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stuck in the stars or with you

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"Psst. Psst, Amity. Amity. Amity!" 


Amity was gently awoken from her 'small' nap after school by a soft, insistent voice. 


"Amity, wake up." 


"Uhhh hunh." Came Amity's muffled reply as she grabbed the hand of whoever was nudging her and snuggled into said hand. 


"Mmmm soft . . ." 


"Am--Amity, please." 


"Luz . . ." 


"Yes. It's me, Luz."


"Luz . . . Luz . . . ?" Amity finally opened her eyes and she came face to face with her best friend Luz, who was somehow in her room and . . . wearing pyjamas? Huh? 


"Luz, what--" It was at the moment that she realized what she was currently doing. She looked down and saw how she was clutching Luz's hand against her cheek like her life depended on it. She looked back up at Luz whom, surprisingly to Amity, didn't seem to mind it. However, as her sleep boggled mind finally started coming alive, she slapped Luz's hand away and in the midst of her panic, ended up leaping up onto her bed, her legs wobbling on top of the soft mattress. 


"Luz!" She shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at the intruder, who looked amused as she raised both hands in a mock surrending gesture. 


"What. Are you doing. Here. In my room. In the middle of the night." Amity's words came out clipped and erratic, furthering Luz's amusement. 


"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I just. I couldn't sleep. So I wanted to see if you wanted to uh . . . go somewhere with . . . me?" Luz explained hesitantly, a flash of uncertainty in her tone as she thought fully about the situation at hand. She giggled sheepishly as she continued, "Which seems like a bad idea now that I'm actually here. It's okay, I'll leave. I'm sorry for disturbing you so late. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, promise!" 


Amity lowered her hand but didn't say anything, still looking a bit shaken. 


"So um, bye?" Luz made a move towards the window, where Amity now saw owlbert was perched on.


Ah, so that's how she got in.


"Wait." Amity jumped down from the bed and rubbed her eyes, still disbelieving that Luz was actually there, in her room. "I apologise for my reaction. Don't leave, please. I was just surprised you were here." 


"No no, please. I should've thought before just barging into your room like this haha . . ." Luz trailed off and rubbed the back of her head, embarassed, "I don't know what I was thinking honestly. I just . . . wanted to see you." 


Luz averted her eyes as Amity just stared at her, dumbfounded. 


She . . . wanted to see . . . me?


"Oh." Was all Amity could come up with. 


"I'll just leave before I embarass myself any further. Goodnight!" Luz said in a rush, hastening towards the window. Before she could get owlbert to change into his staff form, Amity grabbed her wrist. 


"No." Amity said and Luz shuddered at the resolve in her voice. "It's alright. Where did you wanna go?" 


"Amity, truly I'm sorry. You don't have to---" 


"I know. I want to." Amity didn't know where this newfound confidence was coming from but she wasn't complaining. For once she wasn't a stuttering mess around the object of her affections. 


Luz looked at her for a moment, maybe a little too long because Amity felt her face warming up. 


"Perfect! Let's go!" Luz said suddenly, breaking their intense eye contact. Her eyes shone as she adjusted Amity's hand on her wrist to intertwine their hands together. 


Luz climbed out the window first, getting onto owlbert and scooching a bit back, gesturing for Amity to sit in front of her. 


Amity stared from Luz, to the spot she was supposed to sit at and then to their hands. Before she could chicken out by thinking about it too much, she hopped onto the staff and Luz guided Amity's hands to the staff, silently asking her to grip it tightly. With Luz's own hands covering Amity's, they took off to wherever they were supposed to go. 


"Sooooo. . . where exactly are we going?" 


"Now now, Ms.Blight, patience is key. You'll see soon enough." 


Amity rolled her eyes, not even having to look back to know that Luz must've been sporting a smug grin on her face. She sighed and closed her eyes, trusting Luz not to let them fall to their deaths. 


"The wind is nice." She spoke up after a few moments of comfortable silence. 


"It sure is! I've always wondered what your hair tasted like. Now I know." Luz replied, bumping her forehead against the back of Amity's head. 


Amity laughed throwing her head back, which subsequently landed on Luz's shoulder. Amity felt the human's chest rumbling in a silent laugh as Amity leaned back against her. 


"You're welcome, I guess." 


In an uncharacteristically bold move, she kept her head on Luz's shoulder even after her laughter had died down. It felt strangely natural to just be like that with Luz. Amity wasn't usually one for casual shows of intimacy. But with Luz, it came as easily to her as breathing. Amity sighed in content as Luz wrapped her arms around her just a bit tighter. 


With her eyes closed, she had no idea when she dozed off but the next moment she opened her eyes, it was to one of the most wonderful views she'd ever seen. 


"Oh wow . . ." 


"I know right." Luz rested her chin down on Amity's shoulder as she said, "Eda flew me up here one time. I was . . . unsure, at the time, about whether I made the right choice or not by staying here," She chuckled before continuing, "Of course, I didn't stay solely because she showed me this view but . . . it did give me a sense of clarity. I thought maybe I do belong here." 


"I think you do too." Amity whispered. 


Luz shifted her head until she was staring at the side of Amity's face. 


"You think so?" She asked, softly brushing her nose against Amity's cheek. 


"Y-yeah. I think you've proven that more than enough times. Finding your own way of doing magic, facing off against several monsters and actually winning? You belong here more than some of the witches born here, Luz." 


In a show of confidence, she turned her head to look Luz in the eyes, trying to show how sincere her words were. By the way Luz's features softened into an utterly fond look at her, Amity concluded that she understood. 


Luz closed her eyes and bumped their foreheads together as she replied, "Thank you. You have no idea what that means to me." 


Amity stayed silent, enjoying the moment. 


After about an hour or half, they decided to go back, both feeling too sleepy to continue being in the air so far up. 


The ride back was quiet and cozy. Amity felt a sort of peace she never thought she could ever feel, her mind silent of any bad thoughts and her heart so full of sparkling and positive emotions. 


As Luz dropped Amity off at her room, Amity still had a hold on Luz's hand, not wanting to let go. And neither did Luz, given by how she was showing no indication of wanting to leave any time soon. 


Not wanting their time together to end so soon, Amity thought of probably one of the best or worst ideas she's ever had. 


Before she could change her mind about it, Amity spoke up, "Hey, Luz. Would you mind um, staying here? For tonight? Since we don't have school tomorrow, or technically today now, we could just sleep in. And my parents are away on a business trip so we don't have to worry about them either. Would Eda mind? It's okay if you don't want to though I completely underst---" 


"I'll stay." Luz interrupted her rambling, a tender smile on her lips. "I'd like to stay." 


"Oh. You would?" 


"I would." 


Amity stared at her for a moment, mentally patting herself on the back for managing to actually go through with the idea. 


She stepped away from the window, dragging Luz in with her, both of them giggling as they fell into each other. 


A few awkward moments later, Luz found herself laying on Amity's lap as Amity played with her hair, gentle fingers running through soft hair.  


"What are you thinking about?" Luz asked, grabbing Amity's free hand and intertwining their fingers together as she blinked slowly and sleepily. 


Amity smiled before bending down and giving Luz's forehead a kiss. 


"Nothing." She whispered, "My head is actually empty for once." 


Luz chuckled and the small sound in the quiet space made Amity's heart fill up with an intense burst of affection for the human. 


She heaved a deep breath before straightening up and going back to playing with Luz's hair, making Luz sigh in content, snuggling even further into Amity. 


"I wish I could stay here forever," Luz said in a sleepy whisper, wrapping her arms around Amity as she turned to the side, burying her face in Amity's stomach. "I'm so happy . . ." 


Her eyes fluttered closed as she said this and Amity felt a pang of bittersweet hurt as she thought about Luz's eventual departure, both from her house and more later, from this realm. She decided to get rid of those thoughts for now and just enjoy the moments they had left together. 


Besides, it's not like she is gonna leave forever, even if she does. 




Amity shook her head of these unwelcome thoughts before replying, "Me too."


Luz's breaths had evened out by then and she looked so serene and peaceful in her sleep, Amity felt the sudden urge to cry. 


"Luz . . ." 




"Oh. Nothing, I just . . ." Amity trailed off, not expecting Luz to be awake and hear Amity utter her name for no reason other than to just feel it on her lips. 


Luz, still riddled with sleep, dragged Amity down until she had adjusted herself by cuddling into Amity's side, Luz's face now cradled in the crook of her neck. 


Amity laid a lingering kiss on the top of Luz's head before she wrapped her arms around Luz snugly. 


The pair fell asleep together after a while, breathing in sync as the light of the rising sun sifted through the window, casting them in an ethereal glow.