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blue is the warmest color

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"I am not wearing a dress for our wedding, Mikey-kun." 

Predictably, that earned Takemichi a pout from his gang leader, enemy of the state, twenty-five years old boyfriend. But he had learned to steel himself against it over the years, and therefore did not budge.

"Why not? You’d look pretty in one." 

"I-" He was not going to fall for that one. He held off his blush through sheer force of will. "T-Then. Why don’t you wear one yourself." 

"Takemitchy~" Mikey was draped over him the next instant, looking like a delighted cat. "Are you calling me pretty?"

"I-It’s not like you don’t know you’re pretty." There was no fighting back the blush now. Thank god they were having this conversation in the privacy of their bedroom at home, and not, say - at a Toman admins’ meeting. Yes, it had happened before. "Besides, d-don’t flirt with me while we’re arguing!"

"Huh? We’re not arguing. I’m merely making a suggestion to my fiance."

"Well, suggestion denied."

New pout.

"About about we both wear dresses then?"

"Now you’re just being unreasonable." 

Pouting intensified. Somehow. 

Damn it, the pout got the better of him every time. Takemichi sighed fondly and squished Mikey’s face between his hands - a gesture born of years of familiarity and comfort that his fifteen years old self would never have dreamed of ever do to Toman’s leader. 

"We don’t need dresses to make the day special." Takemichi pressed a gentle kiss to his boyfriend’s temple. "It’s gonna be magic no matter what." 

Somewhat mollified, Mikey curled around Takemichi from behind him, his head resting in the crook of his neck. 

"Fine. But you’re refreshing my hair dye the night before. I want the color to be the brightest for our wedding day."

"What?" Takemichi whined. "But then I’ll have blue hands for our wedding! Your hair dye is the worst!" 

Mikey did not reply and simply nuzzled Takemichi’s neck, a clear message that he couldn’t have cared less. Takemichi knew there were some battle he would just not win, and that was one of them. Mikey was adamant about his hair. 

"Fine." he conceded in turn, sighing again, resolving himself to put three pairs of plastic gloves on top of each other and hope that the cursed hair dye wouldn’t make it to his skin. "Why do you use this specific brand anyway? The quality is not great and plenty of brands make blue hair dye now."

"It’s the only one that has the right shade."

"Is that so?" From Takemichi’s point of view, the shade in question was nothing rare or special - just a vibrant ocean blue. Of course, after four years of Mikey wearing it, it had now become a very special color to him; but he still failed to identify why his boyfriend was so obsessed with this specific shade. He figured now was as good a time as ever to ask him. "Why this specific shade anyway?"

His question was met with silence. After several long seconds, Mikey lifted his head from Takemichi’s neck.

"…you’re joking, right?"

"Huh?" Takemichi turned his head around to look at his boyfriend, surprised by the reply. "What do you mean?"



"You seriously don’t know why I’ve been wearing blue hair for four years?"

There was a specific reason? Takemichi was embarrassed to admit he had no idea. Frankly, knowing Mikey, he had always thought the other boy had just woke up one morning wanting blue hair and that had been it. 

"It’s, uh, your favorite color?"

Mikey blinked at him. 

"All this time I thought you were just pretending to be stupid." 

"Hey! Don’t be mean! Y-You just arrived one day with blue hair and you didn’t say anything. How can I guess!"

"You really are a dumbass."

Takemichi huffed, his face now aflame. Mikey was not being fair. He was not a psychic! He tried hard to think about any past mention of the color blue that might have arose in a conversation, but nothing came up. And he was pretty sure Mikey would bonk him if he tried his only guess (that he liked the ocean?). 

"S-So you’re not gonna tell me?" he asked, still red in the face, when the silence stretched; Mikey still staring at him unimpressed. 


"F-Fine. Then I’ll ask Draken-kun."

"Kenchin won’t tell you shit. He’ll laugh at you and will tell Inupi. Then Koko will join them and laugh at you too."

Takemichi whined and turned around fully to face Mikey who had pulled away a little, sitting behind him on the bed with his legs and arms crossed. Takemichi encircled his neck with his arms and made both of them topple over on the bed, lying face to face. Mikey was visibly trying to give him the cold shoulder but luckily, he was terrible at it - especially when Takemichi was peppering his face and neck with little kisses while carding his fingers through his hair at the back of his neck. Mikey liked to be petted too much. 

"Mikey-kun~" Takemichi murmured as he planted a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s jaw. 

Mikey didn’t reply, but turned his face a little bit to give him better access. 

"Manjiro~" he tried again and held off a smile when he saw the tip of Mikey’s ears redden a little. 

Just when he thought he finally had him, Mikey turned his face as Takemichi was going for a cheekbone kiss, and caught his lips instead. The blue-haired boy got on top of Takemichi, taking control of the kiss. When they finally pulled apart, Takemichi was flushed -for a whole new reason- and his eyes a little glazed. Mikey’s deep black eyes bore into his blue ones for a few moments as he traced his features with a finger. 

"I’m not telling you." he said finally.

His voice was soft, barely more than a murmur, but this time Takemichi could hear a hint of mischief in it - reminding him of a similar conversation in the very same apartment a few years ago.

"You’ll have to figure it out yourself."