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Ares Jr Antics.

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(Over in New York City, NY Mark and Veracity walk up to Ares and Reagan's apartment as they get there he knocks on the door and grabs her in getting her to laugh at

him as he kisses her getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her.)

Veracity: You're enjoying doing that again aren't you?
Mark: Oh i am. And I'm loving doing other things.
Veracity: Oh my god.

(He laughs at her as the door opens and Reagan opens it getting them to laugh.)

Mark: Damn Reagan.
Reagan: Sorry. AJ's been driving me and Ares insane.
Mark: Oh boy.

(Both him and Veracity walk into the apartment as they walk in she closes the door and they both walk off towards the kitchen.)

Mark: Hey.
Ares: Hey. I didn't think it be this hard to raise well her.

(Then AJ runs out of her room as Mark laughs at her.)

Mark: AJ!

(She looks at him and smiles.)

AJ: Uncle Mark.
Mark: Hey.

(She runs over to him and he picks her up. And she laughs at him.)

Mark: You giving your mother's a hard time?
AJ: Yes.
Mark: Why?
AJ: Aunt Kate said i could.

(Mark looks at his girlfriend whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Ares: Babe I'm going to kill her.
Reagan: Well we're going to Gotham tomorrow so feel free.
Ares: Ahh and here i thought you still loved her.

(She smacks her making her laugh.)

Reagan: I love you.
Ares: Okay.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her as Mark laughs at them and covers AJ's eyes and they start laughing.)

Veracity: Mark!
Mark: What? They were kissing.
AJ: Yeah that gross.

(He laughs at their faces as he puts AJ down and she walks over to the couch and sits down play on tablet.)

Reagan: Anyway. How is Kate doing?
Mark: She's good. She's been well.
Reagan: What?
Mark: She's still having trouble sometimes as far as the suit goes.

(She nods her head at him.)

Ares: How are things between her and Kara?
Mark: Oh things between them couldn't be better.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Veracity: Yeah it's amazing what happens when you finally say out loud what you're feeling.
Mark: I feel a lot of things. But it's not something I'd ever repeat in front of AJ.
Reagan: You better not.
Mark: Yeah okay.
Veracity: How are your friend and her employee doing?
Mark: Babe you can say her name.
Veracity: Okay fine. How is Sarah and her new girlfriend doing?

(They start laughing as she pushes him getting him to grab her and hugs her.)

Mark: Their doing well also.
Veracity: Okay.

(He kisses her again then pulls away from her as he let's her go and then walks over to AJ and starts tickling her getting her to laugh at him as he continues the

other's laugh at him.)

Reagan: He's gonna make a good father one of these days.
Veracity: Yeah he will.

The following day.

(Over at Kane Tower Kate's at her desk looking over some paper work as Kara walks in and smiles at her.)

Kara: Hard at work?

(Kate looks up at her and smiles.)

Kate: Yeah.

(As she gets to her she walks over to her side of the desk and kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kara: So how you doing?
Kate: I'm are right. Still trying to you.
Kara: Babe there's nothing you could of done.
Kate: I know. I could of tried harder is all I'm saying.
Kara: Kate!

(She looks at her as she gets up and walks over to the drink cart and grabs a drink then walks over to the couch and sits down.)

Kate: I just.
Kara: You talking about that story William published?
Kate: I am. He's making it seem like i let her go.
Kara: I know that.
Kate: I just don't get it.
Kara: You're not the only one.
Kate: I still see her face everytime i close my eyes.
Kara: I know you do. If my earing and your sister's scared face don't tell you anything.
Kate: Yeah.

(She laughs at her as she grabs her hand as Mark walks in with a little ball of energy.)

AJ: Aunt Kate.

(She looks over at her and smiles as gets up and walks over to her as she gets to her she picks her up and kisses her head then pulls away from it.)

Kate: Hi.
AJ: Hi. You good?
Kate: I'm good.
AJ: You sure?
Kate: Yeah.
AJ: Because I'm two not stupid.

(Mark and Kara start laughing at Kate's face.)

Kate: I'm glad you're not stupid AJ.
AJ: Okay. By the way.
Kate: What?
AJ: Mommy and Momma are mad at you.

(Kate looks at her confused.)

Kate: Okay. Why?
Mark: She told them that you said she could act crazy.
Kate: Hey.

(She looks at her and smiles.)

Kate: You little traitor.

(She starts laughing along with Mark and Kara.)

AJ: I Two I'm supposed to tell the truth.
Kate: Yeah but still. You're still a traitor.
AJ: I know.
Kate: Yeah i know you know.

(She kisses her head then pulls away from it as Reagan walks into the room and over to her.)

Kate: Am i trouble?
Reagan: What? No Kate it's fine. Ares knew it was you she just wanted to see if she'd say anything.
Mark: Wow.
Kate: If i haven't said it yet.
Mark: What?
Kate: Boy am i glad she's so honest.

(They start laughing then calm down as Mark gets her in the side and then looks off as Kara's laughing.)

Kate: Hey.
Mark: What?
Kate: You do realize I'm not her.
Mark: Oh i know that she's cuter.

(She looks at him as he runs off and hides behind Sophie as she walks in and starts laughing and Kate stands there.)

Kate: Hey no fair. You hid behind my ex.
Mark: I shouldn't of done that.

(He quickly moves and bumps into Oliver and hides behind him getting him to laugh.)

Kate: Mark seriously?
Mark: Hey it's either him or Kara and she would move just let you have at me.
Oliver: He's right.
Kate: They know you so well.
Mark: And that's why I'm not going anywhere near that thing until i know she isn't going to come after me.

(Oliver starts laughing then calms down.)

Oliver: Well then you're never going near it.
Mark: Well shit.

(They start laughing then calm down as Kate goes off him as he goes around her and picks her up and runs off with her making the other's laugh at them then they

come back and he puts her down as she starts beating on him getting them to continue to laugh at them then they calm down as he hugs her then pulls away from


Kate: I gotta say it was weird having him do that.

(They start laughing again then calm down.)

Sophie: He did it once before.
Kate: Really?
Mark: Yeah. Luke told me to try and cheer you up.
Kate: And that did it.
Mark: Yeah. Well for awhile until.
Kate: Oh.
Mark: Yeah. Sorry.
Kate: Don't be.
Mark: Okay.

(He kisses her head then pulls away from it.)

Kate: I can honestly say thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.
Kara: She's still letting what William published get to her.

(He looks at Kara and then to Kate who looks off annoyed.)

Mark: You really shouldn't let what he say's get to you.
Kate: I know that. Can we talk?
Mark: Yeah.

(He shows her towards the balcony as they get out there they all look at her and feel bad for her.)

Kara: Andrea is just as upset with him for publishing that stupid story.
Reagan: What the hell happened on that roof?
Kara: Kate was fighting a bad guy and someone rushed out to try and help only thing is what Kate didn't know was that.
Reagan: Kara!
Kara: Reagan it was Calamity.

(She looks at her and then looks off annoyed.)

Kara: And when Kate realized it she shoved the guy out of the way and ran towards the edge and grabbed her hand to try and pull her up.
Reagan: Why didn't you help her?
Kara: I was trying to get to them. But stupid William showed up and stopped me.

(Reagan looks at her and then to Oliver.)

Reagan: William was there?
Kara: Yeah. I couldn't get into the suit with him there so i sent Clark but he was even stopped.
Oliver: By who?
Kara: I don't know. But neither one of us could change with them there so we couldn't get to Kate and Calamity. Hell Ryan even tried so did Luke.
Oliver: Kara!
Kara: Kate lost her grip and Calamity fell. And by the time either me or Clark could get to her she was lying down on the ground not moving.

(Reagan sits down not sure of what to say. Outside Kate and Mark seeing the look on Reagan's face knows Kara told her and quickly rush back inside and over to her.)

Mark: Reagan!
Reagan: She died because of William.

(He grabs her into a hug getting her to smile at him.)

Reagan: Because of him neither Kara nor Clark could get to them.
Mark: I know.
Reagan: And because of that damn story Kate's kicking herself.

(She gets up and walks out of the office as they all stand there not sure of what to say.)

Mark: I'm gonna kill him.

(He walks off to go after William but Sophie stops him.)

Sophie: Killing him won't bring Calamity back Mark.
Mark: It's not fair Sophie.
Sophie: I know.
Mark: We get Vera back only to lose Calamity two months later and thanks to Dey Kara couldn't get to them.
Sophie: I know and his story didn't make matters any better.
Mark: I just.
Sophie: We can't fix what happened that night Mark. Kate tried to pull her back over you saw it.
Mark: I also saw her fall. And that was something i didn't think I'd ever see again.
Sophie: Mark Sara's alive.
Mark: I know that. But Calamity's not.

(Then he turns and walks off to leave as he walks out Sophie stands there not sure of what to say.)

Later that night.

(Over at the Hold up Mark's sitting there thinking with his drink in hand as he's looking at it Ryan stands there wondering if he'll drink it as he's staring at it someone

Mark doesn't wanna see walks in and heads for the counter and orders a drink hearing his voice Mark looks up at him but goes back to staring at his drink and knows

he shouldn't drink it and comes close until one of his friends from LA comes in and takes it and downs it getting him to laugh at her.)

Mark: Damn Jen.

(She laughs at him.)

Jen: Oh god how long has that been sitting there?
Mark: Ever since i ordered it.

(He looks at her and smiles.)

Jen: I'd ask but.
Mark: I'm fair from it.
Jen: Her death wasn't Batwoman's fault.
Mark: I know that. But the reporter who published the story seems to think so.
Jen: He's also an asshole.

(He smiles at her then orders a lime and soda Ryan smiles at him as she makes it for him.)

Mark: I'm aware of that. His and Kara's boss isn't even too happy with him.
Jen: So why the hell does he still have a job.
Mark: She might not be happy. But it was story.
Jen: She could of refused it.
Mark: She could of. But she didn't.

(She sits down next to him and orders another drink as Ryan brings Mark's drink and places it in front of him.)

Mark: I don't know why i ordered the other.
Ryan: You weren't thinking.
Mark: No i guess not.

(He picks it up and drinks it then puts it down as William walks up to him.)

William: I wonder what your girlfriend would think of you wanting to drink.
Mark: And i wonder what your boss would think of you making Kate Kane's life hell for something that happened when she was no where near the accident.
William: No but Batwoman was.
Mark: For the last time William.
William: What?
Mark: Kate Kane isn't Batwoman. Drop it. Or I'll drop you.

(He looks at him and quickly backs off.)

William: All i did was tell a story.
Mark: And because of you a friend of mine is dead.
William: I didn't kill her.
Mark: No you didn't. But you getting in the way did get her killed.

(He looks at him and laughs off the shock.)

William: I.
Mark: You should of just stayed away William.
William: I'm a reporter.
Mark: Reporters show up after words not during. You just went there to see if Batwoman would screw up.
William: And she did. Someone's dead because of her.

(Mark having a enough grabs him and throws him into the counter and kicks him in the stomach getting him to double over in pain but he stands him back up and

throws him towards a table and he goes into it. Ryan seeing what's happening calls Kate who answers right away and then rushes off towards the bar followed quickly

by the other's.)

Mark: You wanna say that again.

(He gets up and goes after him as he gets to him he throws them both into the counter and Ryan looks around as Mark's able to get his barring's and throws him into

the counter again. William pushes off of it but Mark punches him sending him down and says something right as Kate walks in along with Kara.)

Mark: I don't blame the Bat William.

(He looks up at him.)

Mark: I blame you.

(He stands up and looks at him.)

Mark: You should of stayed away.
William: I was just reporting what i saw.
Mark: That's right. You only reported what you saw. You didn't talk to anyone else around. You didn't talk to Witnesses you saw what you wanted to see. You saw Batwoman lose her grip and you ran with it. And told all of Gotham that their hero let someone die. In my opinion you're not a reporter.
William: Well than who the hell am i?
Mark: A jackass with a pen and paper and jilted reporter all because he can't have the girl.
William: I saw her first.
Mark: Technically Winn Schott and James Olsen saw her first. Kate Kane just got lucky enough to meet her before she ever had the chance to meet the prick whose been making Gotham's hero life a living hell. She has to deal with that fall out all the time. She doesn't need it to be shoved into her face. Every chance you get.

(He punches him again sending him to the ground as he goes down Mark walks out of the bar and past Kate who stands there in shock at what he said. And knowing

that he doesn't blame her for Calamity's death. She looks at Kara.)

Kate: He doesn't blame Batwoman.
Kara: I told you.
Kate: I always thought he did.
Kara: You're one of his bestfriends Kate. Do you honestly think he'd blame you for that.
Kate: No. I don't. I blame myself.
Kara: She lost her grip.
Kate: I know that.

(She smiles at her.)

Kate: Come on.

(They all walk out of the bar and head off after Mark.)

Minutes later.

(Over at the cemetery Mark's sitting down at Calamity's grave as someone walks up to him and sits down next to him. Feeling them sitting there laughs at her.)

Veracity: You are right?
Mark: No.

(She grabs his hand getting him to look at her.)

Mark: We've been feeling her death Vera. It's just.
Veracity: No honey i get it.

(He nods his head at her.)

Veracity: Mark we all miss her.
Mark: I know we all do.
Reagan: Well this is kind of full circle.

(He turns and looks at her as he stands up and looks at her.)

Mark: What is?
Reagan: Being in front of a grave. Whenever we would come here it was to visit Ares.
Mark: Yeah. And now.
Reagan: You've are ready told William you don't blame the Bat for Calamity's death Mark.
Mark: And i don't. Kate's dealing with it. In a lot of ways.
Reagan: But she's dealing with it. And she's not really letting it show whenever AJ's around.

(He smiles at her.)

Mark: I know I'm sorry.

(She smiles at him as AJ walks up with the other two members of the band including Ares who stands next to Reagan.)

AJ: Uncle Mark.
Mark: Hey.
AJ: I drew something.

(He kneels down in front of her and she hands it to him he takes it from her then opens it to look at it seeing it he smiles at her.)

Mark: You wanna place it in front of her headstone?
AJ: Yeah.

(He hands it back to her and grabs up a rock and places the rock in front of the picture to keep it there as she's looking at it and then looks at the name on the

headstone he walks back over to Veracity who smiles at him as AJ puts her hand against the headstone the same way she did with Ares grave knowing or feeling like

she knows what happened AJ looks over at her parents and starts crying Ares walks over to her and picks her up to hold her.)

Ares: It's okay baby girl.

(She hangs onto her as Beca walks forward with her friends behind her as she gets there she sees the picture then picks it up and smiles at it as she looks at AJ.)

Beca: She draw this?
Ares: Yeah.

(She kisses her daughter's head.)

Beca: AJ!

(She turns and looks at her.)

Beca: It's really pretty.
AJ: Thank you.

(Beca puts it back down and places the rock up against it then looks at her wife's grave and tries to keep from losing it. As of knowing what she's doing Ares puts AJ

down and she walks over to her and hugs her getting her to smile at her. Then she pulls away from her.)

AJ: I'm sorry.
Beca: Oh honey it's not your fault. And it's not Batwoman's fault either. She tried to save her.
AJ: Yeah i know. Aunt Kate.

(She runs over to her and she picks her up to hold her.)

AJ: She doesn't blame you.

(Kate smiles at her as she kisses her head then pulls away from it as Kara smiles at her.)

Kara: I told you.
Kate: I know.

(She smiles at her as they walk over to the grave then Mark sees someone standing there and nearly falls over.)

Mark: Oh my god.

(She smiles at him as Beca looks up and sees whose there.)

Beca: Is that?
Mark: I think so.
Beca: I'm not ready to let her go.

(She turns into him getting him to look at Veracity and the other two members of the band and can tell something.)

Serenity: Calamity!

(She looks at them and smiles as she looks at Beca whose still got her face in Mark's front. Realizing Beca's got the people she need most turns and walks off which of

course upsets her bandmates as she walks off and disappears in front of them. As of knowing she's gone Beca turns and looks at the spot she was in and breaks down

and Mark falls with her as Serenity walks over to her and grabs her from behind and she falls into her as Mark stands up and walks back over to Veracity who leans

into Mark who hangs onto her as Cynthia hugs her girlfriend from behind. As their all standing there in front of the grave of yet another friend that had lost. But

everyone knows even though they lost Calamity they still have a lot of good memories with her and just they can go the rest of their lives without her in it. And with AJ

there their finding it very hard to remain upset. She starts making farting noises which makes them laugh.)

Reagan: AJ!
AJ: Made them laugh. Oh don't bend over.
Kate: Why not?

(She makes a farting nose that makes them laugh as Kate stands up and looks at her.)

Kate: Look here shorty.

(She laughs at her as Kate gets her in the side and she leans into Ares whose laughing at her.)

Beca: She's too much like Calamity was.
Mark: She is.
AJ: I am not.
Mark: No.
AJ: No.
Mark: No your right. You're cuter.

(She looks off trying to keep from blushing.)

Mark: Hey Serenity.

(She looks up at him.)

Serenity: Yeah.
Mark: She pulled a Beca.

(She gets up and goes after him which makes the other's laugh as they run off as they run off he turns around and puts her over his shoulder and runs up and down

the street making them laugh.)

Mark: My Beca.

(Veracity and the other two members of the band laugh at him.)

Veracity: Babe.
Mark: I'll bring her back.
Beca: Yeah he'll bring me back. But there's something you should know.
Mark: What?
Beca: I'm pregnant.

(He stops running and puts her down then looks at her.)

Mark: You're what?
Beca: I'm pregnant and i never got the chance to tell her.
Mark: How far along are you?
Beca: Two months.

(He puts his hand onto his friends stomach and then over to the others.)

Mark: They know?
Beca: No.
Mark: You wanna tell them?
Beca: Yeah.

(They walk back over to them.)

Mark: Hey Vera.

(She looks at him.)

Veracity: Yeah.
Mark: She has something to tell you three.
Charity: What?
Beca: I'm pregnant.

(They all look at her and then Serenity does the same thing Mark did and smiles at her.)

Serenity: How far along?
Beca: Two months. I found out the night she died. And no Kate it's still not your fault. In fact i know just the name to name the baby if it's a girl.

(Kate smiles at her.)

Veracity: And that is?
Beca: Calamity Kate Mitchell.

(Kate looks at her and nearly loses it and Kara pulls her girlfriend into her getting her to smile at her.)

Kate: Thank you.
Beca: You're welcome.

(Beca walks over to her wife's grave and kneels down in front of it and smiles at it as they all stand there with her as she runs her hand over her wife's headstone. As

she's sitting there Serenity and the other two members kneel down next to her as their all staring at it Mark smiles at them and can't believe how far the Bellas and

Evermoist have come just since one tour and now knowing there's going to a little added to this crazy world. Beca just hopes she can raise their child on her own.

Even if she doesn't realize she won't be alone she has a people that are going to be there for her and the baby even if they don't have Calamity anymore.