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Anne & Big Bertha

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Chapter 22                                                

The restaurant Anne found was quaint and small. There were only a handful of customers there when they arrived. They were guided to a booth in the back and ordered a bottle of white wine which would go with their meal.  They could drink as much or as little as they wish because no one was driving tonight.  They ordered their meal and talked about what they would do tomorrow. Ann wanted to see Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Anne thought Ann would like to go to the Louvre. It seemed to be the most popular museum in the world.

‘Can’t we do both, Anne?’ Anne looked at her astonished. ‘You do realise that we could spend all day at the Louvre and only see a small part of it.’ Then Ann had to reconsider what they would do. ‘I guess we can go to the top of the tower tomorrow. Go to the Louvre another day. Is that okay?’

‘More than okay, Ann. It’s perfect. What would you like to do now?’

‘I don’t know. I was thinking we could find somewhere to sit for a while and admire the city with a thousand faces.’ Ann smiled. ‘Is that what you call Paris? I had never thought of it that way.’

‘I can see the beauty of Paris. How people love to come here. Art lovers, history buffs who want to see places of historical importance and places of interest. I am glad we are here, Dearest.’ Anne smiled because Ann seemed to know how Anne felt about Paris. It was all that and more to Anne.

They made their way back to the B&B they were staying at. Ann raced in the door. She needed to use the necessary. Anne called out if she would like a drink. Ann said yes only something stronger than coffee or tea if they had that Anne looked everywhere but could only find the half empty bottle of wine. Anne didn’t think that was suitable.  She called out to Ann and said she was going back to the restaurant to buy a decent bottle of booze.

When Anne returned Ann was waiting for her in their bedroom. ‘Where are you, Adney? I got a bottle of red wine and a bottle of whiskey.’ Anne said as she walked through the B&B. ‘I’m up here sprawled out on our bed butt naked waiting for you .Bring up a couple of glasses when you come up. I want to drink myself crazy after you fuck me until I forget my name which I know will be impossible because it is your name too.’ Anne grabbed the glasses from the kitchen. She also grabbed something to eat. She climbed the stairs to find her wife sprawled out on the bed butt naked snoring loudly. In the time it had taken her   to collect the glasses Ann had closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Anne returned the glasses to the kitchen and put the whiskey and wine in the fridge. She undressed and climbed into bed next to her sleeping wife. Kissed her forehead and slept.

The following morning Ann woke early Anne was snuggled in beside her with her arm wrapped around her stomach sleeping peacefully. Ann tried to get up. She needed to pee only she couldn’t move. She didn’t want to wake up but found she couldn’t avoid it. ‘Anne Lister, wake up. I need to use the necessary before i soak the sheets with my... Come on, Anne.’ Anne removed her arm from Ann’s stomach and rolled over. Ann stood up and went to the bathroom. It was then that she remembered where Anne went and why. She remembered Anne returning. She looked down at her body. She was butt naked. She wondered how that happened.  Then she remembered calling Anne to bed. Anne saying she would get the glasses and come to bed. She couldn’t remember what happened after that.

She was washing her hands when Anne walked into the bathroom. Anne wrapped her arms around her and whispered in her ear. ‘Hey sleepyhead, what happened to you last night?’


‘When I walked into our bedroom you were lying on the bed butt naked and snoring.’ Ann eyed Anne in the mirror suspiciously. ‘You’re telling me I was snoring. I just closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them it was morning. ‘

‘Yes, clearly you were sleeping. Even you admit it. I was so ready to give you what you want and get you so drunk you would forget your own name.’ Ann hung her head. She knew Anne was disappointed. ‘I’m so sorry, Anne. Please forgive me. I was so tired. I didn’t mean to do that to you. I will make it up to you.’ Ann said as she looked at her wife who seemed to be holding back a laugh. ‘You’re only teasing me. I will....’ Was all she could say Anne was tickling her so much all she could do was giggle.  Ann tried to push Anne’s hands away from her but Anne just held her tighter. She pulled Ann back into their bedroom and gently laid her on the bed and crawled up next to her.

Anne bounced on the bed next to her. ‘You looked so sweet while you were sleeping that I couldn’t wake you. Now, here we are. What do you want to do today?’ Ann smiled. Anne could see the wheels turning in Ann’s head.  ‘I don’t know, Dearest. What would you like to do?’ Ann said in a very sultry voice. Anne leaped on her and crashed their lips. Ann got her answer. She kissed back passionately. Anne didn’t waste time. She had her hand between Ann’s legs. She pushed them apart and found Ann’s clit. It was hard and pulsing.. Anne rubbed it with her thumb. Ann moaned loudly.

Anne trailed kissed down Ann’s body slow, agonisingly slow, agonisingly too slow for Ann. ‘Come on, Anne. Please hurry up.’ That had Anne go much slower and that frustrated Ann so much more Ann’s hips rose to meet every thrust of Anne’s fingers. She could feel Anne’s lips around her clit. Ann moaned louder. She screamed out Anne’s name. Her body shuddered and she was pulled into the deep pool of her orgasm. Anne crawled up beside Ann and wrapped her arms around her until her body stilled. ‘Hi beautiful, how was that?’ Ann smiled. She crashed her lips with Anne whose body was vibrating beside her. Ann leaned over and locked lips with Anne. Then she trailed kisses down Anne’s neck, across her collar bone, to her nipples. She sucked on them until they were hard. She continued trailing kisses down Anne’s body until she found Anne’s clit.

Ann wrapped her lips around it and gently sucked on it. Anne’s body was shaking violently. ‘Adney, I need you inside me now please. I need your fingers to fill me up.’ Ann inserted three fingers inside Anne who moaned louder than Ann had ever heard her. Ann kept sucking gently on her clit until Anne shakily asked her to go fast. Ann couldn’t refuse her wife. She didn’t. It was so much fun for Ann to feel Anne squirm above her. Ann kept sucking on her clit and pumping her fingers inside Anne. It was such a joy to know the woman she was fucking was a big tough bikie who it was said by others never showed emotion. Ann wondered what they would think if they saw that tough bikie now.

Anne was screaming out Ann’s name.’ Ann, Ann, Ann Walker, yes right there. Yes, faster please....faste....’ Then Anne fell into the pool of her arousal. She came over Ann’s face. Ann licked it off. Then crawled up next to Anne and kissed her softly on her forehead. ‘Now, what do you want to do?’ Ann asked. She looked at her wife. Anne had fallen asleep.

When Anne woke an hour later she found Ann downstairs scrolling through the television channels searching for something interesting to watch. She was seated on the couch with her legs tucked under her bottom. ‘How long have you been here?’ Anne asked yawning. ‘About half an hour. I waited for you to wake up and when it didn’t look like that was going to happen I came down here. I wonder how it will look with your family and friends that tough bikie Anne Lister fell asleep after her wife fucked her so hard she experience the biggest orgasm in her life.’

‘Ann, you wouldn’t do that to me would you?’

‘I think Marian would have a field day with this. Oh don’t worry my lips are sealed as long as you come over here and help me finish off what we started. What I started, Dearest.’ Anne grabbed Ann’s hand and they went back to bed. ‘You promise you won’t tell Marian I fell asleep on you during sex, Ann.’

‘Why would I want to do that to you? Anne,  You’re my wife the love of my life. I would never do anything that would hurt you darling. Why do you think I would do that?’ Ann said. She turned her face so Anne couldn’t see the tears rolling down her cheeks. Unfortunately she wasn’t fast enough. Anne spied them and instantly felt bad. She should have realised that her wife would never tell her sister something that Marian could use against her. ‘Ann darling, I am sorry I doubted you. I know you would never rat me out to my sister. Come here. Let me make it up to you, darling.’ Ann crawled over to Anne. She rested her head on Anne’s shoulder and they stayed like that for a beat.

Then Anne laid Ann on their bed.  She laid on top of Ann kissing her gently on her lips then traced soft kisses down her neck, across her collar bone, in between her breasts all the way down to her clit. Ann was squirming below her. She asked Anne to go fast. Only Anne wanted to enjoy this moment with her wife. It was heavenly to smell her sweet scent. Anne wrapped her lips around Ann’s clit and sucked on it slowly. Ann’s hips rose to meet each suck.

When Anne pushed two fingers inside Ann’s centre she screamed out Anne’s name. Anne was never happier than when she had her head between Ann’s legs and was covered in Ann’s arousal. The smell was intoxicating and she always craved for more. She had never had a lover who smelt so good. Ann seemed to be enjoying the way Anne was pummelling into her with her fingers. ‘Faster please, Anne. Go faster.’ Anne couldn’t refuse her this time. She licked and sucked Ann’s clit faster and pummelled her fingers into Ann faster. Ann’s hips rose to meet each thrust of Anne’s fingers. It was impossible to remember when someone who was almost over the edge looked so beautiful. Anne licked Ann’s clit then Ann went hurtling over the edge into the sweet pool of her orgasm. Anne crawled up beside her and wrapped her arms around Ann until Ann opened her eyes. She smiled and Anne kissed her gently.

‘Where did you learn to make love so passionately? That was so beautiful, Dearest. I love you.’

‘I love you too, Adney.’ Anne said. ‘I suppose years of practice. Are you okay with that?’

‘Yes. I trust you. I wouldn’t be here with you if I didn’t’

‘What do you want to do now?’ Anne asked. She thought Ann wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. ‘Let’s get Bertha and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.’ Anne smiled. She had been waiting patiently to show Ann the wonderful of Paris. ‘Well, come on then let’s get going.’ They grabbed their leather gear and helmets and walked to the underground car park. Bertha was quietly waiting for them. Anne   made sure Bertha’s trailer was secure and locked. Although Anne knew all their gear was in their room she didn’t want someone to steal the trailer.

The trip to the Eiffel Tower would take them nearly an hour. Ann never thought she would love been on a motorcycle. Yet, on the back of Bertha she felt safe. She knew it was Anne who made her feel that way. She wrapped her arms around Anne’s waist and closed her eyes. Anne bumped her with her arm to wake her. ‘Ann please stay here with me.’ Anne said into her eyes. That was when Ann remembered what Anne had said about the chances of them having an accident if Ann swayed the wrong way. ‘She could feel tears welling in the corners of her eyes. They flowed too freely until she was sobbing.

Anne pulled over to a rest area and coaxed Ann to climb off Bertha. ‘Are you okay, Adney?’

‘I just closed my eyes for a moment then you were digging my in the ribs. Thanks for waking me. I don’t; want to be the reason we have an accident. I don’t want to lose you.’

‘Nor I you, Adney. Are you tired? We could get something to eat. We are nearly there only a block or two to go. Do you think you will be fine.’

‘Yes, I think I can do that.’ Anne nodded. They climbed back onto Bertha and found their way to the Eiffel Tower. It looked so big in real life. Ann was surprised that it was so tall. ‘No wonder we can see all of Paris from the top of the Tower. WOW!! Let’s go up now.’

‘Hold on we need to find somewhere to park Bertha. Then we can go up. Okay!! Then Ann’s phone buzzed in her pocket. It was Elizabeth. Ann answered it. ‘Hi Annie, How’s the honeymoon?’

‘Great. We are at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We are going to the top in a few minutes to take in the view. Anne says it’s amazing. ‘

‘That’s right she has been there before. Hasn’t she?’ Elizabeth said harshly remembering the rumours she had heard about Anne Lister from others. ‘Liz, what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy for me?’

‘Yes, I just can’t help remembering what Anne Lister was like when she was younger.’ Ann felt the tears pool in the corners of her eyes again. She remembered them too but she knew Anne Lister better than anyone and could throw those thoughts to the wind until someone mentioned them. Ann was silent longer than both Anne and Elizabeth thought was good. Anne tried to look at Ann only she kept turning her face away from her wife. Elizabeth listened. Her sister was sobbing loudly now. Anne took her phone from her. ‘Can she call you back, Liz?’

‘Yes.’ Anne disconnected the call. She pocketed Ann’s phone then wrapped her arms around her wife. ‘Ann, what did Elizabeth say to you?’

‘She was just concerned about me. She asked how our honeymoon is. I told her we are in Paris and just about to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower. When I told her you said the view was great. Well, she remembered you had been there before. She was seeing a younger you. Anne, that hurts me because she doesn’t know you as you are now.’ Anne was fuming. ‘Why did she do that? Did she want to upset you? Adney, you are my wife and I would never cheat on you ever.’

‘I know that but Elizabeth doesn’t. Let’s go to the top now. I will call her later after I cool down. Okay!’

‘I don’t know how you could have loved me after all the things I did when I was younger. I wasn’t the perfect match for anyone. So; I always thought I would be alone for the rest of my life. How wrong I was.’ Ann looked at her wife. She had tears streaming down her face. ‘Anne Lister, it doesn’t matter about your past. All that matters is now. I know you are a good person. You always have been. You just got lost somewhere along the way.’