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learning fast, loving slow

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A gentle breeze sweeps through the gardens of Paradise Manor, leaving the flowers swaying in its wake as if dancing to music only they can hear. The air has cooled down after the warm, humid day of late summer, and the sunset is quiet and slow, with an atmosphere not much unlike a tranquil dream.

Inside the manor, Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are enjoying the peaceful evening and each other’s company. Xie Lian is sitting on soft cushions on the floor, with Hua Cheng lounging behind him on a low divan and gently massaging his shoulders. Always eager to hear his beloved's voice, Hua Cheng listens with rapt attention as Xie Lian tells him about whatever pops in his mind — the latest news he got to hear during his visit to the Heavenly Realm, what kind of renovations he would like to do in Puqi Shrine in the near future, and even prayers he received earlier, addressed to both himself and Hua Cheng and asking for their protection.

“San Lang, the person was so sweet”, Xie Lian says, leaning back into Hua Cheng’s loving hands. “He asked to bless him with just a little bit of luck, so that he could take care of his loved one like the Scrap Immortal and the Ghost King take care of each other.”

“Mm.” Hua Cheng bends down to press a kiss on the top of Xie Lian’s head. “Sounds like that devotee was on to something. Gege does take care of me very well, indeed.”

Xie Lian smiles and turns to look over his shoulder so that Hua Cheng can kiss him on the lips. “It’s San Lang who takes even better care of me, though”, he says. Hua Cheng smiles and kisses him again.

For a while, a pleasant silence descends in the room. Xie Lian is absorbed in his thoughts, adding details to his plans for the Puqi Shrine renovations; it always makes him feel calm and nostalgic to do small fixes and chores around the shrine. Before long, however, his musings are interrupted by a tickling sensation on his neck, and Xie Lian smiles as Hua Cheng’s slender fingers gather the long strands of his hair and sweep them aside. Cool lips brush against the nape of Xie Lian’s neck, making him shiver pleasantly as Hua Cheng leaves a trail of kisses on his skin.

“Gege”, Hua Cheng whispers in his ear, nibbling his earlobe very softly, temptingly, as his fingertips slip beneath the collar of Xie Lian’s robe to open it slightly. More sweet shivers run along Xie Lian’s spine as he leans back towards his teasing husband. He feels very much up for some intimacy tonight; there’s something very sensual in the atmosphere, as if the sleepy mood caused by the humid summer heat has been replaced by a warmth of a very different kind after the air outside has cooled down.

Xie Lian stands up and turns around to face Hua Cheng and join him on the divan. Hua Cheng’s eye is dark and content as Xie Lian straddles him, willingly and eagerly leaning into his embrace. Hua Cheng continues his slow work of disrobing Xie Lian, pulling back the white fabric and sliding the robe down his shoulders. He nuzzles into Xie Lian’s neck to kiss and nip the sensitive skin, drawing a soft gasp from Xie Lian. “Gege”, Hua Cheng says, “should we head to the bedroom?”

Xie Lian feels his face already heating up, and for a moment thinks he wouldn’t even mind doing it right now and here; his sudden eagerness causes him to flush an even deeper red, but he smiles and nods. “Let’s go”, he says, unable to hold back a sigh as Hua Cheng lightly sucks on the juncture of his neck and shoulder.


They get to the bedroom in no time, and Xie Lian laughs softly as Hua Cheng pushes him down on the bed, his hands determined but — as always — tender to the utmost. Tingling arousal courses through Xie Lian’s body as he eagerly accepts Hua Cheng’s kisses and touches, reaching out to return the favour of disrobing.

The mood is still filled with warm sensuality, their mutual desire heavy in the air, and Xie Lian’s heart flutters as Hua Cheng’s body presses against his. Xie Lian feels an unmistakable pressure in his groin, and as Hua Cheng pulls him close, he can tell his husband is in the same state of sweet torment.

They waste no time discarding the rest of their clothes as well, and Xie Lian smiles at Hua Cheng shyly, waiting to see how he wants to go about their lovemaking tonight — but this time Hua Cheng seems to have thought of something different from usual. He doesn’t pull Xie Lian onto his lap, or move to lie on top of him to hold him in his sensual embrace; instead, he smiles at Xie Lian expectantly.

“Gege”, Hua Cheng says, a subtle hint of excitement in his voice. “Would you like to try something different tonight?”

Xie Lian is surprised at the sudden shift in the mood; surprised, but not worried. He trusts Hua Cheng wholeheartedly and knows with utter certainty that his husband will never make him uncomfortable or harm him in any way. He smiles and raises his hand to cup Hua Cheng’s face gently. “What does my San Lang have in mind?”

“What if”, Hua Cheng says, turning his head to kiss Xie Lian’s palm, “instead of the usual, gege made love to me for a change?”

That renders Xie Lian speechless, and he stares at Hua Cheng, wondering if he understood right. There definitely is something new in Hua Cheng’s gaze; his eye twinkles with playful curiosity, mixed with the ever-present, endless love that always overwhelms Xie Lian in the best way possible.

“San Lang… are you sure? You mean, I would…” Xie Lian feels his cheeks heat up. “I would be… inside you, instead of…”

Hua Cheng’s smile gets even wider. “I would love it”, he says. “It would be an honour, really, to get to feel gege close to me in such a way.” He leans closer to kiss Xie Lian on the lips. “But only if you want it. Gege can choose.”

Xie Lian gazes into Hua Cheng’s eye for a moment, before giving him a kiss in return. Hua Cheng smiles against his lips, still lovingly playful, and Xie Lian shivers as he’s hit by a surprising wave of arousal; now that he thinks about it, he is curious about being inside his husband. Hua Cheng always tells him how good it feels, and Hua Cheng is definitely not the only one enjoying their usual way of lovemaking — the experience is always nothing short of amazing for Xie Lian as well, and he realises he would love to give the same kind of pleasure to Hua Cheng as well.

“Okay”, Xie Lian says, a little breathless. “We can try it, if San Lang really wants…”

Hua Cheng’s eye twinkles with delight as he leans in and their lips join in another kiss. Slowly, he lies down on his back and pulls Xie Lian along as they continue kissing, both of their breathing getting heavier by every moment.

Xie Lian moans into Hua Cheng’s mouth as their naked bodies press against each other. For a moment he thinks he could easily climax just like this, the friction of Hua Cheng’s hardness against his own slickened by the fluid that is already trickling out from both of them; but he wants to try fulfilling Hua Cheng’s wish and satisfying his own curiosity as well.

Feeling slightly nervous, Xie Lian pulls back and casts an unsure look at Hua Cheng’s lower body. Hua Cheng notices his hesitation, raises himself slightly from the bed and reaches out to take Xie Lian’s hand.

“Don’t worry, gege”, he says. “It’ll be great, I’m sure. Would you like me to prepare myself?”

Xie Lian blushes, suddenly shy to hear Hua Cheng address the process in such an unconcerned way, but quickly reminds himself he wants to make it as good for Hua Cheng as it always is for him. “No, I can do it… if that’s okay with San Lang”, Xie Lian says. “Just promise you’ll tell me if it’s going wrong or anything hurts, please?”

Hua Cheng smiles warmly and gives Xie Lian’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “I promise. Although I don’t think gege could ever make it go wrong.”

Without further ado, Hua Cheng settles on his back again and spreads his legs, as if offering himself for his god. The blush on Xie Lian’s face deepens as he sees Hua Cheng laying himself bare with such open eagerness, but he promptly ignores any hesitation and busies himself with looking for the oil they keep by the bed for their intimate activities.

“It’ll be okay, gege”, Hua Cheng murmurs as Xie Lian pours out some of the liquid and hesitates for another moment before reaching down towards Hua Cheng. He thinks back to all the times Hua Cheng has touched him like this — sometimes in preparation for more intense lovemaking, and sometimes bringing him to the peak of pleasure just with his fingers alone — and attempts to replicate those caresses to make Hua Cheng feel just as good as he always does.

After a while of careful rubbing around the rim, Xie Lian very slowly pushes his finger inside. The welcome intrusion causes Hua Cheng’s erection to twitch, and the sight of it makes Xie Lian’s own hardness to throb with sudden arousal as well. He pushes deeper, feeling almost like the tightness around his finger is sucking him in. He takes a shaky breath and curls his finger very carefully, trying to find that special spot that always makes him shudder in pleasure when Hua Cheng aims for it inside him; he doesn’t seem to quite figure out the exact spot or how to stimulate it, but his attempts don’t seem to be causing any pain to Hua Cheng either.

“Are you okay, San Lang?” Xie Lian asks. He glances up at Hua Cheng with slight worry, but his concerns fade away as he sees Hua Cheng staring back at him, his breathing deep and heavy and his dark eye filled with desire.

“It’s perfect, gege”, Hua Cheng says in a low voice. “Don’t worry… you’re doing so well…” He thrusts his hips forward slightly as if trying to feel Xie Lian deeper. Xie Lian feels shivers running down his back as he sees the way Hua Cheng gazes at him, full of trust and want.

Reassured by the sight of Hua Cheng’s obvious arousal, Xie Lian turns his attention back to his task and pushes a little deeper, pulling away to apply more of the slippery substance before adding another finger.

“Gege…” Hua Cheng sighs blissfully, throwing back his head as he feels Xie Lian starting to very slowly stretch him open. His erection twitches again, leaking more fluid onto his toned stomach, and Xie Lian swallows thickly. The sight gives him an idea, and in a sudden bout of boldness, he bends closer to give a different type of attention to Hua Cheng while gently coaxing his entrance to open up.

Gege!” A loud gasp is wrenched from Hua Cheng’s lips as Xie Lian starts kissing and mouthing his cock. It’s a little sloppy — Xie Lian has pleasured him this way plenty of times before, but it’s more difficult when his attention is mostly focused on his slow work of stretching Hua Cheng open.

Xie Lian licks his lips and gives the twitching erection one more careful nibble. Hearing a low groan from Hua Cheng, Xie Lian turns to look at him, concerned. “Is San Lang okay?”

“Totally okay, gege is doing amazing.” Hua Cheng shivers and takes a deep breath. “Go ahead, gege, continue, I’ll be ready soon… you can go a little deeper…”

There’s a note of delight and warm arousal in Hua Cheng’s voice, and Xie Lian feels a flutter of happiness knowing he’s been able to at least somewhat return the pleasure Hua Cheng is always so eager to give to him in this way. Hopeful, Xie Lian leans down again and returns to his experiments of this new type of intimacy.

It doesn’t take long before Hua Cheng asks Xie Lian to get inside him, promising he is more than ready to take him. Xie Lian positions himself between Hua Cheng’s legs, his nervousness returning as he looks for the best angle to enter his husband.

“Don’t worry, gege”, Hua Cheng says. “I’ll be okay.”

“I’ll go slow”, Xie Lian says.

“Whatever is comfortable for gege.”

“I’m more concerned about San Lang’s comfort…” Xie Lian adds a few more drops of oil, smearing a generous amount of it on himself, gasping softly at his own touch. At this rate, they’re going to run out of oil in no time, but he’d rather be forced to interrupt their lovemaking to retrieve another bottle than to risk hurting Hua Cheng.

When Xie Lian starts sliding into Hua Cheng, stopping with just the tip of his cock in, he keeps his eyes trained on Hua Cheng’s face to catch any implication of pain. Seeing an encouraging smile, Xie Lian pushes a bit deeper, but stops immediately as Hua Cheng’s smile falters and he squeezes his eye shut. 

“San Lang?” Xie Lian asks, his voice tight; being inside Hua Cheng feels incredibly good, but he ignores the pleasure in his worry for his husband. “Are you okay? Does it hurt?”

“No, no, it feels good… gege feels so good”, Hua Cheng breathes. “Please, don’t hold back, go deeper…”

“Tell me if I need to stop”, Xie Lian says and strokes Hua Cheng’s thigh soothingly as he shifts his hips forward another tiny bit. It draws a sharp gasp from his lips; despite his uncertainty, he also feels increasingly overcome by pleasure as he’s enveloped in the tight heat. It’s different from when Hua Cheng pleasures him with his mouth, intense in a different but not any less overwhelming way. He takes a deep breath, shifting forward very slowly again, until he can’t move any further; he holds his breath in silent awe as he realises he’s completely inside Hua Cheng.

“San Lang…” Xie Lian pants, biting back a moan as he feels Hua Cheng squeezing around him. “Still… still okay?”

Hua Cheng’s eye is hazy and there’s a tender smile on his face as he reaches out towards Xie Lian, caressing his face. “Gege is amazing”, he breathes. “You feel even better than I thought… so deep inside me.”

Xie Lian turns his face to kiss Hua Cheng’s hand softly, his chest filling with warm affection. “San Lang feels really good too… so good…” Hua Cheng reacts to his words with a small sharp jerk of his hips, and Xie Lian moans, gripping his thigh harder.

“Gege, you can move”, Hua Cheng encourages. “Or rather — please move, I don’t know how much longer I can wait…”

Xie Lian does as Hua Cheng asked, pulling back and then thrusting forward again. He keeps his pace very slow to let Hua Cheng adjust, even when Hua Cheng moves his hips greedily, trying to coax him closer.

“Mm!” Hua Cheng gasps and arches his back. “Gege…”

Xie Lian struggles with the growing urge to move faster; he feels overwhelmed, almost dazed, with this pleasure his body is so unaccustomed to, but also can’t help being worried that any movement too rough or sudden will cause Hua Cheng discomfort. Hua Cheng seems to notice his unease, and once again reaches out for him, touching his face tenderly. “Gege”, he says, his voice soothing, “gege, don’t be afraid. You’re perfect, so amazing, and I promise you won’t hurt me.”

“San Lang…”

“Don’t hold back”, Hua Cheng says. “Gege deserves to feel good too…” And he moves his hips again, lifting his body up in a sensual arch; Xie Lian groans as he feels Hua Cheng squeezing tight around him. Once again reassured by his husband’s open eagerness, Xie Lian starts moving his hips, and this time he lets his speed increase little by little.

“That’s it, gege”, Hua Cheng gasps, genuine enthusiasm in his voice. “It’s so good… can you go a bit faster?”

“San Lang —” Xie Lian whimpers, hesitating only a fleeting moment before picking up speed just a bit more. He feels like he’s getting precariously close to losing control; the pleasure grows more and more intense with each euphoric moment, sweeping him up like a rushing flood he can barely struggle against.

Hua Cheng, though, seems only delighted by how his movements get more uncoordinated and frantic. “Just like that, gege… don’t hold back, don’t stop —”

“Mm—!” Xie Lian shudders as Hua Cheng once again squeezes him, as if in an attempt to draw him deeper inside. Hua Cheng is panting hard, a telling sign of his arousal, his chest heaving as he suddenly wraps his legs around Xie Lian’s waist to pull him closer.

Gege”, he groans, “it feels so good — don’t hold back, don’t be afraid, gege —”

Hearing that voice brimming with adoration and desire, Xie Lian feels as if something breaks within him. Encouraged by the movements of Hua Cheng’s body moving underneath his own, and Hua Cheng’s muscles flexing as he holds Xie Lian as close as he can, Xie Lian finally thrusts more strongly, burying himself deep into his husband. Hua Cheng lets out an unrestricted moan that lights sparks in Xie Lian’s spine. “Gege, yes!”

“San Lang!” Xie Lian grasps Hua Cheng’s hips, still holding back his strength to not hurt him, trying to adjust his position to hold him as comfortably as he can. A shiver runs through Xie Lian’s body as he is hit with the sudden realisation that he is getting very close, the new kind of intense stimulation coaxing him close to the edge with merciless speed. “San Lang”, Xie Lian breathes, hazily wondering if he should warn Hua Cheng, “San Lang, I’m going to — I’m —”

Hua Cheng lets out a loud gasp as his body suddenly arches up underneath Xie Lian’s again; he shudders and wraps his legs around Xie Lian’s waist even tighter. For a moment the sudden reaction catches Xie Lian by surprise, but then he realises his angle has changed a little. Did he finally find that spot inside?

With a tight whimper, Xie Lian grinds deeper, trying to replicate whatever movement he just made to draw such an intense reaction from Hua Cheng. He seems to succeed, as Hua Cheng gasps again, throbbing around Xie Lian. “Gege… yes, right there — right there! Gege is so skilled — please, don’t stop!”

“San Lang!” Xie Lian’s hips stutter as he feels himself about to finally crest the wave of pleasure. “San Lang, I’m —!”

“It’s okay, gege, don’t stop, don’t hold back —”

Xie Lian cries out as he comes deep inside Hua Cheng, his thrusts slowing down as he rides out his orgasm. Once again, Hua Cheng squeezes him tight, or maybe it’s his own racing pulse, Xie Lian can’t tell — he’s blinded by pleasure as Hua Cheng gasps and trembles underneath him, pulling him into his arms to hold him close through his climax.

When the euphoria finally loosens its sweet hold from around Xie Lian and he comes back to his senses, he fuzzily realises Hua Cheng is still holding him tight, thrusting his hips to rub himself against Xie Lian’s stomach, desperately chasing his own release. Xie Lian arches his body towards Hua Cheng to provide him more friction, trying to help him reach his peak as well. He realises there’s something else he can do to get Hua Cheng there faster. “Oh, San Lang”, he murmurs, his post-orgasmic thoughts filled with so much love and adoration his voice gets a bit choked up, “my good San Lang, I love you, you made me feel so good… I want you to feel good too, I want my San Lang to come, my beautiful San Lang —”

Hua Cheng moans as Xie Lian’s loving praises push him over the edge. Sticky warmth gushes out to paint Xie Lian’s stomach, and as Xie Lian feels the mess on his skin, he is suddenly overtaken by a strange bout of wistfulness. Such a waste, he thinks before catching himself, his mind still too blurry with pleasure to realise just what he allowed to cross his mind. For once, he didn’t get to feel Hua Cheng inside him…

Hua Cheng gradually relaxes and allows his body to fall back on the bed, pliant and sated. Xie Lian pulls out of him very carefully and shifts slightly to make their position more comfortable, but doesn’t get up, snuggling close to Hua Cheng as they catch their breaths.

“Gege…” Hua Cheng’s voice is brimming with immense, warm satisfaction as he presses a soft kiss on Xie Lian’s lips. “Thank you so much.”

Xie Lian suddenly feels a bit overwhelmed, blinking as his eyes tingle with tears. “Thank you too, San Lang… you always make me feel so good, in so many ways…” He takes a shaky breath, and Hua Cheng brushes the tears from his eyelashes with utter tenderness. Xie Lian nuzzles Hua Cheng’s neck, taking a deep breath of his familiar, comforting scent, and hesitates for a moment before looking him in the eye. “San Lang, did I… did I do it okay?”

Hua Cheng chuckles, his laughter warm and fond. “Gege was way more than ‘okay’. You were amazing”, he assures. “I hope it was good for gege as well.”

Xie Lian smiles, feeling a little shy now that the passion has faded, but incredibly happy. “It was. It felt so good…” He blushes. “Although I missed San Lang a bit, and San Lang’s…… I think I still like it best when it’s San Lang making love to me.”

Hua Cheng smiles and embraces Xie Lian more tightly, nuzzling his face and giving his ear a playful nip. “If I had to choose”, he murmurs, “I think I like that the most too, but I don’t want to choose, because it would be pointless — everything with gege is always perfect.”

Xie Lian smiles. “Maybe we should do it this way again, some day.”

Hua Cheng gives him a warm kiss. “We really should.” He grins, mischief twinkling in his eye. “And next time, gege can go a little harder…”

Xie Lian’s blush deepens at hearing that, but he smiles, knowing that whatever happens, with Hua Cheng it will be wonderful.


They cuddle a while longer, until the stickiness of their release drying on their bodies starts getting uncomfortable. Xie Lian gives Hua Cheng one more sweet kiss and gets up from the bed. Hua Cheng immediately sits up, apparently guessing his intentions. “Gege, let me”, he says. “I’ll clean us up, you can rest…”

But Xie Lian shakes his head. “I feel like pampering you thoroughly tonight”, he says, feeling a little playful and deeply affectionate. Hua Cheng complies and nods with a smile as he settles back down on the bed.

Xie Lian brings a warm, wet cloth to gently wipe himself and Hua Cheng clean, and after he’s done, he lies down again for some more cuddles. He finds endless comfort in Hua Cheng’s familiar embrace, a feeling of safety that he knows will never fade no matter how many hours, days, or centuries he spends in his husband’s arms.

“I love you, my San Lang”, Xie Lian whispers. “I’m so glad I got to do this new thing with you.”

“I love you too, gege. My beloved.” Hua Cheng kisses him. “And it was indeed wonderful — gege did amazing, you were so skilled and quick to learn like always. Sleep now, you worked so hard.”

Hearing it put like that, Xie Lian blushes, feeling slightly flustered; but even the shy feeling is overtaken by warm happiness as he closes his eyes. Sleepy and content, he feels Hua Cheng pressing another kiss on his forehead.

“Thank you for granting me my wish and trying out new things with me”, Hua Cheng whispers.

Xie Lian smiles, snuggling closer to his husband. He is glad it was a good time for Hua Cheng, but there really is no reason for that many thanks; it wasn’t like their experiments were unpleasant for Xie Lian in any way, either.

When you love someone who makes you feel so utterly safe and comfortable, it really is the easiest thing to discover new things together.