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Unblinking darkness

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Gahyeon always thought that the end of the world would be loud. That in her final moments, the sound of people screaming and buildings being destroyed around her would be the last thing that passes through her ears. She was sure that it would drown out any possible last words she or her loved ones could say, but there was nothing to be heard except for her short uneven breaths.

Alone on the last patch of the world left in a sea of darkness, Gahyeon clung to the sun that was giving her the last kisses of warmth she would ever feel. A shaky smile forced its way to her lips when she had to draw her knees even closer to her chest to avoid the darkness.

“Just close your eyes and take a deep breath,” Gahyeon could hear Handong tell her as if she were just going through another panic attack. “And when you’re ready to open your eyes again, everything will be right where you left it.”

Gahyeon could not bring herself to close her eyes but she forced air into her lungs while trying to keep her frame as small as possible.

The darkness only kept closer.

It would not wait for her to calm down as it did not wait for anyone. The last person in the world and it was surely greedy to take her as well and let Earth be forgotten. To make the once vibrant planet yet another black dot in the vastly dark universe.

When the darkness touched her feet and creeped up her back Gahyeon relaxed into it unnaturally. It was cold like nothing she had ever felt. The dark numbed her almost to the point where she fell back into it.

Gahyeon wondered if this was the end of it all. If this was really how she was going to go.

“Handong,” Gahyeon croaked out, knowing that she was somewhere in the darkness. “I’ll see you soon.”

Gahyeon shut her eyes to the spreading cold and took her last deep breath.

When Gahyeon opened her eyes for the last time, all she could see was a darkness no different from the one behind her eyelids.

It consumed her whole.