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We will be reunited

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- Run, Kazuha... Get out of here...

When Kazuha regained his awakening, the sun was hanging from the top of his head, and he crawled into a soft blanket and tried to calm down. The vision no longer had its light falling off his chest pocket, it was once said, "A vision without light means its owner is dead."

Tomo is dead...

The friend he loved the most, no, their story has transcended friendship. But when Kazuha had not even figured out what the two were, Tomo was gone forever. With the help of the resistance, Kazuha left Inazuma, continuing to flee away. He just remembers falling into the sea, the rest is just a vague patch. The teenager was a young master of a noble family but times changed, the clan separated, he became a ronin. Also on the path of wandering all over the place, he met Tomo, the generous, unruly young man. They became friends and more than that. But now that he is gone, Kazuha bows his head in the blanket.

- Wow! I thought you was gone for good...

He startls to look up, there is a woman crossing her arms, standing at the door of the room and looking at him. She comes to the bedside to sit down, smiles at him.

- I'm Beidou, captain of the Southern Cross. I stumbled upon you in the waters bordering Liyue and Inazuma, so I picked you up. This is an inn in Liyue, can you tell me about your identity?

Kazuha carefully looks at the liberal woman in front of him, remains silent.

-... Haha!! No need to take precautions like that! I'm not interested in omegas that already have owners. After all, I've got a girl!- Beidou pulls out a scarf embroidered with Ginkgo biloba's leaves, smiles.

Kazuha lets go of his attitude, thanking Beidou for her help. She takes out a sip of the bottle, and at one point looks deep into the teenager's fiery red eyes. He sighs, watching his fingers sealed by burns, slowly recounting his identity.

- So... Kazuha, where are you going?

- I don't know... I have nowhere else to go... I couldn't go back there...

Kazuha's heart hurts, his hands squeezes to his left chest. His most loving one is unable to return, he has no reason to stay in Inazuma anymore. It used to be the home of his whole family, now the family is gone, neither is the homeland. It's where he met the person he love the most, where he lose that person forever. His abdomen hurts again, Kazuha bends over and vomits, receiving a cup of medicine from Beidou. She watches the teenager take medication, waiting him to finish then sighing:

- Or... Why don't you come with me, we wander here and there, but there's still a place to stop. You look past only sixteen, you can't torture a child.

- Yes??!!

- I saved you that day, it was a body of two lives. The doctor said your life was good, soaked in water for so long but that didn't harm the child in your womb. Or to say, the kid's too resilient.

Kazuha is shocked to embrace his belly, he does not even know that he is pregnant. That time of tormenting made him blame himself, thanks to the archons above, the tenacious child is just like his father. It's just that the person isn't that good... Thinking of this, Kazuha burst into tears, pouring out all the pain in the past with tears. Beidou is like a big sister, gently holding him in her lap. This boy is too young to be a father, nor did she know what he had to go through so that the crying became so heart-broken. She rubs that relentlessly trembling back, til Kazuha calms down that she takes a sip of wine.

- You can still come back, there's going to be a big change to Inazuma.

Kazuha doesn't understand, nor does he believe what she says. Until he meets Aether, the teenager who bears the smell of the wind, of the earth and also of the star. Watching the teenager implement the element without vision, he really hoped one could change the way Electro Archon reigned, fulfilling the will of the other. Then at least he and this child can come back.

That's five years later. Kazuha conveniently gave birth to a beautiful girl with grassy ruffled hair, bright red eyes inherited from the one who gave birth to the baby. She was born on an autumn day, the day when Kazuha thought Inazuma was coulored red with a patch of maple leaves, so named the child Momiji. The little girl did not know her father's face but thanks to the love and protection of her father and the crew of the "Southern Cross", she grew up without any sorrow and pain. Kazuha, every time he leans on the deck looking at Momiji, is heartbreaking, the child is just like Tomo, if he was alive, and he knew he had a child, how would he react towards this?...

Kazuha grew up, bringing Momiji back to Inazuma to visit her father's hometown. The feeling of resuscitation overflows in the chest. Five years ago, he fled the place, carrying a small spirit with a broken heart. Five years later, the wound is not completely healed, but still, he returns, facing the reality. Momiji looks at the streets of Inazuma with bright eyes, she constantly pulls her father's hand running everywhere, but the market street is busy, she slips out of her father's hand. Beidou taught her that when she strays, she should wait for her parent there. Momiji stood on a high place, waiting for a young man with the same hair color as her.

- Child, lost parents?

- Yes, I do. Ms. Beidou said that if I lost papa Kazuha, I have to stand in a place waiting for him to pick me up.

The man looks at the bright red eyes of maple leaves, thinking a little. A white cat flashes its head from his sleeves, intimately jumping into Momiji's lap meowing.

- Oh, what a pretty cat.

- Little one, did you just say your father's name is Kazuha? What's your name?

- I'm Momiji, Momiji Kaedehara. My dad told me I was born on the day the maple leaves were covered in red and so he gave me that name.

A recollection runs through your memory. About a teenager who once said, "The day the maple leaves tinged with red is also the time to separate." He has lived aimlessly for the past five years, his shattered memories leaving him with no chance to overcome. It's just that the image of a white-haired teenager with red maple leaves has always haunted him. The youth looks at Momiji playing with the cat in her hand, the feeling of familiarity spilling into his heart.



Kazuha runs to his daughter but immediately stops. The young man next to her is indeed too familiar with the eyes, causing him to tremble, the rim of the eye is also red. He has lived with the obsession of the day he falls into his arms, dying to tell him to run away. But he's still here, standing next to his daughter...

- Tomo? Are you still alive?....

Vision that nearly six years sleeping in his chest suddenly lights up, flying towards Tomo. He gently puts his hand up for it, makes it glowing with electro. Yae once said, "To be stripped one's vision is to be stripped one's ambition". Tomo had lived aimlessly, just because he had no targets to aim for. Kazuha's voice is like awakening his "ambition" and memories sleeping deep in his heart, so that once again, his vision lights up again. Tomo's eyes are flashing like remembering something, he looks at Kazuha, looks at Momiji again, he smiles with eyes fulls of tears.

- I'm back!

Kazuha rushs to hug him tightly, tears quietly flows on his cheekbones. Momiji looks at her father's expression and with her hair color as well as the deity of this young man, she was hugged tightly in her lap by both of them, sobbingly calling the name like for this whole life, she could not have a chance:

- Dad...

Tomo gently kisses the two people he loves the most, being careful as if they are going to disappear. Finally, after all these years, their families are finally reunited. Kazuha said goodbye to Beidou, with Tomo building his own family on the old land of the clan. Watching Momiji play with Tomo in the yard, Kazuha lowered his resolve. This time, he will not run away, he will keep on going this way with the people he love the most!