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It has been a couple of months since Belos was defeated, and Luz found a portal back home. Luz has made it her routine to visit the Boiling Isles every weekend, where she can see her witch mom, her friends, and her girlfriend. Luz and Amity have had a couple of dates during this time, but never in the human world.

"Hi, mom! Good morning!" Luz said while seating herself at the table for breakfast.

"Hola mija! Buenos dias," Camilla said, placing a bowl of cereal in front of Luz.

"Soooo, mom...I was thinking...would it be ok if Amity came over here for this weekend?"

"Depends. Are Amity's parents ok with it?"

Luz knew Amity's parents very well, and they would probably not allow their daughter to visit 'the dangerous realm of Connecticut.'

"Welllll...I would have to ask them."

"If they do say yes, then Amity can definitely visit."

"YESSSSSS!!" Luz fist-pumped.


"Hello, my Lil lemon drop!" Luz said, calling Amity on her scroll.

"Hello, my light!"

"Soooo, how are things in the Isles?"

"Pretty much the same. How's the human world?"

"About would you feel about me showing you around the human realm this weekend? My mom said I have to get permission from your parents, though."

Amity felt like she was going to short-circuit. Although they have been dating for a couple of months now, it still always shocked her whenever Luz wanted to do...well, anything with her.

"I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! My parents are a different story, though."
"Yeah, I felt like that would be the case."

"Don't worry. I'll figure something out. They are tolerating us dating aren't they?"

"That was some magic you pulled there."

"I try," Amity giggled.

"OMG!!" Luz gasped.

"What is it?"

"WE CAN FINALLY HAVE THE FNAF DATE! I have never remembered a more romantic occasion."

Amity wouldn't necessarily call playing a horror game 'romantic,' but she was still excited by the prospect.

"That sounds really fun, Luz," Amity replied with a warm smile.

"Darn, it is dinner time. Be sure to text me what happens! Bye!" Luz blew a kiss.

"Goodbye," Amity waved with a blush.


It was finally Saturday. Luz had gotten everything ready for Amity's arrival. She cleaned up her room, made a plan for the entire weekend, and chose the perfect outfits for the event. Once it was time to pick up Amity, Luz and Camilla walked to the portal in the middle of the woods. Amity walked to The Owl House with her siblings to the other side of the portal.

"So, finally visiting the human realm? Tell me if there are any petnames they have there, will ya?" Edric teased.

Amity's face flushed entirely with both anger and embarrassment.

"You really have to ruin everything, don't you," Amity replied.

"It is my job, isn't it? Otherwise, who else is supposed to do it?"

"Ah hm," Emira interrupted.

"In all seriousness, I do hope you have fun, Mittens," the big sister continued.


Amity walked up to the portal. She was really nervous. She had never seen the human realm before...or met Luz's mom...or seen Luz's room. Nevertheless, she swallowed her nerves and walked through the portal. Once she entered the other side, she was immediately given a bear hug from her human girlfriend.

“It is really nice to meet you, Amity. My daughter talks about you quite a bit,” Camilla said.

“Oh, it is very nice to meet you too, Ms. Noceda,” Amity said after being released from the hug.

“Come on, Amity! Let the human world date BEGIN!” Luz shouted as she took Amity by the arm.

Luz dragged her girlfriend to a strange metal beast. Amity was hesitant to go near it, especially after hearing those stories of animal metal things attacking people. Would it do a ‘bite of 87’ like Luz would talk about?

As if she were reading her mind, Luz told her that “the car won’t bite.” Even so, Amity continued to cling to Luz for comfort, which the human didn’t mind.

After a somewhat tease car drive, they finally arrived at Luz’s house. It was much more quaint than the enormous Blight mansion, but that just made it even more appealing to the lavender-haired witch.

“Welcome to mi casa, lemon drop!” Luz announced as she walked to the front door.

“Your house is wonderful, Luz! I love it.”

Camilla went in front of the two witches and let them inside. Almost immediately after opening the door, Luz grabbed Amity’s arm and bolted upstairs.

“Have fun, kiddos!" Camila yelled upstairs.

“Ok mom!" Luz yelled back.

Luz started showing Amity around her room.

The room was pretty small (at least by Blight standards) and was painted light pink. Every wall was covered with posters from various fandoms, including Azura, Five Nights at Freddy’s, anime (especially Little Witch Academia), and many more. She also seemed to collect figurines.
“Pretty cool, right?” Luz said confidently.

“It really is. I didn’t know there was so much merchandise of Azura.”

“Yeah, the Boiling Isles seems to be lacking in that department.”

“I didn’t realize there was a department for Azura merchandise.”

Luz was about to tell her it was just a phrase but then realized that there could possibly be an Azura merch department in the Isles, so she refrained herself.

“So, what would you like to do first?” Luz gestured around her room.

“What is that?” Amity pointed to the VR headset next to the TV.

“OH! That is the scroll eye thing I told you about! You wanna try it out?”

Amity’s eyes lit up. She was extremely curious about how the object worked.


Luz walked up to the machine and carefully put it on Amity’s head. She then proceeded to set up the equipment for her girlfriend to play with.

“Annddddd, that should work!”

Amity was immediately transported to the main menu of the game. Four large animals stared at her with the words “Five Nights at Freddy’s Help Wanted” written under them. Amity was familiar with the sight because of Luz’s descriptions, but seeing it in person was much scarier than she anticipated.

“’re 100% sure these things can’t attack me in the real world, right?”

“If that were the truth, then I would definitely be dead by now.”

Somehow that didn’t really calm Amity’s nerves. Luz carefully took Amity by the hand to guide her to the first night.

“I swear if this one of these things jumps out at me, I am breaking up with you,” Amity teased with genuine fear in her voice.

“If you can defeat Grom, you can deal with a couple of rogue animatronics,” Luz joked.

Amity sighed.
The phone guy gave his short lecture on the game mechanics while Luz elaborated on them, giving her tips and tricks on how to not “immediately die.” The night was slow at first, but that didn’t last too long.

“THEY’RE MOVING,” Amity panicked.

“It’s ok!! Just track them with the cameras. If any of them get near you, close the door!”

Amity quickly flipped through the cameras, making sure none of them were too close.

“Why do humans like this? This is horrible.”

“The horrible-ness is what makes it so fun!”

Amity was pretty sure being stressed and clammy wasn’t her idea of “fun.” She checked all of the cameras again and noticed that the bunny was gone.



Amity turned on both of the lights, saw the blue rabbit on her right, and screamed.

“THE DOOR! CLOSE THE DOOR!” Luz screamed back.


Amity frantically closed the right door. She was safe...for now. As the night continued, the animatronics became much more aggressive. She was working at hyperspeed at this point.


“I AM CRUSHING THIS. BEAT THAT FREDDIES,” Amity said, gaining back her competitive spirit.

Unfortunately for Amity, Chica slipped past her radar and jumped right in front of her. Amity squealed and ripped the visor off of her head. Luz was jump scared as well and fell backward onto her bed.

“THAT ONE GOT ME GOOD” Luz wheezed.

After the initial shock, Amity joined Luz in the laughter.


“Chica is something NOT to be messed with. So, how was your first night at Freddy’s?”

“Stressful. Very stressful. But like a fun stressful?”

“That is FNAF all right.” Luz chuckled.

The two witches spent the next few hours competing with each other to see who was the “king of FNAF” as Luz put it. While not an average date, it was one that the two would not forget.