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on the hunt

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Alexis stared out into the room. If she wanted to get the cheese she'd have to be careful. It took coordinated movements, skill, and charm. The party on the other side of the wall meant that at any moment someone could come in and catch. Not likely , she thought. This wouldn't be the first time she stole something during a party. But then again, Klair had taken her Isabel Marant dress from her first so was it really stealing?

She walked through the room, careful of any wires or lasers that she could trip, her feet slightly wobbly in her heels. Halfway through the room, she was surprised nothing had happened yet. A quick glance toward the corners of the room showed that there was no surveillance. By the time Alexis got to the refrigerator door she was slightly tense and waiting for something to happen. She slowly and quietly opened the door. There in front of her was the goat cheese she'd been craving. She only needed to reach her hand out and it would be hers. The fridge light illuminated the room and she quickly slapped her hand over the switch. She didn't want the light to give her position away. 


Alexis turned, the fridge door slamming shut. In the doorway stood Heather, a smile on her face. She wore a breezy, cream-colored, strappy summer dress with embroidered flowers on the hem. Alexis loved the way the dress showed off Heather's shoulders and her strong biceps. She walked over to Heather. 

"Hey, babe," she said and booped her nose. 

Heather pressed a kiss to Alexis's cheek. "So, what are you doing?"

Alexis turned to the refrigerator and back to Heather. "I wanted some cheese."

"You're a bit drunk. Let me help."

"Mmm, alright."

Heather opened the fridge and pulled out the goat cheese. She sat it on the counter and pulled a plate and crackers from the cupboard. Alexis watched as Heather sliced the cheese and arranged it on the plate. A handful of crackers followed and Alexis's mouth watered at the thought of finally getting to eat it. 

Heather grabbed a cracker, placed goat cheese on top, and held it out to Alexis. "Here you go."

Alexis leaned forward and took a bite. The cheese was creamy and the cracker gave a satisfying snap. She let out a hum of pleasure. When she finished she opened her eyes and looked at Heather who was beaming. "I'm assuming you liked it?"

"Yes. I think this might be your best batch."

"I'm glad you liked it," Heather replied as she prepared another cracker. She continued to feed Alexis and with the last cracker, Alexis let her tongue linger on Heather's thumb. A look of heat was in her eyes and Heather's thumb slid out of Alexis's mouth as she leaned forward to kiss her. 

Alexis melted into the kiss and Heather wrapped her arms around Alexis's waist. A loud thump broke them apart. 

"We should probably get back to the party," Heather said. 

Alexis slipped her hand into Heather's. "Love you."

"Love you too."