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Coopered and Klawwed

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Coopered and Klawwed


At the Police Headquarters in Paris, France, Interpol Inspector Carmelita Fox was guiding the recently transferred Constable Neyla around the building since it appeared that the two would be working closely together for a while. Although the Indian-born, Cockney-accented tigress' playfulness was at odds with the Latin vixen's strict attitude, Carmelita was determined not to let whatever issues that they would have interrupt their duties to Interpol, and was willing to hopefully become her friend once they got to understand each other better.

"I appreciate the tour, Inspector, but perhaps we should go into what prominent cases that are waiting to be solved?" Neyla asked once they were back at Carmelita's office.

"Fair enough, Constable Neyla." Carmelita replied just as eager to get back to work, even though she inwardly wondered why Neyla only had her apparent given name on her Interpol officer file, but wanted to hold back from what she figured was a personal question. And of course, such a thing was not uncommon in a world where Interpol had to become more of an active presence due to the number of super criminals out there.

The two then spent some time going over wanted criminals from the up and about Cooper Gang to the more notorious Fiendish Five, which Carmelita did not mind talking about, even as she explained to the amused Neyla how the steadily rising thief, Sly Cooper, was "obsessed" with her when their paths crossed.


Once working hours had been done for the day, Neyla left the Police Headquarters with Carmelita none the wiser that she had copied one of the police files for her to swipe from under Interpol's noses and deliver to the right hands. Looking back on it as she used her natural athleticism to parkour Paris at night, Neyla felt that compared to her past crooked actions, some of which that were best kept secret from the law, her actions that day had a more personal touch to it.

Growing up alone and destitute in New Delhi, Neyla had to delve into petty crime to make ends meet, but it was not until a scam of hers directed towards a visiting British parrot of high status and mechanical genius, that her life changed forever, leading her to becoming a secret member of one of the world's most top criminal organizations, the Klaww Gang. The British parrot, Arpeggio, was the Gang's overall leader, and upon seeing Neyla's crafty and amoral nature, nurtured her as his protégé that worked best in either performing her own crimes or spying on Interpol when his fellows had no knowledge of Neyla at all.

With Arpeggio's secret backing, Neyla later received the finest education a British university could offer her, and per his directions, displayed her manipulative talents in a way that convinced Interpol of her usefulness in getting into the criminal mind. From within Interpol itself, Neyla supplied the Klaww Gang intel on other criminals that ranged from prospective assets and enemies alike, and the Fiendish Five were no different.

While it was true that the Fiendish Five were more separate in their schemes in comparison to the Klaww Gang, they still represented themselves as competition to the latter group, and Arpeggio had a more personal interest in the leading member of the Five, Clockwerk. All the same, however, Neyla's own personal interest in the Five had less to do with Arpeggio, and more to do with another orphaned criminal that the parrot took under his wing, along with his two closest friends, sometime after he lost his parents to the Five's murderous ways.

Neyla smiled bittersweetly as she kept on jumping from rooftop to rooftop, remembering how angry she was that her pride had to be dashed by learning to cooperate with others, but the raccoon who led them, convinced her that she needed some normalcy in her life, and having friends to rely on was a normal thing. The fact that he was a charmer helped, too.

Finally, Neyla arrived at the right rooftop where she met her contact who smiled warmly at her in greeting. Reciprocating the same smile, she delivered the file right into his eager hands.

"I appreciate the trouble you went for this, Constable." Neyla's contact, an eighteen-year-old raccoon with an American accent in blue clothes fitting for a classy thief, said to her in genuine gratitude before he then asked concerningly. "But are you sure you'll be okay?"

Neyla shook her head with a knowing smile, but gave the raccoon a quick kiss all the same before answering. "Trust me, Sly Cooper, no one in Interpol knows I made a copy, and the important thing is that you're free to take down the Five with them none the wise."

Sly smiled once more as he replied. "Thanks, Neyla, and don't worry. The guys and me will bring the Five down and Arpeggio can do with Clockwerk's chassis however he likes, and then you and I going to catch up properly."

Neyla hummed flirtatiously at that last part and then commented. "I'm looking forward to it."


This just felt like a good idea to me at the time. I also considered the Cooper Gang being on Interpol's side either as full-fledged officers like Carmelita, as "active confidential informants" who gain rapport on Carmelita's side at least, or indirectly via Sly and Carmelita's burgeoning relationship that would have developed since their very first meeting according to the comics, but since those seem like long term story ideas, I decided to hold them back for now. Still need to get back to my Connor Cooper story, after all, but one good thing at a time.