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Gone Baby Gone

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"I just want my son!" Olivia Benson dropped down to her chair and let her close friend Rafael Barba pull her into his arms. "Breathe Liv. Everything will work out."


She was no longer listening to the Barba. She was up making her way to her office door.


"What the hell happened? Why did it take you so long to call me?" Olivia pulled away tears streaming down her face. "I let this woman in our lives and then she kidnapped our kid." She muttered angrily. "Baby I..."

"NO!' She yanked her arms out of his grasp. "I know you think this is my fault. You're the one who told me that we shouldn't trust her too fast and I didn't listen!"

"Liv..." Elliot grabbed her head; she tried to shake his hands off but he tightened his grip. "Listen to me. I don't blame you for this. We are going to get through this and we're gonna find him and bring him home ok? The kids are at the house and we're gonna have a whole weekend to ourselves just the eight of us."


"This is it? Are you sure?" Elliot squinted leaning over Olivia as he looked out the taxi window. "Yeah, I think so." She pulled on the handle and opened the door. "Liv wait." Grabbing her elbow he pulled her to him slightly. "Be careful okay? I'm gonna go around the side to back ok?" Nodding she gave him a quick kiss and stepped out of the taxi. She watched Elliot make his way around the right side of the house. She pulled out her service gun and walked to the front door. Pushing it open she slowly walked in but something hit the back out her head and she was down.

Watching the gun slide across the floor she grabbed the back of her head.

Groaning she looked up at Shelia and took a deep breath. "I wasn't going to hurt you, Shelia."

"Cut the crap. You were coming to take my baby." She glared up at her still on the ground.

"He's not your baby."

"We'll see." Growling slightly she slowly began to raise herself off the floor. "Where's Noah, Shelia?"

Shelia glared as if she had two heads. "What do you think? He's sleeping."


Elliot slowly made his way around the house when something caught his eye. He made his way to the window and pushed it up praying it was open. When it pushed up he silently thanked god and pulled himself up and inside the bedroom. Making his way to bed he kneeled himself to the ground. "Noah wake up."

"Daddy?" Elliot put his finger to his mouth but pulled him up and lifted him out of the bed. "Let's play the quiet game okay?" He watches Noah shake his head excitedly. "Just give me a second ok?"

He made his way to the door and slowly but quietly opened it.

"I just want to see him." Elliot watched Olivia slowly pick herself off the ground. "NO!"

Shelia walked towards angrily with her hands tightly gripped on Olivia's gun.

"I'm his mother Shelia."

"Why? Cause the judge signed a piece of paper? That doesn't make you his mother." He takes a deep breath and refrains from walking it out there and letting this woman have it.

"Actually..." Taking a deep breath she squints her eyes and nods her head. "Actually, Sheila, it does."

"NO! He is my blood, my family." The two women stood in silence glaring at each other until this psycho opened her mouth. "He will never be a part of you the way he is a part of me."

"Blood isn't the only thing that makes families Shelia. Legally Noah is my son."

"The law says I would've received notice. If you followed the law we wouldn't even be here."

"Shelia, Shelia, I am the only mother that he knows. Listen to me. Have you ever thought about what this would to him?"

"He's a smart boy. He'll adapt. This is a much better place for him. There's fresh air, he can play in the woods. This is how you raise a boy. Better than that filthy, dirty city. And you? You're at work all the time."

Tilting her head she nodded but held her ground. "And his father? He's home with him. Every day, every day."

"No, NO! I will be here for him."

"I am here for him. Come on, Shelia. You know me. I won't let that happen."

He could see Shelia's body language get tenser. "I'm not a bad person, Olivia. I'm trying to let you go." But Olivia was going down. "I can't do that."

"Why. You could just get another little baby. You can sign another piece of paper. You can adopt another little boy who needs a family."

Getting tired of hearing this he slowly closed the door and made his way back to Noah. "Hey, buddy guess what?"


"I have a surprise for you. Mommy's here. Right outside in the living room. Go see." He didn't even get to finish his sentence before Noah was off the bed and out the door.

"MOMMY!" He waited a moment before following. "Noah! Come here."

"Mommy you made it!" He watched Shelia slide the gun on the desk behind him and turn towards the mother and son. Olivia picked up Noah and made her to the door. She opened the door and pushed Noah out before slamming the door." Shelia however right behind grabbed her and he went straight for them. Pulling her off of Olivia he pushed her against the couch. He backed up a little and let Olivia cuff her.


Sitting in the ambulance he watched Olivia put Shelia in the patrol car before making her way over to them. "Well, I'm about ready to go home. How about you?"

"Yes. Daddy told me everyone's at home waiting for us..." He dropped his head down a little before lifting it back up. "He also said I won't be seeing grandma Shelia anymore. Is she bad?" She looked up at him and Elliot and grabbed his hands. "No Noah. She is a good person who did a really bad thing. But guess what. Uncle Sonny and Aunt Amanda are going to drive us home and we can go get pancakes on the way. Right daddy?" Noah turned his head and watched his father nod before smiling wide. "Yay."

"Okay now go be a good boy and go to Uncle Sonny." She helped him out of the ambulance before turning to Elliot. He pulled her into his arms and she just let it all out. He let her sob silently against his shoulder before he slightly pulled back. "Liv, nothing she said back there was true. You have a whole family waiting back home for you; blood or not. Tell me you know that." Nodding she laid her head back on his shoulder. "I know."

It was faint but it was enough for him. Come on. Let's go home."

"Daddy, I'm tired. I can't hang." Both Olivia and Elliot laugh but Amanda and Carisi just looked in the rearview at the family. Noah lays his head on his father's lap with his feet in his mother's. "If there's something you two have to say then say it." Both detectives looked at each other than at the rearview mirror. "Liv. Noah calls him dad. We never even heard of this guy from you or Noah. All we know is that he is your ex-partner and what we've heard from Fin and everyone else. Like how he left you with no explanation but now all of a sudden he's here." Laughing she dropped her head slightly and laughed silently. "I could've sworn I was turning 50 in a couple of months. Didn't realize I still had to answer to people. Not that's any of your business but we've been together for seven years. Ok. Now can we please focus on getting home?"

"Yeah but Liv I..." Taking a deep breath she turned around to look into the back "why haven't we heard anything about this." The two women glared at each other while the men sat in silence. "I haven't stepped foot into the precinct since the shooting that took place all those years ago well until I found out Noah was kidnapped. Haven't held a gun either and I've been too ashamed to talk to anyone but Liv, Don, and Munch. She's been trying to get me to at least come and meet everyone and I've was planning on surprising her but then this happened."

"Wait really?" He nodded and leaned over to met her halfway. Their lips connected and she smiled in the kiss. Placing her hand on his face she pulled away with a smile on her face.

"OLIVIA MARGARET BENSON! WHAT IS THAT ON YOUR FINGER!?" She pulled her hand down from Elliot's face and let out a sigh. "We got married a couple of years ago."