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blood runs

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The morning was always simple in the shared apartment, Dahyun would wake up before Nayeon so she can cook a simple breakfast. Because everyone knows that even at 25-years old, Nayeon should not be left alone in the kitchen.

Dahyun prepares a simple rice breakfast, and the leftovers that would be brought to work for lunch. Nayeon walks in grumbling in which Dahyun cannot understand. “Now what’s up with you?” Dahyun chuckles as she prepares breakfast on the counter in front of Nayeon.

“We are adults that have to go to work.” Nayeon said as she sat on the stool with her eyes still half closed.

Dahyun patted her older sister’s head, “You are Kim Nayeon, Dad built us to be resilient.” Nayeon groaned, “Well Dad lives at least a 100 miles away, he won’t know that I wanna just lay and sleep all day instead of working to survive.”

Nayeon noticed Dahyun blushing at her phone suddenly, ignoring her. She stood up and started walking towards the opposite end of the counter to stand next to her younger sister, “What are you doing?” Dahyun says flinching away from her sister and blocking her phone.

“WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?” Nayeon and Dahyun slowly started a mouse and chase around the kitchen island. Dahyun started running towards her room but Nayeon’s hands caught up to her shoulders and basically tackled her down.

“Give me your phone” Dahyun put her phone inside her shirt but Nayeon rolled her eyes, “I’ve seen you naked stupid.” Nayeon gets the phone from under Dahyun’s shirt.

Sana :) [9:12am]

So are we still on for dinner tonight?

*Two Images Attached*

“You have a woman in your life?” Nayeon gasps dramatically and Dahyun tried pushing her older sister who was straddling her waist. “Get off me!”

Nayeon unlocks Dahyun’s phone and Dahyun mentally notes to change her passcode, “Now where did you meet her…” Nayeon wide eyed as she scrolled through the morning selfies that this Sana had sent. This woman was gorgeous and out of Dahyun’s dorky league.

“She came into the office and started flirting with me” Nayeon busted out laughing as she stood up still staring through at the picture, “Was she there for an appointment?” Dahyun nodded as she got up as well. She snatched her phone from her sister and walked back to the kitchen.

“We’re just talking.” Dahyun said pointedly but Nayeon could hear the tone that her sister was trying to insinuate. “Mhmmm, so you want me to meet her?”

Dahyun’s pale face turned immediately red, “Look I really like her, after two more dates or so I’ll let you meet her.” Nayeon furrowed her brows and poked her sister’s cheek, “Are you nervous or something?”

Dahyun ate her food silently and just looked at her food. “I might be.”

Nayeon got up from her seat and wrapped herself around her sister, “Now where is that resiliency you were talking about?” Nayeon kissed her temple, “Yes you’re a little lame and that goddess on your phone might be out of your league…”

“Unnieeeeee” Dahyun grumbled trying to push her sister off, Nayeon tightening her grip. “Take your time with it and don’t feel pressured to introduce her to me.” Dahyun nodded.

“Now tell me about her!” Nayeon started swaying her sister who groaned from the embarrassment.

Jihyo tapped on Nayeon’s desk, “You seem distracted.” Jihyo looked at her worriedly and Nayeon looked up, “No I’m not.”

Jihyo shifted closer to her coworker and stared, Nayeon sat still.

Jihyo kept staring and did not speak a word. “Okay I’m a little distracted NOW.” Jihyo smiled satisfied with herself that she broke through the woman, “Why are you distracted?”

“Dahyun has a girlfriend.” Nayeon sighed.

Jihyo wide eyed, leaned back on her seat, “The baby is growing!” Jihyo said excitedly but Nayeon wasn’t with the energy.

“Why aren’t you excited?” Nayeon looked at Jihyo and just sighed. “I’m just worried.”

Jihyo smiled empathically, “Care to explain why? She is 22 and can handle her own.” Jihyo knew exactly why but she wanted Nayeon to say it. Nayeon rolled her eyes and went back to her paperwork, trying her best to ignore Jihyo.

Jihyo kept her stare still again, Nayeon groaned and laid her face on her desk muffling the words that come out her mouth. “I don’t want her to end up like me and you know WHO.”

Jihyo smirked at her friend and started rubbing her back, “That’s a whole different situation and don’t put your past on your sister.”

“Of course I know that.” Nayeon looked up at Jihyo who was now sitting across from her.

“What happened between you and Je-” Nayeon held up her finger which immediately hushed Jihyo.

“Don’t say her name.” Jihyo groaned, “It’s been like 2 years right?”

“And so what? I was basically in love with her…” Nayeon leaned back and kept her eyes low. “Then she left. For stupid Europe. And probably European women.”

Jihyo sighed, “I know but this Sana, I don’t think she’ll be that. Dahyun is amazing and you said she’s happy right?” Nayeon nodded, now looking at Jihyo but a pout played at her lips.

“She’ll be great. I know you’re just being protective over Dahyun but don’t worry about it.” Jihyo said as she stood up and made her way out of her room.

Nayeon sighed and rested her head back staring at the ceiling. Stupid Yoo Jeongyeon, stupid short blonde hair, stupid smile, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Jeongyeon paced herself to catch up to Nayeon, trying to grab her arm. “Please just listen Nayeon.”

Nayeon shrugged her arm off and kept walking trying to build a distance from the woman, “You’re leaving me for Europe. There’s nothing for me to listen to.” Jeongyeon stopped walking and watched Nayeon walk farther.

Nayeon stopped in her steps as soon as she realized that the other woman stopped hustling after her.

“Why’d you stop?” Nayeon turned around and looked at Jeongyeon who stood still.

“Cause I know you’re just making me chase you.” Jeongyeon said bluntly, she was right. Nayeon looked at her and a couple feet was between them. “I told you that it’s only 10 months, for work.”

Nayeon just stared, “But you’re breaking up with me.” Jeongyeon sighed.

“I don’t want you to hold yourself to me,” Jeongyeon pursed her lips and stepped forward. “We’re still young and I want you to be happy.”

“But I’m happy with you.” Nayeon running her hands through her hair said in frustration, “What don’t you understand? I know you’re thousands of miles away, but I will still be here and yours.”

Nayeon stood still but Jeongyeon kept moving closer, “No matter how far you are or how long it’s going to be. It’s still going to be you.” Nayeon said as tears started streaming down her face. Jeongyeon stepped and cupped the woman’s face, “Please Nayeon…” Jeongyeon planted a soft kiss on Nayeon’s forehead, “It will be easier and when I come back I will be all yours.”

Nayeon who was trying to fight her off eventually leaned into the hug. “Promise me you’ll be back?” Nayeon said defeatedly against Jeongyeon’s neck. “I promise I’ll be back.” Jeongyeon said into Nayeon’s hair.

The 10 months turned into 15, moved to 20, until it became 2 whole years. Nayeon waited and waited but nothing. Jeongyeon did not come back.

Of course Nayeon was hesitant to meet her younger sister’s new girlfriend. Yes, Nayeon might be projecting her past onto Dahyun but it’s projecting with a purpose and for Dahyun’s protection.

Nayeon took a deep breath and fixed her blouse as she waited for the couple to arrive. After a couple of dates with Sana, Dahyun finally set up a brunch for them to be all together.

Nayeon scanned the menu but then she felt her sister’s presence cause as she looked up, the couple was headed towards her. Nayeon was taken aback, Sana looked straight out of a magazine. Wavy dark hair and a fit figure, she looked like an absolute dream.

The couple held hands with Dahyun leading the way, Dahyun looked even dorkier considering that Sana was slightly taller than her. Nayeon stood up with a big smile on her face and fixed her pants.

“The infamous Sana, we finally meet.” Nayeon said while slightly puffing out her chest to look a little more intimidating. Sana bowed her head with a soft smile. “Unnie stop playing with her.” Dahyun shoved her sister lightly, Nayeon laughed.

“Get in here! I’m genuinely glad to finally meet you.” Nayeon held out her arms with a wide smile on her face, Sana blushed but settled forward into the hug which Dahyun nudged her towards.

Nayeon started swaying in the hug and they all laughed together. Dahyun’s heartwarming at the sight of her sister and girlfriend settling well together. Nayeon’s head on Sana’s shoulder, she looked at Dahyun and mouthed.

“She’s hot, I’m going to steal her” Dahyun rolled her eyes and poked her sister’s forehead to step away from the hug.

They settled into their seats, Dahyun pulling out a chair for her girlfriend in which Nayeon teased her.

“Why didn’t you pull out my chair for me?” Nayeon pouted, “I’m your sister.”

Dahyun laughed, “Exactly. Because you’re my sister.”

They settled easily with each other and Nayeon enjoyed Sana’s presence. She was easy to talk to and they shared the same humor. Both had a boisterous energy that made Dahyun’s heart even warmer. They were getting along.

“So Sana, tell me about your family…” Dahyun’s eyes widened at Nayeon’s sudden question. Dahyun tried changing the subject immediately, “Who wants more of this duck?” Dahyun held up the platter between Nayeona and Sana. Nayeon looked at her sister and lightly shoved Dahyun’s offer, “Rude! I’m talking here. Anyways, I apologize for her bad manners”

Sana giggled and kissed her girlfriend’s cheek, “Bad Dahyunnie, but to your question I have one sister.”

Nayeon nodded and Sana proceeded to talk about her sister, “She’s a travelling architect but she’s been staying in Spain for a while now” Sana sighed. Dahyun was now frozen in her seat because Nayeon was eyeing her.

Nayeon froze. Travelling architect. Spain which is in Europe. Dahyun was avoiding her gaze at all costs.

“What’s her name?” Nayeon asked but her eyes would take a quick glance at Dahyun. Nayeon was praying to god that this was just some sort of coincidence to her.

“Ahh, her name is Yoo Jeongyeon, actually unnie I think you might know her. You guys went to the same university.” Dahyun with pressed lips was suddenly feeling hot in her seat.

“Your sister is Yoo Jeongyeon?” Nayeon clutched her fist under the table, she can’t believe this.

She side-eyes Dahyun who is ignoring her gaze right now.

“Yes, she’s my half-sister, same mom but different dads” Sana smiled brightly at Nayeon which made Nayeon itch.

“Do you know her?” Sana asked tilting her head in curiosity. Nayeon nodded slowly. Sana clapped which made Nayeon’s ears sting. “Wow that’s so cool! We grew apart as we grew older, so I don’t really know what her life was like as an adult” Sana explained.

Different dads which would explain the different surnames but the two looked nothing alike. The animosity between Sana and Jeongyeon explains why she had no idea who Nayeon was, but Dahyun on the other hand, knew who Jeongyeon was.

Although they had mannerisms that did feel similar as Nayeon connected the dots.

“Dahyun?” Nayeon called her sister who stiffly looked at her.

“Do you mind coming with me to the bathroom? Is it okay with you Sana?” Nayeon said politely, Sana nodded, “Of course! I’ll be here enjoying this duck” She smiled her eyes crinkling and her mouth slightly filled with food.

Dahyun immediately got up from the seat after pressing a quick kiss on Sana’s head. Nayeon grabbed her sister’s arm almost dragging her as fast as possible towards the restroom.

As soon as they were inside, Nayeon crossed her arms and burned a gaze at Dahyun’s head.

“OKAY! Let me explain.” Dahyun held her hands up in defense, “I didn’t even know this until like two dates ago” Nayeon stayed silent and waited for sister to keep explaining herself.

“I didn’t know whether I should tell you or not because I know how you feel about her…” Nayeon sighed and stepped to her sister, “You should’ve just told me.”

Dahyun bowed her head, “I’m sorry, unnie.” Nayeon nodded, “Does Jeongyeon know you two are dating?” Dahyun shook her head.

“They don’t talk like that just like she said, so I don’t think she does.” Dahyun shifted uncomfortably in her spot cause her sister was deep in thought.

Nayeon grabbed her wrist suddenly, “You be careful. They might be half-sisters but being stupid and leaving you after they said they’d come back might run in their blood.”

“Oh come on! Don’t be like that, Jeongyeon-unnie was just stupid plus Sana isn’t like that at all.” Dahyun pulled her hand back towards her but Nayeon eyed her. “Well, I still need you to be careful.”

“You saw how I was when she left.” Nayeon waves her hand at her sister, Dahyun looked at her with sincere eyes. Of course Dahyun remembers how Nayeon realized that Jeongyeon was not coming back after 10 months.

Nayeon stayed up all night and watched romantic movies just to sob even more. Dahyun and Jihyo had to basically drag her out of the apartment to get her life back in order.

Dahyun nodded and pulled her sister into a hug. “Do you like her though?” Nayeon nodded.

“If I found her first, I’d date her too.” Dahyun pulled back and glared at her sister, “She would’ve fallen for me regardless.” Dahyun said defensively, hint of jealousy in her tone.

“Relax yourself, my dear sister but you need to tell Sana about me.” Nayeon said as she grabbed her sister’s hand to walk out the restroom. Dahyun sighed and nodded.

Nayeon might’ve been upset with her sister keeping this away from her. But there was a small part of her, that she had buried deep down long ago, that hoped for Jeongyeon, well still hopes for Jeongyeon.  

This might be how she’ll see Jeongyeon again.

Dahyun shifted in the bed and felt a warm body pressed on top of her. She blinked trying to adjust her eyes to the light and stretched herself out, doing it as light as possible to not wake her girlfriend. Dahyun leaned in pressing a kiss to the woman’s ear.

A phone rang and Sana shifted to the sound but did not wake up. Dahyun sat up to grab the phone, but it immediately went to voice message, Dahyun was curious and decided to listen.


Hey Sana, it’s Jeongyeon. Uhhh I know it’s been a while since we talked but I was hoping if you wanna see each other. Eomma gave me your number so don’t freak out. I’m back in the Apgujeong loft, let me know if you wanna come by or meet somewhere else. I missed you. Love you”

Dahyun was frozen on the bed as she held the phone. “Who was that?” Sana mumbled. Dahyun shifted to face her girlfriend, “Hey, I think you need to listen to this.” Sana blinked in confusion, immediately sitting up.

She laid her head on Dahyun’s shoulder as Dahyun replayed the message. After the message ended, Dahyun felt Sana shaking lightly, she was crying. Dahyun cursed under breath because the woman was already emotional, and she was yet to tell her about Nayeon and Jeongyeon.

Light tears streamed down from Sana’s face, “She’s here” she looked at Dahyun and there was a smile playing at her lips. “Talk to her on the phone, I’ll go prepare our food.”

As Dahyun pushed herself up, Sana gripped her arm, “Please stay with me.”

Dahyun bit a smile and placed herself next to Sana who was now holding up the phone to her ear. As the phone rang waiting for Jeongyeon to pick up, Dahyun bunched up her sleeve and started wiping Sana’s tears.

Dahyun leaned in and left a small kiss on her cheek, “Breathe.” Dahyun whispered, Sana blushed while mumbling a thank you in return.

“Unnie?” Sana said into the phone, Dahyun watched her girlfriend get excited.

Dahyun sat there holding Sana’s hand as the two conversed on the phone, then suddenly..

“Unnie, I want you to meet someone…” Dahyun’s grip on her hand tightened. Fuck!, Dahyun thought.

“Yes, her name is D-” Dahyun moved forward and covered Sana’s mouth and shook her head.

A muffled “Are you okay?” came from the phone but Dahyun muted the microphone, Sana furrowed her brows and hissed hissed, “What the heck was that?”

Dahyun pursed her lips, “Don’t introduce me yet, I gotta tell you something.”

“Hey Sana, you still there?” Jeongyeon’s voice rang from the phone.

Sana eyed her girlfriend and there was glint of begging in Dahyun’s tone so she sighed and unmuted the call to finalize her plans with Jeongyeon.

“Hi sorry, I tripped. So that restaurant across from the loft for dinner?” Sana hummed and nodded. The two say their goodbyes and after the call ends, Sana turns to Dahyun.

“Now what do you have to tell me?” Sana pulled back from Dahyun, standing up with her arms crossed. Dahyun sensed that Sana was slightly mad.

“So um…” Dahyun directed her gaze behind Sana’s head to avoid her gaze cause she felt like she would melt in place looking directly into the eyes of a mad Sana.

“My sister and your sister know each other and stuff,” Sana nodded still staring down at her girlfriend.

“But they kind of um…” Dahyun was stalling. “Dahyun…” Sana was picking up where this was going.

“Are you saying our sisters were together?” Sana’s mouth hung agape.

“Surprise?” Dahyun pulled out a ridiculous smile and held her arms out.

Sana still stood with her arms crossed and shook her head at Dahyun, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Dahyun’s head hung low and sighed, “Honestly? I don’t know. It caught me off guard.” Sana started to connect the dots about her first meeting with Nayeon when Jeongyeon was mentioned. The look in her eyes finally made sense, Nayeon still longed for her sister.

“That’s why you and Nayeon bolted to the bathroom.” Sana finally sat down next to Dahyun and she reached out to Dahyun’s hand.

“Next time, you just tell me straight. Don’t hide it from me.” Sana said pointedly brushing Dahyun’s cheek with her other hand. Dahyun turned to Sana who was just staring at her, “So you’re having dinner with her?” Sana nodded.

“I’ll probably end up sleeping at the loft too,” Sana smiled, “We’re gonna catch up with each other.”

Dahyun was completely happy for Sana but there was still one issue at hand.

“You can’t tell her that we’re dating…” Sana stood up again crossing her arms at Dahyun,

“And why not?” Dahyun was trying her best to hide the blush on her face at this moment. Why was Sana hot when she’s mad? “We need to come up with some plan to make this smooth.” Dahyun explained.

Sana’s eyes lit up and she grabbed her phone immediately, “OPERATION: GET THEM BACK TOGETHER”

“What? NO!” Dahyun shot up from her seat trying to chase after her girlfriend who was running into the living room. “And why not?” Sana raised her brows teasingly, “Nayeon will sob for weeks again if it doesn’t work.”

And with that Sana came to a halt, “Oh shit, I still don’t know what happened between them, do tell.”

Dahyun sighed and sat next to her on the couch and gave Sana the history between the two.

“And that’s why we need to do this smoothly.” Dahyun sighed. Sana leaned back on the couch and turned to her girlfriend, “I have an idea.”

“You said that Nayeon has a big ego” Dahyun nodded. Sana clapped her hands and laughed, “Jeongyeon also has a big ego but she’s more passive about it.”

“Even though it’s been a while since I’ve seen her, I still remember that when we were kids, she was really possessive over things.” Dahyun narrowed her eyes still confused on where this was potentially going.

“We set Nayeon up with somebody and have Jeongyeon see that…” Sana explains.

Dahyun finishes her thought, “That she’s moved on? And their egos collide which leads to them getting together again.” Sana clapped and did a small “BOOM” noise.

“Now who would get a reaction from Jeongyeon?” Sana turned to Dahyun. “Considering that you probably know her more than me.” Dahyun nodded and knew exactly who could contend.

“Hirai Momo.”



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“Why are you being so quiet?” Nayeon looked at Jeongyeon as they walked back to her dorm. Jeongyeon made a noise which didn’t really answer Nayeon’s question. Nayeon swung their held hands and she whined, “Are you just going to make a noise instead of answering me?”

Jeongyeon glanced at her and came to a halt, “What’s the deal with Momo?”

Nayeon blinked at her girlfriend and chuckled in disbelief, “Momo?”

Jeongyeon grumbled and started walking again until Nayeon tugged her back. “Are you jealous?”

Jeongyeon scrunched her face, “Absolutely not.”

Nayeon stood there just staring at her girlfriend blankly and hummed.

“What?” Jeongyeon said a little more annoyed at this moment. Nayeon smiled softly at the taller woman who was avoiding eye contact now. She took a step forward and pulled Jeongyeon closer by the hand and then wrapping her arms around her neck.

“Jeongyeon.” Nayeon said pointedly. Jeongyeon was still avoiding her gaze but she wrapped one arm around her midsection.

“Yoo Jeongyeon.” Nayeon repeated.

“What?” Jeongyeon now met her gaze, but she still kept her face still.

Nayeon kissed her cheek and looked at her, “Momo is just Momo, her flirting and skinship is nothing new.” Jeongyeon softened under her hold and words, but she still felt slightly tense.

“Are you sure that she even knows you’re with me?” Jeongyeon pointed at herself and Nayeon laughed but she understood why the woman was concerned. Their group dinner was more touchy than usual due to the wine that Jihyo bought for the table.

Momo sat on Nayeon’s right while Jeongyeon was on her left. Momo was kissing Nayeon’s hair and leaving flirtatious remarks while Jeongyeon grumbled at her food and Jihyo was amused by the sight in front of her.

But even through all that, Nayeon had a hand on Jeongyeon the whole night. Whether it was her hand, arm, or face. She didn’t let her go. She knew Jeongyeon was being Jeongyeon and Nayeon knew that the simplest touch would reassure Jeongyeon that she belonged to her.

“I am more than sure that Momo knows that I am with you, she was just tipsy tonight.” Nayeon kissed at Jeongyeon’s cheek after every other word that came.

Nayeon stared at Jeongyeon softly, “There is nobody else for me and I know you know that.”

Jeongyeon sighed, “I know..” then she cupped Nayeon’s cheek, “I just love you.”

Nayeon swooned at the words and leaned in to kiss her on the lips, they hummed into the kiss and although this moment was soft, Nayeon still had to continue her Nayeon-ism.

“You’re never jealous but Momo always riles you up and why is that?”

Jeongyeon rolled her eyes and pulled Nayeon to her dorm, “Is it cause she has abs?” Nayeon acted as though she were fainting and laid herself on the couch and just sent a teasing smile at her girlfriend.

Jeongyeon just stared and said in a firm tone.

“Because she’s Momo. Anybody would be jealous of Momo.”

Nayeon made grabby hands at her girlfriend who then laid on top of her. They laid there, Jeongyeon had her head rested on Nayeon’s chest and then she mumbled. “I have abs too.” making Nayeon bust out laughing while Jeongyeon groaned in response from the teasing trying to get away from Nayeon’s hold which only got tighter.

Sana and Dahyun sat together at the table waiting for Jeongyeon to arrive. Dahyun was frozen in her seat, but she could feel Sana comforting her by stroking her hand.

“You already know Jeongyeon, I need you to breathe. It’s going to be okay.”

About a week after Sana and Jeongyeon met up for the first time in years, Sana and Dahyun came to an agreement for Dahyun to come face to face with Jeongyeon again. Dahyun never held a grudge against Jeongyeon, but there was a part of her that also felt the pain her sister felt when Jeongyeon never came back.

To put things into perspective, Dahyun knew Jeongyeon for years due to her consistent university visits for Nayeon. Dahyun became a part of Nayeon’s university friends or as Nayeon calls it “family away from home”, and they treated her like a little sister especially Jeongyeon who cared for Dahyun just as much as Nayeon did. It hurt Dahyun that she didn’t even explain why she never came back. But today it was time to finally see her again, with Sana by her side.

When Jeongyeon entered, Dahyun couldn’t recognize her. Jeongyeon had grown her hair to a medium length and now her hair was its natural color of dark brown. Sana and Dahyun stood up together and once Jeongyeon was in front of them, they all froze.

“Dahyun?” Jeongyeon said in disbelief, her mouth hung agape. Dahyun waved her hand and with a soft smile, she said “It’s been a while.”

Jeongyeon stepped forward and looked at Sana still in complete disbelief, “You’re dating this shortie?”

“Yah!” Dahyun exclaimed. Jeongyeon and Sana busted out laughing and then Jeongyeon turned to Dahyun. “Can I hug you?” Dahyun couldn’t say anything back and just nodded.

Jeongyeon pulled her into a hug and she whispered to Dahyun, “I’m sorry.” Dahyun’s throat felt heavy and before she even knew it, tears were coming down her eyes.

As they pulled back from the hug, Jeongyeon and Sana coddled her together.

“So you’re still a crybaby” Jeongyeon smiled at Dahyun as she stroked her hair. “Shut up.” Sana laughed at her girlfriend while wiping her tears.

“I missed you.” Dahyun said in the midst of wiping her tears. Jeongyeon put both her hands on Dahyun’s shoulders, “You’ve grown, your cheeks aren’t fat anymore.” Jeongyeon sighed and smiled softly, “I missed you too. I’m sorry that it’s been a while.”

Jeongyeon looked at Dahyun and asked, “Does she know?” she gestured towards Sana and the couple nodded together. Jeongyeon scratched the back of her neck, and a guilty smile came to her face, “I think I should explain myself then…”

As the trio sat down and ordered their food, Jeongyeon had requested something from the waitress.

“Does Joohyun-ssi still cook here?” Jeongyeon inquired and the waitress nodded, “Tell her that Jeongyeon is here and I have a special request for tteokbokki and crab. She’ll know.”

The waitress took their orders and Jeongyeon would turn to Dahyun,

“That food is for your sister.” Jeongyeon said in a small voice and Dahyun nodded. Dahyun’s heart ached at Jeongyeon’s gesture, it was something small but if Nayeon knew it would’ve made her explode and probably kiss Jeongyeon immediately and then scold her for being gone for 2 years.

“So where should I start…” Jeongyeon clapped her hands together and looked between the couple.

“Why were you gone for longer than 10 months?”

Nayeon laid herself across the couch and sighed, it was her day off and nothing was really going on. Dahyun was out with Sana and Jihyo was also out on her own.

Her mind was still reeling from the thought of Sana being related to the only woman she ever truly loved and still longed for on certain days. Today was one of them, it has been a week since she found out, but it’s been picking at her every day.

The front door locks clicked and Dahyun peeked her head in and Sana’s head over hers. “We have food.”

“My dear sister” Nayeon stood up immediately trapping her into a hug while Sana moved to the kitchen to drop the bags. “I’m so bored.” Nayeon groaned.

Dahyun could only laugh, “I could see that.” She pulled Nayeon’s arm away from her midsection, well attempting, but Nayeon’s grip stayed firm, so she walked while Nayeon stayed attached to her from behind.

“Bought you some tteokbokki and crab” Dahyun said as they stood by the kitchen island, Sana preparing the food for Nayeon to eat. Nayeon was bouncing up and down like a little kid pressed a kiss on Dahyun’s cheek as a thank you and sat immediately to eat her first meal of the day. “Oh my god! And it’s cooked the way that I like…” Nayeon said as she took small bites at first.

“You haven’t eaten?” Dahyun clicked her tongue with a hand on her hip as if scolding her older sister. Nayeon shook her head and hummed but a smile plastered on her face with food stuffed into her mouth.

Nayeon could recognize the cooking from anywhere, “Dahyun-ah, where did you get this?”

Dahyun froze but Sana quickly came in, “This restaurant over at the city, it was a special.” Nayeon nodded but she was still suspicious, it tasted almost exactly like Irene’s cooking. A dear friend from university who was a cooking major, who would also provide free food for dates.

Between Nayeon and Jeongyeon.

Nayeon shook her head and continued eating, trying to dismiss the possibility. Plus she was starving, so she just ate diligently.

Sana met Dahyun’s eyes in a quick second to signal her to go through with the plan and in response Dahyun nodded.

They sat together and just conversed while Nayeon ate and Sana picking at some of the food as well. It was light and it was easy. Sana and Nayeon would get into the most random topics and talk about it endlessly while Dahyun watched in awe. Dahyun and Nayeon would bicker in which Nayeon was usually wrong and lost at the end.

As Sana and Nayeon continued to talk, Dahyun scrolled through her phone and made sure that the profile she found would be easily pulled up later. It was getting late, and Sana would have to go home soon to see Jeongyeon but Nayeon doesn’t know that and she doesn’t need to know that yet.

Sana and Dahyun stood at the front door holding each other while Nayeon made fake gagging noises from the couch as she watched the couple being affectionate with one another.

“Can you guys please get a room? I’m trying to enjoy my drama.” Nayeon said.

The couple laughed, Sana said her goodbyes to Nayeon and Dahyun walked her out of the building. Sana turned to Dahyun before she got into the car, “Are you doing the first part of the plan tonight?”

“Yes and I already have her profile pulled up on my phone.” Dahyun nodded and held up her phone. Sana almost fell over seeing the woman, Momo, on Dahyun’s screen. She was beautiful, abs of god, a talented dancer and all around perfect.

“No wonder Jeongyeon was fussing over her.” Sana said as she scrolled through the profile, in which Dahyun hummed in agreement. Then Sana was taking a little too long scrolling and Dahyun snatched her phone, “Okay that’s enough.”

Sana giggled and pulled her girlfriend close, “Are YOU jealous?” Sana started swinging her and making sing-song noises and Dahyun blushed, “No, Momo is like an older sister to me.”

“Right right…” Sana trailed and leaned in to leave a kiss on her girlfriend’s lips. “I’ll see you tomorrow, let me know what happens.”

Dahyun rode the elevator back to the apartment and when she walked in Nayeon still sat on the couch, focused on her drama. She plopped down beside her sister and cuddled into her.

As an almost-actress-almost idol, Dahyun decided to use her learned skills. She pulled out her phone and started scrolling slowly, she knew that her sister was a nosy one even if she swore she wasn’t.

Nayeon would slightly peek at her sister’s phone and nothing interesting was coming up, so she just turned her focus back onto the drama. Then suddenly Dahyun sat up, “Unnie…”

Nayeon raised her brows at Dahyun.

The younger woman asked, “When was the last time you talked to Momo?”

Nayeon’s eyes widened at the name, “Probably graduation, she got pretty busy once she got that dance teacher job in Japan.” Nayeon then leaned towards the phone, but Dahyun leaned back to pull Nayeon even more.

Got her.”, Dahyun thought in her head and smirked at her sister who was trying her best to look at the phone. “Do you have her profile or something?” Nayeon furrowed her brows as she tried her best to pry the phone out of Dahyun’s hands.

After a couple of minutes fighting over the phone, Dahyun loosened herself and Nayeon ends up taking her phone. Nayeon’s eyes widened as she scrolled her phone, “Holy shit.”

Dahyun tried her best to hide the smirk sneaking up to her face, as she watched her sister scroll through the account, Dahyun moved towards her sister slowly.

“Unnie? How long has it been since you’ve gone out?” Nayeon narrowed her eyes at Dahyun who was looking at her with curious eyes. “It’s been a while, and why do you care?” Nayeon shrugged.

“I’m dating somebody and what if I move out with Sana? What if you’re all alone?” Dahyun started rambling, Nayeon lightly slapped Dahyun’s arm. “Yah! Are you saying I can’t find somebody?”

Dahyun shook her hands immediately as she tried to explain herself, “No! I just want you to have somebody, that’s not me or Jihyo-unnie.”

Nayeon just nodded and kept scrolling through Momo’s profile, “So you’re trying to set me up with Momo, aren’t you?” Dahyun bit her lip as she tried to her smile. Nayeon chuckled at her sister and gave her phone back. “You know how I feel about Momo, and you know how Momo is.”

Dahyun understood and nodded her head. “She’s in town.” Dahyun said seeing if she could still peak her sister’s interest. “A little dinner to catch up won’t be so bad.” Nayeon looked at her sister who was doing a weird wiggling dance trying to entice her to go through with this.

“Is Sana making you do this?” Nayeon asked, Dahyun busted out laughing and shook her head.

“I’m doing this because I want you to do something other than working, napping, and following me around. To have somebody again.” Dahyun emphasized the last phrase. Nayeon sighed and laid herself down on the couch, “Send me her profile, I’ll reach out to her.”

Dahyun jumped from the couch, a little too excitedly and she immediately suppressed herself to make sure she did not come off as suspicious.

Nayeon stayed on the couch while Dahyun made her way to her room. Nayeon sighed and couldn’t help but think about what her sister said.

“To have somebody.”

Of course she wanted to have somebody but it’s hard to do that when you particularly want a specific somebody. A somebody who’s probably still in Spain on her desk, drawing up her ideas. All the unique building structures that she used to show off especially when she was proud.

Nayeon would sit at the edge of the bed as that somebody would start explaining the details from the desk and pointing at specific points in her designs. The excited tone of that somebody’s voice and the brightness in her eyes.

The somebody that used to complain about Nayeon hogging all the sheets but two hours later would be glued to her with arms wrapped around her body. The somebody that understood her like nobody else did.

That was the somebody that she wanted. Stupid Yoo Jeongyeon.

Nayeon scrolled through Momo’s profile and the woman still looked beautiful as ever, probably just as flirty too. She settled on taking a chance on this dinner with Momo. It wouldn’t hurt, right?

By the next morning, Dahyun prepared breakfast and left a note for Nayeon explaining that she had to leave early. Dahyun drove to Sana’s apartment as soon as she stepped into her car.

Dahyun knocked on the door and the door swung open and immediately a weight toppled over her, “So did it work?” She asked brightly.

Dahyun nodded with a wide smile on her face, the couple jumped together in each other’s arms but somebody was in their company. Jeongyeon stood in the kitchen with her glasses on, standing over her sketchbook while munching on bread.

“Good morning” Dahyun bowed her head and Jeongyeon who was so focused on her work didn’t even notice Dahyun come in. “Good morning, shortie.” Jeongyeon said as she bit her food.

She’s still the same.” Dahyun thought in her head.

The couple excused themselves to Sana’s room and Jeongyeon remarked to not get too loud or else she’ll steal all the breakfast and leave, therefore starving them, she said.

Dahyun sat at the edge of the bed and Sana straddled over her and they sat there wrapped up with each other. Sana leaned which made them fall together on the bed, “So what’s next?”

“The next part of the plan, have them see each other.” Dahyun mumbled as she kissed Sana’s neck, Sana sighed at the sensation and bit her lip to suppress any other noises.

“We go out to eat with Jeongyeon and we make them ‘accidentally’ bump into each other right?” Sana said but she could barely hold herself on top of Dahyun who was starting to snake her hands around her body. Dahyun only hummed in response and started leaving more kisses on her neck, Sana leaned back to get a full view of her girlfriend, “Now what’s up with you?”

“I missed you.” Dahyun leaned forward to sit up and leaned into kiss Sana. Sana smiled into the kiss, “Okay but we still need to finish the plan?”

“We have time, just let me give you something right now.” Dahyun said confidently, her lips still moving in a rhythm. The hands wrapped around Sana’s waist moved underneath her shirt and soft noises started leaving Sana’s lips in which Dahyun smirked. “I suppose just a little something won’t hurt our planning.” Sana said against Dahyun’s lips.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jeongyeon moved her pencil across the page, the details and accuracy were the most important to her. Since she arrived back in Korea, she’s drawn up at least 10 different building structures.

Her mind reeled at the thought of her younger sister dating Dahyun, another woman who also felt like a younger sister to her especially considering how she watched over her for years until she left. Jeongyeon was more than happy for Sana and Dahyun and thought that they were compatible, but another thing stayed still in her mind, another person.


The thought of Nayeon drove her to keep drawing up these structures in her notebook as a distraction. She kept wondering whether she’ll see Nayeon and to think of it, that was the inevitable. It was bound to happen, and she did not know when it’ll happen but when it does, Jeongyeon doesn’t know if she can face her again.

“Why were you gone for longer than 10 months?”

Jeongyeon sighed as the couple stared at her with curious eyes, waiting for the answer.

“I just couldn’t leave.” Jeongyeon said bluntly. Dahyun stared at her and knew that there was more to it than she was letting on. Sana picked up on the fact as well as she asked her sister, “Okay but why didn’t you tell anybody?”

Scratching the back of her neck and trying to ignore the pair of eyes staring at her, Jeongyeon mumbled under her breath.

“I met somebody.”

Dahyun hummed and nodded, she understood Jeongyeon but if Nayeon were to hear this, it would take her stubborn sister to accept the fact. Dahyun reached a hand over the table and gripped onto Jeongyeon’s hand, “Jeongyeon, I hope you know that’s okay because the real problem is that you never said anything. To anybody, to Nayeon.”

Dahyun emphasized her sister’s name and she saw Jeongyeon slightly wince once Nayeon was said. Jeongyeon fiddled with their hands and stared into Dahyun’s eyes, “It’s just…” she paused, “How would I have explained that to your sister? It would’ve crushed her.”

Sana clicked her tongue and shook her head, “You were thousands of miles away and you broke up. I’m sure there would’ve been a little understanding.” Dahyun nodded as well, “You’re the only person who knows and understands Nayeon more than I do, and you know she would’ve understood.”

Of course Jeongyeon knew she would understand. Nayeon would’ve done anything for her and she knows that and that’s why it hurt.