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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 26

Anne woke early the next morning. She wasn’t sure if Ann still wanted to be her wife. She didn’t know how to deal with what she had done. It was without doubt the worst thing anyone could do to the person they were married to. She still couldn’t understand how she allowed it to happen. She rose from their bed and dressed. She needed to go for a walk and hopefully when she returned Ann would still be there.

She left a note for Ann. Forgive me for not being here when you woke up. I will return soon. I am feeling low and it’s what I did to you last night. I cannot believe that you still want to be with me, Ann.  Anne raced out the door and down the street before Ann woke. She was walking so fast she thought she would return before Ann woke.

She gingerly opened the door to their B&B. Ann was stretched on the couch waiting for her when she walked into the lounge room. She looked into Ann’s eyes. She was smiling. She stood up and walked over to where Anne was standing.

Ann wrapped her arms around Anne’s neck and crashed their lips for a long, passionate kiss. When she pulled away Anne had tears rolling down her cheeks. Ann wiped them away with her thumb. ‘Anne Lister, I did know about your reputation. Yet, I still married you knowing that because I love you and didn’t want to believe what others told me. I am still here for the same reason even after experiencing what you did last night, Dearest. Something inside me tells me it was muscle memory that made you do what you did. I hope it never happens again. Okay!!’ Anne nodded. She was still crying. She didn’t know how lucky she was or how close she had come to losing the only woman who loved her for her.

‘You need to call Aunt Anne. I am sure you know what she will say to you but you need to hear it. She needs to know everything hasn’t been as chirpy on the honeymoon front as she would like to think.’ Anne nodded again. She dried her eyes. She pulled out her phone to call her aunt then realised that she was probably still in bed. ‘I will call Aunt Anne later. Is that okay, Adney?’

‘Yes, that is okay.’ Ann said as she looked at her wife when Anne’s phone buzzed. It was a message from an unknown number. Anne unlocked her phone and read it. It was from Maria. I feel a fool for what I did last night. I know I have unintentionally put a wedge between you and your wife. Please tell me everything is okay between you and Ann. I never intended to do what I did. It just happened. 

Anne wanted to reply but she was unsure if Ann wanted her to. She needed to give her the benefit of the doubt. She would answer it later when she had won Ann over completely. She didn’t think Ann was there yet. ‘Aren’t you going to reply to Maria’s text message?’ Ann said smiling at Anne. ‘You know I won’t leave you but you also need to know that watching while someone kissing your wife isn’t a nice way to end a night.’ Anne nodded. ‘What will I tell her, Adney?’ Anne said sincerely. ‘Whatever you want which, will make her think twice about doing what she did again?’ Anne looked at Ann. She didn’t know what to say. So, Ann grabbed her phone and wrote. You know me from my past actions. That isn’t who I am now. I am going to stay loyal to Ann Walker. Please remember that before you try kissing me again. Ann is the love of my life. She has accepted me in a way no one else has. Ann let Anne read it before she hit send.  Anne finally knew where she stood with Ann and she had to smile. She couldn’t stop herself. She put her phone down and they sat on the sofa.

It was two hours later when they were stirred from the nap by the buzz of Anne’s phone on the coffee table. It was her aunt. She answered and put her on speaker phone. She wanted Ann to hear what her aunt would say when she told her about her foolish indiscretion. ‘Hi Aunt how are you?’

‘Hi Anne and Ann I am good. How are you?’

‘We are good now.’ Anne said as she looked at Ann who nodded. ‘What do you mean good now? What happened? Spill the beans. You didn’t fuck up again Sister?  Marian said. Aunt must have put them on speakerphone too.

‘Confession time.’ Anne said slowly and quietly. She was searching for the right words to say that wouldn’t make Ann blush. Plus she didn’t want to have foot in mouth disease. ‘We went out for a meal with Maria Barlow. After Ann paid for the meals we went back to her place for coffee. Well, that’s what I thought we were having. Only I think Maria had other ideas. She tried to kiss Ann but Ann wouldn’t let her.’

‘Then she kissed you. Aren’t I right Anne? I told you that one day your reputation would come back to haunt you. Is Ann there with you?’

‘Yes, Aunt I am here.’

‘Did she come grovelling back to you on her hands and knees?’ Aunt Anne said waiting for a reply. Ann had to think what to say. Then she remembered the note Anne had slipped under the bathroom door. The one she had carefully folded and tucked into the pocket of her leather pants. ‘No but she wrote me the sweetest apology I have ever read. She admitted she did wrong. I love her for that. We all make mistakes. I was hard enough on her last night. I locked myself in the bathroom and wouldn’t speak to her. That’s why I got the note.’ Ann said sincerely. ‘Good for you.’ Marian said. ‘My sister has a bad reputation but I know she will do anything to keep you.’ Anne smiled she never thought her sister would be on her side. ‘Thank you Marian. I don’t deserve your support but I am grateful for it.’

‘So, what happens now?’ Aunt Anne asked. ‘We are going to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral tomorrow then go to Italy. We will be there for a few days then we are going to come home. I am missing you so much Aunt.’

‘That is so sweet of you to say, Ann. We are missing you too but you should enjoy your honeymoon with our Anne.’ Aunt Anne said. ‘There was a reason why I called. Did you find the money in the envelope?’

‘Yes, thank you, both of you and father. It was a lovely surprise and we are going to spend it wisely as you suggested.’

‘You’re welcome. We didn’t know what to do for you and thought a little boost to your wallet would help.’ Marian said sincerely. ‘it was more a boost to our egos, Marian especially Ann’s. She is so grateful that you have accepted her into our family.’  Ann smiled. It was the truth. Ann’s family was less than pleased about Ann’s decision to marry Anne. ‘Thank you, Marian.’ Ann said. ‘If you need us to come home sooner we will. Okay!’

‘I will let you know if we need you here, Ann. Thanks for the offer. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.’

‘We will!’ they both said. ‘Goodbye girls. I will talk to you soon.’ Aunt Anne said. ‘Goodbye Aunt.’ Anne and Ann said in unison. Then Anne disconnected the call. ‘Are you really happy that you married me so soon when your family were harassing you and wanting you to forget about me, Ann?’

‘I did what I did not because of my family. I did what I did and married you Anne Lister because I love you. I would do it again if you want me to.’ Anne smiled.  She didn’t understand why someone would want to stay with her especially after what she had done. Only there was Ann looking up at her with puppy dog eyes and the biggest smile on her face that she had ever seen. ‘Now, what are we going to do, Adney?’

‘For someone so bright you certainly are slight dense, Dearest. I think you know what I want you to do. Now, you need to get our bag of goodies from Bertha. I will be here waiting for you to return.’ Anne smiled again. She raced out the door and was back ten minutes later with the bag in her hand. ‘What happened to the food the waiter gave us at the restaurant?’

‘Sorry, I accidentally left it at Maria’s place when I left to chase after you.’ Ann smiled. ‘I am glad I am more important than food.’ Anne rifled through the bag to see what else Ann had bought from Maria. There was the strap on and harness plus two tubes of lube. Ann had also bought a butt plug. No, she remembered Maria promised something extra. Maybe the butt plug was the little something extra. Anne smiled she would certainly make good use of that. She imagined how Ann would look filled up with the cock and the butt plug.  Then she felt further into the bag. There was something else there. Anne pulled it out and Ann smiled. ‘So, you have found my purple bullet vibrator. What do you think?’ Ann asked cheekily. ‘I think by the look on your face you want to try it out.’  Anne said as she reached for a bottle of lube. ‘I don’t think we will need that. Well, from my point of view we won’t. Anne grinned and returned the lube to the bag.

Anne looked up to see that Ann was standing in front of her naked. Their joint moans were loud. Anne stood and wrapped her left arm under Ann’s knees and her right arm around Ann’s neck. She picked Ann up and carried her bridal style up the stairs to their bedroom. Ann moaned loudly when Anne lowered her onto the bed. Then Anne proceeded to remove her clothes. Ann’s eyes traced every contour of Anne’s body. She was in amazing shape for someone who didn’t seem to work out much.

Anne grabbed the bullet vibrator and turned it on. She felt good in her hands. Then she realised Ann must have asked Maria to put a battery into it. She spread herself out next to Ann whose body was vibrating in anticipation of what was about to happen.  

Ann leaned over and crashed her lips to Anne’s. All thought of last night gone. They had each other and that is the way they hoped it would always be. Anne pulled herself closer to Ann. Their bodies moulding together Anne turned on the vibrator and passed it down their bodies until she found their clits. She laid it against Ann’s clit and pushed her clit against it. The vibration was making both Anne and Ann squirm.  The sensations they were feeling from the vibrator would make them explode together. Anne put her arms around Ann’s neck and pulled her in for a searing kiss. Ann moaned into her mouth.

That was all it took for Anne to plunge over the edge. Ann followed a few seconds later. They held each other for a beat Ann smiling broadly at her wife. ‘Did I do good buying the vibrator, Dearest?’ Anne just smiled. That was all she needed to do for Ann to know she had done good.

Anne stood up and left Ann lying on their bed. She went downstairs to retrieve the harness and strap on. She had plans to make her wife come harder than she had ever done in her life. ‘Anne, hurry up please. I know why you went downstairs.’ Anne grinned to herself. She had shucked her clothes and pulled the harness up, tighten the straps. She put the cock in place. It stood erect as she climbed the stairs she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face.

Ann mouth fell open her jaw dropped to the floor. ‘You might want to pick that up Ann. I don’t think you want to catch flies in your mouth. Ann closed her mouth. Her eyes were wide with want.

Anne pulled Ann up for a searing kiss. They stayed like that for some time. Ann could feel Anne’s cock rub against her thigh. It was tantalisingly close to her centre. Ann moaned. Anne pushed Ann gently back onto their bed. She leaned over Ann and crashed their lips together. She pushed one, then two, then three fingers inside Ann’s centre. Ann was so wet. Anne knew she wouldn’t need to use lube even though she had brought a tube with her.

She placed the lube on the bedside table and focused on fucking her wife. Ann smiled at her. She placed her hands gently on the bed beside Ann’s hips. She gently caressed Ann’s centre with her cock until Ann moaned desperately. ‘Please Ann, don’t tease me.’ How could Anne keep teasing her when Ann had made such a desperate request. Anne pulled herself up until the tip of her cock found the entrance to Ann’s centre. Ann moaned loudly as the cock entered her centre. Anne could feel Ann’s walls clenching around it. They moaned in unison. ‘Is that okay?’ Anne asked her shyly. ‘It is more than okay, Anne. It makes me fill so full.’  Anne pummelled her slowly.  Ann asked her to go faster.

Anne pummelled into Ann faster than she ever imagined she would. Ann moaned and groaned. Her hips rising to meet with each thrust of Anne inside her Ann screamed out her name one last time. Her body seized then she fell onto the bed. Anne eased out of her gently. She lay next to Ann and wrapped her arms around her.

Ann had come harder than she ever had. Anne looked over she wondered why Ann seemed so quiet. Ann had fallen asleep and was snoring quietly.  She tiptoed out of the room and went downstairs.  Since the incident with Maria Barlow Anne had been feeling low and she couldn’t shake the feeling that Ann would leave her. She would blame Ann if she did that. Oh she believed Ann when she said she was with her for always only what if Mariana turned up at Shibden and tried to kiss her. Would her muscle memory work against her and put another wedge between her and Ann?

She didn’t know. She didn’t hear Ann come up behind her and wrap her arms around her. ‘Dearest, are you okay? Why are you shaking?’ Anne didn’t realise she was shaking until Ann asked her. She tried to calm herself down only it wasn’t happening.  Ann turned her around and held her close. ‘You are worried I will leave you after what happened with Maria. You are worried it will happen again with someone else. Aren’t you, Dearest?’ Anne nodded. ‘You do have a reputation that most of Halifax knows about. Only they don’t really know you. Do they?’ Anne nodded again. She had tears streaming down her face. ‘You really did think you had lost me. Anne Lister, I know that what happened with Maria Barlow was a mistake. I know we can weather the storm and it doesn’t matter what life throws at us I will always be with you.’

‘Thank you for being the firm ground on which I can stand and feel safe and protected.’ Anne said. ‘I have always felt like I was floating on thin ice and would drown if I stepped too hard on it. You have given me hope to see a future that with someone which I never imagined possible.’

‘You stole my line. I feel the same way too, Dearest. You keep me grounded in ways I never imagined anyone would. I love you darling.’