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Gone Baby Gone

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"Yes, you can." Olivia just shook her head. "Kathy. Please, I really can't."

Kathy turned towards her ex-husband's fiancé and grabbed her hand. "Olivia Benson listen to me. Do you remember when Eli was born? In the back of the ambulance? I was so tired but you wouldn't let me go to sleep. You sat behind me and helped me push and when he came out I passed out remember?" Olivia nodded and sat up to let Kathy sit behind her. "Now it's your turn to be strong and you're about to be a Stabler and we're survivors. You already survived the worst days of your life and you can do this. Now let's have this baby. Are you ready?"

When Olivia nodded her head Kathy turned to the door and yelled for help. "We're ready!"

Fin rushed into the room and ran towards the two women on the bed. "Ok Fin. She's fully dilated. All you have to do is watching the baby come out and make sure she's okay and nothing is blocking her airway. Ok, Liv. On the next contraction push."

Olivia took a deep breath and grabbed her knees. "UGHHHHHH!" She felt Kathy pushing along with her and kept pushing with everything she had.

Fin looked up from in between her legs with a big smile on his face. "Her head's out Liv. Your almost there just one more big push ok." She looked up at the ceiling as she laid her head on Kathy's shoulder. "Ok. Ok. UGHHHHHHHHH. Oh god." She collapsed into Kathy's arms as she watched Fin hold her daughter.

"Fin? Why isn't she crying? Is she ok?" Fin walked over to the side of the bed.

"She just fine Liv. Here. Baby girl Stabler in all her glory ten fingers ten toes." Olivia looked at her friend of 14 years and then over her shoulder to her fiancé's ex. "Thank you so much. Both of you. I don't know what I would've done if you guys weren't here with me." It was then that Elliot ran into the room. "Liv. Oh my god."

Kathy got up from her spot behind Olivia and left the room with Fin to give them a moment alone.

"Liv. I'm so sorry I wasn't here. I tried to make it, I did;" Olivia laid her hand on his face to get him to stop talking. "It's okay because I had two amazing people to help me give birth to our beautiful baby girl Josefina Kathryn Stabler." She watched him process what she said and he leaned down to kiss her. "Let's give them the news."

Elliot left the room and soon returned with Kathy and Fin in tow. "We have something to tell you two. Olivia had the name her and if you ask me it was better than anything we discussed and it's appropriate for the way she came into this world. Meet your godchild Josefina Kathryn Stabler."

They watched the two look at each other and then look back at them. "I- guys. You named her after us and you're making us her godparents?" Olivia smiled and nodded her head.

"Well, we were going to ask you guys to be her godparents anyways that was the whole point in you guys coming over but naming her after you two happened because I thought I couldn't do it but you two help me power over my mind and help me bring her into this world. There's not any other name fitting her. Want to hold her?" Fin nodded and grabbed her from Elliot's arms.

"Such a big name for such a small person. Hey twin. I'm you're godfather but you can call me Uncle Fin but I think I like twin instead. What do you think?" She gripped his finger and Fin pecked her forehead and smiled at the couple watching him with such awe.

"So let me get this straight. You guys had a baby and got married but I don't ever remember you being pregnant." Amanda looked at everyone in the room and frowned as no one answered her. "Well?"

"I was pregnant when Lewis broke into my apartment but I didn't know. I was four months and had no idea I was pregnant. So when I broke free, I realized something wasn't right on top of the other injuries. I was bleeding so much and I was so confused but then he woke up and it became the last thing on my mind;" Olivia took a deep breath and look at her daughter as she continued. "I was in the hospital. Elliot had just got there and the doctor came in."

"How are you doing detective?" Olivia looked at the doctor but kept quiet.

Elliot worried for her spoke up. "She's fine just a little pain." The doctor nodded her head and walked over to the machine that looked familiar to Elliot but not so much Olivia. The doctor pulled over the bed.

"I was looking over the tests and I'm not sure how this is possible but Detective you are four months pregnant." Olivia looked at Elliot with wide teary eyes and spoke up for the first time since entering the hospital. "I didn't know El. I swear I-I wouldn't even have worked this case or even went into that interrogation room." She began sobbing and Elliot pulled her into his arms.

"Liv it's okay. I know you wouldn't have I trust you." She nodded as her years subsided and looked over at the doctor. Reading her mind Elliot pulled away and nodded toward the doctor.

"I was in such a daze in the hospital I didn't want to see anyone but then the doctor came in and told me the news. It was like a breath of fresh air and so I made it my mission to make sure I got better not just for myself and Fina but for Elliot and the kids because I wanted them to witness this life being grown and I wanted to see them grow even more but that was short-lived because she was born a little after a month of me being out of the hospital because the stress of the nightmares and flashbacks were too much for her and I went the hospital where they induced my labor but after two weeks she still didn't come so I left. Imagine my surprise that when I sent Elliot to go get takeout so we could ask Kathy and Fin to be her godparents she decided to make her entrance into the world. She was in NICU for a couple of months. Yes even after I came back to work but she's a Stabler and she survived and here we are."

There was not a dry eye in the room. Nick was the first to speak up. "Liv. I understand that you went through a lot with Lewis and the way Josefina was born but come on. Do you mean to tell me that you have been with this man since before I even joined the squad? It doesn't make sense because I never saw him not one at anything. The hospital after Lewis, the trial, Noah's adoption, or even your ceremonies." Everyone looked to Olivia waiting for her response but Carisi spoke first.

"I've seen him before. I've never heard of him or anything but it was after the shooting when Dodds was in the hospital. Amanda has just left to check on the kids and you were sleeping on his shoulder. You thought you sent everyone home but I stayed behind. I got some news and went to tell you but when I saw you guys I decided against it but later that night just before everyone came back I saw him leaving but with everything going on I forget about it and never mentioned it."

Opening the car door Olivia went to get in but hesitated. Carisi and Rollins noticed so Carsi spoke up. "Lieutenant, are you alright?" Olivia nodded and let out a sigh.

"No. We didn't search Munson. So I left Dodds in there. So this is on me." Slightly shaking she finally got into the car and drove to the hospital.

Hours later after Dodds was slightly out of the wood Olivia sent everyone home and walked into the waiting and saw her husband standing there. "Elliot. What are you doing here?"

Elliot made his way over to his wife. "Fin called me." He pulled her into her arms and Olivia let it all out. "I didn't search him and I left Dodds in there by himself and now he's fighting for his life because I didn't do my job." She was sobbing hysterically so Elliot pulled her over to the love seat in the waiting room. "Shh. Baby. "It's ok. He's going to be ok. Now just breathe with me." Together they took deep breaths until she fell asleep on his shoulder. Pulling out his phone he began answering the messages on his phone when he heard someone walk into the waiting room. Raising his head he watched this man look at the two of them then turn and walk back out. Five minutes later he received a text.

Man Carisi saw you two and is now asking me about you.

What did he say?

Just who the hell is this man and why does she have her head on his shoulder but I just told him that he should just let Olivia explain herself. Also, everyone will be back in around ten so do what you want with that info.

Good looking out man.


"I never knew about that." Olivia looked at her husband and raised one of her perfectly arched eyebrows at him. "I was waiting for you to tell me that he asked about us but it never came so I never said anything." Satisfied with the answer Olivia looked back at her squad and sighed. "Nick. He was there. For everything. You just never knew who he was."

"Elliot, she's fine." Fin tried to reassure Elliot on the phone but he didn't want to hear any of it. "I'm on my way up." Elliot hung up and exited his vehicle.

Back in the waiting room Fin nodded to Cragen and the captain stepped up. "Everyone go home. She doesn't want to see anyone right now. Let's just give her some space." Everyone reluctantly got up and left. The elevators dinged and Elliot stepped out and walked past Amanda and Nick without so much of a second glance. The elevator door closed just as Elliot met up with his former captain and co-workers. He let out a sob and the three of them all help to calm him before he went into her room.

"I was going to take her out to help calm her from the case because she was so upset but Richie got in trouble in school again so I went to see him instead of going home to her. I was on the phone with her when she got home. She hung up to put the groceries away and I was so caught up with Richie I didn't even realize she never called me back."

"Elliot it's not your fault ok? But you need to pull yourself together because she needs you right now."

"I have a limp now. I've lost my hearing. I am partially blind. Did you or did you not brutally beat me within an inch of my life while I was helpless, handcuffed to the bed?!" It took everything In Elliot not to get up out of this seat and finish what Olivia had started. He could see his wife was panicking but she took a breath and spoke after a couple of minutes passed. "You had broken free of your restraints and I did what I had to do to subdue you."

Olivia rushed past everyone and into the stairwell. Five minutes the door opened and her body stiffened. The footsteps got closer but she allowed herself to calm down when she realized who it was the entered the stairwell. Allowing herself to be pulled into his arms she sobbed into his arms until she finally began to breathe normally again. "I beat him EL. What he said a couple of days ago was true. I beat him while he was handcuffed to the bed and I didn't stop until my arms got tired." Elliot stood up and stretched his arm out to her. "Liv, he deserves every bad thing that happens and he's going away. You won. Now let's go home."

"Noah Benson Stabler. Wow." Olivia smiled up at her husband and youngest daughter. "He's officially ours?"

Elliot looked down at his wife and youngest son. "Yeah, baby. He's officially ours."

As they reached the car Elliot buckled in Fina and waited outside the car for Olivia to finish Noah. "So I'm dropping you guys off at the apartment but Fina and I have some things to do before we meet back at the house." Oliva frowned at him. "But this was supposed to be when we tell everyone El."

He nods and grabs her hand. "I know baby and I'll be there promise." Olivia seemed to accept this and get into the car.

Olivia sighed as she checked her phone. He wasn't there and people were beginning to exit. "Liv you ok?" She nods and stood up. "You on your way out?" Nick nods and she pulls him into her arms. "Nick, I've grown with you more than I did my ex-partner. I was never going to be able to leave his side. I didn't want to but with you, it was easy because you were good to me and I'll never forget you." She watched Amanda and Nick leave. She turned to the remaining guests and sighed tears running down her face. "I just can't believe he isn't here." Just as the last words left her mouth the front door open and Elliot came in with the kids, Kathy, and his mom. "Bernie?"

"Olivia. You look great. Now, where's my new grandson." She pointed behind her and watched as Bernie rushed to take Noah out of Munch's arms. Elliot walked up to her after all the kids hugged her. "I'm sorry I'm late but I have a surprise for you. Everyone if you would please follow me outside." He pulled his wife along and everyone piled into the elevator. Once they got to the first floor Elliot pulled her outside. "As everyone here knows my wife blessed me with no one but two new additions to our family. In less than two years so I decided to get her a push present."

Elliot gestured to the two brand new SUVs in their registered parking spots. "Now there's two because there was a deal however I had yours specially made." He then opened the door to one of the SUVs and she gasped seeing as he got her everything she planned to get when she bought herself a new car. "El..." She went to speak again but he interrupted her. "Before you saying anything Liv I believe I said you gave me two new additions to the family that means two push presents. Now we have to drive to the next present so climb on in because you're gonna lead the way there;" Closing the door behind his wife he looks back to his kids, mom, former colleagues, and babysitter. "Now everyone please follow us."

Olivia pulled up to a gated community and when she pulled up she watched her husband nod to the man in the office and the gate opened. She began to follow the GPS again and she pulled up to a house and she put the car in park and looked at her husband. "El?" He just smiled and got out of the car. She followed suit and she followed her husband to the front door as everyone else followed. "Elliot what are you doing? You can't just walk into someone's home like this. Now, what are we doing here?"

He continued to pull her until they got outside and she saw and banner that said, WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME. "Elliot Joseph Stabler you didn't." Elliot pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. "I did. It's why I was late. Forgive me?" Olivia pulled him closer and rested her head on his shoulder. "Yes, I forgive you. I love you so much. To the moon."

"And back."

Bernie clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Let's party."