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Anne & Big Bertha

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                                                           Chapter 24

The following morning Anne woke with Ann’s arm wrapped around her waist and Ann’s leg draped over her legs. She wanted to move but couldn’t.  Ann snored on. Anne tried to wake her but couldn’t. She whispered in her ear, kissed her neck, wrapped her arms around Ann’s neck. Nothing seemed to work. She closed her eyes. It was then that Ann yelled boo. Anne jumped so high she thought her head was going to hit the ceiling. ‘Why did you do that, Miss Walker?’

‘Why did I do what, Miss Lister?’ Ann said innocently. ‘Scare me like that.’

‘Did I scare you, Dearest?’ Ann said shyly. ‘I thought you jumped because something had bitten you.’

‘Yeah, you did. Boo!!! Very funny, hahahaha!!’

I thought it was too.’

‘Now, what are we going to do?’ Anne asked. ‘I would like to go to the Louvre today, Dearest.’ Ann said. ‘Can we do that?’

‘Yes, we can do that but what do you want to do before that?’

‘I’m not sure I follow you, Anne.’ Ann said innocently. ‘Oh you know what I mean, Miss Walker.’ Ann moved her hand from around Anne’s waist and moved it down. She rubbed Anne’s clit. ‘Is this what you’re talking about?’ Ann said as she continued rubbing her clit gently. Anne’s hips thrust with each stroke against her clit. ‘Ann, faster please.’ Anne said as she lifted her hips to meet Ann’s thrusts. Anne moaned and groaned. She screamed out Ann’s name. Then she came over Ann’s hand. Only Ann knew she wanted more from her.

Ann kissed Anne passionately then trailed kissed down her neck, across her collar bone and down to her clit. Ann sucked on Anne’s nipples. They looked so sexy to Ann. She massaged Anne’s breasts with her fingers. Anne moaned again. ‘Please, Ann. Go down on me. Wrap your lips around my clit and suck it fast. I am desperate for your touch.’ Ann smiled. She continued to tease Anne for a beat. Then dove in between Anne’s legs and wrapped her lips around Anne’s clit. Anne screamed. The shock was too much. The feeling was more than she ever imagined it would be.

Ann had done this before only not with this much intensity. She could feel every suck of Ann’s lips and every lick of Ann’s tongue on her clit. Ann pummelled Anne’s centre with three fingers fast and hard. Anne’s body seemed to be responding in ways that Anne didn’t understand.  She was panting hard when her walls nearly crushed Ann’s fingers. She came so violently that when her orgasm subsided she closed her eyes. She was so exhausted.

Ann crawled up beside her and kissed her gently on her lips. She wrapped her arms around her wife. ‘Two orgasms in the space of about ten minutes Anne Lister are you okay?’ Ann asked her wife sincerely. ‘Yes, I think I will be okay! How did you do that, Ann? I have never felt so good or so exhausted.’

‘Ah, my secret weapon.’ Ann said as she  stuck out her tongue. ‘it works well. Doesn’t it?’ Anne grinned. ‘It certainly does.’ Then Anne crashed their lips. She could see Ann’s body was shaking. She wanted some relief and Anne was aware of that. She trailed soft gentle kisses down Ann’s body. Ann squirmed beneath her.. ‘Anne, I need you inside me now please.’ Anne couldn’t refuse her wife. She pushed three fingers inside Ann who gulped. The sensation of being filled by Anne was more than Ann had imagined it would be. Like Anne before Ann knew Anne had already done this to her but today it felt so different. It was as if it was a new experience.

Ann moaned and groaned. Her hips rose up every time Anne’s fingers pummelled her centre. She screamed out Anne’s name loudly and often. ‘Anne, Anne, Anne. Yes, right there. Oh yes, that feels so good. Faster please, Dearest.’ Anne did speed up. Then her hand stilled.  Ann moaned. ‘Anne, don’t stop.’ Then Ann felt Anne’s lips on her clit. Anne sucking fiercely and so fast Ann thought her head would spin. Anne kept pummelling her with her fingers until Ann arched her back and came so hard. Then she fell back. Anne crawled up next to her. She held Ann until she opened her eyes. ‘Anne, that was incredible. Let’s rest for a while.’

They did. Anne smiling broadly she had never felt so good. Ann leaned her head on Anne’s chest and sighed. They’d had a great day yesterday. ‘Are we going to the Louvre today, Dearest?’ Ann said quietly. ‘What did you say, Adney? Anne said sincerely. ‘Are we going to the Louvre?’

‘Yes, once we have showered, dressed and had some breakfast.’ Ann bounded out of bed. She was showered and dressed in less time than Anne imagined she would be. Anne showered and dressed. They stopped at Macdonald’s for breakfast and arrived at the Louvre half an hour later. Ann was still have trouble believing she was in Paris with Anne Lister on their honeymoon. Anne looked at her and smiled as she locked their helmets onto Bertha.

They walked from the car park to the pyramid entrance of the Louvre. The line seemed rather long. Anne could see Ann wanted to go in. So they stood there for what to Anne seemed like forever  Ann was keeping herself occupied by taking a few photos of the buildings around them. She would find out what they were called later. When they reached the ticket box Ann paid the 30 Euros entry fee. They strolled inside the pyramid. There they found a board which gave them directions and where to find the artefacts and paints they wanted to see. Ann wanted to see the Mona Lisa. Anne wanted to see the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman displays. She was interested in ancient history especially the ancient history of these countries.

They strolled around the Louvre for two hours. Ann was in awe of the painting of the Mona Lisa. They found it on the first floor in Denon Alley between Italian paintings of 1250 to 1800 and the French paintings 1760 to 1850. Ann planned to see if she could buy a small reproduction to hang in Shibden Hall. Anne was unsure that was a good idea since they only had a small amount of space in Bertha’s trailer for their gear. Ann just smiled at her.

Then she took a photo of the Mona Lisa because she could see others around her were doing just that. Maybe that would do. Ann wasn’t sure. They walked around the Louvre for a few more hours. Ann was in awe of the beauty and splendour of all the works that were on display there.

They had been wandering around The Louvre for hours. Anne’s stomach began to rumble. ‘Should we get something to eat, Anne? I am sure you must be hungry.’ Anne nodded. They rushed back outside and walked to where they had left Bertha. Anne was glad she was still there. She was often afraid that someone would try to steal her prized possession.

Anne had spotted a quaint restaurant on their journey to The Louvre. So, she retraced their journey back there. It was tucked in between a bookshop and what to Anne looked like a sex shop. The windows were blackened out. Ann was just as curious as Anne. The bell tinkled as they walked through the door.

‘Bonjour comment vas tu?’ the owner said as she looked directly at Anne. Ann felt uncomfortable when she came from behind the counter and pulled Anne into a hug.  Anne seemed to stiffen under her hug. Ann moved closer to her wife. ‘Who is she?’ Ann whispered into her ear. ‘I don’t recognise her but she must know me.’

‘Anne Lister, don’t you recognise your old friend?’ Anne smiled. ‘I would like you to met Maria Barlow, Ann. We have been friends for a very long time.’

‘Please to meet you, Mrs...Barlow.’

‘Maria please. How long have you know this scoundrel,....?’

‘Ann Walker ’  Ann said. ‘We are married have been for about a month now.’ Maria eyed Anne cautiously. ‘Is what she saying true? Someone finally snagged Anne Lister, the big bad bikie of Halifax. I see you still have Bertha. Is this one number three?’ Anne shook her head. She was still in shock. ‘Do you work her or do you own this establishment?’ She asked Maria. ‘It’s mine. Isn’t it marvellous?’ Ann surveyed the room. There was an assortment of everything which would take their sex life from very vanilla to very erotic and Ann wanted to try everything. She smiled. ‘Miss Walker, just bring your mind up to head height then maybe we can have the conversation you wish to have.’ Ann smiled innocently. ‘I was just wondering when we were going to eat?’ She said as innocently as she could.

Anne whispered in her ear. ‘I believe that too. Only you’re not hungry for food. Are you?’ Anne smirked at her wife. ‘You want something more delectable. Don’t you, Adney?’ She grabbed Ann’s arse in front of Maria. Ann could feel her arousal coursing through her body. ‘Seems little Miss Walker would like to sample some of your wares, Maria.’

‘Help yourself. I am sure I have many wares that would delight the young lady. Est-il toujours comme ca?’ Maria asked Anne. ‘Pas toujours.’

‘There is a large fitting room out the back you can sample my wares there if you like, Miss Walker.’  Ann smiled. She was so ready for Anne to fuck her. She didn’t care where it was or when it happened. All she cared about right now was getting her release.

Maria took them to the fitting room. Fitting room it was more like a bedroom and just as large as their bedroom at Shibden. Anne smiled.  She had never thought Maria Barlow would own a sex shop and have it elaborately fitted out so they could sample her wares. ‘If you try it and like it, Miss Walker, I will give you a ten percent discount and a bonus toy to go with it.’ Ann was curious as to what she would give them. Maria closed the door. Anne walked over and locked it to ensure they wouldn’t be disturbed.

When she turned around Ann had shucked her clothes and was lying naked on the bed her eyes were dark with want and desire. There was an assortment of harnesses and strap ons for them to sample. Yet, it seemed Ann had already chosen one of each.  She stood and strolled over to where Anne was standing still fully clothed. Ann leaned into Anne and crashed their lips together. The burning desire between her legs had become an aching flame that only Anne’s touch would be able to quench.

Anne released herself from Ann’s grip and quickly removed her clothes. She took the harness and strap on from Ann and carefully stepped into it. Ann tightened the harness until the cock was standing to attention. Ann’s mouth was watering. She was ready. She pulled Anne back over to the bed. When Anne laid next to her Ann crashed their lips together. Ann could feel how hard the cock was against her thigh. Then Anne stroked Ann’s centre with the cock. Ann moaned loudly in Anne’s ear. Her pleasure was coursing through her body. She wanted Anne to go inside her and fuck her. ‘Please Anne.’ She begged. ‘What do you want, Ann?’ Anne whispered in her ear. ‘You know what I want, Anne.’

‘No, I don’t. Tell me. Use your words.’ Anne said with a smirk on her face. ‘I want you to fuck me with your cock, Anne.’  Anne did the only thing she could and gently pushed the cock into Ann’s centre. Ann’s moans got louder. Anne crashed their lips together so Maria wouldn’t knock on the door asking if everything was okay which it was.  It didn’t happen. Anne pummelled Ann with her cock. Ann felt soo good as Anne pummelled inside her. They had both decided without speaking that they were going to buy this one.

Ann dug her fingernails into Anne’s back while Anne pummelled inside her. ‘Anne, I need you to touch my clit.’ Ann said hoarsely. ‘Touch yourself, Ann.’ Ann put her shaky hand between their bodies. She found her clit and on her first swipe of her own clit she came undone. Anne wrapped her arms around her wife. She leaned in and softly kissed Ann. She held Ann for what seemed like hours but was merely moments until Ann opened her eyes and smiled. ‘I think we should buy this one, Dearest.’ Ann said smiling. ‘You don’t want to try any others.’

‘No, Dearest.’ They were dressed when Maria knocked gently on the door. ‘Hey, ladies have you found one you like?’ Maria said. ‘Come in. We are decent.’ Anne said. Maria opened the door. Anne and Ann were laying on the bed relaxing. ‘We will take this one.’ Ann said.

‘Okay! It looks like you have washed it. Right?’ Maria said. ‘Yes! Ann scrubbed it within an inch of its life.’

‘Okay!! I will take it and package it for you with the extra bonus included. Do you need lube?’ Ann nodded then held up two fingers. ‘Two bottles of lube coming up.’ Maria said as she put the sale together. Ann passed over her credit card to pay for their purchase. Anne was wandering around Maria’s shop. ‘Did you find something else you want to buy, Dearest?’ Ann asked sincerely. ‘Yes!’ Anne said and sat the vibrator on the counter. ‘Who’s paying for this?’ Maria asked. ‘Me.’ Ann said as she passed her credit card back to Maria before Anne was able to pull her wallet out of her back pocket.

‘Ann Walker, I am going to get you back later. Tea is on me. Okay!!’ Ann smiled. She knew Anne would pay for their tea. ‘That’s okay, Dearest.’

‘Where are you eating tonight?’ Maria asked quizzically. ‘Next door we were heading there until we noticed your shop.’ Ann said.  ‘Anne spotted it when we were on our way to The Louvre.’

‘Is it okay if I join you for tea tonight? Anne and I haven’t seen each other in years but I don’t want to be intruding on your time.’ Maria said sincerely as she looked at Ann. ‘Yes, it would be a pleasure to spend an evening with someone Anne knows.’