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Guilty Conscience

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Olivia circled her clit with her vibrator. It made her breath hitch and she quietly moaned.
As she began to put it inside of her, she imagined Elliot on top of her. Pushing himself further into her, his blue eyes staring into her brown, kissing her neck, whispering naughty things in her ear.

Just as she was close to climaxing, her brain suddenly popped the image of Kathy lying on the stretcher after the explosion.

The moment was ruined. Olivia couldn't finish, and she suddenly felt very guilty. This wasn't anything new, ever since the explosion that took Kathy's life, Olivia was having trouble thinking about Elliot without feeling guilty. She had tried thinking about past lovers who made her feel good, sexy men from TV, anyone else, but since his return, she could only focus on Elliot. As a result, she hadn't had any relief in months and was getting very irritated. She considered calling a fling to come by, but she knew what would happen. She would think of Elliot, then Kathy, and she still wouldn't be able to finish.

Frustrated, she threw the covers off of her and walked into the kitchen for a bite to eat. She wondered if this was important enough to make an appointment with Lindstrom for, or if she just needed to figure something else out. Things were weird between her and Elliot, although not necessarily in a bad way. He was getting better and she was happy for him. She wasn't sure where their relationship was heading though. She was afraid to lose him and at the same time wanted nothing more than to devour him... if she could just get Kathy out of her head.

She tried talking out loud.

"Kathy, are you deliberately trying to keep me away from your husband?" She wondered. That didn't feel right though. This was clearly a mental block of some kind.

She found some cheese and crackers and plopped onto the couch with them, brooding. Suddenly, her phone rang and when she looked at the screen, she lit up. Elliot was calling.

"Hey" she answered.

"Hey Liv" He said. "Um, listen. I'm having trouble. Sleeping. And stuff. I'm a wreck. Can I come over? To talk?"

She could hear the anxiety in his voice. Noah was sleeping, so she said

"Sure. I'll text you the address. Noah's sleeping though, so text me when you're outside the door."

When they hung up, Olivia briefly wondered if she should change, then chided herself. She was going to comfort her friend and that was it. She did decide she needed some pants, a long t-shirt might give Elliot the wrong idea.

Within an hour, Olivia had pants on, wine out, and her hair brushed and Elliot texted her to let her know he was at her door.

To be continued