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beat (or work with) the heat

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Midori groaned at the sweat on his body. He felt totally gross - Morisawa-senpai had a habit of pushing way too hard and enthusiastically during unit practice. There was no way he could walk home feeling so hot and bothered, definitely not in this heat and definitely not with his binder sticking uncomfortably to him. He would have to shower quickly and change.

Thankfully he had the shower rooms and locker room to himself. He didn’t feel like enduring any friendly small talk. Everyone else must be content with freshening up at home. Which made sense, there was no way they felt as sticky as him since they probably weren’t binding. During a heatwave too… 

He huffed as he pulled it onto himself. When he got home, he would laze about or read some magazines or  sleep for a bit or maybe sleep forever-

The door opened. 

He blinked once. Twice. It was Tetora. They stared at each other for a split second before Midori let out a long groan.

“Did I really get walked in on while changing? How embarrassing, I want to die…” 

At least he had trousers on by this point… 

“Oh c’mon, don’t go saying that! It was just an accident.” His eyes were caught on exactly what Midori expected. “Is that a-“

“Tank top? Yes.” He interrupted tiredly. He had done this before, it was such a pain but an easy enough explanation. “Now can’t you go away? I was looking forward to my mascot broadcast-“

“Wait, no, that’s a binder, right?” 

Midori blinked. Well that was a new response.

Tetora answered himself in lieu of Midori’s stunned silence, walking closer all the while for a better look.  “That’s definitely a binder! I know it when I see it!” 

What the hell was he supposed to say to that? “… Uh…?”

Tetora grinned sheepishly. “Oh, it’s nothing weird, just- I’m wearing one too! I’m trans!”


That definitely… wasn’t what he expected. 

His hesitancy again spurred Tetora to action, fingers going for the buttons on his own shirt. “What, do you want me to take off my shirt to prove it-?”

“Please don’t…” Midori sighed. “That would be even more embarrassing…” He would run away instantly if that happened. 

“Alright, alright… But I had no idea, Midori-kun! It makes me kinda glad that I walked in on you ♪”

“Is this some kind of sexual harassment…?” He just wanted to shrink down and huddle into the corner. 

“I didn’t mean it like that!” He said indignantly. “I meant, I don’t usually meet other guys like me! Wait, you are trans too, right?”

There was no point in denying it now and it didn’t seem like Tetora had any bad intentions. He nodded.

Tetora pretty much beamed. “Ah, awesome, I thought as much! It’s nice meeting another aiming to be a man amongst men~☆ Or I guess the way you go about things makes you more of a boy amongst men? You don’t like to move around a lot…” 

He looked away from his happiness awkwardly. “Don’t be so enthusiastic, you’re starting to sound like that guy…” But even Midori couldn’t help but understand where Tetora was coming from. “But I guess this… doesn’t make me want to die… ♪” 

“Uh, I guess that’s good?” Tetora laughed unsurely. “But hey, why are you wearing that during practice anyway? We’re in the middle of a heat wave y’know and Taichou wasn’t holding back any today.”

He frowned. “You’re gonna tell me that when you’re wearing one too? You just threatened to rip off your shirt…”

Huffing up in pride, he answered, “Yeah but mine is specifically made to let me exercise in it! Nearly broke the bank but totally worth it ☆”

“Are you really showing off now?” Again, he looked dejectedly to the side. “Trying to make me feel bad about not having one… I want to die…”

“Ugh, don’t say that! I’m pointing out things for your health! You could collapse in this type of weather.”

Unfortunately, Tetora had a point. The layered sweat he had to wash off was proof of how far his body was being pushed. All the water breaks in the world wouldn’t change that exercising with a binder on in this heat was not a good idea. It really was something he had to consider… Such a pain. 

“… It’s not like I have the money to buy something like that. And I don’t even want to move around that much outside of unit stuff, it would just be a waste…” 

Someone like Tetora who seemed to surround himself with all sorts of physical activity definitely reaped the benefits but Midori who liked to laze about? Who lifted heavy packs of vegetables at most? There would be no point to dumping money on that when it could be spent on another limited mascot plush. 

“Oh, you don’t have to buy one! I mean, it would probably be best to talk to Taichou so he could calm your routines down a bit. At least during the summer.”

Not the worst idea but… “That guy will definitely be weird about it…”

Tetora frowned. “You think so? Because Taichou doesn’t seem like the type of guy to be unaccepting and if he is, we can both leave-“

“No, I mean…” He shuddered just thinking about it. “He’ll totally be all ‘good for you’ and won’t stop yelling and be obnoxious about it… That sort of thing stresses me out…” He put his head in his hands. “I wanna die just from explaining it…” 

“Oh c’mon, don’t start that up!” He thumped him on the shoulder in what was probably supposed to be friendly; Midori winced at the harsh hit. “This will be good for you! I thought you would be up for the idea of, uh, moving less.” 

He considered it. “Hm… That doesn’t sound too bad… I would love to be able to take it easy for once ♪”

“Right… See, this is a good idea! I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long to discuss. We can go right now actually!” He started for the door. “Morisawa-senpai was planning on practicing a bit more when I saw him-“

“Uh, wait!” Ah, having to raise his voice… So much effort… “I still have to change…” He held up his school shirt. 

“Oh, oh yeah! Ah, sorry!” Tetora blushed. “I can wait outside? I’ll wait outside!” 

And finally, Midori was left alone again. He sighed. It sounded like there was an irritating conversation to be had in just a second but… It wasn’t so bad to connect with Tetora this way.