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Good Evening, Miss Anderson

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“Oh my God, Andy! Thank God you’re there!”

“Hey, Cara. Is anything alright?”

“Not really. I’m still wondering about you and… well, us anyway.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Can you take care of Cassidy and Caroline at Miranda’s? Please? I really can’t be there tonight.”

Andrea Sachs couldn’t help but frown while wondering why somebody quirky like Cara decided to call her suddenly at work despite her best friend already had Miranda Priestly’s contact since she was still her boss’s employee as the one and only nanny for Miranda’s twin daughters. Moreover, Andrea rarely considered herself as a friendly person towards younger people such as children and teenagers even though the brunette couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle as her brown doe eyes noticed a sudden glare from Emily Charlton, her British colleague and Miranda’s first assistant who kept glancing back and forth at the brunette and Miranda’s office with a giant frown on her face. “Are you having a date?” Andrea whispered her question to Cara as she turned her gaze from Emily to the computer screen.

Cara clicked her tongue with a little laugh afterwards. “I really hate you right now, Andy.”

“Come on, Cara. No need to be shy.” Andrea smiled as she snorted out a laugh. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“I won’t say a word about him until everything between me and him becomes official. Okay?”

“Alright then.” Andrea rolled her eyes. “What makes you lie to Miranda that you’re sick today?”

“Please, Andy. It’s really emergency. I need your help. I can’t let this chance slip away anymore.”

“I know, I know.” Andrea heaved a soft sigh while carefully looking into Miranda’s office after heard Miranda’s soft footsteps inside the room. “At least you should’ve said something more valid to her.”

“Trust me, lady. Nothing is classier than… ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, Miranda. But I can’t babysit Cassidy and Caroline tonight because I’m sick…” Trust me.” Cara couldn’t help but giggle as she finished her words. “Oh, and don’t ever tell Emily about this. She’s gonna go nuts if she found out what really happened.”

Andrea heaved another sigh again as she rubbed her temples and turned her gaze towards the screen.

“Hey, hey. No need to heave a sigh, girl. You’re gonna be fine, Andy. No need to worry about them.”

“If you meant the scenario that went like… Oh, telling their mom’s assistant to go upstairs and give the Book to her while their parents are arguing… Well, I’m gonna be more than fine for sure, Cara.”

“Don’t freak out, okay? Don’t chicken out, Andy. It’s gonna be alright for us.” Cara suddenly babbled. “At least you’ve already had Miranda’s trust and the twins’ respect from that incident. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah?” Andrea sighed. “At least she’s now single after finalized a divorce from her ex-husband.”

“Poor my baby… Hey! I didn’t mean to pry but… are you still mad about Nate breaking up with you?”

Andrea suddenly paused her answer to Cara’s question as her doe brown eyes accidentally noticed Miranda’s icy glance towards Nigel through the window pane of her boss’s office before the brunette quickly recomposed herself as she finally answered to her childhood friend who was also now working for Miranda as her children’s nanny. “No, I’m not mad at all. What makes you think I still miss him?”

“Duh, you just changed your Facebook profile picture in black and white, Andy. That really sucks.”

“Really?” Andrea couldn’t help but instantly heave another sigh and roll her eyes. “At least you knew.”

“Great! That’s absolutely great! See? I told you. You really deserved someone better than him, Andy.”

Andrea frowned again as she said. “You said like you already have something in your mind, Cara.”

“No, I don’t.” Cara let out another chuckle. “Anyway, I gotta go. Oh! And don’t worry about the Book and tonight. We all know Miranda won’t be home until nine-thirty. That means you still have time to do all of my supposed-to -finish all those tasks before Miranda came back, okay? Do wish me luck.”

“Shan’t.” Andrea rolled her eyes in a brief amusement as she eventually hung up the phone. However, as the brunette turned her gaze from the screen, Andrea suddenly gasped and instantly put her hands on her chest as she glared towards Emily in shock. “Shit, Emily! You scared the hell out of me.”

“Poor little thing.” Emily snarled before looked at the phone on Andrea’s desk. “Who’s on the phone?”

“Oh, well. It’s just…” Andrea smiled broadly as she finally found a sudden excuse for Emily’s question. “Someone from the showroom. She’ll send another sample of the belt for our run-through tomorrow.”

“Hmm…” Emily slowly nodded despite her green eyes still kept glaring at Andrea in a total disbelief. “Tonight’s gonna be a big night for Runway and me. I’ve got to wear a new collection from Valentino and see lots of newcomers who are going to work for Runway’s upcoming issues. Blissfully magic!”

Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle as she finally said towards Emily. “Congratulations, Em. I’m so glad.”

Emily nodded again. An awkward pause erupted between two women while they kept listening to the faintest noise inside Miranda’s office until Emily finally broke the silence as she turned her gaze from Andrea’s face towards the office doors and slowly returned a fierce glare towards Andrea once again. “You know what? I’m so glad you’re not going to be there tonight since Miranda didn’t choose you.”

Andrea swallowed hard after Emily returned to man her own desk. She couldn’t help but take a final glance into Miranda’s office without noticing the gaze from Miranda who was now looking towards her direction while speaking through the phone at the same time. Strangely, as their eyes finally met, Miranda was the first person who suddenly turned her gaze away from Andrea’s sights while Andrea could only heave a soft sigh and shake her head at the same time as she eventually resumed working.


As soon as Andrea got out of Roy’s car and found herself arrived in front of Miranda’s townhouse with the Book and dry cleaning in her hands later that night, she couldn’t help but wonder why she was still hanging around Miranda despite the crucial fact from Emily that crushed her hard about Miranda’s final decision for assistance at the benefit tonight. Everyone knew how tough Miranda was while working at Runway and Andrea was also one of them who must always remember and repeat every important routine at work all the time. Nevertheless, the brunette assistant decided to brush this fact off for a while as she finally realized she was just recalling everything she witnessed inside the exquisite hotel suite at Paris last year just before she opened the front door of Miranda’s townhouse and eventually let herself into the house with the Book and dry cleaning for her boss.

As Andrea finally put the Book down at the same usual spot on the table after hung those dry cleaning clothes into the closet across the staircase, the brunette suddenly jumped and put one of her hands on her chest after realized who was now looking at her beside her feet. “Gosh, Patty! Hello, girl!”

The St. Bernard dog enthusiastically responded the visitor with a loud bark before sniffed at her ankle.

“Good girl.” Andrea crouched beside Patricia as she fed the dog with a little treat from her handbag.

“Here she is!”

Andrea heaved another sigh in an eventual relief as she rose up from petting the dog and suddenly found Miranda’s twin daughters walking downstairs towards her position with a known glance and giant smirks on their identical faces. “Hi.” Andrea greeted them with a broad smile on her face.

As Miranda’s twin daughters finally reached towards their mother’s second assistant, one of them beckoned Patricia towards the Den while the other spoke to Andrea with a slight frown on her face. “Cara said she was sick. Is that true?”

Andrea swallowed as she was speaking to one of the twins who was now in front of her. “Well, she’s…”

“Andy, you know we can prank you anytime if we’d like to. You know that, right?”

Andrea slightly frowned at the sudden remark from one of Miranda’s daughters. She couldn’t help but wonder if this was another kind of test or challenge that Cara secretly created for her as the girl softly smirked back with an unreadable glance just before Andrea eventually replied to her. “Of course, Caroline.” Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle after noticed a sudden surprise on the girl’s face. “I know.”

Caroline quirked her eyebrows and slowly turned her back in defeat after realized she got caught first. “She has a date, right?” The girl turned to ask Andrea as they finally followed Cassidy into the kitchen. “I swear I didn’t mean to pry on her, but I heard she said she wished she could see him this weekend.” 

“I’m so sorry, Caroline. I’ve tried my best to convince Cara not to leave you girls tonight, really. But…” Andrea sincerely responded to Caroline’s suspicion by smiling meekly and shrugging her shoulders after realized their favorite nanny was now having a blind date tonight with someone special that she didn’t even know who he was. “I hope you girls don’t mind if I’m staying here with both of you tonight. Well, as your temporary nanny. At least that’s what Cara decided to call for making up her excuses.”

“Really?” Caroline suddenly beamed as she turned to look at Cassidy. “That sounds interesting, Andy!”

“Really?” Andrea meekly smiled back at both of them. “Well, I mean if you really don’t mind, Caroline.”

Caroline rolled her eyes in a total disbelief. “You know how much we hate to repeat ourselves, Andy.”

Andrea couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle after realized that gesture did remind her of Miranda. 

“Wait a minute.” Cassidy slightly frowned at Andrea. “You haven’t told mom about this yet, right?”

Andrea suddenly shook her head as she finally sat down on the chair opposite to Cassidy who couldn’t help but gape at Andrea’s reaction towards Caroline’s question. “Only tonight, girls. Don’t worry.” Andrea quickly recomposed herself while looking back towards the twins with a smile of reassurance. “But please do promise me, girls. Please? Please promise me that both of you won’t spill anything to your mom about me hanging around both of you and Patricia as your temporary nanny while Cara wasn’t here just only tonight. Please? I just don’t want anyone of us to get into any further troubles...”

“You almost left mom in Paris last year. Right?” Caroline asked while looking at Andrea in concern.

Andrea couldn’t help but swallow as she finally nodded. “I wish I could make up that incident, really.”    

“Hey, what about our homework?” Cassidy asked. “We have to finish them before mom comes back.”

“Oh, dear.” Caroline muttered as she quickly put a hand on her chest. “And what about our dinner?”

“Yeah, our dinner.” Cassidy drawled after glanced up at Andrea. “We completely forgot about it.”

Andrea bit her lips as she glanced back and forth between those papers on the table and kitchenware inside Priestly’s kitchen in a brief awkward pause before the brunette eventually replied to the twins with a soft smile on her face. “Alright, girls. I’ll help you girls with your homework if you girls agree on my condition that all of you will help me preparing and cooking our dinner tonight willingly… Deal?” 

Cassidy and Caroline turned to look at each other before replied back to Andrea in unison. “Deal.”

“Great!” Andrea smiled broadly as she exchanged mutual handshakes with both Cassidy and Caroline.

“What time is it?” Cassidy suddenly asked after finished their handshakes. “Do we still have time?”

“As a wise man once said, Cassidy. We have all the time in the world.” Andrea replied to Cassidy as she started her work as their nanny after Caroline came back with their Science homework in a rush.

Cassidy couldn’t help but grin at the sights of their mother’s brunette assistant and her twin sister exchanging a conversation on Caroline’s homework before the girl eventually stood up from her chair and turned to take up those dishes and kitchenware out of the cupboard immediately as Andrea was about to start cooking dinner for them eventually after gave a special instruction on their homework.


As Roy’s car finally arrived at the front of Miranda’s townhouse in two hours later, Miranda couldn’t help but glance down at her phone as she was about to type something on the phone screen before the editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine suddenly changed my mind at the last minute as her piercing blue eyes turned towards the front door of her house once again. She didn’t say or complain anything towards Roy who seemed to be in a little rush after she swiftly got out of the car and closed the door.

“That’s all.”

Miranda turned to look at Roy for the last time as he quickly drove the car out of her sights after said goodbye with a little bow towards her. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes while stepping up towards the stairs and opened the front door of her house in a total boredom. However, as soon as Miranda stepped into the foyer of her house, her piercing blue eyes suddenly widened in a total confusion as she heard a sudden roar of giggles from her twin daughters somewhere in nearby area. “Bobbseys?”

A roar of giggles from them suddenly disappeared as Miranda heard the strange noise in the kitchen.

The editor-in-chief paced towards the hallway until her piercing blue eyes finally found both Cassidy and Caroline had something that looked exactly like a white flour on their cheeks. “What are you girls doing here in the kitchen?” Miranda asked both of them in a total astonishment. “What happened?”

Cassidy grinned. “We just learned some cooking lessons from Miss Anderson, mom. It was really fun.”       

Miranda suddenly frowned as she folded her arms while glancing around the kitchen. “Where is she?”

“Who?” Cassidy lifted her eyebrows. “Oh, if you meant Cara, she said she was sick and couldn’t be...”

“Of course, Cassidy. I didn’t mean her.” Miranda rolled her eyes and huffed. “Where is another Cara?” 

“Oh, Lord.” Caroline couldn’t help but swallow as she kept looking at her mother who was now pacing around the room while Patricia was sitting there and barking beside the children until Miranda’s piercing blue eyes finally noticed something at her sights as she rushed towards one of those kitchen windows and found it was frankly left open to be wider than the others.

“I need to speak to Cara.” Miranda said as she turned to look at her twin children for the last time. “Have you finished all of your homework?”

Cassidy squeaked as Caroline softly elbowed her. “We finished it, mommy! Don’t need to be worried.”

Caroline couldn’t help but roll her eyes in a total disbelief after heard what her twin sister just said.

“Well done, Bobbseys.” Miranda nodded with a soft smile on her face as she walked up towards them and gave them a goodnight kiss on their foreheads. “Go back to your room now. It’s already late.”

“But mommy…”

“No buts, Cassidy.” Miranda cut her off after ushered both of her children towards the staircase. “Goodnight, Bobbseys.”

As they went upstairs and finally out of her sights, Miranda hurriedly retrieved the Book on the table and headed back into the kitchen again after recalled what she just noticed while having a brief conversation with her twin daughters earlier until her piercing blue eyes eventually caught a glimpse of something sparkling and quite similar at her sights on the kitchen floor.

As Miranda finally picked it up to look closely, the editor-in-chief couldn’t help but smirk to herself.


The next morning at Runway, Nigel couldn’t help but frown at Andrea. “Wild night last night, Six?”

“Not really.” Andrea meekly smiled to him with a gesture of apology. “Are you still mad at me, Nige?”

“For the torn clothes you borrowed from the closet? Not really.” Nigel smirked at Andrea before glanced down at his note as he frowned and said. “For the lost and priceless earring? Absolutely.”

Andrea heavily sighed. “I’m so sorry, Nigel. As soon as I found it, I’ll bring them back to you, okay?”

“Don’t be late.” Nigel said to Andrea for the last time as he eventually went away from her sights.

Meanwhile, Miranda was speaking to Cara on the phone while sitting at her desk inside her office after sent Nigel back to fix those technical mistakes before a run-through this afternoon. The editor-in-chief couldn’t help but roll her eyes after heard multiple apologies from her children’s nanny who supposed to be taking care of Cassidy and Caroline last night despite Cara’s sudden sick leave yesterday which turned out to be something more suspicious and mysterious as Miranda had found an earring in her house’s kitchen instead. “I’m so sorry, Miranda, I thought it would be much better if I asked someone who is really able to take care of the girls while I was going to see a doctor last night. I shouldn’t…”

“Listen to me, Cara.” Miranda finally interrupted her with a soft sigh after figured out how to deal with this sudden puzzle. “You won’t be dismissed from your primary job unless you would like to tell me who Miss Anderson is. And why she abruptly left my house last night without seeing me in person.”

A brief sudden pause erupted through the line as Cara winced internally while figuring out how to give another white lie to her boss once again. “She’s… my cousin.” Cara replied to Miranda on the phone with crossed fingers behind her back as she swallowed at her own lie as an answer. “My first cousin.”

“I see.” Miranda smiled after recalled every little single detail from a strange encounter last night. “What’s her first name?”

“It’s Helen.” Cara winced and frowned again at her answer. Of course, Helen is her mother’s name.

Miranda couldn’t help but lift one of her eyebrows in amusement after heard Cara’s answer. “Helen?”

“Yes, Miranda. It’s Helen Anderson.”

Miranda paused her words. She couldn’t help but purse her lips while looking at Andrea who was still working at her desk since this early morning with a long and yearning glance. As her blue piercing eyes caught a glimpse of Andrea standing up from the chair and walking past the doorway, Miranda finally let Cara off the hook by saying those final words through the phone before hung up. “That’s all.”

As Andrea was about to sit down at her desk, the brunette suddenly froze as Miranda called. “Andrea.”

“Oh God.” Andrea muttered to herself while looking back at Emily who didn’t seem to be bothered by Miranda’s sudden call towards her colleague at all before finally returned her gaze towards Miranda and walked into the editor-in-chief’s office with her notepad and a smile on her face. “Yes, Miranda?”

“Has Donatella returned a call yet?”

Andrea swallowed. “Yes, she said she accept your invitation with Runway team for lunch tomorrow.”

Miranda nodded. “Don’t forget to remind Nigel. We need to finish our run-through before three.”

Andrea meekly smiled as she finished writing down a sudden note on Nigel’s work. “Anything else?”

Miranda glanced up to meet Andrea’s gaze instantly as she asked. “Where had you been last night?”

Andrea almost gaped in all of a sudden as her doe eyes caught a glimpse of a smirk on Miranda’s lips. “Last night?” She repeated those two last words from Miranda with a little frown on her face. “I…”

“Say a word, Andrea.” Miranda rolled her eyes. “You always know how much I hate to repeat myself.”   

“I’m sorry, Miranda. I just…” Andrea blinked her eyes twice. “I don’t quite understand about what...”

“There was a woman. Well, a mysterious woman that I have no idea who she was. She came to rescue Cara’s job by cooking dinner for my children and help them finish their homework at my house while I was doing my job at the benefit last night.” Miranda frowned as she kept gazing at Andrea in curiosity. “I was wondering if you could find someone to give me some idea or anything exclusive about her.”

Andrea silently swallowed despite her lips were still smiling back at her boss. “I really have no idea…”

“Perhaps you can start completing the rest of your job by asking someone who knows why then.”

Andrea swallowed hard as she started speaking to Miranda again. “Oh. Okay. Did you get her name?”

A brief pause erupted between them as well as a hint of smirk on Miranda’s lips. “Helen Anderson.”

Andrea gulped after heard Miranda’s sudden reply. “I’ll ask Cara on the phone, Miranda. Don’t worry.”

Miranda simply nodded despite her piercing blue eyes still remained at Andrea’s sudden nervousness. “Oh, Andrea.” The editor-in-chief said towards Andrea while bending towards the desk drawer before swiftly pulled something out of the drawer and handed it towards her assistant. “Tell Miss Anderson not to leave my house abruptly in the night. We still have lots of things to discuss further about this.”

Andrea’s brown eyes suddenly widened in surprise as she retrieved her missing earring from Miranda.

As soon as the brunette noticed how softly Miranda was smirking and lifting her eyebrows back at her in a slight confusion and amusement at the same time, Andrea quickly recomposed herself with a smile as she confidently asked her boss for the last time. “Anything else I can do for you, Miranda?”  

Miranda slightly shook her head while looking at Andrea surprisingly as she replied. “No. That’s all.”

As Andrea quickly went out from her office, Miranda couldn’t help but simply chuckle at her sights.


“I’m really sorry, Andy. I didn’t mean to…”

“Helen Anderson? Really, Cara?” Andrea rolled her eyes while talking to Cara on the phone as she was now having a lunch break on her own while sitting beside the food truck in the park nearby. “Really?”  

“I swear to God, Andy. That just came into my mind within five seconds after Miranda asked me…”

Andrea heaved a sigh. “You have to tell her all the truth, Cara. This is completely too much for me.”

“Andy, please. It’s just another six dates for me and him. I don’t want to impose on you at all, I swear. But my hectic schedule is really hard for me to go out with him, you know. He’s also as busy as me...”

“Hey! What about me?” Andrea huffed. “Miranda almost caught me out this morning, Cara.”


“And Nigel looked at me like I was a total idiot after I returned him an earring and said I was drunk.”


“And you should stop this game I don’t even know why you and the twins call me as Miss Anderson!”

“Alright, Andy. Alright! No need to shout. Okay? I’ve just got another idea. Wanna hear all about it?”

Andrea couldn’t help but mutter some inaudible words before said those two words to Cara. “Go on.”

“If Miranda wants to meet Miss Anderson badly, why don’t we let Miranda know it was really her instead of you who are always there with the twins at her house?”

Andrea stopped chewing her lunch. “No way.” She replied after rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Trust me, Andy.” Cara chuckled. “This is gonna be so much fun and the twins are gonna love it!”

“Haha, you cheeky girl.” Andrea muttered before rolled her eyes again. “What about Miranda?”

“If you don’t really want her to know it was you all the time, just pretend like nothing happened.”


“Courage, Andy. It’s all about courage. Just give me and him another six chances, okay? I love you.”

Andrea heaved a big sigh in sudden distress and surprise after realized she needed to finish everything she accidentally started in the most impossible way as Miranda always said to her every now and then.

“Gosh, she’s gonna kill me after this.” Andrea muttered to herself after eventually hung up from Cara.


Several weeks later at Miranda’s townhouse which Cara decided to skip her primary job at night and let Andrea complete all of her unfinished tasks alone in each and every night she was absent instead, every simple yet impossible task for Andrea gradually turned out to be all the best moments which the brunette gradually found herself willingly helping both Cassidy and Caroline in each and every little aspect of their lives as their temporary nanny. They shared a mutual laugh at something that made them laugh together, but Andrea was the only person who made them laugh longer than usual at her simple yet effective jokes while they were playing with Patricia inside the den and the twins’ bedroom.

“Great job, Patty!” Andrea beamed as Patricia successfully fetched the ball to Caroline. “Good girl!”

It was the second night that Andrea spent most of her time after work with Cassidy and Caroline while waiting Miranda coming back from her late night dinner with designers and her Runway team until they heard a ring from the doorbell which reminded Andrea of Miranda’s arrival at nine-forty sharp.

“Oh, no!” Andrea muttered to herself before said to the twins with a sudden shock. “I’ve got to go.”

“Can’t you stay longer?” Cassidy pleaded as they all heard Miranda announcing her arrival. “Please.”

“I’m really sorry, Cassidy. But I can’t stay here. Oh my God, your mom’s coming here! I can’t let her…”

As Andrea turned away from both Cassidy and Caroline just before she ran towards the window, Patricia suddenly launched towards the brunette before took the yellow scarf away from her neck by its mouth and paws as Andrea almost landed herself at the outside of Miranda’s townhouse. “Patty!”


Andrea huffed at the St. Bernard dog for the last time before hurriedly ran away from Miranda’s sights as the editor-in-chief of Runway glanced around the living room with suspicious look on her face and found nothing suspicious except her twin children, her dog with a yellow Hermes scarf and the note.

As Miranda finally walked up to Patricia and took out a yellow scarf from its paws, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes after realized whose scarf it was. Nonetheless, the editor-in-chief turned to ask both Cassidy and Caroline with her known glance as Caroline handed her the note with ten sticky gold stars placed on the paper including Helen Anderson’s signature. “Where is Miss Anderson?” Miranda asked.

“Just left before you arrived, mom.” Caroline replied with a meek smile on her face. “It was late now.”

Miranda softly sighed to herself while looking back at the yellow scarf in her hands with yearning gaze.

“Take these photos to the art department and tell them I want another re-shoot ASAP.”

“Yes, Miranda.” Andrea replied to her boss with a soft smile on her face in the next morning.

“Oh, and Andrea?”

As Andrea noticed the scarf at Miranda’s desk, she simply went back towards her desk with the scarf and a meek smile on her pale face while Miranda couldn’t help but smirk at her sights in silence before turned to glare at Emily after realized her British assistant was looking at both her and Andrea in shock. 

The third night was even harder for Miranda to suppress her laugh and compose herself in front of her twin children and the rest of Runway crew in the next afternoon after realized how creative yet clumsy Andrea could really be while playing Twister game with her children. This time ‘Miss Anderson’ forgot her bracelet on the Twister mat as she was trying to run away from Miranda’s sights once again by asking Patricia to fetch her clutch and everything that belonged to her immediately just before Miranda opened the door and found her dearest children were chatting on the Twister mat instead.

“Don’t forget to return this to Miss Anderson.” Miranda glanced up at Andrea through her eyeglasses.

“Of course, Miranda.” Andrea meekly smiled at her boss after retrieved her bracelet and her notepad. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No.” Miranda shook her head and span herself towards the office windows with a smile on her face. “That’s all.”

Those unspoken thoughts and indescribable feelings between Miranda and Andrea which abruptly erupted during their brief conversation inside the office in each and every morning, they gradually turned out to be something between them that become more unexpected for both women eventually as Miranda suddenly felt breathless after Andrea arrived into her office with a broad smile on her face.

As Miranda gradually found herself become more yearning for everything Andrea Sachs did to her, she became more desperate and disappointed towards Miss Anderson as she realized her children’s nanny just left before her actual arrival at her house in the fourth night which Cara was still absent.

It eventually led Miranda towards the kitchen. She eventually found a ring with the new note on the kitchen counter after checked everything before heading to her office in the next morning instead.

‘Don’t burn the chicken. Don’t burn the kitchen!’ – H. Anderson XX  

Miranda couldn’t help but chuckle at the note and shake her head in a total disbelief at the same time after finished reading the note from Miss Anderson which she brought with her at Runway today. She just sent Andrea out from her office with the same ring that ‘Miss Anderson’ accidentally left last night.

Meanwhile, Andrea couldn’t help but wonder if she should stop playing this special game between Miranda and herself while composing a business email at her desk without giving an attention towards those curious yet known glances with amusement from Nigel, without noticing some suspicious glares from Emily, without hearing a unique voice and noticing a soft smirk from Miranda at the same time.

“Shit.” Andrea muttered to herself as she finally composed an email and sent it to the receiver. “Shit.”

“Now I see you’ve got a ring that I’m looking for.”

Andrea heaved a long sigh as she shifted her gaze from the screen and found Nigel was now grinning. “Good morning, Nigel.”  

“What’s the matter, darling? You look at me like your party was trashed by those raccoons last night.”

“Trust me, Nigel. It was so much worse than raccoons.” Andrea said as she finally handed him a ring.

As Nigel took a final glimpse on the ring in his hand before went back to the closet, he couldn’t help but frown at Andrea with a suspicious look. “Did you really use a dishwashing liquid last night?”

Andrea rolled her eyes as Nigel chuckled for the last time before eventually went out of her sights.

The fifth night was even harder for Andrea to concentrate on everything she should have finished for Miranda’s twin daughters and all about her boss since those encounters at night as ‘Miss Anderson’. She willingly took Patricia for a walk with the girls and came back into the house with grocery bags as Cassidy desperately wanted to cook dinner while Caroline preferred to make some dessert for every one of them. Andrea willingly helped them both by giving a cooking guideline until the meal was ready.

“And that’s how we do it!” Andrea beamed at the meal they just finished preparing on the table.

Unfortunately, as Miranda finally arrived into the house at nine o’clock sharp, Andrea was the one who suddenly disappeared into the night as if she wasn’t there, wasn’t seen or heard by anyone at all.

Those sunglasses and Miss Anderson’s note on the coffee table inside the den were the only proofs which Miranda could only shake her head and let out a snort of disappointment at herself and the note from the mysterious woman as she found herself eventually reading those words once and again.

‘I’m sorry, Miranda.’ - H. Anderson

“How many times do I have to remind you about what you should’ve done for your job, Andrea?”

The next morning inside Miranda’s office became dimmer and quieter than Andrea ever thought. Miranda didn’t mention anything about Miss Anderson’s usual disappearance in each and every night as she eventually returned the sunglasses towards her second assistant. “I’m sorry, Miranda. It’s…”

“You know how much I hate to repeat myself, Andrea. How many times do I have to tell you that…?”

As Miranda noticed how suddenly Andrea winced and tried to hide something behind her instantly, she stood up from her desk and pulled Andrea towards her in concern after her piercing blue eyes suddenly noticed a cut wound on Andrea’s right hand. “Why don’t you tell me about this?”

“It’s alright, Miranda. You don’t need to…”

The editor-in-chief quickly let her brunette assistant into her personal restroom and took a first aid kit out of the cabinet before turned to help Andrea wash her hand and clean the wound at the same time as soon as she noticed how her assistant silently winced. “Silly girl.” Miranda softly muttered to Andrea after cleaned the wound on her assistant’s hand. “Looks like your cut doesn’t need any bandages.”

As soon as her piercing blue eyes caught a glimpse of those brown eyes from her assistant who was also looking back at her in a total surprise, Miranda suddenly swallowed. She couldn’t even look into a whirlpool of emotions inside those eyes despite her hands were still holding both of Andrea’s hands.

“I’m so sorry, Miranda.” Andrea eventually said as Miranda reluctantly released her hands. “Is there…”

“No.” Miranda hoarsely replied. She couldn’t dare to look at Andrea as she dismissed her. “That’s all.”

Andrea heaved a long sigh in relief with distress at the same time. “Thank you.” She softly whispered.

Miranda didn’t say anything afterwards. She just let Andrea walk away from her sights while listening to those footsteps from her brunette assistant who still remained indifferent towards her boss despite the little game they were still playing against each other as a cat and a mouse which wasn’t just only the game between them at all. It was more than a game. More than a sudden change in their feelings.

Unfortunately, Miranda was not the only person who found herself entangled with this game alone.

She didn’t know what happened to Andrea after she said those words while remaining indifferent.

She didn’t hear those soft cries with a pensive smile on Andrea’s face as the brunette hurriedly started walking away from her office and her sights without glancing back at Emily and Nigel who were just standing there and exchanged a known glance towards each other in a total shock as they took a brief glance at both Andrea who was now wearing sunglasses to hide those tearful gazes on her face and Miranda who remained silent and indifferent towards the others inside her dragon’s lair once again.


The sixth night without Cara’s presence was strangely peaceful for everyone inside Miranda’s house.

“And they lived happily ever after…”

As Andrea softly finished reading one of the twins’ favorite bedtime stories inside the twins’ bedroom, she couldn’t help but smile to herself after looked at both Cassidy and Caroline who were now asleep in their own separate beds with a hint of smiles on their faces. Despite those endless commands from their mother who was also her boss at work, Andrea couldn’t help but recall those sweetest moments between Miranda and her twin daughters while she was out of their sights as she quietly put the book back into the shelf, switched off the lights and eventually stood up from Cassidy’s bed in a quiet pace.

“Andy?” A little voice from the girl called her in the dark. “Will you give us a goodnight kiss?”

Andrea halted her pace after heard Caroline’s sudden request. She couldn’t help but smile pensively as she eventually knelt beside Caroline’s bed and whispered to the girl. “I’d love to. But I have to go.”


Andrea let out a soft chuckle after realized what exactly Caroline would do if she didn’t fulfil her wish. The brunette simply kissed Caroline on her forehead before placed another kiss on Cassidy’s forehead without waking her and Patricia up from their sleep. “I’ve got to go now.” She whispered to Caroline.

“Will you stay here with our mom until the next morning?”

“I…” Andrea swallowed. This was too overwhelming and too real for her. “I wish I could, munchkin.”

“But you won’t be here anymore after Cara finished her so-called date with her boyfriend.”

Andrea sighed. She really hoped Caroline didn’t see her tears while they were still in the dark like this. “You and Cassidy will be fine.” Andrea finally said after snuffled a little. “You’ll be fine without me.”

“What about our mom?”

“She…” Andrea snuffled again while trying not to wake Cassidy up in all of a sudden. “She’ll be fine.”

“She won’t, you know. She always reads your note as Miss Anderson. She always knows it was you.”

Andrea was completely stunned after heard what Caroline just said to her. However, as she was about to say something, Caroline already rolled herself to the other side of her bed and drifted off to sleep.

Andrea finally stood up from Caroline’s bed and walked out of the room in the dark with silent paces.

As the brunette closed the door and retrieved all of her belongings from the table with a flower vase outside the twins’ bedroom, a blackout inside Miranda’s house suddenly left her in the total darkness.

“Shit.” Andrea muttered to herself while fumbling her hand into her purse. “This is getting worse.”

“Bobbseys? Is that you?”

“Shit!” Andrea squeaked. That book made her completely forgot everything about Miranda’s arrival.


As Andrea turned to the other side of the hallway and started heading out towards the exit in the dark, a mysterious figure of another woman turned towards her direction and reached towards her hands.

“Who’s there?”

Andrea screamed internally at her sights after realized both of her hands were now gripped tightly.

“I’ll call the police if you don’t say something. Ouch!”

“Miranda!” As Andrea accidentally tripped the other woman’s heels, the brunette suddenly froze after realized her lips just brushed against something in the dark as both of her hands reached out to steady the other woman who happened to be almost stumbled on the floor. They were still yet soft, warm and tender against her lips at the same time as they finally reciprocated towards those soft touches.

Both women initially reacted towards the sizzling act between them in the total yet sweetest surprise towards each other as Andrea hurriedly muttered her apology against the other woman’s lips before ran away towards her exit with her belongings in hurry while the other woman who was still standing on the floor in a total astonishment couldn’t help but roll her eyes and let out a soft whimper to herself as her piercing blue eyes eventually noticed how sudden the electricity inside her house was back on just before she could catch that mysterious woman named Miss Anderson just in time.

“Great.” Miranda muttered to herself while adjusting her hair before turned to open the door quietly.

As Miranda sat down beside Caroline’s bed, Cassidy turned to look at her with worry. “Are you okay?”

Miranda looked at Cassidy as she heaved a long sigh. “Mommy’s fine, Cassidy. Let’s go back to sleep.”

“You looked so pale, mom.” Cassidy whispered as Miranda adjusted her blanket. “Is anything alright?”

Miranda couldn’t help but glance around the room as she started wondering if Miss Anderson of her children would really come back here again in sooner or later at all. “It’s just a power blackout, girls.” Miranda whispered back to Cassidy as her piercing blue eyes noticed Caroline was about to wake up. Fortunately, the editor-in-chief could stop her daughter from stirring just in time she placed a kiss on Caroline’s forehead before turned to kiss on Cassidy’s forehead and whispered again. “Sweet dreams.”

Cassidy nodded back at her mom before drifted off to sleep once again as Miranda finally stood up and started walking back towards the door with quiet paces until her piercing blue eyes suddenly noticed something sparkling at her sights again. This time it was beside the note on Caroline’s pillow.

As Miranda hurriedly retrieved the note and another earring from one of her twin daughter’s pillow, she couldn’t help but softly chuckle and roll her eyes after finished reading the last note from Miss Anderson and looked up at an earring in her hand again through those streetlights outside her house.

‘Dream a little dream of me.” – H. Anderson


“I’m officially in a relationship with him now, Andy!”

Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle and roll her eyes in a total amusement as she replied to the actual nanny of Miranda’s twin daughters on the phone in the next morning. “Congratulations to you, Cara.” Andrea heaved a sigh in relief and sadness at the same time. “I’m so glad we’re finally off the hook.”

“Aww…” Cara cooed with a little laugh afterwards. “Hey, what about you and Miranda? Are you okay?”

Andrea frowned. She couldn’t help but glance into Miranda’s office while replying to her best friend until she found Miranda was turning her icy gaze towards her direction. “What about me and her?” The brunette suddenly shifted her gaze back towards the screen again. “There’s nothing between…”

“I didn’t mean to pry anything about this at all, okay? I just heard Cassidy said something about you.”

Andrea’s fingers on the keyboard suddenly froze. Her brown doe eyes kept glancing back and forth between Miranda inside her own office and Emily who couldn’t help but glare back at Andrea with an obvious sign of total confusion. “Oh, and what did Cassidy say?” She whispered to Cara on the phone.

“I heard she said to Caroline that Miranda really missed you so much. But I have no idea that you’re…”

Andrea couldn’t help but heave another sigh as her brown eyes gradually glanced down at an earring she just retrieved back from Miranda earlier with her last white lie towards her boss. “I love her, Cara.” She confessed an actual truth to Cara in a soft whisper. “It’s the only thing I wish I could lie to her.”

“Oh my God, Andy. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” Cara heaved a long sigh. “This is really unexpected.”

“Yeah.” Andrea swallowed before cut her off as Emily finally walked towards her desk. “I’ve gotta go.”

“Alright, alright. See ya later, okay? I’ll fix this thing later. Please don’t be mad at me, Andy. Please.”

“I won’t.” Andrea let out another chuckle towards Cara’s reaction on the phone for the last time before eventually hung up and found Emily was now glaring at her like she was one and only freak at Runway. “Yes?”

“I can’t believe you can be more annoying than I ever thought.”

Andrea rolled her eyes towards Emily’s new remark. “Well, at least you can be less overbearing, Em.”

“Miranda wants Paul’s photos from the art department ASAP. Go fetch them. I need to man my desk.”

“Okay, okay.” Andrea sighed as she finally stood up from her desk. “You don’t need to be harsh, Emily.”

Emily smirked. “It’s my duty and my right to be harsh when you’re still a second assistant, Andrea.”    

Andrea turned to pick up an earring from her desk before went away from Emily’s sights immediately without realizing Miranda was still watching her in concern after witnessed everything at her sights.


“Penny for your thoughts, Six. Where have you been lately? Daydreaming again?”

Andrea pensively smiled towards Nigel’s sudden words as he finally sat down beside her. “I’m okay.”

“You’ve been very quiet since we met this morning, Six. Anything you want or care to tell me?”

“I don’t know where to begin, Nigel. It’s such a long story to tell and a very short story to conclude.”

“Oh, well. Do entertain me then.” Nigel turned to look at Andrea with a sincere expression on his face. “Why did you just change your mind every time you found those things you lost from those last nights and still be indifferent to all of those things you’ve already found in your place in the next mornings?”

“Nigel, I…”

“Whatever you do, it won’t work in any other way, Andy.” Nigel heaved a sigh. “It’s now or never.”

“I don’t know what I should say to her, Nigel. I’m totally out of her league. I’m just her lowly assistant. I swear I didn’t want it to be too far for me and her, really. But I don’t know why my feelings change. I started doing something I never dared to do as the twins’ part-time nanny and it turned out to be…”

“Something more special between you and Miranda.” Nigel drawled after checked at the last photo. “Do you know why I still think your friend’s idea is really great for you despite it’s totally effing cliché?”

Andrea couldn’t help but frown at Nigel in a total confusion as she snuffled again. “Why?” 

Nigel gently motioned Andrea to look at the photo in his hand. “What do you think of this model?”

Andrea turned to look at the photo in Nigel’s hand before replied to him. “I think she’s beautiful.”

“Yes, she’s beautiful.” Nigel nodded to her answer. “And what makes you think she’s beautiful?”

Andrea swallowed while trying to think clearly as she studied more details inside the same photo.

“What’s on the mind of a photographer during taking this shoot?”

“I don’t know, Nigel.” Andrea shrugged after realized she completely failed to answer Nigel’s question. “Trying to make it perfect, I think.”

Nigel rolled his eyes. “Level with me, Andrea.” He couldn’t help but mock his friend by saying her name like the way Miranda always called her. “You can be better than that.”

“Alright, Nigel. Alright.” Andrea couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Nigel’s remark as she started studying more details inside the same photo again until her brown doe eyes slowly widened in a total surprise as she finally realized something inside that photo. “Keep it simple?”

“Almost, Andy. Just one step closer to the goal.”

“God.” Andrea playfully blew the photo in his hand before finally wiped her tears away from her face. “Then what it is, Nigel? What makes this beautiful model look so damn perfect in this simple photo?”

“It’s attention.” Nigel finally replied with a hint of smirk on his face. “Don’t you see? Just attention.”

Andrea couldn’t help but turn to look back at Nigel in astonishment. “Wait. Is that it? Just attention?”

“Let’s say you were a photographer and Miranda was the model in your photo. What did you see?”

Andrea was stunned after realized how simple yet effective Nigel tricked her into another confession. “Oh my God, Nigel. I swear I won’t say a word about this ever again…”

“It’s up to you now, Six. Everything depends on what you really see in the photo you took of Miranda.”

Andrea heaved a long sigh as she looked at Nigel tearfully. “I don’t want to break her heart, Nigel.”

“As the wise man said, Andy. We always hurt the one we love. You did break her heart once in Paris because she broke your heart first and she also broke mine. Well, as a friend. Not as a lover, of course.” Nigel sighed. “It’s just another disappointment we find in each other because we’re not perfect, Andy. Miranda’s just human. She can be desperate, lonely and vulnerable as much as you are. She needs your attention as much as you need her to reciprocate all of your feelings through these photos.”

Andrea bit her trembling lips after realized she started crying in front of Nigel again. “But I lied to her, Nigel. I’m such a lousy idiot on making up a lie. She might even hate me more than I hate myself.”       

Nigel couldn’t help but chuckle at Andrea’s confession with some amusing guilt as he turned to say. “She might love you more after heard all of this.” He picked up a pen to draw something in the air. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my darling. I need to finish this work of mine before one o’clock sharp.”

Andrea couldn’t help but express her gratitude towards Nigel’s latest advice by hugging him tightly just before she whispered those common words and finally went out from his room with those photos after Nigel winked back at her with a sincere look and known mischievous grin on his face.


As Andrea finally headed back towards Miranda’s outer office with those photos their boss requested earlier in her hands, she suddenly swallowed and halted her pace at the same time as soon as her brown doe eyes caught Emily’s furious glare at her own desk. The redhead assistant just sprang herself out of Andrea’s chair with something in her right hand after noticed a glimpse of something on the brunette’s desk. “You.” Emily growled after retrieved those photos from Andrea. “We need to talk.”

Andrea couldn’t help but heave another sigh in distress. “Oh my God.” She muttered in a total defeat.

Emily hurriedly tugged Andrea’s arm and dragged her towards the kitchenette which was not too far from Miranda’s office. “You lousy liar!” She hissed back at her brunette colleague in fury after they were completely safe from Miranda’s sights. “This is not even the Bachelorette show, for Pete’s sake!”

“I can explain, Emily. I swear I didn’t mean to…”

“To do what?! Completing this stupid game between you and Miranda?!” Emily’s green eyes widened in a total fury as she lifted the piece of paper which included a signature of Helen Anderson and some unused golden stickers. “I can’t believe it! Oh my God! Bloody hell! You’re such a troublemaker!”

Andrea swallowed as Emily rubbed her own temples. “Wait a minute.” Andrea said after Emily glanced up at her with an expression of disappointment. “Why are you mad at me? You didn’t even know…”

“I’m not that entirely stupid, Andrea.” Emily huffed while adjusting her hair. “I’m just disappointed. You set your bar too high for Miranda’s assistance standard and it’s now my job to find the new girl after your tenure is soon to be ended at any moment now after this. Do you understand what I mean?” 

Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle and shake her head at the same time as Emily shook her head back.

“I still can’t believe that you’re playing the bachelorette as the twins’ nanny. Whose idea is it anyway?”

“It’s Cara.” Andrea whispered back to Emily before heaved another sigh in relief as she finally asked. “You’re not going to tell Miranda it was me, right?”

Emily rolled her eyes and huffed. “Andrea, you’re just getting me into another bloody trouble again.”

“No, no, no!” Andrea instantly grabbed her colleague’s arm after realized Emily was heading back to man her own desk again. “Please, Emily. I don’t want Miranda to become more disappointed in Cara.”

“Oh, really?” Emily rolled her eyes again as she shot back. “Don’t you think she’ll be more disappointed in you since you were the one and only who kept playing this kind of game from the very beginning?”


“Get your ass back to your desk now, Andrea. We still have lots of things to finish before two. Go!”

Andrea couldn’t help but mumble as Emily motioned her to sit back at her own desk through her glare.


Five hours later at Runway turned out to be something strange yet dreamy at the same time as Andrea become more unexpected towards Miranda’s sudden action after both of Miranda’s assistants were all summoned by their boss who immediately requested their presences inside her office together. “Donatella and I will have a private dinner together at her place tonight.” Miranda announced while looking at her laptop screen. “I expected the Book and my cleaning to be delivered at my house before eight o’clock which means I no longer expect any unimportant calls or texts during my work at here.”

Emily couldn’t help but frown at Miranda’s sudden task towards them. “But Donatella just called…”

“Details of your blundering work do not interest me.” Miranda replied to Emily with a sharp glance. “It’s Andrea’s job to deliver the Book tonight. If you don’t have anything to do here this evening, Emily, I assume you’re absolutely doing nothing here more than babbling on what you could’ve done better.”   

Emily’s green eyes suddenly widened in a total surprise while Andrea just simply nodded to Miranda.

As Emily eventually left with Nigel and Serena after work as Miranda said to her assistants earlier, Andrea was now become the only assistant who manned the desk outside the editor-in-chief’s office.  Her brown doe eyes kept looking back and forth between her own desk and Miranda’s while her boss was still checking those articles and reviewing all the photos on her desk inside the office alone.

Andrea couldn’t help but wonder if she should say something about everything she was still hiding towards her boss as her curious gaze suddenly met Miranda’s unreadable glance in all of a sudden. The brunette could only gape at her sights as Miranda eventually shook her head and resumed working at her desk without ever noticing at all that her boss was just hiding her smirk behind those lips of her which she once accidentally yet consensually kissed on her assistant’s lips as well.

Andrea suddenly blushed after recalled that moment in her thought again. She lightly coughed as soon as Miranda called her name and eventually announced that she was leaving to meet Donatella Versace when the Book was also arrived at the brunette’s desk at the same time. Andrea quickly rose up from the chair and turned to pick up the Book as Miranda finally walked out of her office and motioned her to retrieve the coat and the bag. “Yes, Miranda.” Andrea softly complied with a smile on her face.

As Andrea eventually got the coat for Miranda, she couldn’t help but look back at Miranda in surprise after realized her boss just motioned her to put that coat on her. The brunette couldn’t help but wonder if this was just a dream while helping Miranda putting on the coat and adjusting some details in a serene manner until everything was set for the editor-in-chief of Runway to strike the pose again.

“Has Helen Anderson called yet?” Miranda suddenly turned to ask Andrea after realized she was about to pick up the Book and handed it to her instead of delivering at her house as she ordered her earlier.

Andrea turned to look at Miranda in a brief shock. She didn’t even know what to say afterwards at all. “I…” The brunette couldn’t help but heave a sigh as she finally replied to Miranda with a slight frown on her face. “You said you didn’t want to expect any calls or texts while you were still working here.”

Miranda glanced to meet Andrea’s gaze with a sudden yet unreadable glance inside those blue eyes. “It’s totally surprise for me to find someone like you… can be totally obtuse sometimes, Andrea.”

Andrea couldn’t help but grin at Miranda’s remark. “Well, I just comply whatever you ask me to do.”

Miranda could only nod with a hint of smile on her face after heard what Andrea replied back to her. “Do me a favor, Andrea. What if I asked you to say something to me before I met my friend tonight? What are you going to say? Just before I left?”

Andrea glanced up at Miranda who was now looking back at her with more indescribable feelings. “I…” Andrea suddenly glanced down at the floor in embarrassment. “I guess I should say goodbyes.”

Miranda couldn’t help but roll her eyes as Andrea quickly retrieved her belongings and the Book before followed her boss towards the elevator together in a brief silence. “I wonder if Cara is still alright since the doctor expected her to be there after five-thirty.” Miranda finally broke their silence after motioned Andrea to step into the elevator with her together just before she pressed the close button.

Andrea’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise at Miranda’s words as the elevator doors gradually closed.   


Andrea couldn’t help but wonder if Cara was totally alright after repeatedly pressed a call button for the umpteenth time. She had been trying to call her childhood friend as soon as she finally separated from Miranda at the front of Elias-Clark building just a couple of minutes ago. Moreover, she didn’t understand why Roy drove her to the townhouse instead of driving for Miranda’s task tonight. “Gosh.”

“What’s the matter, Andy?” Roy asked her through the rearview mirror. “Is anything alright?”

“I can’t reach my friend, Roy.” Andrea huffed as she put the phone down. “Cara’s the twins’ nanny.”

Roy couldn’t help but swallow after clearly heard what Andrea just simplified about her friend. “Oh.”

“Who drove Miranda to Donatella’s tonight? I have no idea about him at all. He didn’t even text me.”

“It’s Adam.” Roy replied to her with a smile on his face while turning to the other side of the road.

“Adam?” Andrea slightly frowned at the unfamiliar name as she eventually took the safety belt off.

“He’s my mutual friend. Not totally a close friend.” Roy explained in hurry as he finally parked the car in front of Miranda’s townhouse. “I’ll let you meet him as soon as we all finally get off the hook.”

“Get off the hook?” Andrea repeated Roy’s words as she turned to open the car door and was about to leave when Roy quickly took his safety belt off and hurriedly opened the car door from his side. “What are you talking about, Roy? I really don’t get it. Get off the hook from what?”

“You’ll soon get it when you’re in there, Andy.” He replied as he rushed to open the car door for her.

“Oh, no! You don’t need to do that for me, Roy. It’s… Thank you.” Andrea couldn’t help but meekly smile back at him as she retrieved the Book and dry cleaning from the seat before closed the car door. “You’re very kind to me.”

Roy simply nodded to Andrea as she waved her goodbye back towards him. He could only watch the brunette who hurriedly walked towards the front door of Miranda’s house with the Book and dry cleaning in her hands until the driver of another car gradually parked the car just a couple blocks away from where Roy was standing. “Here we go.” Roy muttered to himself after winced at his sights.

As the front door of Miranda’s townhouse eventually closed after Andrea let herself in with the Book, Roy couldn’t help but mutter his apology towards his sights as he turned to meet those icy glares from Miranda who was pursing her lips while standing in front of the other car which Cara was the driver.


“Cassidy? Caroline?” Andrea called Miranda’s children after hung the dry cleaning inside the closet. She glanced around the house in concern before hurriedly walked across the hallway as she finally put the Book on the table with the flower vase as usual. “Cassidy? Caroline? Are you there?”

“We’re here!”

“Thank God!” Andrea sighed in an eventual relief as her brown doe eyes finally found both of the girls were sitting on the couch inside the den. “Are you girls alright? I heard Cara was going to see a doctor.”

“Well… we…” Cassidy couldn’t help but swallow at her sights as she noticed something behind Andrea.

“We’re totally fine, Andy.” Caroline quickly replied to Andrea as soon as she noticed a known wink and hand gesture from someone behind their mother’s brunette assistant. “There’s nothing to be worried about us at all. We’re fine, Andy. We’re totally fine.”

Andrea nodded. “Your mom’s having a dinner with her friend tonight. I’m sorry that I’m late…”

“No, no, no! It’s not your fault, Andy! You don’t need to apologize.” Cassidy suddenly squeaked with widened eyes and a gape on her lips as Caroline suddenly swallowed while kept watching the person behind Andrea approaching at her back. “It’s totally fine, really. We appreciate in everything you did.”

“Aww…” Andrea couldn’t help but smile as she finally hugged both of them in gratitude. “Thank you.”

As Andrea released her embrace from Miranda’s twin daughters and turned to look at the other side as she heard Cassidy’s gasp, her brown doe eyes suddenly widened in a total surprise after noticed how fast Patricia just sprinted into the den and approached towards someone behind her with a little too much energetic attitude. Fortunately, the brunette eventually found how to save the day between her and the Priestly’s affair as she instantly reached towards the woman behind her and pulled her into a tight embrace as Patricia was about to jump into both of them. “Whoa! That was really close!”

A brief pause erupted between two women as Andrea finally shifted her gaze from Patricia who was still panting and looking at them like a goofball to the woman in her arms who couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she suddenly blushed while exchanging their glances towards each other. “Really close.”

Andrea’s brown doe eyes widened as she realized who she was holding tightly right now. “Miranda?!”

Miranda couldn’t help but lift one of her eyebrows as an official sign for Andrea to release her despite her initial yet indescribable feelings which erupted into a total disappointment after Andrea complied. “In case you’re wondering about what happened to your friend.” Miranda drawled as she turned her gaze towards the doorframe behind her and motioned Andrea to follow her direction. “There she is.”

As soon as Miranda said, Cara finally appeared in the room with Roy who could only give a meek smile towards both of Miranda and Andrea as the brunette’s eyes now widened in a total astonishment.


After a long yet serious discussion between Miranda and all of her employees who could only sit still while listening to all the words their boss said inside the den, Miranda finally announced to everyone that both Roy and Cara wouldn’t be fired from their relationship outside their work. Nevertheless, the editor-in-chief still punished them for everything they did by cutting some of their pay for next month.

“But Miranda…” Andrea suddenly interrupted as soon as both Roy and Cara agreed. “That’s not fair.”

“Unless you want to be cut your pay as well, Andrea, nothing we need to discuss further. That’s all.”

As Roy and Cara finally walked away from Miranda’s sights, Andrea suddenly stood up from the couch and followed her boss upstairs to her study without looking back at Miranda who couldn’t help but roll her eyes and huff at her brunette assistant after both of them finally arrived into the same room. “I know I should’ve blamed Cara since it’s her plan from the very beginning and I should’ve backed off, but the way you treated someone who’s really loyal to you like her and Roy is really unacceptable.”

“The way you fooled me as someone else under any other name is highly more unacceptable, Andrea.”

“I was trying to help Cara and you, Miranda!” Andrea huffed. “I didn’t even know she’s dating Roy!”

“Oh, really?” Miranda instantly glared at Andrea in a temper. “I never thought you could be a phony…”

“I’m not a phony.” Andrea lowered her voice before suddenly grabbed Miranda’s wrist. “I’m just…”

Miranda looked at Andrea in a total surprise. “By all means, Andrea. Whatever you say this time...”

“Please, Miranda. I know I’m always babbling something totally nonsense and unbelievable to you, but I just… I just didn’t know what I should really do about what just happened between us after all.” Andrea eventually sighed in a complete defeat towards her upcoming hopelessness as Miranda’s gaze gradually softened at her words. “I was worried… and I still am. I’m always worried about us since whatever happened between us in Paris. Trust me, Miranda. There were many times I’d tried to stay away from you and everything about you, but I couldn’t. No matter how many times I tried to walk away and pretend like nothing happened just like Cara said, it always brings me back here. You know, just standing inside your house in every night, having very precious moments with the twins and Patricia while glancing around and waiting for you to come home.”

Miranda couldn’t help but smile as Andrea finally said it all through those beautiful brown eyes.   

“I… I just don’t want to break your heart again. I already did once to you at Paris. And now I just did…”

“You just did, Andrea.” Miranda heaved a soft sigh as she looked at Andrea again. “You already did.”

“I know.” Andrea heaved another sigh as she finally released her grip from Miranda’s wrist. “That’s why I’m really sorry for everything just happened to us, Miranda.” She whispered while turning back to look at Miranda who hesitantly tried to look away from her. “I’m sorry for whatever I and Cara pranked to you as someone else with a name of my friend’s mother for the entire six nights during my friend’s date with our mutual friend.” Andrea swallowed before continued. “But I’m not sorry… and won’t be sorry for whatever I’ve said and done to you without letting you know from those nights.”

Miranda couldn’t help but roll her eyes in a total amusement as she turned to smile at Andrea again. “Really, Andrea? After all the pranks you did while you were Miss Anderson and left me wondering about you, still feeling so smug and over the moon after retrieved all of your impossible achievement.”

“I know.” Andrea couldn’t help but chuckle at Miranda’s remark. “That’s why I can do anything, right?”

Miranda snorted. “That’s what my assistant should have done when she has failed at her job, Andrea.”

“Oh, really?” Andrea said as she lifted one of her eyebrows before slowly stepped closer to Miranda. “To be with you wherever you are, to love you in the way you really are and to be loved back by you. There’s nothing in this world can be more impossible for me anymore, Miranda. Because I’ve just achieved the most impossible task tonight which comes with the most beautiful thing in my world.”  

As Miranda started to walk away after realized she was blushing at Andrea’s obtuse love confession, the editor-in-chief was suddenly pulled back by those strong arms of her brunette assistant just before she could say anything when her lips were eventually kissed by those lips with a soft yet firm touch while her entire body was gently held and embraced by those arms of Andrea in a very serene manner.

Ten seconds after Miranda finally reciprocated Andrea’s kiss with more enthusiastic response through their tight embrace and sweet little moans as Andrea parted their first official yet promising kiss, Miranda eventually whispered back to Andrea with a known smirk on her face. “No more lies, please?”

Andrea lightly chuckled as she finally nodded towards Miranda as her final answer for their argument and eventual answer for the rest of their lives. “Of course, Miranda. That can be complied to you and the twins unless you really want to meet Helen Anderson in every night you’re not at the house again.”

Miranda rolled her eyes towards Andrea’s remark which was now become the joke between them. She couldn’t help but smile broadly while listening to those sweet words from Andrea’s lips as the brunette softly whispered into her ear before the editor-in-chief turned to kiss Andrea on the lips again as Cassidy and Caroline finally crept towards the doorframe with a known smirk on their faces.

“Finally.” Caroline eventually said to Cassidy with a wink as both Roy and Cara silently motioned them to retreat from the study room with those meek and apologetic smiles on their faces. “You look pale.”

“We’re fine, Caro. We’re totally fine.” Cara meekly replied to the girl. “We’re gonna be okay for sure.”

“Of course, sunshine. We’re all gonna be okay.” Roy turned to pat Cara’s shoulders with a broad smile on his face before replied to both Cassidy and Caroline. “Your mother has a very big heart, you know.”

“Yeah, no one really knows about that much.” Cassidy said. “But you and Cara almost let her down.”

“Well, it’s just only this time, kiddo.” Cara chuckled as she quietly gave them high-fives. “I’m still here!”

The twins couldn’t help but roll her eyes and snort out a sudden giggle towards the two new lovebirds at their sights as Roy turned to peck Cara on those lips just before Patricia softly barked towards them. 


The End