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golden thing

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As soon as we reached the top of the steps, Valentina’s hands were on me again. She gripped my hips and grinned at me, excitement shining bright in her eyes, before she leaned in and kissed me.

Considering our previous moment on the couch, there was no hesitation. Our mouths anticipated the other easily, lips open and tongues eager to stroke the other. We kissed deeply, with no barriers or questions between us. My hands found her neck, and I held her close to me and enjoyed the warmth building into a sizzling heat.

Valentina managed to guide us towards her bed, my feet clumsily stepping on hers as I stumbled along with her. We giggled as Valentina’s foot saved us from tipping over, her heel levered against the bed frame. Her smile was dazzling as we pulled apart and looked at one another. I knew the look of desire that was radiating from her was reflecting back at her. The prospect of the evening’s activities made me giddy with arousal. My body shook with the intensity of it.

I wanted her. I wanted her so badly I could barely think straight. I pressed my hand to her chest and pushed gently, with the intention of getting her on the bed. I moved forward with the movement, chasing her with my lips. Valentina surprised me by pulling back, my lips meeting only air and not the soft pink flesh I craved. Her smile transformed into a wicked smirk as she resisted my advances. She continued to stand upright, her hands flexing into my hips, a hint of teasing in the blue depths of her gaze.

With a small frown, indignant I wasn’t given what I wanted, I moved forward again, eager to press my lips against hers. My hands kept still against her neck as I attempted a second time. Valentina denied me again, and I began to get a little frustrated.

“What are you doing? I want to kiss you.” I whined.

She laughed quietly, obviously amused by her teasing and the almost tantrum-like reaction from me. One hand reached up and stroked between my brows.

“Don’t frown.” She cooed.

“Don’t deny me and I won’t have to. I want you. Now.”

I could hear the childlike argument tumble from my mouth, and I wondered when I lost control over the seductress I tried to be. Valentina’s brows raised and she bit her bottom lip in response to my pout.

“I told you. I want you slowly. And I always get what I want.”

I cocked my head at the confidence she exuded. It was authoritative and sexy in a way I wasn’t expecting. My knees buckled with desire as she looked at me lustfully. There was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be the most explosive torture I’d ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Valentina leaned in, ever so slowly, her eyes never leaving mine. She licked her lips, and just as I thought she was going to finally put me out of my misery, she ducked. Her lips attached to my neck, and a sound I'd never made before croaked out of my throat. She pulled me harder against her, her lips and tongue working against my jawline and neck.

I tipped my head back and my eyes swept across the bedroom. I barely noticed the soft music still spilling out of the speakers that were apparently in this room too. I almost missed the dimmed pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. I only just registered the lit candle on her dresser, and another on her bedside table.

“Did you plan this?” I husked out.

Valentina’s teeth bit into my neck lightly and I flinched. Her warm tongue flattened over the same spot, and I felt like I might melt under the perfect balance of pain and arousal. My hands gripped her shoulders and ran up her neck, critical for my own sanity that she continued her plan of attack.

“Maybe. Why?”

“The lights are dimmed and there are candles burning.”

Valentina pulled back and licked her lips again. I would never tire of seeing that, her eyes dark and full lips wet. She was so fucking gorgeous.

She threw me a lopsided grin as her hands began to lift my shirt.

“I didn't want to be presumptuous, but I thought by setting the scene, I could manifest what I wanted.”

Valentina’s bright eyes disappeared for a moment as she slipped the shirt over my head. She discarded it beside us as her gaze dropped. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so without a shirt, I was naked on top. Her lips parted and she seemed to wobble on her feet as she stared at my chest. I knew my nipples were hard. They’d been straining against the soft cotton of my borrowed t-shirt ever since I straddled Valentina’s lap back on the couch. I tried to stand there with as much confidence as I could muster, willing myself to be worthy of this woman's time and attention. Valentina swallowed hard as her hands found me again. She tentatively grasped my sides as her gaze lifted, and I could have sworn they were yet another shade darker.

“You are exquisite.” She breathed.

In all my life, I’d never heard a compliment said with such genuine fervor. I gaped at her, my chest lifting and falling with every affected breath I took, as she continued to watch me with a transcendent intensity. It was almost palpable, the way things slipped from giddy flirting to something much deeper. It swept across my skin and sparked through my veins, a feeling comparable to the shift in air pressure before a wild summer storm.

Finally, Valentina leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue was warm as it slid into my mouth, and I whimpered at the tender pace she sat. I could taste it on her tongue, and I could feel it in the way she held me closer. She was just as breathless with this connection as I was. She was just as baffled at the ferocity of this thing between us. I kissed her back with equal force, my lips puckering and hands moving, eager to show her I was right there with her. I felt it too.

My hands gripped at the back of her shirt, and I yanked at it enough to pull Valentina’s attention. She leaned away enough to give me space, and raised her arms in the air. I threw the shirt behind me and didn’t even bother taking the opportunity to look at her. I knew she’d be perfect, and I knew I'd have enough opportunities to stare at her later. Right now, I wanted to feel her. I needed to feel her.

My hands looped behind her and I pulled her close. We both sighed, intoxication with the awareness of our bare chests melting together. Her hands smoothed across the expanse of my back, my skin rising under her attention, my nerve endings firing like a New Years celebration. I found the waistband of her lounge shorts and slipped beneath them. I squeezed at the flesh of her ass, encouraged by the tilt of Valentina’s hips harder against me. She moaned into my mouth, and I felt my underwear slip with my inexhaustible desire for this woman.

“Can I take these off?” I asked against her lips.

She crooned in agreement and I grazed my teeth along her lower lip before letting go. With my hands still in her shorts, I used the leverage to lower them down her legs. I kissed down the length of her chest, between her breasts, my tongue tracing the perfect plane of her stomach. When I felt the clothing drop to the ground, Valentina’s underwear among them, I dropped to my knees and slid my palms up her calves, to the bend in her knees, and smoothed up her long thighs. My tongue circled her navel and continued lower.

My lips pressed light kisses along the smooth skin where her shorts previously rested. I felt Valentina’s hand thread through my hair and massage my scalp, her other gripping into my shoulder.

I dipped my head even lower, tracing open mouthed kisses to the juncture of where her legs met her pubic area. The skin was hair-free and soft. I was so close I could smell her. I was dizzy with anticipation, a simple head tilt away from pleasuring the most beautiful model alive. I wanted to relish it, I wanted to enjoy the build up and make her beg for it. But I was so on edge myself, wild with thirst, fully aware the only thing that could quench it was the nectar between her legs.

One of my hands slid around her knee to encourage her to open wider. I could hear her ragged breathing, could feel the unlocked tension in the way she pulled me closer. Nevertheless, she understood what I wanted. She obeyed, shuffling her foot along the carpet as I sat between her widened legs.

I was about to do something I never thought I’d do. I was about to fuck the most gorgeous woman i’d ever seen. But, more importantly, I was about to go down on Valentina Carvajal, the woman who dominated my thoughts and feelings these past months. This was the woman who’d shown me that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, that I owed it to myself to give people a chance. This was the woman who’d shaken up my world, opened me up, and demonstrated first hand that it was okay to be vulnerable, that keeping your cards close to your chest was okay for the general public, but it was even more important to be true with the people closest to you. This was the woman that let me into her own world, shared with me her secrets, and provided me with the safe space and encouragement to be myself.

The thought alone made my skin buzz, heart thump, and head swim in a greedy yearning.

I opened my eyes and looked up. Valentina was completely naked, chest heaving and legs opened wide. Her blue eyes, dark and wide, were staring down at me. Her lips were parted, her tongue pressing against the corner of her mouth, her hair tumbling over one shoulder in a waterfall of blonde and browns. She was utterly gorgeous.

“You smell so good.” I groaned, completely aware my breath was wading over her glistening center.

Valentina blinked down at me once, nothing but affected, her lips trembling.

“I want to feel you on my tongue.” I flicked my tongue out, gliding it along the skin just beside her folds. “Is that what you want?”

Valentina’s hands flexed even harder against my scalp and shoulder. She looked like she might just fall over, unsteady and wavering on her feet. Instead, she swallowed and nodded her head.

“Yes. I want that.” Her voice just above a whisper, eager and pleading. “Please.”

I smirked up at her and without looking away, I tipped my head to position myself right in front of her. I took in a breath, and I salivated. I wasn’t lying, she smelt fucking amazing. I just knew she’d taste as delicious as she smelt.

With all the care and adoration in the world, I opened my mouth and dragged my tongue, slowly, along the length of her. It was like I’d been handed my most cherished flavor ice cream on a stinking hot day, the sweet treat unable to do anything but trickle down the edges and melt in my mouth. I wanted to devour it, lick and suck at the rapidly softening dessert to consume every inch of it, unwilling to let any go to waste.

Valentina’s gaze was shaky, her eyebrows pinched, and she made a kind of breathy choking sound.

“Oh, fuck.” She whimpered, her eyelids fluttering.

I did it again, licking against the entire length of her, from her entrance to her clit, and reveled in the wonderfully filthy moan that spilled from Valentina’s mouth.

“You’re so fucking wet.”

My tongue flicked over her clit, testing the sensitivity, and Valentina’s hips jerked against me. My hands gripped onto the soft skin of her ass, holding her in place. She tipped her head back, eye contact broken, unable to continue to look down at me.

“You have no idea how much I want you.” Valentina whined towards the ceiling. “I’ve driven myself crazy thinking about you like this. I’ve touched myself thinking about you fucking me with your mouth.”

I moaned at Valentina’s confession. I’d never really been a very vocal person in the bedroom, not quite feeling comfortable enough to do anything more than what was expected of me. But Valentina brought something out in me that I didn’t even know existed, my brain wanting to engage in any kind of dirty talk. It turned me on even more, if it were even possible, and Valentina’s own trembling gasps of pleasure and shaky confessions made me crazy with hunger.

The thought of Valentina touching herself provided me with a newfound energy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of having her here, wet and open for me. I moved my tongue against her, changing direction and pressure, paying close attention to each reaction. My hands squeezed into her tight ass, tugging her impossibly closer. Valentina’s arousal was so slick and hot, and I lapped it up eagerly, her fluids sliding down my chin.

It was the most fun, the most turned on, the most desperate I’d ever felt. But just as my tongue pushed up into her, a firm pressure pushed at my shoulders and the warm, wet heat was removed from my face.

I looked up at her dazedly, my hands left clutching at nothing but air, as she sidestepped me. She stood right beside the bed, just out of reach, her skin flushed a tantalizing pink. Her small nipples were stiff and pert, and my gaze hovered over them for a few moments before I found her blue eyes fixed intently on me.

“What? What happened? Are you okay?”

My voice sounded strained as I tried to work out what I’d done wrong. I wiped my hand over my mouth and chin, my tongue licking at the remnants of her on my lips.

“That is not how it’s supposed to happen.” She whispered, one of her hands stretched out towards me as if she were going to ward me off if I got any closer.

My brain was still ticking along, trying to understand why it wasn’t still paying Valentina’s core the attention it deserved. It wasn’t in the right state to decipher Valentina’s code at that moment.


Valentina stood straighter and licked her lips, the change in her instantly evident as a devilish smile took residence on her gorgeous face.

“Take off your shorts.”

My body reacted immediately to Valentina’s demand. I knew from the way she said it and the wicked look in her eye, that everything was more than okay.

With a strength I didn’t realize was still in my muscles, I pulled myself up into a standing position. Valentina’s gaze was greedy as she stared at me, mapping along my neck, arms, breasts and stomach. My thumbs tucked underneath the waistband of my shorts and Valentina’s eyes hovered there, mesmerized.

“You want these gone?”

Without looking away, she nodded her head once.

“Yes. Now.”

I tugged at them, lowering them slowly, along with my underwear, until they joined Valentina’s in a pile at my feet. Valentina sucked in a breath as she stared, unabashedly, between my legs. Her teeth bit into her lower lip and she stepped closer to me, her eyes finally lifting to mine. Warm hands fell against my forearms and slid up to my shoulders.

One cheeky eyebrow raised at me before she spun me around. It was fast, and before I knew what was going on, Valentina was standing behind me, the length of her front pressed against my back. My shins were against the edge of Valentina’s mattress, pressing into the thick white comforter. I looked towards the curtains on the other side of the room as they ruffled against the slight breeze let in from a door left ajar. Valentina hummed into the skin on my neck as she kept her hands busy. They skimmed across my stomach before cupping my breasts. My head tipped back against her shoulder as she pinched my nipples between her talented fingers.

“You’ll be the first to come tonight,” She whispered, hot in my ear. “Not me. So please don’t distract me with your mouth until I'm done with you.”

I moaned as the words, coupled with the pressure around my nipples, caused me to clench around nothing. I pushed my ass into her, my body smoldering with pent-up hunger, my breath rough as it pushed out of exerted lungs.

“Promise me.”

“If you keep touching me like that, I’m all yours.” I whimpered.

Valentina nipped at my neck and I could feel her smile against my skin.


Her hands slipped from my breasts and traveled lower. One hand gripped my hip, while the other skimmed over the small patch of hair just above my core.

“Can I touch you, Juls?”

I gulped and almost stumbled over my response in impatience.

“Jesus. If you don’t, I think I'll explode.”

Valentina’s teeth tugged at my earlobe as she released a quiet, breathy laugh. Then, her hand moved and I felt my world spark alive as she slid her fingers through me.


My eyes squeezed shut tighter as her deft fingers danced against me, circling my clit and dipping lower, gliding against me torturously. My hand found the arm that was keeping me still, her fingers digging into my hip, and I wrapped my fingers around her wrist. The other reached behind me and scratched against her scalp, thick locks of hair flowing between my fingers.

“You feel so good.” She breathed in my ear.

I grunted in response, too lost in the sensations of Valentina’s fingers pressing against me, making me shudder.

The hand holding my grip grazed back up my stomach and squeezed my breast, while her mouth sucked against the back of my neck. All of the individual sensations were overwhelming, and I felt myself slipping quickly. My hips moved with Valentina’s fingers, while she rolled my nipple and bit at my skin.

“Val, fuck.”

I knew I sounded desperate, but I didn’t care. My orgasm was building quickly, and I was out of my mind with how desperately I wanted to come undone for her.

For the second time in the space of ten minutes, I was taken completely by surprise. Valentina’s mouth and fingers disappeared and I was turned and pushed onto my back. I landed on the mattress with a huff, barely able to register what was happening. My head was in such a Valentina-induced haze that I only just leaned up on my elbows before Valentina’s lips were on me.

She kissed me deeply as she hovered over me, her tongue dipping into my mouth hungrily before she pulled away.

“Val.” I whined.

I watched as Valentina threw her long hair over one shoulder and situated herself between my legs. Her knees were still on the soft carpet of her bedroom as she leaned over and looped her arms under my thighs. She licked her lips, a flirtatious gleam in her eye, and my stomach clenched with how completely enchanting this woman was. Before I could end that thought and comprehend what was about to happen, her mouth was against me.

Needless to say, my elbows gave out and my back arched as Valentina lapped at my center. Her tongue was long and warm against me, the strong muscle quickly finding a rhythm and pace we were both clearly very happy with. Her bedroom was inevitably filled with sounds of my approval of her technique as I gave myself over to her.

Valentina’s expert attention on my core was the single most overwhelming experience of my life. Whatever she was doing caused everything else to stop, and empowered me to lose all inhibitions and simply enjoy the pleasure curling through my veins and coiling in the pit of my stomach. Her tongue entered me, and I bucked up into her.

Jesus Val. Right there.”

My fingers curled into her hair and cupped the back of her head, encouraging her attention. She doubled down her efforts, her tongue pumping into me with a strength that knocked out every concept I knew about sex. My other hand released its deathgrip on Valentina’s comforter and found my breast. I squeezed it harshly and moaned at the familiar pulses dropping low in my stomach. Valentina’s fingers dug even further into the skin of my hips.

“I’m close, baby.”

Valentina’s mouth moved, dragging up through my folds before suctioning onto my clit. She pulled me into her mouth and the change was immediate.

Fuck. Yes. Don’t stop.”

Within moments of Valentina’s lips wrapping around my clit, I succumbed to the pressure and fell into the abyss. The orgasm that hit me was almost violent in its intensity, my body uncertain of what to do with the powerful blaze beating over my muscles and winding through my bloodstream. I saw myself high into the clouds of ecstasy, watching as if from afar, the surge of oxytocin making me feel as though I could fly. As I slowly floated back down to earth, Valentina was the only thought of my mind. I had no recollection of where the model was or what she was doing as my body writhed through the most intense apex of pleasure I’d ever experienced, but in that moment, I felt grateful for her. Grateful that we’d met, and that she’d given me a chance.

Valentina’s soft kisses on my face slowly brought me back to reality. I fluttered my eyes open to find her grinning down at me, her eyes deep and blue and radiant. My body was still alight and she somehow looked more gorgeous than ever. She blinked, just once, and she looked as though she’d just found the key - to what, I wasn’t sure.

Just as I was about to say something, Valentina’s fingers touched me again. I jumped slightly, not expecting it, and she smirked at me.

“I’m not finished yet.”

She leaned down and kissed me thoroughly, and with the endorphins still skittering through my system from my last orgasm, two of Valentina’s long fingers slowly pressed into me.

I moaned loudly at the bold action, my arousal firing back up just as intense as before. I was so ready for her that when she entered me, there was no grace period to adjust to the intrusion. My body eagerly welcomed it, my walls already tightening around her. I trembled with how fucking worderfully sensitive it all was. She thrust inside me with long, gentle strokes before burying herself as deep as she could go. Valentina’s tongue scraped against mine and she flung a leg between mine, pressing her thigh against her hand to push even deeper.

I could swear I saw stars as Valentina’s fingers curled inside me.

“I had to fuck you with my fingers.” She said, breathless, into my ear. “I had to know what you felt like.”

I whined, lost in the overwhelming pleasure coursing through me, as she repeatedly pressed into me.


Valentina didn’t hesitate for a second. She used the leverage of her thigh and picked up her pace. We worked together, my hips canting into her hands, her long fingers curling inside me. I moaned as she panted at the effort, and without warning, I came undone beneath her for a second time.

I shook and cried out her name as the towering wave crashed into me, leaving me boneless and wrecked. I shuddered when Valentina pulled her fingers out, and I sighed when she continued to pepper delicate kisses across my face, neck and chest.

She waited patiently for my recovery, her lips never leaving my skin.

When I felt like I could finally move again, I opened my eyes and cupped her head between my hands. I pulled her up, her long hair ticking the skin of my shoulder, and she smiled shyly at me.

“Was it okay?”

I huffed out an exhausted laugh, my lips curling upwards at how damn adorable this woman was. Exuding sensuality and confidence one minute, then seeking approval the next. It had my head spinning in the best possible way.

“You are amazing, Val.” I pressed a quick kiss against her lips. “You are fucking incredible.”

Valentina giggled against me. I could feel her chest shake, and the scrape of her breasts against mine, the realization of her entirely naked body laying along the length of me kept the fire burning. It felt endless, like no matter what I did, I’d always want more.

Would I ever get enough?

My hands slid into her hair, pulling it just behind her ears. I observed her dilated blue eyes with fascination. I did as she promised and let her have me first. She’d had her turn. Now it was mine.

With a newfound energy filling me up and the unshakeable motivation to watch Valentina crumble, I flipped her with ease. She landed on her back, her hair fanned out and her eyes wide as she gazed up at me. I wrapped my hands around her wrists and held them above her head.

“Now it’s your turn to promise me something.” I said as I straddled her waist.

She arched one eyebrow at me seductively.

“What is it?”

I grinned impishly, ideas of what I was going to do to her racing across my mind.

“You do everything I say. Can you do that?”

Valentina shot me a dazzling smile and nodded her head.

“I promise.”


~ ~ ~


Soft pressure against my spine and a warmth in my ear roused me from my sleep. I grumbled and attempted to push myself deeper into the mattress, the tempting wisps of sleep slowly slipping from my grasp.

“Juls.” My name sounded dreamlike, quiet and husky. “Wake up.”

I groaned again, squeezing my eyes shut tighter as my subconscious reached out to the alluring darkness. I figured if I kept my eyes shut for long enough, maybe I could slip back under, taken away by the gentle tides of sleep. I nuzzled further into the pillow and breathed in deeply. It smelt familiar but not like my own.

The pressure against my spine turned into a gentle scratching and a sweet whisper kept close to my ear.

“Juls. Baby. I want to show you something.”



I reluctantly pried one eye open, curious at the term of endearment and where it was coming from. It was immediately obvious that it was not the right time to be awake. According to the distinctly faint glow of the room and the general quiet that comes with the hours of darkness, it was very early morning and certainly still time to be sleeping. It was also evident that I was not in my own bedroom. Curtains I only vaguely recognised swayed briefly in my eyeline, a candle burning the very ends of its wick flickered on the bedside, and a scent I finally connected to its owner was enough for those last strings of unconsciousness to fall away.

I wasn’t at my house. I stayed at Valentina’s. I was in Valentina’s bed.

With much effort, I shuffled against the soft sheets, my limbs heavy with fatigue. I had slept on my stomach, my face squished against a heavenly pillow. A warm, bare body was pressed into my back, a long leg draped over my own. When I began moving, the body behind me automatically pulled away, but only far enough for me to readjust. I turned my shoulders and was greeted with a stunning view.

Valentina was there, tucked in right beside me, every inch of skin possible touching along our lengths. She was smiling down at me, her head propped up by the palm of her hand, the other sliding over my stomach. Her hair was without its usual tidiness, strands wild and free around her face and over her exposed shoulders. Blue eyes shone at me in the dim light, ethereal in their depths. They were adorably puffy, her lips pink and voluptuous.

She was perfect.

“Morning.” She mumbled, a demure smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

There was no stopping the returning smile, my sleepy eyes crinkling under the weight of my happiness. I was wrapped around the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes on, my body tired and spent from an evening of very pleasurable activities. Activities that had taken me to places I didn’t know were possible. Activities that only cemented my growing feelings for this spectacular woman.

“Good morning.” I managed, my voice thick and croaky.

Valentina sucked the corner of her bottom lip into her mouth. Her eyelids fluttered as they slipped to my lips, and my smile widened further at the sight of a provoked Valentina.

Sexual chemistry was always something I knew existed. How could I not? The topic was saturated in popular culture. Entrenched in sappy rom-coms, basically thrown at you in raunchy film-clips, even becoming more prominent in mainstream books. As much as I tried to steer clear of the topic of sex in public, not because i’m a prude, but because I was constantly hiding the fact that I exclusively slept with women, I still somehow found myself hearing about it. It was regularly brought up in conversation at parties, women laughing about their awkward, clumsy encounters with men who they failed to find that spark with. Then there were the women, albeit a select few, who swooned about those rare, mind-blowing connections. They would blush around a grin, their skin heating up as they gushed about how it all just clicked.

My sex life up until this moment had been sufficient. Even though I’d only been with 5 women in my life, it had been fine. I would even consider those escapades as being nice. I enjoyed myself, and I got the impression my partners also had a good time. In all five situations, it had always been kept fairly casual. We both had needs, and we played the part in satisfying those needs. Eventually, after a couple of months, we’d call it quits for various reasons and go our own way.

It had been a perfect arrangement. I didn’t need anything more from them, and they didn’t need anything more from me.

But this. Whatever this was, I finally understood what those women at those parties meant about sexual chemistry. About it all clicking. Because last night had been fucking amazing. There was a sense of comfortability with Valentina that made things unexpectedly sexy. She was confident in her body, and almost arrogant in her pursuit of what she wanted. I don’t know if it had anything to do with our confessions earlier in the evening, but there was no barrier between us. We moved as if in sync, completely giving ourselves over to the other, leaving our hearts and bodies open to whatever the other was willing to give.

If I ever thought I fully understood what the word mind-blowing meant, I was sorely mistaken. Because Valentina Carvajal and the way she fucks is exactly that.


“What are you looking at?” I whispered, my eyes still heavy from sleep.

Valentina looked serene as she considered me. I didn’t know what it was, exactly, but something felt different. There was a distinct shift in energy, a change in the way she looked at me compared to every moment up until then. There was something calmer, a sense of peace evident in the soft edges of her features. The change made my heart clench in my chest, and butterflies to erupt in my stomach. Because somehow, it made her even more remarkable.

“Just admiring the sleepy look.”

Her hand moved from its place on my stomach, and I had to fight the complaint of the cease of her fingers tracing lazy patterns on my skin. Instead, I licked my lips as her fingers lightly tracked between my breasts, over my collarbone and up my neck.

I narrowed my gaze and looked at her suspiciously.

“I’m a mess, aren’t I?”

Valentina finally gave me what I wanted, her small smile morphing into a sweet, toothy grin. She laughed a breathy sound and shook her head. The movement caused a thick lock of hair to fall in front of her face. I immediately came to the rescue, my free hand shooting out from beyond the covers to gently tuck it behind her ear.

“I wasn’t expecting it -” Valentina said, leaving the sentence unfinished with another quiet giggle.

My eyes widened a little at her teasing. Oh, Jesus. Did I actually look disgusting?

“What? Did I drool? Is my hair matted or something? What?”

Valentina’s laughter grew from a soft laugh to an audible giggle at my slow panic. My hand flew to my head as I attempted to pat my hair into something that wasn’t too embarrassing.

“No, no.” Valentina laughed, her hand coming up to stop my urgent fretting. “You’re fine. Stop it. You’re fine.”

“Well then, what is it?” I asked, joining in on her game.

“I wasn’t expecting you to look even more captivating when you sleep.”

“You were watching me sleep?” I asked in mock horror. In all honesty, the admission made my heart sing.

Valentina’s skin flushed, her mouth opening to explain.

“Not like that. Don’t make me look like a creep.”

“Sounds like you were being a creep, though, Val.” I teased, voice still scratchy, my smile wide.

“No. It wasn’t like that.”

I arched a brow mockingly, enjoying this light teasing despite the early hour.

“Then what was it like?”

Valentina sucked on her cheeks as she considered what words to say. Her tongue ran across her teeth before she spoke.

“I had this horrible moment in the middle of the night when I thought you’d left.” She said, and I pouted. “But when I properly woke up, I realised you were tucked right in next to me. You look so peaceful when you sleep, all curled up and relaxed, like you don’t have a worry in the world. I just wasn’t expecting you to look so fucking irresistable when you slept. And then I tugged you closer, and you made this cute little sound and threw your arm around me, and it took me no time at all to fall back to sleep. I liked having you so close.”

I rolled my eyes playfully at the woman hovering above me. It was absurd, how her unfiltered words sent a shiver down my spine, how her bright gaze, those blue eyes that seemed to hold the secrets to the universe, looked so adoringly at me.

My hands found her again, one tracing her naked back while the other slid into the soft locks of her golden hair. Valentina settled into the close embrace, all traces of teasing laughter gone. All that was left were silly smiles on our faces as we stared, completely unabashedly, at one another.

“Did you really wake me up before the sun just to tell me that?”

Valentina arched one perfect brow and scrunched her nose at me.

“No. I mean, it’s absolutely true, but that’s not why.”

Her alert gaze continued to bounce around my face, only inches away, the quiet of the morning like a cocoon I didn’t want to disturb just yet.

I mirrored Valentina’s expression, my own eyebrow raising, as I waited for her to elaborate. When it became apparent that she was quite content with simply looking at me, I prompted her.

“Am I going to have to guess, or are you going to spill?”

Valentina shook her head, only slightly, as if forcing herself to get out of her own mind and converse with me. Her eyes flicked down to my lips, a thought crossing her face before she pulled away and caught my eye again.

“I wanted to show you something.”

I scoffed, quickly realising that she was being serious.


Valentina’s chest shook lightly with amusement.

“You really aren’t a morning person, are you?”

I sucked in a deep breath and forced my brain to tell my body that any chance of getting more sleep this morning was disappearing quickly. Although, if Valentina wanted to show me something that had to do with fingers and lips and wet heat, I think I could handle that. Even though my power button was still only just whirring to life, I was well aware of the gorgeous, tantalizing naked body pressed into my own bare skin. It wasn’t every morning I woke up in the same bed as a famous model who appeared to like me just as much as I liked her.

“If there’s a good reason to be, I can do it.”

Valentina bit the inside of her cheek and tilted her head at me.

“Then come with me.”

Valentina began to move away, but my hands gripped onto whatever they could to stop her. Of course, I would follow her wherever she wanted to go, but she didn’t have to know that yet. She looked back down at me, the question in her eyes, a tiny flicker of fear in the blue depths. I didn’t know why I was being so mushy, not typically my approach when I liked someone, more comfortable to keep them at arms length to protect myself. So I was surprised at my own need, and ability to voice it.

“We aren’t going anywhere before I get my good morning kiss.”

The resulting smile was worth it. It lit up her eyes, and I could have melted into the mattress at its earnestness.

“Of course. How silly of me.” She replied before lowering her head.

Our lips touched, her softness immediately setting every single piece of me alight. It was like a whoosh of warm air over my skin as she puckered her lips, pulling away only to press even further, silently asking for more, always more. I clung to her desperately, eager to feel everything she was willing to offer. My palm pressed into the smooth skin of her back, pulling her tighter against me. It felt so fucking good, almost surreal, to have her like this, soft and supple in my arms. Valentina made a small whimpering sound as I attempted to deepen the kiss. Our tongues slid together, my head lifting off the pillow as my hand slid down her back to cup her backside.

Just as I was about to roll her over, determined to feel her underneath me, my fingers trembling with how badly they wanted to touch her, she pushed at my shoulder.


With a firm hand on my shoulder, stalling any further advances, I frowned.

“Is something wrong?”

No.” Her response was immediate. “No, of course not. I just know that if I let you continue, I won’t have the willpower to stop. And as much as I’d love to continue where we left off last night, I really want to show you something.”

My frown gradually vanished as I realised how persistent she was being with whatever this idea of hers was. So I nodded and relaxed, showing her I wouldn’t pounce once she let me go.

“Okay. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” She whispered, lowering her head so her lips touched my ear again. “I barely slept knowing you were beside me. We’ve got plenty of time to explore this. Trust me, we’ll pick this up very soon.”

I felt my skin shiver, but before I could do anything about it, Valentina’s weight was gone. She gracefully rolled off her side of the bed and stood. I was frozen, wide-eyed and staring, as her naked frame bent down in the gradually lightening room and picked up her discarded clothes from the night before. Her arms lifted high in the air as she let gravity drop her oversized shirt onto her body. Then she slipped on her shorts, not bothering with underwear.

She turned back to me with a smirk on her face, knowing exactly what she’d just done. The exhibitionism was certainly encouraged, but it only served to drive me crazy. I ignored the already slick feel between my legs and swallowed.

“Are you coming?”

I cleared my throat and nodded my head dumbly.


I forced myself to push aside any body insecurities and pushed at the sheet. It’s not that I thought poorly of myself, but as a woman in modern society, I certainly had my own internal struggles. I wish my thighs were slimmer, I wish my skin was tighter here, I wish that stretch mark wasn’t there. I gulped and with all the confidence I could muster, I stood up. She’d already seen me naked, but that was in the throes of passion, too excited at touching one another to really look. I stepped to her side of the bed and looked up, my feet halting against the soft carpet of her bedroom.

Valentina stood before me, my borrowed clothes in her hand stretched out towards me. But it was the look on her face that made my heart palpitate in my chest. But more importantly, it was what made me stand still and allow her to look, rather than hide away in embarrassment or shame.

It could be described as nothing but reverent. Her gaze swept across my legs, hovering for a moment at the junction between them, before slowly sliding up my torso, across my breasts, and over my chest. She gulped heavily, her throat bobbing, as she took in my neck, then my face.

A shy smile adorned her lips as she finally found my eyes. Somehow, the way Valentina looked at me, full of adoration of warmth, made it easy for those absurd insecurities to melt away. With a simple look, she made me doubt any negative self-talk that bounced around unpleasantly in my head. With the hunger I saw in her eyes, it was almost easy to find the confidence to stand so naked and vulnerable in front of her.

Wow.” She murmured, the word falling from her lips in awe.

“What?” I huffed out humorously as I grasped the clothes and took them from Valentina’s gentle grip.

I busied myself with pulling on the shorts and sliding into the soft shirt as I waited for her reply.

“I don’t think you fully comprehend just how alluring you are.” She said, quietly, as she stood barefoot in the sanctuary of her bedroom. “I still almost can’t believe that I got to have you in my bed last night.”

I shook my head at Valentina’s breathless compliment. My skin immediately reacted, heating up under the intense look she trained right on me. In the past 12 hours, I felt more at ease than I ever had in my entire life. Wrapped up in Valentina’s presence was what I pictured floating down a calm river would feel like. It was a feeling that consumed me, a beautiful weightlessness that was free of worry or concerns. All I had to focus on was the sensation of Valentina’s warmth and attention surrounding me, her sweet declarations urging me to fall deeper into the tide. It was pure bliss, the feeling unmatched, and I was happy to go along for the ride for as long as the river ran.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I replied shyly, forcing myself to look right at Valentina when I spoke. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world. It’s more like I can’t believe you wanted me to stay. Waking up next to you was even better than a dream.”

Valentina rolled her eyes bashfully and stepped towards me. She reached for my hand and linked our fingers together.

“If I have anything to do with,” she said as she pulled me along behind her, “there’ll be plenty more mornings like this.”

Valentina’s long fingers picked up a large throw that was sitting messily on top of a simple armchair tucked away into the corner. She placed it over her shoulder and with a wink at me, pulled at the sliding door. A cool breeze rushed through the opening, goosebumps springing up in its wake.

Nevertheless, I followed without question as Valentina stepped out onto a generous balcony. It was almost triangular in shape, wide as it wrapped around the side of Valentina’s large bedroom before meeting at a point at least 8 meters from where we stood. There were plants scattered around the space, a small table and chair setting positioned in the widest area, a large round daybed nestled in the other corner.

The sky was slowly transitioning from night to day. There was a faint, almost white glow hanging in the few clouds that hung above us, the rest of the sky a deep navy blue. The balcony was lined with clear glass, topped with a stainless steel handrail, allowing for perfect viewing at the breathtaking sight that expanded out before us.

Wordlessly, Valentina guided me to the daybed. She clambered on first, wrapping the blanket around her shoulders and out over her arms. She leaned back against the large, European style cushions, and opened her legs with a gentle smile. I understood what she wanted and didn’t hesitate to follow. I shuffled back against her, my back against her front, our legs stretched out before us. Valentina’s arms immediately enveloped me, her arms sliding over mine and holding me close, our bodies pressed together. A small kiss was pressed into my hair, and I sighed in serene satisfaction as we settled into our warm embrace.

The blanket was large enough to go around both of us, and I tucked my head into the junction between Valentina’s neck and shoulder. We didn’t speak, both of us sitting and breathing in the cool morning air. Content with the easy satisfaction of being held snug and cozy beneath the shared blanket, we silently watched the day break before us. The sky continued to gradually lighten, the glow transforming from dark grey to deep purple with streaks of pink, to a ripened yellow and then a radiant orange. Soon enough, the big ball of brilliant sun began to peek up from the distant horizon. The clouds strewn haphazardly across the sky became ablaze in the new light, like fluffy balls of rich cotton candy. It all happened quite quickly after the first sliver peeked over the edge. The sun lifted over the ocean, illuminating the city in fresh, golden light, the sky brightening to a breathtaking blue and welcoming the city to another day.

With Valentina’s arm wrapped securely around me and the emergence of the sun shining on a new day, I felt full. A soothing comfort took place in my chest and diffused into my bloodstream, crawling down my limbs like tendrils of a vine. The feeling snuck into every inch of my being, absorbed into my skin and sunken into my bones. It was with such lightness that I felt like I was invincible, like I could jump from this balcony and instead of plummeting down, I could soar up into the perfectly blue sky. It felt like the sun had risen today with one purpose: to permeate my body with its warmth and infuse my mind with happiness.

“This is my favorite part of the day.” Valentina broke the silence, her voice soft in my ear. “I usually come out here and meditate as I watch the sunrise. Some days I'm too exhausted to drag my ass out here and do it. But I try to build it into my routine when I'm here.”

I hummed contently, happy to listen to more, to find out more pieces of her.

“What do you like about it?”

“I think it’s the stillness.” She spoke quietly, as if she didn’t want to break the serenity that surrounded us. She released her hold on the blanket, the throw staying in place around us, and linked our fingers together over my stomach. “My life has always been a bit of a circus, my time taken up with things I never really wanted to do in the first place, people vying for my attention and pulling me every direction possible. The early morning, right before the sun rises, is the quietest my life ever gets. Everyone else is tucked away sleeping, there are barely any cars on the road, no planes in the sky, no phones ringing or people talking. It’s the perfect time to just sit and think. It’s the only chance for me to just be.”

Valentina nuzzled into me even closer, her head turning to breathe in my hair. There was still so much about Valentina I didn’t know, but I was very much looking forward to finding out.

“What do you think about?” I prompted.

The 49th floor was high enough in the sky that I felt like I sat on top of the world, but I could still see the tiny waves breaking at the shore and the miniature people walking along the soft sand of the beach. The ocean rippled until it disappeared in the distance, the expanse of water stretching out for miles and miles beyond what I could see. The sun reflected off the windows of office and apartment buildings, people slowly beginning to stir as the new day called to them. By now, the sun was a little higher in the sky and was beginning to get a little bright. Instead of squinting, I closed my eyes and handed my senses over to sound and touch. Valentina was right - it was perfectly quiet. All I could hear was the gentle breeze in my ears, the light ruffle of the blanket against my skin, and the rhythmic inhale and exhale from both of us.

“Everything.” She answered slowly. “What I plan to do with my life. Things I could have done, or should have done differently. Conversations I need to have. Directions I want to go. Things I’d like to see.”

I smiled and enjoyed the sound of her voice, delicate and soothing, as the sun warmed my face. Valentina’s chest rose and fell against my back, vibrating soothingly when she spoke, and I felt like I could stay there forever.

“That sounds deep.” I said around a smile. “Do you make many decisions at this hour?”

Valentina huffed out a quiet laugh and held me tighter, her teeth finding and tugging on my ear lobe.

“Sometimes.” She replied. “Other times it’s just enough to reflect.”

I sighed as one of Valentina’s hands slipped out from under my own and snuck up beneath my t-shirt. Her long fingers lightly brushed over my stomach, and I felt that overwhelming rush of desire at the act. It was a simple touch, nothing overtly sexual, but it was enough to pick up my heart rate and want more. Always more.

Her other hand fell away from my torso, bringing mine still linked with it, and resting it against her leg. It left me exposed, my entire body open and ready for Valentina to explore.

“Lately,” she murmured in my ear, “there’s been something else that has overtaken any other thought.”

Her fingers pushed into the skin at my hip and dipped beneath the waistband of my shorts. I inhaled shakily as she continued to touch me like I was the most precious thing in the world.

“Oh yeah?” I asked, breathless. “What’s that?”

I shifted, my legs widening, as Valentina’s hand moved further into my shorts. Her index finger pushed into the skin where my leg met my torso, close enough to my center to send my blood hurtling through my veins at light speed. I squirmed under her touch, and with these brief yet purposeful touches, I knew I was already soaking wet.

“I’ll give you three guesses.”

Oh, so she was in the mood for a game.

“Isn’t it too early for this?” I asked, my back arching against her as her fingertips danced enticingly across my front, across the soft skin just above my clit. It throbbed, painfully aware of Valentina’s closeness, and I whimpered shamelessly at the distance. I almost couldn’t keep up, a little dizzy at the speed in which we shifted from thoughtful conversation to playful teasing. Maybe Valentina was just as affected by this electricity sparking between us as I was, as easily swept up into the crashing waves of desire.

“It’s never too early to have you like this.” She husked, her teeth nibbling against the shell of my ear, her breath hot and ragged.

“What?” I complained. “All tortured and turned on for you?”

“Mmmm.” She hummed, although I picked up on the shaky exhale. “I’ll have you any way I can. But I'll always enjoy you so open and wet for me.”

“How do you know I’m wet? You haven’t even touched me yet.” I panted, my skin on fire.

Her fingers brushed one of my lips, and my legs trembled at the contact. I opened them wider, bowing at the knees to offer her more room to move. She understood the intention and smiled against the skin of my neck.

“Because I’m just as ready for you, baby.”

I squeezed my eyes even tighter shut and moaned at her admission. She hadn’t even touched me yet and I was already a gasping mess. If I wasn’t so high in a daze of desire, I would probably be embarrassed by the sounds spilling from my mouth and the evidence of how turned on I was with just a few words and light touches. The heat of the early morning sun slowly rising higher in the sky, the warm blanket wrapped around me and the burning need churning through my bloodstream caused tiny beads of sweat to erupt across my hairline.

Her fingers dipped closer, my brain almost short-circuiting at the torment. I would do anything, give her all my secrets and fulfill all her dares, just to have her touch me intimately again. I shifted my hips, full of lust and longing and frantic to feel her fingers glide across me, over me, and into me. Unfortunately, she saw right through me, and before I could succeed with my mission, she pulled away to pinch the inside of my thigh.

I huffed out a sigh of annoyance.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Valentina sniggered lightly in my ear and pressed a quick kiss to my neck.

“Oh, very much.”

“Fine.” I groaned. “I’ll play.”

Valentina’s other hand slipped free from my own, leaving both my arms limp by my sides. The daybed was rough beneath my hands as I rubbed them against the coarse texture of the cushion. I pressed my palms down, trying to find some leverage to push myself further into the woman behind me.

Valentina reacted unfairly to my squirming. The hand that wasn’t stroking the insides of my thighs found its way beneath my shirt. She raked it up my stomach and cupped my breast gently, her thumb flicking once over my nipple.

I gasped and jerked at the sensation. My breasts were always quite sensitive, and it seemed Valentina had figured that out already. My head fell back harder against Valentina’s shoulder and she took advantage, her tongue licking out over the skin beneath my ear.

“What’s your first guess?”

I could barely think, my mind more focused on Valentina’s hands, where they were and what they were doing. But I fought through, knowing that if I played along, I’d most likely get what I wanted.

“Ah.” I groaned. “You’ve been thinking a lot about one person in particular?”

Finally, Valentina rewarded me for the correct answer. The hand on my nipple squeezed harder, rolling the sensitive bud between her long fingers. Simultaneously, her other hand moved to cup my center. Two of her fingers dipped into my heat and, starting low, slid them through me. We both moaned at the contact as she ended the caress around either side of my clit.


Using the same technique, she continued with long, slow, deliberate strokes. My body trembled with the consistency of her movement, never forgetting the gentle tugging of my nipple. I was so wet that Valentina found no resistance, her deft fingers exploring my core with a delicate strength that made my lungs forget how to breathe.

“You feel so fucking good on my fingers.” She groaned in my ear.

Valentina’s lips sucked and teeth bit gently into the skin she had access to. My hands found Valentina’s knees, my fingers wrapping around her slim legs. I needed something to hold on to while she inflicted the most excruciatingly intense pleasure on me.

“This person.” I continued with the game, somehow spurred on by her previous teasing. “You are working with them currently. You’ve been filming with them. Right?”

“That’s right.” She agreed, her fingers beginning to press more firmly against me.

She was still just bypassing my clit and it was beginning to drive me insane. Her index finger rubbed small circles against my entrance, before sliding through me and around the small bundle of nerves that pulsed and throbbed and ached with want. I knew release wouldn’t be far away when she finally touched me there. I moaned again with the thought, my body writhing under her attention.

Even though I was being touched by her, her fingers brushing against my center and nipples at an agonizing pace, deliberately building me up to dizzying heights, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to use the game against her. I knew there would be ramifications, but for some reason, I couldn’t contain the silly joke.

“You’ve been thinking about Lucho?”

Valentina’s heavy breathing choked, and her fingers stilled against me. I scalded myself, even though I still thought it was funny. My body vibrated with dismay at the cessation of her fingers rolling against me, and I made a noise of complaint even though I knew it was most likely the consequence.

“Juls.” She croaked. “Why would you bring his name up right now?”

“I don’t know.” I said through a disbelieving laugh, my hands kneading the soft skin of her legs. “I thought it would be funny. You know he likes you.” Valentina’s hand squeezed my breast and I grunted at the excitement that sparked through my body. “I’m sorry. Please don’t stop touching me.”

I was wild with hunger, and my high-pitched request was immediately acquiesced. Her fingers pushed through me, harder this time. I knew she could feel it too, the chemistry bubbling intensely between us, dangerously close to overflowing.

“Has he forgotton i’m a lesbian?” She husked in my ear.

I made a sound that was a mix of laughter, whimper and a groan. Valentina sucked on the skin of my neck and flicked my nipple with the tip of her finger, jolts of stimulation shooting across my skin. My stomach clenched tighter as I worked to find an appropriate answer for the woman with the attentive hands.

“I don’t think that concerns him too much. I can’t say I blame him for fantasizing. It’s one thing we have in common.”

Valentina growled in my ear and pushed her hips into my back. I didn’t quite understand how I was able to semi-coherently speak as Valentina continued to rub her fingers through me, slipping in the abundance of my arousal for her.

“I want you to say it, Juls. I want you to give me the right answer. I know you know it.”

I moaned louder as her fingers flicked once across my clit. I jerked with the contact, my stomach dropping in anticipation. I could feel my orgasm approaching, rolling in like storm clouds over a desert. Valentina’s methodical grazing through my wet heat increased in pressure, then she dipped one finger just inside me.

“Fuck, Val. Don’t stop. Please, fuck me.”

Valentina’s breaths were deeper, my back lifting against her chest with each erratic inhale. She pushed her finger deeper inside, then pulled out to the tip. Her thumb stoked up the length of me, stopping just below my beating clit.

“Say it. Say it, and I'll let you come.”

My neck stretched as she pushed inside me again, her pace maddeningly slow yet sensual. Valentina’s hips shifted against my back again, and I wondered just how desperate she felt at that moment, just how soaking wet she was. That was something I would deal with in a minute. Right now, I had to give her what she wanted to get what I needed.

“Me. You’ve been thinking about me.”

Valentina’s thumb moved immediately, the pad swirling around my clit with practiced ease. I made the most embarrassing sound yet, but couldn’t find it in myself to care. I just hoped Valentina didn’t have any close neighbors who were awake yet.

“I haven’t been able to get you off my mind.” Valentina puffed. Her index finger continued to fill me, her thumb brushing across and around my clit, over and over again. The tightness in my stomach coiled harder and I knew I was close. “From the first moment I saw you in that boardroom, I knew I was attracted to you. Even though you hated me, I couldn’t help but allow you to consume my thoughts. Every morning, I would sit outside and meditate, but images of you danced across my mind instead. Your lips, your jaw, your body.” I lifted my hand and cupped my own mouth to dim the sounds of ecstasy pouring from my tongue. Valentina’s fingers around my nipple, over my clit and inside me had me standing on the precipice, looking out towards oblivion. “Despite your dislike towards me, I wanted you. Something inside me knew you wanted me too. I couldn’t give up.”

“Val.” I whimpered through a gap in my fingers. I was so close. “Don’t ever give up on me.”

Valentina attached her lips to my neck and sucked, hard.

“Come for me, baby.” She panted against the wetness she left on my neck.

With her thumb pressed down on my clit and a curl of her finger thrust deep inside me, I succumbed to the building pressure. My toes curled against the fabric of the day bed, my body trembling with the intensity of my orgasm. I bit down on my knuckle, my other hand with a firm grip around Valentina’s knee, as sparks of pleasure shot through me. I moaned as Valentina’s finger pulled every second of gratification from me with light, gentle pushes inside me. Her tongue lapped at the area of my neck she’d suctioned to, the skin there tender from the pressure.

Eventually, my body went limp in her arms. Her hands delicately pulled away from my breast and center, wrapping around me in a hard hug. I did my best to return the embrace, her kisses along the column of my neck helping to keep me tethered to this reality.

When I finally opened my eyes, I was surprised at how bright the day had become. The sun was much higher in the sky now, the first licks of late summer heat landing on our skin. The blanket that surrounded us was by our sides, our arms a tangle across my still clothed body. We had slid down a little further on the daybed, our bodies slightly more horizontal than before.

I turned my head and nuzzled into her neck. It was an awkward position, but I pressed a few light kisses against her warm skin.


I pulled back and, with my head still resting on her shoulder, looked up at her. There was something in her voice that told me to pay close attention.

The morning sun shone brightly on her skin, highlighting the perfect curves and smoothness of her skin. It made the blue of her eyes look even lighter, reflecting back at me like the ripples of water moving along the bottom of a pool. Her lips were full and slightly parted, wet from the kisses she’d pressed against my skin. But her brows were pulled together, the only hint of concern in her features.


“What do you see happening here? With this. Us?”

I blinked at her, my brain trying to catch up to the next swift change in conversation. Valentina constantly surprised me, flirtatious and steamy one second, anxious and self-conscious the next. She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth and looked away from me.

“Sorry. I know it’s a silly time to bring it up.”

I turned in our embrace, my hands landing either side of Valentina’s body. I positioned my body over hers and then lowered, holding my weight up enough so I wasn’t crushing her. My back was arched in a strange position considering we were half-sitting, half-lying down, but I needed her attention. Valentina looked at me, her eyes wider, her hands resting against my hips.

“It’s not a silly time.” I said, dropping my head to plant a small kiss on her cheek. “Why do you ask?”

She did that thing with her lips then, twisting them as if in thought. I waited and watched as she battled with what words to use next. It was a conversation we needed to have, I just didn’t think it would be right after she’d fucked me on the daybed on her balcony. She looked uncertain, unsure what to say, so I pressed closer into her and nuzzled into her neck.

“I won’t look at you if that helps. Tell me what you’re thinking, baby.”

Valentina’s chest rose with a deep breath. Her fingertips pressed into the skin of my hips as she held me tighter.

“I’m scared.” She whispered.

I stilled, my mind racing with reasons why Valentina would be scared about all this. I gulped down my own panic, my core still throbbing from what Valentina’s fingers had finished only moments ago, and traced my nose down the length of her neck.

“Why are you scared, Val?”

I shifted my lower body so I could lie more comfortably against her. My leg slipped between hers, her hip bones just noticeable against my thigh. I continued to stay close, my lips pressing delicate kisses to her neck in encouragement. She smelt of sunshine and sleep and everything that was good.

“I’m scared -” Valentina stopped and cleared her throat. She sounded nervous, hesitant, but she continued despite herself. “I’m scared of the depths of my feelings for you, Juls. I’ve never felt like this before, about anyone.”

The relief that washed over me was like a cold shower on a hot summer's day, exhilarating and invigorating. I smiled against her neck and huffed out a quiet, disbelieving laugh.

“Me either.” I replied, punctuated with a firmer kiss to the place just below her ear.

Valentina shifted her hips beneath me. It was only a small movement, but it was enough. I was reminded that only one of us had climaxed so far that morning. I knew that she had to be out of her mind with desire. Considering what had happened between us minutes prior, that heightened feeling would have been percolating beneath the surface, the bubbling becoming more vigorous as time went on without surrender. My release was strong and vast, but Valentina hadn’t reached it yet. I adjusted my distribution of weight and pushed just marginally stronger against her.

Valentina let out a sigh, her hands pushing further along to the small of my back. I bit her earlobe, then kissed open mouthed passes along her jawline.

“I really like you, Juls.” Valentina pushed out between puffs of air.


Valentina nodded her head, my teeth grazing her chin. The rest of my body joined in on the slow rhythm, my thigh pushing harder into her. She was laying beneath me, her eyes closed, allowing me to move over her. I didn’t think life could get any better than having this beauty underneath me, wanting me to touch her. I would do it forever if she let me.


“I really like you too.” I replied thickly.

I’d never said anything more true.

I found her lips and kissed her deeply. She kissed me back passionately, our tongues sliding tenderly against the other. I pulled away, my fingers itching to touch her, my teeth nibbling on her bottom lip. Her mouth fell open as I pushed into her again, harder this time.

“But things are pretty crazy, considering who we are and what we do.” I stuttered as I struggled to contain myself with Valentina on offer.

I began shuffling down the model's body, my hands lifting the hem of her shirt. I kissed her stomach as I positioned myself between her legs. Her skin was warm and soft and my tongue licked over the smooth skin.

“Yeah.” She huffed. “That makes things a little tricky.”

I smiled and looked up at her. Her eyes were closed, head tipped back on the cushions, her hands covering mine that rested on her stomach.

“Can anyone see us out here?”

Valentina’s lips lifted into a creased grin. She opened her eyes and tilted her chin, looking down at me nestled between her legs.

“No, baby. It’s just us.”

I licked my lips and, without breaking eye contact, lifted her shirt up and over her breasts. I admired them in the sunlight, not having the chance to properly inspect them the night before. They were plump and perky, small enough for my hands to cup them. Her nipples were pink, her areolas small, the buds already tempting me to flick them. They were the most perfect set of breasts I'd ever laid my eyes on.

Valentina’s hands fell away as I worshiped her chest. She picked up the edges of the blanket and wrapped it around us, hiding me from view. My attention lifted to her face and I arched a brow at her.

“Just in case.” She said, sheepishly.

I chuckled at the light blush that covered her usually milky skin, and slid my hands down her sides. She shivered at the sensation, and I took the opportunity to show her just how much I was enjoying the view. My mouth covered Valentina’s nipple, my tongue carefully lapping at the bud.

Valentina relaxed into the large cushions of the daybed, a whiny kind of sigh puffing out from between her lips. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back again, leaving me to do whatever I wanted with her. I kissed and licked at her breast, trying to not get too distracted by the sounds bubbling up from her chest. When satisfied I’d paid it enough attention, I kissed my way over to the other.

My mouth worked her nipple into a raised, red, glistening cherry. With a light pop, I let go of the stuff nipple and shuffled down, the blanket still sheltering us from the outside world.

“Maybe let’s just not put any pressure on ourselves.” I said, continuing our conversation. “Let’s just see where this goes. I mean, I have no interest in anyone else. And -”

I paused, my hands curled around the waistband of Valentina’s shorts.

“What?” Valentina asked, slightly perplexed at my pause.

“I want you exclusively. I don’t want to share you.”

Valentina’s eyes blinked open and she looked at me. I was half sitting, half-lying between her legs. I could only imagine what I looked like, having spent most of the night with the most beautiful woman in the world wrapped around me, not to mention the height of arousal I was taken to not long ago.

I knew I was being bold with my comment, presumptuous even. I knew it was a lot to ask, a pretty large step to be taking when we’d only just confessed that we had feelings for one another. But from where I sat, those feelings had been brewing for long enough for this to be the natural progression. And it was true; I had absolutely no interest in anyone else, and I most definitely liked what I saw in the other woman enough to focus only on her. I hoped I wasn’t alone in that.

I tugged at Valentina’s shorts, indicating that I wanted them gone. She continued to gape at me, her mouth curled into a dazzling smile, and raised her hips. It took me a whole second to slide them down to her ankles.

“I don’t want to share you either.” Valentina said firmly, her knees opening up for me.

I breathed a sigh of relief, happy to know I wasn’t the only one completely infatuated.

“I’m very happy to hear that.” I said with a small kiss to the inside of her knee. “But let’s just keep this between us for a while. I just want to have you to myself for a little bit. I want to get to know you better and see what happens. Does that sound okay?”

My tongue licked along the inside of her thighs, and I could barely restrain myself from plunging into her right away. I wanted to hear her response first.

“Juls.” Valentina groaned, her hips rising towards me, eager to be touched.

“Tell me first, Val. I don’t want to see anyone else, but let’s take it slow. Is that what you want, too?”

“Yeah, baby. That’s what I want. That’s all I’ve wanted for weeks.”

My smile was wide, and I gently nipped the inside of her thigh before soothing it over with my tongue. I could smell her, my mouth watering at the memory of how sweet she tasted.

“But for now, baby, I want you to come on my tongue.”

I opened my mouth and licked up the length of her, my tongue flattened against her, and Valentina’s thighs shook around my ears.

“I want that so badly, Juls.”

I licked out again, wide and flat, from her entrance to just below her clit. She was so wet, so hot, and so ready for release. Valentina moaned when I thrust my tongue inside her, my jaw beginning to ache after a few frantic minutes of licking and sucking her.

I could listen to the sounds of Valentina’s ecstasy forever, the breathy moans a beautiful melody to my ears. She squirmed as I finally pulled her clit into my mouth and sucked gently.

“I’m so close, baby.”

One of my hands that was pinning Valentina’s thighs apart slid beneath her thigh and over onto her stomach. I licked up her length again, hard and fast, and when I sucked her, I pushed against her stomach.

“Oh, fuck.”

Different versions of my name tumbled from Valentina’s lips as she climaxed, her thighs trembling around my face. I did my best to see her through her release, my tongue resting against the pulsing nerves as she slowly relaxed.

I hauled my way up her body, wiping my wet chin as I went, and tucked my head into the cozy space in her neck. I stayed there and dropped light kisses on her skin, patient as her breathing calmed and body ceased its twitching.

When she was ready, she pulled my head from its hiding space. She cupped my face between her palms and looked at me with such adoration, such yearning, that my heart skipped a beat.

She smiled, still a little dazed, before pulling me in for a sweet kiss.

“Breakfast?” She asked against my lips.

I nodded my head and left a light kiss on the tip of her nose.

“I mean, it’s still a little early….”

Valentina giggled the most beautiful, indulgent sound, and pushed at me playfully.

“Shut up.”

I leaned back and looked down at her.

“You should probably put these on first, though.”

She rolled her eyes at me but lifted her hips as I shuffled her shorts back up her long legs. I slid off the edge of the wide daybed and held out my hand for her.

“Come on, gorgeous.” I crooned. “Let’s get you fed.”

She took my hand with the most breathtaking smile I’d seen yet.