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After Our Lives

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Amelia and Gura never thought what happens when you go to the afterlife; but they realize now that it doesn’t really matter. It’s happening now. After getting transported via Calli Airlines, they’ve arrived in a cloudy, surreal area with large, imposing gates in front of them.

“You know, I always imagined pearly gates, but I never thought they’d ACTUALLY be made of pearls.” Gura remarks, staring up at the gates.

“They’re marble, idiot. C’mon.” Amelia rolls her eyes, taking Gura’s hand and head toward the gates. As they approach the gates, they notice someone sitting behind a pedestal of some kind, reading a newspaper. They’re an oni: red skin, horns, everything including a white robe. Along with a halo adorned on top his head. They stop for a second to notice that they too have halos.

They go up to the oni, and he stops reading his newspaper. He gives Amelia and Gura a long look, sizing both of them up, which they squirm under his gaze. He pulls out a slab of marble, which seems to have something written on it. 

“Amelia Watson?” He finally asks in a tired tone, looking over to the detective.

“Uh, present?” Amelia responds dumbly, kinda blown back by what’s happening.

“And Gura… Watson?” The oni makes a face at the last name, but addresses Gura the same way.

“Right here.” Gura also responds, giving Amelia’s hand a reactive squeeze.

“… You’re clear, go right ahead.” As soon as he finishes his sentence, the large marble gates open, signaling their admission.

“Uh… Thanks.” Gura thanks, eyeing the oni quizzically.

“Wait, you.” He stops Amelia, and heaves a long sigh. “We were wondering when you were supposed to show up, Mrs. Watson. Time-travelers always screw up the filing system.” The oni remarks then goes back to his newspaper. “That’s all I wanted to say. Enjoy the afterlife.”

“Uh, okay! Sorry for the trouble.” Amelia apologizes and gives Gura a shrug. They continue on through the large gates.

Amelia and Gura arrive at some type of plaza, and some large metal doors close behind them as they arrive. The architecture is very Greek; stone and clay buildings, tiled colored stone paths, an exit on the other side of the clearing, and  a large tree in the center of it all. And sitting under the tree, reading a book is…

“INA!!!” Gura and Amelia rush up to their old friend, giving her a hug.

“Amelia, Gura! I was wondering when you two were going to show up!” Ina reciprocates the hug. “I knew Gura was going to take a long time, but I didn’t think Amelia would take just as long!”

“Well…” Amelia and Gura relay the whole story.

“Aww, that’s so sweet, so you decided to die in each other’s arms together?” Ina remarks, which the two blush at. “Man, you two are still adorable. Hey Kiara, Amelia and Gura are finally here!”

Before Amelia and Gura can even react, they’re taken down by an orange blur and are faced with a hug from a (former) phoenix. “AME, GURA! I MISSED YOU TWO SO MUCH!”

“We missed you too, bird-brain.” Gura chuckles, hugging her back. “I kinda knew what happened to you after I couldn’t find you in the real world, but Calli never gave a proper explanation. You’re a phoenix, how the hell did you die?”

“Oh, that!” Kiara lets go of the two. “Well after Ina and Amelia disappeared, Calli lost her human body, and you stopped communicating with me…”

“I feel we both needed some time alone…” Gura defended sheepishly.

“Hmm. Well, I gave up Hololive and just flew around the world, trying to find something to occupy myself. Turns out, I wasn’t thinking well and died a couple stupid ways. Getting run over, hit by a plane, mauled by bears, tripped into a volcano…” Kiara sweatdrops.

“Geez, kinda morbid, don’t you think?” Amelia winces.

“Hey, we’re all dead. What’s the harm?” Kiara states matter-of-factly. “Well after the 15th or so death, Calli chastises me for dying so many times so quickly. She mentioned that my phoenix soul didn’t have enough time to rematerialize in the real world. She equated it to me losing all my lives, like in a videogame.” Kiara chuckles to herself. “I was kinda sad to leave Calli, but she mentioned I could keep Ina company until you two showed up! Plus she gave me a hug right before she reaped me! If I knew I’d get a hug after killing myself for realsies, I would’ve done it a long time ago!”

“Jesus, Kiara. Care a little more about your mortality, please?” A 5th voice appears behind the group, surprising all four of them.


“Hey guys. Sorry I had to be last to the party.” Calli apologizes. She’s in casual attire: no tiara, no jacket, no familiar scythe on her back.

“CALLIII!!!” Kiara practically takes down Calli, whom grunts from the impact. “How are you here? I thought reapers couldn’t go to the afterlife? Can I hug you more?”

“First off: No. Get off me, you stupid bird, and I’ll explain everything.” Kiara lets go reluctantly and Calli dusts herself off. “Well, to explain how I’m here: Reapers can’t hold feelings for any of the souls they reap. Ever since I had to reap Ina, my powers have slowly been diminishing since then and have completely disappeared once I reaped you two.” Calli motions towards Amelia and Gura. “Needless to say, you four made quite an impression on me during my career as a part of Hololive.”

“Aww, we love you too, Calli!” Gura exclaims, holding Amelia’s hand harder.

Calli smiles at this. “So I contacted Death Sensei and asked him about a reaper “reaping” themselves. He was surprised, as a reaper has never requested this before. But my request was accepted, on the grounds that I’d lose my powers altogether. I accepted that, and here I am.” Calli finishes her explanation and breaths in slightly. “And now that that’s done: Yes Kiara, you can continue hugging me.” Kiara squeals and latches onto the former reaper again.

“Aww, she’s finally being honest.” Ina remarks, staring at the two happy couples.

“You shut your face.” Calli retorts as she puts an arm around Kiara. “I was kind of worried I wouldn’t be able to find you four, but you didn’t even make it past the entrance.”

All five of them stare at the opposing exit. “Yeah, we were waiting for you guys.” Ina mentions as she stares at the exit. “I wonder what happens now…”

“Well it doesn’t matter.” Gura states. “Now that my wife’s back by my side, she ain’t leaving it!” She pulls Amelia closer, and Amelia pecks her cheek.

“I forgot you two got married…” Calli off-handedly mentions, then stares at the former phoenix still bear-hugging her. “Sounds like a good idea…” She murmurs under her breath.

“You say something, Calli?” Kiara pipes up, having her face inches away from Calli’s.

“You didn’t hear anything, you stupid bird.” Calli pushes Kiara’s face away in a dismissive gesture.

“I hope you two aren’t going to act like this the entire time.” Amelia teases, getting a death glare from Calli. “Almost flirting is going to get boring after a while.”

“Well, no time like the present, right?” Ina chimes in. She grabs Gura’s hand (who in turn is holding Amelia’s) and Calli’s hand (who in turn is still being overwhelmed by Kiara). “Let’s find out together! As a family!”

“Yeah!” The four others exclaim.

“It sure is going to be awkward when we find our actual families.”

“Oh god, don’t make me think of that!”

Amelia, Gura, Calli, Kiara, and Ina never thought about what happens in the afterlife; but they realize now that it doesn’t really matter.

Just as long as they’re a family.