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( DISCONTINUED )Different Teams ( Luz X Hunter)

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" Who are you?" she demanded, Luz brought out her glyphs ready for a fight " put my friend down now. "

The masked guard held King in their cage high upbringing their finger to the mask they slowly turned the cage to show that king was sound asleep.

One of Belo's people. She hates this already.

" he's asleep, wouldn't want him to wake up now would we"

Luz's tense stance loosened up at the voice, he sounded less than an adult and more of a teenager.

She scanned his clothing from top to bottom. He had a bit of difference than the other guards at the emperor's coven, more gold to be in detail.

She widens her eyes. Recognizing his face from that poster earlier

" are you the Golden guard? "she asked

He sighed then gave a bow " ding ding, correct look at the girl asking the obvious questions and learning"

The nerve of this guy thinking this is some kind of game.

Luz growled, lowering her stuff in frustration she gave a cold stare.

" who do you think you are holding my friend hostage!" she demanded

" who am I?" within a heartbeat he zoomed right up to her face in a red flash floating from his staff, the mask staring down into her soul. she couldn't tell if he was smiling under that mask or frowning. Either way, it scared her senseless.

" Who are you?"

She stood her ground staring back trying to have a steady beating heart, her cards within inches to his chest ready to blast a fire spell. He laughed. "the human causing drama at the emperor's coven, next thing happens the emperors expects me to deal with your shit keeping you in line"

She looked back behind him seeing how the king was still in his cage alone,

At least he lost his attention from him,
But now it's on her, oh al diablo con mi Vida.

" Well boo hoo to you, I don't see how that's my problem" she slapped his face on the mask and blew a raspberry.

He lost balance for a second but when he regained it, he saw her already sprinting toward king " oh wow, ok very original"

Luz ran like her life depended on it, she knew that he can probably catch up but the effort counts, so she gave all her energy to get to her friend.

He gave his staff a spin and in mid-run luz stopped glowing in red, he cast a spell on her freezing still. She was so close to getting king, so close. "no!"

The Golden Guard walked in front of her between king then reached into her pockets between her grunts and struggles to take out her glyphs " interesting " he muttered.

" put it down, and let me go." he didn't flinch from her tone like she wasn't even there, she felt powerless and it annoyed her " let me go NOW-"

"your in NO position to command me to do Anything, human" he fired back

She sighed closing her eyes with a whimper, this was not how she wanted her day to go at all.

He looked over the writing of each spell giving a swirl with his  thumb on the circle. " impressive, you find a different way of using magic.... Very interesting" he commented

Belo may not approve of this. He thought

She gave a huff " its called Wild magic, you should study it some time, Learn from the true basics"

" Nah" he tucked the card back in her pocket, lifting her chin with his staff studying her face, " I think using you will be easier "


Luz opened her eyes with fear and panic. "I'm sorry what?"

" you heard me, wanna make a deal? Scratch that, we ARE making a deal" he gave a little laugh, luz's frown harden.

Why on earth would she work for the emperor? After what he did, it's why she's out here trying to make more cash for Eda.

"I'm not working for the emperor! He's the reason I'm still here"

he clicked his teeth giving his head a shake, " no-no, you're not working for Belo, he for sure wants to kill you " she gulped breaking a sweat.

He swirled his wrist in thought " I always get these jobs the Emperor makes me do that may or not be.... " he started to walk around her in a circle like a predator  against prey staring with his shielded face." fun doing alone"

" the witches are lame to work with at times, all the same, nothing different" he spawned right back at her face only this time he grabbed her chin bringing her straight to his cold golden barrier. " but you, I like your style. "

Luz's heart pumped Hard through her veins, hissing from the sharp nails digging into her Chin even under his gloves. she wonders if the people here can feel another one's heartbeat if close.

You never know

" I don't. Want to help you with anything." she whimpered from the pain.

" well sorry to break your human heart but you don't have a choice"

He squeezed harder.

She closed her eyes clenching her teeth to think in thought and also to hopefully numb out the feeling. She feels scared, helping belos followers? Her lips quivered

If she says no what if he hurts king? Or worse.

She sniffed

" don't cry, it's cringy"

She opened her eyes forgetting he was staring close to her face. She immediately spoke off her head so he would let go of her chin.

Thankfully he did
"weak skin" he spoke softly as he saw a bit of blood on his gloved tips.

At least from her neck up, she had the freedom to move. "I WASN'T going to cry! I'm just super stressed right now ok!?"

She lied, it grips

He backed up crossing his arms " relax alright geez, I never seen someone so dramatic like you, it's not like your not seeing that stupid criminal the owl lady ever again"

He lifted the mask a bit enough that his mouth was showing, slowly bringing the tip covered in some blood to his mouth.

He sucked some up like it was frosting, just a swipe. He hummed.

Luz would have shivered if she was free, she did know that Eda was into apple blood and some faires here were into her skin,

but blood?

She shook it off bringing back her attention to the real issue

she raised a brow calming down the nerves. "I'm not? "

" no idiot, I'm not letting belos know about any of this, where do you expect me to take you smart girl?" he lowered the mask back down.

She gave an awkward stare while he tapped his foot waiting for an answer

" I don't know alright? I'm still not sure what makes you think I'm useful in the first place "

" I told you. your very interesting " he gave his staff a slam two times causing her to unfreeze her body, she fell over in mid-run falling onto him "gah!" they both said

Before they can process she jumped up immediately from him on the ground,

" I'll agree, just... Don't tell anyone about this deal, keep what we have going on here, away from my friends and Eda, " she held out her hand to him, the golden guard sat up, reaching to grab hers but she pulled back quickly before he can grasp it.

"I mean it."

He couldn't tell by the sun but her eyes shimmered with gold,

He stared at her a bit longer scanning her face then gave a little 'heh' under the mask. slowly, he lifts back up his hand waiting for hers to take.

It took a beat for him to consider the thought. " such a shame" he muttered

She grabbed his hand giving it a light shake, and just like Amity's light, a circle wrapped around their hands but unlike hers,

it was red

" Woah..." she whispered

It seems that what she just agreed to is official until he calls it off.

" I accept"

Her heart quickened again the red light slowly faded and in a flash, she pulled her hand away, " S...So what now?"

" now?" he turned over to pick up the cage then faced back to luz. " we keep in touch, I'll summon you when I need you, and when I do, you come right away."

She lip trailed her lip, eyebrows low with her arms crossed.
" and how do you expect me to do that? "

" I have my ways"

She nodded slowly not buying that response " what kind of ways?"

"The kind of ways that I'll fucking kill someone to find you" his friendly tone went completely dark at that moment,

She broke a sweat shaking in fear " I understand"

" good" he shoved the cage into her chest earning a 'nyeh' from  king, the little demon gave a little sound then went back to a snore. " such a cute little guy" he finished

" no... I'm not....."

The reply was an expected twist throwing them both off guard. They laughed, it felt genuine and wholesome. Till luz remembered the whole situation making her stop, giving the cage a scared hug.

This isn't luz's friend, he's an enemy,

The Golden Guard also noticed this causing him to stop laughing, she heard him give a huff then reached his pocket to take out a brown bag.

"What's this?"

" money, you obviously need if your out here in the first place"

She set the cage down then yanked the bag from him, she opened the bag throwing her head away ready if something would jump out but by her surprise.

It didn't

It's Money, a lot of it. This can feed all of them, if she brings this home she can be their saviour, it's like a light shined into her life at the end of the rainy rainbow.

"t-this this is the amount I was working for, O-or more."

She looked up facing him closing the bag in the process, " I don't know what to say..... "

" don't expect me to be your money boy just thought why the hell not, Human "

He sat on his staff ready for flight.

" well, thank you. I appreciate it " she gave a little short smile then picked up King's cage giving a hug.

The Golden Guard stared at her happy moment from the distance. then shake it off " just appreciate that I didn't kill you but offered a private position, working for me" he eyed her outfit then nodded " huge upgrade from sailer girl "

He floated on his staff in the air tilting for lift-off "Byeeee~"

And with that, he left with a flash of red

She blew a raspberry in response at him. " weirdo" she lifted the cage to check on her demon friend smiling.

"king? Wake up buddy" she opened the curtains and freed him from his prison, " your safe with me" she brought him out snuggling him into the demon furry mane. " we got what we need.

He gave a tired hug like a little toddler waking up from its car ride, so adorable

"Great, are we going to be ok now then? " she sat down in the cage looking out to the ocean where the golden guard left. " no more dirty work?"

Her frown deepened staring at the boiling ocean, then her gaze moved over to king who's eyes slowly grew more awake by the minute waiting for an answer in her arms.

ignoring the heavy bag in her hand, She smiled.

" no more dirty work"

" thank goodness! because I don't want to get kidnapped by a guard again " he climbed onto her shoulder pointing to the ocean " let's go, before another one comes by "

She laughed " we wouldn't want that now would we" luz bopped his nose earning a giggle from him.

"hehe praise my cuteness!"

And off they went.

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Kikimore lit the candle lights at the long table under the giant breathing lungs of the titan, many guards were coming in to set the food on the table. "everything is perfect" she said in approval.

She checked the plants to make sure the plants were perfectly dead to the crisp " I wish to capture this wonderful masterpiece"

Many guards laid the utensils down.
Kiki took notice of the huge amount of food at the long table after losing her attention from the dead leaves.

"Are we having guests?" she asked one guard

" The Emperor requested for a huge meal for himself,"

She nodded slowly looking back at it all " he must be drained" snapping her fingers one guard came in to pour the finest lemon blood by the ruler's seat. "stay there, he may go for rounds" she finished.

The door shot open frightening everyone in it, Kiki was the first to bow seeing him.

" my lord "

He said nothing walking to his seat, the golden guard pulled open his chair for him to help sit down. he muttered "thank you" to him.

The Emperor slouched in his seat exhausted.

Kiki gave a quiet sigh closing her eyes in sadness, the teen will always remain his favourite, she hates it. "enjoy" she said heading for the exit.

The others followed along with her leaving just the teen and him to themselves.

The Golden Guard saw her anger radiate off her as she was about to leave, he smirked under his mask.

" Belos, we should get more people to decorate this place, it's like no one does anything here," he said with pride.

He could feel kiki's firing glare burning the back of his head

" I couldn't agree more " he replied

Kiki shut the door. She For sure is probably putting her anger on one of the guards as they speak.

" I was kidding about the dinner, it's well put together," he looked down at his Uncle who was breathing heavily in his chair trying to contain how tired he was.

He won't admit it to his face but he hates to see him in this state. " we push them so they can work harder otherwise they would be comfortable all the time" he finished. Looking back where she left.

The Emperor laughed " this is why you're my favourite, very wise" he took out his fork digging into a griffin eye,
" like me"

The teen nodded in appreciation smiling warmly at him,

he frowned once again

" can I get you anything? "
He lightly rested his hand on his, staring at him under the mask bending down to the level.

"I started nurturing you, taking care of you when you were young now look at me, I can't even eat my griffin eyes " Belos shook his head chuckling. " the one thing I want you to get is that blasted earth key Hunter"

" and I will get it, I promise "

Belos turned fully to the teen staring at him," I know you will " he leaned back into his chair closing his eyes, the golden guard panicked a bit squeezing a bit tighter, " your spirit is strong, I can feel it " he gasped.

Belos tilted his head up at the lungs that were breathing slowly " the Titan can feel it too"

The fate his uncle puts on him pushes him to be the greatest he can be, he sighed giving his hand a rub. "I know" he whispered.

Standing up he saw belos give all his strength to continue his eating, he doesn't want to be looked at as a weakling, he doesn't want your pity.
He doesn't need it.

The Golden Guard looks up to that, his confidence is what pushes him to not hesitate to kill anyone for belos, he is loyal to him.

He headed for the doors

" one more thing,"

He stopped.

" The moment you are finished with that human you will crush her Physically, and mentally" he dug his fork into one of the eyes making a splatting sound " and do get that owl staff if you can, it looks rather delicious"

Ok so he lied before That Belos doesn't know about any of this, but what did you expect? He's trapping her, what do you think this is? A love story betraying everything he worked for? No.

He smiled

" as you wish"

Shutting the doors to leave him alone to his feast. He was about to head for the halls till his stomach growled.

He peaked back in " you wouldn't mind sharing a bit of that tomato liver"

Belo laughed.

. ~.

" Ola mama, so, yesterday was crazy, um... Not what I expected at all, I met someone on my quest getting some coins to pay up in here"
Luz was in her short PJ pants and her tank top tonight, the usual.
She paused remembering something.

She went over to her bed picking up a fake sleeping king. " I wasn't listening I swear!" he held the mattress tightly to better the grip. luz grunted with all her teenage strength. " king! This is private come on!!"

"nyeh! Let me stay!" she tickled his stomach making him let go by accident " Tickles! No! My weakness!"

She laughed with celebration finally getting him out of her room, when she locked the door she saw him scratching under the door like a cat. "whyyy" he whined

Heading back to her phone she sighed then smiled back at the camera,

" sorry mama, you know how it is with king, as I was saying, I made a deal with one of belos followers" she gave a goofy expression shrugging.

" it's probably a trap but I'm prepared for what's to come, taking those slow steps you would always say." she reached into her shirt getting her key.

" I don't understand what he wants with me, it wouldn't be the key, would it? I destroyed the door," she chewed her lip in worry. " or at least I think I did" she added

" The deal we made won't hurt anyone so we are safe, I think, I don't know how the magic deal works here," she laughed to cover her worries sniffing softly.

" I'm not sure if I can even tell anyone this but, I need to handle this on my own, I caused all this, and I Will fix it"

She looked down at the key in her hand " the key may not open anything but I will keep it as far away from them as best as I can"

Luz frowned squeezing the key looking at the camera " and that's a promise"

Luz reached over to hang up the phone " see you soon mama"

Ending the video she reached over to send it to her, once again it didn't send, she sighed.

Putting her hands to her face she huffed " I don't know what I'm doing" she muttered.

She stood up wiping that one tear, heading for the window ready to do her usual night watch.

The boiling Isles is truly beautiful in its way.

" good night sparkling purple sky, good night, sparkling water with the horrific greasy green scaled monster, and good night-black crow I have never seen before with red eyes that are staring into my soul."

The crow did not respond just stared beside her at the window, luz laughed nervously feeling the awkward silence creep in, twirling the key between her fingers she smiled softly.

" I wish I was like you free to not worry about anything," she Patted the still bird, " lucky feather "

Lilith burst in scratching her arm " human, my apologies to bother but you don't still have that human potion for skin, what is it called again? Low potion? "

Luz rolled her eyes not looking back " it's lotion and it's in my bag over there to your left, now leave! I'm talking to the red-eyed crow over here "

Lilith found the lotion in her bag but also paused at the sight of a huge bag of coins, the thought of what luz was talking about came into her head distracting her making her look up " crows don't have red eyes they have foggy white eyes but whatever your human eyes declare,"

She headed over to the window to see for herself, the crow surprisingly backed up ready for flight. " odd, it does have red eyes" Luz giggled smiling at the bird's weird actions, bringing her hands to her cheeks key between one of them.

Lilith crossed her arms curiously biting her lip " that's not normal" she muttered.

Luz looked back at the bird and it looked back at her tilting its head in curiosity,

She smiled. Reaching over to give a little stroke on the head. " lucky for this guy, I like red eyes, yellow and all the colours of the rainbow! "

Lilith shook her head still not getting past the huge eye colour change.
"you're not going to keep it are you?"

Luz gasped sparkles in her eyes " can I?!"

She shrugged " I'm not the owner here, remember? Ask Eda while you still can "

Luz hopped up giving the key to Lilith in panic and thrill " yes! yes! Your right, I'll go ask! " she sprinted to the door to call Eda. " watch the bird for me!"

Once luz was gone she slowly brought her attention back to the crow in suspicion." hm"

She noticed the crow gave a few glances at the key in her hand, Lilith noticed then her frown deepened.

It tilted its head as if giving her its type of side look, she sighed.

" I miss judged one bird, maybe I miss judged you too" she reached out to copy the same action luz did but it instantly bit her finger " Ow!"

Big mistake

She inhaled then exhaled, she's not going to add another reason for Luz to hate her, she won't hurt the bird.

She won't.

" you little brat" she spoke through spite.

Of course, she didn't expect it to talk but the way it reacted might as well have, it shook like it was going to burst.

It was laughing. At her.

She's not going to kill it, she won't

She snapped her finger.

Within an instant " hoot! hoot!"

The bird never got the chance to react before it got swallowed whole by hooty. Hooty looked around figuring out what was happening in the first place like it wasn't aware it ate something.

" oh hooty, you will always be my favourite bird" she released a devilish laugh patting his head.

" aww HOOT that's so sweet Lilith! You're my favourite too! HOOT"

The Owl House itself went back down to its door " random reason for me to be called but it's the thought that counts! Hoot! "

What? Lilith wasn't going to kill it, she didn't say hooty couldn't for her, case solved.

"that's ridiculous crows don't have red eyes" Eda snorted. Lilith casually turned over to watch the two enter.
" I'm telling you, Eda! It's beautiful your gonna love- wheres the crow"

Lilith shook her head handing the key back into her hand, " hooty scared it off"

Luz whined while Eda shrugged " eh sounds like hooty, surprised he didn't eat it"

heading for the exit lilith squeezed her lotion giving a sinister smirk leaving the room.

. ~.

" This fucking bitch!" the teen yelled throwing his glass potion across the room hitting a wall shattering into pieces,

He was in his pyjamas hair a bit frizzy in a small room most walls muffled with bookshelves and the one globe dead centre on the table.

"language, " Kikimore said at the side reading her book in a chair calmly.

He glared at her with his red eyes without the mask, bags under them like he never heard of the word nap.
" I can talk HOWEVER I fucking want kiki"

She shook her head not even looking up at him, she flipped a page slowly " for christ's sake wear your mask, your anger truly is overflowing without it"

He snarled, " or drink some bone milk or something" kikimore added.

Rolling his eyes. Reaching over swiping the globe backward what happened through the bird's eyes before its death, " I hate lilith so much it's not even funny" he muttered.

"I miss her,". Kiki said with a chipper tone " she gave me respect, unlike you," she finished

" I don't need to" he grumbled. he kept swiping further and further to get the right angle with a bit more speed
"you're nothing more than a one-time captain," he tapped the globe playing the visual memories.

" waiting to get replaced, for the next big thing " he gave a low lidded grin looking up at her, kikimore no longer looked calm but rather rattled and unreadable. " not me though, "

Of course, he should be worried about that happening to him too but he highly doubts that ever happening anytime soon, he and Belo's relationship is different from the rest.

" I'm so much more."

There was no reply from her, not that he expected one, he has that effect on people.

" it's what happened to Lilith, am I Not wrong? "

He looked at her face waiting for a reply, she looked back at her book in silence, his grin grew.

That's what he fucking thought.

She shrunk in her seat, now he frowned once again, not because he felt bad but because it's not fun when she lets it happen.

It makes him sick.


" The Emperor might crave your attention, check on him. " he looked back down at the globe to start focusing the vision on the key when luz spun it in her fingers.

Kikimore left him alone, thank the saints.

" for someone that knows this is her only way home, she sure loves to play with that key, "he grumbled staring.

He snapped his fingers dimming the lights in the room a bit more low. The light only comes from the globe itself. Highlighting his features like his scare and his eyes.

The original plan was to get her to take the crow as a pet but lilith and her pissing attitude ruined it all.

It seems that Luz tends to keep it in her shirt sometimes, but by far it's going to be in her room all the time when she's out. Hopefully.

It's a start, for the info.

Playing one of the scenes he found under his thumb.

" Lucky for this guy, I like red eyes, yellow and all the colours of the rainbow! "

He smiled at that comment, even though it was to a crow, it felt like it was mostly meant for him deep down.

He swiped again for a replay.

" I like red eyes! "

Swiped again

" I like red eyes! "

Swipe again- no

He shook his head sighing. The girl is like a worm, wiggling its way into your brain making you weak and dumb, a strong power just as much as fear. 


" disgusting." Get yourself together Hunter

He reached under the table to the baggage of widow guts, he took a bit in his hand sinking his teeth into the guts like it was spaghetti. He hummed in satisfaction as he tasted the bitter flavour of blood on his tongue.

He tends to avoid eating around anyone, It's for the best, he doesn't blame them, he wouldn't either.

Walking over to get a napkin cleaning up the bloody mess. He went back to the globe to finish his work. " at least I know the bird likes to eat living things."

He swiped farther through the bird's vision landing when the bird just landed on her window from the start.
Ah, interesting.

He watched as she pulled out her human communication block ready to talk with it. That tiny rectangle may be useful,

" I need that" he pinched his fingers to zoom in like a phone, bat cased square, got it. He smiled.

" oh human, you have no idea what I'm plotting and nothing will prepare you for it"

He got up ready to head for the exit
" it may be the time for me to visit some schools."

Chapter Text

At Hexide, luz opened her locker taking her books out, giving a tap for it to close, today Amity decided to tag along with her to abomination class,

" ok, my turn, what's pizza? You always talked about it " she asked as they headed for class smiling with comfort by luz's side,

Luz gave a dramatic moan closing her eyes at the mention of such a delicious meal, " only the best thing everrrr" she hummed hugging her books tightly " I'd make it but you guys have no ingredients for that wonderful wonder here" she whined.

Amity giggled at her quirky friend" I wish to try it so badly now from the way you explain it in detail." bringing her hand to her mouth to stifle her giggling, of luz's weird action" luz stop making that face, you look like your giving some kind of climax on air "

From the comment, Luz started laughing too making Amity burst into some as well and a bunch of snorts throwing her hand to her stomach

The feeling of being comfortable around her breaking jokes was amazing.

Luz stopped laughing, realizing something.

" wait wait wait my turn I got one, it may be a little weird to ask you " Amity stopped laughing nodding with a nervous smile.

" s-sure tell me anything!" putting her hair behind her ear " I'm all ears" she joked.

" yes, ok I know that we have different ears, you have this extra organ attached to your heart and well, that's pretty much all I know" luz rambled.

Amity slowly nodded in response for her to continue " I was wondering, do you guys have any other differences?"

There was a pause, luz widen her eyes o encourage her to answer

AAmitybroke from her frozen stare in realization " are you asking me what type of sex we have here? Orrr" luz nodded cringing in embarrassment " oh wow, ok Amity um you got this, uh this is happening," Amity started breathing hard.

Luz looked at her in worry as her face grew hot " are you alright? I can bring you to the office if you're not feeling well,"

" sports!"

Wait for what?

" sports?"

" no! No sports! I mean-"

" luz Noceda please come to the principal's office" yelled the announcer.

Saved by the principal, who knew right?

" oh look! You wanted at the office" Amity started, she turned her around before she can reply giving her a push in the direction for the office. "a-and I have class so we can talk about it later!" Amity, sweet little Amity always being adorable.

Luz laughed at her clumsy friend " oh ok, you're right,"  she gave her books into Amity's arms " bring this to class for me? "

" yup no problem, meet you there! Bye!" she yelled. Like there was no tomorrow she ran as her life depended on it.

Luz watched as Amity sprinted off with all those books. " she's a runner she's a track star" luz muttered to herself.

Luz puffed her cheeks now standing dead centre in the halls looking sad " now I want pizza" she whispered.

Can you blame her?

Remembering what she was supposed to do she kicked her heels and headed off.

heading for the office she walked past Bosca and her friends overhearing their conversation leaning against the locker doors.

" he's literally, the reason I'm staying in school now"

They stood there loitering right beside the principal door all excited, luz raised a brow staring at them, they weren't even noticing her presence.

Luz hates her a lot but it's making her curious as to why she's so excited near the principal's office, Why?

" ok, what's up with you guys," luz asked throwing her hand on her hip.

Bosca looked up at her friend, smile going away seeing her immediately " none of your business, human " she replied.


Luz squinted her eyes at her, then laughed waving her off " oh yes I forgot, you're still in a pissy fit about what happened during that game"

Luz leaned back staring at her behind, with a mean grin" how's your ass?"

Her two friends stifled their laughs making luz's smile grow wider.
They get it.

Bosca gave them the stink eye silencing them both out of fear.

" Whatever, you wouldn't even be interested since you're more into... What's the polite way to word it, girls? like Amity perhaps " Bosca said rolling her eyes chuckling.

The comment sent Luz off guard, she looked down to her feet feeling her body stiffen, of course, earned a smile on Bosca's skin knowing she got to her.

The idea never flew to her mind of her and Amity being a thing, red crept up to her cheeks

" she's not my girlfriend-"

The office door flew open making them all freeze, after the pause, the girls scrambled off to their classes snickering softly thinking they once again won this battle.

principle bump Emerged peaking out looking at the girls speed walking,

" Get to your classes right now! " he yelled in rage, he looked forward seeing a shocked luz standing still from the surprise appearance. " what are you doing standing out here when I called you to the office, Luz?"

" I was-"

He raised his hand" never mind I don't want to know, just come inside he's waiting. " He said already turning back in.


Walking Inside luz's eyes immediately landed on a boy sitting in a chair across the room playing with odd toys kids tend to use here in the boiling aisle.

Luz stared at him as she headed over to her seat never breaking eye contact, he wore the Hexide uniform but it was grey, the boy was new here, " um hello"  she said to grab his attention finally.

The boy looked up staring at her, his eyes were red, with one strand of golden hair hanging over his head" Woah.." she whispered through her lips. He might be the most beautiful boy she has ever seen. He's like one of her dream fanboys in her vampire fanfic.

She looked over down to her lap smiling softly. Wow...

The boy laughed lightly, then smiled at her " hi "

" hi, hello, this is nice and all but I want to make this quick and easy" after he locked the door, Bump walked over to sit down in his chair behind the desk filing up papers.

" luz I want you to meet an old drop exchanged student, Hunter! He was a prodigy potion maker back at his old school then dropped out sadly, but I heard good things about him through his records! " he smiled with thrill introducing the boy.

" well I do make a good impression" he gave a finger gun at the principal winking, of course, the principal laughed returning one back. " yes, you do!"

luz smiled crossing her legs over the other, nodding while watching Hunter's features through side glances.

He's just so pretty, she can't help it, though she has to admit his voice sounds familiar.

" so... Why did you leave the school Hunter?" she asked resting her head in her hand turning her body to him.

" I joined a coven," he smiled proudly.
At her copying her actions.

The principal gave an " oo" silently from the new information,

Luz's smile shifted with a hint of suspicion " what kind of Coven? " she pushed.

There was a pause as she waited for him to answer, he fiddled with the toy in his hand and reached over to rest it back down on the desk shrugging not once leaving her stare.

Bump felt the energy dip raising a brow, Hunter's smile felt different staring at her,

" emperor's coven" he answered with honesty. Principal bump raised a brow he didn't know that about him.

It's like they sent messages through their own eyes.

Instant change, no good from him if he's from the emperor. Luz lost her smile in a snap,

No wonder he sounds familiar, he's the fucking golden guard, she'd fight him right here if it wasn't for the obvious eyes.

But The principle knew when things went south seeing the odd looks she leaked out, " Now luz, I know how things are with you and the-"

Her smile returned.

" no-no, it's fine. "

Bump raised a brow at her but shrugged it off lightly,

She said it's fine if something is up he will stop it immediately.

Principle bump walked behind her giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze. " Hunter here wanted to sign up to the same track with you, he majored in potions but after he heard about the change in track choices here at Hexide, he wanted to give it a try"

Luz never left her gaze on him, she wanted to jump out of the chair and strangle him so badly, But couldn't and he knows it too, it's why he's watching her all smug.

"Is that so?" she said slowly, the joy for her voice now gone, it felt dead and unwelcoming

" All I can say Principle bump is that this beautiful sunshine just opened my love for school with that, rare key" he brought his hands to his chest smiling wider.

" to my heart" he finished,

So cheesy her face might stink from it.

Bump laughed with happiness forgetting the suspicion in Luz's voice hugging her from behind closing his eyes "you're changing the world luz! Look at you impacting students!"

Luz said nothing still watching him now scrunching her face for a minute since the principal's eyes were closed. " I just couldn't contain myself Mr. bump, I just love it when I help so much I don't even notice who I impress"

Bump stood up grabbing her hand and his bringing them both together now holding hands as one. " something tells me you two are going to impact the bolling isles for the better " he swirled his finger changing Hunter's clothes into the same like luz,

Hunter faked smiled at her which she also did too in return " you have no idea" they both said.

The principal swirled his fingers again making the door do a click unlocking it, " luz it would be amazing if you could help him through the first week, Hunter has all the same classes as you, so tag him along "

She clenched her non-held hand. " of course he does, doesn't he. " she said with a chipper tone.

Leading him out she started pulling him into the halls, luz didn't look back at him nor spoke to him just guided him in the halls a little too harshly.

" I don't think this is the right way to the abomination classroom," he said with a light laugh. He was very much aware she was pissed, he just enjoyed pushing her buttons

" uh-huh! That's right!" she said in a high tone.

Hunter was about to stop when she grabbed his shirt "what are you-" and threw him over at a photo, which to his surprise, did not make him hit a wall, but fall through it, in a secret room.

What the hell? He thought

Instantly luz jumped  right on him making him release a grunt pinning him down her one knee on his stomach " ow" he said with honesty

" you think you can just walk in all hot and attractive in my school? "

He smirked at her from that little comment till she grabbed his throat grasping it tightly, " think again" she growled.

he started gasping closing his eyes losing air, is she going to kill him? In her school? He may not know this human but the look in her eyes and how he got to know her for the past encounters, he knew for sure that, she wouldn't do that.

He released a choked crackle, please

Luz gritted her teeth in anger " what's so funny?! I'm going to kill you" she almost yelled.

" no your not," he opened his eyes smiling wider at her with his red eyes making her lose grip a bit from the stare, " you don't have it in you," she regained herself, gripping harder than before to prove he's wrong, he scrunched his eyebrows tensing up staring at her harder with a frown. That's how it's going to be

" I will"

He was unfazed by her words, giving his eye's a roll he reached up to her hands which were busy grasping his throat, he joined them pushing it down harder,

Her anger blew away like a mask in the wind revealing how she was feeling, fear

His grin came,

He pushed her hands down harder on his throat which was pretty much forced now, Luz was struggling to pull away. Come on

" come on" he encouraged with a weak voice

She closed her eyes shaking her head like she was fighting with herself.

She's no killer, she's too nice

She pushed off away from him to a wall breathing heavily shaking her head in fear with her eyes closed. She covered her face

She can't stand to kill anyone,

" I can't" she whimpered

Just like what he thought, he regained his breathing from the ground giving a minute. Standing up regaining himself he walked over to luz smiling at her shattered form,

He brought his hands to her wrist pulling them down slowly revealing her frustrated face" no, you can't" he repeated

"you're sick" luz whispered with gritted teeth watching his smiling feature. She looked away from his stare frowning deeply" you make me sick"

" aw, cute. " he laughed lightly pushing off her, she shot back words but they were muffled by his amazement with the room they are now in.

He walked around the walls dragging his hand on the concrete slowly looking up at the many holes of the secret room to god knows to wear with a gap in his mouth.

" What is this place? " he asked, this school truly is amazing in its unique way.

He waited for a reply but heard nothing, he turned around to look back at the human who was crossing her arms giving the silent treatment watching him with a clear and cold stare.


He turned back at her grinning with those red glowing eyes mimicking the same actions. " come on owl girl, speak up with those pretty little lips of yours,"

"don't call me that" she threatened she turned around walking back to the entrance where they came from " we're going to be late for class" she grumbled.

He slowly walked along giving the place one more good glance, " we wouldn't want that now would we"

She said nothing walking out through the photo like it was a normal casual thing, she waited on the other side for him. " come on Hunter, hurry up"

If that's even his real name with an eye roll.

She saw his hand stick out from the photo giving an odd wave, probably to be aware of what's out there,

Luz rolled her eyes at his actions. grabbing his hand, she felt it still in alert guiding him out safely so he doesn't trip. " let's. go,"

" your frustration makes me want to slow down more~" he purred.

He laughed at her shift in emotion then gave him another look " I choked you"

He gave a shrug smiling softly now starting to walk a bit ahead " you also said that I'm cute but you're not talking about that " he noted

Luz never understands this guy, she speeded up her pace now catching up
" that's what caught your attention? Not" she grabbed her throat in an example shaking it playfully while he watched. " oh no! She's choking me bleh " she heard a small chuckle from him. " just, oh wow she thinks I'm cute? "

" well ya," he scratched the left side of his chin looking at the shinning orange sky of the boiling aisle frowning lightly. " most people think I look...."

His eyes glanced back over to her making her heartbeat quickly " scary" he finished.

Luz's eyes trailed to the scar on his cheek she just noticed now, it made her want to question how he got that.

Whatever it was, it had to be dangerously sharp.

Their type of skin is stronger than any type of human.

She gave a beat looking ahead in the halls regaining her control.

" your scary...." luz spoke almost a whisper.

He looked back forward to the halls smiling calmly to himself with lazy eyes,

" in a different way" she added

His ear perked and the smile dipped, he was confused, this was something very new,

She looked back at him watching the gears turn in his mind as he stayed silent from her comment. She sighed.

" I wish I could understand you, your so, different, one moment your a joking guy another moment your completely dark and evil, the next your"

She wanted to believe that there was something more to him. It was the same for lilith.

She waited for him to turn back and look at her, say something but he was still staring off in the distance silently.

"you like this" she finished

Not knowing what to do with herself she reached her hand out to pat him or something to make him acknowledge her presence.

That grabbed his attention before she could react he shot his head over to her stopping in their tracks grabbing the wrist scaring her in the process, he pinned the arm to the nearest wall in the hallway.

" We have been walking too long, where is the classroom" he growled

She panicked at his change of emotion but then tried yanking her arm out of his grip but failed. A bit offended, and pissed off, she answered anyway " we are almost there" she answered not breaking the cold stare off from him.

He glared like there were daggers in his eyes then let go of her wrist making her take the aid of it immediately frowning deeply to herself.

" you have anger issues" she commented pushing off the wall heading back on for class

He took that personally.

walking along but behind, he feels like it's best he should keep his distance for now while he plans out his move,

They stopped at the door side by side, luz looked up at him with his red eyes looking bored at the door frowning tiredly.

He looked Ill.

" here's class, do I need to sit with you?" she asked still looking at his drained face, " are you ok-"

" you may sit with your friends" he grumbled already heading into the class without her. She took a pause taking in what he just said then joined in spotting her expected friend.

Amity's face grew red giving a nervous wave at her signalling her to come over,

Luz looked back at Hunter who was already heading over to the back to an empty desk.

At least he isn't much of a problem anymore.

The teacher was busy sleeping while it seems like everyone is reading about the perfect textures of Abominations.

Luz smiled back as she approached her friend.

" hey Amity"

"H-Hey! I'm ready to talk about, ya know " she nervously gave odd expressions, Luz raised a brow in confusion then gasped silently in realization.

" oh ya, um... I don't think this" she gestured around the room herself laughing, " is the right moment,"
Amity was about to say something but luz cut her off.

" Plus you're probably not comfortable with this so I'll just ask Eda"

Amity's ears went limp.

" oh, that's fine, totally fine... It's not like, I didn't practice what I was going to say while I waited for you" she laughed breaking another snort.

Luz sighed " oh Amity"

Amity trembled her lips to buy it

"come on luz, cut me some slack"

Luz thought about it then gave a shrugged " one thing to talk about, but keep it quiet" she whispered

Instantly Amity's face was built with determination " ok, let's do this"
She took out a piece of paper looking back and forth making sure no one is looking, she took out all her art supplies.

" o-oh we're going in in" luz looked at her friend in surprise.

Amity grinned at her " hope it doesn't scare you away ~" luz rolled her eyes at the choice of words.

" tell me about your human stuff down there," Amity asked as she already started drawing what her type of people have.

Luz thought about it for a second trying to remember all the parts back in sex ed class." it's a bit complicated I might need to draw it too, " she whispered. luz took out a paper from her stack of notebooks Amity carried and started drawing.

It's a good thing she has been practicing with her art skills, the two girls drew in silence, once they were done they switched each other's papers to look over the labels and pictures.

They both gave odd impressions, luz scrunched up her face at the image. " ok ok, let me be the first to say something" luz declared.

Amity held her hand to her mouth snorting.

"So basically, it's like... A vagina but is alive " luz managed still processing what she was looking at.

With teeth?

Amity reaches over dragging her fingers along the lining " the teeth, actually come around only once a month to gnaw the lining then goes away," she reasoned.

Amity shrugged her shoulders looking over luz." I'd rather have to bleed out than have teeth chewing on my undies having to get a special pair all the time.

Witch and warlock body types sound so much cooler than the human body, luz blew a raspberry at her shocked at giggling " why would you replace a bone crushing grip with teeth for a normal one with blood leaking out? "

" clean non-ripped undies" she giggled rolling her eyes " duh"

" the porn stars would die for what you have, you have no idea," luz wrote down a few notes from Amity's notebook smiling to herself.

" what's porn?" Amity asked, sadly luz didn't pay attention to that question.

Now that she thought about it,

" What are men like? Do you know?" luz brought her hand to her chin in curiosity.

Shaking away that one question she just asked, Amity hummed smirking

" thought you only wanted one"

She crossed her arms picking her nails with a small grin" now I want more, I'm enjoying the lesson"

Amity gave an understanding nod then her eyebrows lowered like she was stuck with deciding to look around the room.

" The possibilities are more... Wide with the males, depends on what type," Amity grinned holding her hand under her chin like her siblings do when bashing their lashes with confidence.

" luckily for you, I remember all of them by heart"

Luz widen her eyes impressed

Amity turned fully at her with determination " I could snap you with the info with a simple point"
She crossed her arms giving a huff.
" hit me with your best shot"

Luz laughed, shaking her head,

" what's so funny?" Amity said frowning.

" your insane" she wheezed

" no, I'm serious! I take my notes very seriously" she defended. Her lips trembled like she was going to cry.
" you don't believe me"

Luz awkwardly gritted her teeth in cringe trying to hold back her snicker
She scanned the room of all the busy students" ok doctor Amity, if you can tell me one fact about each eggplant I point in this room" she turned back smirking devilishly.

" I'll give you my respect on this"

Luz knows that she probably knows all this stuff, Amity is the A student here after all, and making her do a challenge will only boost her more into accomplishing it.

"what's an eggplant?" Amity asked tilting her head.

Right, they don't have eggplants.

" A cock" luz replied

Saying that even confused Amity even more with that title.

No chickens here either?

"A penis? " Amity asked in hesitation.

Should have gone with that instead.

" ya a penis, but a Penis sounds so childish, at the earth we would mostly just call it a dick, cause it's cool" luz waved off.

Well, It's what the cool kids would say in class when luz is alone at her desk.
But we aren't going to talk about that.

Amity shook her head with a giggle. " whatever you say," she sat up off her chair giving a stretch smirking to herself " sure I can do it, bring it on"

Here we go,

Luz stood up in her seat casually to make her not look suspicious which of course was failing miserably, but that's nothing new back at Earth.

Her eyes landed on a purple looking dude with green eyes and two tails,
Like a half purple lizard half warlock breed reading a book.

" him" she pointed.

She Gave a glance then Amity crossed her arms smirking wildly. " warlock lizard hybrid," she started

Luz crossed her arms the same way at her.

" lizard species here tend to have a well-known regeneration in any part of the body" Amity listed, especially on the ' any '

One point down. Luz nodded for her to continue

" when aroused, they coat slime for their lovers, slick entry to slide through"

Luz blushed at the info not expecting such detail " a-anything else?"

" and they have two dicks by the way" Amity added casually.

Of course, they do,

" boom, throw me another one"

She pointed at another

" one-eyed warlock hybrid, they don't have balls so the seed is within, but they do have a thick tip... Oh! " Amity snapped her finger lightly face brightening up like a child figuring out the answer to a riddle. " their semen colour is also the same colour of their eye " that last part was a bit too loud grabbing a girl's attention, she giggled quietly at Amity not even scared of hiding it.

That pissed her within seconds

She turned to the girl that was laughing, giving her the terrifying Amity stare of death, the girl stopped immediately.
" shut your hole. "

She didn't need to be told twice.

Luz watched the whole thing go down, biting her lip in worry for the girl.

Once that was done she turned back to luz like it never happened to smile innocently, Amity reached over resting her hand on the human's knee "another one?"

Luz looked around again giving a hum, Amity waited Patiently by herself as Luz was deciding who was her next victim.

Her eyes landed on, him

Her heart skipped a beat, he was sitting by himself reading five abomination books in a pile trying to catch up.

for a guy who was there to spy on luz and fake being a student He sure does enjoy learning more about all the other magic tricks, she might be making a difference here after all.

She smiled lightly.

Amity noticed the long stare at him then looked at luz who was smiling, it's like her heart shattered in an instant. She looked down to her feet frowning softly then looked at her again unaware if she should say something or just let her give the word.

" him"

Amity clenched her fist in secret forcing a smile " the guy you... Walked in with?"

Luz broke the stare then looked back over to Amity nodding with an innocent smile.

She fiddled with her fingers pouting with her lips " are you guys, friends?"
She looked up hoping for an answer she may like.

Luz shook her head frowning" he's not my friend. " she looked back at his reading form then her frown grew. " he never will be... We're too different "

That last sentence made Amity confused, did she know this guy before? Is he a nice guy? *Gasp* did he hurt luz's feelings?!

At least they're not friends.

"I'm just curious......what does he have? " luz asked slowly

There was a pause for Amity unsteady with the new student then gave a sad smile with a slow nod" sure, I'll tell you,"

She stared at his features to understand if he may be a breed of something else but he seems normal to her,

"he's not a hybrid so he's just a warlock, like my brother, basically.. " she directed her hands to herself rolling her eyes frowning " me"

Luz nodded

" all-female witches  have a vice grip far stronger than your human sex's so to level off with ours, the males have a strong member that can last a long time when aroused, probably more thick than humans to withstand the fem vice grip "

After what luz listened to today, by far
This is the most boring one out of all of them, her face loosened." kinda expected more, but you guys are the closest to humans so I suppose it's fair "

Amity turned back to her books ready to start studying smiling in pride.  " and there you have it, education to a good chunk of the boiling aisle type of sex we have here"

She opened her book starting to write down some studies " now would you excuse me, I'm going to figure out how to improve a solid walking abomination and less wonky and droopy"

Luz giggled then bowed " as u wish"

And they went back to their reading.

" hey Weirdo," a faint voice said in her head

That Gave a startling jump from the voice. Luz held her hand to her chest processing the scare regaining her breathing.

" did you say something?"

She looked over at Amity who was now focused on catching up " no, why?"

She swallowed

"never mind it's nothing "

Pushing her hair behind her ear she went back to work acting as normal as possible.

Amity shrugged it off with a smile

" meet up with me for the mission Afterschool "  the voice spoke again.

It felt like there was a whisper near her ear but no one was there, so weird.

" Who are you?" luz asked quietly, Amity looked over suspiciously and luz gave a nervous laugh.

" uh... Human thing? " she suggests.

" humans talk to themselves?"

"....sometimes? "

Amity rolled her eyes with a light laugh then went back to work, Luz on the other hand frowned looking at her paper, she tried speaking in her head. " where you... Eves dropping on my conversation? "

" maybe " it replied

Great just, fantastic, just what she needs, a creep. she growled " To think you were leaving me alone in class today " she started.

How the hell is he even doing this in the first place?

" We made a deal that I'd leave your friends alone, not you, I'm not interfering it's what you wanted after all "

Half right, she didn't want him to interfere at all... But that doesn't mean he gets to listen to her convo, luz gave an embarrassed face covering her mouth with her hand in worry.

" did you hear everything? "

" enough to know you were talking about me since you threw glances a few times" it echoed

Luz panicked her face grew redder
" Nothing important, I was just checking on you, that you weren't up to anything " she defended.

It's like she felt him laugh beside her
" sure,"

She wanted to look back at him and glare but it would probably encourage the idea of her being a bit obsessed with watching him.

" Just make sure you come by at the field after school "
It finished

Right, the whole deal.....

Luz sighed.

"cool beans...."

Chapter Text


Eda swept through the living room grumbling softly, Lilith was busy reading more spell potions with hooty with a happy smile on her face while king slept peacefully.

" I can't wait till my magic comes back so I can clean the normal way again," Eda said in a low tone, she brushed harder like doing so it would clean the place faster. " stupid curse" she muttered.

" Edalyn, that is the normal way to clean up" she looked up from Her book smirking "you're just lazy" she stated.

"Whatever, it was better the old way"

Hooty gave a spin around Lilith cuddling uncomfortably against her cheek, at this point she's used to it.
"lilith is right, HOOT what was the point of getting a broom if u can MaGicaLlY just poof it away!" lilith giggled at the little point hooty decided to add

Eda stopped her sweeping and looked at hooty then glanced over to her sister pouting her lips with a hand at her hip" calm your house, Lilly"

" it's ok hootcifer," she said, the witch lightly brought her hand to the side of his circled face giving a soft stroke " I'll handle it here"

Eda cringed, she stuck out her tongue giving a terrified twitch through her whole body. " Gross!"

Hooty gave another cuddle " whatever you say BESTIEEEE" retreating to the door closing it with him he left lilith giving a polite wave.

" Stop fucking around with my house sis" eda started, lilith closed her book heading over to return it to its rightful place on the book shelve "it's so, weird"

" I'm not fucking around with your house" she stated. walking over to sit beside king, giving him a scratch behind the ear, which he gave an adorable sound in return " I'm just simply being a friend to him,"

Na uh, not feeling it for her, Eda gave another uncomfortable Shiver this time leaning the broom against the wall and joining her on the couch.
" you're lucky I'm in a good mood from all that good cash from the emperor's ship I stole from, otherwise I'd be on your tail about this" the witch grumbled.

Lilith shrugged it off and reached in her pocket taking out a piece of paper to start practicing her spells that Luz's assigned before she comes home. " care to join me sister? " she offered

" huge pass" she replied, giving a flip with her hair she closed her eyes turning the other way from the pen and paper in her hand showing it no interest " no piece of paper is going to hold me back  "

" Besides" She started. " I'm keeping us all alive pretty well without those stupid papers am I right?" she snorted

" it wouldn't hurt to try," the raven-haired sister encouraged, she looked back down with guilt on her face " after what I did to you, I Wish for you to jump back to your magical self again. "

Eda's smile faded as she watched her sister mope with sadness, she sighed then scratched her main looking away.

" look Lilith calm down, I got over it, your too hard on yourself " she turned back smiling again." shit, why are you so emotional, I hate when you act all depressed" Eda reached over grabbing the two sides of her sister's face squishing it together "you and your depressed face"

Her frown switched into a laughing fit of smiles also, " Edalyn!" she reached over to push her away " I'm trying to be serious!"

Satisfied with her work she let her go smiling softly " we forgave you, so stop being so hard on yourself" she snorted again scrunching her face.

" you big baby"

Even if these sisters had a rough history, they are still the same old lovable girls that we know and love
" But you're my baby sister"

" I believe it's you, who is the baby, little sister"

" hey! Who has the grey hair here that looks like a grandma " she pointed at her hair for evidence, lilith rolled her eyes with soft laughter. " that's what I thought" she finished,  she stood up heading over to the door, to pack up with gear

" I'm going to head over and get more of that good money, wanna come? It'll be like good old times~" she suggested.

Lilith raised a brow frowning " have we not gotten enough money already?"

" pfft- what? No" eda smirked throwing over her coat " I barely have enough to pay for luz's griffin eggs for the next two weeks " she laughed.

The night market sure can be a bit rough.

Lilith remembered last night when she borrowed luz's lotion from her bag, she had a huge amount of cash in the backpack earlier.

She assumed may be that they both worked for it but it appears that luz was the only one who earned that amount.

Eda noticed the pause in the room which made her suspicious " why what's going on?" she asked.

Lilith shook her head bringing her back to reality with a light laugh
" Perhaps I made a mistake, I thought we had More than we had here" lilith looked to the ground fiddling with her fingers.

" I was wrong " she finished.

Eda opened the door then gave one last suspicious glance " right..... " she said slowly. "see you around Lilly."

And with that she left, something is going on here, and lilith is going to figure it out. " The human is getting extra money from someone, and I don't think it's good,"

There's no way the human earned that amount of money through, cheap bounty hunting, if that was so easy for her, lilith would have given up on the emperor's coven to just stick to that instead and be a million eare.

"you're telling me that Luz is hiding all that money to herself?! " a voice yelled, Lilith screeched but relaxed when finding out that it was king looking at her.

" so she does have money, I wasn't just seeing things last night " she gasped with realization. she held her hand in thought but her ear twitched
Glaring at King" do you always fake sleep in people's conversations? It's very rude"

King looked down in shame  with a nod " people don't tend to talk about this stuff with me...."


Lilith sighed then patted the top of his skull with a smile " lucky for you, you can spill all the tea, on what happened with you and Luz, yesterday come with me. "

Something tells her, she's in for a little trouble.

King looked up with sparkles in his eyes." realllly???" he shouted Lilith nodded in response " oh ya! Team Ling is a go!!" team, Ling?

he climbed up on her back without her permission then pointed for the halls." just to clarify, I'm not part of any of this."

He leaned forward to stare at her face " I don't wanna ruin what I have with luz so don't tell her anything ".

" Sounds fair " she nodded

" to her room!"

On their way to the halls in silence king decided to break it with a question. " why are we invading Luz's stuff?" he looked around the halls like it was his first time in the owl house " I just think maybe...She should tell us when she's ready " king encouraged

Lilith appreciates The king of demons having a soft spot for the human, but she truly believes that whatever she has gotten herself into, is not good.

"because the human, obviously is afraid," she answered. she would know, she went through a similar moment. " if it was something OK, then she would have just told us from the start."

They headed up the stairs while lilith sighed at the sight of her little sister's photo as a child on the wall
" she's hiding something, I know it"

King looked at the human's door with worry as they approached it,

" lilith... There's something I want to confess..." he said with a nervous whisper " about yesterday" he added.

Lilith stopped in a mid-walk on the stairs taking him in her hands to stare at him with full attention. " what happened "

" we..." he looked down shivering " we didn't go and hunt for that cute cheap monster yesterday"

Lilith squinted at him pushing him to continue " we went hunting for the bigger monster for more change,"

She looked at him with disappointment then gave a huff turning in the other direction like she couldn't stand the truth, king panicked and waved his arms to get her to look at him again.

" she only did it because she wanted to help! She overheard your conversation about....well...the situation and she felt guilty "

Lilith understood the feeling of everything being her fault and needing to fix it, trust me she does.

But this? It's not the way to go.

She won't let Luz make a huge mistake she can't get out of just like her once. She can't.

Lilith then realized something, it didn't matter how many monsters she had to take down to earn cash.

Because of The amount that she has seen.

Was not bounty money.

Knowing where this is going she sighed heavily. " but how did she get that much money for that one bounty in a day? "

" I....don't remember" he muttered.

How can you not remember? Now this is getting super weird, and not the Normal kind of weird either

bringing a finger to her chin she scratched it, she lowered him down slowly and headed for the room anyway. " Think King, this is super serious"

He waddled along reaching the floor with her when she opened the girl's room door " did you remember anything" she asked, she entered the room looking for the backpack,

(check on your left)

She remembered Luz's instructions last night and found her backpack in the corner the same place she left it.


She smiled with pride but looked back at king who was rubbing his head trying to remember. " all I remember is that....." he gasped then held his hands to his head.

" I got jumped by an emperor's coven guard!"

Lilith brought her hand to her mouth in worry then quickly hurried to King's aid, she held his shoulders and brought him to her face to face staring at him with a glare.

" who was it"

King panicked but dug deep in his head to recall the image of the attacker " I.... I.... I don't remember it all, I was asleep at certain moments- they look the same and-" he paused.

His eyes caught something under Luz's mattress and went for it. with a confused lilith, she watched as he slowly pulled out a poster from yesterday. Her face scrunched up

It was him.

" son of a Bitc-"

. ~.

Luz walked out into the lonely open field of the school with hesitation as she walked alone, she held her staff close with her bag over her shoulder as she strolled through the dead golden grass,

The wind blew softly as her short hair flew with freedom, finally, in the middle of the field she frowned at the loneliness. Now being out here enough she felt comfortable and used to the environment, so she decided to get comfortable.

shrugging off the strap of her bag she sat down crisscrossed to herself getting comfy.

Taking out her pen and paper from the bag she doodled away drawing spells for potential threats for the possible future.

A whoosh sound was heard in front of her.

Speaking of threats.

She stopped the drawing then sighed, looking up with her eyes she saw him again

It felt like the wind has gotten harsher like these two can't be around each other at all or else it'll be unstable for this world.

He was no longer wearing the uniform from Hexide but the emperor's coven wear,

He was the Golden guard once again.

" Golden guard " she titled with manners.

He held his staff tightly looking down at her, tilting his head slowly to the side he gave a reply.

" Human "

She looked back at her drawings growing tired of his presence, " thought you forgot about me for a second "

" I can't forget about you"

He watched her draw at least ten spells already fire spells being the most in silence.

just in case he scanned his surroundings on the field for any unexpected ambush " where are your friends"

" they went home" she answered. she stood up taking her stuff in her hand walking up to him tiredly. " where are we going? "

Half of him found her Angered self adorable, the other was offended by it.

She wasn't afraid of him

She waited for him to make an action or a reply, but said nothing as he continued to stare deeply at her through the hot wind of the boiling aisle.

She looked away unable to stand looking.

" hop on human" he spoke. The Golden Guard threw his leg over the staff like back at the ocean but only this time he reached out his hand for her to take it. " we're going on an adventure"

She eyed his hand then gave an unimpressed look raising a brow not flinching a bit.

The masked guard gave a light innocent laugh " what, you don't trust me? "

" oh yes! I trust taking your hand, it's not like you pinned my wrist against the wall today" she said sarcastically while giving her feet an innocent Dig in the dirt like one of those nervous girls.

" I was in a bad mood earlier, whoopsie," he said with a fake effort.

She blew a raspberry and rolled her eyes at his offer. " pass" she took out her staff and gave it a good spin with her wrist in his face.

" I have my ride"

Thank God she was practicing.

Getting his hand away from her spinning staff so it doesn't hit him, he watched with interest at the staff in her hand. " is that the owl lady's staff?"

She gave a puzzled look at his sudden interest but hid it with a confident look

She slammed it lightly down on the ground earning a dimmed glow from the pails owl eye " you bet your bunny tail bottom it is" she spoke smoothly.

The Emperor has told stories of the owl lady fighting against him once, the rogue evil witch that rebels against the order, aside from the evil, he always was curious to see her use magic at her most powerful form.

He snickered at her " and she gave it to you" he mocked.

She clenched the staff tightly then her glare went dark at the mask, she flipped her leg over her staff securing her stuff in her bag. " let's just go and get this over with."

She crossed her arms looking away with a pout on her lip, waiting for him to go.

Under the mask, he rolled his eyes smiling, turning over to face the direction he was going to lift off from he gave one last line " just keep up"

Without even giving her a warning he flashed red like before zooming off far ahead breathing out an immature childish mocking laugh.

It happened so fast luz had to look back and forth to even know where he zoomed off too in the first place like he just proofed away.

when she saw him already ahead in the air she gave a frustrated growl.

" no fair!" luz yelled.

Looking down at owlbert frowning her eyebrows together.

"Can I do that? " she said lowly to herself. She has seen Eda do pretty wicked stuff with owlbert before, teleporting and spawning in the air like it was nothing during that battle Against lilith.

It was epic! And also scary.

Tilting the staff up she flew with it into the sky, she stared at him as he grew smaller going father away from her vision in the air,

" come on owlbert, " she said slightly annoyed Luz never noticed the speed difference till now,

It's not owlberts fault, it's mostly here with not that much experience and skill, but she just can't help but get pissed about it.

Squeezing tighter like it was doing anything, which it's not, She looked down at her hanging feet in the air groaning with anger. " why are you doing this owlbert!" feeling the staff slowly go to a stop she just floated like a lost boat in the ocean only that it's the sky. And Not the ocean.

Just great.

She crossed her arms watching crows fly below her fly past, it's not so bad here anyway, she could stay here and enjoy the silence.

The Golden Guard stopped his flying to check up behind him, which wasn't a surprise at all, she was floating on the spot in an angry fit silently looking down miserably.

" of brother.. " he commented to himself,

Flashing right beside her in a beat facing her with his hand cupping the side of his face. " this is why I offered a ride, I'm a pretty fast guy" he explained.

" ya, I know. " Luz snarled not bothering to look up at him,

" so catch up." he spat, he turned back to face forward then slowly started moving again but this time he didn't flash far he just flew normally the normal way.

She released a sigh then started moving again also. Her speed still isn't quite as controlled as his though so he was still incredibly fast.

He didn't even have to look back to know she was far behind still, so he slowly fell back beside her again. He looked over at her

" you're tense" he stated.

" I'm not tense" she argued back.

" alright"

He stayed beside her as they flew slowly in her speed which was very draining, he brought his hands to his mask holding it like his own face groaning softly.

" ok just, Stop"

She sighed and did that and turned over to him frowning. " What. "

"Aree you new to flying?" he pointed down at her staff then back at her " you have NO control for that thing and it just shows it all."

Luz held her hand to her chest in anger " excuse me? I've been through a lot with this stuff, you don't know me. "

He nodded slowly at her but not taking any of that in uh-huh uh "

" so don't tell me, how to ride my staff " she warned.

He stared at her intensely as the wind blew his cape, he gave a simple  wave at her finished with this conversation " fine "

" good"

She can be a stubborn girl he thought.
" my tip, pretend it's not your life support in the air and relax more with your bod-"

" I said" 

" Shit FINE! OK"

He zoomed off ahead to leave her alone to her slowing speed again.

She reached Down to rub owlbert softly with a nice smile " he doesn't know what he's talking about" she whispered.

Golden jerk.

She leaned forward to speed up her flight but the flying went at the same pace not increasing any speed at all, she frowned gritting her teeth.

" I see where this is going, and I don't like it"  she grumbled.

Watching him ahead she loosened her grip and legs around the staff taking his words by heart, she breathed in slowly and out through her mouth. " cool as a cucumber" she whispered.

She felt the wind slowly blow harsher on her face,  one eye opens to find that she was going incredibly fast.

" I'm Doing it!" she laughed with joy on her face. looking around the speeding trees passing her, to her side she saw the golden guard speed up beside her slowly.

For once he's the one catching up to her, it's a nice pace. The Golden Guard felt a bit proud about himself being able to teach something to the human

" fast learner"  he admits

Chapter Text

The two teens landed in a lonely forest near the foot of the titan, the golden guard was the first to hop off his staff and start walking. " shouldn't be far from here." he assured.

Luz did the same and caught up behind him gripping her school bag,
" where are we?"

" you'll see" he replied

Luz rolled her eyes and frowned in annoyance at the mysterious reply he gave, she looked up and gave a worried expression seeing the sky turning orange.

Oh boy.

She can't be out too long, Eda may be worried about her being out late at dark. " Just make sure it doesn't take too long, I have to go home" she reminded.

" right, you have a bedtime" he snickered. They pushed past branches that were oddly low to get through then came to a stop from luz grabbing his hand," I'm serious," she replied.

He turned around to look at her to see if she wasn't joking which of course she wasn't, she still had her Hexide uniform which meant that she hasn't been home since she left the school,

Not pretty good.

He looked up at the sky as it was indeed getting late. The ride wasn't very short so it took a bit of time getting here which will take an extra amount of time getting back. And from the memory of Eda beating the shit out of Lilith, he honestly doesn't want to deal with that.

He sighed and nodded at her " I'll figure something out."calming her nerves. that made her smile. " thank you"

Ignoring that last line he yanked his arm away and continued to dig through the trees, he heard her sing some odd songs behind him to herself that he had no clue what was.

Humans are odd.

They stopped when he caught sight of the thing they were looking for.

There was a giant sleeping green lizard-looking monster with three eyes huddled in the open ground snoring lowly.

he took out the wanted picture of the monster seeing that it looked the same. " bingo" he laughed quietly.

He opened the side of his Cape taking out a potion that shined red in its circular glass. He turned over to the human who gave a startled shake from him turning so fast in her direction. " this will be fast and easy" he explained.

He pointed with his thumb at the monster who was still asleep behind him" wake it up and distract it"

As if she was going to just simply agree and do that without a question,

Oh he wished it was that easy,

Luz closed her eyes with her mouth open trying to find the words of what to say to that. " I'm sorry? "

He grabbed the side of her shoulders bringing her in front of him to face the monster herself.

" wake. it. up. "

" ya I heard you, I just don't understand why. "

He groaned then lowered his face beside hers to talk with her side by side " listen, you're a skilled girl, I'm sure you can handle a little lizard monster" he spoke softly with a soothing voice hopefully to calm her nerves of obvious panic. It did NOT

She swallowed a lump still staring at the sleeping monster.

he reached both his hands to rest them on her shoulders messaging them slowly making her relax a bit.

ONLY a bit.

" All you gotta do is distract it so I can drop this little sucker in its mouth"

" that thing is huge." she forced out

He hummed looking back at it then pressed the side of his face to her cheek a bit hard with the cold mask touching her skin" true, but it's kinda hard to feel bad for you when you went against the Emperor" his inviting voice went away from the last line making luz close her eyes with a quiet groan. " ya, I heard."

" don't make me do this" she pleaded

" I am, and I will"

Within a matter of seconds, he yelled making her blood drain from her body" DIN DIN TIME COME AND GET IT!" he pointed at luz to show its target to chase.

The monster shot upstanding high with pride looking around sharply for annoyance.

Its long neck slowly look down at them licking its lips, the golden guard gave a pat on her back." make it open its mouth as much as possible when it Chase's you"

Luz was frozen.

He took out his glass potion giving it a shake then elbowed her " oh! and good luck" he added.

and with that, he ran off into the forest. luz looked back up at the monster giving a nervous smile.

It stared sharply at her with its three eyes.

It was horrifying.

She stared at it and it did the same, she reached to her pocket, it moved,

She stopped.


She grabbed her paper, it bared its teeth.

She stopped again,

This time glaring at him it glared at her too,

She slapped her paper in front of her flashing a very light spell blinding the monster, it roared in pain. Now was her chance.

She started sprinting in the same direction the golden guard went to.
She huffed and puffed and hissed has branches and thorns scratched her uniform and skin" Golden guard where are you!"


" asshole!" she shouted, she heard loud thumping sounds as the monster approached quickly. She ran out to an open forest ground where there was a cliff at the edge,

She looked around in panic " come on luz use your brain! " she grabbed a twig from the tree and started drawing fire spells around the edge of the forest grounds where she came from.

The lizard monster burst through pushing down trees in the process,

It roared loudly

she instantly ran across the signs triggering them in its path, it blasted in its face burning her one entrance to escape.

At least the Monster is on fire.

" ha!"

It did nothing.

Right, lizards are cold-blooded she thought, it walked through it like water in a water park, luz looked down at the ground in thought then smirked back up at it with an idea.

The Golden Guard jumped in with his staff spinning in his hand, " oh wow, here I thought you died" he started.

The monster swiped its tail at them which they dodged in reflex jumping over it. " you Ditched me" she sneered.

" Pfft- trust me, you were going to be fine, I wasn't going to let it hurt you" he waved off.

He slammed his staff down making a red line of magic lead over around the Monster into a giant circle around it, blasting it with a powerful fire just like luz, she panicked grabbing his shoulder trying to stop him.

" stop that won't work on him!" she grabbed him breaking him out of balance pointing at it to prove a point " it's cold-blooded! " she yelled, as expected it comes out the tall flames unharmed just steaming smoke looking more pissed. The Golden Guard tilted his head slightly.

" right," he muttered.

There was a pause feeling a bit hesitant with what he was going to do.
He shoved his staff in her hand and flexed his arms waving her off " don't lose this, Belos would kill me" he ran off to fight off the monster for a distraction. " set up something I'll hold it off"

Luz looked down at the staff in her hands, then she looked back up at his fighting form was well skilled in parkour dodging its every move against the monster with his jumps and slides,

Does he not have any magic?

she looked over at the edge of the cliff that was not too far to run off from.

She could leave.

She shook her head giving a huff. He's lucky she's a good person.

Using the staff in her hands she started drawing a spell on the ground, and not a small one, a giant one big enough for the monster to step in.

She stood up smirking at the spell then glared at him.

" bring it to the edge!" she yelled, which caught him and the monster's attention making him sprint toward the edge with it on his tail.

Luz jumped on his staff flying off far from the edge then turned back toward them in speed.

Jumping over the giant spell on the ground to not trigger it, the golden guard landed on the other side not too far from the edge almost tripping over " Woah!" he yelled waving his arms to gain balance.

Luz flew back quickly toward the monster with a glare, the monster walked forward just enough stepping on the spell opening its mouth thinking she was going to fly right in.

" now!" she yelled.

Thanks to the experience of watching her he knew what to do to cast this He stomped on the spell earning a blue glow below on the ground beneath the monster and his feet. The Golden Guard stared at it with fascinating but jumped back so luz could do her thing.

Before it could try and snap her into its mouth she flew up making it stand upward on two legs, the spell released ice spikes around the lizard monster's body trapping it to stand tall, only having its mouth a bit open at the top.

" holy shit!" the teenage prodigy shouted with amazement. staring up at the damage that one spell did, this was his first time triggering a glyph and he has to admit, it was pretty fucking cool.

Luz flew back down beside him shoving his staff in his chest, she held her hand to her chest trying to calm her beating heart from all that intense adrenaline.

" back at earth, we had similar animals like this but smaller called lizards, when they are cold they would stand still because they are warm-blooded. Sucks for them honestly. " she huffed, looking at the still monster not trying to break free from its prison" so I thought... maybe trapping it in with ice would work, with this one too"

He had to admit, that was clever, he never would have known that stuff if it wasn't for her.

She's very unique.

He watched her try to retain her breathing then he chuckled. " afraid of death?" he asked referencing the moment she almost got eaten by that beast.

She released an innocent laugh looking up at him rolling her eyes " please, I deal with this stuff all the time, I'm used to it"

They looked back up at the monster hurting their neck in the process.
Luz's smile faded turning into worry with realization.

" What are you going to do to it?" she asked as she heard him take out the potion again.

" I'm going to fix it," he replied walking over to the monster.

" Why? " she demanded

"Belo's orders" he grabbed her by the waist unexpectedly which earned a gasp. " Obviously," he said rolling his eyes under the mask. bringing them up on his staff. They landed high to where the dragon's mouth is still at the top.

He let go of luz to sit on the staff and he landed on a piece of ice with his arms behind his back" hey buddy! " he greeted with a chip tone

The monster growled in response.

" looks like we got you in a tight situation " he laughed, luz looked at the monster in guilt, rubbing her arm.

He flicked the cap to the potion making a pop sound then squatted down to its level now right in front of its mouth properly.

" I'm gonna fix that"

He grabbed its lips gently then Separated them enough for the potion to be poured down.

Luz sighed then looked away not wanting to see this scene.

After he was finished knowing everything was swallowed and gone, he threw the glass over his head earning a crash at the bottom. He patted the monster's closed mouth then watched as its eyes slowly closed.

" sleep tight big guy" he finished with a smooth voice.

Standing up he walked over to luz then hopped on the staff in front of her, " we should get your stuff and hurry,"

He looked up at the sky as it was still orange but turning a bit darker. " it's getting late" he muttered.

He looked back at her and almost jumped at the sight of dirt and rips were on her uniform, he didn't notice this till now.

" Jesus christ..... " she didn't notice but his face had a bit of worry as he reached to touch the skin on her hand that had the most cuts from branches.

She yanked her arm away immediately.

He never noticed how weak humans are compared to his kind.

" you look," he tried to bring up the right words, to sum up, his point eyeing her again.

" not. Well"

" well what did you expect when you have to run through the woods while a giant monster is chasing you?" she looked away frowning deeply with a grumble.

" I thought I wasn't going to make it " she spoke under her breath with hurt in her voice low enough he didn't hear.

Without asking she wrapped her arms around his body then sighed with exhaustion. He shivered lightly

" Just take me to my staff, so I can change and go home, " she ordered tiredly.

She didn't need to tell him twice, they dived into the forest as the wind blew
Through capes and hair. Luz watched the view in silence watching the black tress fly past slowly.

Landing at the spot where they started in the first place, luz hopped off and threw her bag off her shoulders taking out her iconic outfit.

Without hesitation, she pulled over her shirt revealing her grey sports bra, switching her top.

" Woah Woah!" he yelled turning around facing away.

Luz looked at his actions then looked back herself rolling her eyes " it's just a sports bra" she eyed her chest pulling the fabric a bit.

" and I don't even have enough boobs to give off an impression" she defended. Looking up he still stays grounded in his spot with his arms crossed in silence. She's Only a size B at least.

" you never seen anyone in a bra before? " Luz asked with a little grin.

He stayed silent, luz gave an unimpressed look and let go of the elastic she was holding on her skin earning a smack on the shoulders, He jumped a little from the sound.

He burst

" Are you almost done??"

Luz laughed at that reaction and dived into her bag to get her kitten T-shirt hoodie. " alright alright! Calm down I'm changing " she threw it on keeping the ears on for today doing the " boop boop " with her fingers popping them up.

She thought for a second if she should strip off the pants or just keep it on, it's best she should just change the whole thing, it wouldn't make sense to change just the shirt and keep the pants.

And so she took off her pants bending down a bit, she looked up seeing he was still in the same place before.

At least he respects privacy.

She continued, hearing his feet kick the dirt in boredom she quickened her pace pulling up her tights and shorts.

And she was done. She picked up her staff.

" ok I'm ready," she said already walking over to him, he finally turned around and scanned her outfit.

This was his first time seeing her wear something casual, kinda gave an effect on him, for a second. " your arms" he pointed again.

Now that she had on back her shirt you can see the damage on her bare skin.

She looked back at them noticing they were starting to leak up blood " aw man." she grumbled.

"you leak red?" he eyed the arm's intensely even just with his mask covering his face, she could tell that he was glaring, weirdly.

There was a pause.

Odd pause, they both felt it

" And you don't?" she asked with a suspicious tone breaking the silence putting her arms away from his view nervously.

The Golden Guard always was different from the rest,

" Y-Yes of course " he answered far too quickly, turning around he hopped on his staff. " let's get you home"

She always knew the boiling aisle can be a bit weird, but this section of the stuff makes her question it even more now,

Would they eat humans?

" I can find my way back..." she confessed still eyeing his move.

" right," he muttered not turning around to even face her anymore.

" uh-huh"

Whenever she thinks she knows them, something else happens to make her question her info.

And so off he flew to goodness knows where into the afternoon sky leaving her to herself and her thoughts.

What happened to his iconic Bai?

She has questions for Eda,

Chapter Text

Luz landed in front of the house with a blank expression not knowing what to say if she gets confronted, the sky was pretty dark now which was a pretty bad thing,

Luz coming home late after school
She walked up to hooty who was asleep then she grabbed the handle.

She inhales.

She pushed the door open to find the place in darkness, one light grabbed her attention which was to her right leading to the kitchen.

She closed the door calmly.

" someone's late home," Eda spoke casually.


Luz slouched and headed over to the kitchen fiddling her strap where the owl lady was storing something in her pot with her back to her. " went to the market and you weren't there either" she said casually.

Luz looked at Eda's one hand holding the cookbook on the table then back to her keeping her emotion as bright as possible " I stayed at school for"

" Why are you bleeding?" she barged

Luz opened her mouth in shock processing that question, Eda didn't even need to turn around and see her blood, she can smell it.

" I got hurt at school "

Eda snorted then looked to her over her shoulder " pink-haired kid again? " leaving the pot she walked over to her giving a bit of a worried expression,

Luz nodded slowly " yes, her"

" you look like shit" she mumbled. she took her arm in her one hand seeing the blood seep up to the surface from little scratches and her squeezing it, shaking her head she sighed.

Luz looked down in guilt for lying about the truth but it's for the best.

" you gotta be more careful when you're in the boiling Aisle, kid" standing up she walked over to the cubby taking some bandages for her arms and supplies " you break easy"

" I know, I'm sorry" she mumbled, looking at the boiling pot in front of her, she licked her lips smiling lightly at the smell of food.

" what are you making?"

Eda took out the supplies and walked over back to her " your dinner, I made your favourite, cooked baby chimera stew " she picked up the hand twisting it in place back on her body, it's like a rainbow blew over the human gloomy day at the news for dinner.

Don't blame her, she's been here for too long.

" thank you," she said with an adorable smile, luz unexpectedly jumped into her arms hugging her

Eda returned a pat on her head laughing lightly, " your hungry ain't ya" taking her arm guiding her to a chair she got to work cleaning up the cuts. " if that kid puts her hand on you like this again I'll slap her around with my arm" Eda threatened.

Luz laughed nervously at that comment then really considered it.
" as much as I want that, don't"

Eda snorted at her kindness then slowed her pace frowning

" though, your story to why you came late seems to have some black holes," She looked up at the kid. "are you SURE You didn't leave anything out in that story," she asked in a serious tone.

Luz bit her lip, she wants to tell her but another half wants to keep her out of it, she doesn't want this to get any more serious, Eda doesn't need more on her plate.

Well, right now it seems like she has everything under control but still.

" no, it's just a long story," luz told gently, Reaching her hand to rest on the owl lady's shoulder she smiled,

" there's nothing to worry about"

Eda stopped, looking her in the eye unconvinced now showing more concern she stopped completely.
" kid-"

" nothing "

Eda closed her eyes fighting off her thoughts then went back to wrapping, " ok," she whispered.

" I just hope that whatever your doing," she finished wrapping the one arm then gave it a pat looking up at her with a smile " your not walking blindly into it "

Eda knows that she isn't telling the truth, let's be honest, luz isn't exactly the best liar, but she wants her to tell her on her terms,

When she's ready.

" Thanks, Eda" Standing up she ruffled her hair smiling warmly at the kid.

That's her girl

The owl lady heads over to her food sharing it out in a bowl for her to eat.

Looking around at the kitchen patiently, kicking her feet back and forth luz's eyes fell on a jar full of three fairies sitting in there alive With their heads buried into their knees knowing their fate is coming to an end.

Luz frowned,

" Eda?"

" yea kid?"

Luz looked back at her nervously as she was ripping a frog-sized pepper beetle with just her four fingers like it was a marshmallow.

"If you met me I don't know..... Bleeding, like super badly from the start when we first met, " luz started,
Eda turned at her suspiciously.

" would you eat me? " luz asked swallowing.


" luz," Eda looked down at the ripped toad then put it to the side turning to her fully with an uncomfortable look. Scrunching her face "where is this coming from? "

She doesn't know, everything? The boiling aisle is weird.

She was so uncomfortable, it was hard to even look her in the eye. " I have to know more about you guys, it's like I'm walking on a shaking bridge blindly," Luz rambled bringing her hands to her head in stress.

Eda stayed silent as Luz grew more frustrated making her point.

" you guys have magic, strong skin, incredible strength than a normal human, strong senses of smell and for crying out loud Your body parts can come apart without you DYING! " She yelled almost too loud.

Luz looked up pointing at Eda's hand which was untwisting itself, Eda noticed too and screwed it back on shaking her head.

" well, that's a just side effect from my curse so- "

" Eda! Listen please! "

Eda held her hand to her chest in shock unable to say a word at her outburst, had she always felt this way?

She could go on all night to get her point across but she wants to ask the big question,

" I just want to know, if I'm something......You guys would eat, " she asked calmly.

Luz rubbed her arms waiting for her answer, It's a scary concept but she needs to be sure, she has to.

Eda reached her hand down clenching the counter she was leaning on then earning a bit of a crunch from her strength, she sighed, pushing herself off the counter then approached her again with a sad frown.

" Maybe, it's complicated "


Eda watched as panic came to her face leaning away from her a bit in fear, eda grabbed her shoulder calming her down smiling softly " but that's because I didn't know you yet, I'd probably do it without hesitation if I wanted to. "

Eda thought inside her head trying to think of words to explain this without freaking her out. " when you bleed, something about your scent, it...." she switched her hands around trying to visually explain.

Luz leaned back forward nodding slowly taking it in.

" it's very.... strong, like how you react to a freshly baked batch of cooties" she held out one hand.

" cookies," luz corrected.

"whatever. it's delicious, but you can handle not eating without it unless your some dick that just doesn't give a shit and eats anyway."

So basically, they could, they just don't need to, like when your mom would leave out a cake and tell you not to eat it on the counter.

You just don't eat it.

Unless you can't help yourself that is.

Luz hummed in thought eye-opener opener,

Luz sighed in relief " thank god, I thought you were like a blood craving beast or something, " she laughed.

Knowing the truth she relaxed again leaning back in her chair

Eda snorted showing her sharp teeth,
Smirking in pride " well knowing how many peeps I tamed you might as well call me one " she laughed

Luz stopped laughing and gave an uncomfortable nod cringing.

" I'm a beast"  striking a pose, her smile wider wide at the minute " when I hit the sheets~"

, Oh god save her now...

" get it? Cause I-"

" Eda! I'm hungry" luz whined pointing at her bowl back across the room. Eda released a friendly laugh heading back to finish sharing out the food.

Kids, she thought.

" sure thing kid"

She brought the bowl settling it in front of the young teen and as soon as possible she dug in eating with a smile on her face.

The face Eda loves to see o that remind her that well,

She's doing a pretty good job and not failing. Eda watched with a soft smile

"Good... " she said with a stuffed mouth.

. ~.

" ugh," he groaned. His chest rose and fell as he stared at the ceiling in annoyance. One arm holding a bucket almost finished ice cream the other hand holding a spoon.

he was lying on the ground looking like a mess in his room like a hurricane passed by, his coven wear was all ruffled and the golden mask sat on his bed when her first came in.

His stomach rumbled from all the ice cream he ate, he groaned in pain closing his eyes. " crap..."

But he still kept going anyway.

" oh no no no what are you doing?!"
Kikimore emerged at his doorway with a panicked expression seeing him in this state.

He ignored her and shoved more in his mouth. At this point, he doesn't know if it was her or the ice cream that's giving him the headache.

He scooped in the bucket but found out that it was all finished, he pouted
With droopy eyes.

" aw, shit.."

" I can't believe I have to babysit your bullcrap!" she practically screamed running over to pick up the three other ice-cream buckets in the room stacking up the buckets getting higher than her.

" you get praised for being a young witch but in the end, you still act like a CHILD! " he turned his head glaring at her,

" you don't know me. " he babbled

Ignoring him she Put the Ice cream buckets down and ran over to him quickly taking the stuff out of his arms " if the world knew the Golden guard was like this high off of ice cream WHAT would you say? " not that she cared,

He hummed peeking at her still with his lips puckered. She gave him a flaming glare wishing she could slit his throat instead.

" I'd say lickma"

" lickma what?"

" lick my Balls"

She shrieked, and he laughed.

" you SPOILED DISGUSTING LITTLE bone mice!" she rambled on about how she can't stand him and how she hates his existence.

The usual.

He stared at her feeling weak and dizzy as he watched her go on, and on... And on...

At this point, he just looked back at the ceiling in silence.

" Are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" she sneered.

" I don't think so.." he muttered

" well at least your honest" she sighed.

Leaning down to his face she started fixing his hair slicking it back into place. Then reach into her pocket getting a napkin.

He closed his eyes then gave a sniff scratching his stomach to himself. Kikimore even glanced at that and raised a brow but shook it off.

" I feel like shit"

She should just let him mumble whatever the hell he wants and let the ice cream hit the bay.

His eyebrows frowned saying nothing again in another beat his brain felt foggy and he didn't like that.

" Am I not scary anymore? " he spat. he bared his teeth and sneered " I got all the shit,"

She started wiping his chin where the ice cream was then rolled her eyes.

" I'm scary... Yeah... " his eyes fell slowly closed trying to regain himself staying awake.

Kikimore stopped listening to the moment he started not making any sense.

" God why are you so weird," she mumbled to herself. After she was finished she glanced at his clothing then noticed his belt undone.

" what in the name of titan were you doing with your buckle off"

" wanked" he replied innocently

She blinked

" what did I do to deserve hearing that...."

" I'm joking, I was uncomfortable "

She looked back at his face then caught him looking at her motionless. He eyed them down there than back at her.

" help me?"

" no" she helped to pull him up from the ground and guided him to his bed " just, rest."

He stared at her raising a brow in confusion as she tucked the covers over him. " I don't want you acting like a fool around everyone"

" I'm not a fool" he muttered. he pulled the covers up to his mouth closing his eyes " I'm a good boi"

She rolled her eyes " please,"

" fucking golden guard, that's what I am"

" uh-huh"
She started walking for the door in annoyance.

" I don't need no one"

" yup"

" fuck friends"


" my life only matters for the Emperor" he finished, now finally falling asleep.

Turning over to see his sleeping form rise and fall under the covers. Kikimore couldn't help but look at him in pity.

He has issues he needs to deal with but chooses to hide them from the rest using fear.

She shrugged. Not her problem.

And so she closed the door.

. ~.

After Luz's daily night routine with her phone, she was over at the window, the only difference is that she wasn't very happy Thinking about what to expect.

" so, the Golden Guard hm?"

Luz jumped from the voice turning around rapidly. Her heart dropped seeing the raven-haired witch holding up a golden guard poster in her hand

" Lilith.... " she said softly

" please tell me the money had nothing to do with him  " she pleaded quietly, she approached the girl with a panic expression with speed in her step" please tell me it's from something else"

Luz stared up at her shaking in the spot with glassy eyes. " it is " she admitted.

She couldn't lie, not to people like Lilith, a liar to another. it's pretty obvious for her already.

" why would you do that?" she said a little too firm. Luz Caught on immediately and started to frown with a huff.

" I had no choice "

" no, you always have a choice Luz." ripping the poster in front of her face " always"

He had king over her head. what other choice did she have?

Nothing until that deal is broken at least.

She squinted her eyes at her with a challenge. "As you did with The curse, right "

Lilith's expression dipped looking guilty, " I didn't mean to go down that path you know that." she cracked.

Reaching over to rest her hands on her shoulders she gave a scared glance looking at her. Luz looked down away from her. She's trying to belittle her. " Please don't make that mistake like me "

" But I'm NOT like you, "  luz reached her hands up lightly guiding those pale ones away from her.

Unlike her, she's not doing this for herself, she's not throwing a message being the next big thing the emperor will be interested in.

And she's certainly not a fool when they tell you to trust them when they offer help,

She looked up at her, the moonlight shimmering on her eyes giving her colour a golden glow in the dark, the glare itself gave an impression on Lilith

" I'm so much more."

Lilith nodded slowly trying to swallow the fear for luz, " he's not like me, luz" she ran her hand through her hair in stress " he's more straightforward, he'll kill you "

The threat honestly, didn't scare her.

" I'm not a fool Lilith, I single HANDLY took down the coven on my own before," referencing the break-in Luz argued with an Angry whisper, she pointed her thumb to her Chest gritting her teeth, " and there's nothing special about him that makes me feel any other way "

And Luz thinks he knows that too, it's why he had something over her head to stop her from the start, clever. " don't underestimate me because I'm a kid, maybe that's how it went downhill with you and him too. "

" probably, " Lilith admitted, maybe the golden guard was never meant for her to handle in the coven, maybe he was meant for luz. " I'm just scared of letting you deal with this on your own, "

she sighed and gave a weak smile to ease the fire " you may need me" Lilith lightly suggested. luz thought of the offer then smiled back tilting her head.

" and when I do, I'll call you "

There was a pause then Lilith looked over at the window luz was sitting at before then gave a little chuckle. " Human sometimes  you speak words that only a wise witch would say,"

Turning to look out the window as well, luz nodded bravely.

" that's my goal,"

Chapter Text

Throwing her bag on her shoulder, luz shuffled past students thinking in thought, after the whole incident with the library.

Amity kissed her,

Luz tended to avoid her for the past few weeks out of fear of not knowing what to say to her, a lot has been going on and Luz has no idea how to grasp the situation yet.

and it wasn't just that, the whole drama at the Blight industries made Luz act differently around her now too.

At least the golden guard was laid off from her for the while, he was mostly actually paying attention to school and lurking in the background sometimes.

Walking over to her locker she started taking out her stuff, after closing the door it revealed Amity was a bit far off talking to a random student casually.

Luz held her breathtaking appearance unexpected, she's still trying to get used to her having purple hair now.

Keeping her sight on her for too long she eventually noticed her watching, a pink tint rosed to her face and she waved nervously at the human shortly after just acknowledging her presence hoping to receive one back.

Luz blinked.

Hesitantly, Amity excused herself from the student then started heading over to try and finally interact with her again with an adorable nervous smile.

She panicked and ran off the other way leaving her empty-handed.

She fucking panicked like Pablo the fucking penguin.

. ~.

" Wow, that's rough coming from her..."

" I know right!" Amity cried, she took a bite into her sandwich earning a scream from it which was ignored. " you don't think I ruined anything did I?"

They were in the school cafeteria. Today it was just Amity and Willow chilling around by themselves at a table since Gus had a late project due soon, luz would be here too but because of her usual meet-up with the golden guard, those moments are less now.

They don't know that's where she is, they just think she's out doing weird luz stuff as per usual.

Which they both hate.

" no, if she didn't like the kiss she would have said something and been plain honest with you," Willow spoke with honesty.

" But she's avoiding me" burying her face into her hands. " why did I kiss her? Now everything's weird."

Willow hummed to herself looking around the cafe chewing her sandwich slowly in her mouth, she looked back at Amity's face buried into her hands then sighed.

" what if... Me and Gus set something up for you guys? " she suggested

They just had to find a way for them to finally talk again, right?

" that won't work, we barely see her anymore." swiping her hair out the way to look at her. " she doesn't even look at me in class anymore "

" That's ridiculous" and in an instant, she lost her appetite. She and Luz's relationship has never been affected by this and she honestly felt pretty annoyed how Amity is being treated.

But, she has to understand that she might be going through a lot.

Might. Not an excuse

Packing up her food in a hurry she stood up ready to go, Amity stood up also a bit panicked seeing the annoyed expression on her face.
" where are you going? "

" Stay here," throwing her bag over her shoulder she looked back at her "I'm going to figure this out, I swear"

" Please don't" Amity pleaded

Ignoring her, Willow set off her quest to find the human. The Blight turned red in frustration all over her face. Aggressively she threw herself back in her seat crossing her arms with an " Argh! "

" why is everything I say make stuff worse?! " Amity yelled,

. ~.

Struggling to fit her uniform back over her body luz hissed in pain stretching her arms in a very uncomfortable angle thus stretching a fresh little cut at the side of her rib cage.

" ow ow ow " she needs to probably check that out later

Aside from all the cuts and scars, she's probably going to have in the later future, she's impressed on how stealthy she's been with dipping in and out of lunch and coming back on time with no issues.

" oh dear, someone's bleeding again"

The blonde teen chuckled while fixing up his hair facing the other way respectfully in a faraway distance from her too.

Rolling her eyes she decided to not reply to him. today is annoying enough for her, she doesn't need him to make anything worse.

When finished she cleared her throat loudly to alert that she was done, which without hesitation he turned around also finished himself with a playful smile on his face looking at her.

" This was fun~"

" nothing about throwing god knows what into those creature's mouths are fun "

She still needs to figure out what potion he's giving them.

He rolled his eyes at her not believing her reply one bit, he saw her out there and how much thrill she had winning her battles.

She may not like doing it but she still enjoys the danger.

He looked over the mysterious room with amazement once again.

" will I ever get a tour to this mysterious place, human?"

" no," she answered dryly. thumbing to the direction they should leave through. " leave. now"

" yes ma'am..... " he faked looking disappointed and sad with a pout to his lips as he eyed her walking past

She avoided the eye contact still facing forward in her place. After a few seconds Knowing he left she broke her stance then exhaled not expecting her to even be holding that breath.

" my god..." now too throwing her bag over her shoulders she turned also to head out " what a weirdo "

Walking casually someone came back in through the photo making them both bump into each other at the same time " Woah!"

The figure fell over on top of luz about to tell them off but smiled brightly finding out who it was under them.

" luz! I've been looking for you for like, this whole week!" luz opened her eyes then gasped excitedly " Oh wow Viney! It's been a while! "she exclaimed.

" Sorry, how's it going? " standing up she reached her hand out to help her which she excepted " I've heard about you on the news a months ago with the Emporer," Viney said, she punched her arm lightly.

" someone's being a badass~"

Luz Trailed her lips with a grin " someone had to, obviously" luz crossed her arms with a sigh. " how're your new tracks doing?" she asked

Sparkles came into her eyes from the mention of it " holy titans YES, it's the best thing ever!" she threw her arms around her into a hug. " I'm learning so much through beast keeping, all thanks to you"

That made Luz embrace her back with her full attention smiling deeply " you deserve it," she mumbled.

She does

" which reminds me~" Viney broke from the hug reaching in her pocket to take out a simple blue little card.

" I wanted to invite you to my birthday get-together Tomorrow, I know we don't hang out that much but I feel like I owe it to you" she suggested blushing lightly. looking down to her feet she held it out for her to take it while smiling nervously. " sorry for the short notice, by the way, I rarely see you"

This is Luz's first time getting invited to a birthday party, back at home she never was invited or even thought of coming.

Since she was always the weird kid.

And here she is getting invited to one by a kid older than her. Sick

" um YES! I'm going!" she almost yanked the paper out of her hand through excitement not even giving it a second thought, Viney giggled at the hyped-up girl in front of her in response. " I'll be there!"

" great," walking ahead to take another route through the secret hideout she waved her farewells." see you there human"

Luz held the invite to her chest then started to hop like a child who saw a pony " yes! I will see you! And thank you! "

Looking down at the invite smiling happily to herself her eyes caught on the location where it's going to take place. It wasn't going to be at her house.

It's in the forest of the Titans foot.

A part of her is excited to party out where there are no adults like a bad girl, another part is nervous because she knows where that is.

And who she was there with at the time too.

She frowned seeing that stupid smile of his.

It's going to be a mood kill, isn't it?

. ~.

Looking at the mirror seeing if anything was off with his appearance other than the baggy eyes and ugly scar at his chin he hates, he gave a bored shrug taking one textbook he might need for studying illusions.

The stupid track really, but more knowledge makes you the smartest.

His eye caught a blue card sticking out of the book, he raised a brow thinking whether it was a little note he wanted to keep in from a track lesson but just in case, he opened the book causing the card to fall to the ground. " seriously?" he groaned.

Diving down to reach for it with frustration he bumped someone walking past him causing the stranger to stumbled from that butt bump a bit. " oh! " they yelled in surprise

After picking up the card swiftly he gracefully caught the stranger by the waist saving the embarrassing fall with his free hand ditching the textbook on the floor in the process.

He has incredible reflexes, not to brag,

After the pause and coming back to reality. He Noticed the person under him then did a quick scan over herself taking it all in, she had short black hair, circular glasses with her wide green eyes looking up at him speechless with her mouth a gap open, probably processing how fast he just went to get her within a second. That or,

He was intensely looking at her with his red eyes. Maybe both he's not used to closing eye contact without his mask sometimes.

She felt soft and curvy, quite nice actually like a cuddle bear. He gave a welcoming two-gap grin at her finally after this long moment of silence, ignoring the glances they were getting while students walked by. " Hi "

The girl smiled nervously snorting. " hi, yes um-hello" getting her balance she distanced herself away from him and backed up slowly a bit like she just stepped on royalty.

Oh, if only she knew.

" thank you for catching me" She gave a shaky wave starting to walk backwards slowly. His grin grew wider at her nervous state, straightening up he went and picked up his textbook not once breaking his gaze off her.
" Sorry about bumping into you"

" yup, no problem" he replied casually

She stopped walking then blinked at him

He blinked at her back playfully.

" C-can I ask what's your name?" she asked hesitantly

" only if you tell me yours "

They both laughed lightly,

this may be the start of a new friendship.

. ~.

Sitting by herself still, Amity gave a sad sigh deciding to just finish eating at home, she lost her appetite.

Why not just head back to class early and get this stupid school over with, heading out of the cafeteria she heard another pair of footsteps catch up behind. Amity grumbles giving an easy guess.

" if they were your real friends they would sit with you at lunch and not leave you alone" Bosca pointed with a disgusted expression behind her walking side by side with Amity now.

" Leave me alone Bosca,"

" I'm just telling the truth" she looked at Amity's sad gaze then smiled a bit " and I think you know too "

" it's just a misunderstanding, you wouldn't understand," she muttered gripping her bag tightly.

Bosca repeated what she said through a laugh trying to take it in then scrunched her nose looking at Amity shaking her head slowly like she couldn't believe what she just said.

" well at least, WE Were always there with you. " Bosca said almost too softly than she intended, Amity finally looked at her raising a brow staring at her with a little blink in the eye making Bosca turn away not letting her see her face.

" Because we were badass students running the school together striking fear in the eyes of Hexide " She added.

All she wants is to ruin people's lives, it's stupid and dumb, Amity is done with that life and she doesn't want it to come back ever again.

Amity's disappointment came again on her face " you'll never change "

And with that, she added speed to her step and left her in the halls to go on into healing studies class.

Bosca didn't follow

. ~.

" so, you're from one of the covens? Hunter that's incredible!" Willow said with amazement " no wonder I never recognized you here"

" did a bit of intern work here and there, no big deal" he shrugged, but Willow didn't take that lightly.

I mean if we are going, to be honest here, his position IS a big deal,

The two students walked down the halls casually getting to know each other, " What's it like? " she asked curiously

" hard," he answered honestly, no lie there" it's not easy being....Well, the black worm of the bunch " the only teenager and all...

Willow felt the energy dip then looked up over at him smiling softly. " if it makes you feel better I have a friend who might relate to that a bit "

That's unlikely, getting moulded up from the Emperor you look up to and fitting into a Coven that Never had a teenager join before, is highly unrelatable.

" hm," he looked down in thought then shrugged " whoever that friend is might be in some crazy shit if they can relate to me" he muttered. That dragged Willow to ask more questions, she was about to ask for more detail.

" Willow? "

They both shot around seeing the human standing behind them looking shocked and a bit puzzled." why are you hanging out with this guy?"

Willow blinked then threw her hands up in frustration " Where the hell were you?! I've been looking for you everywhere! "

Walking over to her friend resting her hands on her shoulders starting to talk and ramble forgetting she had someone behind her a few seconds ago.

Luz still didn't reply, she was too busy giving this unreadable stare at the boy in front of her. All he knows is that it's certainly not friendly

Hell even he was taken back by this a bit, it made his stomach do a little flip, the realization came upon him

Willow is friends with the human?

His Wrist stung him causing him pain for disobeying the deal, it felt like a hot iron rubber band wrapped around like a death bracelet but he decided to ignore the burns that grew, he didn't like showing weakness.

" I should probably get going" he blurted, the words were for both of them but it looked like it was meant for the eyes that's on him. " class and all " he reasoned.

Luz squinted her eyes at him menacingly, he stared at her back swallowing a lump standing still.

Is he nervous? Bullshit, it's just the burn.

Finally, she gave it up and rolled her eyes giving her full attention back to willow ignoring him completely

Rude, but yay.

Taking that as permission he turned on his boots and headed off slowly exhaling softly.

How many of her friends does he have to avoid to keep his wrist intact?

He frowned darkly seeing her bright smile in his head.

It's going to be a mood kill, isn't it?


. ~.

Amity stepped out of the school walking down the steps ready to go home frowning deeply as she passed some people. She was ready to go be alone in her bed, she just can't take the emotional bullshit anymore and she was so done.

Even after lunch Luz never confronted her too busy with herself, Amity was done

She was done

Luz changed. They both did apparently

Noticing someone sitting alone outside at the bottom of the steps that caught her eye she knew who it was when she saw the owl staff in their hands. Only she can be a student here with an owl pailsmen.

" Willow told me everything" she spoke, her voice sounded wobbly and weak but she pushed herself off the step waiting for her to come down and confront her.

But she passed right by like she was a Statue apart of the staircase.

" a better reason why you should have said something "

Luz felt like a sword was stabbed right into her chest with a twist inside her slowly. She's not wrong " I-I didn't know how to talk to you Properly "

Amity shook her head not buying anything she was saying, she wants to stay mad,

She has every right to be mad. She scoffed.

Luz clenched her fist and started running over to catch up with her behind " Amity!"

A chunk of Students stopped what they were doing to watch them

" it's not easy for"  She was cut off by  Amity stopping in her tracks turning back at her glaring darkly.

"you know, I'm hearing a lot of stupid excuses about your stupid self but not once did I hear you say you're sorry"

Just excuses.

And Lies.

" do you even like me? "

Luz held her hand to her chest just noticing the eyes on her but didn't care, then it went back to the girl in front, Amity clenched her eyes shut sniffing not even wanting to look at her right now.

" no... Not like that..... "

The kiss was sweet. it was unexpected and threw her off. But that deeply in a relationship with Amity made luz panic.

She just doesn't feel that way.

But that's not the answer she wanted, opening her eyes she stared at her and tears started riding down her face,

" Y-you don't..... " Amity repeated.
luz nodded slowly looking to the track flags not giving her full attention, she doesn't want to see her teared up like that. " well there's that,"

The wind blew hard making their hair blow freely, wish it be like that for them. All silent but mutters a gasps

" it seems like we're trapped in a pickle then," luz said, looking back at her with a sad smile which vanished seeing how serious Amity is. " sorry"

" Sorry for what? Avoiding me for the past week or that lame joke" she reached up wiping her tears with her  wrist sniffing "it's not even funny Luz"

" I thought I could make it better, clearly I couldn't " luz hugged herself then looked back at her noticing her nodding in agreement. " I just have a lot of stuff I'm dealing with, right now " she filtered that answer knowing people are watching and listening.

" I'd understand you know? How am I supposed to know if you're just going to k-keep " Amity shook trying to find the words then kissed her teeth feeling a headache coming " running away from me Like I'm some kind of FREAK!" she burst.

Tears were flowing down like a waterfall down her face now, she started shaking them away but they just didn't stop. " You made me feel like crap!"

Luz reached out her hand to comfort her, calm her down, something to save the anger that was rising to its peak. but out of her surprise, she slapped it away instantly. " NO, I'm not finished"


People gasped in shock and some took out their scroll to record the scene, 

she hit it So hard a blue card flew out of her sleeve grabbing everyone's attention, after taking aid to the stinging feeling in her hand, she looked up and broke a sweat knowing what it is, slowly Amity walked over to the card on the ground picking it up to read it over in silence.

It's Vineys birthday invite. And from the nervous looks, a good amount of people were giving, they knew what it was also.

this isn't going to end well.

After the long silence, Amity calmly walked up to luz with the card in her hand looking down at it with a blurry vision.

When she looked up, she met with brown eyes staring at her all apologetically, what luz only say was a disappointment,

And Anger.

Something snapped in her.

" do you know how it felt, every time you ran away from me? "

She had a feeling in her gut.

" wait! "

Circling her finger the paper set on fire, the purple fire was brief but still gave a colour on her yellow sour eyes. The ticket crumbled to dust on the ground so fast you if u blinked you would have missed it.

Sounds of guilty and unpleasant comments from the students were heard but they were all muffled out from Luz as she watched the black ash blow into the wind.

You're a screw-up luz noceeda

" It felt like that "

Tears finally emerged in luzs eyes. She gave a wobbling lip.

Sinking to her knees staring at the spot where it was once was then she clenched her staff in her one hand.

You DESERVE this.

When her mind came back to earth she noticed that Amity wasn't there anymore but walking ahead, on her way home.

Luz gave a cold glare at her then trailed back to the stoned ground.

And stayed there for a while, unclenching her grip.

A few minutes passed as students started losing interest, she sighed sadly, it's not about the fact that she burned her first-ever invite to a party.

Ok, maybe some of it was that,

But mostly It's the fact that Amity Took something and tried to use it against her.

An Eye for an Eye I guess.

Hope she feels better,

Back with Amity, she was walking home sobbing uncontrollably by herself regretting what she did.

She hated seeing Luz like that and all she did was make it worse in the end.

Congratulations Amity blight your a life ruiner just like your mom,

You fucking suck.

. ~.

Finally, after the long day of school and studying, Hunter decided to leave through the front door for once knowing he wasn't feeling to change, just yet.

He enjoys that he can relax being a normal student doing normal student things, like studying all the other tracks without Belos breathing over his back about his job.

It's nice

Don't think you noticed but he's kinda a geek, A handsome Geek.

When he wants to.

Up ahead down at the front he noticed the human sitting down to her knees looking low and sad to her fullest.

He squinted at her form confirming
If He was correct that it was even here in the first place till he felt something slap his behind.

Red ran over up to his head burning furiously, he shot his head behind him seeing a random student with three eyes pink hair in a bun wink at me with a smug expression. He growled at her menacingly. " What the fuck! " his staff glowed a bit red as his rage ran through it.

She Better run if she knew what's good for her, he won't hesitate.

" don't attack me I'm just listening to the note on your back" she shrugged casually unfazed.

He blinked staring at her as she walked past him to head home down the stairs " nice buns by the way~" she shouted.

" note on my-" he turned around in a circle a few times checking behind his back, finally catching the note she was talking about. The note said ' smack my ass'  so inappropriate.

And childish.

" who keeps on doing this to me?" he cried while ripping the thing into bits.

This has been going on for a while now too, first, it was ' light up my ass'

' ice my ass,'

' Throw a plant at my ass ' is oddly specific

What's next, lick my ass?

He scrunched up his face at that one,

Best not to do that.

mark his words he's gonna find that bitch who thought it was wise to plant notes on his back. Steam blowing out from his head like the hothead he was he headed down the stairs muttering to himself.

As he walked he passed the human's shattered form that was still looking at the ground broken.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at her, his hands loosened seeing her like that throwing him off guard, her being weak like that made him feel, weak.

He didn't know why. It just did

looking around the front yard it seemed like no one is even bothering to step up and give her aid.

He looked back at her thinking to himself.

Don't, you don't need to talk to her right now, you don't care he spoke in his brain.

He doesn't care about a lot of people, but the past encounters they had with each other taking down monsters sadly made her a bit important.

Only a bit

He took a step forward walking to her, she still haven't noticed him approaching at all.

He opened his mouth to say something.

" Luz! "

Only that it wasn't coming out from his mouth, both their heads shot up to the direction it came from seeing Willow and a younger boy running to her aid in panic behind her.

Hunter slowly backed up away from the scene realizing what he almost did,

He was going to check up on her,

He shook his head seeing them hush and soothe her with words no one ever tells him in his whole Coven life.

I'm such an idiot, he thought.

And so he turned on his way to leave them to do their thing unnoticed, she needs her friends by her side, not a Golden guard.

That's the last thing she needs in her life.

As Luz was spitting out everything that happened, Willow couldn't help but notice the boy she was talking with earlier walking away From them in a hurry after he took notice of gus and herself coming in.

Willow raised a brow.

. ~.

Emira and Edric aggressively banged the door trying to make their young sister answer. " we saw everything on the Penstagram sis!!!" Emira chirped

" there's no escaping us to tell us everything Mittens!" Edric added.

" GO AWAY "  is what was said on the other side with a muffled sound. She was probably in her bed since it sounded far" I don't want to talk about anything! " she cried.

the twins exchanged glances and raised a brow, Edric then reached down to the doorknob giving a slow turn hopefully to not alert her that they were coming in.

Only to find out it was locked. Edric gave a silent gasp offended that their sister locked the door on them, he looked over at his twin who smiled shaking her head at his dramatic self. ' I can't believe her' he mouthed.

" ok Sis, we'll give you your space," she yelled sarcastically with her hand to her mouth to increase volume.  Amity didn't reply at all.

Grabbing his hand Edric gave a confused look not understanding why they gave up so easily. she guided him to the far end of the hall and spun her fingers together in a circle smirking.

" Just play along" is all she said

In an instant she focused while closing her eyes making an illusion, blue started glowing in her hands and then like a web a form started to appear in front of them from bottom to the top.

Their mother,

Knowing where this was going " You wouldn't " he snickered

" I would"

Animating the mother to walk she walked with pace in her step heading for Amity's room. The twins followed

Reaching the door, the illusion knocked in unison with Edric making the Knocking sound

" Amity blight, open this door immediately " the illusion demanded, the voice wasn't aggressive or rushed but it still gave an impression on her,

They didn't want to scare the living hell out of her, they were not that cruel.

Sounds were made and her footsteps were growing louder as she approached the door. " Y-Yes mother, I'm coming "

A clicking sound was made making the twins braced themselves ready to get inside. Amity emerged with a neutral expression till she saw the scene and went to close the door quickly as possible knowing what was going on. " No! NOT AGAIN "

But it was too late, they trampled over her like monkeys getting in her room, Amity yelled in frustration seeing the illusion disappear " Ugh! YOU NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE,"

The cons of having illusionist siblings for Amity

" we're your siblings," Edric threw himself in her bed getting comfortable throwing his arms behind his head with a grin staring at her " we'll never leave you alone."

" we're here to take care of you baby sister" Emira cooed walking up to the young teen cradling her slowly. " so spill the tea."

Amity grunted staring at the ground, clenching her fist. she sniffed. " I'm

" I'm calling bullshit your honour" Edric declared pointing in the air with energy. " Emira show the first evidence of this stupid lie."

The other twin let go of her gasping dramatically bringing her hands to her cheeks " oh my goodness you're right!"

Taking out her scroll looking up the trending post on Hexide today, " it seems like this " she showed her sister  who looked away in shame. " is something "

The pink-haired witch looked at her siblings who looked back at her waiting for the truth. She sighed.

" I may have gone too far,"

" may have?" The brother highlighted, they both shot him a look and he blinked trying to figure out what made them act up. " Am I not wrong?"

Emira rolled her eyes then trailed back to Amity letting go of the hug
" if you regret what you did, it's not too late to fix this relationship, " Emira shook off, " though things may be a little weird with you two now, I won't lie"

" But I don't want things to be weird, I want it back to normal " Amity pleaded, she walked over to the window sitting on the ledge. " I love what we have"

She brought her knees to her face resting more comfortably " I love her," Amity confirmed with a whisper.

" Well, if she doesn't love you that way, that doesn't mean you have to"  Edric tapped his chin like he has no idea how to make his thoughts come out into sentences. " stop liking her, you can still be there for her, you can't force her to love you "

Emira watched as her sister stayed silent taking in that statement nodding to herself in consideration. Her eyes softened.

Well done Edric, you might be useful after all

Emira gave her brother a thumbs up and walked over slowly to Amity " like us, you fucking hate us but we still love you" she pointed.

"you're my siblings, that doesn't count, you have to love me," Amity threw back with a shrug.

" that so counts! " Edric argued back.

" Sorry, you're right, I just don't understand why I get so mad as that " Amity looked at them frowning deeply. She thought she escaped that raging personality

But she hasn't.

" why were you so mad anyway?" they both asked in unison like the twins they are. they thought she was gloomy about how luz was pretty much friend-zoning her so it was a bit interesting how the feeling was different.

There was a pause in the room she looked at them seeing how the twins had their full attention on her waiting for that answer, that one answer

Why was she?

Was it Bosca for putting those stupid thoughts inside her head making her pissed, Luz avoiding her the few weeks?

her mother's hot head personality rubbing off on her, is she even free from all this?

Because she doesn't know who the hell she is any more right now.

She breathed in looking at her closed fist she didn't know that was clenching hard, she opened them seeing her pale skin.

" I thought me and Luz were meant to be but I guess not everyone gets a happy ending. "

if she got with Luz, maybe it would have saved all the pain she's been going through, ever since she met her she's shined a light in her life, she loved her so much for how unique and quirky she is and kind and sweet.

She blushed and smiled knowing the list could go on and on about why she loved her and how much of an amazing person she isn't.

But if Luz doesn't like her that way, her smile lowered a bit.

She'll accept that.

But first, she inhaled looking out the window,

She has to fix stuff with her. She still needs her in her life, they will never be rivals like before again.


Chapter Text

The Golden Guard layed back in his chair in the dining room staring at a post on Penstagram, normally he wouldn't use the device around belos seeing how he would always tell him,

" it's not very polite to be on your scroll around the table, Hunter" the Emporer warned, he forked his meal aggressively " what gotten you so invested in it today? You rarely use it"

the golden guard watched as the gif on someone's post showed a purple-haired girl burn a blue ticket in front of the Humans face, the caption said.

' the blight is back and badass as ever ' with a flame heart at the end.

Some weirdo he guesses. 

He rolled his eyes under his mask and started to scroll on to another post already growing tired of this one. " weird teenage crap uncle, you wouldn't like it " he muttered not even looking up.

" I see," belos replied, as he watched the guard well, Act like a teenager at the far end of the room, it felt unsettling in his opinion. 

The Emporer looked down at his hand resting on the handle where the golden guard would usually stand by, now sitting on the far end scrolling through looking at god knows what. 

All comfortable and healthy. 

Belos did a fake cough making the boy finally lookup. 

" you ok over there? " 

" oh it's fine," he waved at him dramatically barely holding back the anger in his voice as he spoke " I set you up to go to Hexide like the great Uncle I am and don't get a single thank you" 

The Golden Guard watched the Emporer studying his posture who glared in return. he looked at his scroll in his hand he then closed it slowly sensing he doesn't like the presence of it here " do... You want to know what's going on at school?" 

" Golden Guard. What is your progress with the human." he finally asked. 

The words that wanted to escape his lips, he realized that there was no important progress between the human that his uncle would want to hear, he's been so focused on the bounties he forgot about the whole key situation. 

He didn't say anything and looked down from the Emporer " nothing, at the moment my Lord, " he answered with honesty. 

Of course, he didn't like that answer, the air was tense, he needed to fix that, " you must understand that the human is much more capable than you realize" The Golden Guard said with a firm voice. 

The Emporer said nothing just watching him

Feeling braver he looked up to face him again like an equal. 

After a beat The Emporer harshly started picking in his food looking at it darkly " she is just A human that needs to be put in her place, it shouldn't take long for you to crush her " he spat with venom in his throat.

If it's so easy why won't he just do it then? He thought in his head

The Golden Guard sighed crossing his arms. It's time to pull an archived card "crush her physically, and mentally" 

There was a pause in the room as Belos stopped his picking looking back up. 

" I'm sorry?" 

Sitting forward bringing his hands together under his chin of his mask, resting his elbows on the table he stared at him " you said you wanted me to break her Physically, and mentally," He tilted his head to the side "am I correct?" 

" yes, that is true," 

" then you understand that I need more time, to make that happen

He held his breath behind his mask waiting for his approval as he watched his dark black hole eyes stare at him without saying a word once again. 

He hates when he does that 

Finally, words came soft and tender looking at the wall  he sighed " perhaps I've been throwing too much on you " The teen loosened up. " you're already doing an amazing job with ' fixing ' those beasts with such incredible speed all by yourself " 

The Golden Guard smiled under his mask, all thanks to the human.

I mean we can be honest, he could have done it himself but where's the fun in that

" I'm proud of you Hunter," he said softly, a rare tone that's only used for him. 

His heart fluttered with happiness, 
When he uses his real name, it feels more special, personal even. 

" Thank you " 

" but " he raised a finger, looking back " I expect some progress with her soon, I know you can do better " 

He's right, he can do better, after a brief breath the golden guard nodded slowly having his mouth into a straight line " ok.."  reaching down to pick up a fork, he wasn't going to eat, he just felt incredibly nervous and needed to hold onto something, and so he started picking at grapes in a bowl not too far. 

There's no lie that he and the human are somewhat civil and not at each other's throat, he just hope the reason was the bounty hunting and not something else that's stretching out the time. 

Please not something else. 

The Emporer Clapped his hands together making the teen jump a bit in his seat " now that's out the way, we have to discuss the Golden Ball, which is coming very soon, " he said with excitement in his tone.  

His eyes widen and his hand crushed the utensil from his inhuman strength, his eye twitched under the mask, " uncle..... Please cancel that "He groaned slapping a hand over the mask. 

He heard the Emporer give a low chuckle at his annoyance. " you know I can't do that, it's a tradition"

It's sad how the one thing Belos is always excited about is the thing He doesn't much enjoy himself. the golden guard gritted his teeth. 

" can I at least skip it?" 

Once a year, the moon hits its peak over the Titan, it would shine a light down on us all, the moon would dim out the rest of the boiling Isles leaving them into complete darkness leaving out the head only. 

For like a few minutes no big whoop

That's where the ball takes place, here in the skull of the Titan for special guests only. 

His uncle would always say it's just the spirit of the Titan watching us and wishing well, but he thought it was Kinda creepy in his opinion. 

A waste of time, especially when you don't even dance on the dance floor, The Golden Guard is always just watched by Belo's side.

In silence, as they just... Danced to their pleasures. 

" no Hunter," the ruler said sternly, moments like this is when they do sound like an annoying parent and a stubborn child " your Going " 

He huffed. " there's nothing even fun for me to do" 

" it's not supposed to be fun, it's respect for the Titan, Hunter " he fired back

" I can't even dance with anyone" he complained, " that's not even fair " he let go of the crushed utensil making a clattering sound hitting the table. 

Belos brought his hand up to his masked face in stress shaking his head. 

It's just now that he noticed no one at the ball even is around his age, just special adult witches that hold a huge part in the boiling isles, like the coven leaders. But never teens. 

It's for the best he suppose, he is the only teen here that gets to witness this type of special event around his age, He should be grateful. 

But is he? 

The only exciting thing about the Event is the owl Lady throwing a prank sometimes. 

Never revealed it was her but it's pretty obvious. 

It's priceless when he sees the guards all screwed up painted in funny jokes. 

Especially Kikimora. 

wonder if the human may be involved this year. 

" even if I allowed that you wouldn't know how " belos casually replied. he dug back in his food, opening his mask a bit, he shoved his food in his mouth casually chewing as he spoke." dancing isn't your category" 

" But, if you could teach me " he suggested hopefully, 

He looked at him giving a ' hm' in thought, " I think not,"  he looked back down back at his food stabbing at it. " It is a waste of everyone's time, I don't want you embarrassing yourself on that day in front of all the people. " 

Hunter looked down staying still in his seat, his gloved fist clenched hard into a ball that his nails felt a bit pain giving a little shake. 

" I think standing by my side suits you way better. "

sadness struck in under that mask, he was hurt from what he just said. " we wouldn't want that, I understand now. " he said finally, his tone felt dead,

Because it was

" good," Belo's sat up from his seat pushing it back in, turning around to 
Head for the doors " The Golden ball can't be the same without the Golden Guard there, Hunter " 

I don't want to go if you're not going to let me dance, his head yelled in plead.

" yes, of course "

. ~. 

" in all my days in Hexide, I never had the drama like you kids have when I was your age " Eda spoke as she watched the scene unravel before her. 

Gus and Willow decided to stop by and visit Luz giving her some company after the incident, " sorry Mrs. Clawthorn, I felt guilty about what happened since I sort of had a hand in this. " Willow motioned her hand At luz from the ground. 

The human was laying on the couch with a pillow on her face whining dramatically like always groaning " for the last time Willow, it's not your faulllt "

Gus Emerged from the kitchen holding three cups of moss oak tea in a tray. 

" made some tea for us three besti- oh shot luz, sorry...I forgot you can't drink this for your fragile stomach" he cringed not seeing her once hop up from that spot to take it as everyone else did. 

" it's Alright, I'm used to people forgetting I can't enjoy certain things here anyway. "

Willow took one from the tray saying her thanks sitting back in her spot, Eda walked up to him on the other hand and took both in her hands, " I-wha hey! One of those is mine! " he cried, 

" When you start stealing money with me putting your life in danger against the Emporers coven, THEN You can consider taking some of my ingredients for tea" the owl lady declared, 

walking back to her spot taking a sip out from her drink resting the other on a counter, she turned to face him and stuck out her tongue playfully at him all smug. 

" touche" Gus muttered. putting the tray down gently on the counter. Walking back over to his friends all sad that he didn't get his drink, he sat down beside Willow. " Penstagram is going crazy with what happened " 

" can I look? " Eda asked with interest, Willow sighed but showed her anyway taking out her scroll, " huh, she just burned something, kinda expected a fight," Eda said disappointedly. leaning back in her seat taking a sip of her drink. 

" so is Amity still, ya know " Gus leaned back resting one arm on his knees looking at Luz behind him with side glances.

" oh nooo we're totally cool, " Luz said with a fake chipper tone, 

Gus nodded more to himself than anything mumbling slowly " not cool, got it... got it... "

Willow patted her human friend's leg in comfort " you have to understand that you have been avoiding her for weeks Luz, we don't even see you in lunch anymore " 

A reaction she got in response was a groan under the pillow. 

"I'm not justifying what she did was ok, I just don't want you to think that she's not all in the wrong here," Willow said with tenderness. 

" hold on pause the story!" Eda raised her hand in the air as if she was a student. 

That or maybe she's too used to raising her hand for luz in glyph class. 

the kids looked in her direction raising a brow waiting for her. " where on Titan is she going during Lunch breaks? "

There was a pause in the room and luz was incredibly silent with a straight face under the cushion. 

" Hey yeah. You Disappear the moment lunch break hits, " gus said slowly. everyone turned to her in suspicion. " like, Completely. "

Luz sat up taking the pillow away from her face and looked at all their stares and Eda's smirk. 

She's such a child sometimes. 

"you're not doing anything extreme, are you? " Eda challenge with a devilish look in her eye, " I wouldn't blame you if you are, I did stuff like that in the human realm too  "

They all looked at the Owl lady with concern in their eyes, blinking at them after realizing her confession she then turned away sipping her tea once again but this time very loudly trying to mute out the panic rising as eyes were still on her. 

" Another story I suppose "

Luz never broke her stare, Gus and Willow turned back to her giving her a nervous laugh.

"you're not right?" Gus jokingly asked but you can see that he was unsure with himself. 

" what? no! absolutely not " Luz yelled in panic, her hands waved around uncontrollably as a blush started rising up her neck." nothing like that at all! " 

" ok..?" they said in unison. 

Eda grinned seeing her all in a nervous mess through the corner of her eyes, it was a sight to see " we all get curious," extending her arm to prove her point at the tomato faced teenager she winked at the two other kids still sitting in worry like its contagious. 

" it hits around this age too kiddo" 

" no-no, it's not that at all, believe me," Luz reasoned, she crossed her arms shaking her head a bit offended trying to take control of the situation " what makes you think I'm doing something like that? I mean-" 

" Constant lunch skipping without any of your friends, " gus started, 

" weird tension with a guy you clearly know but don't want to introduce me to" Willow pointed, Luz raised a finger about to argue back but willow beat her to it " ya, I noticed." 

" scars," Eda said casually taking another sip adding to the list. 

They both raised brows in shock from the news  


they jumped up on the couch on each side lifting her shirt from her stomach ignoring Luz's yell in panic " hey! " which had little scars here and there some are still fresh nothing extreme. 

But, still scars. 

" no wonder you smelt odd... " Gus mumbled to himself not breaking eye contact with it. 

Pushing them away from her body with both her hands they looked at her waiting for an explanation 

" ok, this may look bad. but it's not that at all I swear " she said calmly pulling her shirt back down. 

The door burst open with hooty sticking his head in. 

" constant late-night sneak-outs, Hoot Hoot~" Hooty Blurted.


That made Eda spit out her drink with wide eyes, 

THAT, she didn't know. 

at this point, her friend's face might as well be the ' surprise Pikachu ' meme. 

" oh poop " 
. ~. 

" I just think it's stupid ya know?" 

Amity threw off her Apron on a hook nearby as she finished making her pixie pie, putting it on the counter letting it cool for a bit, " that I thought burning that card would make it better" she said casually half to herself. 

Her siblings were at the table watching her ramble on comfortably faking a smile, at least she's sharing,

Just too much.

" I have a date soon" Edric reminded Emira in a harsh whisper, he started easing up ready to go but Emira grabbed his arm pulling him RIGHT back down. " Emira."

" But I'm going to fix it, luz did like the pie after all so it wouldn't hurt to gift another one, " Amity commented leaning back smiling to herself. 

" don't leave me " she whispered back, she looked at him like her life was at stake, " you'd leave me to die? What happened to twins to the end? Was it all a lie? "

He said nothing. It said it all. 

" Something tells me our relationship will be rebuilt," Amity sighed softly clasping her hands together. 

Edric started rising again not even looking at her frowning deeply. 
" I'm sorry, little one," he said lowly, moving away from her clingy hands and heading off, Mouthing to her
' I'll never forget you 

" brotheeer" she whispered too loudly with her arm reaching out, grabbing her little sister's attention from her lonely convo she grew red with anger all over her face almost fainting in the process.

After regaining herself, she crossed her arms glaring with squinted eyes "Ugh. You guys always do this! This is why I don't like talking about anything with you two." 

Edric already threw on his shoes and was ready to dip out but headed over to Amity pecking her on the cheek. " sorry Mittens, I'd stay I REALLY would, but I want to look young and sexy for my date sometime this year "  Apologetically but with a grin. 

Amity rolled her eyes at his confession but smiled anyway. 
" it's Alright, everything's out in the air anyway, go have fun "  

He held his hands together giving a bow to her then turned to his twin, 
" hold the fort will ya?" 

" I always held the fort," Emira said winking at her brother. 

" I hold the fort, you two are idiots. " 

Emira gave Amity a sour look shaking her head. 

" anywayy I'm out, don't miss me too much," he says slowly, leaving the kitchen with a wave. 

After hearing the door give a faint shutting sound Emira turned over to Amity smirking. 

" feeling better? " 

No Doubt Amity still has feelings for Luz and always will, she changed her life for the better without even knowing how much it did to her. 

What would she do without her? 

She needs her around in her life. 

relationship or not. Because she makes her happy. 

She smiled putting a strand of hair behind her ear at her older sister. 

" ya, I am " 

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a similar blue card. She slid it across the table. " give it to her," 

She Felt hesitant and guilty " but it's your invite, I can't" 

Emira sighed and smiled at her " Relax, I'm still going, I remember it by heart." 

Sliding it more to her direction, her smile growing wider at the second, Amity stared at the card then looked back at her,

" Why are you so focused on fixing this for me?" 

" Because believe it or not, I really care about you and I sorta want you to be happy," She said with a yawn. 

The response she got in return was a hand on her own, the hand-guided over to the card taking it between her fingers. 

" Thanks," 

" Plus I'm curious how that human is going to act out at a party, she outdid herself at grom right?" giving a wink in her eye playfully. 

Amity waved her off blushing lightly

" Most definitely, yeah" 

They heard footsteps of their mom walk up the stairs from the basement, 

They froze staying quiet eyeing each other. 

Nothing, It was silent. 

Until she emerged into the kitchen, 

Hold your breath ladies, the shark is here. 

getting a drink from the fridge, she looked exhausted. they tried not giving too many glances in her direction so they decided to stay looking at something else. 

Amity laid back on the counter crossing her arms, eyes down to her feet which for reason looks incredibly interesting right now. 

As with Emira, she was looking at her twiddling thumbs resting on the table held together tightly, feeling sweat spawn within her hands

she swallowed a lump in her throat. 

Unaware of the tension her children were released into the room Odalia opened and started chugging on an Energy hawk Milkshake that she reserved for herself. 

Eyeing the room after one gulp she noticed one of her children was missing. 

" Where's your brother? " 

The young one looked up at her. 

" out " Amity replied before her older sister could. 

As her mother's cold frosty blue eyes trailed to a fierce shining yellow, Odalia tilted her head with a 'hum' at her confidence. then rolled her eyes. 

Yes, she did.

Amity didn't let that hurt look show. 

Turning over to her other child sitting at the table who hasn't looked up yet she asked. " where is your brother, Emira " 

Looking up at her slowly, she straightened up her posture to her mother's liking. " he's out on a date for the day " 

It's pretty clear that their mother is still not over the human incident, hell she's not over the hair colour change still. 

She can't even look at her daughter the same anymore, there's a lot she's gonna have to get used to because it's not gonna change. 

She huffed " I see " Odalia started chugging her beverage once again, out of stress or just because she's just really thirsty. 

" is... Is Dad still working down there? You both have been working a lot more than usual... " Emira asked. eyeing the smudges of purple goo all over her mother's vest up and down. 

She never helped dad with the Abominations. 

Amity took notice of this too turning to her with interest in what her mother has to say, Whoever ordered their abominations Odalia wants it perfect. 

And they seem to want a lot. 

" as you know. your father and have grabbed a lot of eyes after the last prototype." she eyed her purple-haired daughter who rolled her eyes out of spite in return, Turning back to her other child Odalia's expression looked Rattled " and turns out, one of those eyes that we caught.... is very important " 

Worry washed up on Emira a little, as she watched her mother's body language, it was very strange and made her feel uncomfortable.

Emira slowly spoke with that rare tone in her voice asking " is that a good thing? or a bad thing " 

She sighed." don't worry about it dear." and for once it felt sincere, looking at Amity then gave a quick nod swallowing thinking to herself if she should say something to her or not. 

And so she did " Your hair looks nice" 

Out of surprise Amity broke out a little smile but hid it away immediately. She's thankful that her mother was being honest at least with a compliment, She was mad about everything but she still loves her. 

Just really sucks at showing it. 

So Amity gave a nod back. 

Closing the fridge Odalia went out back where she came from to finish her assignment with her husband. 

Emira was watching the whole thing unravel before her with wide eyes. She looked back at her younger sister trying to regain her voice. 

" That was new "

. ~. 

" no, I'm not pregnant," Luz said with gritted teeth whacking her illusionist friend's rubbing hand away from her stomach. " I told you that already." 

Gus was not convinced. Willow rolled her eyes at his determination. 

Eda shook her head side to side with her arms crossed " I thought I told you about making Deals kid, now we gotta figure out a way to get you out of this situation " 

Luz looked down at the pillow tracing her fingers along with the cushioning mumbling " I had it under control there's nothing too serious ye-Gus! For crying out loud, stop touching my stomach! " she shoved him away this time with force using her foot sending him on the ground. His only response was a painful wheeze holding his stomach. 

" ow... "

Scooting over, Eda rested her finger under Luz's chin lifting it to face her face " Luz what was the plan here? Not telling me till you think you got all this stuff handled? A point to prove you're a witch again- " 

" it's not about me," Luz interrupted. 

" then what is it about?" Eda pressed lightly " because I'm worried about you "

Luz turned away from her mentor facing forward, she crossed both her legs together, took a deep breath then focused her vision on something ahead avoiding everyone's eyes on her. 

It's better to do that when you're nervous. 

As she talked about everything to catch everyone here in the loop completely, Luz felt a bit lighter not having to worry about this as much as she used to, she finally looked back at Eda apologetically. 

" Sorry for hiding this away from you for so long " 

" you got a whole bag of nice night market money in your backpack, and you didn't say anything," is all the owl lady said in return frowning with dramatic disappointment at her. 

Everyone laughed, in the room, Eda trailed her eyes at the hooty giving a sour look." though I have to admit, you haven't told a single soul about Luz's sneak outs at night, how do you do it? " 

Hooty laughed hard stretching out of the door a bit " hoot! Of course, I tell people!" 

" who?" gus finally asked, sitting up slowly from that kick in the gut. 

Willow too turned over curiously for the door to explain.

The smile Hooty had spawned fear in Eda and Luz's eyes. They both reached out their hands " wait-" 

" Birds! "he hacked like a cat a few times in agony making gus and willow now show panic faces. 

Luz ran for the halls while Eda sprinted for a bucket or mop. Anything! " Not again! Not on my new rug! " Eda begged. 

" what?! What is he doing?! " Willow shouted jumping to her feet watching the hacking owl. 

" is the dying!?" gus also piped in not knowing what to do with himself. 

Luz ran back in with a large bucket at remarkable speed. 
" I WISH! " 

Almost on time, Hooty managed to puke out dissolved to the bone birds
Covered in his house stomach acid. 

Sizzling sounds were made as he coughed out one... Two... Three..? yup three. " gross.." is all Luz could manage to say through this disgusting scene before her. 

After making sure hooty was completely done she rested the bucket down on the ground at the side of the entrance seeing the bird's corpse flow up to the surface. 

One of those might have been the crow she saw a few weeks ago, it's a possibility that hooty may have actually eaten instead of scaring it off. 

Luz pouted. 

" am I interrupting something?" a female voice asked. The Latina's eyebrows rose high recognizing that voice. 

Looking up she saw Amity standing at the front door looking a bit nervous but having a safe smile holding pia e in her two hands. 

" Hiya Amity!" hooty welcomed with a yell, seems like he recovered through that puking fit pretty quickly " geez you got me pieeee?" 

Ignoring her threatening glance he stretched his neck swallowing the pie that he thought was for him from Her hands completely. " fairies are my favourite!" 

" HEY!" Amity hissed.

Luz crossed her arms keeping her expressions n neutral as possible watching the scene, stepping out she sighed with annoyance and stress. 

She was just too tired of the surprises today. 

" what're you doing here Amity? "  she asked, patting hooty's neck he stretched back inside to entertain the others leaving them alone to talk cracking the door open a bit with his thick neck. 

" so, I'm taking it that you're mad about today,"  Amity said first. 

Luz looked down to the ground remembering the scene frowning 

" very much yes" Luz Mumbled. 

Amity walked a bit closer giving an apologetic look softly saying " I'm so sorry, I was a jerk and you didn't deserve that " The young witch said with pure honesty in her voice. 

Luz looked up at her then shrugged effortly getting ready to turn on back inside " you were mad, I wasn't treating you well, I deserved it" 

that answer caught Amity off guard making her blink, she shook her head not letting that sink in one bit and reached over to grab her shoulder pulling it right back over to face over. 

Luz though didn't like that. At all. as if touching her was illegal. thoughts ran around in the human's head thinking she should have slapped it away like how she did back at school just for payback. 

But luckily for her she's a nice person. 

" Luz don't say that, I know thats not what you really think." firmly letting go after the look she was reciving, she backed up one step. " be honest with me " 

" Amity being honest with you is what threw me in this situation in the first place " running her hand through her hair." I'm just too tired to deal with this right now " 

There was a beat. Wind blew over them softly. 

Amity inhaled 

" gotta rip the bandaid off now luz, you did it for me and now I'm doing it for you " Amity smiled encouraginly. 

Luz sighed closing her arms still not convinced, she just wasn't ready yet.

Amity smile grew even wider playfully " Luz, don't make me pull up the big wands. " holding her hands together up to her chest " I'm fixing this right now " 

" goodbye Amity " luz said lazily turning back to get inside. 

" you gotta go and get angry at all of my Honesty~" Amity sang softly. 

What is she doing? Luz shot around quickly. Amity's eyes were closed as she slowly started to dance with a spin in her foot. 

" You know I try but I don't do too well with Apologies~" she continued reaching her hand out, offering her friend to join. 

Luz cringed. " I'm not-" Music started playing in the background like it was the start of some music video. She knew this song 

This isn't happening.

Amity peeked an eye open at her smiling " come on Luz, Join me! "

Luz shook her head frowning deeply. 

The door burst open with the whole gang now dancing there way to join her like this was rehearsed" not you guys too! " luz panicked. 

This is sooo not happening. 

" I hope I don't run out of time could someone call a Referee~" Gus joined in like he always knew the lyrics. 

" how is this possible," luz turned over to Amity but she only continued dancing like a leader she is. 

Is this some spell? 

How do they even know this song? 

Did king jump out of the tub to join in this song? He still had his towel around his waist for crying out loud. 

" Cause I just need one more shot at forgiveness~" king sang in perfect pitch. What a voice though she had to admit. 

This is kinda funny not gonna lie, Luz cracked  her lip holding in a giggle watching this whole dance performance. 

Noticing that smile hiding Amity ran over taking her hands smiling warmly at her as a blush grew up to her face " Yeah! Is it too late now to say sorry~"

Finally Luz bursted with laughter but not out of mock, no. Out of joy and happiness that her friend is here for her after not too long ago. 

Luz was trying to push her away. Her friends were giving her encouraging actions through their dance moves in the back and her smile grew. 

All this love, it's really alot 

Amity let Go of one hand and reached in her pocket to get somthing. Luz smile dipped in confusion " yeah I kno-oh-oh that I let you down," 

The humans eyes widen at the sight of what she pulled out before her and everyone stopped since the music that came from thin air also started to fade out. 

Amity had hopeful eyes for forgiveness holding the blue invite in her hand in front of her with a now wobbly voice scared for a reject delivering the last line softly and quiet. 

" is it too late to say sorry now? " 












Chapter Text


The market was crowded today since it was the weekend in the boiling isle. Now that everything is better between her and Amity with what happened yesterday. 

And that odd musical we won't talk about, 

Gus and Willow decided that they were also gonna tag along to help Luz pick out something to wear for Viney's party later. 

Sadly they ditched Eda even when she begged many times to help out with the outfits. 

They feel like family to her therefore, it feels a bit awkward to tag them along on this journey for party shopping. 

Especially King. Little brother energy

It means a lot to luz, you have to understand it's her first party! It has to be perfect. 

Luz is so excited about this she was practically hopping around like she was in a toy store while her friends were walking behind like completely normal people smiling at her excitement. 

" oh! Let's try here! " Luz ran over into a store not already scanning through the clothes not waiting one bit. 

Amity was just finished with a call on her crow phone then decided to catch up with her friend smiling " alright hold your backbone, we're coming! "

The rest joined in roaming the store finding something interesting to their comfort. Well all except Gus who was just  hanging around with luz and Amity

" Are you guys coming? I never got to ask you guys, I just know Viney invited me and a whole bunch of people but that's it" Luz asked curiously as she strolled through a rack of Jeans. 

She doesn't want to exactly be alone there. 

" my dad wouldn't let me go anyway not old enough to party in his eyes yet " Gus spoke casually with a wave. 

" oh... that's cool" Luz tried hiding the disappointment in her voice then turned to Willow " Willow?" 

She gave a guilty look. " sorry Luz I promised my parents we would go out tonight and spend some time together." 

Everyone's eyes trailed to Amity who was still busy looking at a nice top. A beat of awkward silence She had a feeling they wanted her to say something. 

" o-oh! Ya I can't go either my mom literally just called a few seconds ago to help with something at the house later, family business" 

Luz threw her head back with a pained expression staring at the heavens. Amity felt bad but her ears perked at an idea that spawned in her head. 

" my sister is going through, I could ask her to stay with you and keep you company if you want " 

Emira Is a cool girl to luz but She tends to just pop up with her brother and tease The human, A lot.

Luckily luz have gotten used to it, maybe this could be a great moment to get to know her better. 

Luz smiled picking up a pair of dark blue Jean's. 

" that would be nice, thanks Amity " 

Scanning the pants her eyes landed on the Ankles where the ankles meet, they have this odd triangle shape instead of it being normally circular back in the human world. 

She scrunched up her face. 

The gang noticed and exchanged looks at each other. Amity leaned in curiously " don't like it? " 

" oh no!" she looked over it once again feeling its texture. " these jeans have... potential, just brainstorming" throwing the pants over her shoulder she started looking for a top. 

The two girls tagged along but Gus went a different route in the store to explore something that caught his interest at the far end. 

" Sorry if I'm taking long, my mom always complained about this stuff back at home," Luz mumbled while looking through. 

"oh, It's fine, believe it or not, I learned to have patience when the children get distracted from storytime." Amity laughed. She put on a pair of yellow-tinted glasses then puckered her lips at a mirror nearby. 

Luz looked up then smirked " you'd make a good mom Blight if you wanted to be one " 

Amity laughed but didn't decline that statement. Willow bumped the human playfully " what about the great and powerful Luz the human? Have you ever considered a carriage in your future? " 

Hugging a shirt to measure she hummed in the thought of the idea. 

" probably, I always wanted to call em nicknames, tickle their toes and be a role model ya know?" her smile faded slightly and she sighed. " But that's not going to happen for a very long time. "

She turned to face Willow showing a bright orange long sleeve V neck  shirt. " but enough about that, it's time to try thes- "

Luz felt something soft invade her cheek. 

" join the Emporers coven today " a voice sang. 

Luz slowly turned her head at the voice, she went face to face with a plushie doll super close and not just any plush. 

A golden guard plushie doll. 

" Ah! Gus that's so cute! " Willow screamed over Luz's shoulder in cuteness overload. She walked over to get a better look" where did you find this?!" 

" at the front over there, the dude sells more than Lilith's old stand, the kids must love him I guess" he shrugged. Even Amity was a bit in awe of the cute little guy. 

The plushie body was standing in a heroic position with its arms on its hips ready for battle. Luz rolled her eyes. 

Heroic her ass. 

" look at his little Cape!" Willow shouted again. the three were huddled playing with every part of its body while Luz just stood there staring at them in utter shock. 

Unbelievable. Even when he isn't here he's always ruining something that's supposed to be about her. 

This won't fucking stand. 

She Huffed and started heading for the changing rooms with a stomp in her step" I'm going to change, if you Guys are finished fiddling with that thing you can join me "

The group noticed this and tried to hold in their laughs, it's adorable to see luz Jealous. 

They need more. 

" oh, we're coming. " Gus teased. Elbowing his pals to follow along which they did snorting like crazy under their mouths. " ALL of us are coming " and all he meant was the little guy too. 

Luz slammed the door hard to that comment, a few people looked up but shook It Off like it was nothing. They laughed harder. 

A few minutes later. The gang sat on some circular cushions facing luz's door while they waited for her, Gus was enjoying the plushie to himself so Willow decided to snap a photo for the pentagram. 

He smiled in question and her only reply was " Penstagram" she shrugged. 

Taking the scroll out of Willow's hand, Amity leaned in still looking at the camera smiling softly then pecked Willow on the cheek snapping the photo. She blinked a few times from the flash then turned to her raising a brow. 

Handing it back over to her childhood friend she winked then pointed " add that in too. that'll clear the ' Badass Blight' bullcrap all over " 

And so she did, 

" Alright here we go, What do you think? "

All three of them looked up then their jaws hung open. 

The V neck was a tad bit wider than expected showing a good view of it. 

" you have boobs?! " Gus squawked. the plushie was clenched tightly while he tried to pry his eyes away from her chest. " the Titans are Testing me and I don't like it." 

" he's trying all of us.." Amity replied as her face grew red by the minute. She brought her hand up to her chest feeling a bit insecure about her almost flat ones. " help us all" 

Willow smacked both their heads from the back rolling her eyes at them simping. 

Luz stared at herself still not understanding the effect she gives, 

It's not even that big, but she's not going to have a whole argument about this again. 

"too much?" 

Knowing her two friends are too out of it to answer, Willow, stood up and walked over to give a respectful opinion. " I think it looks nice. this does show your curves, you don't show much" 

Luz turned around to watch the mirror and lightly smiled. " I guess It does huh." 

Amity hopped out of her seat heading over " orange surprisingly looks good on you too, brings out your eyes "she complimented. 

Luz looked over at her friend crossing her arm lightly in awe. " Amity... Thank you! "

Luz was enjoying the compliments her friends were giving her today. She never got to experience a shopping date with friends back in the human world so This will be forever remembered till the day she died, it's perfect. 

" GG approves, " without permission, Gus stuffed the plush right in her shirt in between her breast sticking out the head only like it was comfy right there in its warm new home. 

And now it's ruined. Ruined 


Luz's face went red as she watched the doll in a very uncomfortable spot stay there while Willow broke into a fit of awes and squeals. 

" Look at him all cozy!" she cried. 

Amity took out willows Scroll for her and did what any teen would do if they like something. 

They take a photo. 

So they all began to laugh heartily and huddle up for a final one, Gus gave a wink at the scroll and was pointing at Luz's chest, Willow pressing a kiss on the human's cheek and Amity just squatted in the center in front of Luz but low enough to fit her in still, sticking out her tongue innocently. 

Luz blinked. " It's not going to be all over the place is it?" 

" We're posting it on Willows account Luz, not mine" Amity reassured. 

Willow gave Amity a look in response. 

But it's true, Not many people follow Willow so there's nothing to be worried about. 

"Are we taking the picture or not? My legs and arms are killing me" Amity groaned still in position. 

Luz looked at the plush then back at her friends who were waiting for her consent, she shrugged and smiled at the camera. 

How bad can it be? 

" shoot it" 

. ~ . 

Walking down the market side by side with her friends Luz had on a pair of apple blood shades which some adults looked at her with disappointment as they strolled on by with their children. 

Luz snickered. Eda would be proud. 

Gus decided to actually buy the plushie and keep it for memories sake. 

Whatever floats his boat. 

" so Luz, I was thinking we could all go to Flora bloom village sometime this month, you might like it " Willow hoped. 

Lowering her glasses Luz turned to her plant-loving friend for detail " go on..." 

" ugh, Willow you still go to that? I thought you grew out of it " Amity laughed elbowing her playfully. 

" Flora bloom village made me have a passion for plants in the first place, all thanks to my parents when they brought me over there when I was 5" Willow sighed. 

Gus shook his head at Luz " haven't stopped since, that village gives me the allergies " he shuddered at the memory. 

" Willow your the strongest Witch I know," her other friends gave her offended looks but she ignored it still smiling at her " if you said that the place is amazing and you want me to join you by your side then, of course, I will!" 

" Great! Because I invited Hunter  "

" of course, I won't! " she corrected. 

Willow stopped in her tracks making everyone else stop. her smile dipped with sadness." why not? "

There was a pause 

Are we doing this? Now? In the middle of the market. Luz gripped her bag and blinked at her like that was the stupidest question ever. 

" well, because for starters he's the Golden Guard," Luz cried reminding her of the secret identity 

" so?" 

Luz blinked and Willow crossed her arms waiting. 

What is happening right now? Luz turned over her shoulder at her friends who shrugged just as confused as she was then she looked back at the plant witch with worry. 

She took a deep breath " Willow. he's a pretty bad guy," pointing at a statue of belos beside them high and tall. 
" he works for the Emporer, the man that tried to kill me,"

" We talked a bit ya know, he seems like an ok guy," she walked over to her friends then reached out for The human's hand. " the little time we had together got me curious, that there's more to him that we don't know " 

Luz lazily took it in the hand but she still wasn't convinced. 

" I invited him. let me get to know him maybe he might be like us, besides you gonna be there if anything goes wrong Luz" Luz puffed her cheeks holding in a smile that was coming. 

Willow noticed and her lip twitched up " that is if you're coming with me" 

Amity snickered shaking her head. She leaned over to Gus with a grin watching them bicker. 

" can you imagine that? The Golden Guard being a good guy and hanging out with us? " she joked. 

Gus thought about it and really considered it, he never got to really get to know the guy to judge but the way luz described him made him feel like there's no way they could be friends. 

But they don't know what he's going through, hell they didn't even know he's a kid just like them in the first place. It's not a big stretch since Luz managed to get Lilith on their side. 

He turned to look at Amity, the girl he never would have thought to be hanging out with him in his life, the same girl that bulled his best friend all those years ago, is now a close friend all thanks to Luz. Crazy right? 

So if Amity Blight can change why can't Hunter? he just needs guidance
The right guidance. 

" I think She should go," Gus blurted out loudly. 

Amity stopped her little laugh seeing the truth all over then tilted her head in thought. 

Willow smiled at him with affection knowing that he has her back with this, it made his stomach turn but held it in. " What Willow is saying might be right, there's a chance we could befriend him, I see potential" he rubbed his arm looking at the Emporers statue too. 

He owned a certain evil and control over his face, even when it's not really the real him. " I feel like him being a young teen was a universal message sent to us," Gus gasped. Snapping his fingers he pointed at luz 

"holy shit! It's the ultimate advantage tool we need! " Willow shot him a look for the profanity which he apologized right after.

holding the bridge of her nose, Luz  sighed, " he's not a tool Gus, he's a person just like the rest of us"

" so you do think he could be redeemed and be part of our group," Willow challenged.

Luz frowned 

" I didn't say that," 

" you were thinking it," Gus shot back through a chuckle. 

She shot him a look which he crossed his arms squinting at her suspiciously as he watched her grow a bit red. 

They all stood still in silence daring for a verbal battle. Willow noticed Amity was awfully quiet so she looked at her. 

" what do you think Amity?" 

They all guided their eyes to the lavender-haired witch who had a panic expression all over. 

Pick wisely Amity, the group is on the line. She crossed her arms ready to give her full Honesty, shes a lot of things but she's no liar. 

" That dude's an Asshole  " She clenched her arms tightly remembering the look Luz was giving one time in class, it will forever be printed in her memory. 

Luz may have not noticed but the way she watched him in Abomination class the first day for that one beat told her that he might have potential.

It said it in Luz's Hazelnut eyes. 

Luz wasn't surprised with the answer Amity spat out she looked like she almost smiled. Gus and Willow were terrible at hiding disappointed looks. 

But mind you, she's no liar. 

She looked at Her human saviour and her face softened. 

" just like me " 

Luz held her breath at the switch. 

He's like her, pushed to do shit to impress the one you look up the most. 

Using fear to get the job done. It sucks it makes you miserable and heartless. 

She did it all her life, and it fucked her up. Unlike him, he doesn't have a Luz to save him and that's what he needs. 

A luz. 

" So you should consider taking that chance as you did with me " she dropped her arms giving a warning look at all of them. 

People like that aren't afraid to take risks because they don't have anything to lose. She looked down darkly " you don't want an Amity blight 2.0 " 

There was a silence. Only the sounds of the people walking by, so Willow finally spoke again looking at her for approval. It only convinced the two more for her to consider the chance. 

" so are you coming? " 

After that speech, it convinced Luz to at least put in some effort. Amity threw a solid point. she didn't know if it was the sun that was making her sweat or the warning Amity threw. Gus was still rattled watching her in silence. 

She finally looked at Willow and nodded slowly. 

"ya, I think I am." 

How hard can it be? 

. ~. 

" Oh look at you, orange does suit your look" Eda snorted leaning at the door frame in Luz's room.

She watched as Luz was Rolling the end of her jeans to erase the odd design. 

Luz also decided to add little things that made her outfit unique to herself so she painted orange stars at the corner of her jeans. 

Very artistic if you ask her. 

" I also didn't know that you had blossoms, you surprise me every day..." she added 

Ok, this whole boobs thing is making her have doubts about her outfit, she held her hands to her chest now puffing it. 

" Is it big?" 

Eda stopped her little laugh then looked at her still smiling, " what? Heck no, it's just an eye grab since you always wore stuff that covered those babies up " Eda picked something in her ear. " your curves, on the other hand, is another story " 

Relief washed over her face when she brought her hands to her hip flashing her eyelashes at her mentor 

" jealous? "

Eda laughed again " Kid my curves can never be beaten, stay in your lane" 

She can't argue with the queen herself so she bowed with respect smiling playfully. 

" yes, wise sensei" she walked over to her backpack and took out an orange baseball cap then turned it backwards. " perfect " 

" king is still trying to figure out with his whole father situation but I'm going to try and wedge him out of the house too," Eda said while shaking her head " that kid needs fresh air" 

Luz agreed 100% with Eda she rarely sees king around all because he is obsessed with figuring out where his father is. 

She walked over to her and patted the Adults shoulder lightly before walking out with a smile " good call, maybe that could help ease himself off it for a while, it's giving him stress"

Eda watched as she was heading out to her party looking amazing as ever then she smiled. 

" sure thing kiddo " 

. ~. 

Luz was looking up watching the familiar branches blowing through the air in the night as she hugged her arms feeling the breeze blow aggressively. God, why does it feel colder than it was before then every other night in the boiling isle? 

She felt an arm wrap around her shoulder, it was Emira laughing lightly. " cold?" 

" Apparently " she should have worn a jacket instead of this. She rubbed her arms to create friction " I did that to myself though " 

" yuup, you kinda did" she teased. Luz asked Emira if Her brother was going to tag along with them but she only told her he had other plans he wanted to do tonight. 

" Just to be clear, my sister told me to keep an eye out for you because she cares and she told me that your nervous~" she waved dramatically. 

Luz's cheeks tinted pink then glared at her. " I'm not nervous" she lied. 

She rolled her eyes " right, and I'm a virgin" 

As they walked past familiar branches and trees where luz and a certain guard once walked past, memories were flowing back in her head making her squeeze her arms more. 

Emira saw her quiet state and wanted to ease the fear " dude, your gonna rock this party. There's nothing to be worried about" she squeezed her closer " you're going to fit in just fine " 

Luz wasn't worried about the party. She was too busy thinking about the giant horrific monster she and the Golden Guard fought is probably free out here somewhere. 

And if it is out there. Luz is gonna have to make sure no one gets hurt. Without her god damn glyphs. Using a little something called. 


Well, to be honest everyone can take care of themselves pretty fine without her help. 

Her thoughts were drowned out by the sudden sound of Music and excited witches not too far behind the bushes. letting down her arms with excitement, it was as if her body forgot it was cold and was replaced with party energy. 

Crap crap. Ok, this is happening. 

Pushing apart the bushes it revealed an open ground filled with a huge crowd of students dancing to some magical instruments not too far at the front, drinking contests were going on at certain tables as she watched two teens were balancing on a chair while drinking at the same time.

The giant Bon Fire in the center of this was the cherry on top making everything give off a beautiful orange around everyone and everything here, some little fire flares flew past the human catching her eyes as it swirled gracefully then faded away into the hot hair. 

luz's eyes sparkled reflecting the natural orange fire in front of her. 

" This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life" she whispered 

It felt warm and welcoming. She didn't even notice how long she was gazing at everyone like a creep in the bushes till the sound of Emira zipping something was heard behind her. 

She turned over her shoulder " what are you doing?" her voice came out barely hearable as she watched her friend's sister zip off her leather jacket, revealing a strapless dark green crop top. 

" you didn't think I was going to wear this jacket did you?" Emira teased. Throwing her jacket around her waist she tied it tightly letting it fall against her black jeaned legs. 

Luz watched as she flipped her hair over her shoulder then gave a stretch closing her eyes. sighing with a smile " oh yeah~ I can feel my magic so much stronger out here "

That line reminded Luz once again that she can't experience the feeling that these witches have because she's a human. 


Luz always wondered what it was like having magic surge through her veins as she only had to cast a spell circling her finger in the air. 

It would have been So much easier. 

luz turned back to look at everyone frowning not wanting Emira to see her sour jealous face. " haha yeah.."

Emira hopped over the bush grabbing her hand " come on, I'm so ready to get my freak on" 

Locking away the jealous feelings in her, she decided to think about the positivity, like the party she is about to attend right in front of her. 

She ran ahead making Emira be the one being dragged along behind her. Luz grew a grin looking back at her. 

" not if I get my freak on first" 

. ~ . 

Taking in the blight manner from the top to the bottom The Golden Guard slowly walked in front of the entrance then reached out his arm to knock on the door. 

He paused. 

Backing down the steps in reverse he went over to the bushes full of flowers and picked out a rose. 

His uncle always taught him to have manners in the upper class even if they weren't on the same level as them. 

It shows respect, 

He knocked on the door not too hard but loud enough for it to be heard. 

And then he waited. 

He stepped back and twiddled with his thumbs with patience like a polite young boy. This is stupid. The only sound that was heard was odd little noisy bugs in the night.

He growled then clenched his staff

This time he knocked on the door very hard with speed, should have listened the first time. The Golden Guard has other things to do. 

He doesn't have time for this, 
" Mr. and Mrs. Blight!" he shouted tiredly. 

Hearing footsteps approach the door finally he was greeted with the familiar purple-haired witch from scrollstagram looking at him with a firm and dull face like she was ready to call out on the tone in his voice. 

Until she realized who is in front of her, she tensed and clenched her mouth shut swallowing those words down her throat. 

" hello. " she started with a steady breath." our apologies for the late response, we didn't hear your knock the first time" 

Her eyes trailed down to the rose then rose a brow slightly " is that for me?" 

He was still taken back by her being here. of course, she's related to Mrs. Blight. 

He remembered the description from that post ' The Blight is back ' Hunter what the hell did you expect? Of course, it's Amity blight. 

Stupid hair colour change. 

His wrist stung. Of course. 

" yes," he handed it over nodding like there wasn't something burning his flesh " wheres your mother? " the mention of her mother made her fake Dull mask appear again for a beat. 

She moved out the way inviting him inside her huge home pointing in the direction " in the basement" is all she said 

With power and authority in his step he walked past her inside the house Amity tagged along. 

She caught up Reaching the basement entrance she opened it for him to walk down but called out before he could walk down any further. " Can I get you anything?" 

He looked at her behind his shoulder then stayed there studying her, watching her, she waited and her mouth turned into a line awkwardly at the none response

She wondered what his expression was under that mask as he watched her. 

She put two and two together then blushed in embarrassment. " right, the whole mask thing" she muttered. 

He said nothing then turned around to head down the stairs once more. Out of earshot Amity rolled her eyes with a cringed expression then turned. 

" was I always that pissy?" 

Probably was. 

Heading over to her couch she took out her scroll and texted the gang. 

She typed in ' the golden guard is at my house ' she reached over to press send but paused. 

She didn't want to cause too much panic. 

so she deleted it and exited the group chat. Panic was in the air and Amity didn't know what to do. 

She'd talk to luz but she doesn't have a Scroll yet, plus even if she did, the only response she'd get would be. 

Stay away from him. 

He's dangerous. 

I don't want you to get hurt. 

Amity blushed but shook it off focusing on the problem which is now. 

She looked back down at her scroll and went over to Her childhood friends' chat then typed quickly with urgency. 

Amity: " Willow, Hunter is in my house talking to my parents, what do I do?" 

She tapped her foot on the ground waiting for a reply biting her lip scared she may be. 


" please answer.." she whispered. 

And so she did, Amity sat up from her seat, she knew Willow will come through for her. 

Willow: ' try to bond with him, this is perfect for the whole plan we all discussed earlier. '

Amity swallowed and broke a sweat. What plan? She never agreed to befriend him she just believed he has potential. There's a difference. 

She typed. 

Amity: ' Willow, he's not here to bond, he's here for business, my mother would kill me if I interfered '

Willow: ' Amity, please, this is a chance that we can prove to luz that he might be redeemable

Amity threw her head back groaning. 

Willow sent another message. 

Willow: you don't have to if you're not comfortable. 

Amity looked at the rose he picked out in her hand, the rose that was in the front of their own house, a cheap common thing everyone seems to always do when they visit her house. 

She rolled her eyes. 

She went back to the chat. 

Amity: ' I'll see what I can do, no promises that you'll get anything interesting out of him '

He doesn't know her. So how would he open up? 

Amity didn't wait for her reply after that, closing her scroll, she stood up and headed for the kitchen to prepare some tea for her parents. 

And possibly for the guest, she's pretty famous for her tea.

Leaving the scroll on the couch alone notifications were suddenly vibrating harshly from one person. 

Her Sister. 

Amity headed off too far away not able to hear the buzzing sounds of her scroll continue.

. ~. 

An hour later. 

Emira nervously bit her lip as she stared at her scroll not getting a reply or a seen by her sister. She wasn't available. 

She was on her own

She lost Luz in the crowd when she was too busy hitting up with a cute chick from the beast track. " Shit " 

They hit the hour where the party was at its high and fullest too, people were off the wall bumping into Each other like wild savages. It was so 

So so loud. 

Emira didn't feel the energy of magic and excitement anymore but felt the fear of disappointment and failure. 

She swiped her arm away with sweat looking around her in the tight space she had been saying. 

" oh Luz, where are you? " 

. ~ . 

" got anything that has fruits?" Luz asked hopefully. She leaned over the table smiling like it would push her luck " fruit punch maybe? " 

A witch who looked about three years older shrugged, already tired of the party or maybe done with all the shit in general. He unfolded his crossed arms to sit up, his long blue hair fell forward covering his eye only showing his other green one at her

" We got Cranberry juice" 

Her smile fell

Luz sighed nodding slowly then muttered " I'll take what I can get"

the boy got to work preparing her to drink with eye-grabbing flips and tricks shaking the drink in a potion bottle. Very skilled. 

All while he was still looking at her curiously " do I know you from somewhere?" he asked 

She already knew where this was going. So She revealed her ear to him tilting her head. 

" probably." she boredly confirmed, her heart was still heartbroken they don't have any fruit punch. 

Stupid rare fruits in the boiling isle. 

Stupid human stomach. 

The boy slid the drink in front of her, she looked down at the dark red drink and her frown deepened. 

Stupid cranberry. 

The sound of a surprised gasp broke her back into reality. " A-are you Luz the human? " the guy in front of her asked hopefully. 

" Yeah...? " 

He tried containing his excitement masking his smile all flustered. 
" fan I am, " his eyes widen " Am F-Fan I-shit! " his face was practically Tomato sauce and he reached his hand out to shake hers starting over. 

" I'm Eli " 

She didn't take it feeling a little uncomfortable, so instead, she nodded with a straight face. " nice to meet you, Eli, "

She picked up her drink watching his arm lower down slowly with an embarrassed expression all over him. " I'd tell you my name but you already seem to know it." She grumbled

" yeah haha... Crazy um" he raised his finger to try and ease the awkward tension but Luz already was on her way. " ok, I'll see you around I guess...." 

" bye Eli" 

As luz walked a bit further away from the drinking stand she brought the drink up to her lips ready for a refreshing beverage. 

Till a hand slapped it far across the ground out of her grasp, causing it to spill everywhere even a bit splashed on her shoes. 

It all happened so fast, her hand was still moulded like the cup was still in them. 

Luz blinked. 

She was just thirsty.

She heard the sound of laughter coming from her left side. 

She was just thirsty

" goddammit," a familiar voice came chirping in. Like nails scratching a chalkboard. 

Luz turned to look at the witch still shaken by the action she just did. 

She was just thirsty

Bosca wore a jersey shirt with ripped blue jeans, her hair was down in a messy braid and she gave the dirtiest look she could give at her. 

" that was supposed to spill on you " 

. ~ . 

The Aboma-ton's head was chopped in half by another one of its own. Slowly its head reformed around the hand trapping it solidly in place. 

" Nicce " The golden guard admitted. Reaching over to pet Alador on the head like a dog (he'll burn the gloves later) he nodded at the Wife " looks good " 

She smirked. " Imagine how amazing it'll be when you have thousands of these specially customized by us," she stood up from her seat and snapped her fingers. The Aboma-tons stopped what they were doing and stood still professionally behind. She raised out her hand to show the display with confidence. 

" my husband and I are happy to add new things to our Work for the Emporer whenever you say. " she offered smiling like a smoocher wanting his interest. 

The Golden Guard sensed this coming, belos wasn't interested in promoting the blight industries, he wants to keep this as under low cover as possible.

He rolled his eyes under the mask

" now Mrs. Blight, you know my instructions are crystal clear before last time "

Odalia was frozen. Her plastic smile was stiff and fake but she forced an appropriate tone " y-yes of course. The Aboma-ton's will be ready for pick up tomorrow " 

" good good," whacking away Her husband's hands away from touching his cape he tilted his head at her smiling under the mask. Satisfied he settled this task pretty well like always. 

" seems like we are done here, yeah? " 

" yes, we are-" 

" I got BreadPudding and fairly tea! " 
Amity announced. 

The Golden Guards' stomach growled quietly at the thought of food. But his wrist stung to distract him from it. 

As the golden guard, you get many pros, people look up to you with respect and fear. 

Cons, they won't recognize your true identity when you are not the golden guard making you weak like the rest. 

And the thing he hates the most.

Amity finally hit the bottom step holding a tray of bread pudding and tea. The smell flew through the holes of his mask hitting his nostrils. 

Is that the golden guard can't eat around anyone. 

Amity casually set her father's drink in his hands ignoring her mother's death glare. 

" Amity blight. What. Are. You. doing?" she said through gritted teeth lowly. 

He watched as she approached him offering a treat. " bread pudding?" 

His wrist stung intensely from her sudden presence near him making him wince. 

He brought his hand up rubbing his wrist. It Hurts so much more since it's been burning that one specific spot. Since he's been here. 

" no, thank you." 

Her eyes watched his wrist suspiciously then raised a brow. " are you sure?" 

Her mother aggressively grabbed her wrist then yanked her away from him out of rage and annoyance. " Amity blight the golden guard told you his answer, ENOUGH with the pushing. " she snarled. 

the golden guard was taken back by this treatment and also startled, she practically threw her daughter away as possible, and her father was too busy poking a fairy's head around in his tea to notice. 

It made him sick. 

One last glance at her daughter, Odalia turned back looking at him nervously all guilty " Golden guard my apologies, my daughter should have known better to bother you " 

Amity looked down at the food frowning with pent-up anger, her fist clenched the ends of the tray. 

The Golden Guard watched silently

She hates when her mother would apologize for her like she's a klutz always screwing things up. 

" she was just leaving" Odalia firmly finished. Amity didn't need to look up to know that that last sentence was for her and not for the Golden guard. 

Turning to head out she shook her head shaking away the tears. She won't cry for them anymore. Willow's idea was stupid. She just Downright embarrassed herself. 

For what? 

" actually." 

They all froze and turned to look at him, even Alador looked up. 

" your daughter treated me quite respectfully the whole time I was here," he announced. 

Amity look over at him looking at him astonished. A smile was trying to breakthrough. 

He looked at the purple-haired goddess and fingered her to come back down here. And so she did smiling at him. 

Her parents were silent. 

" she's been offering me things and you're scolding her for being considerate." 

His staff glowed red dimming out the lights in the room as he turned to look at her darkly under that mask. " the only thing that's bothering me is you kissing my ass for extra credit on the Aboma-tons "

Odalia swallowed hard. 

Amity took it all back. She on the other hand was enjoying this like she was going to watch a famous concert. 

Willow's plan is amazing 

. ~ . 

" you got some nerve fucking up my night just for showing up " Bosca growled. 

Luz clenched her fist earning a crack. 

It's odd that they're surrounded by a loud crowd but seemed to still hear each other loud and clear. 

" That was my drink " she scolded. 

Bosca walked closer to her growing a mean grin." yeah. Well, it seemed like the soil was a better choice than just running down your humanized throat." 

Luz stared at her dead in her icky grey three eyes who knew her frown could grow larger than it already was. 

And to make matters worst Bosca laughed devilishly in her face. " I did the drink a favour." 

"You so immature, you know that? "

" I know that your a soft as bitch who can't hand a single drink spill " her smile grew a smug " I know that~" 

She won't let Bosca get to her, that's all she ever wants, Luz's attention. and she's not going to give it. This isn't about her, it's about Viney. 

Viney's birthday party won't be remembered about another one of those catfights. 

So she's going to find her. Luz turned on her heel. Bosca however didn't approve of that choice of action. 

"I'm not finished with you, round ears! Don't walk away from me" she grabbed her shoulder harshly. 

Luz tensed and got ready to throw a punch. " DON'T TOUCH M-" 

" CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! " the crowd chanted. The girls stopped and turned around curious to see the commotion. 

Two older Grudgby Athletes from a different school were balancing on chairs with one foot up drinking quickly from a bottle of what Luz Assumed was liquor. 

One of them was shirtless with only his jacket on, his skin gave off an orange tanned colour and he had two small tusks sticking out from his bottom lip. 

Bosca stood still beside her Rival interested in what was going on. It seemed like their argument will hit a pause for now. 

The tanned teen finished his drinking and threw it over at the other jock's head, he fell over unconscious on the ground making everyone cheer and shout.

He mocked loudly at his defeated state pointing at him." Hah! You PATHETIC piece of shit, that all you got?!" 

Jumping down his chair he waved around to the crowd like he was a god among them all. 

" Whos next! " he dared. His eyes scanned around the crowd. Then landed on a familiar face.


" Do my eyes deceive me or that's my future wife in the crowd watching me win for the team" 

Luz almost thought he was talking to her until she realized he had hungry eyes on her school bully beside her. 


" Not another word about this" Bosca sneered to the human. Luz only felt awkward like she wasn't supposed to be in this conversation. She won't have to worry about her talking about anything. Bosca looked up at the jock then crossed her arms unimpressed " the fuck are you doing here at a Hexide party Kevin " 

He shrugged smirking down at her spicy language around him, he enjoyed those moments about her.
" I heard about a party so I came around. You know how I am, Dragon-fly~" 

Bosca had her solid face still but pink still rose to her cheeks from that nickname. She turned away 

" whatever " 

" and who is this little sunshine?" he turned over to Luz giving a fake welcoming smile. It didn't suit him " look at your little baseball cap and your little puckered lips! What's your name? " 

Luz only glared. He didn't like that. 

Bosca rolled her eyes and pushed her hand to his chest to give him some space " she's not around here, go easy on her " 

He gave her a shocked expression then chuckled. " your one to talk, " he leaned in again to look at her bursting any personal space she had before 

" she a mute? " 

Luz scrunched up her face leaning in also " when she wants to "

He smiled." so she does talk." he sniffed slowly making her shiver in disgust. " and she smells good too" 

That made her eyes turn into dials

Luz felt paralyzed. There was something inside her that made her feel unable to react physically. Her breathing was growing thin like she suddenly came up from a swim. 

Bosca yanked her to her side now and for once, luz was glad she did " Kevin stop that, your scaring her " 

Her arms wrapped around Bosca's tightly daring her to pull away. She never broke her eyes away from him. 

She didn't trust a single second of him near her. 

He shook his head laughing at her 
" Sorry, my bad it's cool, " he backed up away from them with hands in the air like he was surrendering " I was just playing. " 

Bosca wasn't convinced " sure." 

They turned around in another direction, anywhere away from him. 

But he wasn't done yet, 

Before Luz could react her baseball cap was snatched from her head.  He looked at it curiously. 

Fear was replaced with rage, he was holding her belongings like it was gifted to him.           " give that back! "

Kevin ignored her, bringing the hat to his nose he gave a good waft smelling deep. he sighed. " Titans. I'm definitely keeping this" 

He can't, he won't. She won't let him. 

Her mother gifted that on her 12 birthday, it brought her through dark times when she never had any friends. 

She always knew that her mother was always with her.

And it means a lot more to her now, 

Finally, he threw it at the top of his spiky brown sweaty hair. " looks good on me. " 

Yanking her arm away Luz jumped to try and get her hat back ignoring her fear as he shot her a warning look. She's tired of getting shoved around. This isn't the human realm. 

He stopped his laughing completely then sized her up daring her to try something " get the fuck off me." 

" Kevin stop being a dick and just give it back " Bosca yelled from behind. Eyeing the growing crowd around them. He looked at the three-eyed girl not interested in the idea one bit " your acting like a child " 

" no." he looked back down at Luz darkly crossing his arms. " I want to see what she's going to do " 

There was a beat as he squatted low to face her properly. " come on firefly

She hated that name, she hated it so much. 

Luz spat on his shoe in response. Kevin sighed closing his eyes. 

" stop you two!" Bosca scolded in between now holding back mostly Kevin " Kevin don't! " 

He pushed Bosca harshly out his way ignoring her yells. 

" Kevin!" 

Then shoved Luz sending her to the ground bumping a few people on the way there.

Her butt hit the moist dirt probably staining her blue jeans. Her chest was in pain from that hard shove. 

" What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Bosca ran back shoving him with brute force. He tumbled a little not finding it the least effective. He rolled his eye, turning to head out. 

" calm down I barely touched her" he waved over his shoulder. 

Luz's vision was coming back clearly as she saw concerned eyes all around her. 

" are you ok?" one asked. 

" you poor thing let me help! " 

" Jesus are you alright?!" 

Bosca glared at his back as he walked out then turned around to see the human. Bosca Watched strangers belittle her and soothe her after the fall. 

And it aggravated her. Luz was more than capable of taking care of herself, she didn't need all this soft bullshit. 

It's making her soft. 

" Alright guys lay off her, she's ok" Bosca moved some people to give her some space. Luz said nothing as she was too busy dusting the dirt off her hands. 

" she hit the ground pretty hard, at least let me check, I majored in the healing track maybe I coul- " 

Luz raised her hand not looking at the crowd " I'm fine." she croaked. Her whole body felt weak and she felt like crying. Everyone watching her break down at a party isn't going to be a pretty option. 

She got her butt handed to her, she's not going to hand her crying butt to them too. 

She sniffed rubbing her arm across her face looking at the ground shielding her broken state. Bosca rested her hand on her shoulder " listen about what happened-" 

" just go," she breathed. 

At a normal time, Bosca would take this opportunity by heart and use this as an advantage and bully the hell out of her, but it didn't feel right. 

She stood up straightening her shirt 
Looking down at her. " I'm not going to lie And baby you. Suck up the tears defend yourself better next time" 

" I SAID GO AWAY!" luz yelled loud glaring angrily at the pink-haired girl in front of her. 

Unbelievable, even when she's at her lowest she's still a heartless witch. 

The music chipped silent, everyone spaced out and looked at the loud yelling voice in the middle. 

" hey! What's going on here?!" the birthday girl shouted. Viney ran in full of panic was right behind her tail. Her eyes caught Luz immediately then hugged her seeing her messy state " Oh my goodness what happened to you!? " 

Stepping forward in front of them Emira pointed

" did you do this? " Emira glared at the pink-haired girl furiously. She got into a battle stance ready to throw down. " I always hated you the moment you hung with my sister you three-eyed Bitch." 

" I didn't do anything " she shot back. She crossed her arms looking at the older blight " she's fine." 

" like I'd believe anything you say! " 

" I don't care if you believe me or not, I know what I did. "

Emira growled and cracked her neck. Stepping forward at the younger witch, Bosca did the same ready To have a Witching dual. 

They were both fighters that didn't seem to admit their wrongs. 

Luz only looked down in embarrassment as Viney started brushing the dirt off her clothes. Places she couldn't reach. 

Once again luz did something ruining everything. 

She tried, but she failed 

" I want to go home... " 






Chapter Text

" did I mention that my daughter is amazing at abominations?" Odalia gloated. She nudged her husband smirking." she got the skills from her father"

Alador only shrugged as he sipped his tea silently watching mainly the golden guard and his daughter across him.

They all decided to move up to the living room to casually just hang out a bit. The Golden Guard slid up his mask enough to reveal his mouth to eat some of the bread pudding off his plate trying his best to eat politely.

" mom stop trying to ease me into the emporers coven, it's not going to happen," Amity said through gritted teeth.

Her mother of course let those words fly through her ears." Amity that's enough, I'm trying to help get your life together for the future you should be thanking me "

Amity groaned throwing her head back against the couch.

The Golden Guard gave a soft laugh at the bickering of this odd family. A very odd family indeed.

The door swung open revealing a very tired teen walking up the stairs with a hoodie over their head.

Odalia sighed at the non-welcoming sound of her child. She didn't need to look to know who it was, she had a feeling " hello to you too Edric"

" huh? Oh um hey mom, and uh... Yeah hey." he replied with a grumbled voice. He went right back up the stairs keeping to himself.

they heard the door slam shut and no one didn't flinch a bit as they continued doing their own thing.

Except for Amity and the golden guard. He wanted to ask what that was about but she seemed just as puzzled as he was so he shrugged it off going back to his food.

" like the bread pudding?" the mother asked. Watching his every move eating slowly from his tiny plate.

It was weird, he never hangs around other people's homes like this. He doesn't know what to do with himself. The mother cherishes every second of him being here in their home.


I mean, who wouldn't he is the golden guard. 


If she wasn't so fake he would have appreciated her interest if he was well.

" it's Alright," he said through chews. He looked at the youngest blight in the room curiously, " thank you"

She smiled giving a nod " no problem" to his token of gratitude until she smelt the air suspiciously unfocused on the golden guard beside her.

He was puzzled under the mask watching at the sudden change.

" I taught her that, Amity is very skilled in the kitchen," Odalia said through sips. The Golden Guard looked back at her trying to get his mind off the sound of the teen sniffing like a mouse suspiciously.

" that's nice," he muttered. His eyes landed on a family photo over the parent's head. " really nice."

Odalia was no fool when it came to Manipulation. He kept an ear out for her making sure he doesn't slip up his words whenever he speaks.

You never know when they use something against him.

" Mom, Can I have a talk with the golden guard alone for a bit?" Amity asked suddenly.

That made The Golden Guard turn over to her with wide eyes under the mask. the parents, exchange looks then looked at the golden guard.

He was just as puzzled as they were.

She gave her a suspicious look.             


" why? "



" there's just something I'd like to say to him " she replied. Sitting up straight she exhaled calmly. If she's going to do this she needs to sell.

" I don't think that will be necessary," he sat the plate on a table brushing the crumbs. The look the mother gave was filled with panic. " I have places to be- "

" I promise you it's worth the wait."

He stopped brushing and looked at her. She looked certain. Her hands were clenching the ends of her shirt waiting. " it won't be long "

The mother opened her mouth to speak but her voice went silent when she saw the golden guard lift a finger. The power he holds.

" you guys can leave," he said politely.

" Why on earth would I-" her husband held a hand to her back looking at her with warning slowly saying " dear..."

She looked down at his hand as it did an effect on her. The hand clenched lightly on her shoulder. Her breathing was steady. The Golden Guard and her daughter looked at her.

She laughed nervously " why of course," she sat up grabbing hold of the hand of her love " we had things to do anyway"

Her eyes sat on the youngest and they harden, warning her with a look, she always did that with the necklace but now Amity can read her without it.

" just. don't get too comfortable, hm?"

Amity looked away from her mother giving no reply. The blight parents left them alone in the room to talk.

Finally, Amity looked back over meeting his shielded face. Taking in a breath " listen. Hunter, I get that you have expectations to fill.. "

" How did you know my name?" for once Amity heard the tone of panic in his voice. Her eyes settled on his hands that were inches away to grab his staff. " if I ever see that human again I'll-"

" hey. watch it " she warned sitting forward with finger-pointing in his direction. " just because your the golden guard doesn't mean that I'm afraid of you," she said in a low voice.

He lowered his arms leaning back. She settled too " that's unfortunate " he mumbled.

" besides, Luz wasn't the one who revealed the secret identity you got going on, we all figured it out on our own." she shrugged

The Golden Guard tensed. He sat still for a minute " all? "

Her eyes widen from the info she just shared with him. " there are only three people who know. " she laughed nervously

he groaned.

Then She remembered about king and eda and possibly Hooty if he counts. She cringed  "....six. "

" fuck.."  he practically buried his hands over the mask.

" language." she pointed. Then her nose caught an odd smell again, she was still smelling the air trying to track down the smell she kept on finding.

And it came from him. without permission, she grabbed his wrist from his face and brought it close to her face smelling it suspiciously. " hey!"

He tried yanking his hand away but failed miserably. Her grip was incredibly strong. Pulling off his glove ignoring the warning threats he was telling her from the back of her mind. She was just too focused on finding out what was going on.

it revealed a red ring around his wrist. like a hot iron string was tied in that spot never cooling down. It looked painful. How could he be so casual when this sits there, damaging his skin.

Poor thing, she thought. It's practically cooking his skin to the bone if it keeps ongoing.

" my goodness it looks deceased" she squeaked. She looked up at his face then glared " this is the everlasting oath Luz was talking about, isn't it "

He finally yanked free of her grip. Pulling his glove back on anger sept to the surface " oh great, Luz told you guys about the deal too. What else did she share? I bet you guys are such gal pals telling all the crap about me "

Did Amity act like this when she first met luz? Because yeesh.

" talking about stuff with people is better than closing away from them entirely. " she smoothly said with a small smile. Taking out her hand this time for his permission to take it. Amity usually saves her soft side for the children at the library. It tends to work whenever they are in a pouty fit.

After some consideration he finally took out his hand resting it on her open palm gently with a pout. " please be careful."

" my mom would kill me if I harmed you. Don't worry "

They laughed softly.

Taking off his glove once again she sighed seeing the nasty ring.

" you know there's nothing I can do about it right? Deals between witches are stronger than any healing coven. I once made a deal with Luz before but I never disobeyed the rules. What did you agree to do?"

He was silent as he watched the mark on his pale skin grow red by the second, it's like the pain he feels is almost normal now.

" I promised luz I'd stay away from her friends," he spoke under the mask.

Amity snickered. " such a Luz thing to do " her eyes were focused as she circled the air slowly, a purple energy of magic went around his wrist and like a wave of cool water over a blistering cut, washed over his mark.

He loosened up at the sensation and sighed. He didn't know he needed this till now " oh wow.. " he looked at the mark that is now less noticeable but more like a faint pink. He looked up at her in Amazement " how did you do that? "

She looked up also from his hand in confusion. What she did was basic magic her mother taught her, back when they didn't know what track she should take yet.

Amity always just studied basic magic and mastered some of the simple stuff.

" basic magic," she answered. Twirling her finger with ease a little set of pink fire emerge out of that ring then vanished when she closed her hands.

" healing magic is something that can be learned at a young age" waving her hand back and forth in thought. " simple chants, magic puns, written spells."


His non-response made her more curious, she leaned in closer more interested in this mysterious guard. She squinted her eyes.

" How could you make a magic oath but never learned any basic magic?" Her finger went up to her chin-scratching it softly. " it's like skipping five chapters of Azura but understanding who and where she came from, it's not natural."


The Golden Guard stayed still thinking. The whole Azura reference confused him a bit but he shook it off. Amity was asking questions he didn't know himself.

He never did expect the everlasting oath to work, because...

He can't do magic from his own body like everyone else. He doesn't have a bylsac, all he knew is that he needed that human under his palm. All he did was go for a shake. 


It felt weird remembering that energy surge when he felt her hand, it was different than his artificial staff. It felt real, alive...


And brief.


Leaning back from him, She ran her hand through the lavender locks of hair then puffed her cheeks looking down with wide eyes.

" could you break the oath?" he blurted out. He didn't expect it to burst through, he almost reached out his hand to cover the mask where the mouth laid like an idiot.

That made Amity look up at him again.


" can't you do it? "


" well...." he looked away. He isn't used to sharing information about himself to strangers other than his uncle. He spoke casually with a laugh " I could, I'm just wondering if you could break it too. "

the blight sat still in suspicion, he only broke sweat under his mask. He kept his cool " just want to know what I'm doing is all."

" uh-huh...."

She had to admit. She's enjoying the conversation they are having together about the magic and laws of the oath.

Amity crossed her legs comfortably on the couch. " I can't interfere with another witch everlasting oath." The golden guard should be happy. And relieved that he can end the oath on his terms.

But why didn't he feel that way? Maybe it's because he doesn't know himself if he could end the oath.

" the everlasting oath can only be broken between the witch who cast it in the first place." she circled her finger making once again, Another purple light spawned.

Nothing came out of it then disappeared. That was her example of an everlasting oath.

The Golden Guard grew more curious, he never did the circle casting of his finger.

He only grabbed the human's hands.

He brought his hands close to his vision " but I... didn't do that " he whispered. His eyes spooked and lost.

He snapped back at the sound of the Blight laughing. " don't be silly, there's no other way to do it " She leaned back trying to control her posture closing her eyes. She sighed smiling "it's not like you could do it without a bylsac"

He lowered his hands. And looked at hers as she held her stomach. He did a little circle to himself for hope mimicking what she did a few seconds ago.

Could he do magic?


Nothing happened. Of course, what was he thinking? He frowned sadly to himself. He can't use magic.

Stupid bylsac.

Stupid ancestors.

Amity opened her eyes noticing his non-laughter. There was a minute of silence in the room. " wait..." her eyes trailed to the staff leaning on the couch, near him.

She just realized she saw him use magic other than his staff.

her eyes widen. He panicked.

She figured it out

" do you have a bylsa-"

The front door flung open. Amity hopped out of her seat to see the intruder. Leaving the room alone for the golden guard " what the hell?!" she shouted on the other side.

He sighed

What came through the door on the other side was Amity's older sister and Viney, she had her arm holding the green-haired witch up.

" We are sooo sorry " Said Viney

The Golden Guard slowly felt relief that he wasn't going to get interviewed on how he's not a natural magic user by the Blight. He could avoid it completely if he gets out of here.

If she comes back. She's going to try and continue this.

She was so close,

" Your sister got into a catfight at my party, I had to cancel the joint, things were getting out of hand anyway," she said through huffs.

The girls didn't notice the golden guard was here yet since they didn't enter the other room. He grabbed his staff and slowly stood up from the couch to sneak out the other way.

Maybe a window.

" she had it coming!" Emira argued.

He heard the steps grow closer. He left the room. On the beat, he sprints to a window from the kitchen.

Till a mother Blight blocked his way he stumbled almost bumping into her.

" leaving so soon? " she asked fearfully.

" gah, shi- yes I have duties to fill" he finger gunned her playfully but her frown told him she had other things set in mind.

Right, bitchy mom. Gotta add a positive note. " your daughter is wonderful" he added.

He's not lying though, he did enjoy the little time they had together, plus his wrist feels less like shit.

Her smile returned " why didn't you say so?" she took a bow with respect closing her eyes "you're free to have her around anytime you please."

He shook his head in disappointment looking down at her. She looked so proud of this shit too. Handing her daughter like she's a gift for him.

He lifted a finger to reply but then A voice reminded him why he was truly here,

" I need some water," Emira grumbled from afar.

They were gonna come in the kitchen, great.

Oh fuck.

he's in the kitchen. Out of panic he calmly moved the mother out the way. opening the window doors he backed up " just for the record, I don't normally do this " he calmly stated to her.

Odalia sat up straight in confusion, 

" I'm..sorry? "

Whatever she misheard before she's going to understand now, within a blur he gracefully ran past her and hopped out the window. Odalia panicked.

" oh god! " she shrieked, she looked at the window with wide eyes with her jaw loose. She brought her hands to her mouth blinking.

Did her eyes deceive her?

" Mom! " Amity ran in panic, looking at her trying to locate the golden guard. Her mom stayed in place.
" where did he go? "

A few minutes after a very grumpy older sister walked in to get her drink ignoring the scrambled young Blight.

She looked back at the window then back at her daughter still shocked.

" out the window....? "

. ~ .

Viney closed the door to the blights home, turning around her eyes fell on the back of her friend.

She sat on the stairs looking down, Viney didn't need to see her face to know she was still bummed about what happened at the party.

" you ok? " she teased. Walking down the stairs she sat down beside her, Luz still didn't lookup. She was busy looking through her phone, sliding through some pictures " I wish I came sooner, to catch that asshole" she continued

" I'm sorry about your party "

Luz's cracked-up voice only made Viney feel worse about not helping out on time.

The witch wrapped her arm around her shoulder gently giving it a pat " don't apologize, you didn't ruin anything. After what happened I'm never throwing huge parties like that again,"

That didn't make Luz feel any better, it made her feel worse. Now she's never going to throw cool parties like that again, all because she screwed up.

Why Luz, why?

Through her pats and rubs, luz only stared lifelessly at the grass. Viney just isn't getting through to her. After tonight she just doesn't think anything will make her feel better.

And Viney knew too, she's just trying to ease her away from beating herself up.

" Please don't blame yourself for what happened, I enjoyed you being there"

Her arm slipped off the human. Luz only nodded still looking down. It's sad to see her like this.

Standing up she gave one last pat on her knee, looking down at her" I have to head back and clean up the mess, stay safe Luz."

Turning to walk off into the night, she then heard her call behind.

" Viney? "

Her walking came to a stop. Looking back luz was looking at her with a wobbly lip. Then she forced a smile. 


" Happy birthday " 


Luz never got to tell her the whole time She was there, so she might as well do it before the night is due.

Viney brought her hand to her chest looking at her with awe. It made Luz's smile feel more real and less forceful.

" you're an Angel you know that? Even at your worst today you still manage to care about others "

She ran back over to Luz giving her a warm hug, the human only looked forward hugging her back. Luz was a little occupied thinking about what she said. She does care more about the people around her than herself sometimes.

" What can I say, kindness is the way." luz laughed lightly.

" ok I reallyy need to go" she stood again laughing back. Luz nodded sadly holding her phone in her lap." if you're lonely the Blights is literally right behind you, I guess."

" Odalia wouldn't be positive about my appearance there, plus I had enough crap tonight. " Luz waved off.

Viney nodded. " fair " she backed up to head off once again, " take care, and thank you for coming Luz "

Luz gave an exhausted sigh watching her go, " thank you for having me "

She did appreciate the invite. This may have not been her best party to remember but.

It's still her first one. So that's something.

She looked up at the black night sky sitting on the cool stairs silently in peace frowning, she just wasn't ready to leave yet. Kevin's actions tonight messed her up.

She felt her eyes burn up with tears then she huffed.

She wouldn't want Eda and king to possibly see her cry like this at home. She didn't want them to know about what happened at the party.

She wants to just forget about it so badly. But she can't

And the most infuriating thing that stuck to luz is that she let that idiot get away with it. With her hat.

With... Violating her. Throwing all her magic training and lessons into the trash.

She's so weak and soft.

She buried her face into her hands. Fingertips dug deep in her hair with anger messing the stands in the process, but she didn't care.

She had so much pent-up Rage, she wish she rained hell on Kevin. Only she'd suck it up before, didn't care about ruining that party, not letting Kevin treat her like some kind of-

She looked down at the outfit. This time she didn't look at it the way she looked at it before when she first found it. Tears flowed down her face
Like a river, she wanted to scream but she didn't want anyone to hear.

" never again " she declared, buttoning up her V neck area. she gritted her teeth through a silent crying fit. She should have never worn this stupid outfit.


" Never. again "



After that, she brought her knees up hugging herself and cried harder looking down. She wished her hugs would be effective like how everyone else told her but it did nothing. How can such a light breeze feel so cold and dry?

" GAH!" A voice yelled not too far from the Blights house behind her. The sound of a bush being probably crushed was heard.

luz's heartbeat in her chest. Crying hitched to a stop, she Perking her head up to locate the sound but hope to not grab attention to herself in the process.

Looking over the ledge to peek, she spotted the one and only right-hand man of Belos.

The Golden Guard.

" ow..." he groaned while rubbing his head.

Luz gave a shocked gasp but covered her mouth right after. His ears perked under his coven wear. She ducked back down leaning against the ledge of the stairs. She had a fearful expression.

She didn't want him to see her all a mess like this, he'd make fun of her and her fragile heart wouldn't handle it.

She started wiping her damp streamed tears Whispering " Eehh " with a cracky voice cringing hard.

She heard the rustling sound of leaves behind her, she wasn't sure if he was coming close behind or over.

"I know you're here human, I can smell your scent "

Well, now he knew. Cool. But is she going to come out and confront him?


Heck no.


" creep! " she almost yelled back. She tried to hide the cracked voice of her own in her throat trying to break through. " leave me alone."

The golden guard didn't know why she didn't come in earlier when the other girls came in.

He crept closer to the ledge curiously gripping his staff.

" why? "

" because I told you so? " firing back. she wiped her face feeling tears leak up again. She groaned angrily " god Your so annoying, You just don't know how to read the signs! "

He blinked under his mask at her, the tone in her voice switched. " I'm just checking up on yo-"

" All I did was mind my own business and you always found a way to wedge something in my life-ruining everything!"

Where was this coming from? He finally stepped out of the bushes quietly as possible, Walking over to see her in view she still had her head high wiping her face.

She still didn't notice him at the bottom of the steps and she kept going on, as he watched.

" Everything I go through is because of you and you only look at this like some stupid game! " she cried.

He rested one hand on the handle holding back his breath, under that mask as he watched her bark out with honestly and fury.


His heart skipped a beat.


Lifting her head, she finally noticed him and her chest went still in shock. The Golden Guard only looked at her, her eyes, her golden beautiful brown Hazel Nut eyes. startled and nervous that he has seen her messed up like this.


He's said nothing. 


Noticing the silence she broke it rising in a firm and tensed hand clenched stance. Her shocked innocent look in headlights switched to a glaring menacing one with absolute hate.

She looked confident. That is all that flew over his mind.

She was tired of what everything happened tonight, she let one guy get away with it. She won't let another.

So she'll question why he's going out to hang with Willow at the festival.

" What did I just say about you coming near my friends. " she sneered.

Walking down the stairs slowly, never breaking eye contact with the black holes of his mask. Neither did he.

" You are aware that Willow is my friend "


She's beautiful.


Reaching the bottom step, stepping right in front of him now. Without permission, Luz snatched his mask off him making them look at each other face to face.

He was shocked that he let her do that but was also too distracted by how she never blinked. Now up close, Hunter noticed a tint of pink in her eyes.

The moist streak of tears that were wiped away but still a little present shined on her dark skin.

She was crying.

And she was hiding them from him.

His dumbfounded face turned dark   


  " were you crying? "


He pushed her dominance out of balance, her eyes widening. twinkling like little lights. Then hid away once again.

She stood straight.

" I wasn't crying, and even if it DID " leaning in closer she gritted her teeth. " that's none of your business. "

To make it clear and sure, he watched her confidently with a glare reading her with his eyes. His aggressive frown grew as he squinted her down by the minute.

Luz only watched trying to hold back her bubbled-up panic. Her glare was nowhere near as hard as his and they both knew it. Even when looking into those red eyes it didn't make her feel any different.

It felt like she was drowning in a sea of red looking into them. Usually, with other people, Hunter would have to personally know someone to break them through the truth.

But something about the human makes him just... Know right away. He just feels it.

He knows it

" liar,"  he whispered.

She leaned back blinking at him, " I'm not a liar. "

That made him frown, even more, it's the fact that she's still trying to hide the truth away from him when he knows something is up.

" Everyone is a liar. it just matters if you're a good one."

She shook her head in disagreement. He heard her huff in stress, he was pushing her and the human didn't like it.

Hunter had the upper hand on the situation and he felt at ease feeling more familiar with this dynamic they usually had. He almost felt a smile creep up.

" Wanna try that again? " he pressed.

looking back at him fighting the voice in her head giving this silent look. Should she tell him? Or should she not. Her brain told her that she should open up and confess, but her petty side begs to differ. 

So she didn't.

Shoving the mask into his chest harshly. He stumbled back blinking, regaining that balance his Eyes widened with shock and confusion again. luz gave him one last look and stormed off to head home into the woods.

He underestimated her. He still doesn't understand that girl.

She's so different.

A few seconds he blinked not turning to watch her go. His mouth hung a bit open. Hands clenched the golden mask that was pressed into his chest when she last shoved it, never moving it one bit.

He felt a feeling of fire and warmth when she stepped up his level, it was Majestic and rare, lifting his soul in ways he never thought could be lifted.

Aside from his Uncle he never lost a verbal battle with anyone. She always dared to ignore those signs and yell and shout at him louder.

Out of nowhere, he felt heat rush up to his cheeks and he whispered in amazement.

" Wow...."

Chapter Text

Harsh sounds of lighting and thunder were heard on the outside of the Emporers coven castle in the middle of the night.

A little young 5-year-old boy held a sprig plush tightly to his chest in fear at the sound of nature. Walking down the empty halls in only a huge white shirt reaching down to his ankles.

his pace slowed to a stop reaching a cracked door to his Uncle's throne room. His head tilted way back looking at its height, Eyes wide with curiosity.

" I know your there Hunter," his uncle's voice rang like an echo in his head. " come inside " he urged.

Like a Loring call the little boy slowly pushed the door revealing a mother and a young boy not too older than himself in chains. They were on their knees scared for their life.

" Please, we just wanted to live our own life " the lady begged. Hugging her son close. " we didn't do anything wrong!"

" Silence " the raven-haired witch threatened. Sticking out her staff at the family her eyes cold with no empathy. The mother only closed her eyes whimpering to her child in fear.

" Speak When spoken to Criminal " her eyes trailed to the blonde child peaking at the door. Her eyes harden " what are you doing here?"

Panic came in immediately as eyes were all set on him, he made scared little noises clenching his plushie harder than ever.

" now... now... Lilith. " the Emporer stood up from his seat looking at his Nephew with that golden mask.

" he has every right to come in just as much as you do too," he said softly and gently. It eased Hunter's worries.

Motioning him to head over, Hunter nervously looked at the pale-skinned witch who never broke her elegant stance.

Hunter showed a little ounce of confidence glaring back up at her.

giving him one last glance. Lilith turned back to the family in front of her giving them all her attention once again. That was his permission to go. and so he did, waddling quickly to his uncle sitting safely in his lap behind the scene.

" you and your son have broken many of the Emporer's laws and will be punished. "

Hunter watched by, looking at the terrified looks the mother gave at the higher authority.

" please! Many people were ill and we needed to help them "  The mother screamed. Lilith on the other hand wasn't convinced. It made the women grow mad" I COULDN'T LET THEM DIE "

Hunter wobbled his lip at the harsh tone of her pleading voice.

Make it stop.

" the Abomination coven is your path, you and your child should have stuck with it," Lilith replied calmly and firmly.

She hugged her child tighter seeing some guards walk near. " YOU CAN'T DO THIS! WE ONLY WANTED TO HELP "

The noise only echoed louder in the little boy's head. bringing his hands to his ears, Hunter felt his headache in pain. It's like blocking out the sound did nothing. Her screams only grew.

Make it stop.

" Separate them, Let the stoning begin tonight," she ordered the guards.

They didn't hesitate to separate the mother and the child, the mother screamed and begged, reaching out to her scared child as he got pulled away.

" Joseph! Look at me you're going to be ok" tears were streaming down her face, she could barely see at this point. " Don't touch him!"

Emporer Belos noticed the shaking figure of his Nephew. He gave a curious look at him in fascination. Hunter's eyes were closed shut trying to keep his cool but failing miserably.

The flaming fire behind them increases rising higher. The room felt hot and he started to breathe at a fast pace.

" Mommy! "

He felt dizzy and confused, why was this happening. Why is everything so-

He felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning to face the Emporer, he looked up at him then lowered his tiny hands.

Suddenly the sound of screams in front of him was fading away, all he saw was his great wise uncle looking down at him.

" scared? "

He shook his head in honesty, eager to know what he was going to say or do next.

" Can I tell you a secret?"

He nodded again.

Bending over he whispered
" Sometimes I'm scared too,"

That made the little child gasp with shock quietly, he leaned in to know more about his mysterious uncle.

" you do..? "

The Emporer nodded in return. Hunter's head tilted to the side as he watched his uncle reach behind his chair to grab something.

" When I'm nervous, I hide my face behind a mask, so the bad people don't get to me. " resting the object on his small lap his voice was very light and relaxing.

A Golden mask, similar to his uncle but a different feel to it.

His small fingers traced the shinning cold surface. His smile was pure and nervous at the same time not knowing what to say. His grip around his plush loosened feeling less tense.

He looked up at him again with his big red eyes. " are you scared right now? "

He laughed softly.

" that's the thing about it. the more you wear it" he lightly picked up the mask and brought it up to the hunter's small face. " the less scared you get "

Hunter hesitantly brought his hands up to the mask itself and held it in place, he felt a little more comfortable like it was made for him. The Emperor slowly turned him back to face the scene in front of him forward.

The mother was already gone leaving just the Son alone. The boy had a scared expression looking at Hunter.

Begging him to have a heart and give mercy. The blonde witch had a panicked look in his eyes feeling guilty looking under his mask.

He turned away. The fire in the back of the throne room rose again.

" I - I can't do it "

His uncle gently guided him to look back. Speaking softly like silk. Reminding him Of what he just told him.

" the more you do it. the less scared you'll get."

Hunter breathed in.

Turning around again he looked at the boy glaring under the mask this time. It shouldn't matter he can't see his emotions


' Keep the mask on '

The Golden child stayed still, watching him. after a brief moment, The boy looked down in defeat excepting his fate. A few seconds later a guard hit him in the back of his head knocking him out cold then dragged him out Aswell.

Seeing that, his glare turned into a confident grin. It wasn't for him, it wasn't for anyone.

But for himself.

He felt his uncle give a comforting pat on the small shoulder. " My golden prince.. "

Hunter looked back up again with the mask still on his face. The fire in the back calmed down fixing back to a steady pace in control once again.

There was a proud tone in his voice

" your learning. "

. ~ .

" again,"

Hunter's ear perked at the sound of a fireball coming his way hot and fast. Gracefully dodging it he used his staff to zip forward whacking the guard across the room.

He stopped taking in the surroundings. He was blindfolded with a few guards training with him in the training room.

Belos watched away from the distance.

He clenched his staff tighter feeling the vibrations of harsh footsteps running forward in front of him.

He zipped by again with ease. Give one quick spin to add more strength then swung a hard kick straight to the side of A coven guard's face.

That's gotta hurt. He knew because he felt that one on the heel of his foot.

" ow! Goddammit!" the guard yelled. he held his hand tightly to his face whining. " every time!"

" Hunter, stay focused " his uncle reminded me from afar. He watched as his Nephew Stumbled a bit dodging two guards at the same time.

Sweat started to run down his head as he kept dodging more guards coming at different angles again and again. Annoyance was in his voice " I am focused! "

Swoosh, block.

Kick, dodge.

Finally, a guard managed to pin him down on his stomach from behind, he hit the ground hard making his Chest hurt from the impact.

" shit!" he yelled.

" I did it!" Steve shouted, pumping his fist in the air. The whole group ran over to him in congratulations with claps. for taking down the golden guard himself. They were cheering with happiness while Hunter sat up groaning.

Running his hand through his hair, He finally took off the blindfold. Blinking a few times as his vision settled.

He was so out of it today. And it was showing in practice.

His eyes landed on a glaring Belos standing on the side, note-taking his weak posture.

Hunter didn't need to see his face to know what he was thinking, he would give off a certain vibe whenever he watches you.

Silent but stiff equals not good.

He swallowed.

. ~ .

After a light shower in the changing room, Hunter hung a damp white towel over his moist pale shoulder then sat on the bench. a guard congratulated him for the successful dual he did walking by.

But in honesty he lacked his strength, Belos was right. He was so not focused. To them it was amazing but to him, he needs to do better 



be better.



The teen-only nodded in empty appreciation then looked back down to go through his bag.

His hand caught his iconic golden mask and his eyes brightened by the sight of it. He brought it out slowly.

Giving him memories of what happened last week with Luz back at the blights, When she snatched the one thing he uses to hide his identity.

His fingers lingered on the curves of the cold surface. It reminded him of her cold personality the way it took out his fire like it was nothing.

She's so unique.

He smiled and a blush grew present reaching to the tip of his ears lightly, then he felt a buzz in his pocket setting back into the present. Shaking his head he opened his scroll to check the notification. he received a friend request on his scrollstagram.

He raised a brow seeing the Icon, It was that human's friend.


The question that's floating in his mindset is how did she find his account but then he remembered that Luz told them about his identity. Thanks to Amity revealing it to him" of course.." he mumbled. So much for the 'mysteriousG'

He forgot that Willow invited him to the Flora Bloom Festival in a few days. Belos never brought him there so he was curious to live the experience.

Not excited, just curious.

She probably followed his account to contact and remind him about it, since he almost forgot himself after all. And she never had a proper chance to talk to him. His finger ghosted on the button considering to follow her back. He hummed.

After a while. he decided to scroll through her profile to think. Not like any of the posts. but just sliding on by.



Was that a person? Nope. Lame.

Willow uploads a lot of her plants on here, Not that her angles are bad, they just aren't very appealing to him when you see it multiple times.

The sounds of the guards leaving the changing room were heard but Hunter never stood up, still sitting comfortably on his bench.

Finally, he landed on a recent post of hers when she was hanging with her friends.

A young boy was playing with a plushie in one photo unaware of the taken photo.

" huh," his eyes lingered on the plushie. One of those golden guard ones too. He has seen little kids buy those things at markets or special events.

He never was a huge fan of people potentially having plushies of himself in their room to their enjoyment

He shivered. Gross

He's 100% sure there are witches out there who may have a soft spot for him and do those things.

He swiped his finger again, this time it was Willow getting a peck on the cheek from Amity Blight, the witch he talked to at the Manor. Willow looked shocked and from the look on her face, she had a tint of pink to her cheeks.

Hunter smirked. " potential love story? "  he joked.

The last slide made him choke. His ears flew up in an alert. He slammed the scroll faced flat in his lap away from his vision.

His face turned red, it was so red. He was so thankful all the guards left otherwise he'd be embarrassed. Slowly raising his scroll back to his face hunter couldn't help but smile lightly like an idiot.

He's such a goof.

His eyes trailed up at her innocent smile, such a life lifter. Then lowered down. She wore the same outfit last time that night. The only difference is that her buttons were undone.

He swallowed never tearing those red eyes away. Way to promote when the dude is pointing at it too for him to see.

Yup... He's an idiot.

Groaning feeling his body grow hotter by the minute." did she have to put me in between her- ugh!" he exited the post and finally decided to follow Willow.

Looking up at the mirror across. Hunter never noticed how red his face was. And the steamy heat wasn't helping as it took over the room.

Was he falling in love with her?

Hunter hated how he wasn't in control of his feelings right now. He thought he mastered it. The heat only grew as his thoughts were all about the human clouding his brain.

" N-no I- can't be in love" he whined with a wobbly voice. He ran his hand through his hair. Closing his eyes in fear. "....I can't "

What would all the guards think? They'd think he gone soft.

If you saw him having this little breakdown, you'd think the dude wet his pants and was afraid someone would see him at school.

What would his uncle think?

His eyes dialled. If he cares about the human then that means he's going to fail his Uncle.

Goddammit, he doesn't even want to think about hurting her right now. Her eyes looking at him came back into his mind. His scroll fell to his lap as his hands reached up to the side of his face clenching it tightly.

" N-No, this can't be happening " he studdered. His breathing went unsteady. "  I can't... "

What is he going to do? What is his uncle going to do when he finds out he developed feelings?

Steam started to emerge in the empty changing room. His head started spinning. Sweat rolled down his skin from the heat.

Then his scroll rang, Willow was requesting a video call. His heart skipped in more panic.

His red eyes grew wider staring at the ground. His breathing went in and out at a very fast pace. ' Make it stop he's pleaded in his head.

He was so hot, he might faint. The steam in the room grew thicker and it didn't help a bit.

Mask on, Hunter

The Scroll rang again waiting to be picked up. Hunter tried slowing down his breathing. He has to remember his training.

Breath in.

He closed his eyes taking in a breath trying to concentrate. Slowly Lowering his hands.

Remember what your uncle told you

The scroll buzzed again.

Keep the mask on.

His head felt grounded after releasing one last breath through his burning hot lungs. his body cooled and his eyes went normal.

" ok hunter..." he spoke to himself calmly. reaching for the scroll he brought it to his face giving a committed look " keep it together."

The foggy steam slowly faded making the room clear to see.

He answered the call.


The face of the plant witch, looking bored at the screen then widen her eyes seeing his face.

" Oh my Titan he answered! " she yelled to her side. he saw a boy from that post he saw earlier squish in immediately to see too.

He slowly raised his hand. Smiling softly a little uncomfortable at them " hey."

" Hey!" they both said in unison. Their chipper personality is making him incredibly funny. Willow snorted.

" We noticed  you were absent at Hexide so we just wanted to check up on you" she scanned him then awkwardly looked away. " but judging from what we see, you seem just fine."

" what? Oh!" he looked down at his bare chest then gave another wave at them casually. He forgot he was shirtless showing this to them. So he brought the scroll closer showing his face only "training, gotta keep in shape..."

Willow and the boy looked at each other. " Uh-huh... "

He noticed that she wore a grudgby uniform and was sitting on the benches outside. While the other one didn't.

" you do sports? " he asked curiously.

The boy pounced in the shoulder with instant excitement ready to share.

" Oh my Titan she's amazing at grudgby!" the boy yelled, hugging her close. " you should see her sometime when she plays"

She laughed nervously at how he was spicing her up. Hunter couldn't help but crack a little chuckle too silently " Gus! I'm not that good don't sugarcoat my talent."

He Scoffed at her unconvinced " don't lie, Willow, you and Luz would dominate the game if you actually joined the team "

That made him sit up. " the human does sports too?" his voice was a little too bright and high making the two stop their bickering to look at him. They stared at him making him feel unsettling once again.

Talking with them feels odd but for some reason, it almost feels normal like they did this before.

Willow was the first to confirm that question " yeah, "

Don't smile hunter, please don't smile. He kept a straight face then shrugged keeping his cool. " good for her. "

Willow however recognized the denying look he gave. it reminded her of the time when Amity did it too whenever luz tried rubbing up to her. She flicked her eyelashes testing her theory.

" wanna see her? "

He blinked. " what?"

" Luz, do you want to see her." she bumped Gus making him scoot out of the view to do god knows what " she's training right now down on the field."

He nervously bit his lip. He'd love it, he'd love it a lot. But he can't let her know that

" she wouldn't want to see m-"

" LUZ! HUNTER IS ON THE SCROLL! " She yelled. Turning over her device to face the field. It revealed a very active Human playing some grudgby with her one friend Amity.


Now he can't take his eyes off her. When she heard her name being called she stopped Midgame to turn and look in their direction in slow motion.

That is, to him at least.

She had the same fierce look she gave at the Blights that night only this time, she looked sweaty as the sun shined on her beautiful skin. And that Uniform.

Titan, she was an Angelic figure.

He could just tell that Her eyes were on him as she had one glyph in between her fingers. In a flash, she slammed it down on the ground creating a giant Sharp tower of ice blocking the net completely.

She Never broke the look she gave him the whole time. It just shows how much she got the game in the bag.

Not only did The ball hit the ice when it flew over, it got completely impaled making it deflate on one of its spikes. Hunter winced a bit at the scene before him.

He heard the sound of the blight on the other side " my ball! " Amity cried in panic.

Willow turned back the scroll facing him again with a cringy look.

" Sorry...She's been pretty weird today, not even Bosca bothered to fight for the field leaving it for us "

His mind ran back to how she cried on the stairway that night and decided to lie not telling him what was the issue.

Instead, she blew up on him telling him it's fine and its none of his business. she's still acting like this and it's affecting her relationship with her friends.

It's been a week. What the hell happened?

Feeling awkward with him being shirtless he finally threw one shirt over his head. Willow watched him, then her eyes landed on the many scars on his pale stomach and arms.

They were like luz but bigger and noticeable.

" what's it like Working for the Emporer and everything? " she asked suddenly.

Hunter's eyes trailed back to her. His jaw clenched shut with complicated emotions.

Memories flew over his mind of the good and bad times of his harsh and stern Uncle.

He slowly brought his hand to the scar on his cheek rubbing it slightly looking down. " it's complicated "

She wouldn't understand.

Willow looked down Also. then back at him with a little guilt digging in the private waters of his relationships. " that's fine,"  the tone in her voice convinced him that she meant it.

Looking back up, he smiled " thanks "

He heard a distant sound of Gus screeching in the back-breaking emotional call. noticing the flash orange twinkle in Willow's eyes. She looked ahead cringing again.

He sighed resting his hand under his chin. He had a feeling something was up and it probably had something to do with a certain human's little attitude. He can't blame her, he's like that sometimes too.

He grew a little grin " gotta go? "

" yeah... Something happened" she looked back at him." see you at the Flora bloom? "

" didn't forget." Liar he forgot.

She gave a slight nod at him Then ended the call. hunter was alone once again Yay.

" What an interesting group of witches... " he muttered blankly staring at the empty room.

After putting on the last thing being his mask. He threw his bag over his shoulders then finally sat up to leave the room. His hand pushed it opened revealing his uncle standing still as ever looking down at him. He almost bumped into him, Terrifying.

Hunter jumped with wide eyes.

" SHIT! " he shrieked.

" first off language. Second"  his unsettling tone turned bright and welcoming in a snap. " Hunter!"

Hunter didn't react fast enough still frozen with his jaw hung a bit low under the mask. His uncle wrapped an arm around him urging him to follow down the hall like a lost child with urgency.

He didn't step back.

" walk with me "

. ~ .

The trio watched from the benches as their human friend ran sprinting laps around the field with an aggressive game face. Amity still had her deflated ball in her lap with its giant hole in the middle, her face was blank still trying to wrap around why Luz was so aggressive today.

" are we going to do something? She's been running laps ten times now! " he begged. He pointed at the running girl in front of them with worry.

They don't think she's going to stop anytime soon.

" I think we should let her just burn it out...." Amity suggested.

Willow stood up noticing Luz approach the bench. She was worried that maybe she'd Pass them again so she grabbed a water bottle and headed over to her like a caring friend quickly.

" drink."

" I'm fine it's Alright, " she shot it down immediately.

" Luz! Just drink some." shoving it in her heaving chest. " we don't want you to faint."

The human looked back at her friends sitting at the benches. Perhaps she's been going a little too harsh on them on the field, she didn't even notice how a little bruised up Amity was during their 'harmful' play of Grudgby.

She felt guilty.

She sighed taking the drink. " sorry guys, I've just don't feel like myself today," opening the water she drank.

" today? " all three of them blinked with wide eyes in unison.

" dude you haven't been yourself all week," gus argued. He pointed at the damage she made earlier on the field for example." and if it's a human thing you normally go through then I don't want any part of it! "

Luz only continued drinking her water faster in silence as they rambled on. She had to hold back the annoying groan that was coming up in her throat. She appreciates the care she's getting from them but they push it too many times.

she's perfectly fine.

She just needed to let out some steam, that's all.

Amity stood up from her seat with a stern face crossing her arms " we don't know where this is coming from but as your friends, we won't hesitate to bring you home "

There was a brief of silence. Gus and Willow gave Amity a look mixed with shock and worry. Luz finally stopped her drinking and lowered her water bottle. Her head travelled to the blight giving full eye contact. Amity never broke down.

" Are you threatening me? "

Amity was ready for the challenge of keeping her word. The human was out too long and she needs the rest, she only wants to help. Luz wasn't in the mood to be told what to do and she certainly doesn't like the idea of being torn away from her 'stress relief' just because someone told her so.

Luz soon felt her plant friend tap her on the shoulder lightly. Luckily she broke away.

" We just don't want you to be sore the next day. " Willow reasoned.

" But I'm fin-"

" Stop lying! Why won't you tell us what's wrong!" Gus burst with anger feeling desperate. Luz's face softens with guilt seeing him reveal his feelings To all of them.

Tears started to build up in his eyes.
" don't you trust us? "

That question threw her off making her eyes shine with hurt, her eyes travelled to Amity who had a look waiting for an answer she likes. Then her eyes trailed to Willow, who looked away not allowing each other to see eye to eye.

They think she doesn't trust them.

Her face went serious making her shove the water bottle into Willow's hand.

Running over, she took his hands squeezing them tight together looking up at him with her brown but tint of golden eyes.

" of course I trust you, don't question that again "

That answer that came through her lips felt like a soft lullaby that could be played over and over again in your head but you would still enjoy it. There was no error in her voice, it almost felt like a command.

Gus watched her after that long minute as she never moved in her spot.

It's like she locked his eyes on her when she whispered one last word. Her hands squeezed tighter.

" Please,"

He gave one sniff and forced an answer nodding slowly like he was in a trance. " ok..."

Slowly her hands loosened up from his grip looking back at her other two friends. Gus only blinked still feeling her ghosted grip.

" Please understand when I tell you that I'm fine " luz repeated. She looked at Willow and Amity. They only sighed still not satisfied with what she said.

She frowned deeply.

" I have a lot on my min-"

" We know," Amity didn't want to hear those words again, those words were spoken before when they turned her down. Her fist clenched when she looked down. Willow looked away locking her opinions also in silence.

They all did.

The blight forced words out again.
" we know.... "

. ~ .

" Emperor Belos? " The golden guard asked.

He never replied the whole time as they walked down the hallway heading to what he assumed is the throne room. His face was straightforward and tall.

" where are we going? "

The Golden Guard only eyed where they were heading in silence. Passing some guards as they watched the two high idols stroll together. The hand of his grip on the teen's shoulder felt unsettling and tight, his heart beating in his chest was quick and sore.

" I've been watching you in training  earlier "

A chill ran up his back hearing that strong tone. The Golden Guard only tried keeping his posture normal and straight.

" I'm hoping that it was to your liking."

The Emperor laughed shortly.

" come on now, I think you know the answer to that."

Hunter swallowed hard at that reply. He was right. He did know. He gripped his staff with nerves building in his stomach.

The Emporer took notice, his eyes lingered on the staff as they walked then extended it for him to it hand over.

" let me hold that for you " he gently offered.

Hunter was a little hesitant giving it to him but in the end, he's in the safest place.

He's with the most trusted guy in his life.

He can trust him, So he handed it over.

After the long walk, They finally reached the doors of his uncle's throne room and when he opened it,  his Nephew walked inside first. The room was dark and quiet.

" why is it dark in here? "

The sound of the doors slammed shut behind him, erasing the one source of light in the room. His heart dropped but he didn't show it. Was this an Ambush?

" Emporer Belos?" the Golden guard said slowly.


In an instant, his body went into a battle stance glaring around the room as flames spawned behind the throne.

His ears perked at the sound of something running at him fast from behind. He dodged but not far enough without his staff making the strange masked Guard punch the side of his face sending him over across the room.

His head throbbed from the impact he received and he growled. He needs to be crafty. The prodigy stood up on his knees preparing to fight again but was hit by a fireball, the witch cast easily and quickly with power and force.

It burned.

A lot.

Get up.

He pushed through when the fire blew out staining his cloaked with black ash.

ignoring the pain on his cheek he then ran over kicking the guard hard in the nose, they stumbled but recovered fast.

Punch harder.

He swung again but was blocked.

He threw another, blocked.

They grabbed his front top lifting him off the ground with ease keeping him in place, Then punch the mask square in the face.

Then Again.

The Golden Guard only tried his hardest to make them let go but their grip was locked refusing to loosen up anytime soon. It's useless without his staff.

And again, another punch came.

Each time they threw that punch he felt the moisture of his blood plaster on the mask each time it bumps his nose.

And again.

There was mercy in this style when the figure stopped the harsh punching then threw him Across the room only again but this time at the front door.

Hunter's mask fell off his face making him spit out some blood on the ground. His lips were pink and bruised. He tried pushing up again gritting his blood-stained teeth before the figure pinned him back down on his stomach adding more Weight, not letting him rise.

" Argh!" he hissed.

The figure put his neck into a hard lock. Lifting him high enough to face the door he sees his uncle looking at him, watching calmly.

" U-uncle?" he choked.

The guard squeezes harder making his face turn pink. He reached one weak hand to grab their tight muscled arm, For some reason, He didn't care about that anymore though. It was more about the fact that the Emporer is watching and doing nothing.

He reached out.

" U-Uncle........ Please!"

The Emporer didn't budge.

His eyes watered.

" Please! "

" ok That's enough, I've seen it all." he finally talked.

He felt the attacker lower his guard getting up from the neck lock position Hunter gasped immediately with wide eyes, they dusted their hands together casually from behind.

Hunter only laid there never taking his eyes off his uncle, he was traumatized.

" w-why D-did you....? "

" Silver Guard, meet your new student " there was Disappointment looking at his ' teen prodigy ' which broke Hunter's heart " seems like you have a lot to work on."

The last thing the Emporer did was throw the staff on the ground like it was nothing in front of Hunter then turned on his way out.

A few moments later, The Silver Guard walked over in front of the Golden guard. Then chuckled looking down at him. It made Hunter blush in anger and embarrassment.

Slowly, the witch raised the mask revealing a young adult maybe 18 who was grinning down at him with his tanned face.

" Sup, the names Kevin."

Chapter Text

Walking into her lonely room in only a purple robe and damp hair in the night, Luz dragged her feet on the ground as she walked over to the window opening it to let in some natural light and fresh air.

A cool breeze hits her damp face as she hummed to herself tiredly, eyelashes fluttering. A frown is still present but relaxed.

All that body torture earlier, for what, To forget what happened at the party? she still can't forget. Sometimes she wonders what that creep is doing to her Hat right now.

But we aren't going to think about that right now.

Pushing away, luz walked over to a corner of the room picking through her bag retrieving a hairbrush. Slowly rising back to her feet she gave gentle light strokes through her hair detangling the Knots that were present.

This was nice. Her eyes drifted shut continuing.

" you really shouldn't leave your Window open when you change your clothes."

Her brushing stopped, her eyes opened slowly as she stared at the wall in front of her after hearing the familiar voice behind. The brush lowered from her head and she dropped it back in her bag.

She turned back to the window, the Golden guard facing outside with his back towards her on the ledge. He had one knee up sitting still. Like a shadowy figure. The moonlight highlighted his body making it look pretty real he was there.

He was at the owl house and he didn't seem to care. She hugged the robe around her body making sure it didn't reveal what lay underneath. She walked over to the window.

" I didn't expect a show." she threw back glaring.

" I didn't come for a show." he sneered. " why do you always think I'm some type of creep?"

The human stood beside him on the inside rolling her eyes.

" well you are at my window while I'm naked under my robe " she leaned over closer. " and Wet. "

That made him look at her. His voice went low. The heat on his cheeks was present " I'm not here for that, "

" then...what are you here for?"

They stared at each other He didn't know what to say, part of him didn't know why himself, he didn't want to confront anyone in the coven about-

He still tasted the bitter taste of blood on his bottom lip. He ignored his fast-beating heart as he turned away looking back out at the sky.

Luz only laid her head in her hand watching him curiously.

" not going to answer? "

He didn't reply.

" if you're going to be stubborn about it you might as well just leave." she firmly said.

She heard a short little growl under his mask, probably because of her calling him stubborn. She couldn't help but crack a little grin.

" unless you want to put on those big boy pants and talk "

He crossed his arms giving a pout. Luz frowned.

" come on, kinda tired of wearing nothing under the robe here... " she slowly reminded. The idea of being in her sweet comfortable Pajamas excites her. Her cheeks grew a bit red as she looked away. " can't exactly change in front of you so.. "

He reached up to his face and practically yanked the mask off into his lap. Luz's glare turned into a spooked look. The first thing her eyes caught was the dark bruise on his cheek.

" I came here because I didn't want anyone seeing me...L-Like this...." he admitted. Hunter did look in her direction, sweat rolled down his face. He slowly started to shake with odd emotions.



He was losing it.


" Hunter..."


His chest was sore hearing her soft voice come out small and gently. It was a siren bringing him in like he couldn't ignore. He clenched his mask in his lap as its Golden surface reflected the natural light of the sky.

He sniffed.

" look at me "

And so he did,

Slowly as he turned, more was revealed. luz got to see the busted lip and cuts he received on his face. The shattered look he had on was never seen before in Luz's life.

She had never seen him so opened up to her, she didn't know what to do. The red eyes didn't help as they looked into her burning whatever anger she had earlier.


Those eyes pleaded for help


She had The sudden urge to take care and protect him, it's what he needs after all. The alarms in her head screamed that it's a trap and he's using you, don't let him win.

Don't let the Golden guard defeat you.

Her eyes sparkled with a lighter shade as she watched him with a gloomy expression. She wondered what happened to him that caused this to happen.

Was it the Emporer?

" I'll get over it...." he muttered.

Luz gave a fearful look as he slowly forced a broken smile, hoping it'd ease off the sad atmosphere. It didn't. Only made Luz feel worse. 

" Y-You wouldn't understand, I needed this," he continued.

The words that came out of his mouth made her worry grow. The Emporer is sick for doing this. She just knew it was him. 

" He always knows what's best for me.....He had a reason "

Help him.

She only watched clenching her fist in her lap. Then suddenly, her one hand slowly reaches up.

Help him, please.

His voice was so forced. " he always does-"

His words hit a pause as His eyes went back to her as the hand lightly rested on his cheek. Nothing went out of his throat. His pupils expanded watching her face. His gap teeth were viable as he gazed into her soul.

This light lifting soul.

Reality struck Luz when she realized what she has just done. Her heart was beating fast as she watched those eyes. She was frozen.

What are you doing what are you doing what are you doing?

The room was quiet. Her eyes rode over to the hand still resting on his scarred cheek. The feel of his warm flesh against her cool skin felt so unlike.

But yet so correct,

A light breeze blew over giving a chill on her already cold body.

Her thumb rubbed his cheek with hesitation. A little twitch.

He didn't throw his head back. Nor did he yell, he only sat in the same spot breathing with a steady puff.


Watching her. 



She had no idea what she was doing...


With more confidence, she started to put more effort into stroking his cheek. Although he has no idea why she's doing that, he doesn't want her to stop.

Because he's enjoying it.

It wasn't even weird anymore as they watched each other not exchanging words at all.

Luz drifted her hand up to his non-chipped ear giving little rubs with her fingers. His eyes widen from the new feeling she just unlocked.

Something about the way she did it made it so strange and Mystical. Luz was worried she did something he didn't like making her bit her lip in embarrassment and stop.

What are you doing Luz?

" I-I don't know what came over... " her voice faded at the action he just made, leaning into her hand closing his eyes a blush ran up to his ears as his eyebrows lowered into a self-conscious look. " me..? "

His two hands left the mask in his lap then rose to hold her own. She didn't notice how big his hands were compared to her own. His hands practically consumed her one hand.

Her face redden as his eyes opened up again, his mouth was covered but the feeling in her stomach made her understand as they once again viewed her.

" don't be," his spicy breath hit her skin. " your shining light is what I need right now "

Hello Goosebumps, how are you on this fine night?

A puff of air came out of her mouth, her face grew even redder. Feeling the skin of his soft lips brush against her hand made her stomach do a flip and she didn't know why.

A smile Fought to breakthrough.

" I..." Luz's hand lowered pulling away slowly. She didn't want to get rid of the feeling of being wrapped around his own but she had to. " I better go get some supplies, C-clean up the blood on your face "

There was a glimmer in his eyes as he process what she meant. " oh... Yeah "

As she stood up she backed away from the window, she was a sight to see. He never looked away from her as she gave a shy smile hugging her robe tighter to her body. " um... Don't go anywhere I'll be right back."



" I won't..."



Turning away from him, Hunter couldn't help but watch her tiptoe her way out the room with her light steps with bare feet. Swaying those small hips unintentionally.

He smiled in admiration.

Titan...What is he doing here?


. ~.



" what I'm doing isn't personal."



Luz stopped to look up " what? "


A few minutes later they were sitting on top of her sleeping bag as she dabbed a wet cloth on his damaged areas. The whole time he kept his eyes closed trying to avoid having to see her face up close he'd be a blushing mess watching her up close.

Luz on the other hand seemed pretty professional with keeping her cool, her whole mind was set straight.

Make sure his face is decent and clean.


"......Everything. "


" We all have our reasons..." Luz then squeezed the cloth in the bowl of coloured water still frowning. " I'm always the eye-grabber of the situation so I'm used to it."

Turning back, she scanned his face to see if it was better then gave a little nod at her work.

Not like her mother Doctor Noceda but it's still pretty ok. Hunter sighed then fluttered his eyes back open.

A part of his brain is still trying to wrap around the fact that she wanted to help him after their last encounter.

He would have never aided anyone who got on his nerves.

" you have to understand that I have to make...Choices to survive here "  He looked down at his hands squinting. " everything I do. Is for a reason in His eyes. "

He inhaled through his nose puffing up his cheeks. Then whispered the last line" I feel like I'm slowly losing my Golden edge... "

Hunter was so focused on his gloved hands everything just seemed to muffle out. Because of this little set of feelings he has erupting inside for the human he's not as focused and crafty as he used to.

He's going soft, and Belos sees it too.

It's why he's having doubts.

He's going to replace him for that Silver guard.

he never noticed the hurt look the Human gave as she sat silently in front of him watching. His eyes harden glaring daggers more never moving from his position.

He felt every blood in his body rise suddenly but he was too busy thinking about that stupid smug grin of that witch earlier.

He'll show his uncle he's irreplaceable.

He'll show him.

He cooled at the sight of her small hand coming into view resting in his own. His horrific glare vanished and he looked up at her small innocent smile.

He felt his chest ache in nerves.

" Hey... Not to stroke your Ego but... " she turned away from his face looking at something interesting in the room.  " I think you do your job... Pretty well for your age "

Warmth was present on his cheeks, Hunter's smile crept up too, revealing his adorable gapped teeth to her, too bad she doesn't see how much it means to him.

" you think so?"

Her voice barely came out. It was soft and adorable with a little hesitation.

" yeah..."

He stayed smiling at her in awe then his eyes travelled down to her adorable hands resting in his still.

He paused. His thumb twitched, Hunter forced her to make a deal with him hanging around her friends and she still wanted to help him at his worst.

At his weakest.

He turned to her when others could help. Yet he wouldn't want them to touch his face like the way she does. he felt like the only person he could let them see him as this would be.


He looked back up lost and confused with his heart. " why are you helping me after everything I did to you?"

As the natural lighting hit her face perfectly, she looked up with sparkles in her eyes, the look on her face made him think she had the same feeling.

" because... It felt..."

It felt like what?

" I felt... A"

Closing his fingers around her hand slowly she didn't flinch or pull away as she was focused on bringing out her words to him.

He had a hopeful look.
" What did you feel? "

Without noticing her hand grasped his own out of nerves or by accident.

She lightly bit her lip.



" A..."



He felt a familiar feeling in his hand surging the more they held their hands together.

They both leaned in ignoring the glowing red on their cheeks.

".....Connection," they both said at the same time.

They didn't expect that to happen, seeing a spark of a red light flicker over their wrist, they exchanged glances in surprise.

Without telling each other they acted like a unit not breaking away the hands, pulling it up watching closely.

" Hunter...? " she whispered in a slight panic, Looking into his eyes. She knew he couldn't do magic but seeing it being cast this way was never seen before.

It just sparked. She felt it run through her too

Suddenly it circled them slowly highlighting their features with red. But then it paused.

What's happening?

Hunter and Luz's hearts skipped a beat watching the half-red circle.

Then it continued, but it turned Golden, two colours in this circle. They have never seen it before.

She gasped softly then whispered repeating. 


" Hunter?"



She had never seen him so invested. He looked like he found out about the Lost City of Atlantis.

The spell stayed still for a very uncomfortable time, they didn't move a muscle. The teens breathing were the only thing heard in the room.

Then it began to spin. As the two colours spin like a wheel, its colour blended into a bright orange, shining in front of their faces like a fire.

" How is this possible? " she spoke silently.

They we're both confused that they were able to cast a spell without circling their fingers. Luz thought Humans can't do any magic. 

And why was it orange? Why did it start with a red glow then the other half was gold? They saw magic cast like that.


Luz can't cast magic so how is this possible?


he can't do magic either so how is this possible to even happen to the both of them?!

The orange light dimmed down as it slowly dissolved into particles in thin air. Then to finally let go of their hands slowly, worried there might be more.

" did we just... Break the Oath?" luz asked.

Hunter raised his hand taking off his glove watching as The ring around his wrist healed immediately like it was never there in the first place.

He sighed, he's backing down on everything that his uncle built him up for.


all for her,



When he lowered his hands he saw her still looking at him waiting for him to reply. A frown came in lightly out of worry and odd feelings he doesn't want to dip in just yet.

Because he's afraid... He just might drown.

He stood up and walked over to her window taking his staff in hand ready to take off and leave into the night. That is until her cool hand took his in her own, holding tightly.

He didn't face her, he swallowed hard.

" where are you going? "

What did she expect? A sleepover? He can't stay here, he never should have stayed here.

He never should have come here.

" I don't belong here."

" you don't belong there Either! " she whispered loudly. He felt her pull his arm trying to guide him back away from the window. " Why would you go back to someone who hurts you??"

She wouldn't understand, she can't understand anything that he goes through. His body tensed as she gave another attempt at pulling him back.

" Human," he warned. The tone in his voice, the way he only brings up that title for her, make it more effective. " I'm going."

But she shook her head trying so hard to convince him because she does have a little caring heart for him deep down.

"you're going to get yourself hurt again," cried. he closed his eyes shutting her out but she kept on going, " why can't you see that?"

" I can see what I'm going through perfectly fine" he shot back. "let go of my hand"

She just wouldn't quit, he was getting a headache from her pleads, and the scary thing was that it was working.

She's making him question his own choices. He clenched his eyes shut harder. He felt her hands still pulling him, he felt his feet slowly take a step back one at a time.

He finally turned back to face her feeling a little lightheaded as he stared into her eyes, she backed up slowly guiding him away from the window.

She sighed in relief.

" Eda and I can protect you. "


There it was. 


Those words snapped him out of his trance. Straight away his pupils dialled and With speed and strength he grabbed Her shoulder pinning her down on the ground, she gave a silent squeak of surprise as he towered over.

Her face grew red as she felt his warm breath hit her face from above. Both his arms trapped her in place keeping her from squirming away.

' Oh Dios ' she said in thought. She clenched her legs together knowing that the ends of her robe were a little too high for her liking.

His body blocked the window view making his eyes somehow shimmer in a bloodthirsty red to his dark form. Her stomach did a flip, pupils expanded as she looked up at him like a bunny.

Her room lights flickered a bit in the back.

" I'm going," he leaned in closer glaring daggers. " so don't stop me "

Her only reply was muffled sounds refusing to escape her throat. Giving that one brief moment of making sure, he backed down.

Sitting back on his knees still hovering on top of her, he looked the other way blushing in embarrassment trying to find a way to thank her for what she's done. He is a gentleman after all. unaware of a completely flustered human under him looking up.

" thanks. For cleaning me up. "

She fiddled with the loose robe feeling its fluffiness between her fingers. " mhm... " she managed to reply.

She felt his warm body separate as he stood up from the ground, her cool body feeling limp and light.

And lonely.

She almost got up to try and convince him to not go back to the harsh place he calls home once again. but remembering what he just told her, she stayed in her spot.

He pinned her. she didn't even move from where she laid, all scramble and out of place still holding her legs tight together frowning up at the ceiling.

He won this time. She heard his step on the ledge about to head out.

" by the way. I think you should take a shower again... " he suggested. The human sat up sitting on the wooden ground looking at him with a confused look.

" why? "

" because your scent smells very strong."

It took a minute for her to process what he just said, a few blinks were made by her as she just stared at him.

Then she raised her arm sniffing to herself to find any foul odour. She took a shower not too long ago, why would she smell?

Hunter had to hold back a snort watching her sniff for something she probably can't smell herself with her weak human nose.

" just stop, you look stupid " he laughed. Hunter's smile grew more present as he watched her look back at him still puzzled. "  just go take a shower "

" you go take a shower!" she fired back.

God, she's so adorable, closing his eyes he did a dramatic shrug. " more of a bathtub guy. " One eye opened peaking at her, Luz froze at the sight.

" but if you want me to take a shower, I suppose I can give it a shot. "


Her legs clenched a bit harder. 



And then he swiftly jumped out the window revealing the moon back in view shinning on luzs body.

He left, her lips parted but no words came out.

Throwing herself back laying on the cold wooden ground, luzs head turned to face the bowl of water mixed with his blood.

Then her eyes caught his glove, he never put it back on his hand earlier.

A quiet gasp escaped her lips as she sat up crawling over to the glove taking it in her hands.

This dude has freakishly big hands. Yeesh.

She looked back at the window just in case the Golden guard decided to pop right back in. Thankfully he didn't.

Slowly bringing the glove up to her nose she gave a little sniff, why? Because she wants to smell it.

" How can something that goes on your hand smell so... Fresh like a healthy forest?" she wondered.

It smelt like him, a hint of pine cones, mostly nature at its core. It gave a tingle that she hates and enjoys. She sniffed a little more.

Luz groaned in annoyance.
" I should stop. "

Her body says otherwise. Her hand clenched the fabric tightly in her grasp as she took in another deep breath.

Luz, come on you're better than this.

Her eyes fluttered shut, falling too deep in his smell. With them closed it felt like she was there laying on the grass in the middle of a calm green forest alone, it made her feel so happy. She felt a familiar feeling in her stomach that grew with excitement and warmth.

Jesus Christ.

Her eyes shot open seeing her room lights react in a little shining light show. " what the heck? "

Then it stopped.

Lowering the glove into her lap. She never tore away from the light bulbs around her room ceiling. " I didn't turn those on, how did it...? Never mind that. " it's the boiling isle, weird stuff like that always happens. She's just being dramatic.






Luz's eyes trailed over to her backpack that sat right beside her pile of pillows. Travelling over, she dug inside for her phone and a zip lock bag.

Is she going to do this?

" Sorry Mama," turning on her phone she set up a few Alarms for her, Setting it on vibration. " I told myself I wouldn't do this again "

It's a good thing she doesn't have to worry about her mother bursting in her room, Eda is a heavy sleeper and king has The respect to knock before barging in on her.

Thank the heavens for that.

She dropped the phone in her ziplock bag sealing it shut. shame hit her when she felt a smile grow on her face.

" it's just one night," she promised.

Luz had a rough week, that'll ease the stress of her.

And the feelings she suddenly has for a certain guard.

The first Alarm went off in her hand. Luzs stomach flipped knowing exactly what comes next.

She lightly bit her lip With excitement, she's going to experience something she hasn't done in a long time.






. ~.

The Silver guard peaked inside the younger guard's room glaring at the bed that had pillows stuffed under the blankets.

He gave a short laugh. " predictable "

Ever since him kicking the living ass out of The Golden Guard, the teen stayed in his room.

As a wild card himself, he knew that it was a cheap cover-up for a sneak out.

He walked over to the Emperor who came into view walking in the halls relaxed and calm walking the other direction, sometimes Kevin can't believe that the Emperor offered to be a personal trainer to the Golden guard.

Even though he didn't exactly have a big interest in the Emperor's coven and that he was just a great Grugby Athlete, The powerful ruler only told him that he'll do just fine.

And hey, it's going pretty well so far! He's starting to like this position as the ' Silver guard ' has A nice ring to it.

He caught up walking beside the Emperor.

" You are aware that the Golden guard isn't in his room right? " he laughed. 



" I'm aware."



He gave a confused look at the Witch. Emperor Belos never flinch at the news. He did know, and he didn't care.

" Want me to find him for you? I could use the chase for the night," he suggested.

" he's a Teenager, they need their Alone time. " shrugging his shoulders "besides. he had a long day "

The younger Witch stopped his walking staring at the walking Emperors back in front of him.

His blood began to boil, he knows that this kid is doing God knows what under his radar but does nothing. Where the rage? Where is the ass-kicking? 


What a bum


" what's my use here if I can't do that?"


Emperor Belos stopped his walking thinking about that question.


" The Titan and I discuss things the demon Realm never could understand." he looked behind watching the silver guard. " believe me when I say that everything I do, is for a reason. "

Kevin clenched his gloved fist

" then why did you choose me to train him? " he asked. He wanted to know, he got lucky the first time when he fought the Golden Guard.

he's not a big fighter.

" because I believe you can help him achieve his true strength." Emperor Belos had a little light in his words.

Kevin loosened up in awe.


" holy fuck? "


The profanity threw Belos off almost revealing his hatred for the guard. " yes. he's a fast learner, I'm sure that he'll improve rapidly with you... Besides, I like your Methods. "

Ok, he's digging the Emperor now. The man has his twisted moments.


a devilish grin grew on his face under the mask. " oh yeah? I like em too"


As the Emperor turned on his heel to leave, the silver guard turned back to look at the teen prodigies bedroom door down the hall.

He gave a low laugh. " I like em alot."


Chapter Text

" good morning king! "

A bright and happy Luz skipped into the kitchen greeting her fellow friends.

King was too busy scribbling something on a piece of paper with crayons to notice the human attack him with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

He only groaned accepting her smooches, there's no point in running away She'll only chase him down.



" Luz! Stop Nyaaa! " he whined. 



Finally letting go she then skips over to the older Witch holding a cup of Apple blood leaning against the counter.


Oh dear, she's not in the mood 



" kid I didn't finish my Apple blood yet, can't the Hugs w- Luz!" the Owl lady was ignored as she was trapped in a hug too. Half her drink splashed on the floor from the harsh movement.

Eda's response to that was a groan seeing the liquid soak in her nice wooden floor. " what did I do to deserve this...."

" oh! scrambled eggs! " Luz squealed ignoring the older lady's hurt expression. Running over to the plate on the counter filled with her food she stuffs some in her mouth. Luz hummed lowly as she had never eaten in her entire life.

King and Eda exchanged looks in silence. between the sounds of Luz's muffled sounds of satisfaction Then the little prince of Demons shrugged his shoulders having no clue to what is going on with her then turned back around.

Guess it's up to Eda then.

" Seems like you had a good night's sleep," lowering her cup on the counter she crossed her arms smirking at the child. " your much happier than usual "

She wanted to dig deeper into this very bright child.

" guess I slept on the right side of the pillow!" she said through bites. " did I mention how good this is? God, it's so good...." she trailed.

" uh-huh...." Eda went over to pick up King's plate settling right on the table beside him. He dug in too with a happy wagging tail enjoying his delicious meal to himself. " by the way did we get an extra artificial globe? I think the last one blown out over the night because now it's not working, " she grumbled.

Earlier today she was going to watch the daily Witch crafting show but the globe was burned out like a light bulb. Eda found it very odd because it was working completely fine a week ago when they first bought it.

But now it's not.

giving a cheeky smile she got up shaking her head. She didn't even think about the question much because she was too happy with other feelings " nope! Don't think we have one."

Running over she pecked an unsure-faced Eda on the cheek then ran for the exit. " anyway... I have to get to school Thanks for the breakfast again, Byee!~ "

The two heard the front door close shut. Distant sounds of hooty talking to luz were made outside. Eda turned back to king.

" That was odd. she was all moody the day before, what changed? " leaning over the counter to look out the window she watched as the human skipped to school all happy.

" the kid looks like she went high on pixie dust." she snorted. King stood up from his seat to look back at her.

" whatever it is I hope it isn't contagious."

. ~.

Red eyes shot open staring up at his dark ceiling. Hunter stayed still for a while with a blank look on his face. He felt like complete shit,

His body... It felt weak like he was catching the Mold. His body temperature was hotter than usual but he didn't have the sniffles.

Just a headache,

His stomach growled.

And maybe a tummy Ache too.

Finally, he slowly sat up in his bed hopefully to regain his fucked up brain. Reaching his hand up he swiped a whole load of sweat off his head.

Sitting up didn't help at all, he wanted to puke. Or faint.

He groaned. Getting up from his bed the teen walked over to get his clothes changed out of his Pajamas. Whether he likes it or not he still needs to get out of bed to start the day. he noticed that the cuts and bruises on his face were healed completely.

Too quick.




But hey, at least they're gone. 



Other than that, He looked terrible, his skin looked almost pale as Lilith, it was like he was on the verge of death. His eyes were fighting to stay awake. What's happening to him? He feels so weak and weird.

Like something is draining him out from the inside.

Like something planted this painful feeling in his-

* Crunch *

The sound of his hands crunching the desk too hard was made.

Lifting his weight off the desk he cursed under his breath for ruining a perfectly good desk. Hunter needed some fresh air in the room. It felt stuffy and hot.

And so dark.

So he opened the window. The natural lighting of the boiling Isle hits his room, he took a deep breath letting the cool air hit his hot lungs. Of course, it didn't help much, but at least the air was more breathable in here.

" come on Hunter... You've been through worse," he muttered.

It's true. he went through much worse crap than this. This is just a normal morning headache. It'll go away.

Once he's up and awake for the day it will fade away like it was never there in the first place.

He's going to be fine.



. ~.



He's not fine. He's definitely not fine at all. He managed to hold up his body half of the day in the first three classes but the more he tried holding in the surging pain in his head and stomach.

It grew harder to think straight.

At this point, he was practically a walking zombie in the halls. He had similar moments where he felt horrible like this but it only happened a bit mostly in the mornings.

What's happening to him?

Some students gave worried glances at his tired form as they passed by in the halls but He didn't seem to care.

This was a mistake. He shouldn't have come here. his head felt heavy. was he even going to be able to make it to the cafeteria?

His eyes and feet became heavier unable to move any longer.

In slow motion, he tilted falling forward.

His eyes gave in, ready to close.

Probably not.

. ~.

" I got two PBJ sandwiches to share today," Gus offered. Bumping the human with his shoulder smiling softly. " I know it's one of the things you like to eat so I just thought maybe you'd feel better having some."

Luz wrapped her arm around Gus with excitement. It does seem like today is an okay day. " you my friend, just made my day so much more enjoyable. "

The two were walking down the hallway ready to meet Amity and Willow in the cafe to eat lunch.

The day was going smoothly.

That is until she saw a troubled Amity running toward Their direction in the halls holding an old brown book in her arms.

Amity did say she wanted to hang around the library the day before to read a few books. And today Luz saw her reading a lot through this one.

Soon after. Willow caught up from behind not as scared and worried as Amity but still a little up that level.

Luz and Gus stopped. Smiles disappearing from their faces.

Luz was the first to talk " what's going on? Shouldn't you guys be in the ca- "

" Hunter. Where is he?! " Amity interrupted. She had panic all over her face like her life was on the line.
" I need to talk to him."

Luz was startled by how all over the place Amity is. Willow even had to hold her hand to try and calm her down.

"I - I don't know... Amity what's going on? " Luz rested her hand on her shoulder looking at her with an absolute troubled expression. " is everything alright?!"

" no! It's not! " she practically pushed them aside. " you guys have to help me find him, this is serious. "

" The last place I saw him was in Illusionist studies," Gus jumped in, he stepped forward staring at Amity. " but that was the first period."

" I need to know what's his next class now." she clenched her book hard with frustration. " he has no idea what he is and I need to tell him before it gets worse. "

" excuse me, what do you mean...
'what he is.' he's a Witch just like the rest of us. " willow pointed at the rest of them. The non-responsive look Amity gave made her grow goosebumps.

" right? "

All eyes were set on Amity as she glared at Willow not knowing how to explain this big situation. There's just too much to discuss and such little time in their hands.

" it's complicated. " her eyes trailed to Luz. The human tensed up having Amity watch her like that. She didn't know what to say, " you guys can help me find him, I- I still might have a chance "

A chance for what?

Gus and Willow gave a nod splitting up in the halls to find him, leaving Luz and Amity alone still giving each other looks.

Mostly Amity. She eyed Luz suspiciously, Taking notes from her feet to her eyes. Luz was confused at the silent scanning.

Then she said something under her breath, something quiet and mostly to herself yet luz heard her. She had an unsure face when she spoke.

" I have a theory, but I need more proof... " she muttered.

And then she went off to search for the boy leaving Luz to either join or not.

" I thought today was going to be a good day..."


. ~.


" Wake up."

Hunter scrunched his eyes tight.

The voice grew louder in his ears.

" Wake up "

Then his eyes opened.

He was... Back In his room? Hunter was laying in his bed like from the beginning of his day right back in his Pajamas.


It felt different. Something didn't feel right. Turning his head to the window he notice that it was day Time too but completely quiet.

Was he going to school all a dream?

No, it was real, the pain he felt before is something he never would have forgotten.

Then he heard a voice, so similar.

" why would you do that? "

Sitting up in his bed he sees himself glaringly from the front door of his bedroom. to be specific he's more of a clone. The clone had a much darker look to his features and he wore his golden guard uniform.

Mainly the blood glowing red eyes staring at him all furious is what grabbed his attention. How can he feel so spooked by something that looks just like him?

" .....what the hell are you? " is all the real Hunter could say.

" you didn't answer my question." he walked over at a slow pace standing right beside Hunter. He never backed away from the clone standing in front of him.

Remember your training Hunter.

Mask on Hunter.

" that mask-on trick doesn't work on me," he fired. Hunter's eyes widen in shock, how did he know-

Leaning in closer he squinted his eyes. " We both share our thoughts in here "

. ~.

The cons of going to a big school. Luz has been searching around multiple halls for a while hoping she might find Hunter.

Maybe he's in a class.

As she ran around searching and searching, she slowly felt more worry grow within hoping he was alright.

But judging from how Amity's acting today, she fears otherwise.

She heard the sounds of students talking in the halls to her right. It could be him.

So Luz ran, when she reached the drama she sees a group of kids gathering around in the middle of the hallway.

She shoved some kids by trying to get through to the middle " Let me through!" she shouted. Thankfully some got the message and moved out the way.

There he is.

Laying on the ground unconscious on his back, his uniform looked burnt having a bit of hole on certain parts.

He's burning, just by standing near him gave off a little heatwave.

Maybe it's why the students gave him a good amount of space from him, she was the only one in the center close to him.

Seeing him all passed out and in discomfort made her feel terrible, she hated seeing him like this and she wanted it to stop. He looked so limp like he might have hit his peak of life.


It scared her.



Lowering down to the ground ignoring the multiple warnings of some students her lips wobbled reaching out. " H-Hunter?"

Amity ran over as close as she can get with shock and absolute terror. " Luz You can't touch him! " she cried.

Luz didn't care. She needed to help.

" he'll burn you!"

. ~.

" you had her in your grasp, she was under our thumb, Why did you do it? "

Hunter only blinked at the clone, slowly his blank expression turned into a determined one. Jumping out of his bed he sprinted over to the door ready to call for backup, a guard.

Hell, maybe even kikimora.

Yeah, he's that desperate.

When he opened the door though, he wasn't greeted with a hallway, but a pitch-black opened space.

He froze.

" Yeah, this isn't actually your real room." the clone tiredly replied.

Hunter gave a nervous look then slowly closed the door clenching his jaw shut.

" What is this place...."

He heard the footsteps of his clone approach closer.

" your mind, memories mostly.... " the clone replied. they both looked around the lonely bedroom. Hunter kinda understood why his bedroom would be the first setting in mind.

It was his safe space.

" some of your most unforgettable moments are stored here from your past " the clone continued. The door burst open to a younger Hunter 7 years old holding the side of his cheek as tears ran down his face, running over on his bed burying his face in the pillows crying in pain and sadness.




The present hunter frowned.



turning away from his younger self on the bed, he looks back at the door not wanting to see that scene, because he remembers clearly. The scar made sure he would never forget.

The little boy faded away like he was never there.

Good riddance.

" and... some small recent ones too." both his and the clones eyes trailed to the window seeing Luz in her robe appear from the other night.

She gave a shy smile as she tiptoed past the both of them looking down at her bare feet.

And just like before, she gives a little sway in her small hips before exiting the room.


He bit his lip.

He heard the sound of His clone chuckle beside him, his frown returned.

" don't make her do that again. "

" you're acting like I'm the one controlling her movements " walking over to the door with his hands behind his back he looks back at Hunter with a blank look. " I'm just replaying what was seen through your own eyes "

And then he steps through the door letting the darkness consume.

Hunter widen his eyes then followed after. He wants to understand what this is about, what that thing is.

" Wait! "

Tagging along with the clone, the door shuts behind them.

. ~.

Luz cradled his body ignoring his heat slightly burning her skin she closed her eyes shut praying he wakes up from his nightmare.

She felt his heartbeat pump in a slow rhythm.

" come on Hunter... Hold on a little longer...." she whispered close to his face. The back of Her fingers brushed his cheek softly, it was light and gentle.

Leaning her head against his own she sighed. It was like the students that were watching weren't even noticeable anymore.

Amity saw the scene before her. Realization hit her as she watched Luz hold him close in her arms. The gentle way she stroked her fingers through his blonde hair.

She was in love with him.

Amity looked down to the ground feeling the jealously rise, she knows it was not about her.

This isn't her story.

Closing her eyes She took a deep breath. Hunter needs her help, So she's going to give it to him.

Yellow eyes were shot open as she gave a determined look, raising one finger she twirled it in the air creating a purple cage around them like last time on the Knee of the Titan.

" Give them some space, nothing to see here people!" She yelled at the crowd.

Getting the message they all headed to class leaving just the three of them.

Luz looked up at Amity then gave a thankful smile.

The Blight returned one nodding.

. ~.

" Where are we now? " Hunter asked.

As they walked further in pitch-black darkness, he slowly sees little memories mostly him and Luz fighting monsters from their previous oath as they walked by.

" not important" the Clone replied. His body language feels a lot like His uncle's.

Short Answers.

Closed off.


They slowly approached another door, the clone's walking came to a stop watching it. " this might be important though."

Reaching to turn the knob the clone slowly pushed it open. What he first sees is the training room, a 10-year-old Hunter was practicing with his Staff against a coven guard.

his Uncle gifted him it on his birthday. Hunter remembered being so happy that day.

But when he sees his expression himself, the young boy looks serious and cold.

Things changed after the scar... He wasn't the same cute adorable Hunter ever again.

The clone bumped his shoulder reminding him he's not alone in this world of the mind.

" oh! this is my favourite part," he said.

The younger Hunter used his staff to levitate the one guard across the room hitting the wall.

That was his first levitation spell.

On the beat, the clone, present, and the young Hunter turned to look at their Uncle across the room.

The Emperor gives a short nod. " Nice work "

Like a recording on tape, they stayed still on Pause.

The room was quiet, Hunter heard the sound of his clone give a little sigh.

" We were so badass, what happened to us?"

The present Hunter turned to his clone glaring " why are you showing me this?"

" you wanted to know what I am, so I'm trying to show you " the clone shrugged. Walking past his uncle he heads over to another door to what is the changing room. " unless wanna stay in the dark about this too."

What does he mean...

Opening the door wide, a bright light shines in the training room, Hunter only stays in one spot seeing his clone look back at him all tired but somehow more trusting, his hand reaches out for him to take.

" maybe I'll get an answer to why you became so... Soft. "

After a brief pause of consideration, he decides to follow through with his mind. He took a few steps giving a certain look.

" show me."

. ~.

" I shouldn't have let you go that night... " Luz still stayed in the position holding him tightly against her body. " maybe If I tried harder you would have stayed," she whispered.

Gus, Amity, and Willow were the only ones in the hallway. They refused to leave their friend's side.

Willow turned to Amity. " we need to do something."

" there's nothing we can do... What he's going through in front of us is a Demon Awakening stage." Amity stated. Pulling open her book she showed the two.

Gus and Willow leaned in to see the picture. " it happens around the age of 14 latest to 16"

" he's a demon? " Gus shrieked. Willow only took the book in her hands to read further. " I thought he was a Witch like us?"

Amity looked back at the human cradling him. " that's what I thought too... Until he told me he can't use magic as we do"

Gus crossed his arms looking over at the two in the middle with confusion.

" demons can't do magic but It looks like he somehow mastered fire spells," he muttered. The cage Amity summoned managed to somehow block away the hot wave hitting their faces from the outside " how is Luz able to withstand his burning hot temperature? "

Amity took a step forward. " I don't know... But Something tells me that it's not a normal human thing."

" definitely not," Gus agreed.

As they bickered to each other Willow was busy reading through the book Amity was holding on the whole day.
" these aren't demons I've ever seen before in the boiling Isle. " she looked up.

" that's because these are demons from another Realm" the purple-haired witched replied. Bringing her hands up to her mouth hopefully increasing volume looking at the human friend.

" how's he holding up Luz?"

The Latina fluttered her eyes open looking at her friends like she was just pulled away from her bed.
" he's still burning up..." she replied. Looking down at his clothes she noticed that the holes in his uniform expanded, her voice was quiet like she was going to burst.

" it's burning his clothes...."

" Is he breathing?" Gus piped in. Turning back to Amity. " maybe I could get Viney to help out."

" that won't be necessary." a voice rang.

All four of them turned to see the principal walking beside Kikimora sitting on an Abommaton, Principal Bump worried his face seeing his student in this fate.

Luz held him close to her body glaring at the short witch on the other side of the cage.

She's here for Hunter,

" The Emperor's Coven will take good care of the Situation from here, we apologize for the scene." with the flick of a finger on her hair the magical cage burned away.

Amity turned over to the Principal holding her hands together. She does feel comfortable with the Emperor holding away someone with dangerous abilities. " principal Bump If I could have some time with him maybe I can fix the situation. "

He shook his head shooting down the offer. " I'm sorry Amity Blight, it was requested by the Emperor a long time ago... Apparently this was already arranged."

As he walked past the kid Amity's eyes gave a twitch eyeing Bump's back in shock.

" A-Arranged? "

Willow held Amity back hoping she doesn't say something she might regret to their principal. Amity didn't like the idea of Belos dealing with a situation so problematic.

"you're not taking him," Luz warned not breaking up from the boy. Her eyes darkened " I won't let you. "

" I respect your commitment for trying " without giving the human to react she used her magic again revealing her other eye in the process. From Hunter's tattoo he soon gets completely consumed with red vines all around. " but he doesn't belong to you. "

Luz couldn't see any spot of Hunter wrapped in this odd cocoon, her eyes were wide in complete shock.

" ...Hunter? "

slowly his weight gets lifted off the ground from luzs hugging arms. She held on as hard as she could not wanting him to leave her yet.

She Grips tightly on his shoulders.

Then slips to the arm.

Then his hand.

" he Belongs to the Emporer, " Kikimora sneered down at her. She has no problem physically hurting her if she has to. Her magic grew stronger.

Amity, Gus and Willow Had enough of this, just when someone was about to step in and Have Luzs back They were hit with a warning look from their principal from behind his shoulder.

They stood down.

" he Belongs to No one. " Luz gritted her teeth. Eyes cold with hate at the demon in front of her. She felt his hand finally slip away from her grasp. She only reaches out to him before her hands drop right back down to the ground in loss and defeat.

" he belongs to no one....." she repeated quietly a sob. Fist aching for circulation as she clenched it tight.

" He belongs to no one..."

Her eyes never left the Abommatons back as it turned on its way holding Kikimora and Hunter leaving the hallway. A few moments of silence passed only hearing Her repeating those words. Each time becoming less hearable.

He belongs to no one.

" I'm so sorry. I Am " Principal bump sighed. Looking at the three kids walking over to Aid their friend he had more guilt on his face. " I did what I know is best for the Students. "

He belongs... To no one.

None of them replied as luz closed her eyes. The feeling of hands rubbing her back, Willow's softly hushed voice saying "it's okay... He'll be alright " will he? She never knew she cared this much about him.

She sniffed.

He belongs with me...

. ~.

Hunter and his clone stood on the other side of a glass room, in the middle of them were Belos taking notes in a journal sitting comfortably in an unaware of The two Hunters beside him in the process.

a three-year-old Hunter shivering in the centre in only red shorts was inside the room confused and cold, arms rubbing together.

The sight itself made the present Hunter feel uncomfortable. " I don't remember this."

" of course, you don't, you were three years old. " the clone casually replied. " you don't remember a lot of things "

Belos cranked something on the controls in front of them on a desk, slowly Hunter can soon see frost from around the inside of the glass fogging the view of the younger boy from the inside.

" What is he doing? "

" freezing us." the clone answered." from the Inside. "

Hunter's heart shattered with confusion and pain. teeth clenched together so hard. Why would he do this to him? The look on The Emperor's face did not worry present, he looked at his nephew like he was nothing.

But an experiment.

Slowly that Sadness turned into something dark within, his eyes trailed over to his uncle. Eyebrows lowering down into a menacing glare.

Too bad he can't see it.

The clone took notice of the look Hunter gave, he had a curious Gaze in his eyes as he viewed the blond boy.

" there it is..."

Hunter blinked looking over at the Clone, " what."

A smile reached the Clones face, a tender one to be more specific. " that inner Fire "

The fearing glare turned tender. Inner fire? What is he talking about?

" I-"

" incredible! " Belos laughed. It caught both of their eyes seeing him stand up from his seat leaning over to the glass in fascination. " a normal Witch wouldn't have survived this temperature "

The ice on the glass slowly starts to melt revealing the younger Hunter hugging himself into a tight ball.

Completely fine despite the freezing ice room around him. Hunter couldn't help but lean in joining his uncle too not believing his eyes. How could he survive that without getting frozen to death?

" he's right," the clone agreed, he grew a smirk, " told you there's a lot you don't know about yourself~ "

Hunter shook his head in disbelief. There's no way he can somehow melt the ice. " Lucky shot. "

The clone's smile fell. " you don't believe me."

" Belos told me that my Ancestors couldn't do magic, " he spat out. Crossing his arms his look darkened. " he saved my life that day, he told me that I can't do magic- "

" Our Uncle is a liar. "

" no, he's not. " Hunter fired back. Looking over at Belos, the Emperor walked over to finally open the door to the glass room to retrieve his younger self.

the clone never blinked an eye as he glared daggers at Hunter in his pyjamas.

" that's what you think, huh?"

As The Emperor left the cold room with the younger Hunter in his arms the Memory vanished bringing them back into darkness.

" you think he's our saviour, teaching us the ' correct way to magic' but really he's afraid of us. " the clone growled, Looking at his gloved hands.

The white in his eyes turned black in a horrifying way.

" he's afraid because he knows what we're capable of,"

Hunter didn't notice his eye change since he was looking down. He didn't believe the idea of his Uncle being afraid of his own nephew, if anything Hunter should be afraid of him. The curse gives a good reason why fears of failure too.

" If he's afraid of us then why did he take me in that day? "

The clone's eyes turned normal as he looked up in confusion.

" what day?"

He never told anyone about this. It was a sensitive memory he doesn't like to share.

" The day he took me in... After my parents..." taking a breath he rubbed his arm slowly. " passed away from Wild magic.."

It was the sole reason why he stayed away from wild magic in the first place, his Uncle told him that it was best they both stayed away from it.

To keep each other safe.

It'll only cause pain and destruction.

" do you really believe that story?"


He does.

Hunter gave a short sad nod too emotional to speak.

" do you know your parents' names?" the clone asked.

There was a pause in consideration. Hunter tried creating an image of what his own mother would look like in his head maybe he already knew her name but just forgot.

" did Belos share anything about what your parents might have been like?"


He didn't.

Suddenly they see a nursery bed to their left. Hunter said nothing, he inhaled softly then took a step forward as The clone only stayed behind clenching his fist tightly.

" Hunter.... " the Clone mumbled.

Could this be what he thinks it is?

If this is him as a baby then that means... he gets to see what his parents looked like before the Wild magic incident. A hopeful smile grew on his lips ready to see his younger self and his parents too.

This was it.

The look of his younger happy baby self being held in beautiful warm loving arms made his heart soften, after everything that happened through his memories he could use a bright one right now.

He needs One.

When he looks over the crib he sees a very pale stiff baby in the crib. His eyes were closed taking slow breaths of air. Hunters' smile fell away.

" you weren't going to make it that night" the Clone started.


" you could barely make a sound."



His vision blurred at the sight.


Not this, Not this too. This is supposed to be a wonderful moment, he's supposed to be happy here this can't be him.

This can't be him.

" go back further," he choked out. He wants to see his parents, Belos told him the truth, he HAD A FAMILY. then suddenly belos Appears without his mask on into the scene.

A tear ran down Hunter's face.


" Show me the first memory here, "

" This is your first memory-" he was cut off by Hunter.

" no! Show me my real parents! " he cried. Stomping over to that clone he grabbed his hands holding them tightly. He had a twitch in his lip hoping he could grant him the image of his parents.

" This can't be it" his hand squeezed tighter. " please "

The clone looked deeply into the broken eyes of the teen with a weak expression, he wanted to help he did but he can't retrieve a memory that isn't there.

" I'm so sorry...."

The defeat was present.

" you were never born. " tilting his head to look at Belos behind him Hunter soon joins in too, they see the Emperor open a scroll beginning to speak in a chant.

The clone's expression hardens seeing black magic mixed with a red burst through the scroll on the baby, hissing sounds were made as it touches the lady baby's skin.

" you were created. "

Hunter felt lost, his whole life was created for Belo's sick enjoyment.

As Belos closed his scroll he faded away into the darkness of Hunter's mind. The two of them walked back over to the crib to see the newborn.

The baby looked much better than before, skinless pale, normal breathing, movement.

And the sound of a cute baby Coos was made in front of them. Reaching out his hands in the crib, they glide through the baby like a hologram.

Of course.

" I'm guessing that he Implanted you in me... " he Gussed. Looking at his uncles slowly pick the baby up, they vanished leaving them alone once again. " and I'm not a real... Witch "

His hand rested on his chest lightly, frown deepening knowing that the heart he has is probably something fragile no Witch in the boiling Isle has.

" yes." the Clone replied. Just what Hunter expected. But that he didn't expect was the clone to shift into something small like a baby black spirit with giant red eyes looking at him with no pupils.

Hunter cupped his hands together to let the little demon float into his hands, which he did. Hunter couldn't help but think the little demon looked adorable with its little stubs for arms.

" Thank you... For showing me this..." the teen sadly thanked. He forced a little smile reaching a finger to rub its big head. " as much as I hate this, I needed it"

Though it would have been faster if he just told him.

" not as much as me needing to know why you broke the Deal With the human "

Right, the human.

" We had her in our grasp, we weakened her, but now she's free preparing to strike us back" the demon muttered.

OK. He's being awfully dramatic,

Hunter rolled his eyes. " Luz can't hurt us, relax"

" I'm not talking about Luz"

There was a pause with complete silence. His eyebrows lowered.

"  then who are you talking about? "

. ~.

Later back at the owl house, the moon was high up in the sky. Everyone was in bed sleeping after a long day.

All except the Echo mouse in its glass box in Luz's room stayed in the corner far away as possible from an unconscious human in the center.

The Lights around her room Flickered uncontrollably as she slept. But the insane thing about it was that the Mouse was terrified about that.

It was terrified of Luz floating off the ground.

Golden magic was swirling around her slowly like Luz's body was a powerful source of Energy.

The Echo mouse coward in fear shaking like crazy the whole night.

Chapter Text

" I'm so sorry, she's just nervous when she meets new friends " the mother replied on the phone.

Camilla was busy apologizing to a family in the kitchen while a 7-year-old Luz with messy braids was sitting at the kitchen island playing with a headless lizard toy.

" yes, I know "

Luz wasn't playing much, she was just trying to find an excuse to be in the room without being nosy.

" My daughter doesn't need that, she just has a big imagination."

Luz looked down at the headless lizard in her one hand then puffed her cheeks.

" don't you worry, I'm going to talk to her about it," she promised.

Luz swallowed. Setting the toy down on the table she waited for her mother to turn and talk to her.


Putting down her phone Camilla walks over to sit in front of her daughter across the table with an angry look on her face. Luz wasn't ready to look up at her mother just yet.

" what did I tell you before you left for Sam's sleepover " Camilla firmly reminded

Luz inhaled with guilt. " don't drag kids into doing things you want to do that may not be safe.. "






" and what did you do"






" I forced Sam to Swallow a whole boiled egg...."



" and what happened after that?"



She sniffed.



"......She choked."



Her mother only watched her daughter as Luz began to shake.

" I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean for her to choke " Luz sobbed. " I thought she would be able to swallow it-"

" Stop it. " the mother warned. " they already told their end of the story Sam doesn't want to be anywhere near you now. Luz, I told you to think before you act just because you think it's ok doesn't mean it's always fine for others. I told you that swallowing a whole egg is dangerous but you don't Listen! "Camila rambled on.

Great, Luz began to water up at the news, she thought that she and Same would be friends. But it was just Luz who was thinking that. And now her mother is mad at her. 

Guess it's back to being friends with the Animals again, at least they won't deny the food she gives.

" Are you happy? Is this what you wanted Luz?" the mother brought her hands up to her face rubbing it in stress. " why are you pushing people away?"

" they're pushing away from me!" the little girl cried." every time I try to fit in they still hate me! Well, I hate them! "

Throwing the toy across the kitchen she then gave a short but high scream in stress and anger. Her mother only blinked in shock.

Then she grew angry.

" Luz!"

" I don't want any friends! "

" Luz stop it now! " stomping over to the girl she grabbed her shoulders. Her only response was to squirm closing her eyes tight " Calm down and stop the screaming! " 

" I don't want any friends!"  she repeated.

The room was spinning as Luz cried harder, slowly Her mother's anger turned into guilt seeing her child cry.

So she hugged her.

" I'm not forcing you to have friends, I just don't want you to feel like you're doing this alone baby..." she hushed.

" But I'm Not Alone, I have you" Luz sniffed. Wrapping her arm's around her mother's shoulder in a sad hug, more tears escaped her eyes. " you're the only thing that matters here. "

Her mother loved her for who she is, she's the only one who accepts Luz.

" even though I'm a bad person.. " luz grumbled with a cracky voice.

" you're not a bad person " she hushed. Rubbing her back slowly she then pulled away to see the kid's face. " open those beautiful eyes "

And so she did, sniffing up at her mother.

She sighed smiling at her little girl " there they are.... " stroking a strand of hair behind Luzs ear she relaxed hearing the sniffling die down. " did you know that those eyes were the first thing I saw when you were in my arms?"

Luz shook her head.

" They were so beautiful, brown with a hint of gold. " she laughed. her hands cupped those small cheeks. The feeling of her child slightly shaking like she fell in a pool. " I was so scared of being a mother without your father but seeing those eyes... Gave me light, And hope "




That's how her name was chosen.



Luz only looked up at her mother in silence with those wide orbs.


" baby, you are not a mess, I gave your name for a reason... Your a gift, a blessing, an Angel. " tears rolled down the girl's cheeks hearing her mother say those things. A reminder that it's fine to like certain things or that it's fine to be different. Because she still loves her. Slowly Camilla closed her eyes resting them on Luz's forehead giving a safe hug.



"  you bring out the best in me...."




Slowly Luz's eyes drifted shut too. A small smile flew up to her features.



"  you bring out the best in me too Mama... "



. ~.


Luz woke up in a pool of sheets.

The sound of trees rustling outside had a peaceful touch to the early atmosphere.

Reaching out for her phone she instead grabs hold of Hunter's glove.

Right... Hunter.

She remembered the day before, the scary thing is that she doesn't know if he's better or not. the moment she came home yesterday she couldn't stop thinking about how he barely breathed normally in her arms, the way his body was Stiff in her arms never left her mind.

She has to check and see if he's okay, the worry never left her head, It's why she woke up early to maybe check on him.

It's crazy but she needs to know that he's alright.

standing up she gave a good stretch glove still in her hand.

Turning her head to the right she sees the Echo mouse silently watch her in its glass cage.

This little guy might be her only way home, to reunite with the one thing that matters there.

Her mother.

It was so adorable to see it sit there with its tail wag back and forth slowly. What a cute little Audience. Since it's much more calm and relaxed Maybe she'll have a better chance at getting information from Phillips dairy later.

She gave a little wave smiling softly.

"  When I come back... maybe you can help me with Philips dairy later " she hopped.

The mouse's response was backing away into the deepest darkest part of its corner with a scared look on its face.

She frowned.

And here she thought she was good with animals.

" fine. Another time. " retrieving her phone and earbuds she then scrolled through her playlist to pick a song then sighed " I could use an uplifting song right now..."

Landing on Her favourite song, Halo by Beyonce she clicked play, earbuds were shoved in her ears blocking out reality.

The beat came in.

Stepping out her Pj's she began to change her clothes. Something about this song and the setting in the morning felt different, especially with what happened yesterday too it was like it was meant for her driving out the negative feelings.

" Remember those walls I built, well-baby their tumbling down.... " the song played.

Throwing on a grey hoodie and black leggings, Luz tucked Hunter's glove into her pocket then she began to walk out the room with a little twirl down the hall. everyone is still asleep so she made sure that those footsteps were light on her feet.

"and they didn't even put up a fight, they didn't even make a sound.. "

Walking down further with ease her walks slowly turned into a slow dance. Dancing came naturally to her, her mother always said that she was amazing at it.

" I find a way to let you in... But I never really had a doubt standing in the light of your Hal-oo~ I got my Angel now. "

Passing by a frame she tilted it right back into place like, slowly her eyes drifted close falling more deeper into the song.

" it's like I been Awaken~ "

The Corner of her lips grew as she held her hand out taking one light step at a time, feeling the wooden floor creak slightly from the pressure of her feet.

" every rule you had me breaking, it's the risk that I'm taking, I ain't never going to shut you out. "

As the music played in her ears she then approached Eda's room to see if she was alright and still sleeping. Which she was. Half of her is considering the idea of taking Owlbert with her but seeing the cute Palismen cuddling in the old witch's Arms all comfy she suppose going on by foot will be alright.

Luz could appreciate a pailsmen for moments like these, borrowing Eda's is slowly starting to become frequent all the time. sometimes Luz even likes to go out on a nice stroll in the sky on calm days to help clear her mind.

The feeling of the wind in her hair, that calm rush.

It's relaxing.

It's even more enjoyable when Eda is the one that flies Owlbert for her, She gets to relax and experience the beautiful view of the boiling isle.


Though her one negative opinion for the ride is How Eda isn't very comfortable to lean on.


Little boney on the back.


But exceptional.


Now holding on to Hunter is Another story.


His body type isn't like Eda's. It's warm.


He Has a lot of muscle in certain Areas and brings a different feeling to her whenever she holds him. The tough feeling of his armour under his uniform, his wide Chest as she remembers her arms close around his body the first time she rides on the pailsmen with him.

Eda Gives a vibe of protection when Luz holds her, like a caring mother letting you know it's fine to feel relaxed because she's there to protect you.

But Hunter...

Luz couldn't help but crack a little smile watching The owl lady snoring deeply in her giant nest, it looked like she was smiling at the scene but she was smiling about other things running wild in her head.

Come on Luz, the Dude is probably in his death bed and you're still thinking about what he looks like without his top clothing.

pull yourself together.

Shaking her head she then turned on her heels ready to check up on a kid prodigy.  listening to her music once again.


" I can feel your Ha-lo~"  the song continued.


. ~.


" be careful with him, he's delicate " Belos warned darkly. Two maids were rubbing damp cold cloths all over Hunter's upper body trying to cool down his hot temperature.

They have been doing this for a while and it didn't help much.

" I'm not Delicate. " the teen grumbled. The whole time he was awake staring ahead not wanting to see his Uncle.

Belo's response was silent as he watched the maids continue to struggle with keeping a fair distance away from his little heatwave while still wiping the Damp rags all over.

" Emporer Belos I don't think this is working" one maid finally confessed. Their arms grew tired from staying in this uncomfortable position. " his body temperature is the same from when we started."

" you're both useless." Belos hissed. Belos can be heartless to those lower than him. The two maids gave a hurt look under their mask, hearing those words come out from his mouth can give an effect.

" W-we could try something else, " she stuttered. Looking down away from Hunter she then continued. " maybe the enchantment we used on his sheets could hel-"

Belo's hand raised making the woman close her mouth shut.

" I allow you to do something right, help heal my right-hand man and in return you want me to allow you the chance at possibly casting a spell on him? "

There was a dry tense silence, the maid on the right was shaking in fear not wanting to look up at the Emperor. Hunter still had a sour look looking the other way, he wanted no part of this today.


He was just too mad.


" I didn't mean for you to think that I wanted to hurt him " the maid teared up. Backing away from the teen she gave a bow. " I'm sorry for making you think that."

Belos only glared at his quiet nephew still laying in his bed with an annoyed face, the Emperor didn't know what caused the teen to close off away from him but it annoyed the ruler.

Even though Hunter wasn't looking at his Uncle he knew that the man was watching him.

" they're right," Hunter shot out. " this isn't doing anything so just let me cool off on my own. "

That was the maid's cue to scurry on out of the room before Belos throws any more hateful words at the two.



His uncle stayed. And watched. 

" I'm taking it that you're mad"


Hunter never moved from his spot staring at his closed window across the room.



" why is that? " Belos finished.

" Why didn't you tell me I had no parents? " the teen whispered. He didn't move at all, he just couldn't look at him after everything.

Belos blinked under his mask, taking a few steps he stood at the side of his bed facing his back.


" How did you know that? "



Hunter has a shot laugh. " so it is true.. "



" How did you know that?" the Emperor repeated, his fist clenched into a ball with a little ounce of fear in his old bones wondering how Hunter got hold of such knowledge. 

" come on Uncle... Don't leave me with more questions. "he grumbled. with his anger rising more he tried his best to control the sudden flaming fire growing in his chest. " just tell me "

Belos slowly took off his mask to look at his nephew glaring, he didn't like Hunter feeling comfortable talking to him like this.

He's stepping on eggshells.


But what Belos didn't know was that he was stepping on eggshells too.


He smiled. " because it would give you an Anchor for your life, I did you a favour " closing his eyes Belo's smile grew wide. " you've become something amazing from that."

That made Hunter looked in his Uncle's direction with glowing red eyes.

" I became a spitting image of you," he growled." you ruined my life. "

Hunter felt destroyed. More sour words wanted to break free. All he could do was glare hard and Strong at his Uncle as his veins under the skin pulsed.

Belo's smile vanished, slowly it turned into a scary frown.

" I have spent half my life trying to build you," he said. Leaning over, Hunter never broke away from his cold as icy blue eyes. " ripped you apart bit by bit,"


The things that left his mouth...

Hunter felt sick.

" every single one I have created died, but I never gave up on you because you're special." looking down at his bare chest he then poked it with his cold metal gloved finger. " I made this, many of your failed projects would have wished to take your place working by my side "

" I'm not your project "


And then he smiled, oh that terrible smile.

an evil heartless smile.

" Hunter... Your far from a project now, " he chuckled with that dry throat of his. Then his hand grabbed the bottom of his chin forcing him to look fully close. " you're the future "



" You don't know what I am " he hissed. 



They were so close hunter's eyes gave off glowing lighting up his features. 



He doesn't know what he's capable of. 



" I know you more than you know yourself. "


Hunters' eyes Dialed into slits.



We'll see about that.



Letting go of the teen's chin he then masked his face back again from the world. A brief pause was present as they stayed still glaring one last time. The sound of Hunter giving an angry Huff was the only sound made. 


After fixing his royal wear he left.


Hunter leaned back in his bed staring angrily at the ceiling.


" don't worry about him, he can't do anything to us" a voice jumped in. It rang in his head like an Echo.

A little spot of red glowed inside the centre of his chest like a little night light, then the demon from his mind popped out from the skin crossing his little arms looking at the door.


" He needs us "


Hunter then sighed not breaking away from the Ceiling," I'm not worried at all " In a calm hushed tone.

The little Demon gave a shot nod for his response then looked down at the boy's hot body.

" I should teach you how to control that " the demon mumbled. "you're burning up like crazy in here."

Hunter looked back down at the Demon eager to know more.

" I can control this?" the Little demon's response was a nod, " how come this never happened before?"

" it happens mostly through your breakdowns " the Demon laughed.

Hunter blushed in embarrassment.
" just breakdowns?"

" When you first met Luz you came on the island within a boiling water hand. " he snickered.

Hunter only blinked.

" I was Levitating that! That doesn't count I made sure it never would have burnt me " he laughed too.

" Hunter hovering above those parts of the boiling ocean can give severe burns to any Witch that's close to it"

He pointed his tiny snubs smiling" you were fully wrapped up inside unharmed by the water around you, I felt the steam rise off you that day. "

He never looked at it like that.

Though he has some questions for the bird that didn't die in the cage, it might have been a demon too. 

" speaking of Luz... " Hunter started. His smile disappeared. "Something is living within her too?"

The demon shook his head rapidly floating up to the boy's face with his big eyes.

" Oh yes definitely. That's going to be a huge problem for us " he casually announced.


" why? "


" My whole deal is to help you unlock your inner demon so we can bring our brothers and sisters from the Hell Realm to take over this one" closing his eyes he went deeper on his plan. " it's our destiny set by stone from the Demons before us. " then the demon's eyes shot open glaring angrily at the Teen. " but I Can't do that if an Angel is going to interfere on our plans. "

Hunter only watched in shock as the demon then laid back with no care in the world.


" yeah, so she has to go"

That's not going to happen he won't hurt Luz.

He shot a serious glare.


" no "


Hearing those words made the demon's small chill posture shoot up into a stick in minutes. Looking at the boy he then blinked a few times.

" what? "

" I'm not going to kill Luz " he refused.
His glare only deepened as he continued. "  and neither are you"


The demon said nothing with a blank look, his brain was all over the place as he tried wrapping up why he cared for the girl he thought was his Enemy.


" what the fuck did I hear coming out of your mouth.... "  he mumbled. Closing his eyes tight from the headache he then began to rub the side of his head. " this isn't happening, I didn't hear that."



" I'm no-"



" just. Let me make this make sense " he interrupted holding one hand up. " you killed people before, I've seen your memories but for some reason, you don't want to kill this..... Plaything"

His blood boiled from the little nickname he gave her.


" that doesn't even care about you by the way " the demon argued.


" she....she does care about me" fiddling with his fingers he then looked back at his window. " At least I think she does."

" right, sure...... an Angel liking a Demon " the Demon scoffed. " that'll never happen "




Maybe he's right. To think that he and the Human would like him the Emperors nephew.


" I just thought that.... "


" thought what? That she'd want to be with you? Angels hate us Hunt-"

His talking came to a halt. The demon's body stood up floating in the hair staring blank ahead at his headboard. The silence made Hunter look back at him with confusion.

" what is it? "

" she's here, I can sense her" the demon muttered with a creepy dead tone.

Hunters heart did a flip. Is he talking about who he thinks he's talking about?

He was about to say something but was cut off by the sound of his window opening. Hunter and the demon only watched in puzzlement.

And then Luz appeared in his room laying on the ground taking deep breaths.

" FINALLY" she wheezed. Resting her hand on her chest she then closed her eyes bringing her breathing back in control. " you just had to be in the tallest tower..."

The two exchanged looks from the bed then looked back down at the girl who was drained from all the climbing she had to do.

" Human?"

" Yeah, yeah just... Give me a second rapunzel. gotta regain my breath. "

And so they waited.

The sound of Luz's exhausted sounds, the way Hunter watched her chest rise in fall slowly was his way to pass the time. the Demon was still in a little shock that she was here.




" I wanted to check up on you and see if you were ok" Luz confessed. Her eyes were closed from her loss of energy. It almost sounded like she was falling asleep " also, you left your glove... "


She did care.


He blinked down at her. " you travelled all the way here... For me?"

" mhm... Could stop thinking-" her eyes shot open." Worrying about you" she corrected.


Hunter shot a look at the demon. And he said she didn't care. The demon still didn't look in his direction to see it, he was too busy watching the Human's every move.

" well, thank you" a smile crept up his lips " even though I get a new pair of gloves every day "

Then the sound of her beautiful soft laughter was present, the way she tried her best to hold it off but only made it come out cuter than before like a Hum.

It's breathtaking.

" well excuse me for Caring Golden guard~"

God her confidence when she's around him.

Leaning onto his side, his hand cupped the side of his face as he watched her with low Lidded eyes.

" though you could keep it if you want, witches here would die to have that " he shrugged. " consider it my thanks for helping me the other night"

The Demon rolled his eyes watching them flirt back and forth. It was annoying and making his blood boil.
The things the two of them can do instead of hanging around this girl.






Luz smirked staring at the ceiling. " I'd keep the glove but what's the use of one if you can't have the other? "

His red eyes grew darker as he watched her differently. The demon finally looked away to watch Hunter with curiosity.

" never said you can't have the other glove, just gotta Earn it~"

Finally looking away from the ceiling her eyes then trailed from his face to his chest.

Oh, man.

Within a second her eyes grew wide, a blush covering her cheeks in red.

" I uh... your... Scars healed Har- fast. "

Seeing him all hot and shirtless made her lose her concentration in having a perfect conversation with him.

" its...." his hand reached for the demon then pulled him down away from the Human's sight. " complicated."

Not sure if he should reveal the little demon just yet.

She then sat up to crawl on her hands and knees making her way over to his bed. The way she approached him gave goosebumps all over his skin. he stayed still as he only watch her grow closer with this adorable face with a hint of curiosity. 




" wanna talk about it?" she asked.





Yes, thousand times yes.






" I would but I might bore your eyes out," he said. Hunter then reached his hand to push a strand of hair behind her circular ears. The colour on Luz's face grew bigger the longer she felt his big hands on her. " it's a long story"

Her breath sounded short and shaky. Swallowing those nerves she leaned in closer.


" I like long stories... "


Hunter didn't notice her hand travelled on his shoulder until he sensed her grip it lightly.

As the little demon stayed from behind hunter he got a good view of the Human's hand resting on his hot skin unaffected by him at all. The demon's eyes grew wide in shock.

" The Angelic shield... " he whispered.

Luz pulled her hand away off his skin breaking into a smile. " what did you say?"

Stupid demon.

" uhh" reaching behind to retrieve the little guy he laughed softly " don't freak out but this may seem a little..... Weird to you"

She gave a stern look at him " Hunter, I'm in a realm where rain boils, nothing can weird me out trust me " she reassured.


Interesting girl.


" really." he slowly said. Feeling The demon finally rest in his palm he raised it to her view. " then I guess he shouldn't  scare you-"




" oh, Mi Senor!" she squealed.




In an instant, the Human's focus snapped over at the little demon in front of her. Hunter blinked watching how engaged and interested she was like she has seen a precious baby.


" it's so cute! "


Her fingers began to fiddle the demon's chubby cheeks, even when the demon gave the most hateful sounds it just never fazed her.


nothing scares this girl, it's crazy.


" what's his name? Where did it come from? Is there more?! Why haven't I seen any till now? Where could I get on-"

" shut up! " the Demon hissed. Taking a bite of her finger she then let go allowing him to keep a fair distance away in the air. " my god she's annoying. "

" hate me all you want little guy but sooner or later I'll grow on you " she proudly laughed." it's my many talents "

It's true.

" right " the Demon grumbled.

Luz looked back at the teen raising a brow. " is that thing the reason why you passed out at hexside? "

" Yeah. " Hunter then scratched his chin. " he helped me see things through my memories.."

Luz rested her arms on his bed, the mattress dipped in slightly from the pressure.

" that's... cool " she looked at the demon a little confused. She has never seen such a thing before nor did she hear anything about creatures here that could go in your mind and memories.



Sounds a bit scary. 


She frowned. "  if they were Enjoyable ones "


They weren't.


Nothing in his past was enjoyable.


Except the ones involving Luz.


He sat up looking away from her frowning at the sheets. Knowing that he isn't born but created in a lab by his uncle made him not fit in this realm even more.

Growing up not being able to do magic like all the other witches was one thing. But not being one is a whole other feeling like he doesn't belong here, the black sheep in the Bunch.

He thought shielding away this truth would be better but it only made him feel more of an outcast.

" do you..." he inhaled " ever feel like you don't belong someplace and you try to be something you're not?"

When he looked back at her she looked spooked, similar to that night at the Blights house. Did he say something wrong? He clenched the sheets tight waiting patiently for an answer. the demon slowly landed down on Hunter's hair watching the human.

He then began to stutter. " I was just... Never mind. You fit in with everyone forget I said anythin-"

" yes."




She does?



" but... You're amazing," he whispered. How can she not fit in? She's so sweet and kind And he meant it he did, and she believed what he said too.


But she didn't believe it for herself.


He could tell. The way she closed off all her shinning bright features from his face looking down and gloomy and how she held her arms tight around her stomach.

" Not from where I'm from," she answered.



Probably on Earth. 


The Demon slowly began to theorize that the Angel in her was dying from her lack of energy

Hunter frowned.


" Luz "

That was the first time she heard him say her name, it sounded nice coming out his mouth like it was made for him only.

Her head slowly raised to face him once again.

Words wanted to express how much he feels for her, cares about her. because she means so much to him more than she realizes.

" you climbed up this stupid fucking tower to return a glove to me,"


His hand rested on her cheek softly. She didn't pull away looking deep into his eyes.


" risked your life for someone like me...knowing what may happen to you if someone found you. " he continued. Which made him wonder how she avoided every single guard here. he gave a short soft laugh seeing her smile a little. " coming here Alone, dangerously stupid, by the way. "

Before she could respond his other hand then rested on the other side of her cheek cupping her face.


" but Amazing."

Absolutely amazing. The list could go on, he'd write a whole novel about her if he could.

" It was nothing, " Luz laughed. Her cheeks burned.




He blinked. 





" Luz the things I'm feeling right now is nothing." he leaned in closer smiling proudly at her. " and I don't want that feeling to stop... And I want you to feel it too "

Luz's smile faded She was bewildered at the choice of his words. Her lips parted as she looked deeper into those eyes.

And then they landed on his lips. She never tore away her eyes from them because she has a feeling that she'll feel them right now with her own.

She sure hopes he does.


The demon clicked two and two together knowing what was going to happen next. He shook his head in anger.



As the morning sun of the Boiling Isle rose higher in the sky, Hunter's room began to give a golden warm touch.

The two's eyes drifted shut.

"  I want you to feel amazing," he murmured. Leaning with confidence.

He kissed her.

Her lips were amazing, soft and warm like a welcoming pillow from a horrible day at work, he had doubts that he stepped out of line until he noticed her giving to the feeling on their mouths together. sparks flew like crazy in her stomach as she felt the hot air from his nose hit the skin on her lips.

Her hands trailed up his warm arms up and down slowly feeling the fit arms with a little scar on one of them adding a certain feeling of texture under her fingertips.

This was their first kiss yet it felt like they have done it before.


Slowly they got the hang of it, with more confidence Luz then got up from the ground then rested her knees on the bed straddling him in between never breaking away wanting more of him with her. 


The more time passed the deeper it went, the hands-on her cheeks soon slowly travelled over to her waist bringing her close to him, this passionate kiss was burning hard it was like their hearts were beating in complete sync.

Luz's own hands then began to explore his soft blonde hair carefully. He never let anyone touch his hair before so this feeling felt different coming from just him. She leaned in even closer making sure that there were no gaps in between. she enjoyed his gentle hands holding her small waist in place, Those hands are perfect.

He then gave a squeeze.


She Trembled. She never felt this with anyone in her entire life 



Parting their lips for a quick breath for air they dived right back in making pleasurable hums.

He almost parted his lips to let her in his mouth to feel and taste more of her. 


* Knock knock *


" Golden Guard, The Emporer requires your presence in the training room with the Silver guard as soon as possible. " Kikimora shouted from outside of his room.

Perfect timing. Just perfect.


Luz leaned away giving a little gasp for some air still holding the sides of his head. She's so beautiful, Hunter almost lost his train of thought from just watching her.



"uh... I'm sure the Silver Guard can wait... " his eyes scanned Luz from the bottom to the top. Her response was to look away blushing deeply with a little smile. Ya... He's gonna want a little Alone time. " An hour or so, I'm busy "

" I don't care. Do your job and get up, the Emperor is not in the mood for your foolish today. "

Hearing the Emperor's name ruined the feeling. Happy thoughts turned into mixed feelings As she looked all around the Golden guard's room seeing trophies from things he Accomplished working for him.

Her smile vanished with panic.

She's in the Golden guard's room.

She kissed him.


And she liked it.

What would Eda think? Dating the Emperor's right-hand man. She'd lose her mind.

Or maybe she'd congratulate her.

Still. This is bad.


As she heard the harsh sounds of kikimora banging the door her eyes trailed back over to Hunter with a sad look on her face knowing what she was going to need to do as he glance at the door with annoyance.


" give me a minute," he grumbled at the anything demon.

" I don't have a minute make it quick. " kikimora warned

When he looked back he gave a little tooth gap smile at the human. " this is what I deal with every day"

" Hunter..." her hands pulled away from his hair. " I'm... So sorry "  reaching into her pocket she then pulled out his glove resting it in his hands gently. " I shouldn't have done that... "

Hunter's smile fell. The feeling of her body leaving him all alone on his bed. He looked up as she threw her hoodie over her head.


His grip tightened with pain. 


" did that kiss mean nothing to you? " he fired. She already began to close off away from him like a stranger on the streets with just her back facing him. it hurt. " did I do something wrong? "

" No you D-didn't do-" her voice was shaking. Speed walking over to the window she began to step through with one leg. What they just did can't happen again. Their both too different. " J-just please forget about this" Luz begged.

Of course.

He then looked down at the glove in his hand. He thought maybe she would have been the one.

Guess he was wrong.

" fine. Whatever " he angrily decided. Pushing up from the bed he began to head over to his closet not giving the human one glance. " let's just pretend it didn't happen. It's not like it meant anything. "

Her eyes watered hearing that. Turning around to face him a soft weak voice was heard. Fiddling her shaking fingers.

" it... didn't? "

It did. She made him feel things he never thought he could feel. He felt alive. He felt loved.

But he couldn't let her see how vulnerable he is to her.

He pulled out his chest armour glaring daggers at it.

" just go, " is all he said.

After a brief second hoping he might say something else. Like a switch of a heart maybe. But he didn't, he continued doing whatever he was doing the whole time.

She sighed.

And then she left.

When hunter knew she was gone after a few seconds she looked over his shoulder seeing the sun hit his eyes. The cool breeze blowing in his room reminded him about how Luz can be a cold person at times, but warm and fuzzy on the inside.

He hates it.

It's like a drug.

" Angel's are so dramatic," the demon grumbled from Hunter's head all bored Hunter forgot that he was there. " it's why we don't fuck with them. " 

" you" Hunter hissed. Reaching up a hand to retrieve the demon he brought him down facing a very angry-faced Hunter. " teach me everything I need to know about my Demon Abilities."

The demon blinked a few times then threw a devilish grin.

" where do I start.. "

. ~.

" I screwed up so bad.. " luz whispered.

The Echo mouse watched from its box as Luz layed down flat on her mattress hugging herself into a tight ball.

" That kiss was amazing....." luz looked over at the mouse. " it felt like butterflies and fireworks were born in my stomach."

Her eyes grew wide.

Raising her arms to exaggerate her point she popped her lips. "like butter works..."

The mouse tilted its head oddly watching her.

" he was my first kiss. I mean Amity kissed me on the cheek but that doesn't count " her eyes fluttered shut smiling all dreamlike. " but he kissed me on the lips. And he held me close. "

It was amazing.

" He made me feel amazing" she laughed. Turning back over on her back she sighed. " I wish me and hunter could experience it again...." she muttered.



But she ruined it 



Slowly her hands rested on top of her heart. " but... It couldn't work. We're on different teams In this realm. He's the golden guard "

Different sides...

It'll never work.

"I just wish we could have that moment again..... " she finished with a sigh. 

As she drifted her eyes shut. Outside her window, Hooty listened on the other side unnoticed.

Slowly that blank look turned into a smile. his neck pulled him away from the window travelling back to the door.



" sounds like SoMebOdy needs a helping hand from Hooty!" the owl house declared.

Something tells me that our little Owl house has a little plan that may or may not involve a little crime called.










Chapter Text

Eda carefully put her golden tooth in the gap of her teeth while looking at the mirror.

" ya still got it " she proudly reminded. Throwing on her brown jacket she then reached out for owlbert " come on little guy we got a big day ahead of us."

Owlbert gave an excited chirp then transformed into the staff resting in Eda's hands. " thank you~" she sang. Excited to bring Luz along for this splendid day she added speed to her movements leaving the room.



She woke up earlier than usual to do this for her, she doesn't want to let the human down. When she reaches the door to Luz's room she slowly cracks it open smiling like an excited child on Christmas.


" Luz~" she giggled. Pushing the door wider she leaned harder on the door making a Creaking sound. " it's pailsmen da-" her voice came to a stop.

When she looks into the room she sees Luz floating in the air with pure magic swirling around her like a generator creating its Energy, the lights around her room were flicking off and on like a pattern.

Eda blinked.

Slowly she backed up closing the door never breaking eye contact with what she was seeing. She's high on pixie dust.

" ok... Maybe I do need some apple blood." she laughed. Closing her eyes she slapped her face hard.







" I'm seeing things! "


Totally see things... it's not like Luz is floating in the air like some Witch Possessed in her sleep.

Eda laughed harder.

No way!

Slowly her laughs turned into terrified sounds not believing herself one bit on this lie.

Heading over to the door quickly she then opened it with the view of Luz still sleeping unconsciously in the air.

" oh... Titan "  she mumbled in complete shock.

Not normal! not normal at all!

Eda's ear perked hearing the sound of the Echo mouses squeaking in terror in its tiny box. The poor little guy probably has no idea what's going on at all. Its body shivered like there was an earthquake in the glass box.

She needs to stop this.

Long ago, Her mother told her what to do if she and lilith Encounters a possessed Witch in their life. That this technique was most likely effective. The memory is still fresh in her mind.

Gripping owlbert around the staff tightly, she gave a determined look at the floating body. raising the staff high up she then whacked Luzs Leg.

A little too hard.

" get out of here you pesky Ghost!" Eda yelled. Raising it again she gripped the handles harder. " I'm not afraid of hitting a child!"

Luzs eyes blinked open from the contact. As soon as she woke up her body dropped to the ground like a fly, luckily The lady caught her just in time.

" mm... What's going on.. ." when her vision focused on the old Witch she gave a cute smile." heyyy! Your up early toda- "


Eda slapped her square in the face ignoring a very much awake Luz.

" ow! " luz cried. She reached her hand in panic and confusion to shield herself, what the heck is going on? The first thing that she sees is Eda ready to fight her for no reason at all! " what are you doing?!"

" luz if you're still in there don't worry I'm going to help you out " Eda hushed. Raising her hand again far back then stuck out her tongue focusing on a certain spot to hit. " this ghost will be out in no time"


Luz was about to ask further until the sight of Eda's hand approaching her face scared her. " Wait wait wait!" she shrieked. She shoved Eda far away to give herself space making her land on her bottom. " what ghost?! I'm not Possessed!" she yelled, at least she thinks she isn't.

" you were floating in the air!" Eda yelled. Pointing at the air she then waved her arms around like a crazy person. " Lights and magic were floating around you!"


Slowly luz calmed down taking a deep breath, if she wants to get through this they have to calm down together.

" ok... Let's just calm down, did you just say I was... Floating in the air?" she asked with a nervous voice. Eda only nodded in response. " that's... Not normal " she mumbled. 


" It isn't. and now that I think about it a possessed Ghost Can't produce light magic like what you did... " Eda said. As she got up from the ground she began to dust herself off. " I never saw any ghost use that much magic while the host is completely unconscious. "

" so what are you saying, That it's from me? I thought I can't do magic because of the whole bylsac situation " looking around her room she suddenly noticed some of her lights blown out. How long has this been going on?

It all started to make sense, the globe blew out randomly, luzs lights acting up in odd ways, it was all from her.

At least she thinks it's from her.

Eda has never seen or heard of any magic floating out of luz like that, she's slowly starting to wonder if the teen is cursed too.

" I don't know kid... From what I see with my own eyes it seems a little dangerous to not look into it. " the owl lady walked over resting her hands on the Human's shoulders giving her an uneasy look. " we can dive deep on this after school but... Are you sure you can handle going to hexside still?"

Luz shoved her hands into her pocket shrugging " I don't feel sick so I think I'll be fine. " her face shifted into a disturbed look. " I think Amity might know what this is about... I'll ask her in class today she might have some answers"

Eda snorted in response shaking her head. "yeesh. that girl knows more stuff about the boiling isle than I do."

Wrapping her arm around luz she began to lead her out of the bedroom to start on the day. Something about the way Eda described how luz acted in her sleep the teen couldn't help but wonder if Hunter had anything to do with this.

Maybe she could try and talk to him, clear up the obvious tension she built upon them. Maybe just maybe she could fix this somehow.

But what if she makes it worse? Guilt hits her whenever she replays the words she said to him.

" Just please forget about this. "

She gave a hard swallow regretting those words. She could only imagine how he was feeling right now.

. ~.

" hey, luz! " her group of friends greeted.

Outside on the field of Hexide, today is the day the class finally gets a chance to get their palismen. Eda and principal bump arranged a whole deal with the Bat queen for all of this to happen.

She's excited, she always wanted a palismen and it's exactly what she needs right now.

But she couldn't help but notice Hunter wasn't here.

" you guys saw Hunter around have you?" luz asked hopefully. Amity Willow and Gus exchanged looks then they looked back at the human.

" he was knocked up pretty bad that day, I wouldn't be surprised if he ever comes back to this school at all " Gus spoked with honesty.

Then he shrunk down from the glares Willow and Amity were giving him from each side.

" What?  The dude was burning up like a roasted book warm can you blame me? "

The two only continued to glare at him.



" guess you can...."




Luz released a sigh slumping down a little. " makes sense... After what he's been through. " she mumbled.

Even though she knows his true condition thanks to their last encounter, A part of her feared the teen might not come back to school just because of what happened itself.

Willow and Gus couldn't help but give their full attention to the class in front of them. Luz can't blame them it is Pailsmen day after all. She's super excited about it too, maybe this might give her a good push in the right direction she needed to her path in ' destiny'.


The students gathered around the palismen in awe, every Pailsmen was unique in their own different way, Luz wasn't sure which one was right for her yet.

" I wonder which one I'll pick " Luz whispered. Whatever one she gets she hopes it can help out on her quest in becoming a Witch.

The sound of Amity's giggle brought her out to her thoughts.

"the palismen pick for you, they follow along with you helping out your greatest goals."


Makes sense.


Amity stood by her side as they watched the students get their palismen one at a time. The lavender-haired Witch didn't even give much interest to this, Luz gave Amity a short small smile. " too good for this? "

" my parents already got me a palismen " she shrugged. Quirks of being rich. " plus I have I've been invested in other things right now "


Luz fiddled her fingers together watching more palismen get chosen. This might be the right time to talk about the weird abilities Luz can possess. "  I know this may seem a little crazy but... I have to tell you something about what happened today "

Amity only turned in her direction with a curious look.

" What is it? " she asked.

" this morning when Eda came into my room I -"

Amity's eyes grew wide. She clicked stuff together immediately. 




Don't know how, but she did



" you were floating! " Amity interrupted. She closed her eyes tight smiling to herself unaware of a confused human watching her" I knew it! If there's the Demon of darkness of course an Angel of luminosity exists "

Luz blinked.

" a what? " luz said slowly.

Sparkles were in her friend's eyes as she smiled wide like the little sunshine she is." an Angel! " she brought her hands up to her cheeks rubbing them like they were dough." it all makes sense now! "

Amity read little pages about what an Angel is like through the book of myths, she had never seen or heard one in her entire life until now. They were supposed to be a demon opposite, being of light from the skies. Something very different this realm could understand. 


the boiling Isle today never heard of an Angel before, its knowledge was hidden in the deepest part of the library hoping to never show its story to the witches we all know now.

Amity leaned in closer staring at her straight in the eye. " is it true that you can bring life from the dead? " she asked so suddenly.

Woah Woah Woah let's just take a step back here, Amity is all over the place and she's asking things Luz doesn't even have the answer to.

" uh... I didn't know that I'm an Angel so... no? " Luz looked away from Amity's gaze." I'm not sure that's what I am. "

Amity burst into a short fit of laughter. Luz never broke away from her serious look. " I'm not kidding Amity, that can't be me I'm a human..... With some odd possessed symptoms, I guess. "

" It has to be you, it's description screams that it's for you" wrapping her arm around the Human's shoulder she guided her to the class. " 'picked from the highest Angel's from above, they send a single little light down to a realm choosing its heart of innocence to protect and guide. ' "  Amity repeated probably from the text where she read.

Luz wanted to barf, innocence? Please.

" Seems a little sketchy" luz grumbled. "  don't believe everything from a text"

" The library has been around for years, there might have been a Time when myths in that book walked on these grounds before " Amity reasoned.

She had a point, that library was super big, who knows what hides deeper in there. Luz bent down taking her hand out in the pin for a pailsmen to take, she couldn't help but smile at all the adorable Animals.

" So who here wants to follow me on my quest to becoming a Witch!"

None of them stepped forward, not even one.

Sad. Very sad indeed.

Bosca couldn't help but snicker from behind while Luz and the rest of her friends gathered around with their own Pailsmen.

" Maybe you don't have everything figured out yet, " Willow said with a warm cuddling voice. " there's no rush. "

But she does have everything figured out, she wants to be a Witch.

And go home to her mom.

But... She doesn't want to leave here Either.



Then there's Hunter.

She has everything figured out for sure, they don't know what they're talking about.

Luzs grip tightened on the low fences from frustration. Eda watched from the front feeling sympathy for her.

The bat Queen leaned forward smiling at the human, stretching out her big wings in the process.

" a palismen can be a lifelong partner to those they choose to be with, not having one doesn't make you any less of the Witch you want to be." she Encouraged. When she looked back at the class with their new pailsmen she sighed. " I chose my path to go solo without my partner, after everything I been through I don't want to erase my past because it brought out the best I could ever be now. "

Everyone watched The Bat Queen in astonishment as she explained her story. Luz slowly felt her smile rise on her face watching her.

Then it trailed back to the rest of the Pailsmen.

" Maybe I'm not the fit for you guys and that's fine," Luz said. Standing right back up she turned back at her friends who smiled warmly at her back. " when the time is right I'll get one " everyone gave a healthy silence giving each other warm looks.

" borinnnngggg " Bosca yawned.

. ~.

" We don't have anymore." the Golden guard said with a dead tone from behind a cursed Belos " you took them all."

" then find me more! " he roared, the sound of his voice sounded nothing like his own when he's full-on goo mode. Turing around fast the Emperor threw a punch in The Golden guard's direction which the teen dodged to the side not flinching one bit.

He only glared hard under that mask as the hand-punched repeatedly not caring if anyone heard on the other side of the door.

As his punches became calm Hunter felt the right to finally speak. " the coven leaders are waiting for you, either you put yourself together or everyone will know about your curse " the teen warned.

" they can wait. " he coughed. His hands slowly morphed into his normal ones as they travelled onto the teen's shoulder slowly. " this is far more important. "


Somehow he sensed the demon's emotion within him, whenever Hunter and the Demons form are fused into one he can feel his emotions, giving him ideas in his head.

What are you waiting for? Kill him.

But he won't, he can't.

He hates us.

As Belos stood up, he turned to overlook the Golden guard, wondering why he was quieter than usual.

Then the Emperor smiled under that mask.

" I see that your Demon is trying to have a chat with you," Belos pointed out. raising his finger he began to tap on The Golden Guard's mask lightly. The teen Swallowed never breaking away from the Emperor's gaze.

The Emperors smile grew wider under the mask. " please tell me, what is it telling you now?" he asked.

Hunter waited for the Demon to send another message through his mind.

There was Nothing.

Like he wasn't even there anymore, his head felt empty.

Seriously? Did he just bail out om him?

" trust me when I say this, it's not positive stuff you'd like to hear. " Hunter Answered.

The Emperor's grip tightens.


" fine. Hide your secrets." he hissed. Letting go he pushed past him ready to leave. " just make sure you control it."

He scoffed, Please.

When he heard the door slam shut he was left alone, which made him remember that a Demon is supposed to be with him. Frowning deeply he was about to speak out his mind.

" gross! does he always do that? " a familiar voice pipped in.

Oh no... Please note this guy.

Hunter wanted to scream all his anger out knowing who was behind him. Hearing his voice Alone gives him major headaches.

" you shouldn't be here, I should have you stoned for seeing that " he growled.

" relax, Goldie I only came to help out my favourite trainee " he replied. Coming out from the shadows he trailed on over to the teen with a smirk under his mask. " heard the old man has a little Pailsmen trouble "

The Golden guard's response was to turn away. He doesn't want to share anything with this fuck-face.

That gave the Silver guard a sign for him to continue in his eyes.


" I could help."

The Golden guard began to walk for the doors. He doesn't need help, he could do it by himself.

" I can get us a whole load of em. "

He stopped.

turning back with its golden face he asked slowly " what do you mean.... 'a whole load' "

Taking out his scroll he slowly approached the teen again scrolling through. " a little dragonfly spilled some info on her sweet little Scrollstagram at Hexide earlier today " He snickered.

Leaning forward to get a better look the Golden guard sees the Three-eyed Witch taking a boring selfie in front of the many little Pailsmen captioning.

' gonna get a hand me down Pailsmen, hope it works lol '

" and you want to steal the Pailsmen from the school " the teen confirmed.

The silver guard nodded.

" no, we're not doing that "

The silver guard gave a bitter look. " it hands me downs. They don't matter to anyone " wrapping his arm around the teen his smile returned. " all that we're doing is taking the leftovers and bringing them to the Emperor. "

The Golden guard only glared at him unimpressed. How cracked up is he? Taking palismen from school property will only cause suspicion.

Then again, If they go now when it's dark no one will know who did it, they just have to make sure no one sees them.


Not... A bad idea. 



The silver guard watched the boy consider the suggestion. " back at St Epiderm I did similar stuff like this all the time with my friends."

" I don't care," he said Shoving his arm away. He didn't care about his high school days at all. " I'll do it myself don't follow me"

" come onnnnnn " the Witch groaned throwing his head back. The Golden guard rolled his eyes in return. Sometimes he can't understand how dramatic this dude can be " this will be good for you! I know how to make it a little fun."

" no."

" what if someone finds you and attacks you "


The teen gripped his staff.


" Trust me. from the way I'm feeling tonight no one's gonna want to lay a finger on me," he growled.

" what if you need backup? "

He threw his head back glaring under the mask " why do you care?!"

And then he smiled under his silver shield. His voice sounded careless. " I don't. I just wanna have some fun. "  

There was a pause

" This isn't a game " Stomping over to the Silver guard he pointed his finger at him. " you may have control over me in training but out that room, this is my job."

That last thing he fucking needs is a headache from this guy, unlike him He gets his job done, He doesn't take shit for a fucking game, he's no coward.

And he definitely doesn't take things nicely when he's told to ' forget about it'

Turning back around the fire in the back of the throne room grew. the Silver guard only still stayed in his spot watching him leave.

" I'm doing this on my own" the Golden guard finished.

And then he left slamming the big doors.

The Silver guard shrugged. " can't say I didn't offer. "