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every heart sings a song

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It all starts when Gong Jun walks onto the set one morning and is greeted by the sight of Zhehan with a small, giggling child of about two or three years old tucked under his arm.

He's just confused at first - why is there a kid on set? Are they supposed to shoot any scenes with children? He memorised today's scenes last night in his hotel room, and he's very sure they don't have any scenes with any kids today - apart from Xilun, obviously.

But then Zhehan swings the child up in the air and catches her neatly in one arm; his other hand comes up to pat the laughing child on the back, and he leans back to look the kid in the face with a smile so bright and warm that Gong Jun forgets to breathe for a moment.

Zhehan's saying something to the kid that Gong Jun can't hear at this distance, but then he tilts his head down and rubs his nose against hers, making her giggle even harder.

Gong Jun trips over a length of cabling on the ground, and is only saved from faceplanting when a passing crew member grabs his arm.

"Everything okay, Gong-laoshi?"

"Yeah, thanks, I'm fine, just stumbled," Gong Jun says, straightening upright, and it's a testament to how clumsy he can be around the set that all the crew member does is nod and walk away. It's okay though. No one needs to know that Gong Jun lost his footing just because Zhehan gave Eskimo kisses to a tiny child.

Zhehan hoists the child up into the air again, lifting her up high; her shrieks of delighted laughter roll through the set, and Gong Jun watches as Zhehan answers with a laugh of his own, his eyes curving into crescents in that infectious way that makes a helpless smile form on Gong Jun's mouth as well, like Zhehan's hooked strings to his cheeks. Maybe he has. He can't seem to stop smiling when he's around Zhehan.

Zhehan's gathered the child close to his chest again and is saying something to her; he kisses her on her cheek, easy and affectionate, and it makes a little - something, something warm, bloom in Gong Jun's chest.

The set's getting busier now, the background cast members filing in, and Gong Jun remembers to make his feet move towards Zhehan and the child. He's a few steps behind them when Zhehan turns around, the smile on his face growing impossibly brighter when he sees Gong Jun coming towards him.

"Whose child did you steal this time?" Gong Jun says, and he knows it's impossible to keep the warm affection out of his voice.

Zhehan shoots a smile at him from beneath his lashes. "One of the costume designers had his family visit Hengdian, and he brought his daughter on set today." He heaves the kid up higher on his chest, arms clamped securely around her thighs. She's wearing a light little yellow sundress patterned with daisies, and she looks - well, way more comfortable than either Gong Jun or Zhehan are, sweating in their five layers of clothing. She's also looking delighted to be in Zhehan's arms, and that Gong Jun can understand.

"Say hello to Junjun-gege," Zhehan says coaxingly to the child. "Look at him, isn't he a handsome gege?"

"Hello, Junjun-gege," the child parrots obediently, and Zhehan gives her a loud smacking kiss on her cheek.

"Good girl!" he says. "Ziyan is such a good girl."

The way the little girl - Ziyan - beams up at Zhehan is not at all helping with the warm, puddly feeling in Gong Jun's chest.

"Do you want to take a photo with me?" Zhehan's asking her; then he glances up at Gong Jun again, and adds, "And with Junjun-gege?"

Ziyan nods; Zhehan starts calling for Xiaoyu to bring his phone over; and that's how Gong Jun finds himself next to Zhehan, in their costumes, this little girl squeezed between them both, as Xiaoyu stands in front of them, Zhehan's phone angled in his hands.

"Put your arm around her," Xiaoyu directs. "Why are you standing that far away, she doesn't bite."

Gong Jun gives him a look. He knows Xiaoyu knows about him and Zhehan - of course he knows - but there are plenty of times he's convinced Xiaoyu asks him or Zhehan to do things just to make his life difficult, because there are also a myriad of things that make him stupid around Zhehan, and certainly seeing Zhehan with children is one of them.

He does as he's told anyway, curving his arm gently around her tiny back - she's so tiny! - and resting his hand on Zhehan's shoulder.

When Xiaoyu's done snapping a few photos, Zhehan puts Ziyan down on the ground finally, with some reluctance. "We have to work, so I'm going to return you to your dad now," he says with a pat on her head. "Be good, okay?"

"Okay!" she says, and Gong Jun can't help but reach out and pat her on her head too.

"Bye, Ziyan," he says, and doesn't miss the smile Zhehan directs at him.

Zhehan swipes his phone from Xiaoyu and taps through to the pictures. "Look, Junjun," he says, tugging on his sleeve; Gong Jun finds himself falling helplessly in step next to him. They're close enough that he could hook his chin over Zhehan's shoulder, curl an arm around his waist; but there are too many prying eyes around. He can do that later. "This is cute, right?"

It is a cute picture; the both of them in full makeup, hair and costumes, a little girl in a sunny yellow dress gathered in Zhehan's arms, but instead of looking incongruous she just looks - comfortable. Gong Jun himself is smiling next to them, the sleeve of his costume visible behind Ziyan, his fingers on Zhehan's shoulder.

"Looks like a quan jia fu," Zhehan's saying laughingly. A family portrait. Gong Jun looks at the picture again. Zhehan looks like this is his true calling, having a child in his arms; and Gong Jun's suddenly struck by the thought that maybe - maybe it is. Zhehan loves children, he's never made a secret of it, and Gong Jun has no doubt he'd want some of his own someday; except that now in this vision of Zhehan with children, the children are his too, and he has to swallow against the sudden, blinding want rising in his throat.

He looks away from the picture and at Zhehan instead; the robes he's wearing today are a pale seafoam green with a grey inner robe, and a wide grey belt cinched tight at his slender waist. Zhehan often complains his belts are tight, but the costume designers insist on it, saying they want to accentuate the way his waist looks. Gong Jun's seized suddenly by an image in his mind of Zhehan reaching behind himself, loosening his belt, his waist thickening, his stomach blooming with a baby -

The image is so clear and vivid in his head that he takes a step back from Zhehan, unbidden. It's not - he knows it's not possible, men can't - but it sticks in his head like a nail hammered into a wall, the thought of Zhehan round with a baby, his baby, and to his horror he finds that he's getting hard under his robes.

It's ridiculous. This is ridiculous. He's never had such insane thoughts before - and yet -

"Junjun, are you okay?" Zhehan says suddenly.

Even with that, Gong Jun finds that he can't seem to take his eyes off Zhehan's stomach, that infuriatingly tight belt. "I'm fine," he manages to say; but he doesn't manage to stop himself reaching out and brushing the back of his hand gently, fleetingly, over the front of Zhehan's robes, right over his belt and belly.

Zhehan doesn't say anything, but when Gong Jun finally drags his eyes upwards, Zhehan's watching him closely, his head tilted. Gong Jun doesn't know if what he's feeling is showing on his face, but Zhehan knows what his face looks like when he wants to press Zhehan down into the nearest available soft surface and fuck, and he's pretty sure that's what Zhehan is seeing now.

He swallows, locks eyes with Zhehan. "Let's try to wrap up our scenes as quickly as we can today," he says quietly.

Zhehan's still silent, but a small, victorious smile is blossoming on his face. Gong Jun wants to bite it off his mouth, wants to bury himself deep in Zhehan and look at his flat stomach and think about it rounding out with Gong Jun's baby -

He allows himself one more quick touch, a brush of his knuckles over Zhehan's stomach, and steps back. "Let's go."


Gong Jun's hotel room is two doors down from Zhehan's; as far as Gong Jun knows, there's no one in the room between them, and the entire floor has been reserved for both of them and their staff. He thinks, pulling on his bathrobe, that maybe the decision was made to put them close - but not too close - because they needed to be able to access each other in case they wanted to run through scenes or lines some nights, but they were still strangers, at least in the beginning.

Obviously all of that's been thrown out of the window now. They're three months into filming and they started fucking five weeks in, drawn helplessly to each other's heat and desire like moths to a flame, and now Gong Jun is thinking of - having children with Zhehan, for god's sake.

Falling in love isn't something Gong Jun had thought would happen to him, at least not so soon. Falling in love this hard and this fast? Sometimes he looks in the mirror and almost can't believe that the person gazing back at him is the same person who told himself he wasn't going to bother with relationships until his career had taken off and he was financially secure.

But then - it's hard not to fall in love with Zhehan, when he's someone who gives himself so openly and generously to the people he loves and cares for. Gong Jun was doomed the first time Zhehan smiled at him, at their first dinner with Ma-jie, and picked out the best bits from the dishes on the table with his own chopsticks, only to place them on Gong Jun's plate.

He slips his feet into the hotel-issue bedroom slippers, and lets himself out of his room after ascertaining that there's no one along the corridor. It takes four strides to reach Zhehan's door, and it takes only a few seconds after he knocks that Zhehan opens the door.

He's naked, his hair damp from a shower, and it surprises even Gong Jun when Zhehan reaches out and literally hauls him into the room, hand fisted in the belt of his bathrobe, where he's knotted it loosely. It loosens even more with Zhehan's insistent tugging, until the bathrobe is gaping open and Zhehan can slide his hands into it, over Gong Jun's ribcage.

"You bastard," Zhehan says, pushing him against the door and leaning up to kiss him. Gong Jun gets a hand around the back of his neck, tilts Zhehan's head a little more to the left, and lets his lips part for Zhehan's mouth. Zhehan kisses with surprising tenderness, in contrast to his words and the way he's practically clawing at Gong Jun's bathrobe, trying to rip it off him; Gong Jun lets his free hand trail down the smooth arch of Zhehan's spine, rests it at the sweet spot where Zhehan's waist curves out into his ass, and luxuriates in the sound of Zhehan gasping against his mouth. He's already worked up and Gong Jun has barely touched him.

"What did I do now?" he murmurs into Zhehan's mouth. His hand finds its way to the side of Zhehan's waist, squeezes gently. It's a familiar spot, here where his waist flares out into his hips; he knows exactly how it feels in his hands, how it fits his grip. And it's reminding him again of the striking mental image he'd had on set this morning, of Zhehan's slim waist filling out as his belly swells with Gong Jun's baby. His cock twitches at the thought, rapidly hardening, and he pushes himself forward until his dick is pressed into Zhehan's abdomen with clear intent.

Zhehan pulls back and glares at him, a glare that's tempered by the flush settling high on his cheeks and his reddened, wet lips. He looks gorgeous like this, Gong Jun thinks. He's still got a hand on the back of Zhehan's neck, and he shifts his grip so he can stroke his thumb along the sharp jut of Zhehan's clavicle.

"You - this morning," Zhehan says. "You were looking at me like you wanted to have me right there, on the damn set, in front of everyone. I couldn't concentrate on my scenes all day, kept fucking up my lines."

Gong Jun grins. "Yeah," he says simply, and doesn't deny it; just shrugs out of his bathrobe and leans forward to kiss Zhehan again.

This time, they somehow manage to stumble their way to the bed; Zhehan falls backwards on it with a soft flump, and his legs fall open as Gong Jun to climb on top of him, fitting perfectly between his thighs, bracketing him with his arms. Zhehan's breathing hard, chest heaving, and Gong Jun takes some time to just - look at him, drink his fill. Zhehan is always beautiful, Gong Jun knows that, but there's something about the way he looks when he's sprawled out naked under Gong Jun, waiting to be fucked, impatience colouring his skin and brightening his eyes.

He lets his gaze travel downwards, to the dark peaks of Zhehan's nipples, and wonders if - if Zhehan could get pregnant - whether his chest and nipples would swell. Maybe they'd be oversensitive too, if Gong Jun touched them, if Zhehan was - having his baby. Maybe Zhehan would shudder and shake if Gong Jun sucked on his nipples then; maybe he'd clutch Gong Jun's head to his swollen chest and beg for more even if he was on the verge of sobbing.

Gong Jun is hard enough to pound nails just thinking about it. Thinking about Zhehan's body working to fit his baby, about his body softening and curving out like a ripe peach. He leans down, half-blinded by the swarm of images in his mind, and closes his lips around one of Zhehan's nipples; and is rewarded with a soft, shuddery moan from Zhehan.

His hands find Zhehan's waist again, like they can't stay away; he strokes his thumbs along the deep grooves of Zhehan's transverse muscles, feels how Zhehan's abs tense as he squirms under Gong Jun's insistent mouth. When he's having my baby, they'll soften too, Gong Jun thinks giddily. He doesn't know why this captivates him so much, the idea of Zhehan's body growing soft with his baby. It's an impossibility, and yet -

He licks a wet stripe across Zhehan's chest to the other nipple and this time, when he sucks gently, Zhehan sighs and throws an arm above his head, arching his back to press himself harder against Gong Jun's mouth. He makes Gong Jun think of a languid cat luxuriating in pleasure and attention.

"You're - something's got into you today," Zhehan says with a breathless laugh when Gong Jun kisses his way down, licks over the subtle shift of his abs. "What are you thinking?"

Gong Jun stops, lips sealed over the warm skin of Zhehan's belly. He presses his nose against Zhehan and breathes in, lets himself be surrounded by the shower-fresh scent of Zhehan's skin, and thinks about kissing Zhehan right on this same spot if Zhehan was pregnant, his belly a taut round curve. Zhehan's cock, almost fully hard, bumps him gently on the chin when Zhehan shifts under him.

He doesn't - it's not that he thinks Zhehan would laugh at him, or judge him. It's that even to him, it sounds stupid to say: I keep thinking about you being pregnant with my baby, and even though it's a biological impossibility I can't get it out of my head.

So all he says is, "I just - I saw you with that kid this morning."

Zhehan blinks at him, and then he laughs softly. He's not mocking; that's his tender laugh, the one he does when he thinks Gong Jun is being particularly endearing or sweet. "Seeing me with children makes you want to fuck me?"

Makes me want to fuck you full with my children, Gong Jun almost says, and has to bite the insides of his own cheeks to stop the words slipping out. He chooses not to respond, instead ducking lower to swipe his tongue over the head of Zhehan's cock, already sticky-wet and flushed red. The salt-tang taste of him is slick on Gong Jun's tongue; he licks over Zhehan's cockhead again, just to taste him once more, and Zhehan gasps above him before Gong Jun feels his fingers in his hair, fingertips pressing into his scalp, a wordless little plea for more.

Gong Jun gives him what he's asking for - he's good at giving Zhehan whatever he wants - and takes him a couple more inches into his mouth, tongue pressed flat against the underside of Zhehan's cock. He can't help but spread his hand over Zhehan's belly, fingers wide apart, and when he lifts his eyes to look at the sight of his big hand on Zhehan's flat stomach, spanning across his little waist, it feels like someone sent a spark of lightning down his spine and right into his cock.

Zhehan lifts himself up on his elbows to watch as Gong Jun takes him deeper into his mouth, right up until his cockhead bumps the back of Gong Jun's throat, and groans. "Fuck," he says, his voice already gravelly, "Junjun, fuck - " and then he throws his head back when Gong Jun drags his mouth back up the length of his dick, stopping to suck gently on the head of it where Zhehan is leaking, dripping wet. Zhehan tends to leak a lot of precome when they fuck; it's something that Gong Jun appreciates very much, just for the sake of seeing Zhehan's cock wet and shiny all over, like he's so into Gong Jun fucking him that it gets him wet like a girl.

The next time Gong Jun sucks his cock down, Zhehan pulls his legs up and back, fumbling at Gong Jun's hand on his stomach. Gong Jun lets him take it, lets Zhehan guide it between his spread thighs and under his chin, where he presses Gong Jun's fingers against his hole. It's much too dry, obviously, but Zhehan's hole flexes when Zhehan takes two of Gong Jun's fingers and drags them up and down over it, as if it's trying to take him in right the fuck now.

Gong Jun is painfully, agonizingly hard.

"Fuck," Zhehan is saying, in between breathy laughs, "I love your hands, your mouth. Your fucking hands - " and he pushes Gong Jun's fingertips hard enough against his hot, waiting hole that one slips in a tiny bit; and that's when Gong Jun pulls off his dick, because he definitely doesn't want to hurt Zhehan.

"Wait," he says, pulling himself away from Zhehan, kneeling up. "Wait - "

He stumbles a little getting off the bed, but whatever - he can't be blamed when his entire body is burning with the need to get his dick into Zhehan as quickly as possible. Got to make sure he's pregnant, his little mental voice says, and - yeah, okay, maybe Gong Jun should lean into this thought, just for tonight. It's not as if Zhehan has to know about Gong Jun's unrealistic little fantasies about knocking him up and keeping him for life -

It takes Gong Jun a moment to collect his thoughts and remember that he's supposed to be getting the lube. But it doesn't take him long; Zhehan always keeps it in the same place, in the same pouch he keeps his travel packs of sheet masks in, tossed carelessly in a corner of his luggage. Gong Jun grabs it and flicks the cap open at the same time, squeezing a dollop of lube out onto his fingers as he strides back to the bed; no sense in waiting.

Zhehan's still propped up on his elbows, watching him. His eyes are fixed on Gong Jun's long fingers, now gleaming wet with lube. "Have I told you, Gong-laoshi, that you're a very handsome man?"

"Not often enough," Gong Jun says drily, climbing back into the cradle of Zhehan's splayed open thighs; Zhehan draws his knees up again obligingly, letting Gong Jun part his cheeks with his clean hand and fit his thumb at Zhehan's hole, tugging the rim open ever so slightly. "You could say it a lot more."

The grin Zhehan shoots at him is loose and open and beautiful, his eyes curving into crescents. Fuck, Gong Jun loves him. Enough to fuck a baby into him, even. "You are - oh - very handsome," he says around a gasp, as Gong Jun squeezes another dollop of lube over Zhehan's ass, lets the liquid slide thick and wet over the cleft of his ass and his hole, and works a slick finger into him.

"Again," Gong Jun says. He watches Zhehan's cock, wet with trails of precome dripping down its length, soaking into the thatch of hair at the base, watches as Zhehan's abs tense and contract around emptiness that Gong Jun's going to fill, and pushes his finger in until his knuckles are bumping against Zhehan's hole. He crooks his finger upwards, and Zhehan immediately moans, a long drawn-out sound that's basically wired to get Gong Jun hot and ready to go; they've done this often enough over the past few weeks that Gong Jun knows exactly what Zhehan likes and where.

Zhehan laughs breathlessly, his hips hitching minutely upwards into Gong Jun's hand. "You're a fucking brat," he says. "But a handsome one - oh, oh, fuck - "

Gong Jun slips a second finger in; it goes in smooth and easy. They fuck often enough that Zhehan's not going to need that much prep. Zhehan's gasping in irregular little breaths now as Gong Jun works his fingers inside him, spreading them apart, stretching his hole open, and reaches down to take his own cock in hand. He's wet enough that he doesn't even need to spit on his palm; he pinches his foreskin closed at the tip before sliding it down over his swollen, red cockhead, precome shining sticky and wet all over it.

And just as Gong Jun tugs the rim of his hole open a little wider and fits a third finger in, Zhehan places his free hand on his stomach while he strokes his dick slowly to the rhythm of Gong Jun working his fingers in and out of him.

It is - fuck. It makes Gong Jun think of Zhehan, heavily pregnant with his baby and soft and sweet with it, hand cupping his heavy belly. His fingers go still inside Zhehan.

"What is it?" Zhehan says. He doesn't take his hand from his belly, but he clenches down on Gong Jun's fingers, as if to remind him to keep going.

Gong Jun tears his eyes away from Zhehan's stomach with difficulty and looks down at where his fingers are sunk knuckle-deep into Zhehan. "Do you think you're ready now?" he asks, and the voice coming out of his throat is hoarse and low and sounds nothing like his own. There's a thought abruptly surfacing in his mind, that it doesn't matter if Zhehan is ready or not, that he's going to spread Zhehan's thighs wide anyway and fuck his cock into him right now and fill him up with Gong Jun's come and his baby -

Zhehan smiles again. "Fuck me now," he says, rubbing his thumb over the shiny-wet crown of his cock; and Gong Jun probably isn't too careful when he pulls his fingers out of Zhehan but Zhehan doesn't seem to mind. He squeezes some lube out into his palm and rubs it onto his dick; he probably uses a lot more than he needs to, and the excess liquid is dripping onto the bed and down his thighs, but he couldn't care less about what the hotel housekeeping staff might think the next morning.

He gets his hands on the back of Zhehan's knees, his wet hand slipping a little on Zhehan's hot smooth skin, but he adjusts his grip and then pushes Zhehan's legs back until his knees are at his shoulders and his legs are spread wide and open. It's not the first time Gong Jun's glad for how flexible Zhehan is, how he can hold Zhehan in this position so his hips are forced to tilt upwards, opening his hole to Gong Jun's gaze.

"Hold still there," he instructs, and Zhehan helpfully hooks his arm around the back of his left thigh when Gong Jun removes his hand from it so he can grip his own cock. He has only a second to be disappointed about Zhehan taking his hand off his stomach, and chooses instead to distract himself with fitting his wet cock between Zhehan's cheeks, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down, dragging it over the soft, sensitive rim of Zhehan's hole.

Zhehan groans. "Come on, Junjun," he says. "Stop playing around."

Gong Jun taps the head of his dick lightly against Zhehan's hole and watches in fascination as it flares open around his slippery cockhead, greedy for it. Zhehan lifts his hips up higher and breathes out audibly, a frustrated little exhale.

"Okay, okay," Gong Jun says, and pushes into him in one sweet, breath-snatching thrust. He doesn't let up and doesn't stop, pushes through the slight resistance he feels as Zhehan's hole works to accommodate his cock, until his thighs are flush against Zhehan's ass and Zhehan's chewing restlessly on his lower lip to stop himself from being too loud. Zhehan's always liked it with a little bite of pain to it, which is the only reason Gong Jun doesn't care if he didn't prep Zhehan enough, because Zhehan can take it and taught Gong Jun that he's into it.

"Oh, that's - that's good," Zhehan sighs, eyelids fluttering closed. "Junjun, you're -"

Gong Jun drags his dick out - slow, slow, so he can watch the way Zhehan's little hole fights to cling to it - all the way until only the thick head of his cock is holding Zhehan open. "Yes?"

"Ah, I just - I fucking love this," Zhehan says. "You always feel so good, the way you - fuck, you're big."

Gong Jun pushes back into him, luxuriating in the slip-slide of Zhehan's hot, clingy hole, slick with lube. He can see the way it makes Zhehan shudder, goosebumps visibly rising on his skin. "Say it again," he tells Zhehan.

"You're so big," Zhehan gasps; he chokes out another soft breathy laugh. "Sometimes - sometimes I feel like I can't take all of you, like it's not possible, but - "

Gong Jun works his cock as deep into Zhehan as it can go, pressing his hips onwards, onwards, using his body weight to bear down on him until even Zhehan's thighs can't be folded any further back. Zhehan is making these sweet little whimpers now, each time Gong Jun presses forward. "But you can," he says. He stares at Zhehan's belly and wonders how deep his cock is, inside him. If he put his hand on Zhehan's stomach would he be able to feel it? Would Zhehan's stomach swell a little, maybe, when Gong Jun comes inside Zhehan, like visible proof that Gong Jun's fucked him full and put a baby into him?

"Of course I can," Zhehan says breathlessly. "Please, Junjun, give me - a little faster, please - "

Gong Jun does as he's told; the next time he pulls back, he stops halfway down the length of his cock, Zhehan's hole stretched around the widest part of it before he shoves back in. Zhehan lifts his hips to meet each thrust in a quick, furious rhythm, his stomach muscles rippling, and Gong Jun - he's staring at Zhehan there again, thinking about it being filled with his baby.

He can't help but get a hand on Zhehan's lower belly, right above where Zhehan's cock is swollen and hard and wet at the tip. It bobs with every push forward of Gong Jun's hips, taps against the back of Gong Jun's knuckles, smearing precome over his skin, but Gong Jun barely notices. All he knows is the fiery, roaring need to fuck Zhehan, to fill him full of come, to keep him stuffed and pleased and -

And then Zhehan wraps both his hands around Gong Jun's wrist and pushes his hand down a little harder on his belly, as if he wants Gong Jun to feel the way his muscles are shifting and working through the deep, spine-wrecking way Gong Jun fucks him, as if he wants Gong Jun to feel how his cock is sunk in balls-deep inside him. "Here, right?' he says breathlessly.

Gong Jun drags his eyes up from the sight of his hand cupping Zhehan's stomach, Zhehan holding it there, and meets Zhehan's eyes. They're fever-bright, and his lower lip is red and wet like he's been chewing on it.

"I know, you want one right here," Zhehan says, and fuck, fuck, Zhehan has always been able to tease out his innermost thoughts and deepest desires with nothing more than a simple action like Gong Jun's hand on his stomach during sex. "I know you want - you want me to have your baby, don't you? You want to fuck me full with your baby - "

Gong Jun is this fucking close to coming and he's probably going to in the next 1.5 seconds if Zhehan keeps going on like this.

"Tell me," Zhehan says, insistent. "Is this what you want, Junjun?" His hold on Gong Jun's wrist tightens.

"Stop," Gong Jun bites out; he needs to stop now, he's barely holding back the orgasm threatening to overwhelm his body. He takes a deep breath, forces himself to slow down - one thrust, two, Zhehan's hole squeezing tight around him each time he pulls back; fuck it, another two more slow thrusts, and then he makes himself really stop. Zhehan is hot and tight and slick around his cock.

"I need to - fuck, if you keep talking like that I'm going to come."

The smile Zhehan slants at him is full of heat. "Then come in me," he says, absolute fucking minx that he is; Gong Jun is a hundred percent certain that if they hadn't started fucking at all he might never survive finishing shooting Shan He Ling. "You want to fuck a baby into me, don't you? You have to come in me to do that."

"Fuck," Gong Jun says, dizzy. "Yeah. Yeah. God, Zhehan, I saw you today, and - and - "

"And you want me to have your baby," Zhehan finishes for him. His voice is surprisingly soft and level, even though his dick seems to almost swell further as Gong Jun looks at it, bouncing above his hand on Zhehan's stomach, just from them talking about Gong Jun fucking his baby into Zhehan.

"I want you to have my baby," Gong Jun says, stupid with it. He can feel his orgasm cresting, rising rapidly in his lower belly, and he can't hold it back; he starts moving again, fucking into Zhehan quick and furious, the wet slap of his thighs against Zhehan's ass resonating alongside Zhehan's little whimpery moans. Zhehan is tightening around him, his entire body clenching up; he's close, too. "I saw you and, and, it was all I could think about all day. Doing this, stuffing you full with my baby - "

Shockingly, it's Zhehan who comes first, completely untouched; Gong Jun watches his eyes widen as if shocked, and then his mouth falls open around a moan, his hips lifting helplessly. Then Zhehan squeezes his eyes shut and the next thing Gong Jun knows, Zhehan's hole is pulsing, squeezing tight around his cock, so tight that Gong Jun has to really push to keep fucking him through it, and he's coming all over their joined hands, streaking across his stomach; but it's okay because Gong Jun himself is almost there, nearly there -

"Oh fuck," Zhehan's saying, almost garbled in his pleasure, every muscle in his lithe body drawn taut like an archer's bow. "Junjun, laogong, come in me, come now, I want to have your baby so much - "

Gong Jun's orgasm rips through him like a tidal wave, and for a time that could have been a few seconds or could have been a few decades, there's nothing but white noise in his ears and wave after wave of pleasure crashing over him as he empties himself into Zhehan like Zhehan wants him to.

The intensity of it shocks him from head to toe, and even when he lets his shaking arms go and sinks on top of Zhehan's body, still shuddering with the aftershocks, he's dizzy with it, and lies like a dead weight on Zhehan, breathing wetly into his neck.

His cock is still hard, still shoved deep into Zhehan's soft hole, now wet and warm with come. That's okay, he thinks, lightheaded. That's what he needs to do to put a baby into Zhehan.

Zhehan's arms come up to wrap around his shoulders, and Gong Jun lets himself drift.


He might have fallen asleep for a few minutes like that on top of Zhehan, dick still buried in him. He's not sure. But Zhehan's shaking him, whispering, "Laogong, come on, wake up."

It's the laogong that really wakes him up. Zhehan - doesn't call him that often, only when he wants to tease him, and less frequently in particularly intimate moments like the middle of the night and he's clinging to Gong Jun, too keyed up from certain scenes they shot that day and can't get to sleep, and somehow calling Gong Jun that seems to comfort him and settle him.

Gong Jun still remembers Zhehan calling him that when he was begging for Gong Jun to come in him, and his dick twitches feebly despite the fact that he's drained from how hard his orgasm hit him.

"Move a little," Zhehan says, and Gong Jun thinks he must be too heavy lying on top of Zhehan like this, and manages to make himself roll to the side and onto the bed. He turns to face Zhehan and is brought up short by the sight of Zhehan reaching between his thighs; as he watches, Zhehan presses two fingers into himself, face scrunching a little when he stretches his fucked-open, sensitive rim.

Gong Jun gapes at him.

Zhehan tilts his head towards him and smiles, a little shy.

"Do you - need more?" Gong Jun asks in disbelief. Zhehan's belly is coated in white with how much he came, and there are streaks of white up on his chest, even a splash on his chin. Zhehan doesn't seem to care, but Gong Jun has no idea how Zhehan didn't get enough after how hard he was coming.

"No, I just - " he flicks his eyes up to meet Gong Jun's and lowers them again. "Just trying to keep your come inside me. For - for our baby."

And - fuck. Fuck. Gong Jun's entire body is boneless and limp, but he's prepared to heave himself up and give it another good go at fucking some more babies into Zhehan, if he keeps on at this.

"You are a menace," he says lowly, but he slides his hand down over Zhehan's hand between his legs, feels the stretch of Zhehan's rim around Zhehan's fingers. His fingers are wet and slippery from Gong Jun's come; he can't keep himself plugged up enough with just fingers. Gong Jun runs his middle finger around Zhehan's rim, slicks it up as best as he can with the residual lube and the come leaking from him, and works it into Zhehan gently, next to Zhehan's own fingers.

Zhehan sighs, sounding contented and pleased. His eyelids flutter shut, and Gong Jun leans close to kiss his temple, his closed eyelids.

"Next time," Gong Jun says softly, "I'm going to buy you a plug."

"Mm," is all Zhehan says, but a smile is growing on his face.

They lie in silence for a few more minutes; Gong Jun's drifting in and out of sleep, but he really should get up and clean them both up, except that Zhehan doesn't seem inclined to let their fingers out of his wet little hole. Then Zhehan says, "Hey, Junjun."

Gong Jun cracks an eye open and looks at him.

"Do you really want - I mean, have you really been thinking about having children? With me?" He looks down at his flat stomach. "Not like this, of course, I can't - but like. You'd want to have kids with me?"

Gong Jun doesn't hesitate; doesn't even need to think. "Yes. Of course. Would you?"

There's no hesitation from Zhehan either when he says, "Yeah. Yes. I would." And then he dissolves into tired giggles. "Is this - are you trying to propose, laogong?"

Okay, that wasn't exactly something that came up in Gong Jun's mind - he'd somehow skipped the marriage part and gone right to babies.

"Listen," he says, "I'm going to make sure my actual proposal is way better than kink-fucking you about getting you pregnant." It's only when the words leave his mouth that he realises it's true. When he does propose - he's going to make sure it's something Zhehan is going to talk about for the rest of his life.

Zhehan smiles again, his cheeks pink. "You know, we could move somewhere. Italy, maybe. Or France. Somewhere we can get married properly, maybe adopt a baby, maybe surrogacy - "

It's not wishful talk; Gong Jun knows Zhehan means it. No one knows if Shan He Ling is going to do well. If it doesn't - well, Zhehan's already talked about retiring from acting. It would be easy to scoop him to Europe, marry him in a quiet, private ceremony.

And if Shan He Ling does well - they might have to put this off by a few years, but the point is, Zhehan's on the same page as him. They want the same things, and for now - for now that is enough.

Then Zhehan asks, suddenly, "Why did you suddenly get so into the idea of wanting me to carry a baby, anyway? You want to see me all round and fat?"

And this - Gong Jun exhales. He isn't entirely sure how to explain that sudden, intense need, almost a craving, that came over him. "I don't know," he says, turning his thoughts over slowly in his mind. "I guess I was just - I mean, seeing you pregnant, having my baby in you - it's weird, but it felt to me like it would be the most visual, physical proof that you're mine."

He meets Zhehan's eyes; Zhehan is gazing at him, eyes soft and sweet and sleepy. "And you'd still be beautiful."

Zhehan smiles, turns his body to curl up closer against his chest. The change in angle finally forces them both to let their fingers slip out of Zhehan, but neither of them say anything about it; Gong Jun wraps his arm around Zhehan's waist, presses a kiss to his forehead.

"Junjun," Zhehan says, and kisses him, sweet and pleased, "I've always been yours."