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Coerced in Haven City

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Disclaimer: The series, Jak and Daxter, was created by Naughty Dog, not me.


Coerced in Haven City


In only a full week since coming to Haven City, Keira Hagai could not stand the situation at all. Having been captured by the local Krimzon Guard with her dear friend, Jak, Keira and her not so secret love interest were separated from their other friend, Daxter, as well as Keira's father, Samos the Sage, and were kept under lock and key in the Fortress of Haven City to serve the ruling Baron Praxis' purposes, regardless of what they wanted themselves.

And much to Keira's despair, she got the better deal of supplying technical assistance to the Guardsmen while Jak was involuntary made a test subject of creating the dark eco-empowered super soldier for Haven City's security against both an Underground movement that opposed Praxis' rule as well as a breed of monsters that have terrorized the world they came to for three hundred years known as the Metal Heads. And as much as Keira normally loved to explore new technology, knowing that Jak was effectively tortured by such awful people while she remained untouched was abhorrent to her.

She had half a mind to look into the whereabouts of both her father and Daxter, but held back in case Praxis would do something worse to them. Nonetheless, Keira had been returned to the cell she shared with Jak after another long day of work and waited until the Guardsmen, led by Praxis' second in command, Erol, ungracefully dropped Jak into the cell much to Keira's worry as she immediately made her way to check on him.

"Don't you ever get tired of these circumstances, Keira?" Erol asked her smugly prompting a furious glare his way. Erol ignored it, however, as he added with a grin. "You can always get better accommodations provided you abandon this freak you seem to care about so much."

Keira was about to speak on Jak's defense, but was surprised to hear gasping noises coming from the latter. "Jak?" She asked in concern.

"What's the matter, freak?" Erol interjected cruelly. "Did the dark eco destroy your useless tongue?"

"I said, get away from her!" Jak yelled out before attempting to stand up and attack Erol before falling back to the floor exhausted.

Erol felt like rubbing more salt on Jak's wounds, but was punched in the face by Keira before he could say anything else. His subordinates were about to respond in kind, but Erol quickly ordered. "Stop!" With the Guardsmen held back, Erol quickly wiped his bloody nose and told Keira with a warning tone of voice. "You'll get that much for free." Locking the cell up, he then added. "But the next time you misbehave, Keira, I won't be held responsible for the consequences."

Ignoring Erol's last words, Keira turned back to Jak with tears in her eyes. "Oh, Jak. I'm so sorry you have to go through this nightmare alone."

Jak, however, turned to her and reached out with his right hand that Keira quickly accepted with both of her hands. "We're in this together, Keira." He replied forcing a small smile. "I can live with that."

Unable to hold herself back, Keira then embraced Jak and kissed him repeatedly as she kept on crying in her grief.


A bit hurtful/comforting, but it was the best idea I could think of to write for Jak and Daxter as of now aside from Ashelin Praxis happily interacting with the infant Prince Mar who would grow up to become Jak back when the House of Mar ruled Haven City before Ashelin's father, the Baron, launched his coup d'état that would separate Baby Mar and King Damos from each other much to Ashelin's grief in an ending that would remind Disney fans of how Princess Jasmine from Aladdin thought the titular character was executed before she could have learned his name which prompted remorse accordingly.

If I could figure out some conceivable ways to give Jak a different love interest as I do for Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece to name a couple of examples, I would also write Jak/Ashelin (I admit that Jak 3's depiction was a bit off, but if Torn died beforehand, I suppose something would have happened), Jak/Tess (probably works best if Jak did not turn into a cynic and got Tess to like him before Daxter), and Jak/Rayn (which has a lot of potential and feels to me the likeliest out of these pairings aside from Jak/Keira) one-shots, but as sad as it is to admit, the Jak and Daxter series is not major much compared to some of the larger video game franchises.