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Anne & Big Bertha

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                                                                                                                          Chapter 29

Anne woke to a loud knock on the door. She willed whoever it was to go away.  Only the knocking continued.  ‘Anne are you awake.’ Marian said. ‘Your unexpected visitor has arrived.’ Anne crawled out of bed trying not to disturb Ann. It was impossible to do that because Ann had her arm wrapped around Anne’s body. ‘Dearest, where are you going? Don’t leave me. ‘She said as she opened her eyes. ‘Marian is here. My visitor has already arrived at the hall.’  Anne said as she finished dressing. They had slept in their birthday suits. 

Anne closed the bedroom door then made her way to the outer door. She opened it and let Marian walk in. ‘Who is it?’ Anne whispered to Marian so Ann wouldn’t hear. 
‘It’s miss prim and proper. She must think she owns the place. She swaggered in and is at present driving Aunt Anne mad with her constant complaining about her husband and how it’s good to be away from him.’ Anne had never head Marian call Mariana Lawton that before. Then Ann appeared next to Anne. ‘I guess you know who is visiting us.’ Marian said as she looked at Ann. ‘Let me at the bitch. I thought she had learned her lesson last time we saw her at our wedding.’ Ann said as she stormed out of the hut and back towards the hall. 

Anne called her Aunt. ‘Ann is on her way to the hall. She is fuming because Mariana is there. Only I think when she’s Mary all her steam will have dissipated. Mary will only need to look at her and Ann will be a wreck.’ Just as Aunt Anne disconnected the call Ann walked in. Mariana was in the sitting room. Ann walked up to her. ‘Either you fuck off or I will call the cops and have them arrest you for trespassing on private property.’

‘You will. Will you?’ Ann reached in her pocket to pull out her phone to call the cops. She didn’t have her phone with her. It was still down at the hut. She had left in a hurry she had forgotten to collect if. Then her wife appeared with Marian. Anne strode over to where Ann was standing. ‘Whatever you say won’t change the truth. Ann and I are married now and that’s how it will always be. She is my wife. You are still married to Charles and always will be.’ Anne said. ‘So, it would be great if you would kindly just leave or we will call the cops.’ 

It wasn’t long before the local police arrived at Shibden after Aunt Anne called then with Charles right behind them. ‘Has my wife been causing trouble again?’ Anne and Ann smiled. They could seem Mariana squirming when he first appeared in the sitting room. Then she frowned when he spoke as if she was some annoying bug they wanted rid of. She stood up accepting her fate. Even though she didn’t want to return home to Lawton Hall with Charles she had no other choice. Anne walked towards her as she walked out through the hall and outside. ‘Mariana, I hope we can remain friends. I consider your friendship important to me but you need to remember that Ann Walker is my wife and that will never change.’ She could see Ann nodded next to Anne.

‘Okay!! I suppose something is better than nothing. Take care and I will call you some day.’ Anne nodded. She reached in and gave Mariana a hug then she was gone. Aunt Anne smiled. ‘It’s about time someone put her in her place. She parades around this place as if she owns it. Heaven forbid if you really did marry her, Anne.  I am sure our life would be hell.’ Anne had to agree with her Aunt only she would never admit that Aunt Anne was right and not just this time but every time. 

‘Do you think we will hear from Mariana anytime in the future?’ Ann asked Anne. ‘I don’t think so. She wants all of me and if she can only have some of me that isn’t enough for her. That’s why I offered her friendship. She took it but for her it wasn’t enough. She agreed but I could see in her eyes that would never do for her. I suppose she will need to go find another Anne Lister to grovel up to.’

‘I hope we have all learned a lesson here today,’ Aunt Anne said. ‘We should never demand from another person what they aren’t able to give us.’ Anne, Ann and Marian nodded in agreement. What more could they do? Aunt Anne was a woman who had seen more life than they could ever imagine and she was the only one in their family apart from father who rarely talked about his feelings who understood and accept them with all their foibles. ‘I need to go fetch Bertha and bring her back to the barn before she feels neglected. Do you want to come with me, Adney?’ Ann nodded as they strolled across the estate to the hut. It was all she could do because she knew Anne had an ulterior motive for asking Ann to go with her.

Anne hadn’t completely closed the door of the hut when she pushed Ann’s body against it. Anne pushed her lips against Ann’s. They kissed for what seemed an eternity. Then Anne pulled away. She shrugged off her shorts and t’shirt. She stood there only in her sports bra and boxers. It was so alluring to Ann who copied her moves. Anne grabbed her hand and they moved from the small but quaint living area into the smaller but quaint bedroom. 

She pushed Ann onto the bed and grabbed her light green knickers. She took them off and sniffed them. Ann frowned. ‘You are so wet for me, Adney.’ Anne husked. Then she landed on the bed with a soft thud. Ann felt the bed sink with the combination of their weight. Ann rolled onto her side. She wrapped her arms around Anne’s neck and pulled her in for a searing kiss. Anne was trailing her hand done Ann’s body to her centre. Ann was already wet for her. She scooped some of Ann’s arousal and traced it over Ann’s clit. 

Anne made ever smaller circles with her fingers around Ann’s clit as Ann’s body trembled with pleasure above her. Then she dove three fingers inside. ‘Oh Adney, you are so wet for me. Oh I love how you feel. Touch me.’ Ann moved her shaky hand down Anne’s body until she found Anne’s clit. It was hard. She ghosted over it and Anne moaned. Ann’s fingers collected Anne’s arousal and brought it up to Anne’s clit. They were moaning in unison, rubbing each other’s clit and screaming out their names. Anne was the first to go over the cliff into the deep pool of her desire. Ann followed seconds later. It had been hard to keep focus on what they were doing. Yet, they were soaked in sweat, happy and exhausted. 
They wrapped their arms around each other. Ann smiled broadly. Anne crashed their lips together. They kissed passionately then Anne rose and dressed. She had said they

were going to collect Bertha and bring her back to the barn. Ann dressed.  They put on their leather gear and helmets. ‘Let’s go for a ride into Halifax on Bertha and buy something delicious for tea. What do you think, Dearest?’ Anne nodded. ‘That way we have an excuse as to why we didn’t return to the hall when we said we would.’ Anne nodded. She could see Ann didn’t want her family to know they had been shagging especially Marian. She would use it to her advantage.
They called Aunt Anne when they reached Halifax. ‘Hi Anne what’s up?’

’We went for a ride into Halifax and were wondering if you would like us to get something delicious for dinner.’ Anne said trying not to giggle because Ann was laughing behind her. ‘That would be lovely. I will ask Jeremy and Marian what they would like. I’ll be just a moment.’ It was about five minutes later when Aunt Anne returned to tell them they would all like Chinese please.’

‘I think we can do that. Ann wants to go into Whitley’s. She is going to buy me a book. I think she wants me to read to her. I am not really sure.‘  Anne said as she looked at Ann who was smiling. ‘Okay!! I will see you soon, Anne.’ Anne disconnected the call. They had Bertha parked outside Whitley’s. So they walked inside. Mr Whitley was serving customers. Ann perused the shelves to find something she would like Anne to read to her. Anne was talking to the shop owner. She hadn’t been in the shop for quite awhile. Ann kept looking then she spied the book she wanted Anne to read to her. It seemed to be an older copy. Ann pulled it from the shelves. 

She had loved reading Jane Austen for as long as she could remember. Emma was one of her favourites. This book had a high price so Ann assumed it was a first edition. Ann brought the book over to show Anne. Anne collected first editions. It was a side of the big tough bikie that only a few people knew about. ‘How old is this book?’ She said as she passed it to Anne. The title page said it was written by the author of Pride and Prejudice. ‘I think this have to be a first edition.’ Anne said as she looked at Mr Whitley who nodded. He was asking 100 pounds sterling for the book. Ann passed him her debt card with a smile on her face. Anne wanted to get the book appraised but Ann was in too much of a hurry to worry about that.

They strolled out of Whitley’s and walked the distance to the Chinese restaurant and takeaway. Ann was holding on tightly to the book she had just bought and Anne was holding Ann’s other hand. 

They walked to the Chinese takeaway. It was only a few minutes’ walk from Whitley’s bookshop. Anne ordered their meals and Ann opened up Emma and began reading. Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever and rich. ‘Ann Walker what are you doing? I thought you wanted me to read that to you.’ 

‘I do Dearest.’ Ann said as she looked up for the page of the book. Anne smiled. It had been years since she had read to someone. That someone was her younger brother, Sam who was her favourite sibling.  Anne was lost in her thoughts until Ann said. ‘Dearest why are you crying what’s wrong?’  Then she pulled her in for a warm hug. 

Anne sobbed quietly with her head on Ann’s shoulder. She felt embarrassed because they were in the Chinese takeaway.  Ann motioned for Anne to speak. She couldn’t. Ann collected their order. They walked back to Bertha and rode home.  Anne raced inside after she parked Bertha in the barn. Ann ran fast to keep up with her but she couldn’t because she was carrying their food.  ‘What’s up with Anne?  She said she wouldn’t be eating because she wasn’t hungry. Then she flew upstairs so fast. Has she been crying?’ Marian asked. 

‘Yes but she didn’t tell me why’ I will go check on her.’ Ann said as she gave Marian their food. She raced up the stairs to their bedroom. The door was closed and she could hear Anne sobbing loudly. She opened the door to find her wife curled up on their bed shaking. What’s wrong Dearest? Did I say something to hurt you?’ Anne shook her head. ‘What happened?’ How could Anne tell her wife she was upset because she remembered how she used to read to Sam when he was a kid. Would Ann understand?  ‘Anne tell me what happened. I would like to know why you are so sad right now.’ Ann pulled her in for a warm hug. ‘Talk to me, Dearest.’ 

‘When we were talking about me reading to you I had a memory of reading to Sam when he was a young boy. It was a sad memory. I am sorry if you thought you had said something to be to upset me. You didn’t.’ Ann frowned. She felt sad again. She could feel tears welling in the corner of her eyes. She buried her head in Anne’s neck. ‘Ann, are you okay? What’s the matter, Adney.’ 

‘I don’t like it when you are sad.’ Ann said. ‘Let’s talk about this later. I think we will miss out on tea if we don’t go now.’  Then stood up, dried their eyes and blew their noses. They walked downstairs. Marian met them at the bottom. ‘I was just coming to get you two. Come on let’s eat.’  They followed Marian into the dining room. She had laid out their food. Anne took her usual seat and Ann sat next to her. They ate in companionable silence. No one asked why Anne had raced up to their bedroom. 

Anne was happy about that. She didn’t want to explain to everyone that she had a sad memory of Sam.. She loved reading to Sam. He would listen to her read to him for hours if she let him coerce her into reading to him. Anne Lister big tough bikie reading children’s stories well, to be honest she wasn’t that much older than Sam. She had to remember when he was born. Only she couldn’t. She didn’t want to ask her father or her aunt. She knew Marian probably would be able to tell her. Only asking Marian about something she should know went against her.  

She considered asking her aunt. Then she remembered she wrote it down on a pad in her bedside dresser. She would look when they went to bed. They all adjourned to the sitting room to chat and watch some mindless television for an hour or two. Ann sat in her lap and made mindless circles on her legs. Anne couldn’t control herself. She lifted Ann up bridal style and carried her to their bedroom. ‘Ann Walker, it is impossible to concentrate on anything while you insist on drawing circles on my legs.’ Ann smiled. 

She loved to rile Anne up as she did and tonight was no exception. Anne dumped her on their bed. When Ann looked up she was rifling through her bedside table drawer. ‘What are you looking for?’ Ann asked. ‘Aha found it.’ Anne said as she pulled a writing pad out from the drawer and opened it. ‘I had forgotten the year Sam was born. So, I had to look it up. He was only 20 when he died and I miss him so much.’  Ann cradled Anne in her arms. ‘I feel the same way about my brother, John. I miss him. I know the pain will never go away. I just deal with it.’ Anne smiled. She had someone who understood how she felt. ‘When was he born, Anne?’ Ann asked sincerely. ‘He was born two years after me.’ Anne said as she returned her writing pad to the drawer and closed it. 

Ann was getting ready for bed. She threw Anne’s t-shirt and sweatpants at her. Anne dutifully put them on. Ann slipped into her pjs. Anne was already in bed. Ann slid in beside her. ‘Now, tell me about Sam.’ Ann asked sincerely. Anne could talk for hours about her brother who taught her to fight with a sword. 

Ann couldn’t understand why Anne needed to know how to fight with a sword. He also taught her how to ride a motorcycle. ‘That’s why I am so good on Bertha. Sam was a natural on a motorcycle. He owned quite a few different ones. He would buy them, fix them up and sell them making a small profit to put into another one.’

’He loved motorcycles. Did you get your passion for motorcycles from Sam?’ Ann asked tentatively. ‘I think it was something we both seemed to enjoy. Of course, father bought him his first motorcycle when he was in his early teens. Sam would let me ride it when mother and father weren’t watching otherwise I would never have got a chance to realise how much I love riding motorcycles.’ 

‘When did you get your first motorcycle?’ Ann asked. She loved the way Anne was opening up about Sam without the heartache from earlier. ‘Bertha one was my first motorcycle until then Sam would allow me to borrow one of his before he sold it. Yeah, I was so lucky that he trusted me so much. Adney, I miss him so much.’ Anne said as tears began pooling the corners of her eyes. Ann reached across and pulled her in for a tight hug.  ‘Dearest, he knew how much you loved him. While he isn’t here with you right now. He is with you here.’ Ann put her hand on Anne’s heart. ‘In your heart and he will always be there. Won’t he?’ Anne nodded. She wondered how she got so lucky to have such a caring wife.  

They had been chatting for some time. Ann was getting very sleepy. Yet, she could feel Anne had so much more she wanted to tell her. ‘Is there anything else you want to tell me, Dearest?’ Ann asked sincerely as they snuggled together in bed. ‘Nothing that I can think of right now, Adney.’ Anne said as she reached up and turned off the light.