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To Have Such A Wife

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It was a marriage of convenience. Everyone knew this, but no one dared to mention it. He needed the money to keep the Winery afloat, nothing more. It's not that Diluc didn't treat you right… he was kind, patient, and a good provider. You had a wonderful home, a personal maid, and an allowance. You didn't want to ruin that, at least you'd live your life in comfort and security. You were lucky, really.

But that didn't stop you from wanting more. Perhaps you'd been reading too much romance, spending your hours in the library pouring away at trashy novels Lisa had loaned you out of pity. She grew tired of seeing you as the pretty thing in the corner, lacking attention and wanting. She'd even started taking you to the seamstress, instructing you on what would compliment your figure best, so you could catch Diluc's attention. He was a man, above all.

It proved fruitless, no matter what you wore. But she was determined to keep trying. So here you were, sat in the library, going through some sketches of dresses he might like. There was going to be a party, celebrating the coming of spring and the end of a harsh winter. It was naturally, city-wide, but you'd only be attending the night market and then helping serve rowdy customers at the Inn.

"Perhaps you should wear red, to match his hair." Lisa ponders, rubbing her chin in thought. "Do you know his favorite color? Hmm, on second thought, perhaps that's too obvious. A lady of your stature is always modest." She nods, fingers trailing over the designs cluttered across the table.

"Black. I think, all his clothes are anyway." You shrug, chewing the inside of your cheek. Your conversations with Diluc are always brief, and only when necessary. There's only one occurrence you remember when you spoke on a personal level, the rare occasion he drank wine. He spoke of his dreams, what he wants for Mondstadt, how he's planning on helping the place he holds dear. You saw him in a different light that evening, but by morning the familiarity he expressed was long gone and seemingly, never to return.

"It's not a funeral, I think red silk will do just nicely. Would you be a darling on your way back and check what fabric is in stock?" Lisa's smile is coy and infectious like she knows something you don't.

"Of course, you've done so much for me after all, there is no way I'll ever be able to repay you." You smile, scanning over the sketches, you're inclined to pick the one with a low bust and sheer sleeves. It's rather daring, but might be the gentle push your husband leaves to view you as a woman and not… well, a business partner.

"Oh, my. I put that one there to scandalize you, thinking you would pick the most modest. It seems that I am a bad influence." She giggles, picking the parchment up, you've made your pattern choice. You're certainly wearing that one, gossip be damned.

"What's going on here?" A sly, breathy voice calls from behind. Kaeya. Your shoulders tense up, you're still as a mouse who's hiding from a cat. Diluc would be furious if he saw you with him, it would ruin all your plans— "Ah, I see. Has my Brother been neglecting you? You poor thing." He says, folding his arms and leaning on the door frame.

"Kaeya, play nice." Lisa perks up, he only shrugs in response. You watch with bated breath as he saunters over to the table, chewing over the designs.

"Oh, I like this one." He picks up the drawing in question, getting a closer look. "Diluc is a damned fool." You dare to look at him, flushed and embarrassed. "What's that face for? You're not a fair maiden— Oh." For once, Kaeya is stunned into silence.

"We… me and Diluc haven't." Your cheeks are burning from shame and embarrassment. You've been married for almost 2 years, and not once have you shared a bed.

"Kaeya, out!" Lisa pushes him away from you, shoving him out the door with surprising strength. He allows it, a chuckle escaping his lips as she slams the door behind him. "Now sweetie, don't you listen to him. Though I admit… I had no idea you're a complete novice when it comes to the bedroom." She says softly, returning to the seat next to you.

"He's never shown any interest. I'm unsure if he even knows.. what to do." You don't dare face her, it's all too much at once.

"He's a man, he will at least have some idea I'm sure." Lisa sighs, thinking the situation over. "Do you... want to? With him?" Her slender hands gently guide your chin to face her, you feel comfortable speaking about such matters with her.

"I—um. Yes." You whisper, still unsure about if you can admit your desires out loud.

"Wait a moment, I'll be right back." Lisa gets up, disappearing into the hallway. You're left alone in the library, giving you some time to think over the various revelations you've made today. What if there's something wrong with you? Or he finds you ugly? It's got to be that, you're plain and Diluc is well...Diluc. Every girl in town would kill to be in your place. He probably just sees you as some spoiled rich girl.

"Wear this tonight. Under your nightdress." You're so caught up in your insecurities that you don't even notice Lisa returning holding the tiniest underthings you've ever seen.

"Are they.. yours?" You ask meekly, gulping as you stare at the black lace, the gold detailing on the fastenings. It's very scandalous.

"Unworn, I promise. Brought the wrong size, but if I got your measurements correct, they'll look beautiful. Oh! I also brought this." Lisa digs through her pocket and pulls out a tiny vial with purple liquid. "It's a perfume, but a special one." She doesn't explain further.

"This... Will work?" You gulp, taking the contents and placing them into your shopping bag. You'll have to tell Noelle you'll need extra assistance tonight.

"Most certainly, you'll smell and look wonderful!" Lisa reassures you, motioning for you to follow her out. You continue talking in the entrance of the Knights HQ, your heels clicking on the tiles. It's almost sunset, meaning it's time to return home. Diluc has forbidden you from walking the streets at night alone, out of concerns of your safety.

You hug Lisa, wishing her farewell. She sends you off with a wink and an all-knowing smile. You're grateful to have made such kind friends here. As you step out of the building, you say good evening to the guards outside and step into the lantern-lit streets. You love this time, just before happy hour at the Tavern, it was peaceful and contemplative.

Your walk back to the Dawn Winery was uneventful, the light breeze calmed your nerves whenever you thought of the promise you'd made to Lisa. Your butler was waiting for you, like all evenings. Taking off your cloak, though you told him you'd keep the bag and put your things away yourself. You'd rather the whole household wasn't in your business.

As usual, Diluc wasn't in, and you returned to an almost empty house. You sighed, he spends less and less time here. You wonder if it's your fault, maybe he feels awkward or has grown a dislike for you. "Ah, Noelle! I need a favor if it's not too much trouble." You grabbed her just in time.

"Of course, how may I assist you?" She curtsies, though you tell her not to bother. It feels odd to you.

"In my room, please." You whisper, moving through the parlor and motioning her to follow you upstairs. She does so dutifully, minding every step. Dawn Winery is rather lavish when it comes to decorating, the wood is shiny under your feet from the hard work of your staff. There is barely a speck of dust on the skirting board, and the carpets are all beaten to Master Diluc's standards.

You walk past the family portrait hung on the landing, staring at it just for a moment in longing. It's regularly maintained and cared for, some might say it was in better condition than when it was painted. When you reach your door, Noelle gets to the handle first, politely holding it open. You laugh under your breath, shaking your head.

"Now, you must swear not to tell a soul." You sit down on your bed, bouncing on the featherdown mattress.

"I would rather face a swarm of angry bees than ever betray your trust!" She stands proudly, placing her hand over her heart.

"Nothing quite so extreme, but look, Lisa gave me these to sort… Me and Master Diluc's problem." You pry open your shopping bag, revealing the undergarments Lisa had kindly given you. "I was wondering...If you knew how to um.. put them on." You rub your hands nervously.

"Oh! I… could try. The fastenings seem rather simple... I think!" She seems unsure, but it can't hurt to try. You stand, facing your back to her.

"Please get my nightdress, the… transparent one my Mother bought for my wedding night." You gulp, it's all or nothing tonight. You had to make this work, you'd grown tired of being the town gossip and laughing stock among the bachelorettes. Noelle nods, going to your wardrobe and pulling it from the hanger. With your nightgown placed neatly on your bed, it was time to get to work.

Noelle had nimble fingers, quickly unbuttoning your dress until you stood bare. She eyes the lingerie curiously, trying to figure out the best method of dressing you. A light bulb seems to go off in her head, quickly instructing you to raise your arms. When she's finished, you barely recognize yourself.

You were worried that the lingerie wasn't visible under the nightgown, but the deep black sticks out like a sore thumb. Quickly, you grab the perfume, spritzing a modest amount on your decolletage, wrists, and behind the ear. "You look wonderful!" She gleams, and you feel it. Never before had you felt so much confidence.

When the front door slams, it seems to disappear. He's home. With an eep, Noelle sprints out of your room and downstairs to wait on Diluc. You're left alone, staring at your reflection. You take a few deep breaths to steady yourself, hearing a muffled grumble about wanting to be alone outside your door.

Diluc's bedroom is next to yours, with a door connecting in both your rooms should you ever need him. He said it's for emergencies only, as he wouldn't impede on your privacy and would appreciate the same courtesy. Tonight, you deemed it an emergency. Shaking, you pace towards it, hearing a creak as he sits down at his desk. Preparing for another restless night of paperwork.

You crack open the door and look at him, doing just as you suspected. He looks tense, furious about something. You didn't want to find out. But it was too late to back down. Diluc had already been alerted of your presence.

"What? Are you deaf? I said that's for emergencies only." He grumbles, turning his back to you and focusing on signing things once more.

"S—sorry. What happened? You seem troubled." You shuffle into his bedroom with great trepidation, so nervous you feel like you could vomit.

"Troubled? I have a lot on my plate at present. If there's nothing wrong, please— Go to bed. You don't deserve me taking it out on you." He sighs, leaning back into the chair and running a hand through his fiery hair. His ponytail is slightly disheveled, his sleeves are without cufflinks and rolled up.

"Please don't stay up too late. You need your rest." You reply softly, tonight was not viable for him. Slowly, you walk back towards the door, resigning yourself to another light of lonesome pinning. His chair creaks and he's suddenly looking right at you as you walk away.

"Wait. What are you wearing?" Diluc stands, catching your wrist and pulling you back. You freeze, not knowing how to explain, you hadn't thought this far. Why did he have to turn around!

"I can explain!" You blurt out, hot under his gaze. He's looking at, well, everything.

"I'm sure you can." He releases your wrist, still staring, a war being fought behind his eyes.

"I'm sorry. It was stupid of me too—" You bow your head, stomping your foot like a child who had been caught stealing.

"Enough. What were you thinking? That you'd seduce me? Is that it?" He's mad. This isn't working at all as you'd hoped, instead of the instant desire Lisa promised you, he's mocking you.

"No—!" You shake your head profusely, trying to step away from him as he closes the distance between you.

"Tell me the truth." Diluc has you trapped against the wall, you feel hot all over, never have you been able to feel his breath on your skin or the body heat he's radiating. The absolute intimidation of his height sends spikes of fear and desire down your spine.

"I was merely trying to… yes." You can't manage eye contact right now, you're ashamed of yourself for being so naive and stupid.

"Come. Sit on the desk. We'll talk." Diluc steps away from you, giving you the room you need to breathe. The cold air pebbles your skin, but you knew better than to not follow orders. He makes room for you, piling up the various documents and tapping the surface for you to sit. You do, legs swinging off the floor.
He's never been this intimate with you, never seen you in a nightdress before, but under his gaze, you feel nude.

"Show me." Diluc says finally, he looks uninterested, but your mind is screaming.
"Take off your dress." He reaffirms, more bluntly. You sit there, perched on this desk, an unfamiliar wetness pooling in between your legs. You reach for the front laces, pushing yourself off and letting it cascade to the floor.

There's an uncomfortable silence as the air changes, he watches you intently, his chest rising and falling rapidly. A glossy look of desire glazes your eyes. "I didn't say you could get off the desk." Diluc reminds you, keen eyes raking down your form, tracing every curve that was hidden from him all these years.

You quickly oblige him, hopping back up. "You'll do anything I say won't you?" He says, annoyed.

"Yes." You breathe, the words coming out more enticing than intended.

"You came in here, dressed like a whore. Interrupted my work, now you're sitting on my desk swearing you'll do anything for me. Lisa has been lending you too many of those dirty books." He's never spoken to you like this before, always so polite and respectful. You go rigid with fear when he admits being privy to what you thought was a secret. "Yes, I'm aware. Filthy things, you liked the one about that prince so much. You read it every night and pretend that it was us, don't you?" He continues, you're lightheaded from all the scrutiny he's putting you under.

"No! I just like the story, I'm not dirty! I swear." You blurt out, shame and embarrassment almost bringing you to tears.

"Not dirty? Oh, I got you wrong when we married. If I knew I was housing such a dirty slut, I'd have kept you locked away in my bedchamber all day, waiting for me to use you whenever I want." He speaks his desires without remorse or embarrassment, in the same monotonous voice you're accustomed to. Diluc's musings turn you into a blushing mess, bucking against the corner of the desk shamelessly.

"If you're not such a whore, then you can prove your innocence by not making a sound when I ruin you. Panties, off." He's on his knees in an instant, and you want to praise the ground he steps on. You're already so wet and desperate you'll take anything he gives you. But he's impatient, tugging at the sides and pulling your panties down before you can protest.

You struggle to hold in a moan when you feel the cold air hit your pussy. The groan you hear from him is inhuman as he gathers your slick with his gloved fingers, then sucks the leather clean. "Just as I thought. Sweet. So sweet men would trample over themselves just to get a taste." He holds his hand near your mouth. "Clean it." The thought of tasting yourself makes you shudder, but you do so.

"Sweet…" You murmur, confirming his analysis.

"Perhaps the gods were right when they asked us to sacrifice virgins all those years ago, selfish bastards wanted to savor the taste all to themselves." Diluc speaks as if you weren't there, talking to himself only, acting as if you aren't worth even discussing this with.

Your throat bobs, opening your legs wider from him, all that you can sense is Diluc. There's nothing else in this world that matters. He's calculating if he should continue, eyes trained on your face to see signs of discomfort. He finds none, only the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. His wife. Blushing and vulnerable for him. Finally, he leans forward and licks a line up your slit, humming in relief at your taste.

When he sucks on your clit, you're already gone and seeing stars. But you don't make a sound, slapping your palm to your mouth. You want to beg, beg him to take you but admitting what he wants would mean this game is over. A rough, gloved finger slowly enters you. The feeling is unparalleled, your virgin pussy tight around it. Diluc knows what he's doing, and by the time he's done he wants you gushing on his fingers and milking his cock.

You taste copper, realizing that you've bit your lip too hard. The pain and feeling of Diluc assaulting your clit mixes, making your resolve crack a little more. A tense feeling in your stomach is beyond your understanding, but it gets more intense the longer he continues. He easily adds a finger now, scissoring them to make room for more. When he's satisfied, he curls them inside you, perfectly teasing you.

Your hands fall to his red hair, eyes clamped shut. The sight of your husband on his knees, face between your legs was proving too obscene for you to keep quiet. When you tug give it a gentle tug purely on instinct, his guttural moan is all you needed to hear. You're so far gone, feeling like he's going to make you explode. You can't keep it in any longer, letting out a strangled cry as he pulls you over the edge.

Your legs shake wildly against the desk, your back arched and bucking into his fingers as you cum. He brings you down slowly, watching your tired eyes open. "Are you alright?" He asks with a familiar caring demeanor.

"Want you. Want you. Inside. Please." You lean against the wall, breathless and spent but eager to continue.

"Can you stand?" He gets up, leaning over you to check if you're truly okay or just lying to save face.

"Think so." You grab onto his hand, allowing him to lift you up and over to his bed. He's gentle, the harshness before melting away. You lie back on the pillows, legs spread, gazing at how messy he is. "Please." You ask again, pouting as he climbs over you, a large bulge formed in his pants. You had the same effect on him as he did you.

"Fuck, stop asking. I'm trying to be a gentleman." Diluc replies, chewing on his cheek.

"Don't want you to be one. Want you to fuck me." You didn't mean to say it so crudely, his eyes widen. Never before has he heard you curse, even when you stub your toe.

"Stop it, I'm trying. But you make it so damn hard. Walking around, saying stuff like that. Knowing you're a virgin, knowing it's me that gets to taint your innocence. Calling me Master Diluc, stop it. Do you know how many nights I've spent fucking my fist, wishing I could go through those doors and watch as you come undone around my cock?" His jaw tenses, he's torn between turning you over and fucking you senseless or easing you into things.

"Diluc, please." You huff in frustration, reaching out and squeezing his bulge gently. His breath catches, there's no witty reply he can give. When you pop the button on his pants, he feels his gentlemanly resolve fly out the window and pulls his cock free. It's thick, a prominent vein that would feel amazing inside you, the tip swollen and red from your teasing.

He gathers your slick on his cock, trying to make this as painless as he can, and then reaches up to entangle his hands with yours. Diluc's grip is vice-like as he enters you slowly, there was mild discomfort with the newfound feeling of fullness that you craved but no blood nor pain. You breathe out a wanton moan, tensing around him as he begins to move.

The pace is slow, sensual like he's savoring every bit of you. Sweat beads on your forehead, you hold his hands tighter as your eyes roll back. "You're so fucking tight." He mumbles, pulling out of you before slamming himself back in. This draws a sound deep in your chest, your tits bouncing just the way he likes with his movements.

Your submissiveness is rewarded with him pressing deep inside you and a harsh, searing kiss. You open your mouth to moan, but he uses it to his advantage, his tongue exploring your mouth. Diluc's large hands leave yours, dragging them down your body and landing on your hips. He lifts you to go as deep as he can with a bruising force.

The entire building could probably hear your noise, the bed freaking beneath you, your please echoing through the house. You paid it little mind, instead focusing on the man fucking you like his life depended on it. He tenses inside you, pulling his mouth away. "Good little wives take their husband's cum." His voice is strained, the pace almost painfully fast as he splits you open and fills you to the brim.

You're still, gasping as you watch in awe as he reaches out a muscular arm to hold himself up. You milk his cock, taking all the cum he gives you. You want to be good for him, to be a good wife like he said. "Shit— I'm sorry. I didn't mean to— hurt you." Diluc panics, hand falling to stroke your face.

"It's fine. I'm fine. Never been better, actually." You look ragged, hair a knotted mess. But you're happy. Diluc watches in amazement as his cum leaks out of you, fetching a rag to clean you up with. He shouts outside the door to the staff to change his sheets, and that you'll be staying with him tonight. By the time he returns, you're fast asleep.

While you're oblivious, a half-smile twitches at the corner of his lips. Kissing your forehead and holding you in his arms.
How lucky he was, to have such a wife.