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Straight Forward

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“I’m telling you dude, you want to ask her out so bad then just ask her out,” Sam told Finn in front of the group. “No sappy stuff, no singing, just straight-forward.”


Finn had been in a slump the past few days because he was starting to fall for Quinn again. He just didn’t have the courage or the confidence to just go up to her and to ask her out to Breadstixs anymore, ever since baby gate. He didn’t even know why he was still in love with her after she broke his heart last year but he was and it was awful.


He had been asking the glee club guys how he should go about doing it and had shown them a performance he had planned out for her. He had planned on singing Just My Type by The Vamps to her in hopes of charming her into a date but all his friends had vetoed that option, saying it made him look too desperate.


Puck and Sam kept telling him to just ask her but Finn didn’t think that it was going to be enough to win her over. Quinn was a high-maintenance girlfriend like Rachel. She liked going out on weekly dates, was controlling, got jealous if he was seen talking to any other girl that she felt threatened by and always wanted to be with you. Just another reason why Finn didn’t know why he wanted her so bad.


“It’s not that easy, you guys,” Finn complained. “She’s expecting something big, like a performance or a bouquet of flowers. Something romantic. It needs to be planned out.”


“Look, if it’s stressing you out this much then it’s probably not worth it,” Puck said, patting him in the back.


“Well how did you ask Santana out?”


“I didn’t.” Puck confessed. “We never dated, only hook-ups. I don’t need to worry about this kind of stuff.”


Finn gave him a confused look because he was pretty sure that they had gone out with each other but then he just shook his head, shaking the question from his thoughts.


“Okay, well then how did you ask Brittany out?” He asked Artie.


“I didn’t,” Artie said and Finn was now really confused. “She came on to me. Chicks bold.”


“So are you guys saying that I have to wait until Quinn comes to ask me?” Finn asked, annoyed and frustrated with his friends and their advice.


“No, dude look,” Sam said, placing his arms on Finn’s shoulders. “All you have to do is go up to her and ask her out. It’s that simple. That’s what Brittany did to Artie. If she says yes then that’s great but if she says no well…” Sam paused, trying to put this in a way that wouldn’t hurt Finn’s ego anymore. “... well then take it like a champ.”

“I can’t just go up to her without anything.” Finn practically shouted. “I can’t look desperate but I need to show her that I want her. This is all impossible.”


He then turned around and kicked the bottom of the locker that he was standing in front of and the guys all shared concerning looks with one another.


“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it.” Sam told him. “You just need an example.”


“An example?” Finn asked, perking his head up. “What kind of example?”


“Of how to ask someone out, straight forward. It’s not that hard, here I’ll show you.” Sam told him and before anyone could say anything else, Sam walked away from the group and started walking towards what looked like a group of cheerleaders. The girls all started frantically whispering to one another and then waved to Sam who just waved back to them before walking past them. Now both the Cheerios and the guys were confused and watched as Sam walked up to Kurt.


“What is he doing?” Finn asked, confused once again but everyone else seemed to know what was going on. The Cheerios were cooing at Kurt and Sam while Puck, Mike and Artie had big smirks on their faces.


“Just watch your example and you’ll see,” Puck told him and now it seemed like the whole hallway had stopped to watch Sam give his demonstration.


“Hi Kurt,” Sam greeted the smaller boy, who was oblivious to his surroundings until now and had previously been looking down at something written in his binder. Kurt looked up and saw Sam, grinning at him while everyone else around him were watching them intently.


“Hello Sam,” Kurt greeted him. “What can I do for you?”


“I need to tell you something,” Sam said and the guys noted how confident Sam was, how he didn’t seem nervous or thrown off in the least bit.


“Go ahead,” Kurt told him, nodding his head as to tell Sam to continue.


“You're hot,” Sam told him.


“Thank you,” Kurt said, smiling. “So are you,”


“I like you a lot,” Sam continued.


“I like you a lot as well.”


“Can I kiss you?”


“Sure,” Kurt said, seeming just as confident as Sam although inside he was shocked as to how someone like Sam liked someone like him. He thought that maybe he was dreaming but then Sam leaned in and kissed his lips and he knew that it was real. He kissed back and they both saw fireworks go off behind one another, it was that good.


They let go of one another after having been glued to each other for about 30 seconds and smiled at each other, Sam with a goofy grin and Kurt with a soft smile.


“That was nice,” Kurt told him.


“It was,” Sam agreed. “We should go out sometime. Pick you up at seven later tonight?”




“Can I hold your hand?” Sam asked him, holding out one of his hands, while folding the other one behind his back and bowing down a little.


“Okay,” Kurt said as he closed his locker door and took Sam's hand in his.


“Can I walk you to class?”


“Yes,” Kurt said and ignoring the excited whispers from the girls and the stunned expressions and smirks from the boys, they walked hand in hand, down the hallway. Mercedes, Quinn, Brittany, Santana and Tina walked past them in a group and stopped abruptly in the hallway, just staring at the two boys as they walked by. They exchanged looks with each other before spotting the group of boys and rushing over to them.


“Care to explain to me why I just saw Lady Hummel and Trouty Mouth giving each other heart eyes while walking, holding hands, boys?” Santana asked them.


“I think they’re dating now.” Puck informed them. “Sam asked him out.”


“Wow,” Quinn said. “I never thought about the two of them together before but… it’s actually kinda hot.”


“Kind of?” Mercedes asked. “No, it’s really hot. I knew I wasn’t just imagining Sam staring at Kurt this whole time.”


Everyone seemed to notice the elephant in the room because they all looked towards Finn who just stood there, wide-eyed, shocked, not taking in the group's conversation in the slightest bit.


“You okay there, Lumps The Clown?” Santana asked him, her signature bitch face on.


“What just happened?” Finn asked, rubbing his head. “Since when is Sam gay? And since when has he had a thing for my brother?”


“Well, I’m pretty sure Sam’s always been gay,” Santana shrugged. “I mean with those lips and that hair there’s no way he isn’t at least bi.”


“Yeah and he was always staring at Kurtie like he wanted to suck on him with his fishy lips, Brittany added.


“I mean have you not seen how friendly they are towards each other, Finn?” Tina asked him and Finn shook his head.


“The flirting, the staring, the touching each other on the shoulder,” Quinn said, trying to stir up the images in Finn’s head. “Doesn’t ring a bell?”


“No,” Finn said. “No bell. I’m so confused.”


“Well you better start preparing yourself because I have a feeling that you’re going to be seeing Sam a lot more often now.” Puck said, patting Finn on the back again.


“My brother is dating my best friend.” Finn told himself, outlook, trying to put the puzzle pieces together. “Sam is gay and he’s dating Kurt who is also gay.”


“Yes Finnigan, you are very smart for putting those things together, now stop standing there like a doof and come on, we’re gonna be late.” Santana bitched and everyone started walking off to their designated classes while leaving Finn there, dumbstruck. This was supposed to be about helping him get together with Quinn and now Sam was dating Kurt. Now he was going to have to come up with a “Hurt My Brother And I’ll Hurt You” protective big brother speech for Sam. ‘


‘Oh well, at least they’re happy,’ he thought to himself before rushing off to his next class, not only worried about his love life but now also worried about his brother’s and his friend’s.