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Jello's words ticked on, like he was a machine whose purpose was to rant about clubs and bands and local politics. Or something. He hadn't been paying much attention, more focused on how, at times, Jello would interrupt his tirade to flick his eyes up at Darby, searching. Looking for… what? Approval, agreement, recognition of how brilliant and enlightened his opinions were? He could roll his eyes, tell Jello to shut the fuck up and ruin his day. Nod, encourage him, and prompt a new invigorated rant on whatever topic he agreed with. Do nothing, and see how far Jello would go to get a reaction out of him.

Even more satisfying than with regular fans, he could make Jello do whatever he wanted. Even though he had his own successful band, maybe even more than Darby's in some places, definitely here, Jello still craved positive attention from him and that, that was one of the main indicators that Darby was doing it right.

There was something else there too, with Jello walking too close to him, having barely said a word to anyone else all day, and he wasn’t being even remotely subtle enough for Darby's taste. And it's not like he hadn't noticed him, especially at their shows, jumping around shirtless and just looking at him whenever he could. Had they been alone, he would’ve tested the waters, and maybe would've been dragging Jello home by now, but they weren’t, so he just nodded along as Jello kept ranting.

"I want to… There!" Jello pointed at something in the window of the big antique store to their right. He speed-walked to it, the rest of them following behind.

He drummed his fingers on the window and looked at Darby. "Think I can break this?" he asked, a smile on his face and still only having eyes for him.

"Dude," someone said, "I don’t think that’s a good idea."

"Looks thick," came from someone else.

As if he was asking them. There was no mistaking who the intended audience here was, and Darby wanted to see the stunt that Jello had in mind for him. He didn’t voice his opinion, only grinned, earning him a self-satisfied smirk before Jello took a few steps back.

He took a stance, one foot forward, knees slightly bent. "Okay, watch this," he said. He looked at Darby one last time and lifted his leg. The others made another attempt to stop him, but there was no heat in it. Maybe they wanted to see this as much as Darby did. And who wouldn’t? One moment Jello’s leg was in the air, the next it blasted through the window.

Jello raised his fist in victory, but before he’d brought it all the way up, he stumbled and flailed as he tried to regain his footing. As soon as the leg he’d used for the kick touched the ground, a loud yelp left his mouth and he tumbled to the ground.

Darby doubled over in laughter, not stopping even when he noticed Jello struggling to get up. A few people ran over to help him up and Darby joined them, staggering and wavering as he walked.

"Shit, shit shit! My leg—fuck, I can’t—"

"Think we should take him to a hospital?"



Darby had no idea how far the car was, but it felt like they were carrying Jello for an eternity. When they squeezed inside and he’d had a chance to rest, though, he had to admit Jello had earned that, and whatever he had been aiming for in the first place.

Darby started saying his goodbyes as soon as Jello showed up in the hallway, struggling over on his newly acquired crutches. As he was settling down in the nearest cab parked in front of the hospital, Darby ran over. “Hey. Think you’re gonna need help getting to your apartment?”

Understanding flashed in Jello’s eyes as he turned to look at him. "Sure." He shrugged, but made space for Darby faster than Darby would’ve, not careful enough, too eager for comfort. At least the driver didn’t react to the interaction apart from a quick, disinterested glance at Darby. After a few minutes of him looking at the road, only breaking the silence to mutter about traffic, Darby relaxed next to Jello. Their thighs pressed together, easily excused by the lack of space, hopefully indicating that Darby hadn’t read everything wrong.

Out of the car, Jello slapped Darby's hand away when he offered to help him walk. Darby shrugged and matched Jello's pace as he followed him into his building.

They came to a stop when they reached the stairs. Jello leaned on the handrail and looked up. "Fuck."

"I could—" Darby gestured putting his arm around Jello's waist.

"Fuck off." Jello grabbed the crutches again and started the long climb up the stairs. Darby slowed down, hovering a few steps ahead and taking the opportunity to admire the way his muscles flexed. Halfway through the first flight, someone walked past them, so fast that Darby didn't even have the time to feel self-conscious before he heard a door unlocking on the floor above.

As they turned the corner to the flight that led to Jello's floor, they stopped for a short break. They looked at each other and didn't talk, but excitement brewed around them and Darby's cock twitched a little. Jello led the way up that last flight, grabbing his crutches even though he was still winded. When he tried to push up to the first step, he wobbled and lost his balance. Just as Darby walked over to follow, he was pushed to the floor by Jello falling on top of him.

Maybe he would've preferred to have Jello facing him, but it felt more pleasant than painful anyway. Still, this wasn't the place for that, so Darby shoved Jello off so he could get up, then pulled Jello up as well. "Come on," he said and led him up the stairs.

Jello barely protested this time. He leaned into Darby as he half-carried him up the stairs. Every time Jello's crotch came into contact with Darby's leg, his cock poked him a little more, felt a little harder. Despite what had happened less than a minute ago, Darby felt the urge to go faster, to get to a place where they could have privacy sooner.

They struggled into Jello's room. Darby dropped Jello off on his bed, both of them a bit winded. Jello took off his shirt and flopped down on the bed, still panting. Darby couldn’t help but notice the outline of his helf-hard cock in his jeans. Now was the right time to do this, if he was going to. He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly felt weak, so he sat down.

"Well, I'm gonna go then." Darby paused and glanced at the tent forming in Jello's pants again. "Unless…" he hesitated again, then laid a slightly trembling hand on Jello's thigh, on the border between casual and suggestive, "there's anything else I can help you with?"

If there was any person he could be sure wouldn’t hurt him for this, it was Jello, and besides, he’d been the one who spent the day fawning over Darby. He knew that, rationally. And yet, he could help the way his heart pounded and he couldn't move his gaze up from Jello's crotch. Maybe to the side, but he liked the sight. Jello regarded him for what felt like an eternity and he felt kinda sick.

"Maybe. I could have something for you here," he said and brushed his hand over his cock. "If you wanted to."

Darby slumped over in relief at the words and an involuntary giggle left his mouth. It was all he needed to slide his hand up Jello's thigh, tracing the outline of his dick when he reached it. He was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from Jello when he grasped it more firmly. Jello tugged at his own pants, a twitch of his hand that could be mistaken for a reflex, but Darby pulled them down to his knees anyway.

He pushed them further down and out of the way as he climbed over to the middle of the bed. Situated like this, one leg between Jello's, one hand on his hip, he had better access to continue the teasing touches to the cock in front of him, still trapped in underwear. He leaned over, almost touching with his mouth and Jello's muscles tightened under his hands. He chuckled at the way Jello clenched his fists and the way his muscles worked to stop himself from bucking up into him. Jello grunted when he finally did mouth over his dick. His hand flew to Darby's shoulder, but retreated just as quickly. Darby looked up and could almost see Jello biting his tongue.

As amusing as it was to watch him squirm, he also wanted to finally taste Jello’s dick, so he freed it. It wasn’t particularly impressive in either length or thickness, but the way Jello looked at him, like he would accept whatever Darby gave him more than made up for it. His own dick was starting to take interest too, so he rubbed it against Jello's thigh before finally taking his cock into his mouth. Jello's hand was in his hair before he'd even started swirling his tongue around the head. The taste went straight to his dick and he was pretty sure he could take it all in one go, but the desire to see Jello fight his urge to control the situation won over and he pulled off with a moan, feeling only the slightest resistance as he did so, replacing his mouth with his hand and giving a few lazy strokes. On one stroke, he let his thumb trace over Jello's balls.

Jello gasped, then in a breathy voice, said "Yeah. That was good. Do that again."

Darby smirked. If he liked that, then what would a warm, wet tongue in the area make him do? Darby leaned in again and looked up. "How about something better?" Not waiting for an answer, he pushed Jello's dick out of the way, still stroking it, to give himself more space to lick at the area underneath. He relished the scratchy feeling against his tongue and the way Jello's breathing picked up and his dick pulsed in approval when he carefully increased the pressure. He ran his tongue from his balls up to Jello's cock and all the way up the shaft, where he finally took the plunge and slid down.

Just like he'd thought, the next second his nose was buried in pubic hair, his mouth full of dick, its head pushing at the back of his throat. It slid in just enough to fill him with the pleasure of the familiar stretch and he swallowed around it, bucking his hips to get some friction on his own cock as he felt his throat constrict around Jello's.

He started to move. Jello's stomach quivered under his hand when he made sure to pay special attention to the head and the ridge before engulfing him again. The hand was back on Darby's head, tightening as he settled into a rhythm. Pushing him down, as if he wasn't already doing it.

When Darby looked up, he found Jello staring back at him, as impressed with his blowjob skills as he was with his performance on stage. Better, even, since he didn't look away to get lost in the crowd and the music, and still, just like in those moments, Darby controlled his every movement, every sound that slipped past his lips. He couldn't stop himself from forming a smile around his cock, wiggling to give at least some relief to his own. The slide of it in and out of his throat, the taste of precome as he licked around the head mixed with everything else to leave his cock with a throbbing that had started to become unbearable, and he needed to get a hand around it right now.

Well, okay, if he was being honest, he could've waited a little longer. A few more bobs of his head, a little more gentle touching around his groin, and Jello would've been spilling down his throat, but he wanted to prolong this. Jello whined when he pulled off, following up with a quick apology before Darby had even unbuttoned his jeans. He ignored him to wrap his hand loosely around his own cock. He looked at Jello sprawled on the bed, his dick still fully hard and waiting to be used. His ass clenched around nothing and he wanted it to be squeezing that dick instead. With Jello's injury, Darby would have to do all the work, but he wouldn't let that dissuade him.

Decision made, he straddled Jello, reaching behind him to grab his cock, still slick from his previous efforts. Anticipation coursed through him as he spread some precome down the shaft as well. He spat in his hand and moved to spread it around his entrance, when Jello leaned over to rummage through a drawer. “Wait,” he said, voice tinged with lust. “I have… it was here—”

Darby pushed him back down with his free hand. "It’s fine."


"Really." He didn’t want to wait any longer, and it wasn’t like he couldn't handle a little drag anyway. Darby grabbed Jello’s dick again, maybe a bit too harshly, and Jello finally slumped back down. His hands came up to rest on Darby’s waist, providing some support as he lifted himself up. Darby probed blindly, missing the mark a few times before he gave up and looked behind himself to line up properly after all. He moaned when the head slipped in and sank down, watching Jello bite his lips and his eyes flutter shut through lidded eyes. The hands around his waist tightened when he rolled his hips, once, and then again and again, pleasure ramping up with the intensity, then melting into the low simmer of the stretch of his rim and the feeling of fullness when he slowed down. Jello came into view again, his wide-blown eyes staring up at him, his mouth slightly open, his chest rising and falling with every movement Darby made.

He drew another moan out of Jello when he pushed himself up his dick and then slid back down again, the motion sending a renewed spark of sharp pleasure up his own spine and he leaned into it. Jello gripped him harder every time Darby sank down onto him, their gasps and grunts mixed to amplify their arousal, both of them desperately sought after more. More friction, more air, more places to touch, more, more, more.

The rhythm stuttered when Jello thrust up, the wince appearing on his face before Darby had fully registered the thrill that slashed through him at the action.

Jello's hands dropped a little. "Fuck," he said with a small laugh. "Shouldn't have done that."

"No shit. Am I that good?" Darby knew the answer, of course, but it was fun to see Jello so flustered. He looked back and then turned towards Jello again, splayed his hand over his chest and looked into his eyes. "Seriously though, dude, you can pound me into the mattress once your leg's better, but this time, I think you better take it easy."

Jello turned away again, eyes downcast, an awkward smile on his lips. "I don't want to pound anyone into anything,” he said, but the way his dick twitched inside him told a different story.

Darby chuckled and leaned over, Jello's breaths rapidly beating against his chin as he hovered over him, Jello's thighs flexing against his own, Darby's dick trapped between their bodies, Darby's arms bracketing Jello's flushed face. "You sure?" Darby whispered in Jello's ear and pushed back to take more of his dick, feel the dual sensation of the friction against his prostate and dick spread all over. "You could hold me down," he removed one hand from his waist and pinned it above Jello's head with no resistance from him, pushed back again, then had Jello's other arm join the first. He interrupted himself with a moan when he bucked into Jello's dick once more. "You could do it like this, fold me over in half, maybe restrain my legs, too, so you don't have to focus on anything but fucking me. Or you could bend me over something, hands behind me, arms trapped under your weight, mm. And fuck me so hard that the only thing I can do is moan and whimper, just for you." He punctuated each clause with a push back against the dick inside him, the way Jello tensed under him and the blissed look on his face only adding to his arousal. "Would you like that?"

"No! I don't want to make you whimper, I don't... why would you even think that? Just because I… you're getting all this from a reflex. It was only a reflex that didn't mean anything, but you're using it to insinuate I would want to dominate you, or get aggressive, or violent, and that's not something I want or would ever support. You say you want it, but you can't be sure that someone with that mindset, someone who would do it would respect what you want and I don't want to be that kind of person and—"

Darby rolled his eyes and tuned out the rest of the moralizing bullshit. Jello really needed to learn to shut the fuck up once in a while and Darby was gonna have to teach him. He transferred both of Jello's wrists to one hand, using the other one to pull his shirt over his head. A quick switch of hands later, it fell on Jello's face and finally stopped the stream of nonsense coming out of his mouth.

"Hey! What—"

Darby shoved his shirt in Jello's mouth, then straightened and bounced on his cock. "You talk too much."

Jello pulled the balled-up shirt out of his mouth and threw it to the other side of the bed. He huffed, but decided not to say anything. Instead, his hands returned to Darby's waist, throwing him off balance when one of them traveled upwards to trace the scars on his chest and stomach. Some of them still tingled more than the surrounding skin at the touch.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Darby said when he was upright again and back to gradually increasing the pace of pushing himself up and sliding back down again.

"Yeah. I mean, not the most original but you... you know... how... to sell it."

Darby hadn’t realized smugness could turn into annoyance that quickly, but he was finding it hard to breathe too, thighs burning as he fucked himself as hard and fast as he could. Any thoughts not related to the feeling of being filled, so good, Jello's fingers digging into his skin and his dick itching to be touched weren't important. He shuddered in relief when his hand wrapped around his own dick and stroked, twisting his wrist in just the way he liked it. Jello's gaze dropped to the sight when his head lolled to the side, followed by the slide of his hand down to Darby's thigh. A few more strokes were all he needed when Jello's hand came up to replace his. Darby let him do it, not as attuned to his likes, but it was someone else's hand, and soon he was coming all over Jello's hand and stomach.

Jello was still hard inside him and Darby clenched around him as he rode out his orgasm, knowing he'd pushed him over the edge when he let out a choked-off sound and tightened his hand around his bedsheets.

As soon as it was over, Darby slumped on the bed, a slight twitching in his thighs and his heart hammering in his chest. He took a few moments to catch his breath, then giggled into Jello's shoulder. "You know, next time you want to fuck, you can just ask." Using Jello to prop himself up, Darby dragged himself into a sitting position.

"Where's the fun in that?"

Darby laughed again as he whacked him with his shirt he’d just picked up. "You’re not wrong," he said. When he was dressed, he skipped over Jello, to get off the bed.

Just as he reached for his shoes, Jello propped himself up on his elbow. "You can stay."

"Nah." Darby looked at the door, then back down. "I got plans. But I'll see you around." He threw one last glance at Jello and, not waiting for an answer, walked out the door.