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Take a Chance

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“Last chance to make your escape.” Lois offered, between sipping her champagne, from the chair in the corner as Ruby and Sam continued to coo over the bride. “I have a speedboat on standby.”

“Can you even drive a speedboat?” Sam drawled, arching an unimpressed eyebrow at the reporter.

“Pfft… it’s a car for the water, how hard can it be?” Lois dismissed with a wave of her hand.

“No escape necessary.” Lena cut in before Sam could escalate the bickering by reminding Lois that she could barely handle a standard car yet alone an amphibious one. 

“Yeah?” Lois checked, getting to her feet and approaching her best friend to pull her into a tight hug.

“Yeah.” Lena confirmed, squeezing the other woman closely as Sam and Ruby rushed to make their embrace a group hug. “Don’t make me tear up, you’ll ruin my makeup.”

“Not sorry.” All three chorused, merely making Lena let out a watery chuckle, unable to bear the sheer joy she was experiencing.

The wedding was to be on a private beach, just outside Midvale, connected to a small bed and breakfast that they had bought out for the weekend. The weather was idyllic, sunny but not sweltering, with only a slight breeze. The guest list was short and intimate, only family and close friends.

Lena was dressed in a simple yet elegant dress, her hair styled but loose whilst her make up was understated, giving an overall effect of effortless beauty and warmth.

She had gotten ready with the three women currently with her, all of whom were set to stand by her side as she married the woman she loved. Clark was to walk her down the aisle - she had asked him shyly, a week after Kara had proposed, and the Super had immediately teared up, incredibly touched by the request.

Eliza and Alura were to walk Kara down the aisle, the two mothers encapsulating both parts of the blonde. Alex was Kara’s Maid of Honour whilst Kelly and Nia were her bridesmaids.

Other notable guests included Henri Rousseau and Jessica Rousseau - who had eloped following a whirlwind romance less than a couple of months ago. Lena had been furious at being denied an invite to the spontaneous wedding; Henri, though, had made up for the slight by throwing one hell of a wedding party and sending Kara a tailored suit for the event that Lena had particularly enjoyed peeling off her fiancé afterwards.

“Knock, knock.” Clark called out in sync with his knuckles rapping on the door. 

The four women slowly disentangled themselves as Lois yelled for her husband to come in.

The second the door swung open, a small figure darted inside, colliding with Lena’s legs whilst shouting out an exuberant greeting of, “Auntie Lena!”

“Hello, my darling.” Lena beamed down at the dark-haired boy, dropping to her knees - utterly uncaring of the creases it created in her stunning white dress - so that she could hug him easily in return. “Don’t you look dapper in your suit?” Lena complimented, prompting the boy to blush a pleased pink.

“Really?” Jon checked, squinting suspiciously up at her.

“Really.” Lena affirmed. “You’re going to give even Henri a run for his money.” She adjusted his blue bowtie, ensuring it was straight and not too tight.

“Awesome!” Jon cheered.

“Alright, little man, it’s time.” Lois said gently, hand held out for Jon to take. “Me and you need to get in position, Auntie Lena can’t marry Auntie Kara until you’ve checked the path is clear.”

“And covered it with flowers!” Jon reminded his mother firmly, before pressing a farewell kiss to Lena’s cheek and rushing over to Lois. “The flowers are the most important part! That’s what Auntie K said!”

“How could I forget the flowers?” Lois lamented, shooting Lena a playful wink before guiding her son out of the room, Sam and Ruby following behind whilst trying to stifle their amused giggles. 

“You ready?” Clark inquired softly, the crook of his arm held out for her to accept.

Lena grinned brighter than she ever thought she could. “So ready.”



“Was it?” Kara whispered into her ear as they swayed to the music that accompanied their first dance as spouses.

“Was what?” Lena replied, nose brushing teasingly against Kara’s neck producing a full body shudder from the Kryptonian.

“Was it everything you imagined?” Kara clarified, breath warm and enticing on Lena’s cheek.

Lena smiled softly to herself, remembering blue eyes filled with adoration focused solely on her as they declared their promises for everyone to hear. Their oaths were of love, trust, support and devotion. Commitments to listen and learn, to shelter and protect… of love and everything else. 

Rings were slid onto shaky fingers, then bracelets onto bare wrists with lingering touches. The kiss that followed marked the beginning of a journey just as much as it did an end. 

Their loved ones cheered, applauded - all sincere in their love of the couple and their desire for them to share a bright future.

Lena wouldn’t have changed a single second of it.

“And more.” Lena finally answered, leaning away ever so slightly so she could stare into the beautiful blue eyes of her wife. “How about you?”

Kara’s eyes crinkled impossibly more with happiness. “Doesn’t the smile on my face answer that question?”

Lena pursed her lips in faux-seriousness, “Communication is important.”

“Yes it is…” Kara agreed slowly, dipping forward to rest her forehead against Lena’s. “Today has been like a dream, a beautiful dream that promises to last forever.” Kara sighed heavily, tone losing its lighthearted edge, “I still sometimes don’t believe it...”

“Believe what?”

“You. Me. Us. This. All of it.” Kara breathed, fingers pressing just that little bit harder against Lena’s back as if she would disappear in an instant. “That you gave me a chance.”

“Gave us a chance.” Lena corrected firmly with a shake of her head before kissing her wife deeply, earning a cheer from the crowd that finally encouraged other couples to join them on the dance floor. “You keep forgetting how inherently selfish I am.” Lena joked, pulling back to find Kara sporting a dazed, awestruck expression that the Luthor would never get tired of being able to produce.

“Of course,” Kara sighed dramatically upon regaining her wits, “how could I forget how much of a blanket hog you are?”

“Pfft…” Lena snorted haughtily, as they continued to sway effortlessly in sync to the music, “you don’t need them with your body temperature.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t like snuggling in blankets on an evening.” Kara pouted prompting Lena to roll her eyes - somewhat resistant to the puppy dog gaze being sent her way.

“How about we make a deal?” Lena proposed, lifting her chin and adopting her familiar business voice. “I’ll be your blanket and you can be mine .”

“Hmmm…” Kara pursed her lips thoughtfully, “I don’t know if I’m ready for such a long-term commitment like that. I think I need to ask my wife.”

“You adorable asshole.” Lena muttered darkly even as her green eyes twinkled with affection. 

Kara shrugged nonchalantly, before reminding the raven haired woman, “You chose to marry me.”

“That I did.” Lena acknowledged, smiling soft and proud, hand shifting to tenderly stroke Kara’s blushing cheek, “Best decision ever.”

Blue eyes sparkled with mischief pre-empting the teasing that was to follow, “Eh… I’ll need to see how this blanket deal works out before I agree with that.”

“I want a divorce.” Lena huffed, making to step out of Kara’s embrace only to be tugged all the closer, Kryptonian hands settling on her hips and lifting Lena into the air with a squeal of surprise and delight.

“Nuh uh, you’re stuck with me now!” Kara shouted triumphantly, spinning them round on the dance floor making Lena cling all the tighter and giggle all the louder. “No take backs!”

“I love you.” Lena whispered between her laughter, voice lost in the raucous exuberance of their guests joining in on the excitement - not that it mattered, she knew Kara would still be able to hear her. “For this, and everything else.”