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Gone Baby Gone

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"What do you mean she got married? Married to who? ELLIOT STABLER? No, no way. You're lying;" Letting out a sigh Olivia snatches the phone out of Amanda's hand. "She's not lying. I am indeed married."

"To Elliot Stabler? The man who up and left you. With no warning. C'mon Liv."

"Need I remind you that I don't owe you any explanation. I don't owe any of you an explanation so goodbye to you and can you keep quiet the rest of the drive. Thank you." She drops the phone into Amanda's lap and turned to look out her window.


It was when they got home that all hell breaks loose.

"Liv, maybe you should invite them over. So, we can you know explain ourselves." She dropped the spoon she was using the stir sauce into the pan. "Why? I'm grown, I'm married, and I have kids;" She takes a deep breath and walks towards. "I shouldn't have to explain myself to them." Sitting down at the table he grabs her hand and pulls her towards him. "Liv, It's been 7 years."

"You don't think I know that! I kept it from them for you! I hide my life for you! I hide the fact that I have not one but two kids for you! I gave birth and none of them knew for you! So don't sit there and tell me it's been seven years because trust me I know."

"For me?! You hide all that for me?! I was afraid to face them and I told you that but the moment I got on my knee to propose to you all that went out the window! I wanted to come clean! I wanted the people who you came to call family watch us walk down the aisle but you didn't want that! The only one who knew was Cragen and only because you needed the days off for the honeymoon;" Dropping his head in his hands he rubbed his eyes before looking back up to her. "I don't get it Liv. Are you embarrassed by me be- because of what I did?"

"NO, NO. How could think that? I love you. You know I love you." Cupping his face in her hands she leaned down so her forehead connected to hers. "I've done a lot of things in my life that I regret or am embarrassed about. Marrying you, having this life with you is not one of them and never will be one of them. Okay?" He nodded as tears spilled out. "I love you so much."

"Mommy! I missed you!" She pulled away and kneeled on the floor. "Fina! Oh, I missed you! Did you have fun at grandpa's?"

She nodded her head hard; "Yes, but I missed you, mommy!"

"Hey! What about me?" Fina pulled away and turned to Elliot. "I missed you too I guess."

Elliot fake grimaced; "You guess? Well, I guess no desert for you then."

Fina gasped, "Daddy, I was just joking. I did miss you very much. Can Noah and I go play?" She ran off with her little brother to the basement where their playroom was. "How are guys doing?"

Olivia sighed and turned down the heat on the food before turning to her former captain. "We're good, better now. The kids are coming for a family night, Noah is doing great, and thank you for taking them for a couple of hours."

Don nodded his head; "That's great. I'm glad I could be of service I love spending time with them but, Eileen is in the car waiting; it's date night. Take care of each other.

As the door shut behind Don, Oliva turned back into the kitchen to put the last touches on dinner.

"Well, while the kids are in the basement, what do you say mommy and daddy have some alone time?" Smiling, Olivia sat down in her husband's lap and leaned down to kiss him. "You know what? I like that idea a lot." Their kiss got more heated but, they were interrupted by the buzzer. Olivia got up to answer the gate attendant while Elliot went to the basement to get Fina and Noah.


"DAD! You really going to let her get away with this." Elliot laughed at his oldest son. "Rich, she's not cheating, she just plays this game any chance she gets so she wins the majority of the time she plays."

Richard dropped down back on the couch and crossed his arms. "She six. There is no way she's so good at this game." Fina smirked at him and the cards from her older brother's hand. "Don't be a hater Richie." The entire room burst into laughter. "Damn Rich. You just got served by a six-year-old."

"Shut up Lizzie." She sneered at him and flicked him in his head. "I don't go by that anymore and you know that Dick."

Olivia looked at the twins and laughed. "Okay, enough you two. Noah, Fina say goodnight it's time for bed." The two youngest stablers groaned but still got up and said their goodbyes. "Goodnight everyone. Come on Noah, I know where mommy hides the iPad."

"Is it okay if we watch a movie before we go Liv?"

"Of course. I'm gonna go put the kids to bed. El, want to help?" He grabbed her hand and let her pull him up.

After the kids were in bed, Olivia pulled her husband into their bedroom. "So I've been thinking."

"Uh oh." She nudged him and continued "Anyways like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. I want to renew our vows." She watched his eyebrows raise. "Really?"

"Yes, and I want everyone there and by everyone I mean everyone." He picked her up into his arms and swung her around. "EL!" She laughed out loud as he spun her.

Once her feet hit the ground, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the door. "Let's tell the kids." As they got to the last step they noticed the movie was over and all the Stabler kids were all passed out on the ground including Noah and Fina. Richard was laid out on the couch with Fina in his arms. Maureen was laid out on the loveseat and Kathleen's head was in her lap. Liz and Eli were on the floor in front of the couch with Noah in between them.

"When did they come down here?" He watched his wife shrug and turn to him. "I don't know but if my life is like this for the rest of my day I'll die a happy woman." He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. "Come on. Let's go to bed." He turned to pull her to the stairs but instead she grabbed a couple of guest blankets from the linen closet and draped them over the kids.

"Now we can go to bed."


Everyone was hanging out in the living room when the buzzer went off in the door. Elliot frowned and turned to Olivia. "Are you expecting someone?" She nodded and stood up to walk towards the door. Five minutes later her entire squad walked in. Amanda walked in first with the rest of the squad following. "Hey, everyone."

Fin walked in last and Fina ran to him while she and the kids each let out an; "Uncle Fin!" He scooped her up when she reached him. "I missed you."

"I missed you too Twin." Walking up to Elliot and pulled him into a hug. "How it's going, man?"

"I can't complain. What about you Grandpa?" They laughed at the comment. "I'm great you should meet him, man. He's the highlight of my life."

Elliot nodded at his former co-worker. "Name the time and place."

"What the hell is going on here? Who are all these people? Who is this little girl and why does Fin call her twin?" Olivia sighed heavily as Amanda began her questioning. "Before we start this Amanda we're still missing people." After this, the buzzer went off again. Five minutes after that she opened the door to reveal Barba and Nick.

"Nick?" Before Amanda went into shock Olivia stepped between everyone. "Why don't we all sit down."

After everyone was settled she began speaking. "Before I begin I want to introduce everyone. Kids this is my squad Amanda, Sonny, Nick, Rafael, Mike, and of course, you know Fin. Guys this is my family Maureen is the oldest then Kathleen followed by the twins Elizabeth and Richard then comes Eli, then Fina, and you all know Noah;" Turning to her husband she grabbed his hand and turned back to the crowd. "And this is my husband Elliot. I know you all want an explanation and I will give it to you. To answer your question Amanda Fin call her twin because her name is Josefina Kathryn Stabler after her godparents who helped me deliver her."