Not your girl…” El mumbled, not even trying to sound convincing.

Lucas quickly gave her ass another spank, making her cry out, and then landing two more.

“You say something?” Lucas said blithely. He spanked her again for good measure. “Hmm?”

El shook her head.

“Didn’t think so,” Lucas chuckled. “Now don’t go around answering back if you want to be able to sit properly.”

Ohhh, just hearing that almost had El wanting to answer back. She rubbed her thighs together in arousal, something Lucas noticed.

“Jesus, you horny little minx,” he groaned. “If we weren’t here I’d give you another dicking but… well, we really need to pick a more private place. This is getting a little too risky. Can’t we do it at yours again?”

El scoffed. “So Hopper can almost catch you like he did last time?”

“I’m not scared of him,” Lucas said with a scowl.

El rolled her eyes. “M-maybe you can come to the cabin again? We can have lots of privacy there. Like we did last time.” She shivered at the memory.

A wide smile came over Lucas’ face.

“Mm, damn, that was an amazing night. Okay, maybe we can go tom-”

“El? Lucas? Are you guys back? I saw the car outside…”

At Mike’s voice, El quickly fixed her skirt and top, and Lucas tucked himself back into his pants after wiping himself down with the tissues. El fixed her hair in the mirror quickly and then left the bathroom before Lucas, giving him an extra moment in there before he followed her close behind. Both stumbled out of the bathroom, and quickly moved into the kitchen, just narrowly beating Mike to it.

“There you guys are, I was getting worried.”

“No! No nothing wrong, just a longer than expected drive,” Lucas said, his voice a little uneven. El winced, her heart racing. Lucas wasn’t nearly as convincing or dominant around others as he was with her.

“And then I got hungry so I came to the kitchen,” he said lamely. He winced.

Max, who had followed behind Mike, glared at him. Her boyfriend was a shitty liar.

“Uh, but you drive us there all the time and it’s the weekend, and all the snacks are downstairs, how could it-”

He was interrupted when El leaned in and gave him a full, open mouthed kiss. Max grimaced, but Lucas’ eyes widened as he looked at El over Mike’s shoulder.

She pulled back from the deep kiss, her tongue playing with Mike’s own before they parted, and smiled at Mike.

“W-what was that for?” Mike said in amazement.

“Sorry, I just… really wanted to do that,” she said playfully.

Lucas almost choked.

“Uh, it’s totally cool. No biggie. Let’s go downstairs and get the movie going,” Mike stammered, blushing hard.

El linked her fingers with his and they walked ahead to the stairway.

She turned her head back to look at Lucas and winked.

A cocky smile came over his face. El gave him a naughty smirk in return.

And then she took a couple steps ahead of Mike, and walked into the darkness of the basement.

Lucas watched them go. And then felt a sharp pain in his side where Max punched him.

She was glaring at him, and Lucas gave her a meek smile.


“Had fun with your little princess? That was a lot longer than 5 minutes,” Max said, still glaring.

“We got a little- I mean El got so carried away, you know how she is.”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure you were the voice of reason…”

“I’m just being a good friend!”

“He says, after banging Mike’s girlfriend in his own house,” Max scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t be jealous babe,” Lucas groaned, trying to hug her. “I promise I’ll make it up to you… tonight.” He waggled his eyebrows.

Max sighed.

These two were driving her up the wall.

It started as a bit of mean spirited fun. And revenge okay. But it had grown out of her control. And when El and Lucas behaved so recklessly like this, and El had become so insatiable, Max couldn’t help but wonder…

What had she created?