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Boys Are Alright

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Naruto strolls along the orange-glowing street, belly full of ramen, face full of bruises, and smile full of…something. Today was an interesting day at school.

He had his first kiss with another person. It was by total accident; he literally got pushed into it. But still, it was straight on, mouth to mouth, and maybe it hadn’t lasted that long, but it felt like it lasted long enough to count, he thinks.

It was with…Sasuke. His greatest rival. The one everyone, girls and teachers and everyone, makes a big deal about all the time. His rival, his fellow ninja-in-training, and a boy.

Did he mention his first kiss was with a boy?

His initial horror has long since disappeared. He’s been smiling for a while now.

Because even though I got jumped and soundly pounded by all the girls simultaneously…

“I still feel like I won, somehow,” he grins. “Beating them to the kiss they all wanted…Heh. Hehehe!”

He’s sure it made Sasuke mad at him too, though he didn’t have time in all the chaos to check. And anything’s worth making Sasuke mad, so he’d do it again if he had the choice!




Sasuke is staring at the empty bowl on the table. How long it’s been empty and he’s continued to sit here, he couldn’t say.

Naruto…That idiot. Loser! Idiot!

He was so close…His eyes are so blue…His…His mouth, it lined up perfectly to mine…How could it be an accident? Did he do it on purpose?

I’ll kill him for this. I’ll end it. He’ll never make it to be Hokage.

His lip…it pressed over mine…Warm…It felt warm and I…I couldn’t breathe…My chest was tight, something in my chest…Our mouths touched…My mouth…Naruto…He had his mouth against mine and I…I was terrified…No, that’s not it. I was…Naruto…

Naruto! I’ll kill you! Stupid loser!

He kissed me…We’re both boys…Naruto is a boy…Could it be that—this is normal?...Dammit, I don’t know…It’s not like it matters…whether I was kissed by a boy. It’s not like I wanted to be kissed by anyone…It was an accident. Naruto is an idiot…Idiot pervert, he would kiss anyone given the chance…probably…But his head, I thought it turned at the last moment…I thought I saw…he turned…so that his lips…His lips were touching mine, so close…He’s a boy…Naruto…is a boy…I’m a boy…


Sasuke has put everything behind him by the time he gets to the academy the next day. Well, he had, until he saw Naruto, being his usual annoying, loser self.


“—though they might not be so obsessed with me as with Sasuke, at least they’re now jealous of me, which is better than nothing at all!” Naruto declares to some male classmates in the vicinity. One of them condescends to roll his eyes and say something in response.

“I don’t think that’s exactly—”



He turns and sees Sasuke at the end of the desk row.

“What?” he calls. “What do you want?”

The classroom’s noise level rises with an incoming group of girls. Naruto’s eyes dart from them back to Sasuke. He smirks and raises his voice.

“What do you want, Sasuke? Back for more? Look, that was an accident. Or are you some kind of per—”


An eraser sails over his head.

“Leave Sasuke-kun alone! You’re the pervert.”

“Don’t you remember what happened yesterday, Naruto?”

“Ah…” He smiles and rubs the back of his neck.


He looks back at Sasuke.

“What, what? It was an accident, the girls already made me apologize yesterday…”

“I don’t accept your apology,” Sasuke says. “You know what I said yesterday. I’m not through with you.”

“Wait…” His head tilts. “You want to…fight me? Ha!”

“Let’s go outside. There’s no room in here.”

Sasuke turns. The girls wrestle each other out of his way as he heads for the door.

“Ha! Seriously? Bring it, Sasuke! I’ll whip you any old day, I don’t need a reason! You just have to ask! Come at me!”

“Idiot, come on!”

“I’m coming, stupid!”

They go out to the schoolyard. The girls that followed are yelling for Sasuke and calling Naruto a jerk and blah blah, but Naruto just smiles at his rival standing some meters away.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” Naruto calls. “This spot isn’t big enough! I want more spectators to watch me beat you!”

Sasuke marches up to him. Naruto readies his fists.


“I won’t go easy on you,” the boy says, standing half a meter away now. “For embarrassing me yesterday…For being stupid…I’ll kill you, Naruto.”

Naruto growls.

His first thought is to wind up and punch Sasuke in the face. His second thought replaces the first more rapidly than possibly any of his thoughts ever has. Like lightning he drops his fist and grabs Sasuke by the collar, pulling them nose to nose.

Sasuke’s eyes flash. He fists Naruto’s collar in his own two hands.

“I’m the one who’s going to fight you,” Sasuke says.

We’ll just see what it’s like the second time, Naruto thinks. We’ll just see!

He jerks on Sasuke’s stupid vampire jacket and smacks their faces together. His mouth doesn’t cushion the blow as much as he thought it would, and he thinks he feels blood dribble from someone’s lip, but he sticks his chin out and forces the kiss to seal.

Naruto sucks air through his nose and wiggles his bottom lip, trying to find a place to fit it nicely. This is supposed to be nice, right?! He feels a hot sting as chakra zips through his midsection. He peels his lip off and puckers it in again, humming a little with the effort to press their faces solidly together.

He bounces back down to his heels, the connection of their mouths snapping.

Sasuke’s eyes fly open. Voices heat up around them, and Naruto doesn’t have to focus on any of the words to know he’s been branded the villainous one. Sasuke’s dark eyes twitch. They spark. He’s going to kill me! He’ll go for the strangle hold!


Sasuke pulls on Naruto’s collar and leans himself down, and their lips collide again. Again painfully. Tendrils of it bite through his gums. This is not so nice as everyone makes it out to be—

But his lips fall into a comfortable spot more easily this time. His nose has apparently become aware of its size. There seems to be room, so he sticks his chin forward and pushes his bottom lip deeper. The hairs on his neck shoot up and he’s suddenly stuck in place.

The other boy’s lip slips, and breath whooshes over Naruto’s cheek. He stops that little leak back up, after a couple fumbling tries. The smell against his nose and the taste millimeters from his tongue start to mingle, until he can identify and label it. Sasuke.

He doesn’t know which of them starts yelling first. He falls into the grass, rolls onto his stomach and pounds his face against the ground. Sasuke howls somewhere behind him.

“What’s going on out here? I shouldn’t be missing half my students at the start of class. Naruto! Sasuke?! What are you doing on the ground?”





Naruto woke up early, for once. For unknown reasons. He decided to head out right away and take the long way to the training site he chose for the day, through the forest. He’s humming to himself and high-stepping along when suddenly, he’s attacked.

A dark figure drops out of the trees in front of him.


It’s Sasuke, waiting ahead of him on the path.

“Sasuke! I won’t die a coward, though you’ve taken me in this hidden spot where no one will find the body! Bring it on!”

“Naruto. Shut up.”

Naruto runs up to him.

“What do you want?” he snips. He crosses his arms, just to make sure Sasuke knows he’s not intimidated.

“I followed you from the time you left town. You would’ve known that if you were a better ninja, and not an idiot,” Sasuke says.

“Hmmm? Who’s calling who an idiot? What are you following me for, stupid? And besides, I knew the whole time! Actually, I was the one following you, and I was letting you think you were following me, is all. So there!”

“Shut up, idiot.”

Naruto growls. “What do you want?!”

Sasuke drops his eyes. His fists tighten at his sides.

“What? What is it? You have a problem?”

“I…I don’t…”

“What’s with you then? Why did you follow me to this secluded area?”


“Could this possibly be about how we kissed yesterday?”

“Shut up Naruto!”

“Oho?” He puts his hand over his mouth. “Sasuke-kun has tracked me to a secluded area after kissing me yesterday? I wonder if those two things are related…? Hahaha! Sasuke, you pervert!”

“Shut up. I’ll kill you, Naruto! I didn’t kiss you! That was—You were doing it, loser!”

“Um, no, not the whole time—”

“Shut up, Naruto.”

“Geez, why am I being yelled at so early in the morning?” He points at him. “Only Iruka-sensei can lecture me about what happens at school! You’ll just have to get over it, or fight me!”


Sasuke stuffs his hands in his pockets and starts walking up the trail.

“Forget it…”

Naruto frowns at him for a bit, then starts to toddle after.

“Say, Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun! Do you know anything about boys kissing each other?”

“What?” He shouts it, turning sharply toward him.

“Girls are so cute, and I know I want to kiss girls, but about boys kissing boys, nobody’s ever given me a talking to. I don’t know the half of it! What about you?”

“I don’t care,” Sasuke declares. “Why would you even ask me about it? That’s so lame.”

Naruto scoffs.

“We’ve kissed twice now! I’ve never kissed any boys before, so I wanna know what the deal is! Boke, don’t you want to figure it out? You’re so smart, you have to know everything all the time.”

Sasuke tries to stride ahead of him. Naruto jogs at his side.

“It’s the same with you, isn’t it?”

“I’m not the same as you,” Sasuke says.

“I know it’s the same, in this case. You don’t have anybody to give you the talk either.”

“I don’t need a talk,” he hisses.

Naruto jumps in front of him and points.

“Ha! Tell that to the girls who’ll never want to kiss you again when they discover how much you suck at kissing! You’re pretty dang lousy, I already know! Do you want everyone else to find out?”

Sasuke ticks his tongue.

“If I suck, you completely suck! Loser!”

“I’ll prove you wrong about that! Stand still!”

“What?” He jerks his arm out of Naruto’s hand. “Get off me! Don’t touch me!”


“Get away from me!”

“I’m so much better than you! You stink!”

“Then go kiss a girl!”

“No girls will kiss me!”

“What makes you think I would?”

“You did it twice already!”

“I’m never letting you kiss me again!”

“Grrrrrrgh, Sasukeeee—SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!”


The clones dogpile.

“Idiot Naruto—One of your clones kissing me—doesn’t count!”

“The clones are just to stop your squirming, you scaredy-cat!”

He leaps over the pile of clones, on top of pinned Sasuke.


The clones poof away, leaving them alone. Sasuke struggles until Naruto lifts his weight up to his knees. But he stays overtop of him, hands resting in the dirt next to the boy’s arms.


“What?” He glares at him.

“You said you followed me here.”

He purses his lips.

You said so,” Naruto continues. “And before, when I was fighting you, you didn’t hit me back. And just now, when I used jutsu, you let my clones take you out. You weren’t fighting your hardest, Sasuke.”

“So what’s your point?” he snaps.

“You would have fought me and got away, if you wanted to. So, you didn’t want to, did you? When I said I was going to kiss you, you wanted me to. Didn’t you?”

Sasuke bares his teeth, but his cheeks are bright pink. Naruto swings his leg off and kneels beside him, fidgeting.

“T—Try me again, Sasuke. I’ll be better this time, for sure.”

Sasuke looks at the ground. He tightens his fists. He looks up.

“I didn’t get much of a chance last time. Or the first time, either. I can do better than that.”

Naruto laughs. It’s strangely low. So is his voice, suddenly.

“Oh yeah?”

Sasuke narrows his eyes, and nods.

“I’ll give you another shot,” Naruto murmurs. “You better bring your best.”

“I’ll only need one shot,” Sasuke says. His mouth twitches.

Naruto grins. He hurries to pull it down when Sasuke scoots forward in the grass. His knee bumps into Naruto’s, and then his breath breezes over his mouth.

When there’s a pause, Naruto levels him with a smile. Sasuke’s lips quiver. He can feel them. Sasuke kisses him. Naruto reaches and drops his hand onto the boy’s shoulder.

Their noses fit alongside each other in a practiced way this time. Naruto opens his mouth a little more to that taste he recognizes. Sasuke…

It feels like the sun is shining right on him, though the forest was as shadowy as ever just a minute ago. Some kind of jutsu? Sasuke moves his bottom lip, breaks their seal with a little ‘pip!’, and presses on again. Naruto quakes with that sensation of all his hairs standing on end. Then Sasuke’s hair brushes against his cheek, and Naruto stiffens up, his jaw and cheeks and everything. Is this some kind of body binding? Is Sasuke messing with him right now?

Sasuke pauses then. His mouth opens, and their top lips are only brushing. Sasuke meets his open eyes. Naruto gasps, sorry and embarrassed and rushed to get kissing him again. He closes his eyes and pushes them back together. His hand moves by itself into the crook of Sasuke’s neck.

He feels another paralyzing shockwave through his body. But he can feel both Sasuke’s hands, on his shirt, so he knows he’s not making signs, and with the way Sasuke’s face has softened against his, he doesn’t think he’s being attacked.

Oh…Maybe kissing is actually underrated!!

He throws his arms around Sasuke’s body and they fall into the grass.


He pulls back, propping himself up on his hands. He looks down at Sasuke, who has a dribble of saliva from the corner of his mouth onto his chin.

“Ah—Hehe—Too much?” Naruto says.

Sasuke’s face has more color than Naruto has ever seen before. And now that he’s felt how squishy his cheeks are, they look…


Naruto jumps to his feet.

“Ahh, well! I’ve got some training to do, Sasuke! I need to get going!”

He turns around just before the path winds around a bend, and waves wildly to the boy still sitting in the grass.

He runs the rest of the way to the training site.

Sasuke?! Baka! Baka baka! I never knew why everyone else liked you so much…But I think I have my own reasons for liking you now…I guess…I guess…

“Boys are alright!” he declares. “Now, if I can just get a girl to kiss me too…we’ll see how it is…Heh. Hehehe!”

He’ll figure it out for himself. He’ll figure this whole world out.




It’s black in the forest. The bugs are chirping. Sasuke is sitting with his legs crossed, elbows on his knees, fingers steepled in front of his face. How long Naruto’s been gone and he’s continued to sit here, he couldn’t say.