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(What Happens After) The Morning After

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Rosé wakes up first the next morning, and when she looks over to see Denali, lying naked next to her, looking just as sexy as she did every night Rosé had watched her on the dance floor, she almost wants to pinch herself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream. She still isn’t one hundred percent sure how it all happened, but she’s so happy it did. It was definitely one of the best nights she’d ever had. And one of the best orgasms.

As Rosé gets up, tiptoeing as quietly as she can to look for her clothes that are strewn all across the floor, trying not to disturb her, Denali starts stirring.

“What are you doing?” she asks, rubbing her eyes and grinning sleepily up at Rosé. Her voice is deep and husky from sleep and the sound of it goes straight through Rosé, lighting her up from the inside out. “You should come back to bed. I’m not done with you yet.”

She doesn’t have to tell Rosé twice. There’s no way she’s going to turn down a repeat performance of the night before. The tank top that she’s just picked up slips through her fingers, fluttering back to the floor, and she slides back into bed. Just thinking about what’s about to happen sends a shiver through her spine and a tingle between her legs.

Rosé leans down to kiss Denali, ready to feel her plush lips against her own again. It’s somehow even better than she remembered. She swallows every moan that Denali breathes out, deepening the kiss while running her hands along Denali’s body.

They make out lazily, taking their time to explore each other’s mouths, and Rosé really has time to focus on how great a kisser Denali is. She finds herself hoping that she’ll get plenty of chances in the future to experience it again and again.

But right now Rosé’s thoughts are turning to something else, the tingle between her legs turning into a pressing issue that needs to be immediately addressed. She throws one leg over Denali, climbing on top of her and lining up their hips. She grinds down against her and they both groan at the friction as their bodies meet.

Rosé ruts against Denali, rolling her hips slowly, such a drastic change from the frenzy of the night before. Denali wraps her legs around Rosé, changing the angle and giving her more room to work with. The moan she hears when she grinds down again tells Rosé that it feels better for Denali, too.

Denali runs her hands along Rose’s back and ass, trying to pull her impossibly closer as they continue to move against each other. Rosé leans down and attaches her lips to Denali’s again, slipping her tongue into her mouth immediately.

After a while, it’s like a flip switches, and the slow and lazy mood takes a turn. Rosé’s movements speed up and Denali’s grip on her ass gets tighter.

“Come on,” Denali urges her on as Rosé mouths at her neck. “Feels so good. I’m so close, baby.”

It takes a few more thrusts before Denali is coming under Rosé, gasping and moaning into Rosé’s ear. Rosé keeps moving, doesn’t think she could stop if she tried, and soon she’s falling over the edge too, her hips stuttering until she stops completely.

Once they’ve both finished, Rosé steals one more long kiss from Denali before rolling over off of her and settling next to her on the bed. Their sides are still pressed against each other as they work to catch their breath, chests rising and falling with each deep breath they take.

They each seem content to just lie there for a few moments, enjoying a comfortable silence together as they come down from their highs. That is, until they’re interrupted by Rosé’s traitorous stomach growling.

She throws an arm over her face, embarrassed, as Denali giggles at her.

“Do you want some breakfast? I make a mean omelet,” Denali says, leaning over and peeling Rosé’s arm off her face. Rosé smiles up at her and nods, and then gets up after Denali to follow her to the kitchen.

Rosé sits on a stool and watches her as she flits around, still completely naked, taking out a pan, some bowls, and a whisk. She grabs some veggies and the eggs from the fridge before piling everything up on the counter.

“Wanna help?” Denali asks, turning to look at Rosé over her shoulder.


Denali delegates a few tasks to Rosé as she takes over the rest. Rosé cracks the eggs into one of the bowls, grabbing the whisk to scramble them. She doesn’t realize she’s started singing under her breath until Denali approaches her with a huge grin on her face.

“Holy shit! You can sing!”


“You were just singing. Your voice is beautiful. Sing something else for me? Please?”

“It’s been so long since I’ve sang for anyone but myself,” Rosé admits, worried that she’ll sound bad.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But I’d love to hear it.”

Something about Denali and the way that she’s so chill about it makes Rosé feel comfortable. So she starts singing her favorite song, Landslide.

Denali stares at her the whole time, her smile getting progressively bigger and her dimples getting deeper the longer Rosé sings.

“Wow,” Denali breathes out once Rosé finishes. “That was amazing. Like, I don’t have words to describe how good you are.”

Rosé blushes and smiles shyly at her, happily accepting the kiss that Denali lays on her lips after she’s done showering her in compliments.

“Thank you, baby. Now let’s get back to breakfast,” Rosé says, kissing Denali quickly one more time before turning back to the eggs.

They finish making the omelets and sit at the table to eat, each of them digging in.

“This is delicious,” Rosé says after she’s eaten half of it. “So you’re a great dancer, you’re excellent in bed, and you can cook. What other hidden talents do you have?” she asks.

“Well, I used to be a professional figure skater.”

“No shit?” That’s probably one of the last things Rosé thought she would hear as an answer to that question.

Denali nods, and Rosé notices the slight sadness behind her eyes. She doesn’t want to push it, but Denali keeps talking anyway.

“Yep. Won a couple gold medals and everything. Until I broke my ankle when I was 18. It didn’t heal the right way and that was that.” She shrugs, acting like it’s no big deal, but Rosé doesn’t buy it.

“I’m sorry.”

“Anyway,” Denali waves it off. “Now I do some choreo for other skaters. It’s not quite the same, but at least I’m still on the ice. But what about you? How did you learn to sing like that?”

“My mom tells me I started singing before I started talking,” she answers, earning a laugh from Denali. “I just loved it. So I took lessons when I was a kid, and I write some of my own music when I have the time.”

“So what are you doing at the bar then?”

“Bartending was supposed to just be a temporary gig, a way to make money while I went on auditions or worked on my music. But it’s been a really long time since I’ve done that. I don’t know. I guess I’ve just gotten too comfortable where I’m at.”

“Well, I’m gonna make sure you start working on your music again,” Denali says matter-of-factly.

“I’m gonna hold you to that,” Rosé says, grinning at her, and hoping that means that she’ll be seeing a lot more of Denali.

Once they finish their breakfast, and Denali puts the plates in the dishwasher, she grabs Rosé’s hand to pull her up from the table.

“Come on,” Denali says, her gaze turning seductive, the air in the kitchen growing more heated. “I want to sit on your face.”

“I--yep. Let’s… let’s, uh, let’s do that,” Rosé stutters out, inwardly cursing herself for going back to being a bumbling mess in front of Denali. But the shock of how confident and forward she is gets to her again. But Rosé doesn’t hate it. Not at all. And her mouth starts watering just thinking about it.

Once they reach the bedroom, Denali pushes Rosé down and doesn’t waste any time climbing on top of her. Rosé licks her lips when Denali gets into place, hovering just a few inches above her face.

“Are you ready for me, baby?”

“Uh huh,” Rosé answers dumbly, nodding her head and reaching up to grip Denali’s hips, pulling her down until she’s overwhelming her senses. She gets her tongue on her, licking her slow to start with. Her licks get quicker when Denali’s hips start moving and her moans get louder, filling the bedroom. Rosé can’t stop thinking about the thick thighs bracketing her face, thinking about how Denali could absolutely crush her with them, and it turns her on even more.

Denali starts moving faster, grinding down on Rosé’s tongue, and she just lets Denali use her, grabbing onto her ass as she rides her face. The taste of Denali’s pussy on her tongue is tantalizing. Rosé is pretty sure that she would do anything that Denali asked her to, completely ready and willing just to be able to taste her.

“Fuck, so fucking good,” Denali groans above her, drawing each word out. “Ahh, yes, yes, yes!” She sounds like she’s chanting as she repeats the word over and over until she comes, bending practically in half and grabbing onto the headboard.

When Denali climbs off of her, the lower half of Rosé’s face is slick with her juices.

“I got you all wet,” Denali says, wiping Rosé’s chin as she lies down next to her.

“Yeah, you did,” Rosé says, wiggling her eyebrows and squeezing her legs together.

Denali giggles at her before leaning down to kiss her, slow and sweet, with a gentleness that was the complete opposite of the fervor she’d had just moments before. Rosé is content with it for a while, before the insistent buzzing between her legs becomes too strong to ignore any longer.

“Denali,” Rosé pleads, turning her head to break from the kiss. Denali’s lips find their way to her jaw, working along there on her way to her neck. “I need…”

“What do you need, baby?” she whispers into Rosé’s neck, her lips brushing against her skin as she speaks.

“Your fingers,” Rosé requests and then grabs Denali by the chin to realign their mouths. As much as she wants Denali’s face between her legs again, she just can’t stop kissing her right now.

Denali’s hand makes its way down Rosé’s body, skimming along her skin and leaving goosebumps in its wake, until it settles between her legs. Denali runs a finger through the wetness there, exploring her folds before circling her entrance. Rosé moans into her mouth when she pushes in, accepting her easily with how turned on she is. She moans again when Denali adds a second, her hips moving in time to meet each thrust of Denali’s fingers.

“Oh god!” Rosé calls out, pulling away when Denali hits the sweet spot inside her and gasping when she hits it again. “Right there.”

Rosé feels her orgasm start building deep down inside her, getting closer when Denali gets her thumb on her clit. She’s breathing hard as Denali kisses her way down her neck, along her collarbone and between her breasts. Rosé gasps again when Denali sucks a nipple into her mouth, her hand still moving quickly between Rosé’s legs.

“Denali, I,” Rosé starts, but doesn’t get to finish her sentence before her orgasm overtakes her, letting out a long and loud moan as it crashes over her.

“Mmm, you’re really fucking good at that,” Rosé praises Denali once she’s caught her breath.

“I know,” Denali replies, winking down at her as she removes her fingers, earning a shove from Rosé.

“And so modest, too,” she says and they both laugh. “No, but really, I’m glad that I ended up here. Glad that you know how to flirt,” she jokes.

“Yeah, and good thing I do.” Denali laughs again. “Because we all know you never would’ve done it. You were so embarrassing! You’re lucky you were hot enough for me to overlook that part.”

“Ha ha,” Rosé says sarcastically. “I couldn’t help it! You’re like the hottest girl I’ve ever seen! It was intimidating!”

“Well, we’re both hot, and we’re both good in bed. Sounds like a match made in heaven.”

“Yeah,” Rosé agrees, swallowing hard, wondering if Denali really means it.

“I like you,” Denali tells her, suddenly serious as she brushes a piece of hair off Rosé’s face and tucks it behind her ear. Rosé still can’t believe how easy it is for Denali to just say whatever’s on her mind so matter-of-factly. Rosé thinks and overthinks and then overthinks again with everything.

“I like you, too,” Rosé replies, realizing how much she actually does. They have a special kind of connection it seems, something that Rosé never would’ve thought possible when she was admiring her from afar at the club. Something that she never would’ve thought possible in what she was sure was just a one night stand. Something that turned into so much more.