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The Bet

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The day at SYSAS normally passed without much happening, Denali finished her training and went to meet her friends at the reception as they had agreed, the last time she decided to invade a friend's class things got a little hot; she blushed at the memory of Rosé's dance.

"Hey, bitch" Denali saw Kandy and Tina waving to her, standing at the front desk, with a piece of paper.
"What is it?" Denali said taking the paper in her hand. 
"It's our entry for the talent show" Kandy said in an obvious tone.
"She signed us all up" Tina said rolling her eyes. Before Denali could question Kandy, she heard Tina's voice "What the hell..?"
Denali turned to understand what it was and saw Olivia saying goodbye to three girls, one of them was soon recognized by Denali - Rosé - she felt a flutter in her stomach and tried to ignore it.

Olivia arrived to greet her friends, but was soon greeted by a totally confused trio.

"New friends huh?"  Kandy said with her hands on her hips as he stared at Olivia. 
"Don't start, please" Olivia said holding up her hand. Denali noticed that one of the 3 girls kept looking in Olivia's direction. 
"I think there's someone who doesn't just want friendship, Kandy." Denali said with a laugh and nodded towards one of the three girls.
"Shut up!" Olivia said nervously, the small comment had made her blush.

"YOU WHAT?" Rosé was wide-eyed at the confession Gottmik had made.
"I think she said she signed you up for the talent show" Utica repeated, giving her a wide smile that soon faded with the death glare Rosé directed at her.
"Come on gorge, it's going to be fun" Gottmik tried once again to convince her friend to get out of the shell she created and live a little "You need to try new things."
"This week you are without limits" Rosé interrupted snorting "It's parties and now this?"
"You need to get out of this bubble you created and stop hating everyone around you." Gottmik spoke with a certain desperation "Shit happens and life doesn't stop so you can learn to deal with it, Rosé."

The two girls stared at each other for a while, Rosé knew her friend was right, and not a day went by when she didn't want to be like everyone else, pretend life was great and nothing bad happens, but she just couldn't .

"Seriously, I just want you to leave me alone!" Rosé said in a weak voice, she didn't want to fight with one of the few people who cared about her, but she needed space.
She couldn't help but notice a glimmer of hurt in Gottmik's eyes.

Denali had just put on her seat belt, she didn't usually go to SYSAS by car, earlier she saw that the weather was setting for a storm and she didn't want to risk it.
As soon as she pulled out of the studio parking lot, raindrops began to gradually fall down the windshield – Bingo - she thought, thankful that her sixth sense was right this time, if only to guess the weather.

She drove a few meters and saw a rain-soaked ginger standing in the middle of the road kicking her bike's tire, she smiled as she realized who it was – Let's play, mami.

Rosé was freaking out, it wasn't possible that her day was only getting worse: Lemon had been sick, she had argued with Gottmik and now her bike's engine has broken down in the middle of the road with a storm on its way, I mentioned that she was soaked in the head at your feet? Karma can be a pain in the ass sometimes, great day for our Rosé.

She got scared and froze when a car stopped honking – My God, it's my time, it's now, I'm going to be kidnapped, I swear I'll be a better person – Rosé had already started to pray in her mind when she heard a voice calling her.

"Guess you need a ride, huh?" Rosé turned and saw Denali with the car window down, smiling.
Rosé thought for a moment, but was in no position to deny help.

"Come on, girl" Denali said running out of patience. She followed with her eyes as the other girl got into the car and shivered from the air conditioner touching her wet skin.
"Here, I think this will help." Denali said, handing over a towel she found on the backseat.
Don't be surprised, Denali's car was a real Pandora's box, whatever she needed she was sure to find inside.

"Bad day to have mechanical problems." Denali said starting the car, Rosé nodded awkwardly, this was not something she was used to, she was always very attentive and careful with her bike.
"Thanks for saving me." Rosé looked at Denali smiling.

After Rosé explained the way home, the two girls' journey was completely silent, not that it was disturbing, both wanted to start a conversation but neither knew how to do it, Denali then decided to turn on the radio with the intention of breaking a little this silence.

(song for the scene)

Upon hearing the first notes Denali started tapping her fingers on the steering wheel humming the song. In the passenger seat Rosé turned her head slowly with one eyebrow raised, as if suspiciously, Denali noticed out of the corner of her eye.

"Cece Peniston?" Rosé said in a curious tone "Really?"
"Hey, it's an icon!" Denali defended her diva "And for your knowledge, there's a dictatorship inside my car, so if you don't agree I can throw you out the window." she finished with a forced smile on her lips.
"Calm down, I totally agree." Rosé held up her hands laughing "It's just that it surprised me because..." she hesitated for a moment, making Denali glare at her to go on "Because you don't look like that kind of girl.

The both girls stared at each other for fractions of a second until Rosé broke the silence.

"Never mind." Rosé said giving her a shy smile.
Denali felt her curiosity scream, Rosé seemed to be a girl full of mysteries, wanted to force her to speak, but just nodded.

"So…" Denali began to change the subject "Are you aware of the party tomorrow?"

- Oh no! - thought Rosé "I heard something, for sure." her tone was ironic.
"And you go?" Rosé stared at Denali quickly, her thoughts running wild, was that an invitation? Curiosity? Or was she trying to be nice?

"Parties aren’t very attractive to me."
"You know, that's what the drinks are for."
"Are you trying to convince me? Because you're going the wrong way." Rosé replied, shifting her gaze to the window.
"I got it, you're a old lady." Denali say "I kind of felt this vibe, you know?" she laughed at Rosé, making the girl laugh too.

Denali parked in front of the Rosé house at exactly the same moment the rain was increasing, it was practically impossible to see the road with such intensity of rain. 

"And she is delivered." she said, smiling genuinely.
"Thanks for..." Rosé had started to speak but was interrupted by Denali.
"No need, it's all good." Denali winked at the other girl who just nodded.

Rosé started to get out of the car but was interrupted by Denali's hands on her arm.

"Wait!" Denali sighed, she felt nervousness rising through her veins "I need to ask." she was getting agitated "I'm what kind of girl?"

Rosé tilted her head to the side, not needing to think to answer "The kind that breaks hearts."
Before Denali knew it, the girl had jumped out of the car.